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Synopsis: This is a series of short stories that deal with the premise that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes wishes aren’t meant to come true as they can have very adverse consequences and don’t turn out exactly as we had hoped. Join me on a journey as various characters will learn just why some wishes are better left unanswered.


This story is about Jessie and Belinda, a very happy couple. Jessie has a secret fantasy that she shares with her lover. One night she tells Belinda, "I wish I could have a penis for one day. Is that so bad?" You decide.


Jessie finished lighting the candles on the nightstand then turned the lamp off. She stood in front of the mirror applying the last few brush strokes to her flowing black mane. She was very petite standing barely five feet tall with lithe features. Her skin was bronzed from hours of sun worship darkening the already golden skin a product of her Hispanic ancestry.

Belinda watched the small beauty impatiently as she finished her primping. She thought back to the first day she met her when she came to pick up her brother Anthony from the office they shared. Anthony had talked repeatedly about his gorgeous single younger sister but Belinda could never have been prepared for the absolute truth in his words and she could never envision herself with such a young mate.

Jessie had walked into the office wearing a pair of shorts that barely covered her thighs and a bikini top. Large doe like brown eyes created the elusion that she was much younger than the twenty-six years Anthony claimed her to be. That was until she looked at Belinda, her innocent and exuberant expression turning sultry.

Jessie’s dark features were the perfect contrast to her own Anglican physical traits. She was average height with long auburn hair and deep blue eyes. Her skin was alabaster and she had to be sure to wear an eighty sunblock every time they were exposed to the harsh rays of the sun or she would burn. Jessie tried to be the butch one but both were described as lipstick lesbians, a term she had finally learned to embrace.

The candlelight cascaded over Jessie’s exposed skin highlighting the soft delicate curves of her body eliciting a sigh from her lover. "So how many times do you think it will take?" Jessie turned to Belinda waiting for an answer noting the distant expression on her face. "Hello!" she said walking to the bed. "Have you heard anything I’ve said?"

Belinda shook her head the sweet sound of her partner’s voice breaking her out of reverie. "I’m sorry. What were you saying?"

"Where did I lose you?" asked Jessie.

"I’m right here. I was just thinking about the first time I saw you. Now what were you saying?"

"I was wondering how many times do you think it will take to get me pregnant? The baby remember? We’ve been talking about it all night." Jessie stripped off the satin robe revealing her naked form then moved onto the bed straddling her lover.

"I don’t know. It’s not an exact science," answered Belinda running her hands through Jessie’s hair stroking the dark tresses.

"You’re going to mess up my hair," she replied kissing the redhead on the lips hovering over her as Belinda clutched her tighter.

"Then you can mess up mine."

"I hope it takes the first time. It’s supposed to hurt."

"I thought you liked a little pain," teased Belinda tugging at her hair.

"I do but I hate doctors."

"I’ll be there holding your hand."

"You know it would be a whole lot easier if you had a dick," replied Jessie.

"If I had a dick we wouldn’t be together," answered Belinda.

Jessie thought about it for a moment. "True but wouldn’t it be cool to know what it felt like?"

Belinda’s face scrunched up with a distasteful expression. "Ewe. That’s a disturbing thought."

Jessie bounced on the bed. "Oh come on. I think it would be great to have one, at least for a day. Don’t tell me you’ve never fantasized about it."

"I like my parts just the way they are thank you."

"Where’s your sense of adventure? If I had a penis I could be inside of you," started Jessie.

"And with your boundless energy you’d just get me pregnant," interrupted Belinda. "You’re the one who’s going to carry the baby remember?"

Jessie rolled onto her partner straddling her waist. "I know but if I had one you would let me do you wouldn’t you?" Jessie took Belinda’s hands into her own, swinging them playfully.

"Let’s be thankful we’ll never have to find out."

"Oh come on. It’s a fantasy. Go with it."

Belinda grinned looking into pleading brown eyes powerless to deny her lover. Moments like this reminded her of the ten-year variance in their ages. "Youth is wasted on the young."

Jessie laced her fingers through Belinda’s. "Come on you can be more creative than that. You like it when I fuck you."

"Yes I do but it’s not a living organ. I like the family jewels god gave you."

"Humor me. Let’s pretend that I had a penis for one day. Would you let me inside of you?"

Belinda hesitated before answering knowing that resistance would be futile. "Yes but would you pleasure me or would you be so wrapped up in your own needs that you would forget about mine?"

"See that’s the beauty of the thing. I’d still be a woman and my fantasy would include giving you the best orgasm you’ve ever had," answered Jessie snuggling against Belinda’s chest leaving soft kisses along her collarbone.

"Jessie I would hate to think that you could give me the best orgasm ever only because you had a piece of male genitalia."

The small brunette stopped her trail of kisses. "I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant that I would still be intent on making love to you and satisfying you."

"Why is this so important to you?" asked Belinda.

"It’s not. It’s just a fantasy. Sometimes when I’m inside of you I wish it was me and not some piece of rubber. I can’t help it. I wish I could have a penis for one day. Is that so bad?" Belinda shook her head in response. Jessie’s eyes widened and a devilish glint appeared on her face. "Would you give me a blowjob?"

Belinda rolled her eyes in disgust. "You’re really testing my love aren’t you?"

"Well if I’m gonna have a penis for a day I want to know how it feels." Jessie stared at her girlfriend attempting to gage her reaction. "Well I could always hire a hooker on the street to blow me."

"Oh no," protested Belinda. "If you ever have one I’m the only one who gets to play with it." Belinda hugged her partner tightly, stroking the dark strands, her hand slowly trailing down her neck and shoulders caressing the bare skin of her back. At twenty-six years old Jessie could act very childlike with her crazy ideas and youthful innocence, one of her favorite traits that kept the relationship fresh.

Jessie responded to her girlfriend’s touch, kissing and suckling the exposed flesh until her mouth circled a pink nipple, flicking it with her tongue until it hardened. "So if I had one you would let me have my way with you." Her velvety voice woke up the passion within Belinda.

