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Language:  Desire' is from the present.  She is a bit of a potty mouth.  (Words that begin with the letter F etc.  XWP characters do not swear in this story.)

Violence:  Duh.  It is a Conqueror story.  My Conqueror is rather tame however people are beaten up and bloodied with just a few gratuitous deaths.

Spoilers:  This story follows the end of ‘A Friend in Need Part II'.  I am still in denial over the series finale.  This is my way of rewriting history.  The hero of the story is a lesbian hardcore nutball fan of the show and she would like to dedicate this story to all of the fans in the Xenaverse.  After all, only the fans can save the show now.

Humor:  Well I cracked myself up writing this story so I hope you enjoy my sick sense of humor.

Love:  Eternal love between two women is the reason this story was written.  Accidentally landing in the custody of the Conqueror provides the comic relief.  (And the sex.)

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Waking Up With the Conqueror

Chapter One-Love and Desire

Desire' sat in her living room with her computer in her lap.  It was June 18, 2001.  She had spent the day at school and doing various odd errands to keep her mind off of what the day truly meant to her. It was nine o'clock in the evening and she had made it through the day without shedding a single tear.

 She began searching the Internet to see how other fans had been effected by part one of the series finale of Xena: Warrior Princess.  She figured this would keep her mind occupied and just maybe she would actually make it to bed without crying.  After several searches for information on the episode she came across a review on Whoosh.

She didn't realize her mistake until she read the words, "I am absolutely numb right now."  She was reading a synopsis of part II by mistake.  Curiosity and fear gripped her as she read the words and scanned down the page only to read "Xena was permanently harmed in the making of this motion picture, but kept her spirits up"

 As she read the story her eyes filled up with tears, her body racked by uncontrollable sobs as she looked at the screen.  A big black dog with pale blue eyes came to her side licking her hand to console her.  Her heart ached.  You idiot! yelled the little voice in her head.  It's just a show!  Just a fucking TV show!  Get over it!

 It would be a long night as she searched the Internet for fan reaction, only mildly consoled that many people felt as she did.  The show had become a source of strength for her, helping her overcome her greatest challenge in life.  She had begun to believe that true love really existed for the first time in five years since her life had been shattered by the loss of the woman she thought would be her last lover.  Now she felt that even in fantasy love never wins in the end.  Vengeance and evil are the greater forces in the universe.  It was a sad thought as she cried herself to sleep.


 It was Thursday, June 22, 2001.  A beautiful blue eyed blonde sat in her suite at the Rio Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.  After all these years she had finally found what she had searched so long for.  Now she just had to find the right person for the job.  She paced the floor in the hotel suite trying to figure her next plan of action.  "The phone book," she yelled into the empty room.  "You need to find the right person just let your fingers do the walking," she added as she took the phone book out of the desk and opened it.

 She ran her fingers over the page looking at the names.  "When the name pops out at me I'll know," she said to herself as she searched.  "Love, Andrea.  No, Love, Carl, Love, Danielle, hmm-pretty name.  Wait that's it, that's gotta be the one, Love, Desire.  I need someone with love and desire.  That's perfect."

 She turned her computer on to connect to the Internet.  She too had many talents and one of them would lead her to this woman on the Internet.  After several minutes, she had her information.  Love, Desire'.  "Oh now I get it," she said as she tapped her hand against her forehead.  "There was no accent in the phone book.  Easy mistake.  Back to business," she said searching the information on the computer screen.  "AOL her name is Candideyes.  Interesting name. Nice profile.  Lesbian, that's good, photography, country music, studies martial arts.  Favorite Personal Quote: Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.  You're the one. Let's see if you're online."

 Desire's eyes popped open when she heard the familiar ring from the Internet.  She looked up to read the name from the ‘Instant Message'.  ‘Aphrodite69: Hello, care to keep me company?'  "Well you gotta love the name.  Let's see what interests you have Miss Aphrodite."  She typed the name on the keyboard and brought up the profile.  "New to Las Vegas, dancer.  Nice. I could live with that.  Hobbies: spreading love around the world and accessorizing.  Okay must be a femme. That works so far.  Favorite Personal Quote: If you have everything and no love in your life than you have nothing.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe.'  Obviously you haven't seen the series finale.  Let's see if she has anything interesting to say."

Candideyes: Sure.  I'm always looking for friends.

Aphrodite69:  You're up late on a Thursday night for a photographer.

Candideyes:  I make my own hours.  Couldn't sleep tonight.

Aphrodite69:  Maybe you just need someone to help you relieve some tension.

Candideyes:   That is an understatement.

Aphrodite69:  Sounds like you need the right person in your life to love you.

Candideyes:   Love is a trick played on us to get us to reproduce.  Can't believe I'm quoting Callisto.  I've gotten by without it for a long time.  Now I'm just looking for friends.  They hurt a lot less.

Aphrodite69:  Ick.  No quoting Callisto.  She didn't know what she was talking about.

Candideyes:   I see you're familiar with the show Xena.

Aphrodite69:  Personally.  I am the Goddess of Love you know.

Candideyes:   Ah yes.  Of course you are.  You and at least 68 others.  LOL

Aphrodite69:  Well I was pretty peeved to find out Aprhodite was taken but it took me a while to get used to this computer.

Candideyes:   So I suppose you are tall, long blonde hair and have blue eyes and a killer body.

Aphrodite69:  You know it girl.  That actress looks a lot like me accept that stupid wig they make her wear.

 "Oh this woman is too cute.  Probably looks like a Cyclops but who cares.  Okay I'll play along.  Helps with the denial," Desire' said to the computer.

Candideyes:  So do you still wear lingerie everywhere you go?

Aphrodite69:  No silly.  I'd look pretty dumb trying to blend in.  But I do wear very little when I dance.

Candideyes:   So you must have been heartbroken when Xena died.

Aphrodite69:  Heartbroken doesn't even begin to explain it.  She broke up one half of the greatest love story in the universe because of a big OLE guilt trip.

Candideyes:  Just proves that evil and vengeance win out over love every day.

Aphrodite69:  No Miss pessimist.  It means that mistakes can be made.

Candideyes:   How come you and Ares couldn't bring her back?

Aphrodite69:  It's complicated.  Ares usually watched Xena day and night.  You know his obsession and all.  But he and the Warrior Babe had a fight and he was giving her the silent treatment.  By the time poor Gabby came home with that stupid pot it was too late to do anything.

 "Wow she's really into this.  Oh well this is kind of fun."

Candideyes:   You must be a fan of Rob Tapert.

Aphrodite69:  "Well he did bring the scrolls to TV.  It wasn't his fault that Xena allowed herself to be manipulated.  He was just telling the story.

Candideyes:   Well then what's done is done and cannot be undone.

Aphrodite69:  Jeez you sound like Miss guilt trip.  Actually there is something to be done.  You could help me you know.

Candideyes:   Write a new story that brings her back.  I've thought about it.  Denial and all.

Aphrodite69:  No. There is a way to go back and correct the mistake.  I just need someone willing to help me.

Candideyes:  I suppose I'm that person.  I don't even know you.  Are you always this nutty on the Internet?

Aphrodite69:  No.  Usually I'm way worse.  LOL I've spent over two thousand years looking for the last of the Cronus stone.  I finally found it and you are the mortal I need to go back in time and save them.

Candideyes:   Okay, I'll bite.  How do I travel back in time to ancient Jappa?

Aphrodite69:  The Cronus stone of course.

Candideyes:   You know you sound like you almost believe this stuff.  It's getting late.  I should probably go.

Aphrodite69: Look I know you don't believe me.  It sounds crazy so just think of me as a crazy harmless bard trying to meet people in a new town.

Candideyes:   Fair enough.

Aphrodite69:  So when can I meet you?

Candideyes:  You know nothing about me.  I could look like a Cyclops and be a nut.

Aphrodite69:  Thought you were just looking for friends.  Besides you couldn't be any crazier than me.

Candideyes:  That's true.  What do you have in mind?

Aphrodite69:  Come to the Crazy Horse and watch me dance on Saturday night.  If you don't like what you see, then you can leave.  No harm done.

Candideyes:  The Goddess of Love is a stripper in Las Vegas.  Don't tell me.  I suppose after all these years you found the Cronus stone in a pawnshop in downtown Vegas.

Aphrodite69:  Way scary girl.  How did you know that?

Candideyes:  Just seemed to fit.  If I go to the club, how will I know which one is you?

Aphrodite69:  Dah.  I'm the Goddess of Love.

Candideyes:  I see.  You dance as the Goddess of Love.

Aphrodite69:  Of course.  Why change perfection?

Candideyes:  Okay I'll come see you dance.  What time do you go on?

Aphrodite69:  I'll see you at 11:00pm. Bye sweetie

Candideyes:  Goodbye.

 "What a nut.  Well girl she might be crazy but if she's dancing at the Crazy Horse she has to be hot.  Maybe your days of celibacy are over," Desire' said to the computer as she turned it off and went to bed.


 The following day Desire' was surprised to see the mailman at her door.  "Special delivery.  Overnight," he said as he handed her the small package.  "Thanks.  I'm not expecting anything," she answered.  She took the package, signed for it and went back into the house.

 It was a small square package with no return address.  Inside the package was a small green stone that looked to her like a crystal.  She read the note inside:

Sleep well my love and free your heart from the pain you endure.  All is not lost.  Go to bed with this gem in your hand and think of Xena.  Everything will work out and you will awake, free from pain, ready to meet your soulmate.



 "This is rich," she laughed to the two large cats now playing in the wrapping paper.  "Oh I'll be thinking of Xena tonight, especially after a few Conqueror stories."  She sat in her chair in the living room and began reading another new story she found on the Internet.

 Later that night she brought the green stone into the bedroom and placed it on the bed then changed into her favorite nightshirt with a picture of the Warrior Princess on the front.  "Forget the soulmate Aphrodite.  I just want to get laid," she said to the empty room as she picked up her green machine and laid back into the pillow.   Several minutes afterward she fell into a deep sleep, oblivious to the green stone now in her hand.


Chapter Two-We're Not in Kansas Anymore

 "Oof," yelled Desire' as she hit the ground.  She shook the sleep out of her eyes, trying to focus on the ground below her.  She looked at the ground covered in dirt trying to figure out where she could possibly be.  "Where's my bed," she mumbled, then looked up and around her.  She was in a large arena filled with people.  Men dressed as guards were walking toward her.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion.  She looked behind her and saw the crosses and people nailed to them.  She turned around to the guards and stumbled as she jumped to her feet.  She looked down at her T-shirt realizing she was naked underneath.  Two pairs of hands grabbed her by the shoulders, as she looked up, frozen by the sight before her.  A tall woman with bronze skin, ocean blue eyes and the most beautiful face she had ever seen stood up in front of her throne wearing a gold and black Oriental silk robe.  Her hair was tied back with a gold crown with some kind of wings along the side of her head.  "Oh Gods, the Conqueror," she mumbled as she stared into frightening cold eyes staring back.  The woman walked toward her.  As she came within striking distance she raised her right hand back.  "Oh, this can't be good," said Desire' just before darkness took her.


 The room held four small cells, two on each side of the room.  It was poorly lit with a single torch lit in the middle of the back wall.  The walls and floor were made of stone.  Both cells in the front of the building were occupied.  The first was filled with a menacing looking chair. It too was made of stone with several leather straps and metal chains and shackles protruding from the chair. In the corner of the cell was a life size wooden structure in the shape of an X with straps on all four corners.  Next to the chair was a small table with knives, a whip, clamps etc., all various instruments of torture. The second cell in the front was occupied with the quiet body of a small brunette woman, her arms chained above her, her head slumped forward upon her chest, eyes closed.  Desire' had not regained consciousness since being knocked out in the arena.

 A scruffy looking guard wearing a plain gray uniform stood at attention at the front of the room, obviously waiting for someone of importance.  Slowly, the large stone door opened, the gleaming bright lights of the midday sun shining directly in the guard's eyes.  He blinked resisting the urge to cover his eyes from the sun, fearful that such an act would bring down the unwanted wrath of the woman walking into the dungeon.  His eyes stared forward, away from the eyes of the tall dark woman.  One look from the beautiful pale blue eyes of the Conqueror could bring arousal to any man just as the coldness and intimidation emanating from those same eyes could bring any man back out of that dreamscape just as quickly.

 The Conqueror walked with the air of extreme confidence.  She was no longer in the Oriental gown and headdress reserved specifically for judgement day.  Instead she wore a black silk blouse, with long sleeves and jade buttons down the middle.  The garment was tucked into a pair of black riding pants tucked into a pair of knee high black boots.  Her face looked as though her features were chiseled from stone, with two inlaid sapphires for eyes, cold as the stone surrounding her.  She looked into the occupied cell directly at the unconscious woman.

"At ease, soldier," commanded the Conqueror.  "Give me the keys." She laughed silently at the sight of the young man fumbling with the oversize key ring attached to his belt.  Finally after three tries at disengaging the ring, he was able to dislodge the offending equipment and hand it into the waiting hands of the impatient woman before him.  He bowed his head, praying to the Gods he would not lose his head for his clumsiness.  A moment went by as the Conqueror looked down at the top of his head.  She was in no mood to kill a guard.

