The Show
by B L Miller

Copyright: The characters of Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, etc. are owned by MCA/Universal. I only borrowed them for a little while. No infringement was intended. The rest of the story is mine and I hold the copyright to it. Do not use any part of this story without my written permission.

Sex: This story contains long, drawn out scenes of two women making love. If this offends you, DON’T READ IT!!!! Otherwise, consider yourself warned.

Author's note: This story has very little plot. It is nothing more than a basic Xena and Gabrielle get hot and horny. There are no socially redeeming themes in this story. No one fights, dies, or gets to feel Xena’s throat jab. That said, enjoy.

Last warning: According to Lunacy, this story should not be read while at work. <g>


They came upon the outskirts of a small village. It was the first hint of civilization that they had seen in almost a quarter moon. "Gods, I hope there’s an inn." Gabrielle whined. Her stomach echoed the words. All of their dry goods had run out three days ago. The forest and the river yielded little, even for Xena, the mighty warrior. Her frustration only added to the strain of the hot summer sun. They couldn’t go a candlemark without being drenched in sweat. Their waterskins were being drained quickly, even though both women tried to use them sparingly. It took time to go off the road and refill the skins, time that neither of them wanted to spare. It was cooler up north and the sooner they got there, the better. The heat did nothing to improve both women’s short tempers. The bickering only served to added to the strain. They both needed a place to rest and relax for a few days.

"It looks like a fairly new village." Xena observed as she dismounted. "You feel comfortable?" Xena didn’t like sending Gabrielle into a strange village all alone, but both agreed that it was better than entering with Xena. There were still many people who harbored ill will toward the warrior. Sometimes it was better to avoid a village altogether than risk raising an unnecessary battle. Too many people had died at her hands already.

"I’ll be fine, Xena. Don’t worry." Gabrielle was familiar with the way they entered villages. She always went first and headed to the friendliest looking inn she could find. She would then speak to the owner and get a feel for the local’s attitude toward her companion. Smoothing the way for Xena was just one of the things that Gabrielle did willingly. She headed down to the village, staff in hand. She was proficient with her staff and she knew it. She smiled as she remembered the last sparring match Xena had with her. She had managed to knock the warrior right on her ass, surprising both women. It was just one more thing she did willingly to help Xena. As their time together progressed, she had gone from being totally helpless to being able to handle her own with Xena. She knew it was one of the reasons that Xena let her enter villages first.

After a quick check of the village, Gabrielle found a small, comfortable inn that she liked. She ordered a goblet of wine and sat at the bar, making idle conversation with the barkeep. A few quick questions from the bard revealed that there were no ill feelings toward Xena. She checked on the availability of a room for them and a stall for Argo. After several minutes of haggling, another skill she possessed for which Xena was grateful, they arrived at a figure both could live with. Gabrielle paid the exasperated barkeep the money and headed out to get Xena.

After seeing to Argo and bringing their things to the room, Xena joined Gabrielle at a small table near the back of the large common room. She gave Gabrielle a smile to show her approval over the location. It provided for an excellent view of the room, something Xena preferred. Dinner had just been delivered, along with a glass of wine and a mug of port. "Figured you’d want one." Gabrielle said as she picked up her glass.

"Thank you." Xena smiled gratefully as she picked up her mug. It had been a week since she’d had any port. She took a big swallow. Her cheeks bulged as she tried not to spit it back out.

"Are you all right?" Gabrielle asked as she watched Xena’s eyes grow wide. The warrior took several gulps before her cheeks receded back to their normal position.

"Oh gods, that’s nasty." Xena wiped her hand against her mouth. She reached over and took Gabrielle’s glass, draining half of it trying to wash the taste of the port out of her mouth.

"Leave me some." Gabrielle said as she took her glass back. "I guess the port was strong?" She had never seen Xena react to port that way, no matter how rotten it was.

"It was disgusting. It didn’t taste like any port I’ve ever had." Xena turned her attention back to her food. "This better taste as good as it looks." She took a spoonful of the stew. She stopped mid-chew, looked at Gabrielle, who had the same expression on her face, and forced herself to swallow.

"My gods, that’s awful." Gabrielle grimaced. "Everything’s overcooked. It’s warm, but that’s about it. What idiot thinks he’s a cook?" She said the last words loudly, drawing attention to the two of them. Xena shot her a killer look, but Gabrielle stared back at her defiantly. A short, rotund man came storming out from the kitchen, wiping his hands on his greasy apron. "Are you the cook?" Gabrielle said as he approached. She stood up and glared at him.

"I am." He returned angrily, having not yet paid attention to the Amazon’s companion. "You dare to complain about my food?"

"I dare to complain about your…" Her bardic mind tried to come up with just the right word. "Slop. Yes, that’s it. Your slop. Although I don’t think I would want to feed this to any pigs, might make them sick." The cook turned several different shades of color as his blood pressure rose.

"If you think you can do any better, little girl, be my guest." He waved his arm in the direction of the kitchen.

"I most certainly can. But I’m not about to render my services for free." Gabrielle, ever the quick thinker, saw the opportunity to earn some dinars. "I’ll make something that people would willingly eat," She smiled when she saw his jaw clench. "And you provide us with a bag of oats for our horse, as well as our dinner for free."

"That’s all you want?" He looked incredibly relieved. All they wanted was dinner and a few oats? Terrific. "It’s a deal."

"I’ll be back in a few minutes." Gabrielle said, looking at Xena. The warrior chuckled and waved her away.

"Try not to get into trouble, Gabrielle."

"Who me?" She flashed the warrior a smile as she walked into the kitchen.

Once inside the kitchen, she realized quickly why the food tasted so bland. The stove contained two enormous pots, both filled with the whole days worth of food. "You leave the food cooking all day?"

"That way it’s always hot." The cook offered.

"It’s still cooking." Gabrielle said, looking at him with disbelief. "By the time people eat it, everything is blended into a mushy mess. Besides, doesn’t it take a long time to cook food in pots so large?" She laid several potatoes on the table and started to cut them up. Cook walked over to help.