"I would let you do anything you wanted to do to me." She moaned as soft moist lips stroked the underside of her breast and reached over the side of the bed to retrieve the strap on. "But for tonight will this do?"

Jessie gazed up reaching for the object. "I thought you’d never ask."


Sunlight cascaded through the blinds in the late morning hours waking Belinda. Jessie slept soundly splayed across the bed on her back, the soft sounds of snoring gently filling the air. The sheets were rumpled and had been tossed around from the previous night of lovemaking with only a blanket wrapped around her lover’s torso. The rest of her delicate little body was exposed arousing Belinda who felt as though she would never get enough of the young beauty who had agreed to share her life with her.

Belinda quietly climbed down the bed placing her body gently between two muscular legs careful not to wake her partner. She stroked the inside of one calf lowering her head for more intimate access. She reached down caressing the silky bronzed skin with her tongue licking a trail up the inner calf while her hand grazed the flesh of the other leg moving closer to the apex of the exposed inner thigh.

Jessie began to stir awakening from the erotic contact. Her eyes fluttered open revealing the naked form of the redhead, her breasts grazing the inflamed skin of her legs. Belinda continued upward suckling every inch of flesh while Jessie closed her eyes moaning softly from the blissful contact.

Belinda hesitated licking her lips sensually before removing the obstacle covering her lover’s hips. With one fluid motion she tore the blanket from the bed and screamed at the top of her lungs, startling the peaceful brunette. "Oh my god! Oh my god!" Belinda’s eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at her girlfriend frantically pinching herself to wake up from the nightmare and pointing frantically at her crotch. "What the hell is that?".

Jessie jumped into a sitting position her knees bent upward so she could rest her arms, not noticing the appendage bouncing between her legs. "What the fuck are you doing? Trying to give me a heart attack?" she asked rubbing her eyes vigorously waiting for her heartbeat to return to normal.

"The, the, look at you, at that!" Belinda stammered hysterically pointing between her legs. "This has to be a dream," she added pinching Jessie hard on the forearm.

"Ouch. What the hell was that for?"

"Look you idiot! Something you want to share with me?"

Jessie glared at her girlfriend through sleepy eyes before slowly looking down in the direction of Belinda’s pointed finger. "Oh my." Her answer was very calm. She looked at Belinda with a mischievous grin. "This must be a dream." Frustrated Belinda punched her in the arm. "Hey stop hitting me."

"What? You think this is a dream?"

"Yeah and it’s a really cool dream," purred Jessie outwardly turned on. "Besides you did say you would let me have my way with you if I had one so come to mama." Jessie winked and spread her arms open motioning for the redhead to respond.

"Would you focus for a moment? You have a dick and I’m not waking up."

"Maybe it’s my dream and I don’t want to wake up," replied Jessie crawling across the bed on her hands and knees, the organ stiffening as she thought about the sexual possibilities of her situation.

"Would you cover yourself," cried Belinda throwing a sheet at her aroused partner. "So I don’t have to look at it."

"What? It’s a part of me. At least for now so come here and give me some."

"Jessie this is not a dream. Aren’t you a little bit freaked out?"

Jessie stopped for a moment looking down between her legs watching the organ swell. "Apparently I’m very aroused." She wrapped her hand around the shaft and took a deep breath before releasing it. "Wow. Yep I’m definitely aroused. Come here sugar and give me some." She continued forward reaching out to Belinda only to have her advances spurned.

"Get that thing away from me," insisted Belinda throwing her hands in the air. "This is not normal and you are entirely too calm about this."

Jessie sat back down on the bed spreading her legs open mesmerized by the growth between her legs. "Well what do you want me to do about it? "You said."

"Forget what I said. I knew it would never happen. Besides I’d say just about anything to turn you on."

"So what now that I have this thing you’re not gonna play with me?" Jessie looked back down at the penis her lower lip protruding, a scowl on her face. Timidly she touched it fascinated by the sensations it created within her body.

Belinda crept up next to her staring between her legs. "I can’t believe you wished for this."

"How was I to do know that my wish would be granted?"

"Thank god you didn’t ask to have cock for a day. We’d probably have some stinky bird running around waking up the neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning," quipped Belinda.

Jessie felt under the shaft. "I didn’t say anything about balls with that order." She leaned her head between her legs continuing the inspection of the new equipment. "I also didn’t say anything about losing my pussy." Instinctively she grabbed her breasts and let out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank god I still have these."

"Yeah you’re gonna need em for nursing."

"No pussy no baby."

"Oh don’t even say that. It’s not funny."

"And this is?

Belinda sat down on her heels looking at the expression on her lover’s face then back at the unexpected guest. "Actually it kind of is when you think about it."

"Yeah but is it sexy?" asked Jessie a tinge of hope resounding in her voice.

"No. Not at all. I don’t even want to look at that thing," Belinda said putting her hand over her face.

"Then stop looking at it," said Jessie pouting. Silence followed.

Belinda attempted to look at Jessie’s face but her eyes kept reverting back to the penis. "It’s not very big is it?"

"I thought you didn’t want to look at it!"

"I can’t help it. It’s like a bad accident. I know I shouldn’t but."

"Why don’t you do something useful?"

"Like what?"

"Touch it. It wants you to. It’s pointing right at you."

"I don’t want to touch it," answered Belinda shaking her head.

"Come on. You’ve never denied me before when I was aroused."

"You’ve never had a dick," Belinda said getting up from the bed.

"Where are you going?"

"I need to think about this."

"Think about what? Your girlfriend is horny. Get back in bed."

"And do what?"

"Do what you do best. Go down on me. It hurts baby," Jessie pleaded like a puppy dog with soulful brown eyes

"I’m not putting that thing in my mouth!" she replied a look of disgust on her face.

"Since when do you object to oral sex?"

"Since you grew a dick!"

"But you said last night," started Jessie.

"Forget what I said last night. I wanted you to shut up and make love to me."

"Now who’s being selfish?" Belinda ignored her and walked toward the bathroom. "You’re not going to just leave me here are you?"

Belinda peeked out of the restroom. "We have to get ready. The boys are expecting us at their house at noon."

