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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the first story of the Triumvirate saga.  A very big THANK YOU VERY MUCH goes out to all the beta readers out there, who helped me to make this story what it is.  Any questions, or comments, please email me at cinderellanjo@yahoo.com.

Definition:  Consors means companion in English.

Extra notes: The bold-italic script means that part of the story is the being spoken.


The original script has been translated from Latin, our national language, to English, due to changes in the aristocracy.  We must begin at the beginning in order to understand the events that took place.

An island, one of three larger islands located far above the Aleutian Islands in the Bering Sea and located off the coast of Britain, where the people believe it to be the final resting place of one of their greatest heroes, is actually NOT King Arthur’s final resting place, as told in folklore and fairy tales.  What is this place?  This place is called Avalon.  Yet, Avalon does exist.  Those that call this island their home, named it after its founding leader from many centuries ago...

During that long ago time, a ship full of women, in order to break free from the oppression of the male species, decided to set sail in search of a new home, and ended up crashing onto the shores of Avalon.  Some stayed and made this their home, and not wanting this island paradise to fall into the hands of the men they had escaped from, a spell was cast, a spell called the Cloak of Secrecy.  This spell would make the island disappear from existence, as well as taking everyone’s memory of its location and the existence of those inhabiting the island.  The elders say that as Avalon was encompassed by this spell, which also excluded them from the influences of the outside world, the climate changed.  The climate outside the Cloak of Secrecy is always cold and stormy.  Inside the Cloak, however, Avalon had its own climate.  Another world was created inside the Cloak of Secrecy.  The southern region a desert climate, the northern region a very cold climate, the eastern and western regions a spring climate perfect for harvesting fruits and vegetables and raising farming animals.

Brought on by the instinct for survival, the shipwreck survivors flourished on this uninhabited island.  And they are the forebearers of those that call Avalon home today.


The last sovereign was forced to renounce her position because of ill health, as there was no cure for the illness. The Sage of Healing, as well as the Sage of Wisdom, could not provide a cure, and risky though it was, the sovereign was placed into the magical lake of Sage’s Mountain.  The waters of the lake were said to cure anything, and turn back the hands of time to anyone who wished to seek a cure for any injury or illness.  The waters failed, and Avalon lost its heart the day the sovereign died.

Since the former sovereign had renounced her throne, Alarica was named Sovereign Cyan, ruler over all of Avalon, giving her the freedom to do right for the future of Avalon.


Sovereign Cyan Alarica is a beauty like no other.  She stands at over six feet tall, with piercing blue eyes, hair as dark as pitch and shines like glass in the light, high cheekbones, and well-toned and tanned physique from hours of the warrior arts of old that give her the movements of a panther, and the appearance of a goddess.  Smooth, sleek, and graceful as she moves about, she is unbeaten by any who dare offer her a challenge.

Her queen, Queen Melisandra, is equally beautiful, with long, flourishing golden hair, bright blue eyes, stands only slightly shorter than her sovereign, and has a beautiful figure that would make any woman jealous.

Sovereign Cyan Alarica and Queen Melisandra’s marriage was arranged at birth by tradition, with the belief they would be a good match.  They married as Alarica reached her twenty-first year - Alarica, denoting strength, beauty, and intelligence, Melisandra symbolizing beauty and poise – together, they would rule Avalon. 

Along with the day to day queenly duties, Melisandra was required, at their first anniversary, to become pregnant, to provide an heiress that would be the next successor to rule Avalon.  The ancestors had run across the problem, since it was a matriarchal society, when the island had first been settled, so a few women were sent back to sea to find suitable mates.  Not far from Avalon, one day’s travel by ship to the east, the seeking women found a small island called Phallustine.  Phallustine Island, a mostly patriarchal society, was the perfect place, as the men there did not want anything to do with women other than for child bearing. An agreement between the two societies was reached, stipulating that the women would be the ones to come to Phallustine Island, all male children would be brought to the eastern island to live, and the parents would have no claim as to the parenting rights of the children.

The elders of Avalon, the first inhabitants of the island, created the Magical Portal, a magical door that can teleport anyone, or anything, to any country desired, so the archives say.  But mainly it was created to facilitate travel between Avalon and Phallustine during mating season. At the right time, one merely walks through the portal, and they are immediately transported to their destination.

The queen, being in season, was immediately transported to Phallustine Island via the portal, as the Phallustine prince had agreed to such an arrangement. One week later, the queen returned after the session with the prince, and was immediately tested for positive pregnancy.  The queen gave birth to the princess nine months later.

These are the rulers of Avalon, with Princess Claryvorra as future sovereign of Avalon.


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