"Yes it does. I have to start first thing in the morning to have it ready for the late afternoon crowd."

"If you used smaller pots, it wouldn’t take as long and the food wouldn’t overcook." She pulled out a smaller pot and put the potatoes in. Adding some water, she set it on the stove to cook.

"I suppose, but what if I get too many orders? How can I fill them all in time?" He took the carrots she handed him and started to cut.

"Well, just put a few more pots on just before it gets busy." They continued the conversation, exchanging recipes and ideas while the food cooked. In the end, they ended up getting their lodging for free as well from the generous cook.

Just before leaving, Xena stopped to ask the barkeep about any other villages that might be on their way.

"There is a new village up the road about three days." He thought about it for a minute, looking from Xena to Gabrielle and back. "You might like it there." He added. Xena thanked him, then headed out.

They reached the village around midday. As usual, Xena waited for Gabrielle to enter and smooth the way. She took advantage of the time to give Argo some extra attention. Gabrielle entered the town and immediately noticed the difference from most of the small villages they visited. She didn’t see one man in sight. She recognized some women in Amazon garb, others looked like either warriors or simple citizens. She entered a small inn and ordered a drink.

"Do you have any rooms to let?" She asked the barkeep after ascertaining that Xena had no threat here.

"I could find you a room for free, sweetie." The woman flashed Gabrielle a lecherous smile, betraying several missing teeth. "It’s right next to mine." The barkeep’s arm shot out and grabbed the bard’s wrist. Gabrielle swiftly brought her staff up and popped the woman on the head.

"You bitch!" The woman snarled as she brought her hand to her forehead to check for bleeding. Gabrielle stepped back to give herself room to use her staff. The woman leapt from behind the bar and faced Gabrielle in a battle stance. She held a nasty looking dagger in her left hand. Gabrielle went into a defensive position, readying herself to parry with the dagger.

"You should learn to keep your hands to yourself." Gabrielle hissed as they circled each other. "Not every woman falls victim to your charms."

"You’re awfully short to be an Amazon." The barkeep taunted.

"I am not too short to be an Amazon!" Gabrielle yelled. "Since when is there a height requirement to be an Amazon?" Her face turned red as she continued on. "If I’m tall enough to be Queen then I’m tall enough to be an Amazon!" The crowd fell silent. The barkeep backed up a step and stared at the bard in disbelief. Gabrielle just realized the mistake she had made. How many times did Xena have to tell her to keep that information private whenever they entered a new town? She just couldn’t believe that she could be a target for some warlord. Xena constantly warned her about the ransoms that could be demanded for the queen of the Amazon nation.

"You’re Gabrielle?" The barkeep asked, her voice full of awe. The bard stood to her full height, such as it was, and answered in her most authoritative voice.

"Yes I am." The barkeep lowered her weapon and bowed slightly at Gabrielle’s words.

"I apologize. I was unaware of who you are."

"And that makes a difference? It’s okay to hit on me as long as I’m not queen?" Gabrielle’s indignation caused her to ignore the easy exit she was allowed.

"That’s not what I meant. I should have put it together when you mentioned Xena. I don’t want any trouble."

"Why would you have any trouble from Xena? She’s not a warlord anymore."

"I know that, I’ve heard some of your stories. But she still is someone who you don’t want to make an enemy of. Please tell her that I meant no harm."

"Tell her?" The bard’s voice raised an octave. "Why should she care if you hit on me? I’m the one you should be apologizing to."

"Look, I never would have tried anything if I had known who you were, I swear."

"Because I’m a Queen?"

"Because of who you belong to. I don’t make a habit out of chasing other people’s women. It makes for bad business." Gabrielle let the words sink in. She thinks Xena and I are lovers, the bard thought. Glancing around the room, she noticed several large female warrior-types milling about. Perhaps letting them think that she was Xena’s might not be such a bad idea. "Look, my name is Diana. I have rooms for rent, nice ones. How about I give you a break on the price." Gabrielle’s natural haggling skills locked into place.

"Toss in a stall for our horse."

"Done." Diana sighed as she watched the Amazon leave. She hadn’t seen such a fine piece of womanhood in years. Too bad she was taken.

Xena was pleased to hear that Gabrielle had once again gotten a good deal on a stable and room. She was even more pleased to hear the makeup of the village. She had seen other villages like this one, but they were far and few between. With the exception of the villages on the Isle of Lesbos and Amazonia, most didn’t survive. It would be nice to enter a tavern and not be assaulted by the smell of unwashed men. It also wouldn’t hurt to look at some of the more pleasant sights of the village, she mused. Her feelings for Gabrielle ran deep, but she knew that her companion had no interest in that arena. It had been a long time since she felt the comfort and joy of another woman. Perhaps some enjoyment might be found on this little stop. Gabrielle had no idea what was behind the smile that the warrior wore all the way to the village.

Once inside, Diana ushered them to a table near the back and brought them drinks. Gabrielle ordered dinner for them and settled back into her chair. She noticed the makeshift stage in an opposite corner. "Xena, look, there’s a stage. Maybe I can earn us a few extra dinars while we’re here."

"If you feel like it, Gabrielle. We do need to replenish our supplies." Xena drained half of her mug. "Do me a favor? Don’t tell any stories about me tonight."

"I’ll go talk to Diana." Gabrielle rose.

"Bring back another mug of port." Xena said.

Gabrielle found Diana near the bar. "Would you be in any need for a bard?"

"A bard?" Diana laughed. "I don’t think so, dear. My customers prefer a different kind of entertainment." Her words indicated a double meaning. Not understanding, Gabrielle pursued the issue.

"But every tavern needs a bard. Surely some of your customers would like to hear a story." The barkeep laughed again.

"You look too…" Diana searched for the right word. "…pure to tell stories that my guests would like to hear."

"But you have a stage. What harm could there be in letting me tell a story?" If the bard was anything, she was persistent.