"Excuse me. Your girlfriend has become a freak of nature. How can you even think about going to their house?"

"If Anthony is going to father my child the least we can do is be polite. Besides maybe they can help us."

"With what?"

"Your um little situation."

"What are you going to say? By the way Anthony your little sister grew a dick last night. Any suggestions?"

"Well they are experts on the subject."

"I can’t believe this," exclaimed Jessie slamming her fists against the sheets. "In the meantime what am I supposed to do with this?"

Belinda peered into the room. "Bring it along."

"Very funny. I have a stiffy, a hard on, a woody. Don’t just leave me here."

"Well get rid of it."

"A little help would be nice."

"Stop thinking about me," replied Belinda standing at the threshold between rooms.

"How can I when you’re standing naked in front of me?"

"Think of something nasty that will turn you off."

Jessie closed her eyes tightly deep in concentration looking as though she would burst a blood vessel any minute. When she opened her eyes she frowned glaring at the engorged organ. "It won’t go down. I’m twenty-six with raging hormones. You can’t leave me like this."

"Then play with it."


"You know. Yank your meat. Whack your pony. Whip the Willy."

Jessie looked at her questioningly. "You mean bop the bologna."


Jessie shook her head as Belinda walked out of sight. "And it’s beat your meat, whack the Willy and whip the pony! At least get the slang right."

Belinda stepped back into the room. "How do you know this stuff?"

"Introduction to Psychology. I told you the teacher was a whack job."

"Hurry up and get in here when you’re done. I don’t want to be late," Belinda said before disappearing.

Tentatively Jessie touched the swollen organ grinning when she felt the warm rush of adrenaline. "Maybe this won’t be so bad."


Belinda walked into the bedroom wrapped in a towel, briskly shaking the excess water from her hair. Jessie was lying against the pillows with her eyes closed, a peaceful expression on her face, and one hand resting across her groin next to the limp penis. She reminded her of Al Bundy only with a beautiful face and small perky breasts.

"Time to get up sleeping beauty," Belinda said picking her hand up and shaking it not noticing the sticky white substance. "Oh gross! What happened in here?"

"What?" asked Jessie lifting her head up peeling one eye open and focusing on Belinda. "What did you expect me to do?"

"You?" asked Belinda repelled by the foreign matter on her hand. "On my nice clean sheets?" she continued while Jessie nodded her head. Distressed Belinda ran to the sink in the bathroom and turned on the faucet, soaping her hand up. "You can wash the sheets when we get home tonight!"

"They weren’t clean after last night!" defended Jessie. "Why do I have to wash them?"

"Because I can sleep on sheets with the smell of your sex but not that, that ick," replied Belinda walking back into the bedroom confident that the foreign matter was completely gone from her person. Her demeanor changed from frenetic to curious, thoughts of her lover masturbating capturing her imagination. "So what fantasy did you use?"

"I didn’t use the one about me having a dick that’s for sure." Jessie scowled averting her eyes away from her partner.

"You’re not gonna tell me are you?"

"Why should I? You’re not playing nice," answered Jessie wiping the sleep from her eyes closing them tightly when they began to burn. "Owe shit what happened? I can’t see!" she exclaimed fumbling around on top of the bed. "It hurts!" She jumped off falling to the ground only to see through blurred vision the sight of the redhead laughing heartily at her discomfort. "Help me!"

Belinda regained her composure and ran to Jessie’s aide leading the distraught brunette to the bathroom sink. "You’ve got cum all over your hands. What did you expect?" she stated pouring cool water over reddened eyes.

. "Oh." Jessie flashed a devilish grin and held up her hands threatening to touch Belinda who lurched out of her reach.

"Don’t you dare."

"I thought it would be more fun than this." Jessie stared at the floor tile a childlike pout on her expression. "What do I do now?" The sound of water running woke up her bladder.

Belinda threw a towel at her partner. "Clean up so we can leave," she said her tone demanding and insensitive.

Absent-mindedly Jessie washed her hands before sitting down on the toilet to do her business. "Oh thit. Oh that’s tho groth," Jessie yelled jumping from the seat and running toward the sink to spit. Quickly she turned the faucet back on letting the water run over her hand momentarily before opening her mouth and brushing her tongue with her finger. "Ick, pooh." She looked up at the ceiling. "This is not what I meant!"

Belinda came in to see what the commotion was about. "What happened."

"It got in my mouth. Damn thing has a mind of it’s own."

A small grinned formed at the corner of Belinda’s mouth as she tried to contain her laughter. "You um, you didn’t try sitting down to pee did you?"

Jessie whipped her head around glaring at her girlfriend. "Don’t you say a word," she threatened as Belinda lost control erupting in laughter.

"Cool huh?" Belinda replied smugly.

Jessie pushed her girlfriend into the bedroom and shut the door. "This is not how I imagined things. It was supposed to be erotic and sexy not annoying and repulsive." She lifted the toilet seat and held the organ over the porcelain watching in frustration as the golden liquid went every where except into the toilet. "Shit!"

"What’s wrong honey?" called Belinda through the door.

"Nothing. Not a fucking thing!"

"Don’t you dare leave the seat up!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," mumbled Jessie as she squatted down straddling the seat until the last few drops finally found its way into the intended target.

"And don’t pee on the seat!"

"What makes you think I can’t pee straight?"

"All the cussing."



Jessie lumbered out of the bathroom into the walk in closet and stood there naked. Belinda followed quietly behind wrapping her arms around the brunette grasping small but firm round breasts and lightly pinching the nipples. "Stop that," said Jessie slapping her partner’s hands. "You’re making it grow again."

"Oh right." Belinda abruptly bounced back. "Quick think of something nasty."

"Oh I’m thinking of something very nasty," answered Jessie her voice low and smoky. "Make it stop!"

"Not nasty. Something disgusting. Remember that video that John showed us with a woman being fucked by a donkey."

"Oh that’s gross." Jessie peered down. "But it worked. Its just hanging there like a limp noodle."

"See I’m good for something." Belinda kissed Jessie on the back of her neck then blew into her ear.

