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NOTE: Queen Clarissant’s point of view
Sovereign Bellona’s point of view


This is the story of the Sovereign Bellona of Andromeda. The original script has been translated from Latin, our national language, to English, due to changes in the aristocracy. We must begin at the beginning in order to understand the events that took place.

During that long ago time, a ship full of women, in order to break free from the oppression of the male species, decided to set sail in search of a new home, and ended up crashing onto the shores of Avalon. Some stayed and made this their home, and not wanting this island paradise to fall into the hands of the men they had escaped from, a spell was cast, a spell called the Cloak of Secrecy. This spell would make the island disappear from existence, as well as taking everyone’s memory of its location and the existence of those inhabiting the island. The elders say that as Avalon was encompassed by this spell, which also excluded them from the influences of the outside world, the climate changed. The climate outside the Cloak of Secrecy is always cold and stormy. Inside the Cloak, however, Andromeda had its own climate. Another world was created inside the Cloak of Secrecy. A tropical climate enjoyed by the inhabitants of Andromeda with the only the northern region having permanent snow on the ground.

This spell not only encompassed Avalon, but also encompassed the other islands closest to it. One was Andromeda; the other Phallustine. Andromeda is the second of the three large islands under the Cloak of Secrecy and is located off the western coast of Avalon, approximately two days travel by ship, far to the north of the Aleutian Islands.

Where cell phones, computers, and cars are found in most countries, inside the islands horse drawn carriages and messenger pigeons are typical.

The elders of Avalon, the first inhabitants of the island, created the Magical Portal, a magical door that can teleport anyone, or anything, to any country desired, so the archives say. At the right time, one merely walks through the portal, and they are immediately transported to their destination.

After Avalon was completely settled, there were still a few women not happy, so one day a small group left Avalon to seek another place to call home. They found Andromeda.


Many centuries ago, Avalon and Andromeda fought each other for domination. A treaty was agreed upon after much bloodshed and the loss of many lives. One of the stipulations of the peace treaty was that there were to be no portals either created or used for travel to or from Andromeda. All visitors must arrive by ship. There were to be no exceptions.


Sovereign Alessa was married to Queen Leone, the daughter of one of the council members, as well as Bellona’s birth mother. Their marriage, like all others, was arranged, but Alessa and Leone had fallen instantly in love. It truly was a marriage made in heaven.

Bellona was still a little girl, a princess just learning how to rule a kingdom, and very close to Leone, wanting to be just like her in every way: strength, intelligence, and integrity. To Bellona, Leone was someone to look up to, her hero.

As a child, Bellona had been sent to one of the villages to learn from a well-known healer. When she was sixteen years old she received a summons for her to return to the palace, where there was to be a formal hearing to decide the punishment of Queen Leone, who had been accused of betrayal. As a member of the aristocracy, Bellona had to attend all formal hearings. She could not decide on a verdict or punishment, but she was to be witness just the same. The message was vague, only stating that there was a mandatory hearing that Bellona had to attend. She left the village immediately to return to the palace.

Upon returning to the palace, Bellona found out that over time, the love between Alessa and Leone had dissolved into a distant memory. Queen Leone was lonely, and needed someone to care for her, as well as someone to care for. She found that with the magistrate of the western provinces. They had been seeing one another for quite some time, when a passing guard saw them together in bed in the middle of what was described as a tango of love. The guard immediately reported to the Sovereign of the findings. Sovereign Alessa immediately rode out to find the truth for herself. There they were, naked, Leone on top of the magistrate, the magistrate’s nails dragging up Leone’s back as they started to rock together, building the excitement between them. Alessa had thought she would never see Leone do something like that with anyone else. Angry, Alessa immediately grabbed Leone, dragging her off the magistrate, and arrested her for betrayal.

Bellona was confused, and believed Leone to be innocent. There had to be a mistake. Her mother, Leone, would never do something like that. She would never betray Alessa. There were two witnesses that said they had seen the same thing, Queen Leone having sex with the magistrate. The evidence was there. Leone lost her place in the aristocracy and was taken to a place from which she would never be able to return to Andromeda. The magistrate was dismissed from office and cast out of society.

Alessa lost her heart that day, and over time, lost her will to rule. One of the queen’s many duties is to bear an heir to the throne of Andromeda, which, with Leone being queen, means Bellona is her daughter, and heir. Bellona, however, cannot take the throne until her twenty-first year, so until that time, Alessa will hold on to the throne. Bellona never forgave Leone for the betrayal. How could her birth mother do such a thing? Leone had shattered any love and belief Bellona held for her birth mother, for anyone.

Bellona concentrated on the art of healing until her twenty-first year, when Alessa abdicated the throne, claiming failing health. The next in line needed to take the throne, and that was Bellona.


Bellona stands well over six feet tall, with long, dark chocolate brown hair, aqua blue eyes, high cheekbones, and a well-toned and tanned physique. Her queen is equally beautiful, with long, golden blond hair, bright blue eyes, and height that equals that of her sovereign. She does not possess the same skills as her sovereign, not that anybody would, but is an equal in intelligence.

Clarissant, like Leone, is the daughter of a council member. Her marriage to Bellona was agreed upon when they were infants, and as soon as Bellona took the throne, she married Clarissant, making Clarissant her queen. Sovereign Bellona and Queen Clarissant became the ruling family of Andromeda. Clarissant knows their love is superficial not a true love, but does what is expected of her, doing her best to please the sovereign.

Alarica had been Bellona’s best friend since childhood, as had their mothers, and thought it would be a good idea to bring their daughters together. Time and responsibilities had separated both for many years, but now, Alarica and her family had traveled to Andromeda to encourage Bellona to go to America, Alarica thinking Bellona would benefit from the visit in more ways than one.

Circumstances had compelled Alarica to return to Avalon, circumstances she did not care to express to Bellona, only stating that there had been a situation that needed her immediate departure from America. Alarica and her family left Andromeda for Avalon. After their departure from Andromeda Bellona considered Alarica’s words, and gravely mulled about finding a consors of her very own. A consors is much more than a member of the court, they hold a trusted station in the aristocracy because it is the consors whom the sovereign confides in. After witnessing the relationship between Alarica and her consors, Bellona started to realize that maybe a consors would be a good thing, someone to trust, perhaps.

The sovereign needs a heart, needs a soul, not just a mind with logic and reason, which have ruled Bellona’s world since her mother’s betrayal. Now, after a visit from a childhood friend, she must consider doing something she vowed never to do . . . trust.

Sovereign Bellona visited her mother, Alessa, in a fishing village to tell her of her decision, not out of love, but out of duty. While her mother no longer rules Andromeda, she is still her mother, and it is the duty of the daughter to let the mother know of any upcoming events . . . is it not? It is not a pleasant visit, not unlike any other visit, but she is able to accomplish her goal at the very least.

After much preparation, and not trusting the ships to weather the stormy seas and the long voyage, she, too, leaves for America using Avalon’s portal, and accomplishes and finds more than she ever thought possible. Bellona, Clarissant, and Desdemona the advisor, as well as several guards, arrive safely in America, staying at a manor not far from Avalon’s.

Now, sit back and enjoy the rest of the story.

To be continued in part 1

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