"Get me a bucket filled with water and be quick about it."  The young guard jumped and ran to accomplish his mission, thanking the Gods silently as he left.

The Conqueror stood outside of the cell, looking in at the small woman who appeared out of no where during judgement earlier this morning.  She was very puzzled.  Just as she was about to pass judgement on an enemy of the state, this woman jumped in front of him landing face down in the dirt, looking up at her, bewilderment in her eyes.  It was as if she had flown down into the dirt from the top stands, a feat that should have left her with broken bones yet when she picked herself up from the dirt she appeared only dazed and unharmed.  If the Conqueror hadn't known better she would have thought she had fallen from the sky.  As she opened her eyes the Conqueror was met with a pair of dazzling green eyes, pale green eyes of a cat.  One would have thought the woman had just woken up from a pleasant dream.  She was clearly disoriented and appeared to be startled at her current surroundings.  The crowd stared at her in stunned silence, waiting for her to strike the woman but those eyes kept her from moving.  She watched along with the crowd as the small brunette looked cautiously around to the sights before her until focusing back into the ice blue eyes of the Conqueror, pale green eyes turning to emerald.  The Conqueror smirked as the woman froze, eyes filled with terror.

And her clothes thought the Conqueror, where did they come from?  She had on a white piece of cloth that looked like a simple white short sleeve shirt with an amazing picture of the Conqueror that was so life like, except that she was grinning like a Cheshire cat on the shirt.  The Conqueror couldn't remember a time when she had ever smiled like that in her adult life.  The words Xena: Warrior Princess were printed in purple below the image.  It had been years since anyone called her the warrior princess.  Behind the word Xena was a perfect drawing of her chakram.

Except for a piece of black jewelry wrapped around her right wrist and a gold chain with an ornamental cross around her neck, she was naked, no shoes, no skirt.  The Conqueror reached inside her pant pocket, looking at the mysterious piece of jewelry taken off of the woman's wrist after she was detained.  It was a black band made of a material she couldn't identify with a rectangular box in the middle of it.  Inside the box were large numbers that seemed to change regularly with small numbers that had yet to change reading 6-23-01.  And who she thought, would wear the symbol of a cross to a crucifixion.

The Conqueror put the jewelry back in her pocket and prepared to open the cell, never taking her eyes off of her prisoner.  Who is she, she thought.  She didn't look like a peasant.  She was small, a good head shorter than herself.  She had short dark brown hair almost black like her own.  Her skin was golden brown, the color of a person who worked their days in the sunlight.  Her arms were strong with muscled biceps.  The Conqueror recognized the marks from Chin tattooed on her right arm symbolizing the tiger and the leopard.  She had large breasts and a flat stomach with another curious tattoo of a kitten on her lower stomach just above her pubic line.  The dark hair covering her box looked as though it had been trimmed with some of the surrounding hair shaved off of her most private area.  With all of the women and body slaves she had had over the years she had never seen such a neat trimmed piece of personal flesh.  Her legs, although much shorter, looked as though they were as strong as her own.  "If I don't have to kill her," thought the Conqueror, "she will be my newest body slave."

She heard the clumsy steps of her guard as she opened the door to the cell.  She motioned for him to walk into the cell, following him afterward.  "Wake her," she commanded. He picked up the bucket and threw it into the face of the unconscious woman.  The Conqueror watched as the woman came to life.  Her head jerked back reflexively, knocking the back of her head into the wall behind her.  She grimaced in pain as she coughed up the water that found its way into her mouth.  She looked up at her hands, then around as her angry green eyes darkened coming to rest on the steel blue eyes before her.  "Show respect to the Conqueror!" yelled the guard as he reached over to the prisoner, slamming his fist into the left side of her head.  The impact  knocked Desire's head to the right and back into the wall before resting her head in front of her chest, eyes pointed downward, an angry scowl on her face.  Tallus just shook his hand in pain.  Desire' gritted her teeth and locked her jaw in order to prevent the angry, sarcastic remarks resting on the tip of her tongue.

This effort did not go unnoticed by the Conqueror, an appreciative smirk appearing on her face.  "Get out, now!" she growled at the guard.  He just stood there frozen in his tracks until he could muster up the courage of a reply.  "My orders are to stay with you in the cell and protect you, my Lord," he said softly, his eyes lowered in respect.  The Conqueror turned around and walked toward the young guard who was visibly shaking. She knew the man was only doing his job so she would spare him.  "She is a little, unarmed woman in chains.  I can protect myself and if I can't and she should kill me, then you can be the Conqueror."  The guard nodded and cautiously walked past her, afraid this was just a cruel game.  He did not feel safe until he was standing back at his position in front of the building.

The Conqueror turned back to the woman who hung silently, her eyes still looking toward the ground.  "What is your name?"  Desire' slowly raised her eyes until they were met by the cold steel of blue eyes looking back at her.  Damn she thought to herself.  If looks can kill I'm a goner, yet I am strangely aroused.  What a time to get my libido back.  "My name is Desire' Love," she replied.  As she finished the words she felt a large cold hand come across her right cheek, slamming her head to the left and once again into the back wall behind her.  "Oww, what the hell was that for?" she yelled looking into the Conqueror's eyes. She saw the left hand raised above her face, and braced herself for another slap to the face, this time on the right cheek.  "Well that evens things out," she spat, then lowering her eyes she quickly added, "Where I come from it is impolite to talk to someone without looking directly into their eyes."  "You are obviously not at home now are you?  Here you will abide by my laws,"  answered the Conqueror.

Desire' didn't move.  "Fine I'll look at your breasts then. It's not a problem with me," she replied, praying she would be able to suppress the smile building within as she gazed into the open shirt of the Conqueror.  I am horny and I'm going to die. Please let those be the last things I see before I leave this place and I will die happy.  Desire' sucked in her cheeks, biting down hard hoping the pain would dissolve the smirk on her face.

She could see the Conqueror's body shifting but she was too terrified to look up at her.  Suddenly she flashed back to a vision of a naked headless body strung up on a tree, the head looking back at the body, her head.  When the Conqueror began to speak she snapped back into the present.  "You're not going to make this easy are you?"

"I'm hanging half naked by my arms, chained to a wall, very wet I might add and you're worried about me making it easy for you."

Desire' could hear the steel scraping along leather.  Oh God, she thought, she's drawing her sword.  Well that's one way to wake me from my dream.  I can't die in my dream can I?  No more Conqueror stories!  No more Conqueror stories!  She could feel the cool steel flat of the blade run up the inside of her left thigh.  She could hear her heart beat speed up so rapidly that surely it would burst forth from her chest.  As the blade made its path up to the lower part of her abdomen she felt the warmth of arousal reach her center.  Oh shit. She's turning me on. Pervert. Wake up pervert wake up!

The blade stopped at her tattoo and she could feel those blue eyes staring intently on her exposed groin.  "You broke onto my property.  You are my prisoner and you will answer my questions or I will kill you."

"You sound like a fair woman," she replied trying unsuccessfully to suppress the sarcasm in her voice.

"You will only answer me when spoken to and you will answer me with respect."

"Okie dokie," came out against her will.  "With respect," she added.  "You idiot.  She's gonna kill you," said the little voice in her head.  "If she doesn't I will!"

Miraculously the Conqueror let the reply go without consequence.  "Address me as My Lord.  Where are you from?"

"Las Vegas, Nevada, My Lord."

It didn't go unnoticed when the steel blade left its position on her stomach and made its way back to the Conqueror's sheath.

"Where is that?  I have never heard of it."

"The United States of America.  Nobody's discovered my country yet."

The Conqueror looked at her, a question mark in her eyes.  She reached her hand out and grabbed the woman's face, tilting it upwards so their eyes were meeting.

"So now you want me to look at you," replied Desire' before she could stop the words.  She tensed up closing her eyes frantically. "Don't kill me.  I'm sorry.  Sarcasm just spews out of me.  I have no control over my mouth sometimes. Really.  Bad family trait."  She waited for a hand to come across her face, listening for the sword.  After a moment she looked up into the eyes of the Conqueror.  She was grinning and for a second she would swear there was a twinkle in her eyes.  Boy she likes to see people squirm.  In a flash the eyes turned menacing.  "I will let that go.  I'm not heartless you know."

Desire just stared, silent.  "What no comeback?  Something like that's not what I heard."

"I finally hold my tongue and you make fun of me."

At the front of the building the guard began to get restless.  The Conqueror never spent this long on an interrogation.

"You amuse me.  But now is the time to tell me the truth."

"I have told you nothing but the truth, My Lord.  Am I supposed to be looking at your face now or your breasts?"  Oh shit. Did it again.  I'd kill me.

"I will leave that choice to you."  The Conqueror waited to see if she would look up, a smirk forming at the corner of her lips as the woman continued to look directly into her cleavage.  "You have told me you are from a city or town I have never heard of, from a country that doesn't exist yet you say you have told me nothing but the truth.  Explain yourself."

"Well, if memory serves me correct, you are the Conqueror of the Known World.  Key word here is known.  Since America hasn't been discovered yet, you would not know of it and therefore you would not rule it."

The Conqueror was intrigued with the woman's story, so much so that killing her now seemed out of the question.  Maybe she was just an imaginative bard.  "Explain yourself."

"Like those words dontcha.  Don't hit me," she added.  Desire' lifted her head toward the Conqueror, facing her and looking directly into her eyes.  "I don't know why I'm here."

"Now that I believe."

"Humor compliments you.  I went to sleep last night in my big warm bed alone, as usual I might add.  Shoot me for thinking about you before I fell asleep.  But I did and I woke up here. Or whatever you call that place.  Don't you think it odd I just sort of fell from the sky?"

"You jumped from the top of the stands or you are working for a God," stated the Conqueror.

"Yeah that's it. I jumped 200 hundred feet down to the ground, on my face and the only bruises on my body are the ones that asshole and you have inflicted on me in this cell, not to mention that little ‘welcome to my kingdom' punch in the face earlier.  You may be able to leap like that but I sucked at gymnastics. I can't even do a cartwheel."  She said the words so quickly the Conqueror couldn't even shut her up and waited impatiently for the woman to take a breath.

"So what God are you working for?"

"I don't know any Gods.  I'm not from your world and if I could go back or wake up from this nightmare I would." Before she could look at the Conqueror to see her expression, she felt a large hand under her chin yanking her head upward, looking into angry, dangerous eyes.

"You talk on and on and on and on, yet you say nothing."

"It's a gift," replied Desire' as she raised her eyebrows questioningly toward her inquisitor, a pained smile on her face.

"Did you break out of an asylum?"

"No.  If this isn't a nightmare than I guess that makes me a time traveler."  This time she spoke with a serious tone.

"Explain yourself."  "And no sarcasm!"

Desire' realized she had stopped breathing and wondered if she was turning blue.  She took a deep breath and looking up at the Conqueror she began her explanation, praying the truth didn't end her life in that cold cell.  "I live in the 21st century.  It's in the future about 25 hundred years later, give or take a hundred or two."  She could see the Conqueror was about to lose her patience, fire in her eyes.  "Please, Lord Conqueror," she continued respectfully, "Let me finish."  Blue eyes relaxed and the Conqueror nodded for her to continue.  "I don't know how it happened or why it happened, just that I'm here and not in my own warm house, in my warm bed, in the dessert just outside of Sin City known for strippers, gambling and free booze.  I am not working for the Gods or anyone else for that matter.  But I live in a future world where people drive cars and fly in airplanes to get from one place to another instead of riding horses.  We don't carry weapons and the weapons that exist are much more powerful than a sword or even Greek fire.  My land is located across the Atlantic Ocean.  The world is round and we know of the Warrior Princess through stories told on television and please don't even ask me to explain that one.  I don't expect you to believe me so if you aren't going to just think of me as a crazy but harmless little bard who is a bit lost right now.  I mean you no harm."  Desire' stopped her story looking up at the Conqueror waiting to see what her reaction was.

"Explain the shirt.  Why does that woman look so much like me?"

"What you don't know there is a princess, a whore and a virgin running around Greece that look just like you?" Desire' answered, waiting for the sword to  be drawn and end her torment.  The Conqueror glared at her.  "Sorry, that just slipped.  I've seen way too many episodes. Back to your question," she added, running at the mouth again.  "Her name is Lucy Lawless.  She is an actress and she portrays you in stories on TV so the whole world will know the stories of your heroism."

"Heroism, that's an interesting choice of word."

"Okay here's another wacky little thing.  Have you heard of the Cronus stone?"

"Cronus, the Father of Zeus?"

"That be the one."

"What does a dead titan have to do with any of this?"

"Time for another story.  If you haven't believed a word I've said, then surely you're not gonna believe the rest of the story.  Shall I continue?"

"Go on."

