Another island located off the western coast of Avalon two days travel by ship is Andromeda, the second of the three larger islands. While the leader of the original castaways inhabited Avalon, a small group left Avalon to seek another place to call home.

Like Avalon, they did not want this island paradise to be spoiled. The Cloak of Secrecy that was cast also encompassed Andromeda protecting the island as well from the outside world. Those that left Avalon to make Andromeda their home did so at the cost of many lives.

Many centuries ago, Avalon and Andromeda fought each other for domination. A treaty was reached. It was agreed upon after much bloodshed and the loss of many lives. One of the stipulations of the peace treaty was there are to be no portals either created or used for travel to Andromeda. All visitors must arrive by ship. There are to be no exceptions.

Bellona was a little girl, still a princess learning how to rule a kingdom. Her mother was married to Leone, the daughter of one of the council members. Leone was of average height with flourishing red hair and eyes the color of the spring fields.

Alessa and Leone fell instantly in love. It truly was a marriage made in heaven. Bellona was very close to Leone wanting to be just like her in every way strength, intelligence, and integrity. To Bellona, Leone was someone to look up to her hero.

Bellona had been sent to a village to learn from a well-known healer. She was 16 years old when she received a summons to return to the palace. It was a formal hearing to decide the punishment of Queen Leone. As a member of the aristocracy, Bellona needed to attend the formal hearings. She could not decide on a verdict or punishment, but she was to witness just the same.

The message vague, only stating that there was a mandatory attendance to a hearing, she left the village immediately to return to the palace. Queen Leone was accused of betrayal. Over time, the love between Alessa and Leone had dissolved into a distant memory. Queen Leone was lonely. She needed someone to care for her as well as someone to care for. She found that in the magistrate of the Western Provinces. They had been seeing one another for quite some time until a passing guard saw them together in bed in the middle of what was described as a tango of love. The guard immediately reported to the sovereign of the findings. Sovereign Alessa immediately rode out to find the truth for herself. There they were, naked, Leone on top of the magistrate. Magistrate’s nails dragged up Leone’s back as they started to rock together building the excitement between them. Alessa thought she would never see Leone do something like that with anyone else. She immediately grabbed Leone and arrested her for betrayal.

Alessa was angry and Bellona was confused. Bellona believed that Leone was innocent. There had to be a mistake. Her mother Leone would never do something like that. She would not betray. There were two witnesses to say they had seen the same thing. The queen had sex with the magistrate. The evidence was there. Leone lost her place in the aristocracy and was taken to a place from which she would not be able to return to Andromeda. The magistrate was dismissed from office to be cast out of society. A new magistrate had taken office; it was the understudy.

Alessa lost her heart that day and over time lost her will to rule. Bellona could not take the throne until her twenty-first year, until that time, Alessa held the throne. Bellona never forgave Leone for the betrayal. She could not. Leone had shattered any love and belief Bellona held for her mother. Instead, until her twenty-first year, she concentrated on the art of healing.

Upon Bellona’s twenty-first year, Alessa abdicated the throne, claiming failing health; therefore, the next in line needed to take the throne. That was Bellona. Clarissant, like Leone, is the daughter of a council member. The marriage was agreed upon when they were infants. As soon as Bellona took the throne, she married Clarissant making Clarissant her queen.

Sovereign Bellona now rules Andromeda after her mother abdicated her position due to failing health. Bellona did not believe her mother, but it was her mother’s decision, and her mother was the sovereign.

Sovereign Bellona and Queen Clarissant are the present ruling family of Andromeda. Bellona standing well over six feet tall with long dark hair, pale blue eyes and high cheekbones, well-toned and tanned physique.

Her queen is equally beautiful with long golden blond hair, bright blue eyes, and whose height equals that of her sovereign. She does not possess the same skills as her sovereign but is an equal in intelligence. Clarissant knew their love was not a true love. Their love was superficial, arranged at birth to wed on the day Bellona would take the throne. Clarissant did as was expected of her, doing her best to please the sovereign.

Alarica and Bellona knew each other as children. Time and responsibilities had separated both for many years. Now many years later, Alarica and her family traveled to Andromeda to encourage Bellona to go to America. Alarica thought Bellona would benefit from the visit in more ways than one. There were circumstances that led to Alarica’s return to Avalon, but she did not care to express them.

Alarica and her family left Andromeda for Avalon. Sovereign Bellona had visited her mother in a fishing village to tell her of her decision. While her mother no longer ruled Andromeda, she was still Bellona’s mother. It was not a pleasant visit, but she was able to accomplish her goal.

After much preparation, she too left for America accomplishing and finding more than she ever thought possible. She left for America by using the portal of Avalon. Bellona did not trust the ships would weather the stormy seas and the long voyage. Bellona, Clarissant, and Desdemona the advisor, as well as several guards arrived safely in America staying at a manor not far from Avalon.

The end.

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