"Look, we have a show scheduled in about half a candlemark. Ask me again tomorrow during the day. There may be customers here then that would be interested in your stories." Gabrielle didn’t like the inflection in Diana’s voice at the word ‘stories’. Ordering another round of drinks, she headed back to the table. She was pleased to see that dinner had just arrived.

"Great, I’m starving." She exclaimed as she shoved a forkful of food into her mouth.

"Aren’t you always, my little bard?" Xena teased. "Did they need you?" She asked, changing the subject.

"No." Gabrielle replied. "It’s funny. Diana said they have other entertainment scheduled for tonight." Xena’s fork stopped halfway to her mouth.

"Gabrielle, did she say what kind of entertainment?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"Just wondering." Xena said in a bored tone. Gabrielle seemed satisfied with that answer and went back to devouring dinner. Xena looked around the room, taking in the sights. In addition to several strong looking warriors, there were a multitude of softer, more delicate looking women. Xena looked over at her companion. Although not a warrior, she could no longer be considered delicate. The two plus years of their traveling together had molded the young girl from Potodeia into a strong Amazon woman, capable of defending herself yet still gentle enough to touch a butterfly. Xena thought once again about how lucky she was to have Gabrielle in her life. When she first set out for redemption, Xena was certain she would never make it. Then Gabrielle came along, full of wonder and amazement, and yes, some hero worship. She didn’t know why she had let the talkative young girl follow her, but she had and now couldn’t imagine life without the honey haired woman. Gabrielle’s unwavering faith in Xena’s ability to do good was all that she could hold onto sometimes, it was what got her through endless nightmares, memories, and temptations that threatened to release her dark side again. Xena didn’t realize that she had been staring until she felt Gabrielle’s blue-green eyes upon her. She smiled sheepishly.

"What were you thinking of?"

"Nothing." Xena replied, turning her attention back to the food, which actually tasted almost as good as the meal Gabrielle had prepared three days ago in the other village.

"Oh, it looks like they’re getting ready for the show." Gabrielle said as she watched a serving girl douse some of the candles that lined the wall. Several other candelabras were lit upon the stage, highlighting it within the darkened room. Xena noticed that it was still bright enough for her to see everyone, in shadows if not full. Several young women walked down the stairs, stopping at various places near the bar. Xena knew immediately what kind of women they were. A warrior with short blond hair wandered up to the bar and stood next to one of the girls. The warrior exchanged a few words with the girl, then placed her hand on the girl’s thigh, just below the hem of the girl’s short skirt. A quick look told Xena that the bard’s attention was on the stage, where two girls were busily preparing it for the performance. Several small stools and tables were placed on the stage, as well as a small rail to further separate the performers from the patrons. Xena turned her attention back to the bar. The warrior now had her tongue buried deep within the young woman’s mouth. There was no doubt as to where the warrior’s hand was, Xena could easily make it out pressed between the girl’s legs. The warrior flipped a few dinars on the bar and followed the girl upstairs. Xena’s keen awareness of things told her that the warrior put far too many dinars on the counter to pay for any kind of drinks. Xena arched an eyebrow as she thought of just what the warrior had paid for.

"They’re getting ready to start." Gabrielle said, bringing Xena’s attention back to the stage. A small woman took her position at a drum, causing some of the audience to start cheering and whistling. Xena’s eyes grew wide as she thought about what exactly was about to begin.

"Uh, Gabrielle, perhaps it’s time you turned in." Xena tried gracefully to avoid embarrassing the young bard.

"Why? The show is just starting." Gabrielle said. Diana hopped up onto the stage.

"Ladies, we have several acts planned for this evening." The crowd burst into cheers and applause. "Our first act is one of your favorites. Ladies, allow me to present to you Miss Nikki."

"Yeah, I’d like her as a present." One of the women in the crowd catcalled, bringing a raucous laugh from the women seated at her table.

"Gabrielle, I really think we should turn in." Xena tried again. She didn’t know how Gabrielle would react to the show. She knew of Gabrielle’s limited experience with sex and she was also aware of the bard’s intense modesty. It was almost a year after they had met before Gabrielle felt comfortable enough with her to swim naked.

"Xena, stop it. I want to see the show." Gabrielle growled, still unaware of the true nature of the performance. Xena sighed, knowing there was no way out of this one.

The drummer started playing a rhythmic beat as Nikki danced around the stage. The crowd became louder as her dance became more seductive. Xena took a deep swallow of her port as she watched the dancer move her hips in a most enticing manner. Nikki untied the lace that held her long skirt. Holding the material, she danced around the stage, moving the material to flash some skin, causing more cheers and shouts.

"Uh Xena, is she doing what I think she’s doing?" Gabrielle’s eyes were wide as moons as she stared at the activity on stage.

"We can leave if you feel uncomfortable." Xena offered. Nikki continued her play on stage, tossing the skirt off, revealing a thin pair of tight breeches.

"Umm," Gabrielle watched the woman stripping. Realizing that Xena had asked her a question, she tore her gaze away from Nikki and looked at the warrior. "I’m sorry, what did you say?" Xena arched an eyebrow as an amused look crossed her face.

"I said we can leave if you feel uncomfortable."

"Uh no, that’s okay. I mean, it’s a learning experience right?" Gabrielle turned her attention back to the stripper, who now was down to a lace top even more revealing than her own. Xena smirked at the bard, then turned her attention back to the stage. Nikki reached up and untied her top, causing more volume to the already loud group of women. Xena looked around at the crowd. She spotted several women kissing, cuddling, or fondling each other. To her surprise, and it took a lot to surprise the worldly warrior, she saw a woman sitting alone, her hand buried deep beneath her skirt. She looked at Gabrielle, whose full attention was on the stage. Nikki stepped out of her small breeches.

"Oh my." Gabrielle gasped. She had seen naked women before, but never like this. She only saw Xena naked when they bathed or swam together. Never had she seen a woman so willing to remove her clothes for strangers. This woman wanted to be looked at, she encouraged it with her seductive dance. Several dinars made their way to the stage floor.

"Gabrielle, we can leave." Xena offered, although she was more interested in staying and enjoying the show. She could already begin to feel the dampness growing between her legs.