"Stop touching me!" cried Jessie. "How do men control these things?"

"Is that all it takes to arouse you?" asked Belinda stroking her lover’s back.

"You’re touching me again. Don’t do that unless you’re going to let me poke you with this thing!" Belinda hastily retreated. "What am I supposed to wear? I can’t wear my bikini in the pool."

"Wear those little shorts you have. You know the ones with underwear in them. They’re made of the same material as men’s swimming trunks."

"It’s going to leave me with sucky tan lines."

"Get over it princess."

"And what are we going to tell the guys?" asked Jessie rummaging through the dresser for the shorts.

"Tell them you lost the bottoms to your bathing suit."

"What do I do if it starts to stiffen?"

"Jump into the pool. It’s not heated so the water should be cold."

"Can’t we just cancel?" asked Jessie whining.

"Stop being such a baby. It’s just going to be the four of us so we can talk about the baby."

"How come you’re so calm about this all of a sudden? What if I’m destined to live the rest of my life as a homaphridite?"

"Last night you wished for a penis for a day. If this is real and not a dream it should be gone by tomorrow."

"Easy for you to say. Left or right?" asked Jessie pulling the trunks up.


"Should I wear it to the left or to the right?"

"It’s really not that big. I don’t think it’ll make a difference."

"Don’t insult it. It’s not the size that matters."

"Then how come all of your dildos are so big?"

"Shut up and let’s go. And don’t kiss me," Jessie said stopping Belinda’s advances.


Jessie and Belinda walked up the driveway and headed straight for the wooden gate. "How come there’s so much noise if it’s only the two of them?" asked Jessie as Belinda peeked over the door.

"Um because there’s six of them," answered Belinda waving to John.

"Who else is here?"

"Let’s see there’s Patty and Jeanette and oh fun John’s sister Marlene and his brother-in-law Brian."

"The ones from Utah? Don’t tell me he’s told them about the baby," Jessie whispered excitedly while Belinda opened the gate and walked through.

The couples greeted each other warmly hugging and kissing and exchanging niceties. Belinda put their gear in the house and returned to the backyard stripping away her outerwear while coaxing Jessie to do the same.

"Where’s the rest of your bathing suit?" asked John pointing to the shorts Jessie was wearing.

"We, um she lost the bottoms," answered Belinda.

"Oh I know exactly where they are. While we were in the hot tub last night Belinda was besieged with lust ripping the garment from my drenched sex before fucking me senseless all night long," interjected Jessie grinning like a Cheshire cat. John and Anthony burst into laughter while Brian and Marlene looked on in astonishment. Belinda slapped her girlfriend on the back of the head.

"Now that I would have loved to have seen," retorted Brian.

"When did you develop a sense of humor?" asked Jessie.

"Oh about the time your brother told us that he was going to father Belinda’s baby and you were going to give birth to the child," answered Brian.

Jessie pointed at Belinda. "Well if she’d just grow a dick we wouldn’t need my brother. Unfortunately they don’t grow on trees."

"Just on smartass little Hispanic chicks," Belinda whispered into her ear causing Jessie to smile. "I’ve been trying to get her pregnant on my own," she added wrapping her arms around Jessie in a hug, rubbing up against her body. "I don’t know what I’m doing wrong."

Jessie gasped for breath her eyes popping open as her body responded to the caresses. She looked down watching the bulge protrude through the thin fabric. "How’s the pool temperature guys?" she said her voice unusually high pitched.

"It’s pretty chilly right now but it should warm up as soon as the cloud layer burns off," answered Anthony.

"Good," Jessie said peeling herself from Belinda’s arms and strolling quickly to the side of the pool attempting to nonchalantly cover her crotch with her hands. She was very sensitive to cold water and took a deep breath before jumping in. Her teeth chattered as she broke the surface of the water. "Donkey dicks, donkey dicks," she repeated quietly spitting water out.

"What are you mumbling?" asked John walking to the side of the pool.

"Noth, nothing," stammered Jessie.

"Then get out of the water before you freeze to death."

"I’ll be out in a min, minute." Jessie looked into the water between her legs. "Stubborn lil’ thing aren’t you?" She closed her eyes concentrating on the videos one-eyelid creeping open to look down. Realizing that she couldn’t be sure through the fabric she slipped her hand under the water and grabbed the penis. "Thank god."

"What are you doing? Playing pocket pool in there?" asked John watching his sister-in-law curiously.

Jessie froze in terror her eyes widening in shame. "Stop staring at me!"

John cupped his hands around his mouth to yell across the yard. "Belinda you’d better come over and take care of your girlfriend! Someone’s not getting enough at home."

Jessie glared at him as she walked to the edge of the pool lifting her hand. "Be useful. Help me up."

John complied taking the proffered hand only to feel his body pulled into the air landing with a large belly flop into the water as everyone laughed including Jessie.

"Don’t fuck with me," she said between chuckles as he appeared above the surface, water dripping down his face.

"Little girls shouldn’t mess with big boys," he answered diving forward and grabbing her around the waist to pull her under. Water splattered outside of the pool as they engaged in hand to hand combat.

Jessie fought valiantly for supremacy preventing her head from being dunked giggling and splashing as they wrestled until she felt a rough hand reach between her legs. "Whoa!" she said trying to back away from the touch yelping when he squeezed the fabric grabbing the excess flesh in the process. "Pervert!"

John released his hand momentarily a startled expression on his face. "I’m the pervert?" he answered grabbing Jessie fighting her until his hand was firmly gripped around the organ. Jessie gasped sucking in a large amount of air and biting her tongue to refrain from crying out in pain. "What do we have here?" he asked as Jessie froze trying not to move and cause further discomfort. "No wonder you’re wearing shorts. Can’t hide this from the rest of the group."

"Would you let go," Jessie whispered excitedly squeezing her eyes tightly to contain the moisture forming on the inside of her lids.

"Not until you tell me about your dirty little fantasy," he said quietly squeezing the material and its contents. "It’s kind of soft isn’t it? What are you supposed to do? Fill it with water to make it grow? Is that why you jumped into the pool so eagerly?" he added grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

"Get your hand off!" Jessie tried in vain to release his strong grip frustrated when he pulled harder then tugged it and her toward him. "Owe! Owe you’re hurting me!"

