A Lazy, Loving Morning

(A.K.A. PWP Romantic Fluff)

by B L Miller


Disclaimers: MCA Universal owns the characters, I'm just borrowing them for a while. This is a typical B L story.  Long, drawn out loving scenes between two women in love. If you can't take it, you shouldn't be surfing my site.No violence, no chakrams flying, no deep thinking required.

Xena's eyes opened just as Apollo began his daily journey across the sky. The warm morning air and the equally warm body curled up against her made the warrior debate about getting up. Her bladder announced its presence but it just couldn't compete with the bard's softness. She let her fingers run through the golden tresses while her other hand gently ran up and down the length of the arm thrown across her body. Gabrielle was a cuddler and Xena wouldn't have it any other way. She stayed there a while longer before another protest from her bladder finally won out and the she reluctantly extricated herself from her lover's embrace.

"Where ya going?" the sleepy bard mumbled, reaching out in a vain attempt to pull Xena back under the covers.

"I'll be right back. Gotta go to the woods and throw more wood on the fire," she replied, bending down to place a light kiss on Gabrielle's forehead. When she tried to stand up, however, Xena found herself caught by a pair of insistent arms around her neck and pulled down for a lazy, thorough kiss.

"Mmm, that's a proper good morning kiss," the bard murmured, green eyes twinkling. "I'll take care of the fire."

"If I had known that this was the way to get you up in the morning, I would have done it a long time ago," Xena said as she straightened up.

"I wish you had," she replied. "This is much better than water in the face." She sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes while the warrior headed off to the bushes.

A surplus of dinars and a detour to a nearby village the day before allowed them the luxury of sweet cakes to enjoy with their morning tea. When Gabrielle held out one of the sticky treats, Xena couldn't resist. Grabbing hold of the bard's wrist, she let her fingers close around each digit, her tongue licking off every trace of the sweet cake. Wish a mischievous glint in her eyes, her licking changed to suckling.

"You know what that does to me," the bard murmured, her lids lowering slightly.

"Mm, I know," Xena replied, turning her attention to the sensitive spot on the inside of Gabrielle's wrist, smiling against the soft skin when she heard the bard's moan. The world faded away as she worked her way up her lover's arm, pausing to gently nip the inner elbow. By the time she reached the shoulder, the bard's breathing had increased, her chest rising and falling in a most enticing fashion. Both knew the green top wouldn't last long.

"Xena…unngh." Whatever she was going to say was lost when her lover's lips closed against the hollow of her throat. "Oh Gods."

"No…" the warrior whispered. "We don't need any gods, just each other." She kissed a trail up the bard's neck to her jaw, then worked her way to the spot she wanted most of all, Gabrielle's oh so soft lips. There was no crushing collision, no urgency in the contact, only the gentle feeling of their mouths meeting. Xena's hands worked their way around the bard's torso, her long fingers splaying out to touch all the bare skin offered to her. Gabrielle's hands weren't idle either, sinking into the dark tresses and wrapping around her strong lover's neck. The Elysian Fields had nothing on the joy the two of them could evoke in each other. Eyes closed, they continued to taste the sweetness of each other's mouths, a delicacy far better than any sweet cake could ever be.

"I love you," Xena breathed into the ear she was nibbling on as she gently lowered the bard down on the blankets. She propped herself up on one elbow and took a moment to simply look down at the incredible beauty that she had been blessed with. She reached up and traced the outline of Gabrielle's lips with one long finger, marveling as she had done so many times before at just how lucky she was. The need to kiss her beloved was too strong to ignore and Xena lowered her mouth again to taste her bard. With agonizing slowness she nibbled and kissed Gabrielle while her free hand began its exploration of the familiar territory of the young woman's body. Her fingers moved from the well developed abs to the sensuous curve of the bard's hip.

"Stop that," Gabrielle admonished gently after one too many trips by the warrior to her most ticklish place.

"I like to make you squirm," Xena replied, using her mouth to silence any retort. "I love to feel you react to my touch." She slipped her fingers just under the bottom of the green top, smiling when she felt Gabrielle inhale sharply. "So beautiful," she murmured, completely in awe of the look of love and desire on her lover's countenance.

There were days when Gabrielle was lucky if Xena strung four words together at a time, but when it came to lovemaking, the warrior's tongue was never still. If she wasn't using it to bring the bard to the greatest heights of ecstasy she was using it to verbally reaffirm to her young lover just how much she loved her. Tender endearments that no one would believe were in the warrior's vocabulary constantly sprang from her mouth between kisses. Hands callused from years of sword fighting were amazingly gentle as they caressed tender flesh. There was no rush when it came to their physical expression of love, not when it came to her pleasing Gabrielle. Xena treated each time as if it were their first, pushing her own needs and desires down and taking pleasure in the most simple of acts. A kiss here, a caress there, every action and reaction bringing just as much joy to Xena as if she herself were the recipient instead of the giver.