"Uh Xena, is she going to…" Gabrielle’s eyes still were fixed on Nikki. Her breasts were swaying freely, doing a dance of their own.

"I think so." Xena replied, taking another swallow from her port.

"Oh." Gabrielle said matter-of-factly, although her mouth was still slightly open, her gaze locked on the dancer. Xena kept half of her attention on the now naked woman on the stage, and half on the young woman sitting so close to her. Gabrielle had moved her chair to get a better view, although Xena knew not when. Gabrielle almost choked on her wine when the woman bent over, giving the whole room a clear view of her most personal areas. Xena thumped her back gently, smirking in a most annoying fashion.

"You okay?" It was all Xena could do not to laugh at Gabrielle’s discomfort.

"Fine." Gabrielle growled, embarrassment coloring her features. She was grateful for the dim light around them. She knew she was blushing and didn’t want Xena to see. Xena did see, however, but chose to let it go for the moment. She was enjoying both performances; the one on the stage, and the one at the table. Gabrielle was completely enthralled at the activities on the stage, more so than she should have been, Xena mused. ‘What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?’ She wondered.

Nikki finished her act to a chorus of raucous cheers and whistles. Diana and several serving girls ran around, refilling mugs and taking food orders. Gabrielle quickly drained her drink and looked around the room. She saw several couples engaged in deep conversation, among other things. She saw many things during her time at the Amazon village, but blatant public displays such as this were unheard of. She had seen couples holding hands or kissing, but never more than that. She had heard from some of the village girls about what kind of things two women could do with each other, and she had read descriptions of female love in writings by Sappho, but she had never seen it. It was rare that she even touched herself, always making certain that Xena was off hunting and wouldn’t be back for some time. She would have died of embarrassment if Xena ever caught her doing that to herself. A new thought occurred to her. Did Xena ever get those urges? If so, she never spoke of them, not that the mighty warrior would ever speak to her about such matters. She remembered her embarrassment when Xena first talked to her about Hera’s curse. Although Gabrielle never experienced it, Xena always got cramps. She had a powder that she took at those times of the moon. Gabrielle had asked her about the powder, and Xena explained it matter-of-factly. Gabrielle became so embarrassed and flustered that she never brought the subject up again.

Her attention was brought back to the stage, where two women now stood. The audience again gave its roar of approval. She flashed a quick look at Xena. What could two women do on stage? "Xena, what are they going to do?"

Xena turned her attention back to the bard. "Wait and see." She said in her low, throaty voice. Out of the corner of her eye, the warrior noticed a table being moved to the center of the stage. She knew exactly what the women were going to do, and so did the warm area between her legs. Turning her attention to Gabrielle, she intently watched the bard, studying her reaction.

"Ladies, may I present Tawni and Syres." Diana’s voice boomed over the din of the drunken crowd. She left the stage as the two women began. The drummer began a new beat as the two women danced together. The dance was suggestive and sensual, their hands exploring each others bodies. When their tongues snaked out to meet each other, Gabrielle almost knocked over her glass. It was only Xena’s quick reaction that kept it from spilling all over. That action caused a slight flush to creep up Gabrielle’s neck. Xena took it all in with curious amusement.

Tawni removed Syres’ top, revealing her ample bosom to the crowd. Gabrielle’s mind finally registered what was truly going to happen. "Xena, I um, I think maybe you were right. I really should go turn in." She tried to rise, but felt Xena’s vise-like grip on her forearm, pushing her back down to her seat.

"You wanted an education, Gabrielle." Her voice low, commanding. "Sit back and learn." Xena returned her attention to the couple on stage, who were now both topless. Tawni’s mouth was wrapped around Syres’ breast, the sounds of sucking and moaning barely heard over the crowd. She maintained her grip on the bard’s arm. From the corner of her eye, Xena saw that Gabrielle had turned her attention back to the stage. Xena released her grip and took a sip of her port, splitting her attention between the bard and the stage. Gabrielle finished her drink and motioned for another, her eyes never leaving the stage. She was completely fascinated by the activity on the stage, and it showed in her expression.

The women were now completely naked, their hands pressed between each other’s legs. Gabrielle realized that her own sex was reacting to the activities on stage. Xena had been aware of her increasing wetness some time ago, and wondered about Gabrielle. The look on her friend’s face held more than simple bardic interest, how much more, Xena wasn’t quite sure. She didn’t want to read anything more into it than there was. She wondered, but Gabrielle had never mentioned any interest in women, only various men they had met along the way. She had even been married, although briefly. Perhaps it was just a general reaction brought on by too many days on the road and a few too many glasses of wine.

Xena kept track of how much the bard was drinking. She knew Gabrielle’s limits all too well. The young Amazon queen could get quite giddy and talkative when she exceeded her limit. On a few rare occasions, Xena deliberately let Gabrielle get drunk just to see her smiling and laughing at nothing in particular. She loved the playful side of the bard. Gabrielle was a bright torch on a dark night to the warrior. Gabrielle had no idea how many times her smile brightened up an otherwise black mood from her.

The women on stage changed their positions. Tawni was now laying on the table, legs spread. Syres was kneeling, her face buried between Tawni’s legs. Xena’s eyes widened. It had been years since she had last seen a live sex show, and her body was reacting. She could feel the moisture building between her legs and longed to reach down and ease the ache. She looked over through half-closed lids at Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was breathing short, shallow breaths, her eyes glued to the women on stage. Her mind filled with the words of Sappho, her body ached with the passion of youth. She took several deep swallows of her wine as the women onstage changed positions. She didn’t dare look over at Xena for fear of the warrior reading the emotions on her face. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was. Even when she made love to Perdicus she didn’t feel like this. The passion between two women was well written about by Sappho, but reading it and seeing it were two different things for Gabrielle. As she watched the duo onstage, her mind pictured the scenes being played out with her. She imagined a strong, soft tongue racing against her center, gentle fingers playing across her nipples. She lost herself in her fantasy for a few heartbeats until she realized her eyes had closed. Surely Xena would want to know what she was thinking about if she saw that. How would she explain? She quickly opened her eyes and finished her wine. She couldn’t take it any more. She needed relief. "Xena, I’m going upstairs now. Don’t you have to go check on Argo or something?" She groaned inwardly. ‘Great job, bard.’ She chastised herself. ‘Or something? Why didn’t you just come right out and say it? Xena, don’t come upstairs for a while because I don’t want to be embarrassed when you come in and see me with my hands between my legs.’ She quickly tried to correct herself. "I mean, didn’t you say you weren’t spending enough time with her? I just figured that since it’s such a nice night and all…"

"Sounds like a good idea, Gabrielle." Xena said as she too, rose.