"Legend states that any mortal in possession of the Cronus stone can travel back and forth through time which can be a real big bummer because in the wrong hands it can really screw you up.  Anyway, the wrong person got hold of the stone and went back in time and killed Alcmene, while she was pregnant with Hercules, fathered by Zeus himself. He was a great hero fighting for people who couldn't defend themselves.  As a Demigod, he had the strength of a God though he was mortal.  He also believed that men and women controlled their destinies, oops bad choice of words, their futures, not the Gods. Are ya still with me?" The Conqueror shook her head in disbelief but quickly nodded for Desire' to continue.  "This timeline is the life you were to lead had Hercules not been born. As a result life was altered in this universe and you exist as the Conqueror.  If Callisto hadn't been sent back by Hope, the daughter of the evil God Dahok, who by the way is a really bad dude and even Ares is afraid of him, then you would not be the Conqueror.  Oh you were still pretty bad after Caesar crucified you but Hercules proved to you that you could be do great things and fight for the greater good like you did defending your village from Cortese."

Desire' stopped her story awaiting comments from the peanut gallery.  The Conqueror had stepped back listening intently.  She wondered if this woman who had fallen from the sky could be from another time or had she simply just landed on her head.  She spoke with confidence about things she had never heard of like people flying and not riding horses to travel.  The name Hercules appeared to be familiar, though she knew such a man did not exist.  "Is there more to the story or are you just waiting for me to kill you?" asked the Conqueror, a devilish gleam in her eye to match the smirk forming on her lips.

"Screwing with the lunatic.  Nice. In my world, your story is a part of history, told from the scrolls written by the bard you traveled with.  First you tried killing Herc by seducing his best friend Iolaus, but that didn't work.  Darphus, your second in command, betrayed you, destroying a village, killing every man, woman and child.  When you confronted him you heard a baby cry and rescued it.  See I know you're not heartless.  Darphus convinced your army you had gone soft and forced you to leave as only a warrior can leave."

"The gauntlet?" interrupted the Conqueror.

"Give the lady a cigar. Yes and you survived and helped Hercules defeat Darphus and stop his bloody rampage.  Of course then you decided that death was the only way to atone for your sins so you buried your leathers, armor, chakram and sword just outside of a small village.  When you heard footsteps you hid behind a tree.  Members of Draco's gang had taken the village and were going to sell the peasants as slaves.  That was when you saw her for the first time.  Your bard.  She was little like me but courageous.  Not that I can't be courageous. I haven't died from fright yet and I haven't lost control of my bowels I might add.  Anyway, you fought the men, freed the slaves and left the village, going back home to Amphipolis.  She followed.  Cyrene did not give you a warm homecoming and Draco decided to follow you to Amphipolis for revenge.  You stood there in front of the villagers accepting your fate as they began throwing stones.   You would have let them stone you had your little bard not come to your rescue and defended you telling them you could do more good alive than dead and that she had seen you fight for good.  She believed in you and would not let you be alone.  You then saved the village from Draco, Cyrene hugged you and you began your travels with the little bard in tow.  "And" she paused to take a breath, "that was just the first episode."

The Conqueror just stood there amazed at the amount of words coming out of the young woman's mouth thinking she had to be crazy but at least she was entertaining.  Besides with a tongue capable of such dexterity she could think of other uses for her.  She was very attractive and she liked the idea of people remembering her long after she was dead.  "First episode?"

"Yeah, the show ran for six years on television.  Think of it as theater in a box.  People all over the world got to see it, 134 episodes or shall I say stories of your good deeds.  You fought for the greater good defeating angry titans, pissy harpies, really ugly dryads and horny Bacchae just to name a few.  You even single handedly defeated the elite soldiers of the Persian army."

"You mentioned Iolaus, Darphus and Callisto.  They are generals in my army.  What do you know of them?"

"Iolaus was a true and loyal friend to you and Hercules.  Callisto was bad news.  Her family was burned in Cirra and she holds you responsible.  I wouldn't trust her plus its rumored she was really in love with you in a very sick kind of way. And Darphus, you should just put Darphus out of your misery.  He is not to be trusted and will betray you not to mention he is butt ugly."

At the mention of this last phrase, the Conqueror began to laugh out loud.  Desire' just watched as her face lit up.  By the Gods, she thought, this woman is so beautiful it hurts and that smile.  I can feel my legs weakening just watching her.  She hoped the Conqueror didn't notice her lusting in her direction and she prayed she didn't drool since her hands were in no position to wipe saliva from her face.  Desire' relaxed as she watched the laughter slowly subside.  Then she decided what the hell, who cares if the Conqueror notices the lust in her eyes.  Besides if she could get into her bedchambers it just might save her life.  And what a way to fight for her life, she thought.  With a sly smile on her face, fire burning in her eyes, she looked up at the Conqueror.  The look did not go unnoticed as their eyes locked.

The Conqueror took the bait and walked slowly up to her, blue eyes staring into lustful green eyes.  The Conqueror looked up and down her body, caressing her with eyes that suddenly turned soft.  She placed her hands upon the hips of her prisoner, sliding them over the outside of her muscular thighs, tracing a pattern toward the inside of her legs, stopping to lightly brush a finger over soft dark brown curly hair.  She smiled as the woman reacted to every touch, amused by the flirtation, excited by the thoughts of what the evening would bring in the company of such a unique woman.  "You enjoy the attentions of a woman, I see."

"Of course I do.  Especially tall, dark and gorgeous women with whips.  I'm a Lesbian, what did you expect?"

The Conqueror looked into her eyes, acknowledging the statement.  "Finally a straight answer.  So you're from the Isle of Lesbos."

"No, no, no. And wrong choice of words. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada and no I'm not cold" she added looking down, noticing the hands on her body and her hardened nipples.  "Sappho is a poet.  She lives on Lesbos and people living on the island are called lesbians. She writes poems about love between two women.  2,500 years later, the term stuck to categorize women who only have sex with other women like me."

"So you're sticking to your original story."

"Yes, oh and feel free to continue what you were doing" she added looking down at the hands around her torso.

Taking her cue, the Conqueror continued to trace a pattern over the woman's body with her hands.  She brought them slowly around the woman's sides, tracing circles on her back.  She then brought her hands over silky smooth skin covering a perfectly flat stomach, smiling as the woman gasped for air at her touch.  Her hands slowly moved up encompassing the outside of two very large but firm breasts, raising the fabric obstructing her view of the treasure before her.  She looked up to see the peaceful face of her new little body slave.  She wrapped two large hands around her breasts, squeezing until her fingers found two full nipples hardened from arousal.  Playfully she squeezed each nipple, concentrating on the feel of the softness of flesh within her grasp.  "By the Gods," she thought, "this woman is gorgeous."  She could feel the warmth of her own arousal creeping toward the center of her core.  Who cares if she is loopy, she thought.  I can live with that.  And her in my bed chamber at night.

 She contemplated taking her right there.  She had never been modest and it wouldn't be the first time she took a woman in front of an audience.  Then she realized the power this woman would feel if she could not control her desires in front of her.  Even though she did not feel threatened by her, it was too soon to trust her.  As crazy as her story sounded she seemed to be too intelligent to not keep an eye out for trouble.  The Conqueror slowly released the swollen breasts, her hands tracing the same pattern back to her thighs.  Slowly and ever so gently, she placed a hand on the woman's sex, caressing her with her index finger, parting the swollen lips to feel the warm wetness buried beneath the dark triangle.  She slipped her finger in between the folds into the warm chamber, listening as her captive gasped for breath.

Desire's body was on fire.  Her little plan to seduce the Conqueror was working to perfection.  She could see the lust glazing over those sapphire blue eyes and she could feel the heat from those long fingers blazing a trail over her body.  She was sure the woman would take her now, maybe even release her hands from their bindings.  She relaxed against the chains that bound her to the wall, relishing the large, callused hands that whispered sweet caresses all over her body.  She moaned softly as she felt a slender finger slide between the folds of flesh, parting them slightly, lingering at the feel of wetness as one long digit entered inside of her sex.  She moaned softly at the feeling of another woman, something she had gone so long without feeling.  Then suddenly and to her disappointment, the finger was withdrawn.  She opened up her eyes to look at the dark beauty before her taking in the fragrance of her sex on her fingers.  She watched as the Conqueror offered the wet finger to her lips.  Without hesitation, she took the extended finger in her mouth, licking the juice off and caressing the sides of the flesh with her tongue, making sure she didn't miss a drop.

 The Conqueror pulled the finger from her mouth.  When Desire' looked up the lust disappeared from the tall woman's eyes, replaced with a cold ice stare.  "I think I can find a use for you.  We will talk again soon."  She turned around and was gone before Desire' could register a complaint or even a rational thought for that matter.


She hung there stunned as the guard locked the cell door looking at her before he left.  She could barely formulate complete thoughts.  What just happened?  She didn't even unchain me.  Her thoughts were interrupted by a twinkle of light and standing before her was Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, clapping.

"Bravo sweet cheeks," Aphrodite said as she walked around to the side of the hanging woman looking around to her backside. "And I do mean sweet cheeks," she added appreciatively.  Desire' just watched the woman, a look of disbelief washing over her face.  "Relax little one, I'm here to help you."

"Are you really Aphrodite?"

"In the flesh babe.  Relax its not like we're complete strangers.  We have talked on the Internet.  Obviously you got my gift.  Only one thing I don't understand is how did you get here?  Alternate universe and all."

"You're Aphrodite69 on AOL."

"Yes do you believe me now?  I tried to tell you.  Don't worry I expected you to be a non believer."

"So this is not a dream?"

"Nope you are in ancient Corrinth at the palace of the Conqueror.  I believe you two were getting acquainted.  By the way brilliant plan to take a dismal situation and make it doable. She is hot for you."

Desire' just stared back at her.  Could this all be real and not a dream?  Was that green crystal really a part of the Cronus stone?  I thought it was destroyed in Armageddon II.  How sad, I can quote Hercules episodes. And how did I end up in this alternate universe?  Hmm, does Aphrodite go both ways? Does she really think I'm hot?  Where did those thoughts come from?

Reading the brunette's thoughts, Aphrodite replied "Yes, yes, yes, partially, yes,  I don't know, both ways, yes but don't let it go to your head and I don't know.  Wait I do know, you need to get laid."  Aphrodite paused before she continued.  "I told you to think of Xena before you fell asleep.  That was a very important detail in the plan.  What were you thinking?"

With her mouth hanging down to her chin, she looked at the Goddess, her mind racing as she processed all of the information.  "What plan" was all she could come up with.

"The plan to prevent Xena from staying dead that's what plan.  I couldn't really tell you. You already thought I was a nut on the Internet."

"So you knew when I went to sleep I would end up here in ancient Greece?"

"Dah yaah. Except not this universe.  What were you thinking before you fell asleep?"

Desire' ignored the question, slowly lifting her head to look directly at the beautiful Goddess, green eyes now burning with anger.  "So you knew I would end up traveling through time, landing God knows where and you couldn't tell me to put some fucking clothes on for the journey.  I'm half naked for Chrissake!" Desire' yelled, her head shaking in anger from side to side.  "What did you do, get some damn spell wrong!  I'm strung up in the dungeon of a very murderous woman!"

"Hey, I am trying to prevent tall, dark and deadly and the little one from being separated so early in life and all you can do is yell at me?  Cut me some slack. I'm trying to do good here. Don't forget, I can leave anytime."

"And I'm strung up in a stinky dungeon like a slab of meat half naked.  A little notice would have been nice!  Not to mention I'm wearing a shirt with a picture of a ,woman who looks a lot like the Conqueror.  She thinks I'm a nut."

"Hey you look really cute in just a T-shirt.  It could be worse, you could be wearing your Xena shirt; your Xena socks along with some Xena sweat pants wearing chakram earrings. Thank Zeus it's summer.  Besides she thinks you're a cute nut.  She's already making arrangements for you tonight.  You're her new body slave ya know."

"Great, that's just great.  I'm property.  Do you have any good news for me, Aphrodite?"

"Honey, I just gave it to you.  I can't find the Cronus stone.  I didn't expect you to be holding it in your hand.  I went back to your house and it was gone. It must have come through with you and now it's gone.  You can't go anywhere until we find it."

"Until we find it," Desire replied. "Unless it jumps up and bites me on the ass, I can't find it shackled up to this wall so why don't you just release me and beam me out of here Scotty."

"Fraid I can't do that sweet cheeks.  Gods can't interfere in this universe."

"Bullshit, all you guys do is interfere and screw with mortals. It's what you do. Now help me!"

"Don't forget I can leave anytime.  It doesn't work that way. You forget in this universe the Olympian Gods are all alive and kicking.  If, and this is a big if, if I can get you to the right timeline, most of my family is dead.  If I bring attention to you or take you as my chosen, the Gods will be watching you closely and me, for that matter.  No we have to find the stone.  Until then you are stuck here so make the most of it and don't get yourself killed."

By this time Desire' was frantic, shaking her head, growling at the Goddess of Love who appeared before her, as calm as a gentle breeze upon the ocean.  "I am stuck here, in ancient Greece, while you look for some stupid green stone that took you 2,500 years to find in the first place!" she carefully enunciated each word, a steady growl growing louder with each word as she spoke.  "I don't have another 2,500 years!" she added.  She swore to herself she would find a way to kill Gods and take care of Aphrodite first.  She hadn't realized yet the Goddess could read her thoughts.

"Hey," Aphrodite yelled back,  "I can read your thoughts lady.  Killing me is not gonna happen.  You should be thinking about what you can do to make your situation better, not thinking idle threats towards me babe. Remember I can leave anytime I want."