She lost herself in Gabrielle; the softness of her neck, the scent of her golden hair, the sound of her sighs and moans. She slowly undid the laces of the green top, the anticipation of the treasure hidden beneath almost too much to bear. Gabrielle would have been just as happy to have Xena tear the material from her body but the warrior refused to be rushed. She savored every new piece of skin revealed, a present she firmly believed that she never deserved. "I love you," Xena whispered as the green material was opened to reveal the bard's breasts. She repositioned herself between the young woman's legs and planted a trail of kisses from Gabrielle's chin down to her bellybutton while her hands gently caressed the bard's sides. "Gods…so much." Her fingers lightly glided over the soft mounds, carefully avoiding the puckered skin that ached for attention while she continued to let her mouth play over the well developed abdomen.

"Xena…please...yessss," the bard sighed when the long fingers finally brushed her erect nipples. The warrior's need overrode her restraint and she moved up to close her lips around one erect nub. Her tongue tasted the salty flesh, making it harden even more under her ministrations. The mmm's that came from her mouth vibrated against the sensitive flesh and mixed in the morning air with the groans of pleasure from the bard. Again and again her tongue flicked the erect nipple while her hands continued to touch any skin they could reach. Gabrielle's fingers found purchase in the raven tresses and her hips found a lift of their own, rocking upward to press against the leather covered stomach. "Gods…so nice…"

The need evident in her lover's voice called to Xena more than any siren song ever could. Her hands wrapped themselves around the bard's neck and her mouth moved up to capture the soft lips, the lips that she could never get enough of. Her tongue traced the outline of them before sweeping inward to taste the sweetness of Gabrielle's mouth again. If the world came to an end right then and there the warrior wouldn't have cared. She was floating on a cloud of bliss and had no intention of returning to earth anytime soon. Her tongue danced with the bard's, wordlessly expressing her emotions. But alas, she could no longer ignore the soft groans or the now constant pressure of the bard's hips against her. With several parting kisses to the lips she loved so much, Xena brought her mouth back down to the nipples aching for contact. Eyes closed, she concentrated on the sensations racing through her…the feel of Gabrielle's hands pressing against her head, the thighs against her sides, the soft moans and labored breathing caressing her ears. She lifted herself slightly and reached between them to remove the belt that held the bard's skirt in place, smiling against the breast at Gabrielle's sharp intake of breath and the ragged 'yesss' that escaped from the perfect lips. A few more movements and her young lover was naked beneath her, a vision that Xena never tired of seeing, a vision that still made her swallow hard with amazement. She braced herself with her arms on either side of the bard and leaned up for another soulful kiss. "I love you, Gabrielle," she whispered as she nibbled her way across the jaw until she reached an earlobe framed with golden hair. "I love everything about you," she breathed before taking the sensitive skin into her mouth and suckling on it. She shifted until she was laying on her side against the bard, freeing one hand to explore.

"Xennnaaa…" There were no words in Gabrielle's vocabulary to describe just how deeply she felt for the woman making love to her. Xena's touch had the ability to remove all rational thought and turn the bard into a quivering mass burning with a desire that could only be quenched by her warrior. Xena's fingers lightly traced a line down the bard's body until they danced in golden curls. She propped herself up on one elbow to watch Gabrielle's reactions as her fingers drew lazy circles and figure eights in the soft triangle of hair. "You…you're driving me nuts, you know." the bard hissed while her hips tried to coax the warrior's fingers to her need.

"I know," came the soft reply before her lips moved up the jawline to reclaim the bard's mouth. As her tongue entered through parted lips, Xena's finger slipped between the soaked folds, resting against the side of Gabrielle's clit and causing both women to moan at the exquisite contact. "Mmm, you're wet," the warrior murmured, lifting her head to look down at her love.

"I…can't imagine…why," the bard joked, her breath becoming more ragged as Xena's finger began moving in slow circular motions. "Ah…oh Gods, right there…yessss…oh Gods, please don't stop," she whimpered. The warrior was a sucker for Gabrielle's sexy whimpers and did her best to cause that sound to come forth from the bard's mouth again and again whenever they made love. She dipped her finger down for just a moment to collect more of the creamy fluid of desire before returning to the hardened bundle of nerves. A series of light, gentle flicks mixed with firmer touches had Gabrielle writhing uncontrollably and crying out the warrior's name. She placed her hand on Xena's head and all but begged her for the most intimate of contacts. "Pleeeasssse…"