"Okay, I’ll see you in what…about half a candlemark?" She was trying to gauge the time she would have.

"Probably a little bit more than that." Xena answered. Gabrielle nodded and headed upstairs, fully conscious of the moisture between her legs. Her breeches were so wet that she was certain she could wring them out. Xena watched the bard hurry upstairs with amusement.

She had been watching Gabrielle when the bard’s eyes closed. Xena focused her attention completely on the bard, watching her breathing increase, her tongue run across her lips. Xena felt her own body reacting to watching Gabrielle. ‘Oh my bard,’ Xena thought. ‘If only you knew what you’re doing to me.’ She knew exactly who her masturbatory fantasy would be about tonight. When Gabrielle suddenly stood up and suggested that she go visit Argo, Xena knew what Gabrielle was going to do once she got upstairs. She was glad for the chance to be alone for a little while, she too had a need that required satisfaction. She quickly settled the bill then went outside. She took off into the woods at the edge of the town. Within a few minutes she came across a quiet spot. Satisfied that she was completely alone, she set her sword down next to her and laid down. She reached up under her skirt and down her breeches, quickly putting her fingers in a familiar position. Her mind focused on images of Gabrielle, fresh from the water on a warm day, the sunlight glancing off her wet body. Falling into the spell of her fantasy, Xena’s fingers moved of their own accord, knowing exactly what their master needed and fulfilling that need.

Gabrielle shut the door behind her and raced over to the bed. Not bothering to remove her clothing, she pulled down her breeches and laid down, leaning her leg against the wall for support. She imagined a strong woman holding her, loving her, sucking her nipples, making them almost painfully hard. Gabrielle let her thoughts guide her motions, squeezing her nipples through her shirt, finally shoving the top up when the contact wasn’t enough. Her fingers rolled and pinched her nipples, causing new flooding between her legs. She imagined the woman working her way down, burying her head between her legs, tasting Gabrielle. The bard’s fingers imitated the motions she imagined the woman would do. She had never felt a tongue on her sex, Perdicus was too straight forward for that, but she imagined that it was soft, far softer than her fingers. Without realizing it, her image of the strong woman had straight dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She unconsciously uttered a sound. "Xena…" It spoke volumes to Gabrielle. Her fantasy image quickly focused into Xena. Imagining the warriors hands, mouth, and tongue on her body quickly sent Gabrielle over the edge. Her hips flew off the bed as her finger mercilessly vibrated against her swollen nub. She felt her juices run out her body, sliding down her crack. She didn’t know if she cried out and she didn’t care. It was several minutes before she found the energy to stand and clean up. She didn’t want to explain the smell on her hands or her body to her sleeping companion.

Xena entered a short time later and headed straight for the wash basin. "I stink from rubbing down Argo." She lied. "I’ll be there in a minute." She heard Gabrielle grunt in acknowledgment. Washing her hands quickly, she took a moment to run a wet cloth beneath her breeches. That done, she quickly changed and climbed into bed, thinking that sleep would be only moments away. It wasn’t.

She tried not to think about the body lying next to her. Gabrielle’s back was to her and Xena had an uninhibited view of the bard’s shapely thigh, it being too hot for blankets. Forcing her eyes shut, Xena tried to use her relaxation techniques, to no avail. She rolled away from the bard. It was almost a full candlemark before she found sleep.

Gabrielle felt Xena roll over. Her mind was still replaying scenes from her fantasy. She had to fight the urge to roll over and snuggle up against Xena. That would surely cause the warrior to ask some hard questions of her. She fell asleep with a smile on her face and a vision of her warrior in her mind.

An uncomfortable silence hung with them throughout the day. Both were thinking heavily about their newly discovered feelings and desires. So wrapped up in their own thoughts that neither of them noticed the silence. They were getting ready to head downstairs for dinner when they accidentally brushed up against one another. The feel of Xena’s hand brushing softly across her midriff caused Gabrielle’s breath to quicken. Xena’s fingers tingled at the unexpected contact. The women briefly exchanged glances, neither daring to express their feelings, although Xena was inclined to suspect that the bard was having new thoughts after last night’s experience.

Her suspicions were confirmed when Gabrielle suggested they stick around for a few more drinks after dinner, after all, it was such a pleasant night, the bard suggested. Gabrielle never could lie very well to her, and a thought quickly formed in Xena’s head. So her little bard was curious, was she? Well, let’s just see what the night brings, shall we? As the mischievous thoughts formed in Xena’s mind, her face was an unreadable mask to Gabrielle. She was sure that Xena would protest their hanging around after dinner, but she didn’t. Instead of the table with chairs, Xena had managed to get them the corner table. It was off by itself, but still afforded an excellent view of the stage. Instead of chairs, long padded benches were mounted to equally padded walls. When the lights were dimmed for the show, Xena watched with silent thanks as both lights above them were extinguished, replaced with only a small candle on their table. The serving girl left them with three rounds of drinks, explaining that she had to take her dinner break and would not be back until after the show. Everything was working splendidly for Xena, who thought that she couldn’t have planned things better herself. The Fates must certainly be smiling upon her tonight. Now all she had to do was convince one little bard to express her innermost desires.