John ignored her pleas reaching underneath the shorts to feel for the strap freezing when all he could feel was the soft flesh around her thighs and hips. "Tell me it’s taped on." He looked at Jessie questioningly. "Glued on?"

With one last burst of strength Jessie slammed her fists across his arms breaking the tight hold and putting her hand over his mouth pulling him toward the deep end. "Shut up. Don’t say a word." Two tears rolled down her face.

"Jessie what’s going on?" he whispered as soon as she released his mouth.

"Ssh. You’re making a scene."

"Tell me that’s a dildo. Please tell me it’s a dildo."

"Shut up! Everyone is staring," she said motioning to their friends standing along the edge of the pool watching the scene with amusement. Belinda stood with them her hands covering her face frightened by the possible outcome.

"Okay but if I go along with it you’ve got some explaining to do."

"Well at least I’m not cold anymore. Thank you John," she said loud enough for everyone to hear before paddling toward the steps in the shallow end.

Belinda greeted her at the side holding a towel up for her to step into wrapping it around the drenched brunette. "What happened?"

Jessie cupped her hand around her mouth and whispered excitedly into her ear, careful not to be heard. "The son of a bitch grabbed my dick! He knows!"

"How does he know?"

"Do the math oh wise one. It’s soft. He’s a pervert and couldn’t find a strap."

"What are you going to do?"

"Show him. At least he wants to touch it!" answered Jessie sarcastically.

"You wouldn’t."

"Hey you’re the one who doesn’t like dick," replied Jessie winking with a devilish expression on her face. "Distract the others so they won’t be suspicious."

"Don’t you dare," threatened Belinda rubbing her body against the towel blowing warm air against Jessie’s lobe and kissing her passionately.

Jessie’s demeanor changed from worry to peaceful bliss as the sweet contact lingered on leaving her breathless. "Since when do you kiss me in front of John’s sister from Utah?"

"Since you threatened to have sex with someone who isn’t me."

"You don’t want me to go without do you?" replied Jessie placing warm affectionate kisses on her cheek

"I’ll think about."

"I have vays of changing your mind." Playfully she ran her hand against Belinda’s exposed stomach her fingers reaching the top of the bikini bottom before her progress was halted.

"Later," whispered Belinda.

"Promise?" Belinda nodded breaking away from her girlfriend while Jessie used the towel to shake the excess water out of her hair.

Belinda quickly stepped in front of her looking down at the bulge. "You’re hard again. Cover up."

"Shit!" exclaimed Jessie wrapping the terrycloth around her waist.

"Go do something about that."

Jessie snarled and walked away mumbling, "Easy for you to say." She ignored the inquiring stares as she strolled into the house toward the bathroom. Moments later she answered the knock on the door.

John stepped inside. "Okay girl what’s going on?"

"I wish I knew."

"You’re not having a gender identity crisis are you? Because frankly you are much too pretty and feminine to be a guy."

"I can be butch," answered Jessie defensively.

"It was a compliment. Touchy."

"Besides you’re not exactly the model of masculinity you know."

"Meow. What’s got you so uptight?"

"What do you think? You felt it."

"Tell me what I felt."

"What do you think you felt?"

"Enough already. What’s going on?"

"It’s real," answered Jessie.

"What’s real?"

"The dick. It’s real."

John grinned. "Hello I’m naïve not stupid. Dicks don’t grow overnight and not on girls."

"Yeah well this one did."

"That makes no sense girlfriend."

"Of course it doesn’t. How do you think I feel? I woke up this morning and there it was sticking straight up waving like the fucking flag on Iwo Jima."

"Are you two gals trying to play a trick on me?"

"It’s no trick. I have a penis. I can pee standing up, well sort of. Do you want to see?"

"I can’t believe I’m saying this. Yes I want to see but I swear to god if something jumps out at me and gives me a heart attack I will kill you with my last breath."

"The only thing that’s going to jump out at you is my dick. It’s hard again thanks to Belinda." Jessie sucked in a breath and released it. "Turn around."

"How am I supposed to see it?"

"Just turn around for a sec."

"I knew it. You’re trying to mess with me."

"A little trust!"

"Okay but I warned you," he answered turning away from the mirror toward the wall.

Jessie pulled her shorts down and hung them over the towel rack. "Okay you can look."

John’s eyes bulged out of their sockets as he stared at the swollen organ bobbing between her legs. "Oh my god! I fucking don’t believe it," he said dropping to his knees to examine the flesh.

Jessie flinched as warm breath caressed the tip of the penis causing a rush of sensation through her body. She gasped when he touched the tip of it lightly with his finger. "Don’t do that. It’s sensitive."

"No shit. It’s kind of small though."

"Not you too. Besides it’s quality that counts not size."

"Oh what world are you living in honey?" he said running his hand along the shaft feeling the testicles underneath while Jessie sucked in her breath trying not to respond to the contact. "It’s size honey and don’t let anyone tell you different."

"I disagree."

"I bet if I looked into your little toy box I won’t find a dildo under six inches."

"Well I have to have one for the back door."

John stopped what he was doing and looked up at her. "You kinky girl. Just like your brother."

"Do not talk about my brother and sex."

"He’s the same way. How did this happen?"

"I don’t know," Jessie replied frustration in her voice. "I bought this Celtic wishing stone. You know it’s supposed to help you with sexual pleasure and that kind of thing. It was just for fun. I didn’t know it had any real powers."

"Can I have it when you’re through with it?"

"Hell no! If this thing goes away tomorrow I’m throwing it into the lake."

"Such a waste."

"I think not. Now stop touching it. You’re making it worse."

Reluctantly John released his grip and stood up playfully embracing Jessie. "Are you saying I turn you on?"

"Right now everything turns me on. How do I get rid of it?"

"The hard on? I can think of a way," answered John pulling her closer.

"Believe me it’s tempting but Belinda would kill me."

"Did you fuck her with it?"


"Blow job?"