"You've said that already so why are you still here?"

With a twinkle of light she was gone.  Desire' looked around at the dire situation around her.  The guard was standing at his post, a bewildered look on his face.  This woman must be insane he thought.  She's yelling at herself.

Desire' ignored the looks from the guard.  Now she was truly alone and felt the fear of the situation.  Quietly she began to call for the Goddess.  "Aphrodite, Aphrodite, come back.  Please, I need your help."  No twinkle of light.  "I'm sorry, please come back."

With a twinkle of light the Goddess was once again standing in front of her.  "Apology accepted.  Oh by the way, guard boy can't see me.  He thinks you're crazy so keep it down."

Desire' glared at her with green eyes filled with anger.  "Now you tell me!"

 "I can leave anytime, remember" reminded a very miffed Goddess.

"Maybe if you had just thought to give me that little bit of information at the beginning of this conversation I wouldn't feel like killing you again!" Desire' hissed through clenched teeth trying to stifle the sounds of her voice.  With a snap of her finger and a twinkle of light the Goddess was gone.  Desire' knew she wouldn't be coming back and closed her eyes.  Maybe sleep would take her.  Maybe the throbbing in her head would stop.  Maybe the pain in her shoulders would recede.  Yea right she thought and maybe the Xenaverse thinks Rob Tapert is a genius.  Darkness invaded her thoughts.


Chapter Three-Preparations For the Conqueror

 The guard took the message and closed the door. The sun was high but the brightness still pained his eyes.  He unrolled the scroll and read the message, his eyes widening at the words.  I can't believe this, he thought.  She was going to bed this crazy bitch.  Tallus was young and very inexperienced in the ways of carnal pleasure.  He couldn't understand the Conqueror sharing the same bed with his lunatic prisoner, but he knew better than to question the order.  Maybe he should tell the Conqueror about her ranting to the air within her cell.  Then again maybe not.  First rule taught to him was to speak only when spoken to and never disobey a direct order from the Conqueror and the scroll did have her official seal on it, a lion bounding forward through the opening of a jeweled chakram.

He brought a bucket of water, opened the cell and walked in, throwing the bucket of water at the head of his prisoner.  He laughed as he watched her reaction. Her eyes popped open in shock, her head thrashing against the back of the wall as she coughed, spitting out the water that had invaded her mouth and was now choking her.  Disoriented she looked around the room as she brought her eyes into focus, an angry leer directed at the source of her discomfort.  "What the fuck was that all about!" she growled.

Tallus just laughed.  "Conqueror told me to wake you."

"And you couldn't just call my name," she yelled.

"Don't know your name.  You're just a slave," he said with an air of superiority to the Conqueror's new acquisition.

"Hey you would have worked just fine," she spat back.

"Lucky for you I have orders not to hurt you.  Shut up so I don't forget my orders," he replied.  "Wouldn't want you to get hurt," he added with a note of sarcasm.

She didn't reply, filing this new little piece of information in her head. Stupid little boy, she thought.  Paybacks are a bitch and so am I.

She waited quietly as the boy unlocked the shackles above her head.  The cuffs and chains were still attached but it felt like heaven to have her hands in front of her again.  She followed behind quietly as the boy led her out of the dungeon, into the late afternoon sunlight.  She thought she was going to have an aneurysm from the brightness of sunlight and hid her eyes behind her arms for a moment before she realized they were too weak and sore to continue using them as a visor.

In front of her was a vast open space filled with trees lining each side of the dirt road she walked.  Up ahead to the right were rows of small buildings. She figured those must be the soldier's barracks.  Spread out beyond the barracks was a wide-open arena, a short fence wrapped around the grass infield.  It was twice the size of a baseball stadium.  Rows of bleachers lined each side of the arena.  To the left across from the barracks she saw stables, rows and rows of stables with a riding ring larger than the arena to the left.  Well at least she still takes good care of her horses.  Score one for the Conqueror.

She was tired and felt like she had been walking for hours.  In front of her a large palace stood high, at least three stories she figured, with vaulted ceilings.  From the layout she realized she was looking at the back of the palace.  It was built in the shape of a U reminding her of the Palace of Versailles she had visited in France with her Mother when she was a child.  She didn't know why she thought that since she couldn't remember what it looked like.  She just remembered that the King, Louis the something was a Leo like her and thought his palace was built in the center of the world directly beneath the sun.  His bedchamber was placed in the center of the structure so he could sleep in the center of the universe.  I wonder if the Conqueror thinks the same of herself.

She was lead through the open door.  Tallus paused to speak to each guard as he passed through.  She ignored the snickers and sly looks coming from the two boys.  Like a lamb being lead to slaughter she followed through the expansive hallways and up the stairs to the third floor where she was lead into a room filled with two handsome boys and one pretty and petite young girl.  She is a cradle robber, she thought.

In the center of the room was a large sunken bathtub with steam rising from the top of the water.  That looks like heaven, she thought until she felt the boy's hands lifting her T-shirt off her body, exposing her flesh to four sets of eyes staring appreciatively.  Great, just great, I get to bathe with an audience.  The girl motioned for her to step in and she did as instructed.  The water was hot and felt like erotic kisses covering her body as she slipped underneath the water, immersing her entire body in the warm, fragrant liquid.  When she broke the surface of the water she was greeted with wide brown eyes looking at her.  "I thought you fell, my lady" she said as the panic left her face.

"My name is Desire' and I ain't no lady."

"Yes my lady" she replied, her head bowed in respect.

"Why are you calling me that.  Just call me by name."

"You are the Conqueror's new chosen one and it has been instructed to be so."

"Please call me Desire' and no more bowing.  What is a chosen one?"

"You are her exclusive body slave until she tires of you and another one will replace you."

"Great" mumbled Desire'.  "I'm not just property, I'm special property, for now."

The young girl had picked up a sponge and began lathering it with soap.  "Please, my lady, turn around so I may begin your bath."  Somehow Desire' knew she wasn't going to be able to convince her to leave so she turned around against the edge of the tub with her head facing away from the body slave.  She relaxed as the girl began to apply the soap into her hair.  She turned around when she heard the girl gasp.  "What's wrong. I don't have bugs."

"No my lady.  I am sorry; I have never seen such a wound like that on the back of ones head.  You are bleeding."

Desire' realized she must be talking about the surgical scar that ran from the base of her neck to the top of her skull.  Great, she thought.  How can I explain this without scaring the girl.  Jeez I'm bleeding. Bloody shock there.  I've been slammed into a stone wall three times today.  Desire' turned around to the girl.  She looked so sweet and so concerned about the injury.  She grabbed her hand and looked into large brown eyes.  "Its nothing, I got hurt one time and they had to sew me back up.  I hit my head today, that's all so there is bound to be a little blood, understand?"  The girl nodded to her and Desire' turned back to relax as the girl began scrubbing the back of her shoulders, her arms, and back.  Oh well, she thought, I might as well get over my shyness and just enjoy it.  It probably won't last more than a day or two, maybe less.  It's been so long since I have been with a woman I probably suck at it now.  Hope it's like riding a bike.

Quietly the young slave asked her to step up onto the seat so she could finish washing the lower half of her backside.  As she turned around she noticed the two young boys continued to watch.  "Why are they still here."

"They are here to apply the bathing oils on your body after you have dried."

"Great, an audience."

"Please turn around toward me.  You are modest.  You have no reason to be shy about your body.  It is quite beautiful."

"What's your name?"


"Mekka, that is a lovely name and thank you for your kind words.  I'm just used to only being naked in front of my lover and I am used to bathing myself."  Desire' could not believe she finished that sentence so calmly as Mekka reached in between her legs to thoroughly wash her sex.  At least the conversation is taking my mind off of my embarrassment, that is until she feels that other wetness not made by water.  At this rate a stiff wind is going to send me into an orgasm.

Mekka looked up at Desire', a definite smile on her face.  "I see you enjoy the touch of a woman."

"Yep that's me, a big OLE dyke.  I like the ladies!" she yelled, exasperation in the tone of her voice.  Mekka jumped back startled at the sudden outburst.  "I'm sorry Mekka, it's been a long day and a lot of changes to deal with all at once."

"That's okay. I'm sorry if I upset you. It was not my intent."

"Apology accepted."  The girl finished her task at bathing the strange new woman.  Not a word was spoken during this time.  Desire' stepped out of the water lifting her arms per Mekka's instructions so she could dry her body.

Mekka continued with her task, looking up at the beautiful woman before her.  "May I ask you a question."

"Sure Mekka.  As you can see I have nothing to hide."

"Did you really fall from the sky into the grand arena?"  Her face was so innocent looking, sincerity filling her eyes.  It was not a question Desire' could have expected and she burst out laughing.  She continued laughing, doubling over in pain as her muscles cramped, tears rolling down her face.  Mekka looked on in horror.  "Are you okay, My, Desire'?"

Desire' fought valiantly to control the laughter, finally looking up at Mekka as the laughter subsided.  "I'm fine.  That was precious. Look if I am here long enough I will tell you the story, okay."  Mekka nodded in agreement and finished drying her.  As soon as she finished the boys walked over to Desire' and began applying a scented oil over every inch of her body.  At least, she thought, the wetness is gone, way gone.

 When the boys finished, Mekka came back and combed out her hair, then lead her through a doorway into an enormous room to her waiting guard, Tallus.  It was quite obvious by the arousal in his pants that he was thoroughly enjoying the view of her naked body as he reapplied the shackles to her wrists, leading her over to the back wall near a four poster bed.  To her dismay, there were chains attached to the wall and she could only guess she was fated once again to stand chained to a wall arms above her head, only completely naked now.  And Tallus was loving every minute of her discomfort as he chained her to the wall.

"Is this really necessary," she asked.

"Direct orders from the Conqueror," he replied, a smirk on his lips.  As he finished and stepped back to survey his handiwork, Desire' gave him a wicked look, focusing her eyes with evil intent directly onto the bulge in his pants.  "Cold water will help you with that little man," she growled.

Tallus looked down and seeing the embarrassment of his situation turned around and ran out the door.

"Remember boy I'm evil, crazy too," she yelled after him.  "I see dead people."  She'd always wanted to say that.  She laughed as the boy picked up his pace, fearing he could not get away from her quick enough, slamming the double doors behind him.

Desire' continued to laugh as a twinkle of light appeared before her.  Aphrodite was standing in front of her laughing.  "You are wicked, girl.  Poor guy is never gonna have sex without thinking of you and those wild eyes.  I thought tall, dark and deadly had the market on evil looks."

"Little prick deserved it.  Don't try to make me feel guilty because it won't work.  Why did you come back?"

"I can leave," replied a defensive Goddess.

"I didn't mean any disrespect.  I have been probed and prodded, slapped around, humiliated only to end up chained to another wall with better scenery, completely naked now.  It's just getting to me but I am too tired, not to mention hungry, to fight.  Please don't leave me."

"Awe little one.  I'm sorry.  I know this is tough.  Just hang in there until I can find the stone."

"How did this happen Aphrodite?  Why did you pick me?  I just started watching the show this year."

Aphrodite was afraid to tell her about looking through the phone book.  She looked as though she could use a pep talk and one little white lie wasn't going to hurt anyone.  "Out of all of the millions of fans around the world, your heart breaking was the loudest sound I heard.  I had to check it out," she answered.

" I was already emotional before I heard the news."

"I know you were little one. And when I realized that your tears came from a deeper place in your heart, I knew you were the one.  You were grieving over lost love."

As she said these words Desire' could feel the tears begin to well up inside.  Suddenly the gravity of the situation was lost as she remembered the day.  It was June 18, 2000, the day she had lost her Mother.  All she could hear were the doctor's words.  "She's gone."  Trembling, she handed the phone over to the doctor and slumped against the back wall.  She had failed. Three years spent trying to keep her Mother's last request and she had failed.  There she was in the emergency room and her Mother was dead.

 Her Mother knew she was dying and her last request had been to die in the comfort of her own bed holding the hand of her devoted daughter.  Instead she was on a cold gurney, in a small cubicle at the emergency room of a hospital.  Desire' began to violently shake, ashamed of her failure and as her knees began to buckle she screamed at the top of her lungs for all of the world to hear and began to cry uncontrollably.  Before she could hit the floor, she felt her sister's arms clasp around here in an effort to hold her up as she continued to scream and cry. She just kept saying, "I was supposed to be holding her hand." Over and over again. She didn't know how long she stayed in her sister's arms until she could walk to the bed and look at the lying form of her broken Mother.  She had been the woman's life for the last three years.

She just stared at her, watching her breathe, then realized she was breathing.  Frantic she started yelling, "She's not dead, I can tell." Her sister told her to start talking to her.  The doctor even said he was wrong.  She was breathing.  She told her how much she loved her and that if she was ready to go she should go toward the light.  As she said these last words, the tired old woman took her last breath, holding the hand of her devoted daughter.  Those who witnessed this set of events believe that she heard the daughter's screams of sorrow and came back to her long enough to ease her pain.  Even in death her Mother was still looking out for her youngest child just as Desire' had dedicated the last three years of her life to looking out for her.  One year later on June 18, 2001 trying to keep her mind off of the events from the year before, she read the reviews about the death of the warrior princess in the finale.  It was the tip of the iceberg that began a very long night filled with tears.  Aphrodite69 sent her an instant message three days later.