Gabrielle finished her glass of wine and was working on her second by the time Nikki took the stage. Xena moved closer to the bard, citing better angle for viewing. In doing so, Xena managed to place her thigh firmly against Gabrielle’s. She leaned back and put her arm on the padding behind Gabrielle. "Just getting comfortable." She said to the look she received from the bard. From her vantage, she could see not only what Gabrielle was looking at, but also an uninhibited look at the bard herself. With Gabrielle’s eyes on the half naked woman on stage, she couldn’t see the hungry eyes that were resting just behind her vision. Her heat was rapidly rising as she finished off her drink. Nikki had finished and they were busily preparing the stage for the next act. "Wonder if it’ll be those two girls again." Xena said softly into Gabrielle’s ear. The bard shuddered, she had not felt Xena move up next to her.

"I-I don’t know." She stammered. Xena was too close, far too close. She felt the warrior’s breath against her ear, thigh against thigh. It was all she could do not to close her eyes and fall back against the strong woman next to her. She rubbed her eyes, trying to clear her thoughts, which were strongly inclined to follow her loins.

"Here, lie back, you look tired." Xena sat back and pulled Gabrielle against her, again positioning her mouth near the bard’s ear. Gabrielle was taken aback by Xena’s public touch. Sensing the unspoken question, Xena answered. "It’s dark over here, Gabrielle. No one can see anything." In a low chuckle that reverberated through the bard, Xena added "Besides, they’re all busy with their own problems right now. You could scream and no one would care." The last words were said softly, holding an unspoken thought that passed through Xena’s mind. Gabrielle extinguished the candle on the table and settled back against Xena’s shoulder, the warrior’s arm around her waist, hand resting lightly against her belly. Looking onstage, Gabrielle saw that Tawni and Syres were fondling each other’s nipples, causing mutual moans of pleasure.

"Enjoying yourself?" Xena’s low throaty voice sent ripples through the already excited bard. Xena smiled when she saw the bard’s eyes close at the sound of her voice.

"Mmm." Gabrielle replied, not daring to speak. She opened her eyes and stared at the stage, afraid of Xena seeing what was in her eyes. She became acutely aware of Xena’s strong fingers rubbing gentle circles across her abdomen. Although she thought she should say something about it, she didn’t. It felt too good to interrupt.

"Good." Xena’s voice assaulted her senses again. "Just relax and enjoy yourself, Gabrielle. I won’t let anything happen to you that you don’t want, understand?" Although she was tipping her hand, Xena had to let Gabrielle know that she was safe no matter what happened, or didn’t happen. She held her breath as she waited for the bard’s reply.

"I trust you." Gabrielle’s words were said so softly that only Xena could hear them. She felt the warrior exhale, then resume her gentle stroking on her belly.

"Open your eyes. Watch the stage." Xena commanded softly. Gabrielle’s eyes opened to see the couple taking turns sucking each others nipples. "Nice, isn’t it?" Gabrielle let out an involuntary shudder at the hypnotic sound of Xena’s voice. She could only nod, her eyes focused on the activity onstage and her body focused on the activity at the table. Xena’s fingers had managed to work their way to just below the edge of her top. The thought of those strong fingers fondling her breasts made Gabrielle’s juices start to flow more urgently.

"Mmm, very nice." The bard finally managed to whisper. Both knew she wasn’t talking about the show.

"What do you want, Gabrielle?" Xena’s words forced her to make a decision and let that decision be known. With only a heartbeat’s hesitation, she reached down and wrapped her smaller hand around Xena’s wrist. She looked over at Xena through half closed lids and pushed the warrior’s hand up under her top. Gabrielle gasped at the sensation of Xena’s strong fingers and warm palm massaging her breast. Unable to keep her eyes open, she leaned back against Xena for support. Xena pulled her hand out, causing a whimper from the bard. Gabrielle reluctantly forced her eyes open to look at Xena.

"Don’t stop." She said breathlessly.

"Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on stopping." Xena growled as she scooped up the bard into her lap. "I just wanted to get a better position." Their breath intermingled and Xena wasted no time tasting the lips and mouth she wanted.

Gabrielle stiffened at first, then relaxed and gave in to Xena’s demanding tongue. Xena moved Gabrielle until she was straddling the warrior’s hips, facing the stage. No longer wishing to be hindered by the bard’s revealing top, Xena quickly untied the laces. She was almost done when she felt Gabrielle’s hands cover hers.

"Xena, what about all the other people? What if someone sees me?" Gabrielle looked around the darkened room to realize that, indeed, everyone was already busy with an important matter at their own tables. Nothing short of a fire would have moved them.

"I don’t care." Xena growled her answer as she removed the top, exposing Gabrielle’s breasts to the room before covering them with her strong hands. Her fingers circled, then gently squeezed the pink nipples. Gabrielle arched her back, pressing her breasts against Xena’s hands. It was a good thing that no one was paying attention to them as Gabrielle found it too hard to control her cries and whimpers. "Enjoying the show, Gabrielle?" The warm breath washed against her ear, causing the storyteller to shudder with desire. "Open your eyes, watch the show." The women on stage were kneeling on the table, facing each other, their hands buried deep between the other’s legs. Gabrielle let out a low growl at the sight.

Xena’s fingers quickly found the edges of Gabrielle’s breeches. As tempted as she was just to tear them off, Xena allowed the bard to lift up and pulled them off. Settling Gabrielle back down on her lap, Xena put her mouth next to the bard’s ear. She had positioned Gabrielle so the bard was facing her, allowing Xena total access to her body. "I want you, Gabrielle. I want you and I’m going to take you, right now." Her words commanded the bard, captured her. Gabrielle could no more say ‘no’ than she could stop breathing. She was completely at the mercy of Xena’s whims, and the warrior knew it. "I’m going to make you moan, Gabrielle, I’m going to make you scream out my name in pleasure." She was rewarded with a deep groan from the bard. The sensual groan served to make the wetness between Xena’s legs flow even more. She was certain that she wouldn’t be able to take it much longer herself. Gabrielle’s fingers found their way into Xena’s long tresses, encouraging the warrior, as if she needed any more encouragement. Xena’s mouth claimed the bard’s neck, branding it with her love and desire, not caring about the marks left behind. Her fingers locked around Gabrielle’s nipples, rolling the sensitive bud between her forefingers and thumbs.