"So far you’ve touched it more then she has."

"Oh man. What a waste. Don’t you want to know what it feels like?"

"Take a good look at it again and ask me that question. It hurts and it won’t stay down."

"Well we’ll just have to convince her."

"Don’t you dare say anything in front of the others."

"I have to tell Anthony. He has got to see this."

"Gross. He’s my brother. We’ll tell him when the others leave."

"Alright. We’d better go before someone thinks we’re doing it in here."

"Wait. I can’t go out there like this. Make it go down."

"I can’t help you if you’re so horny," answered John.

"Well do something."

"I could bend over and offer you my ass," John said turning around to bend over pulling his shorts down enough to expose the crack between his cheeks.

Jessie face scrunched up with a distasteful expression. She peered at the organ fascinated as it shrank in size. "Yep that did it. Jeez I never really realized before how hairy your ass is."

"Anthony loves my hairy butt. Now put your shorts on and meet me outside."


Belinda spent the afternoon teasing her girlfriend by being over affectionate until Jessie gave up the fight and refused to leave the pool. The gathering wound down in the Jacuzzi until Belinda and Jessie were left alone with Anthony and John.

"It’s time to get naked," stated John smirking when he received an evil glare from Jessie.

"Sounds good to me," added Anthony.

"No!" said Jessie.

"What’s wrong Jess?"

"Let’s try being a normal family for a change and keep our clothes on."

"We’ve gone skinny dipping dozens of times. It never bothered you before," answered Anthony.

"Yeah well not everyone thinks it’s normal to be naked in front of their adult siblings."

"Have you been watching Christian Broadcasting again?" asked John grinning.


"Got something to hide?" teased Belinda.

"Bitch," replied Jessie under her breath.

"Bitches. You can’t live with them and you can’t get enough of them," answered Belinda grabbing her lover from behind and caressing her exposed chest smiling down watching the material of her shorts rise slightly.

"You know in some families people don’t undress in front of each other," continued Jessie her voice raising an octave.

"Not in our family. Mom and dad always told us not to be ashamed of our bodies and being undressed doesn’t have to be sexual all the time."

"So if they told you to jump off of a bridge would you?" asked Jessie trying to avoid the inevitable.

"No but I would jump into a hot tub naked," Anthony replied sarcastically removing the trunks from his waist and entering the steaming water followed by Belinda. "Enjoy yourself sis. Pretty soon that nice flat tummy of yours is going to be bulging with a baby."

John stood by the side of the Jacuzzi next to Jessie. "You might want to say something before you go in."

Jessie looked at him with a devilish gleam. "Nope. What are you waiting for?" she asked un-strapping her top.

"Anthony she has something to tell you before she gets in."

"Nope. I have nothing to say," she replied pulling her shorts down.

"What the fuck!" exclaimed Anthony quickly getting out of the tub as Jessie laughed and entered the hot tub. "Did I just see?"

"What?" asked Jessie innocently.

"Is it water proof?" asked Anthony watching John suspiciously.

"Is yours?"

"Mine is real."

"Well so is mine," replied Jessie nonchalantly. "Jeez this feels divine." The rush of warm water caressing her skin was awakening the organ. "How the fuck do you guys keep these things down?"

"Jessie what is going on here?" demanded Anthony.

"She has a penis," interjected Belinda. "And it’s real."

"How is that possible?" asked Anthony reentering the water.

"I don’t know. Ask the god of dicks," replied Jessie dripping with sarcasm.

"And no she isn’t having a gender crisis," interjected John reading his lover’s mind. "I touched it, felt it, hell I even tried to pull it off in the water. It’s got balls and everything."

"So you just woke up one morning and it was there?" asked Anthony shaking his head in disbelief.

"This morning as a matter of fact," Belinda said affectionately caressing her lover’s shoulder.

"Keep doing that babe and I’m going to make you sit on my lap." Reluctantly Belinda moved away.

"It was the powers of a Celtic wishing stone," stated John to the consternation of Jessie.

"Celtic wishing stone?" repeated Belinda and Anthony.

"Thanks a lot John. She doesn’t know about the stone."

"Explain yourself," demanded the redhead.

"I got it from the Internet. It was really cool and it’s supposed to have magical powers. They have all different types. This one was supposed to help with romance and sexual pleasure."

"Since when do you need help with our love life?" asked Belinda feeling dejected.

"I don’t. I thought it was a lark nothing more. I didn’t know it was for real."

"How did you make this happen?" asked Anthony.

"Belinda and I were talking about the baby and I told her that I wanted to have a penis to you know, to her."

"You wanted to fuck her. Just say it you weenie," interrupted John.

Anthony ignored his lover’s crude comments. "What were your exact words?"

Jessie rolled her eyes concentrating on the conversation from the previous evening. "I said that I wish I had a penis for a day."

"But you did say for a day right?"

"Yes. I just, it’s a fantasy of mine, nothing more."

"Well then it should be gone tomorrow morning," stated Anthony breathing a deep sigh of relief.

"Hopefully but what if I wake up and it’s still there?"

"Then I guess Belinda is going to be carrying the baby," quipped Anthony laughing with the others.

"I hope so. In the meantime how do I control this thing? It won’t stay soft."

"Well we could let you two have some privacy," interjected John.

Jessie’s eyes lit up. "Honey?"

"Well it wouldn’t be the first time we did it in your brother’s hot tub."

"Goodbye boys," Jessie said enthusiastically. "Give us an hour or so."

"Honey it’s a penis and it’s your first time. You’ll be done in three or four minutes," quipped John.

"Come on honey. Let’s go keep ourselves occupied," added Anthony.

"Why do we have to leave? This should be hot," argued John.

"That’s gross. She’s still my sister."

"Your sister honey. Go inside. Watch a video," he said waving at Anthony then turning his attentions to Jessie. "I bet you can move just as sexy as your brother. I would pay to see that. How about it?"

"No," Belinda said emphatically.

"How much?" asked Jessie at the same time as her lover.

"I could be useful," insisted John

"Not gonna happen," said Belinda.