Desire' hung there with tears filling her eyes, while a river began to flow down her cheeks. She tried to refocus on the current situation. Aphrodite stood there looking at her, very wistful, as a silent tear rolled down her cheek.  She could read the woman's thoughts and realized she had the right one after all.

"I can hear your thoughts, sweet cheeks. I needed someone who knows how to love unconditionally. I know you can."  She put her hand on the distraught woman's leg, trying to offer her words of comfort.  "I can go back and check on her.  Will that ease your pain?"

"You can do that, go back to the present?"

"Hey I'm a Goddess remember.  I too have many skills.  It's not very easy though and too many trips could look suspicious."

"Don't go back yet.  I don't want her to worry about me.  Besides I may need you to go back later.  Can you bring stuff back with you?"

"Yes but I'm not a pack mule.  Keep it light, okay.  Now you still haven't answered one question of mine.  What were you thinking before you fell asleep?"

Desire' thought about the question, wondering why it was so important to Aphrodite.  "It's just important okay.  Remember me, reading your thoughts?"

"I was thinking of Xena, okay I was fantasizing about her.  I'm still in denial over the season finale."

"Yes but what kind of thoughts were you having of her?"

"Oh shit"

"That doesn't sound good."

"I suppose whatever I was thinking is the direct cause of why I am here?  Why didn't Xena have to stay dead, by the way?

"A big OLE yes to your first question and she didn't to the next question.  That's why I need your help to right a terrible mistake."

"What was the mistake?"

"Akemi was the mistake, no news there babe.  She lied to try and keep Xena with her.  She was obsessed with the Warrior Babe."

"What was the mistake?"

"Miss guilt trip's involvement with the fire.  That many people cannot die in a fire during a snowstorm. Dah, mortals can be so gullible."

"I knew it.  It was Yodoshi, Mr. Suck and blow soul eater."

"Good answer.  That's right babe.  He was ecstatic when the Japanese underworld refused him entrance.  It meant he could still be evil to his townsfolk.  He needed to make a name for himself so he appeared as a vision in front of the townsfolk, inciting them to attack Xena.  He watched laughing as she did her little fire-breathing trick.  Those two guys tried desperately to tuck and roll in the snow but Yodoshi was blowing so hard they flew into the first whicker hut.  As he continued to blow, they continued to bounce off of every piece of wood, whicker and straw in their path.  It was horrible as house after house went up in flames.  As the people started dying he began sucking their souls, making him more powerful.  Shouts of fire rang out through the village and people tried to leave their homes and run into the snow but when they tried to run out, Yodoshi just blew the doors to their homes shut and continued to spread the fire.  It wasn't put out until Mr. Evil Dude was full and boy did he have a big OLE evil appetite. Luckily, Ares was already obsessed with the Warrior Babe and could feel she was in danger.  When he got there she was tanked, couldn't even walk, wearing some really bad make up and a really bad hair cut.  It broke his heart to see her so sad, so he picked her up and took her out of Japan.  He couldn't take her to Greece because then Dad would know for sure he had interfered in a mortal's life so he dropped her in Scandinavia, restored her hair and left her with some new clothes and a horse. Any questions."

"No it's exactly what I expected.  And thanks for that explanation of the timeline.  I always wondered how she had time to screw up in so many countries."

"Good now what the hell were you thinking about before you fell asleep last night?"

Desire' could feel the heat of flush cover every inch of her exposed body and she knew it did not go unnoticed by Aphrodite.  Before she could bring herself to say the words, Aphrodite answered for her.

"Let me guess," Aphrodite started in a very sarcastic tone.  "You read some alternative fan fiction that night.  Am I right so far?"  Desire' just nodded.  "I bet you read a Conqueror story didn't ya, complete with body slaves, right."  Desire' could not remember a time when she had ever felt so embarrassed.  She just nodded looking down at her feet.  "So after four nights of dreaming of a way to bring Xena back, you get horny on the fifth night, the night I need you to be thinking of how to bring her back and you dream about being the Conqueror's body slave until you fall asleep.  You were just thinking about her weren't you?"  Aphrodite looked at Desire' who was now beet red with embarrassment.  "Ohhhhhh, you naughty girl!  Well that explains why you grabbed the stone."

"I'm dying here.  Give me a break.  I haven't had sex with another person in almost five years."

"No way!  Oh I'm so sorry.  Boy your hands must be tired.  Bet you've gotten to know yourself really well by now."

"No, I can now crush walnuts with them and yes I am my best friend.  It was my choice. Okay it was a bad choice but my choice none the less."

"Wow you poor thing.  Well the good news is your dream is coming true tonight so hang in there.  You are her body slave."

 "So I caused this huh?"

 "Fraid' so.  All you can do now is just survive until we find the stone."  With a snap of her finger and a twinkle of light she was gone.


 The Conqueror's private dining chamber was reserved for her loyal leaders. She had three generals out on the field, Darphus, Iolaus and Callisto.  Every week on judgement day, they would gather to share a meal with the Conqueror, duty permitting.  Palemon, the captain of her royal guard joined in the festivities each week.  They would catch up on business and sometimes just catch up on old times like good friends.  At least they were as close to friends as she had and they were loyal, so far.

The room was large, decorated with tapestries and paintings on the wall depicting the various battles the Conqueror had triumphed.  In the center was a large, marble table, with room to seat five on each side.  At one end sat the Conqueror's dining throne, a smaller version of the throne sitting in the main dining hall.

Everyone was present when she entered the room, except for Darphus.  She had been disturbed by the brunette's warnings about him and decided it was time to send him on a mission he would never return from.  Besides she wasn't in the mood to look at his butt ugly face.  She smiled remembering the girl's words and the events of the afternoon.

As the Conqueror sat down in her chair, servants began serving the evening meal, placing large platters filled with various meats, cheeses and vegetables.  Wine goblets were filled, the food was served and the servants stepped back to watch the event, making sure to appear every time a goblet was low or the leaders sitting around the table requested more food.

The Conqueror motioned for the meal to begin.  "So are there any pressing problems to be addressed."

Heads shook in unison.  They were far too interested in hearing about the Conqueror's "gift from the Gods" to bother with business.

"So Conqueror, do tell us about your new little body slave," Callisto squeaked.  "I heard she just fell from the sky like a gift from the Gods."

"Well she is definitely a gift but I don't think from the Gods.  The only God I tolerate is Ares and he certainly would never be so generous."

"Did she really just fall from the sky?" asked Iolaus.

"I don't think so Iolaus.  I turned away to return to my throne when I heard the people gasp.  I turned around and she was lying on the ground."

"Who is she?" asked Palemon.

"She says she isn't from around here.  It's complicated.  When I find out I promise to inform you."

"So Conqueror, is that why she's hanging in your bedchambers naked?"  purred Callisto, "So you can interrogate her?"  Callisto gave the Conqueror her famous wicked smile.

"Yes, I can be very persuasive you know," the Conqueror purred back.

"Oh yes that's right, you have many skills," continued Callisto.  "I should know personally."

The Conqueror was beginning to wish this evening was over.  All she wanted was to get back to the business in her bedchamber, visions of the afternoon invading her thoughts.  She decided to ignore Callisto.  "Let's get back to business.  Callisto report."

"Oh all right, I can tell when you want to be a party pooper," she pouted and proceeded to give her weekly report.  In turn each leader gave their report concerning state affairs in between bites of food and drinks of wine.  The meal was finished within a candlemark and the Conqueror excused herself for the evening.  The leaders watched as she exited the room.

"Boy her new toy must be hot," commented Iolaus.

"She's gorgeous," added Palemon.  "I only saw her for a moment.  She has golden brown skin, full lips and sparkling green eyes the color of jade.  She has perfectly sculpted arms, legs, and abs, long pink fingernails, very full breasts sprinkled with sexy little freckles and the cutest little butt," he added.

"You saw all that in a moment, Palemon," teased Iolaus.

"Jeez you make her sound like a Goddess," spat Callisto.  "If you're lucky Palemon, the Conqueror will tire with her soon and maybe if you're a good little boy, she will let you keep her."

 Palemon ignored Callisto's comments as he finished his meal.  He couldn't get the vision out of his mind.  She had to be a Goddess.  She was so beautiful and he saw her just fall out of the sky.  She had to be.  He silently prayed that the Conqueror would see the gift she had been given and treat her right.


Desire' had been standing chained to the wall for a good hour she estimated, waiting for the Conqueror to return. She spent her time thinking of how she was going to get out of the mess that lay before her.  If this is not a dream, she may not live to see another day.  She worried about her boys and who would take care of them if she never woke up again.  Tonight in bed she would have to give the performance of her life so the Conqueror would have no reason to get rid of her.

Realizing that she needed to find out where Gabrielle was in this alternate universe, she began calling for Aphrodite.  With a twinkle of light the Goddess was before her and just as quickly she disappeared as the double doors of the bedchamber opened.  The Conqueror had returned.  As the Conqueror walked toward her, she silently hoped that tonight would not be about just servicing her needs, although she could live with that.  She hoped that she had made an impression on the Conqueror and that she would be in the mood for an all out seduction.  The later could be much more successful to her in her effort to enter the good graces of the Conqueror and maybe those many experiences she had with women in her younger days might just come in handy.

The Conqueror walked over in front of the chained woman, inspecting her newest acquisition.  Desire' kept her eyes lowered to the ground in respect.  She was just too tired to be slapped around. Desire' could feel the cold blue eyes staring down at her as she stood in front of Desire'.

"Eyes or breasts?" asked Desire'

The Conqueror was caught off guard by the question.  "What?"

"Eyes or breasts? Do I look at your eyes or can I look at your breasts?"  She realized her mistake the second she finished the question.  "Err what I, I meant to say was can I look at your breasts, I mean eyes, My Lord," she stuttered.  Smooth, real smooth, idiot!  No wonder you haven't been laid in years! yelled the little voice.

Desire' waited patiently for her answer, feeling a rush of relief when she heard the sultry laugh of the Conqueror.  "It seems you prefer my breasts so you may look into my eyes."  Desire' raised her head, her heart beating faster at the vision before her.  Yeah this is just a dream, this cannot be real, she thought.  The Conqueror was wearing a royal blue blouse with ivory buttons, matching slacks tucked into black boots.  The buttons stopped just below the crevice between her breasts.  Her eyes continued upward, drinking in the long slender neck, high cheekbones, resting on azure eyes looking back at her.  She stared back for many moments, her heart beating wildly in her chest. She silently thanked the Gods she was still chained up to the wall; otherwise she was sure her legs would have failed by now.  She was speechless, waiting for the Conqueror to speak, but she just continued looking into jade green eyes.  Desire' refused to break the stare, opting instead to wink at the Conqueror with her left eye.

The Conqueror laughed.  "If I'd known that looking at you would get you to shut up, I would have done it earlier.  A wink?  I haven't been winked at since I was a child."

"Broke the tension, didn't it?"

"Yes I guess it did at that.  But who winks with their left eye?"

"There are rules on winking in your realm?" asked Desire', the sarcasm finding its way back into her voice.

The Conqueror ignored her comment.  She stood up, reaching her hands towards Desire's head and placing her hands on either side of her head, rubbing her hands over the skin. Desire' sucked in her breath as she was treated to the wondrous sight of the tall women's breasts.  She could be preparing right now to snap my neck and I don't even care because of the sight before me, she thought.  I am a pervert.

"Tallus broke some knuckles when he hit you," stated the Conqueror as she ran her hands through her hair feeling the skin underneath.

"Should I be heart broken?" asked Desire', smiling at the thought of that little pissant in pain, cringing as she felt hands against her over sensitive skin.

 The Conqueror continued to feel around the back of her head after her fingertips felt the indentation in the back.  "Head forward slave."  Desire' really hated that term but complied.  The Conqueror looked down at her head, parting the dark strands, looking at the incredible scar that created a line from the top of her head to the nape of her neck.  Her expression changed from observant to utter shock and disbelief.  "This is from the knife of a healer.  Why aren't you dead?"

"Actually it's from the scalpel of a surgeon and it saved my life."

The Conqueror pulled her hands away and sat back down.  "No one can survive such an injury."

"They can in my world Conqueror."

"Explain yourself."  The Conqueror was known as the greatest healer in her realm and was baffled by what she had seen and very interested to hear the story.  It seemed to her to be additional proof that the woman's crazy story could possibly be true, a thought that she would keep to herself.  She thought this woman could very well be a gift from the Gods, but which one.

Desire' had to think for a moment.  Even in her world, the explanation behind the scar was very lengthy.  "I had a growth underneath and in the skin.  It grew down my neck, attaching itself to my muscles.  My surgeon cut it out to prevent it from attacking my internal organs and killing me."

The Conqueror had never heard of such a technique but she was quite certain that no one in her lifetime could walk around after such an injury.  "What you say is impossible.  Only a God could have saved you from such an injury."