"Xena…yesss." Gabrielle’s gasps served only to fuel the fire between them. She opened her eyes and gazed at her love. Unable to resist the temptation, she leaned forward and pressed her parted lips against Xena’s. The bard’s kisses were full of wonder and question. Xena allowed Gabrielle to explore, delighting in the tentative probes of the bard’s tongue. When Gabrielle took the initiative and pressed her hands against the sides of Xena’s breasts, the warrior was unable to suppress a low moan. She had expected the bard to be passionate, but she never expected such bravado from Gabrielle. She quietly wished that she had worn a cotton tunic instead of her leathers. Her hands moved down to cup Gabrielle’s shapely ass, pulling her closer, forcing the bard’s knees to separate, providing better access to her sex. Gabrielle broke the kiss and buried her face against Xena’s neck, grateful for the strong arms supporting her body, which felt like jelly at the moment. Moans of pleasure filtered to them from the stage, adding to the passion.

"I love you, Gabrielle." Xena murmured as she brought her hand around to the front, gently brushing her fingers across the soft curly hairs. Gabrielle answered with a whimper as her body realized where the warrior’s hand was headed. Xena chuckled softly until her finger slipped between Gabrielle’s folds and was immediately soaked. "Gods, Gabrielle, you are so wet." Xena groaned as her eyes closed briefly at the pleasurable sensation. Words were beyond the bard at the moment, all her thoughts were on Xena’s fingers, which were now gently stroking her, begging for entry. The storyteller’s hips moved rhythmically against the gentle, yet strong, fingers. "Gabrielle…" It was a question that didn’t need words. All Gabrielle could do was nod her head, her body screaming for the contact. Concerned for the youthful inexperience of her love, Xena entered her with only one finger, gently stroking in and out, entering her deeper with each stroke. She didn’t need to worry.

"Oh…gods, Xena…mmm…oh yes." Gabrielle’s soft cries against her neck encouraged Xena to probe further. She tentatively placed a second finger near the opening. Gabrielle’s thrusting hips drove all thoughts from the warrior’s mind as she plunged two fingers deep into the coral opening.

"Gabrielle…" Xena’s low, commanding, husky voice hypnotized and entranced the bard. She was complete dough in Xena’s capable hands. "Feel my fingers inside you…it’s my touch that makes you feel this way." She smiled when she felt the bard’s head bob up and down in agreement. Gabrielle’s hips increased their tempo, grinding her sex against the warrior’s hand. Xena brought her thumb up to rub against Gabrielle’s clit.

"Oh!" Gabrielle exclaimed at the direct contact, never before done by anyone but herself before. She gritted her teeth and strengthened her grip around Xena’s neck. Her hips moved of their own volition, forcing the rhythm that Xena’s fingers had created.

"I take it that you’re enjoying this?" Xena teased as she increased her pumping. She was answered with a grunt. Gabrielle’s soft cries against her ear and the increased flood of liquid against her hand told Xena of the bard’s impending orgasm.

"Xena…oh Xena." Gabrielle gasped. She tried to force her eyes open, to look at her love, but every thrust from Xena’s strong fingers forced her eyes to shut tight.

"Let it go." Xena whispered softly when she felt Gabrielle’s small body tremble against her. "I’ve got you, Gabrielle. Let it go." Her fingers found a soft spot inside and rubbed against it, her thumb working double-time on the outside.

"Xena!!" She cried. Gabrielle’s fingernails dug into the muscles on Xena’s back as her body exploded with pleasure. Xena’s fingers continued their mission as wave after wave crashed through her, leaving her spent and helpless. Gabrielle buried her head deep against Xena’s neck, letting her tears drop against the bronzed skin. She was still for several heartbeats.

Xena removed her hand from its warm, wet mitten and gently pulled Gabrielle back to look at her face. She wanted to see that look, that face of total satisfaction. She brought her hand up to wipe away an errant tear and caught the pleasurable scent of Gabrielle on her fingers. "I love you, Gabrielle." She murmured softly.

"Xena." She replied breathlessly. Xena pulled her in for a soft kiss, full of love and devotion, before pressing the bard into her shoulder. She cradled the bard in her arms, her hands now gently stroking Gabrielle’s naked back.

"Shh. Just lie quiet for a minute." She gently rocked her precious bundle, waiting for the trembling to stop. She eased her hold when she felt Gabrielle’s oh so soft lips press against her neck. She pulled the bard up to look at her.

"I love you." Gabrielle said softly, leaning in to share a kiss.

"You okay?" Xena asked, her voice full of concern as her fingertip found another teardrop. Gabrielle nodded her head and wiped away the salty drop.

"Yeah." She smiled and took a deep breath. "I just…well, I never…" She stopped stammering when she felt Xena’s finger press against her lips. Her scent on Xena’s finger wafted up her nose, reminding her of the pleasure she received only moments ago, as if her body would let her forget.

"Shh. I think I understand." Xena said softly. She suspected that Gabrielle had never experienced such a strong orgasm. The knowledge that she was responsible made a satisfied smirk come to Xena’s lips. "Guess that means you liked it, huh?" She asked innocently. Her gaze lowered to the bard’s breasts, still visible in the dim light. Xena was only vaguely aware that the show was over and patrons were beginning to straighten out their clothes and leave.

"Very much so." Gabrielle’s voice had more tone to it as her breathing returned to normal. She saw where Xena’s gaze was and immediately became aware of her surroundings. "Xena, we can’t stay here. Everyone is leaving." She looked around for her top, not really sure when it disappeared. Xena found it and reached up to help her tie the laces. Gabrielle reached for her breeches, but they were snatched away by Xena’s longer fingers and quicker arm.