"I can show you how to use it properly to achieve the highest level of sexual satisfaction for your lover."

Belinda’s ears perked up. "Go on."

"I don’t need help in using it," Jessie said defensively.

"You can’t even pee straight into the toilet with it."


"Okay, okay. But could you at least help her with her aim before we leave?"

"You two are no fun. See you later," replied John grabbing his trunks and walking toward the house with his arm around Anthony.

"Now this is more like it," purred Jessie standing in the water moving closer to Belinda and pulling her off the bench and into her arms. "I’ve been aching for this all day."

"Do I always have this effect on you?" asked Belinda.

"Yes," whispered Jessie in between gentle kisses along her breastbone. "Why do you think I started wearing underwear again?"

"Really. I thought you wore them because I think they look sexy on you."

"That’s the other reason." Jessie covered her lover’s mouth with sensuous lips her tongue demanding entrance the contact lingering. Breathlessly Jessie broke the kiss running her lips across Belinda’s jaw down her neck lapping the rivulets of water from her skin.

"What does it feel like?" asked Belinda.

"Touch it and I’ll tell you," answered Jessie proceeding down to firm nipples aroused by her touch. Gently she circled one nipple lightly grasping it with her teeth as Belinda’s hand moved between her legs stroking the swollen organ. "God that does feel good."

"Does it feel different"

"Kind of. But the sensations are the same like when I’m really wet. I get the same tingling feeling throughout my body. You know the one that raises goose bumps everywhere only the starting pointing is different. It’s away from my body not inside my body. At least that’s how it feels."

"How does this feel?" whispered Belinda reaching under the shaft caressing the balls.

"It’s like when you suck the underside of my breasts only a little more intense," she replied breathlessly. "I want to experience your warm wet lips around it and I want to know how it feels when your inner walls close around the shaft. That is what’s supposed to create the orgasm."

Belinda squeezed her nipples and pulled her head up in a feverish kiss. "I want to be on top."

Jessie sat down on the bench to accommodate her lover. "I want you so bad." Belinda hesitated momentarily a look of uncertainty etched in her features. "What’s wrong?" asked Jessie.

"We don’t have a condom."

"You want me to carry your baby but I have to wear a condom," Jessie replied becoming agitated.

"We agreed you were going to have the baby."

"And you couldn’t wish for a penis. Maybe if you had I’d be blowing you right now. Did you ever think about that?" Jessie glared at her contemptuously.

"Ask John. Maybe we could borrow one."

"Why would they have condoms? They’re monogamous."

"That’s not what Anthony says."

Jessie put her hands over her ears. "Don’t say that. I’m not hearing this."

"Grow up. They’re guys!"

"Then you grow up and sit on my lap."

"I’m the one with a steady job. I don’t want to get pregnant," insisted Belinda.

"Condoms break!"

"That’s not a good argument if you want to fuck me with that thing."

"Forget it. I can’t fucking believe this," Jessie hissed looking down at the limp flesh. "It’s gone. Let’s just go."

"Calm down Jessie. I’m sure it will come back."

"Not here. Not now. The mood is gone." Jessie pushed Belinda out of the way and exited the water to dress. "I’ll meet you at the car. You go tell the guys."

"Jessie come back."

"We’ll talk later." Jessie waved her hand and continued walking. "This is so not what I had in mind!"

Belinda shrugged her shoulders and walked toward the house.


Jessie stalked into the house throwing her keys on the table and turning the lights on as she continued toward the bedroom.

"I said I was sorry," Belinda called across the hallway.

"Whatever!" Jessie moved to the bathroom and shut the door before lifting the lid to the toilet. "God damn it! She sprayed the seat with the golden liquid managing to get some inside the porcelain bowl.

"If you let me in I’ll clean it up," Belinda pleaded from the other side of the door.

"I can handle it myself," growled Jessie cleaning up the mess. She spread her legs and poured an ample amount of lotion into her hands grasping the organ and stroking it vigorously waiting for it to start growing. After a couple of minutes she stopped crying in frustration. "Shit! Now you just hang there you useless piece of."

"Jessie come out. Let me help you with that."

"You’ve helped enough," she replied pouring soap and water over the organ to wash away the lotion before swinging the door open. "Do something!"

"Tell me what you want."

"Blow me!"

"And if I don’t?" asked Belinda.

"Then I’m going down to Sunset Boulevard. I’m sure I can find a hooker who would be happy to oblige. I am not wasting this opportunity."

"You don’t really mean that do you?"

"Yes I do." Jessie pushed past Belinda and threw her body against the bed. "No I don’t. I want you."

"Then stop whining."

"Oh and that’s gonna make a difference. I don’t get you. I know this is my fantasy but I play the slave to your mistress and I don’t complain."

"I thought you enjoyed that."

"I do. That’s not the point. I want you so bad. This isn’t the way the fantasy is supposed to work. If it was you I wouldn’t have let you out of the house. I’d be letting you fuck me until you were worn out and then I would have given you the blowjob of the century. And the thought of having your baby well that’s more then I could even imagine." Jessie sighed and rolled onto her stomach resting her head against her hands. "I love you so much."

Belinda sat down on the bed rubbing the exposed skin of her legs and thighs. "I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t think about it like that. Will you forgive me?"

"Yes," answered Jessie.

"Can we try again?"

"No I think I broke it."

"I bet I can fix that," answered Belinda stroking her inner thighs and reaching between her legs squeezing the balls gently. She grasped the shaft between her fingers firmly stroking the flesh until it began to rise listening to the soft gasp of her partner. "Turn over."

Wordlessly Jessie complied lying on her back reveling in the new sensations as Belinda blazed a trail of moisture across her stomach. "You’re not going to make me swallow are you?"

"Not if you promise to wash the sheets."

"Deal," Belinda said before touching the shaft with the tip of her tongue.

Jessie moaned running her hand through the long tresses of auburn hair her arousal growing as she watched her lover’s mouth moving up and down sensually over the organ. "That feels so good."