"Not in my world.  People live with other people's hearts, livers, kidneys and other transplanted organs."

"What you say is impossible.  What God are you working for?" asked the Conqueror.

"The proof is in front of you.  Your Gods don't exist in my world.  I believe in your world our God is referred to as the God of the Israelites."

"So you are working for their God.  What is it you want."  The Conqueror was rather unsettled by this turn of events; upset it could spoil the evening ahead.  She had heard of this God and may have to kill her "gift" before the night was over.  If that was the case, she would still have her fun with the beauty first.

"I am not working for the God of the Israelites, believe me he has never shown himself or talked to a mortal in 2,000 years.  I am telling you the truth.  You are a healer.  You know that skin can be cut into and organs can be sewn up to save lives.  In my world they can do much, much more."  Desire noticed the cold detached expression now apparent on the Conqueror's face and feared she would think of her as some sort of demon out to destroy her.  Hopefully she could talk herself out of this.

"Have you ever talked to a God."

Desire' knew she couldn't mention Aphrodite but she also knew a lie would show on her face and in her eyes.  They always did, as she had never mastered the fine art of lying.  "Why would a God talk to me?  As I said God hasn't spoken to a mortal in 2,000 years."

Good answer thought the Conqueror.  She knew that answering a question with a question was a strategic tactic to avoid a lie.  Obviously, the woman was aware that she would see a lie on her face.  So maybe she was telling the truth and if she was she would be a good ally to keep around.  She decided to stop her line of questioning.  She would find out what God she had talked to in time.  She wanted to hear more about the healer's technique.  "Why is the skin back there so thin?"

Great, Desire' thought.  This part of the story isn't even believable in the 21st century.  "The growth was in the skin.  It had to be stretched to cut out the infected tissue.  Its hard to explain even back home."  A loud rumble was heard in the room.  Thank God, maybe she'll feed me and forget this conversation.  "Don't suppose you were gonna feed me tonight huh?" As she said this, a servant walked in with a tray of food, setting it down on a small table behind the Conqueror and leaving.

The Conqueror pondered the information from their conversation and decided her evening would go on as planned.  The woman seemed to be telling the truth that up until now she thought could just be in her imagination but the healers scar left doubt about the woman's story.  It was time to relieve some tension and enjoy the delicacy before her.  "Time to eat," she stated, standing up to bring the table of food and wine over by Desire'.

"Does that mean you are going to unchain my arms?" Desire' asked.

"Nope, I'm going to feed you."

"You could unchain me and still feed me."

"Nope, I like the view too much," she said as she poured some wine into a goblet.

"You could sit me down, chain my hands to my sides and your view wouldn't be obstructed.  My shoulder is really hurting, affecting my neck and my service to you could be affected negatively tonight."

The Conqueror considered the idea and unchained Desire' placing her on a chest near the window.  She even provided the woman with a pillow to lean into for comfort and left her arms unchained with the promise they would stay at her sides until otherwise ordered by the Conqueror.  The Conqueror positioned her chair and the table of food next to her for easy access.  Before she could sit down Desire' began to speak.  "I can't drink wine, Conqueror.  Don’t suppose I could drink water instead, that is if it isn’t too much trouble."

"You’re my slave. You will take what I give you," she answered, thinking she had better take control of the situation.  "Besides it will loosen you up and you will need to be loose tonight to service my needs."

Desire’ realized that this was reality, not her and a lover role-playing.  It scared her yet she could feel the slow burning in her core.  She could hear the little voice in her head telling her "You should be ashamed of yourself."  Screw you thought Desire’.   "I am here to serve you conqueror.  Respectively wine makes my head hurt and I promise you I don’t need its effects to service your needs.  I am a woman of numerous talents."

This woman has guts, thought the Conqueror.  Her confidence as a lover excited her so she brought over a goblet of water.  She sat down facing Desire’, reaching over with both hands to spread the woman’s legs open wide.  "You’re right, this is a much better view," she said looking appreciatively at the woman’s exposed crotch.  It was so neatly trimmed she could see the inviting outer folds of her sex.

The Conqueror was known to be an extraordinary lover, her passion for sex equaling her passion for power.  Usually when she broke in a body slave she would place the slave on the bed and take her, no talking.  She hadn’t met a man or a woman she couldn’t conquer through shear power and skill and when she took a lover she would seduce them, leaving them begging for more and sending them away.  But this woman was different.  She wasn’t like other slaves yet she would own her so that she could keep her here as a lover.  She could sense the passion and lust inside her and she would own it soon, so she chose to seduce her instead of taking her.  Feeding her was just the beginning of a long night of seduction she had planned for her green-eyed beauty.

The Conqueror picked up a bite of meat between two fingers and offered it to Desire’.  Desire’ bit into the piece of meat, careful not to let her lips or tongue touch the slender fingers holding the morsel.  She looked into the Conqueror’s eyes seductively as she chewed.  She was aching inside to touch the Conqueror but chose to wait for her reaction to see if she noticed how careful she was being to avoid touching her.

"Rule one,"said the Conqueror.  "Don’t leave food on my fingers."

Happy girl, happy girl, thought Desire’.  The Conqueror offered her another bite of meat.  Desire’ took the meat from her, gently stroking the tip of first one finger, then the next with her tongue, never taking her eyes off of the Conqueror.  This action was repeated a few more times.  Each time she licked the delicate tips of soft fingers, sliding her tongue a little bit further down each finger.  This was going to be a long tortuous meal.

The Conqueror offered her another bite, this time holding the offering farther down between her fingers leaving the juice running down their lengths.  Desire’ took the meat, then slid her tongue and lips down each digit, savoring the feeling and taste of the flesh. She shuddered when she heard a low, throaty moan escape from the Conqueror.  Her eyes were closed as she gasped for additional air.

Desire’ could feel the heat building between her legs as she continued to accept the proffered food.  With each piece she repeated the same sensual motion, lingering on each finger a little longer each time.  She could see the hood of desire cloud the Conqueror’s eyes watching every stroke of her tongue.  The Conqueror could feel her own arousal between her legs, a slow burn warming the center of her sex.

"So is the food to your satisfaction?" growled the Conqueror, her eyes burning with lust.

"Delicious, and the food tastes good too," she teased.  "Gonna take your boots off and stay awhile?"  The Conqueror read the hidden message behind her words and stopped her feeding duties.  She lifted her left leg up, sliding the toe of her boot along the inside of Desire’s leg tracing a pattern upward.  When it reached the end of her thigh, she slid the tip of the boot gently across the outer folds of her sex.  Desire’ gasped as she felt the touch and closed her eyes, a low, guttural moan escaping.  "Take the boot off, slave."

Desire’ reached down as she was told and pulled the boot off, setting it on the floor.  The Conqueror repeated this action with her other boot and stood in front of Desire’ who was watching her every move.

The Conqueror began unbuttoning her shirt, very slowly, watching her slave take in the sight.  Desire’s eyes were dark and looked like emerald jewels in the candlelight.  As she freed the last button she took a deep breath pushing her chest forward as she slowly pulled the tails of the blouse out from her pants, letting the fabric fall to her sides.  Desire’ could see the long muscled torso exposed before her and the inside of two perfectly formed full breasts, nipples hardening below the silk.   Desire’ watched, her heart speeding up, her breath uneven as the Conqueror handed her a piece of cheese in the palm of her hand.  She closed her eyes, taking the food, sliding her tongue around the offered palm, brushing her lips around the flesh kissing every inch of her hand.  The Conqueror moved her hand gently cupping it around her face, looking into the eyes of her captive.  "You’ve become rather quiet," she said her voice was low and seductive.

Desire’ looked up at her, eyes glazed over with passion, "I know when talk isn’t necessary," she purred, closing her eyes again, moving her face into the waiting hand.

"Time for dessert," growled the Conqueror, moving her hand from Desire’s face.

Thinking it was time to go to bed, Desire started to stand up.  The Conqueror turned around, pushing her back onto the chest.   She then took her blouse off throwing it behind her.  Desire’ gasped as an electric shock went through her body.  Goosebumps invaded every part of her flesh as her nipples hardened at the sight before her; two perfect breasts with taut brown nipples.  She looked like a Goddess.  The Conqueror bent over her, cupping her breasts with large callused hands.  The Conqueror lifted her breasts, caressing the skin below each one, her thumbs caressing sensitive nipples.  The breasts were very full, with large pink nipples that were fully erect.  She lifted them gently to feel the weight of the flesh in her hands as the woman below gasped for air.  She was enjoying the effect she was having on her little slave.

Desire’s heart was pounding as the Conqueror held her breasts teasing them.  Her heart stopped when the contact was broken.  She felt a hand under her chin as the Conqueror lifted her chin toward her.  "I want to see your eyes," she whispered.  Blue eyes looked into green.  The Conqueror removed her hand and began unzipping her pants, revealing a dark triangle as she pulled the offending article of clothing off and stood in her front of her captive.

Desire’ had never seen a woman with more beauty.  Surely a person could die just looking at such beauty.  One minute her heart was racing, the next minute it seemed to stop along with her breathing.  The Conqueror kneeled down before her placing her hands around her waist, running her hands along the sides of her stomach.  She leaned her head in toward Desire’ brushing her lips across Desire’s.  "I will conquer you tonight," whispered the Conqueror.  The low, velvet sound of her voice sent a flood of desire shooting down the center of her being as she closed her eyes to savor the sweet sound of the voice.  When she opened her eyes, a honey-covered strawberry was brushing across her lips.  The honey dripped onto her lips as the strawberry disappeared replaced with the soft full lips of the Conqueror.  She closed her eyes as a soft, velvety tongue caressed her lips, licking off the excess honey.  Desire’ opened her mouth slightly, inviting the Conqueror in.  Slowly and sensually the Conqueror covered Desire’s mouth with her own, her tongue taking the invitation, exploring her mouth, tongues meeting, dancing with passion.

The Conqueror pulled back lifting the strawberry back to her mouth.  Desire’ greedily took the proffered fruit, her tongue stroking the fingers of the Conqueror.  She could feel the desire take over her body as she suckled each finger, licking and kissing each digit.  She desperately wanted to touch the Conqueror and though she wasn’t bound she knew the Conqueror was in command here and didn’t want to upset her.

She could feel warm breath on her earlobe as the Conqueror bit down gently, her tongue stroking the inside of her ear.  "Touch me," whispered the Conqueror.  As commanded Desire’ reached her arms around the dark woman’s shoulders, sliding them down the long curves of her back, around her stomach up toward her breasts.  She could feel the ragged breaths of the Conqueror. She moaned as the Conqueror stroked her neck with her tongue, sucking the tender flesh, blazing a trail of fire down her neck.  Desire’ continued her own explorations, wrapping her fingers around soft nipples made hard with passion.  She heard another low moan as her long fingernails grazed each nipple, then grasped them firmly, pinching them.

The Conqueror opened her eyes, pulling away to look at Desire’.  For one long moment Desire’ waited terrified she had over stepped her bounds.  The Conqueror straightened her body to its fullest height, reaching around the back of Desire’s head, gently grabbing her hair so as not to hurt the tender flesh, pulling her head down.  Ferociously she covered Desire’s mouth with her own, her tongue demanding entry.  Desire’ willingly surrendered her lips to the Conqueror’s, her own tongue meeting hers with equal force in a soul searing kiss that lingered on for many sweet, tortuous moments.

The Conqueror wrapped her arms around her slave’s waist, pulling her toward her, until she could feel the sweet wetness of her captive’s sex against her stomach, their lips and tongues entwined as she lifted them both off of the floor, holding the small woman in her arms.  As flesh brushed against flesh both moaned into each other’s mouths, their tongues locked in sensual battle.  Desire’ gasped rubbing her sex into her dark captor’s stomach.  She had waited so long to feel a woman next to her and now she was in the arms of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.  She was already near climax, embarrassed, wondering if she could prevent a premature climax.

Sensing her struggle, the Conqueror stopped kissing her, looking into her eyes. She had always prided herself in knowing what her lover was feeling, knowing what buttons to push.  "Don’t be embarrassed," she whispered in her ears.  "How long has it been since you have been with a woman?"

Desire marveled at the gentleness in her eyes and voice.  How could this woman be a cold blooded murderer and be so gentle and passionate in bed?  "Four years," she answered.

"Think of it as an appetizer," she rasped in her ear.  Desire thrust her body into the Conqueror as she covered the woman’s mouth with her own.  She could feel the friction of her swollen sex rubbing against the warm flesh of the dark Goddess, fire igniting her skin, a velvet tongue and soft lips devouring her mouth muffling the scream of ecstasy as an orgasm washed over her body.  As the ripples of pleasure slowly subsided, the Conqueror pulled away from the kiss, and began walking toward the bed, holding her precious cargo tightly and depositing her in the middle of the bed.  Yep, she thought, This one is dangerous.

The Conqueror rolled over Desire’ onto her hands and knees, looking down into jade green eyes.  Her eyes are pale when she is relaxed she thought to herself.  Desire’ looked up into blue eyes, dark with lust, or was that pure passion she saw.  "I’m so…"  The Conqueror placed  her hand over her lips shaking her head.  "Don’t be. We’re just getting started."