"Don’t worry about these." Xena tucked it between her breasts. She felt the dampness of the crotch against her skin. Suppressing the urge to take the bard again right there and then, Xena gently helped her to her feet. Gabrielle wasn’t sure if she could even walk after all that and was grateful for the strong arm that Xena lent her as they worked their way slowly to their room, both women aware of the moisture that trickled down their own legs. Once upstairs, Xena walked on ahead to open the door. Her long strides brought her down the hallway well ahead of the bard. She had the door open and was inside fumbling with her boot laces before Gabrielle entered the room and shut the door.

"Let me." Gabrielle said softly as she knelt down in front of the sitting warrior. Xena sat motionless as she watched the bard move her hands out of the way and start unlacing the boots. The young Amazon finished unlacing one boot, but made no effort to remove it. Her hands glided up to caress Xena’s knees. Xena’s eyes fluttered at the soft touch. Gabrielle was fascinated with the skin under her hands. Her fingers moved around to touch the soft skin behind the knees as she pulled her mouth close to kiss each of them. The bard’s eyes closed when she heard Xena’s sharp intake of air.

"Gods, Gabrielle." Xena sighed as she felt Gabrielle’s hands move to unlace the other boot. Everywhere that the bard’s soft hands touched was tingling, sending electric bolts right to the center of her being. She felt goosebumps raise where Gabrielle’s soft lips had touched. She didn’t notice the other boot slip off, her attention was fixed on Gabrielle’s face, trying to read her thoughts and emotions. Wonderment, fascination, fear, desire, and love all battled each other within Gabrielle’s eyes.

Still kneeling, Gabrielle let her fingers roam across Xena’s calves and lower thighs. She delighted in the feel of the strong muscles beneath her fingers. She placed her hands on top of Xena’s thighs and pressed herself up into a standing position. She held her hand out with an unspoken invitation. Xena took the hand and allowed herself to be led to the edge of the bed. Unable to resist, she pulled Gabrielle roughly to her, kissing her with all the passion she had. Gabrielle’s arms wrapped around the warrior’s neck, pulling her closer. Neither cared if they could breathe. When Xena released her, Gabrielle stumbled slightly, quickly steadied by the warrior’s strong arms. "Thanks." The bard said as she regained her breath. "You take my breath away, you know." She murmured as her fingers found the straps of Xena’s leathers and slid between them and the warrior’s skin.

"It’s only fair, you do the same to me." Xena answered just as softly as she felt first one, then the other strap slide from her shoulders. Gabrielle’s hands left her body, much to Xena’s protest, until she realized where they were headed. Gabrielle reached two fingers under the leather between Xena’s breasts and pulled out her breeches, tucked in there earlier by the warrior. Xena released a deep, throaty groan. She was being tortured and she knew it, she just didn’t know which goddess to thank for it. Her leathers were removed, revealing her full breasts and already erect nipples to Gabrielle’s inquisitive gaze. She felt the bard’s eyes staring, memorizing her body. "Gabrielle…" She couldn’t take much more of this.

"Oops, sorry." Gabrielle giggled slightly. "I was just enjoying the view." Her hands moved to rest just below Xena’s breasts.

"Well then allow me to do the same." Xena reached forward and quickly removed the bard’s top. Seeing Gabrielle’s breasts again opened another faucet between her legs. The urgency burning through her threatened to consume her too soon. "Gabrielle…" Her voice cracked with her need, her tone pleading. Gabrielle knew that Xena was struggling to maintain her control. Within heartbeats, both women were completely naked and on the bed.

Xena was half on Gabrielle, half on the bed, their legs intertwined. Xena’s thigh felt the hot wetness of Gabrielle pressed against it. No longer able to bear it, Xena tucked her knees under her and pressed her mouth to Gabrielle’s ear. "Raise your knee." It was a command that Gabrielle happily obeyed. Both women gasped at the contact. Keeping her upper body slumped against Gabrielle, Xena moved her hips up and down, moaning at the wet friction against her sex. Her arms wrapped around Gabrielle’s back as the bard’s arms wrapped around her neck. Gabrielle gently stroked Xena’s hair as small cries came from the warrior’s lips. "Gabrielle…oh gods…oh." Xena lost all ability to think or speak when she felt Gabrielle’s fingers work their way around front and capture her breasts. Xena pressed her face against Gabrielle’s neck, afraid to kiss the bard’s skin lest she draw blood from her passion. The loss of control both scared and thrilled the warrior as all her nerves threatened to explode at once. "Ga..bri..elle!" The pleaded name was drawn out through gritted teeth as the long awaited orgasm tore through her body. Gabrielle quickly moved her fingers to gently pinch and pull against Xena’s nipples, multiplying the strength of the climax. Xena was certain that Gabrielle would have bruises where her fingers clenched against the bard’s body.

She laid there for several moments. "I can’t move." She finally admitted. Having regained her composure slightly quicker, Gabrielle chuckled at the warrior’s admission of helplessness.

"Let me help you." Gabrielle’s raspy voice said. She gently eased Xena off and onto her back. She noticed that Xena’s eyes were closed and a lone tear was making its way down her cheek. Gabrielle’s eyes misted as she realized just how vulnerable Xena allowed herself to get. "I love you, Xena." She said as she leaned in to taste the rare tear.

"I love you." Xena’s voice was barely a whisper. She pulled Gabrielle close to her, needing to feel the warmth of the bard’s soft body on her own. As much as both women wanted to rekindle the passion and please each other, utter exhaustion claimed both of them.

Morning found the lovers still intertwined. Xena watched as her precious bard grumbled about the bright sun and rolled over, the act of which exposed the bard’s back to the warrior’s gaze. Unable to resist, Xena leaned over and planted several gentle kisses up and down Gabrielle’s spine. Unable to feign sleep anymore, Gabrielle rolled over with a soft moan, her eyes focusing on the desire burning in Xena’s eyes. Her eyes burned with the same desire as she pulled Xena up for a passionate kiss.

The candlemarks passed until hunger finally overrode their passion and forced them to get out of bed. Gabrielle carried up more than enough food and drink for them while Xena paid for two more nights stay. Neither of them managed to catch another show.


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