Belinda ran her tongue along the shaft lightly sucking the testicles taking them in her mouth one by one as Jessie writhed with pleasure underneath her. "Don’t stop." She wrapped her lips around the tip sliding her mouth down until every inch of Jessie was in her mouth as she sucked. "Oh gods Belinda that’s it. Oh yes, I’m gonna come. Back up Belinda."

Belinda sucked the organ one last time sliding her mouth up and off the tip as it exploded into the air splashing the sticky substance all over Belinda’s face. "Oh shit! My eye! You shot my eye out!" she exclaimed holding her hand over the lid and running into the bathroom.

Jessie felt weak from the release but contained the laughter at the sight of her lover getting in the way of the projectile sperm. "At least I didn’t make you swallow!"

"Very funny," Belinda said walking out of the bathroom rubbing a towel over her face her eyes swollen from the experience.

"But you still love me."

"Yes I do," Belinda answered then coughed attempting to dislodge an errant hair in her throat.

"Hairball?" asked Jessie suspiciously.

Belinda didn’t answer coughing repeatedly until she was hacking desperately to relieve her misery. "Feels more like." She continued choking her eyes and face turning a deep shade of crimson as tears grazed her cheeks. "A brillo pad." With one last violent cough and shake of her head she spit out the offending hair. "Could this thing be any more stiff?" she said holding it up to the light.

"Come on back to bed. I have something for you," Jessie replied.

"Haven’t you done enough?" Belinda spat.

"I was talking about a glass of water."

"Oh." Belinda walked over to the bed and sat down taking the proffered glass. "So women really like this sort of thing?"

"Sure. Lots of straight women do just like you like pussy."

"Yeah but your hairs are so soft and your cum isn’t so damn dangerous. Look at my eye," she replied pointing to the redness.

"Here let me kiss it and make it better." Jessie pulled her lover near placing a gentle kiss over the tender spot followed by more kisses on her cheek until their lips met tender caresses turning ardent. She reached her hand underneath Belinda dipping her finger into the warm wet cavity, stroking the slickness of her arousal. "You complain a lot but you are really wet."

"Busted huh?" Belinda said an innocent expression on her face.

"You enjoyed it!"

"I did until the volcano erupted. Who knew how much sticky stuff could come out of something so small."

"Again with the insults." She looked down at the growing penis. "I’m ready again."

Belinda sighed then straddled her lover’s waist kissing her passionately. Simultaneously they caressed each other’s breasts as she lowered herself onto the engorged organ. Jessie moaned loudly as the soft walls of Belinda’s sex wrapped around the cock as she impaled herself on it.

"That’s incredible," Jessie said gasping for breath and pulling her lover harder onto her lap. She closed her eyes and started bucking her hips lost in the sensations searching for that special spot inside of her lover.

Belinda continued to thrust herself on top in rhythm with Jessie only mildly feeling the penetration. "Oh yeah."

After several thrusts Jessie peeled her eyes open staring at Belinda suspiciously. "What’s wrong?"

"Nothing honey. Does it feel good?"

"You know it does. How come you’re so quiet?"

"Do I always have to scream when we’re making love?"

"Yes. You do when you’re enjoying it."

"I’m enjoying it."

"Bullshit! Talk to me."

"I’m really trying here," answered Belinda.

Jessie covered her face with her hands. "It’s the size isn’t it? John was right."

"I don’t know. Maybe I’m too wet."

"And I’m having too much fun. There’s no such thing. Get off."

"But," started Belinda.

"I’m frustrated not mad."

Belinda removed herself from the organ and lay down next to Jessie in frustration. "It’s the size. I’m used to something bigger."

"Oh god I can’t believe this!" Jessie cried out angry at defeat as Belinda slipped down the bed staring at the thing slapping it playfully with her hand. "That’s not going to make it grow."

"You don’t know that. I’m horny too and I want to be fucked." Belinda put her face on Jessie’s groin at eye level with the penis. She waved her hands over it opening and closing the fingers chanting, "Big ger! Big ger! Big ger!" One would have thought she was doing a Mervyns’s commercial. When that didn’t work she started batting it around like a toy. "Make it bigger!" she cried in frustration

"Smacking it isn’t going to help! Stop that!"

"Well this sucks. That thing is just useless! You can’t even change sizes."

"Thanks a lot!"

"I can’t believe you didn’t wish for a really big dick!"

"I’ll remember that next time," replied Jessie sarcastically. "Better yet you wish for the big dick and you can fuck me senseless."

"Are you going to give me a blow job?"

"I already answered that question."

"Good because I would love to put you through the same crap you put me through tonight."

Too bad you’re never going to find out."

Belinda concentrated on the dilemma before them. She was now bursting with sexual energy and needed a satisfying release. "Now what do we do about now?"

"You could blow me again," Jessie answered disrupting her thoughts

Belinda ignored the request returning her attention to the problem. "How do guys do it? One size does not fit all." She paused taking a deep breath and releasing it. "You know we have butt plugs bigger than this."

Jessie eyebrows raised in amusement as a delicious thought entered her mind. She moved behind Belinda clutching her tightly against her groin. "Bend over."


Belinda quietly slipped out of the bed careful not to wake her sleeping beauty. She walked stealthily toward the restroom the glint of the stone on the nightstand catching her eye. She picked the polished rock up her fingers tracing the pattern of the Celtic Knot and whispered, "I wish I could have a very thick nine inch penis for a day. Oh and I wish Jessie’s useless little dick would go away." She giggled as she placed the charm back on the nightstand and returned to bed.

Belinda woke up the next morning to the sound of Jessie yelling in the restroom. "It’s gone! It’s gone! I have a pussy again!" She pinched herself to see if it was real convinced that she was already awake. "You know maybe there’s a reason some fantasies are just that. They’re supposed to remain unobtainable so we never have to experience such a failure."

As Jessie walked back into the room Belinda peered under the covers her eyes widening with delight at the new found growth. She looked at her sexy girlfriend then watched as it grew to its full nine inches in length her face sparkling with mischief. "Or maybe you just need to be more precise about what you wish for."

Jessie smiled at her girlfriend cocking her head to the side. "You think?"

Belinda grinned. "Come here honey. I have a surprise for you."

The End

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