"Come here, please."  The Conqueror didn’t move.  "Above me, please."  Desire’ motioned for her.  The Conqueror realized what she was asking and complied, positioning her sex over Desire’s head, lowering herself onto the hungry mouth below.

Desire’ knew this wasn’t a dream.  This was heaven.  She took in the sweet fragrance of the dark woman’s nectar, brushing her nose across the outer folds of her sex, liquid gold rubbing across her nose.  She grabbed the muscled thighs surrounding her head, pulling the Conqueror lower to drink in the flesh.  Her tongue darted out, parting the sweet folds, driving her tongue deep into the center of the Conqueror’s sex.  She was rewarded with a loud moan escaping the Conqueror’s throat.  She continued stroking the inside walls of flesh, licking the juices coming from the opening, raising her tongue to caress the swollen bud guarding the entrance to the secret garden.  She licked and caressed the bud, back and fourth, a rhythmic motion in tune to the bucking hips of the dark woman, her moans growing louder with each stroke.  The Conqueror held onto the headboard for support as she bucked her hips wildly driving her sex harder into her slave’s moist, warm mouth and tongue.  Sensing she was near climax and wanting to prolong the sweet torture, Desire’ moved her mouth upward driving the length of her tongue hard into the center of her captor’s sex, thrusting it in and out as the Conqueror matched the rhythm of her hips to her tongue.  Desire’ used her hand to caress the swollen nub, matching each stroke of her hand to each thrust of her tongue deep inside the walls of the Conqueror. She could feel the body on top of her shudder with pleasure, shaking as the orgasm took over, her legs crushing her head until her release was complete, trembling legs as she relaxed.  Desire’ lapped up the liquid nectar now flowing freely over her face as the last wave of orgasm left.

The Conqueror pulled herself to the side of the bed laying her body next to Desire’ enjoying the sweet after glow.  She turned onto her side, her head resting on her right hand, her left hand sliding up the inside of Desire’s leg, resting on the dark triangle.

 She slipped her hand between Desire’s legs and was greeted by the wetness of arousal.  Desire’ moaned softly, her eyes closed as the hand caressed the swollen flesh, rubbing her hand back and forth.  Desire’ moaned again, the desire building inside of her.  She opened her eyes, soft blue eyes staring down at her.  "Do you want me?" she purred seductively.  "Yes," gasped Desire"  "Tell me what you want slave," she whispered in Desire’s ear.  "I want you."  "You have to do better than that," growled the Conqueror.  "I want your tongue all over my body.  I want you inside me. I want your hands to caress me.  I want you to conquer me, own my body, my passion, my lust,"  answered Desire’ breathlessly.  The Conqueror continued sliding her fingers back and forth over the slippery flesh as she listened.

The Conqueror rolled over onto Desire’ sliding her hips between her slave’s open legs, her sex making contact with the sex below her.  She wrapped her hand around Desire’s head pulling her toward her, taking her mouth with her own, tasting her own sex on her slave’s lips, kissing her passionately, her tongue exploring every inch of the hungry mouth.  She broke the kiss, moving her tongue down her neck, placing kisses everywhere, sucking on the hollow of her throat as Desire’ gasped for air, moaning with each touch.

She continue her journey downward to her left breast, stroking the silky flesh around the curve of the breast with her tongue, licking, nibbling and sucking the flesh as she made her way to a pink nipple, rock hard from arousal.  She licked the nipple, flicking the tender flesh with her tongue, wrapping her mouth around the tasty treat to suckle.  Desire’s chest swelled upward drawing the hungry mouth toward her.  The Conqueror dragged her tongue across the center of her breasts toward the other breast stopping to lavish it with the same attention.

Desire’ was on fire.  She looked down at the long, sexy, naked body of the Conqueror.  She was losing control fast, reaching down into the raven hair of the Conqueror to pull her nearer.  She waited for the Conqueror to pull her head away but that time never came as Desire’ massaged her head, running both hands through the dark tresses, brushing her fingernails lightly across her scalp until she moved down her body.  She felt a soft,  warm tongue licking her stomach, supple lips kissing her heated flesh while large hands caressed her breasts, pinching the nipples.  Desire’ jumped up in reflex as the Conqueror licked the side of her stomach.

"Tickle spot?" the Conqueror asked looking up at Desire’ who just nodded.  The Conqueror stopped just above the hairline, looking up again.  "Tell me what you want slave.  Beg me."

"I want your tongue." She replied.  "Make me come with your tongue.  Then take me.  Fill me up with your hand."

"I want to hear you call my name when you come."

"Yes Conqueror."  Desire’ closed her eyes, her center ached.  She gasped feeling a gentle tongue brush across her hair, then flick at her swollen bud.  Then it felt as though her entire sex was being claimed as the Conqueror licked across her clit with broad strokes, lapping up her own juices.  Her tongue brushed back and forth across her sex entering her center, stroking every fold with abandon.  Desire’ moaned "Ohhhhhhhhhh, yes Conqueror, don’t stop, please don’t stop."  Desire’ slowly moved her hips matching the rhythm of the tongue torturing her.  The Conqueror continued stroking her with her tongue, pausing to suck the swollen nub, sliding her tongue inside the center of her sex, thrusting her tongue in and out.  She looked up to watch the effects of her tongue on the face of her slave.  "Ohhhhhhhh, that’s it, I’m gonna come for you."  Her hips were off the bed trying to move herself closer to the Conqueror.  She looked down, her eyes dark with lust as she neared her climax.  "Ohhhhhhhhh yes"  The Conqueror looked up, blue eyes locking with green, sending Desire’ over the edge. "Yesssssssss my Conqueror, yes, I’m yours ohhhhhhhhhhhh Conqueror," Desire’s hips were bucking wildly as the orgasm took over her body, shaking her to the core, until there was nothing left in her, her hips settling on the bed.

"Take me now Conqueror, please."  The Conqueror pulled herself up over Desire’, inserting two fingers, the muscles contracting tightly around the digits.  "Have to do better than that Conqueror."  Pleased by the challenge, she inserted a third finger.  Desire’ let out a soft moan.  "Not good enough, take me Conqueror, completely."  Desire’ spread her legs wider as she switched positions for better access.  Straddling her slave’s thigh she pressed her own sex into the naked flesh.  The Conqueror gently inserted a fourth finger.  Desire’ opened herself to the Conqueror.  "Almost there, Conqueror."  "Are you sure"  "Yes, I told you I didn’t need wine."  The Conqueror was impressed.  She had never used her fist inside of a woman.  Although she had body slaves and many female lovers, she had never been able to enjoy this kind of pleasure because her hands were too large and she refused to invade a woman’s body that way without their consent.  Her arousal was now peaking.  The woman was breathing slowly taking in large amounts of air and exhaling to slow her heartbeat.  As Desire’ took another deep breath, the Conqueror slipped her thumb gently into the womb, closing her fingers over her thumb and slipping her closed fist inside up to her wrist.  Desire’ let out a small scream as the hand inside of her closed into a fist, freezing the Conqueror who was now staring up at her.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" moaned Desire’ as her head slowly pulled up off of the bed, her eyes glazed over as she threw her head back into the pillow, closing her eyes "Ohh Yesssss, that’s it.  Now move your hand upward, nice and slow, about an inch to go, then short strokes, up and down."  The Conqueror listened, following instructions, her hand disappearing into the flesh up to her wrist.  The Conqueror pumped her fist in and out, faster with each stroke matching the rhythm set by her slave.  She watched her face as her handed pumped in and out.  So sexy, so uninhibited.  Just watching her was burning a fire inside.  She rubbed her own sex up and down the slave’s thigh.  She was losing herself to the lust as she pumped harder and harder, sliding up and down her leg, watching as her slave writhed in ecstasy with each stroke.  "Who do you belong to?" demanded the Conqueror as she continued, harder and faster.  The woman continued taking everything she gave her as her own lust had taken over.  She knew if the woman asked her to stop she wouldn’t, she couldn’t.  "I belong to you Conqueror. Ohhhhh yesssssss."  "Come for me, when I command.  Do as I say or I will beat you," she growled, her hips rocking up and down faster and harder as she neared her own release.  "I want you to come nowwwww, oh Gods yesssss."   The Conqueror looked up as her own orgasm rocked her body, her hand buried in the slave’s womb as she pounded her fist in and out.  Desire’ arched her back, her hips flying off of the bed into the air, as she screamed her release into the night air. "My Conqueror, Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,"  her hips bucked up and down as the last waves of a powerful orgasm rushed through her body, her hips coming back down on the bed, her eyes closed, neck arched, head back.

The Conqueror laid her head down on Desire’s stomach, her hand still inside of her.  She didn’t want to move her hand.  The feeling was pure Elysian Fields.  It gave her power over her lover. She would keep her as a slave but she was definitely a lover first.

Desire’ lay very still.  The Conqueror was afraid to move her hand.  She didn’t want to hurt her and feared she may have injured her when her lust took control.  She needed to check for damage.  "Slave’" she whispered.  Desire’ lazily rolled her head on the pillow, lifting it up to look at the Conqueror.  "Suppose you want out?"  The Conqueror nodded.  "I don’t want to hurt you."

"A little late for that now dontcha think?" Desire’ teased.  "Pull your hand back until your wrist is touching then when I count to three, pull out as smoothly as you can."  She nodded.  Desire’ began taking deep breathes.  Now she could use the wine.  This part usually hurt.  "One, two, three."  The Conqueror was amazingly quick and graceful with her movement, withdrawing her hand with no pain.  The Conqueror inspected her hand which was slick with the little brunette’s arousal.  She was amazed that there was no blood.

"So is this the part where you chain me back to the wall?" Desire’ asked half teasing, half-praying she wouldn’t be that cruel.

"No, I’m not heartless you know."

"So do you chain me to the bed then?"

"Don’t give me ideas."

"So, where do I sleep?  I do get to sleep right?"

"You’re pushing it with the sarcasm.  I’ve killed for less," she growled.  The Conqueror was now above her, watching her every move.  Desire’ stared back at her.

"By the Gods you are cute when you’re mad." Desire’ taunted.

"Cute! I’m not cute.  Conquerors are not cute."  It was just the reaction she wanted.

"You are when you’re mad."

The Conqueror decided she was through listening to this woman and decided to shut her up by covering her mouth harshly with a kiss.  She pulled away to get some air.  This woman was driving her nuts in more than one way.

"Was that my punishment?" Desire’ teased.

Exasperated, the Conqueror pulled her into another scorching kiss, rolling the woman over the top of her, then pulling her around to the side.  "Turn around now, sleep."  Desire’ did as she was told.  She listened as the Conqueror rolled on her side away from her.  Within minutes, the Conqueror listened to the soft snoring sound Desire’ was making.  Quietly the Conqueror rolled over behind Desire’ spooning her, one hand around her waist as she pulled her closer.  She knew she would be awake before the woman and she would never know about the hug.  Desire’ continued to make soft snoring sounds, smiling as she felt the Conqueror embrace her.


Chapter Four-Patience is a Virtue

 Desire’ was waking up out of her dream when she realized a pair of rough hands were shaking her from the bed.  "Up slave, now,"  Tallus demanded.

 "Great the first thing I get to see in the morning is your butt ugly face," she muttered, trying to shake the sleep from her eyes and not knock the crap out of the irritating little guard.  She followed him into the bedchambers next door.  "This will be your living quarters, for now," he said.

 "Great.  What about clothes?"

 "You don’t need clothes.  You’re just a body slave," he answered, leering at her, a smug expression on his face as he reached over to stroke Desire’s nipples.  She leaned back away from the touch, "Don’t even think of touching me guard boy," she growled.  "I will fucking kill you!"

 "You just wait bitch.  The day will come when the Conqueror will tire of you and won’t care who touches you.  When it happens I’ll be the first in line to shut you up!"

 "Bite me guard boy!" she growled back, laughing at the exasperated expression of the guard.  Then she stared back down at the bulge growing in his pants with a feral grin.  "And could you keep your dick from swelling up every time you look at my naked body?  That’s gotta hurt walking," she added laughing at the guards discomfort as he replaced the chains and shackles around her hands.

 Mekka came in shortly with a tray full of food and set it down on a table near the window as Tallus walked out of the room to take his position in front of the door.  Mekka left as quietly and as quickly as she came in.  Desire’ ate the food offered and stared out the window.  With no TV to watch, no music to listen to and no Internet to play on she was quite bored.  It’s not like she could sneak out and explore the palace unnoticed.  The shackles and chains and lack of clothes would probably tip someone off, she thought to herself.  She sat in the silence for awhile then deciding she was bored, jumped under the covers of the bed and went to sleep.  Maybe, she thought, if I just think of Las Vegas I will be home.  Maybe I could just bring her back with me.  Yea, that’d be nice, she thought as sleep came for her.


 The Conqueror was pacing back and forth in her office.  She was deep in thought about the woman who fell from the sky until she could feel her skin crawl.

"Ares show yourself."

"Xena, Xena, Xena, why so tense?" asked the God of War as he wrapped his arms around the Conqueror’s stomach and pulled her into him.  "I thought you would be more relaxed after breaking in a new body slave."