The raven haired woman removed her finger and repositioned herself between the bard's legs. She planted a series of kisses alongside the insides of either thigh before kissing the swollen outer folds. The food of the gods had nothing on the intoxicating taste and scent of Gabrielle's passion. Xena's mouth watered and she licked her lips with anticipation, tasting the faint hint of what was to come. She sucked first one fold into her mouth, then the other, rewarded with the guttural groan from the bard and the feeling of small hands pressing against her head, urging her on. Gabrielle planted her feet firmly on the ground and lifted her hips up at the contact of the firm tongue against her opening, her hands keeping her lover's mouth in place. "Oh yessss…please Xena, please," she now begged, the urgency rising rapidly toward the crest of passion. The warrior wrapped her arms under the muscled thighs and up around the hips to hold the bard in position. Blue eyes looked up to see Gabrielle's breasts rise and fall with each labored breath and the lips parted as a string of groans and sighs came bursting forth in reaction to the oral activities. Xena's tongue explored every fold, every crevice as if it were the first time. Gabrielle's cries became more urgent and the warrior knew exactly what her bard needed. Closing her lips around the engorged clit, Xena teased it with her tongue, alternating between soft loving licks and firmer flicks. Fingers pressed harder against the warrior's head and the erratic movements of the bard's hips all but stilled as she arched against the loving mouth. "Xena…oh…oh Xena, please…nnggh…." the warrior stopped her torturous teasing and rapidly brushed her tongue back and forth against the clit. She felt the tensing and trembling of Gabrielle's thighs and redoubled her efforts, rewarded a moment later with the sound of her name being ripped from the bard's throat in a strangled cry as the powerful orgasm racked through her body. Xena continued to caress Gabrielle with her tongue until the bard's body fell limply back onto the blanket. She remained where she was, gently licking away the passion that trickled from the spent woman until the aftershocks finished rippling through. With a loving kiss to the outer folds, Xena crawled up and pulled the limp bard into her arms, gently stroking her back and murmuring words of love into her ear.

"You know…" Gabrielle whispered several moments later when she came back to reality. "No one would ever believe that you could be so gentle and loving." She kissed the bare skin of her warrior's upper chest.

"That's only because you opened my heart," Xena replied, answering the bard's kiss with one of her own on the top of the golden head. She gave Gabrielle a gentle squeeze and stared at the sky. "We really should get going if we want to make the Amazon territory by nightfall."

"Oh no you don't," the bard replied, wiggling out of Xena's grasp and crawling on top of her until she was straddling her stomach. She ran her fingers down either side of the warrior's face.

"You know it is possible for me to make love to you without you having to-"

"Shh…." She placed her fingers on Xena's lips to silence her. She leaned forward until her lips were a hair's breadth away from the warrior's mouth. "I love you too and making love to you is a pleasure far greater than I can ever describe." She ended her statement by bringing their mouths together. With infinite slowness Gabrielle lowered herself down the length of Xena's body, slowly peeling off the leather that kept her from feeling the exquisite feeling of the warrior's skin. The short breeches followed and the bard resettled herself against Xena's nakedness. She kissed from shoulder to shoulder, drawing sigh after sigh from the warrior's lips.

"Gab-brie-elle…" she moaned when soft bardic lips closed around her nipple. Xena had never allowed herself to be so open with a lover but then again she never had a lover like her bard. Her body relaxed and opened to Gabrielle's exploring mouth and fingers, an inherent trust that she had never before experienced with another person. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the sensation of the bard's tongue caressing her breast. "You feel so good…so nice." she sighed, resting her hand on the back of Gabrielle's head. It was almost instinctive the way the bard knew just how much to give and where to give it, never lingering too long on any one area and every touch ratcheted Xena up another notch on the ladder to ecstasy. With Gabrielle she never had to ask, never had to wait for what she needed. She was free to just lay back and be a woman, vulnerable and open. Every motion and touch was welcomed and enjoyed. She wrapped her legs around Gabrielle's and pressed her wet center up against the bard's belly, groaning at the contact. Her breathing became labored as her lover moved a hand between their bodies and sought out the liquid fire of her passion. Xena's hips began rocking, drawing the bard's fingers in. Gabrielle had the power to pull emotions and feelings out of her that no one could ever evoke. Eyes closed, head thrashing about, Xena let herself go, trusting the bard implicitly to take control. When a third finger was added and Gabrielle straddled one muscular thigh, Xena almost came right then with anticipation of what was to follow. "Gods yes, Gabrielle…do it," she groaned. The thrusts started slow and gentle as they found their rhythm, increasing only when the movements of Xena's hips dictated it. Soon the bard had to use her free hand to brace herself as the tempo increased. "Harder…" she grunted, knowing full well that she didn't need to. Gabrielle was well aware of what she liked and how she liked it. Soon the bard's arm was working hard, thrusting her fingers deep inside the wet softness while her thumb teased the sensitive clit. Xena's muscles clenched the soaked digits, adding to the sense of fullness inside her. Her hips left the blanket with each downward motion of Gabrielle's arm as all rational thought left her. Moments later her hips rose and stayed there as her she gritted her teeth and gripped the bard's supporting arm. One final deep thrust and firm wiggling of Gabrielle's thumb and the gates opened up, sending Xena over the glorious edge. She sank back down, her inner muscles keeping the bard within her as the waves continued to roll through her. She dimly felt the soft kisses on her belly and reluctantly released her lover's fingers, knowing that they would soon wrap around her in the all important comforting embrace that Gabrielle would give her.

"You are amazing," she husked much later, arms and legs intertwined.

"No, love…you are the one who's amazing," Gabrielle replied, brushing the sweat soaked strands of hair off her face. "I love you."

"I love you…more than anything," Xena murmured, burying her face into the bard's neck. She reached over and pulled a blanket over their naked bodies, snuggling deeper into the younger woman's embrace. It would be a while before they even thought about moving on.


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