"It takes a lot to rule a kingdom Ares.  I’m always tense," she answered, leaning back into the God of War.

"Xena, why are you giving your new slave privileges.  Her own bedchambers, Xena, that’s not your style."

"I like her.  I want her near me.  That’s all Ares."

"Xena, don’t go falling for her.  She’ll only make you weak."

"I’m not falling for her, Ares.  I just want her accessible."

"Xena, I’ve seen you do this before.  Keep her in her place.  Don’t baby her.  That’s not what you like Xena.  Take her Xena.  Conquer her as your slave not some glorified lover!  Her job is to service you.  You don’t service her, Xena."

The beast was stirring inside of the Conqueror.  Ares could see right through her. She liked the small brunette and wanted more than to just keep her as a slave.  But Ares was right, thought the beast.

 "Xena, you’ve had your fun, now go take her and put her into proper service.  Let her relieve your tension not create it."  With a brilliant flash of light the God of War was gone.  The Conqueror ran out of the room, shouting orders ahead to her guards.  Tonight she would relieve her tension her way.


 The sun was going down when Desire’ was violently shaken out of the comfortable bed.  Tallus had his grubby hands on her, yanking her upward and out of the bed to the Conqueror’s bedchambers.  She was too busy trying to wake up to struggle as he chained her back to the wall.

She watched as the Conqueror walked into the room and headed for the bathing room.  Several minutes later she walked toward her wearing nothing but a silk robe.  Her expression was feral, the previous night’s passion gone from her expression.  The Conqueror was silent as she unchained Desire’ from the wall.

"What, no hello kiss, how was your day, honey?" Desire’ asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm as the Conqueror backhanded her across her right cheek.  Well I might as well go for two, she thought.  "Not exactly what I had in mind.  Nice to see you again dear," she replied, bracing for a slap across the left side of her cheek.  "Well that evens things out.  Want to go up the middle?" she asked defiantly, bracing herself for a possible broken nose.

The Conqueror was holding Desire’ by the arms, her face within inches of the small brunette, her eyes dark with anger.  "Shut up slave!  Here you are mine and will do as you are told!"  Desire’ stared back into the Conqueror’s eyes.  "You show me respect, little girl! Do not look at me unless I instruct you too," she growled.

Desire’ pointed her head downward into submission, staring at the exposed breasts of the Conqueror.  "Fine whatever, breasts, eyes I like em both," she mumbled as the Conqueror grabbed her and threw her onto the ground next to the side of the bed.

"Hands and knees, slave!" yelled the Conqueror.  Desire’ did as she was told, watching as the Conqueror stood over her head, opening her robe to expose her naked flesh.  "Service me, slave."

"This is my punishment?" giggled Desire’.

"Silence slave!" yelled the Conqueror as she grabbed Desire’s head, pushing her into her waiting sex.  Desire’ smiled and began caressing the proffered sex with her tongue.  The Conqueror was like a treasure to her and she continued licking, kissing and sucking the sweet flesh in front of her, noticing the woman above her was not responding as she had the night before.  After several minutes the Conqueror pulled her head away in frustration.

She pulled Desire’ off of the ground and threw her onto her back on the bed, chaining her arms and legs to the four posts, spread eagle.  She leaned over Desire’ on her knees, pressing her sex into Desire’s eager mouth. "Service me slave!" she growled grabbing the headboard for support, grinding her sex onto the tongue below.  Desire’ quickly began stroking the folds of soft flesh, licking at the small, but swollen bud of arousal, pushing her tongue in and out of the warm flesh as the Conqueror bucked her hips above.  The Conqueror’s response was anything but passionate and soon she was off of the bed pacing back and forth on the floor.

"Conqueror," began Desire’.  The Conqueror pounced on her like a lion pouncing on it’s prey.  She was staring down at Desire’ her face flush with anger ready to explode.  "You will speak only when spoken to slave!"

Desire’ looked back up at her terrified.  "Anger management could help you, you know."  The words came out before Desire’ could contain them.  Idiot you fucking idiot, yelled the little voice.  What were you thinking!

The Conqueror grabbed Desire’ by the chin, pulling her face roughly off of the bed.  "Do you just want me to beat that pretty little face of yours?" she spat into Desire’s face.

"Kind of seems that way, huh," she answered, raising her eyebrows at the Conqueror who just stared back at her exasperated.

"I don’t like to disfigure my body slaves," she answered.

"Good idea, run with it."

The Conqueror slammed Desire’s head back into the bed and stood up, looking back at the tiny brunette chained to her bed, exasperation in her face.

"Exasperating, aren’t I Conqueror," Desire’ replied, a twinkle in her eye, smile on her face.  The Conqueror leaped back onto the bed, one strong hand around the small woman’s throat staring at her anger and frustration in her eyes.  After several silent moments she crushed her lips upon Desire’s, her mouth demanding entry, her tongue taking the smaller woman captive with crushing force.  She pulled her mouth from Desire’s lips and stared at her smirking as the woman squirmed below her.

"Mouth works better without your hand around my throat," Desire’ choked.

The Conqueror stared at her captive.  The beast wanted to slap her into the next country but the insolent slave intrigued Xena.  She pushed her head away roughly and sat on top of her staring down, cold blue eyes staring into pools of pale green.

"May I speak, Conqueror," Desire’ asked politely.

"Now you ask to speak!" the Conqueror yelled, throwing her hands up in the air in frustration.

"It’s much more pleasurable to Conqueror a woman who wishes to be conquered," whispered Desire’.

"You are a slave in my bed.  You are here to service me.  I am not here to service you," the Conqueror spat.

"But Conqueror, you are a woman of intense passion.  You derive as much enjoyment from pleasuring a companion as you derive from being pleasured yourself.  Why deny yourself."

"You are my slave, not a companion," she answered defiantly.

"Haven’t heard of role playing have ya?" Desire’ answered smirking, closing her eyes in anticipation of a hand across her face.  After several moments she looked up into the Conqueror’s eyes.  "I am here for your pleasure Conqueror.  Why don’t you give in to your passion?  It’s not like I’m gonna kiss and tell or anything."

"I would have to kill you," replied the Conqueror, a feral grin on her face.

"Duh," replied Desire’.

 The Conqueror covered Desire’s body with the length of her own, one hand slipping between the wide spread legs to feel her captive’s moist sex.  "Danger excites you," she whispered as her hand entered the sweet folds of warm flesh.  "I’m a sick woman Conqueror," Desire’ answered, moaning at the touch of the tall dark woman’s experienced hand between her legs.  The Conqueror claimed her slave’s mouth.  The night would be a long one filled with passion as both women enjoyed the pleasure of each other’s company.


The Conqueror lay in bed with her arms wrapped around the small brunette enjoying the sweet after glow of the evening’s pleasures.  "Go to your chambers," she whispered into Desire’s ears.  Desire’ turned around to look at her in disbelief.  "You’re not kidding are you?" she asked, disappointment in her voice.

The Conqueror reached up to brush the hair from her face.  "I must leave soon.  I won’t be back for several days.  You will need your strength when I return," she answered quietly, warm blue eyes looking intensely at her slave.

"So up and out of here just like that!" she replied sarcastically.

"Remember your place.  People will talk," answered the Conqueror.

"Whatever!" Desire’ yelled.  She jumped out of bed shaking her head and stormed away from the Conqueror into the adjoining bedchamber.  The Conqueror quietly laughed at the sight of the fiery brunette storming the doorway.  "Soon my dear, we will see how much fire you really have," she said quietly, then closed her eyes to enter Morpheous’ realm.


The next several days Desire’ spent confined to her bedchambers.  Servants brought her food everyday and saw to her needs.  To her surprise Tallus was relieved of his duty as her guard, replaced by a handsome blonde gentleman named Palemon.

He was a very sweet man and always polite to her.  He was kind enough to bring her a number of blank scrolls and some quills so she could write her thoughts down but mostly so she could draw to pass the time away.  She was beginning to believe this was not a dream and she would never wake up.  She missed her boys terribly and if they couldn’t be with her than at least she could have pictures of them.

Palemon would come into the room and speak with her every night after the evening meal.  He would insist she cover herself with a sheet during their conversations.  On the tenth day her meal was served early.  Palemon came in to talk with her afterward.

"So how is my favorite "gift from the Gods," he asked her as he took his usual seat for their conversation.

"Palemon you are too sweet.  I am hardly a gift," she answered back.

"Being with you has been a gift," he replied.

"Palemon you are too much.  And so handsome too.  How come someone hasn’t snatched you up yet?" she asked.

"I just haven’t found the right girl," he replied.

"Palemon, you need to find the right woman," she teased, winking her left eye seductively.

"All the good ones are taken," he teased back.

"Good choice of words Palemon," she said, the twinkle gone from her eyes.

"Hey, I’m sorry," he answered.  "You seem to enjoy the Conqueror."

"Yea I do.  Just call me a sick fuck.  But I don’t enjoy being confined to a room, naked wearing chains.  At least not all day, every day alone.  You know I would make a great companion for her."

"Desire’ the Conqueror doesn’t take companions."

"Well maybe it’s damn time she did Palemon.  She has such love in her heart.  She just doesn’t know it yet."

"You sound so sure of yourself."

"I am.  I’ve seen it.  In my world Xena is remembered as a hero, not as a blood thirsty Conqueror."

"What do you mean by your world?"

"Palemon you were there on judgement day.  What did you see?"

"I, I," he stammered.

"Poof," she interrupted.  "One minute I wasn’t there and the next minute I was there.  Tell me someone saw that."

"You seemed to fall from the sky," he answered.

"Thank you.  At least someone is willing to admit I didn’t jump from the stands.  I’m from the future Palemon.  Thousands of years into the future.  I went to sleep one night and the next thing I know I’m face forward in dirt waking up with the Conqueror.  Talk about a bad way to start your day."

She looked over at Palemon who was watching silently, disbelief on his face.  What is with you idiot! yelled the little voice.  The one person who’s nice to you and friends with the crazy lady and now he thinks you’re a loon!  Stupid!  Stupid!

"Say something Palemon.  I know you think I must be crazy.  I’m here to help Xena."

"Maybe it’s just the stress of the situation.  It takes time to adjust," he answered quietly.

"Palemon, she just needs someone to help her find her heart.  It’s there.  I’ve seen it."

"And you’re the one to help her find it?" he asked.

"It looks that way.  Besides, I think I’m falling in love with her.  Sick huh?" she answered wistfully.

Palemon placed his hands on the woman’s shoulders to comfort her.  "You may feel differently after tonight."

"What’s happening tonight?"

"She’s coming back from a battle.  She’s a very different lover afterward.  I shouldn’t even use that word to describe her," he answered.

"Battle lust," Desire’ interrupted.  Palemon nodded.  "Palemon, I am a very sick woman.  I’ll probably just fall harder.  Come on, I suppose it’s time to be chained to my wall in her bedroom."

Palemon nodded and lead her into the bedchambers to chain her to the wall.  "Sorry," he muttered.


Desire’ watched as Palemon left the room, yelling silently to herself as the slow burn of arousal took over her sex.  "I am just sick."  Moments later the Conqueror rushed into the room wearing her battle leathers.  She walked into the bathing room, then back into the bedchambers toward Desire’, her eyes dark with lust, a phallus attached to her waist over the leathers.  Breathe pervert, breathe!  Show some control idiot! yelled the little voice.

The Conqueror watched her little slave, desire washing over her face as she walked toward her.  Without talking, the Conqueror grabbed Desire’s face with a searing kiss, plunging the phallus forcefully into her center.  She could feel it slide in with ease through the wetness as she claimed the slaves’ mouth, thrusting the phallus in and out furiously as her battle lust took control.

"Tonight you will be mine slave.  How I want you and as many times as I want you.  You will scream out my name as I claim you," she growled into Desire’s ear.  She grabbed the woman toward her, continuing the thrusts in and out as her slave moaned from the touch.  "That’s it.  Don’t hold back.  You are mine," moaned the Conqueror as her own arousal was growing from the feeling of power.  The beast was out and ready to take what she wanted and her slave was helpless against her.

She kissed Desire’ on the neck, sucking the golden brown skin with force as she continued her thrusts.  Desire’ moaned, her head back as the Conqueror took her with force.  "Cry for me little one," the Conqueror growled.  Desire’s eyes were rolling in the back of her head as she melted at the contact.  "Yes, Conqueror," she moaned, her arousal now on fire as she neared the edge of release.  The Conqueror grabbed her head roughly, looking into green eyes now dark with lust.  "Whom do you belong to little one," she growled as she rammed the phallus deeper and harder into Desire’.  "Youuu!" screamed Desire’ as she reached her climax, her body shuddering as her pleasure subsided.

The Conqueror looked deep into her eyes.  "Look at me," she ordered as she pushed the phallus inside one last time, her eyes glazed over with lust as she moaned her pleasure into Desire’s mouth.

The Conqueror withdrew the phallus, then pulled Desire’ down from the chains and threw her face down onto the bed.  "Hands and knees slave," she growled.  Desire’ did as she was told, staying quiet as the Conqueror came up behind spreading her legs wide open with her own thighs.

The Conqueror stood up from the bed, removing her battle leathers and phallus, replacing the phallus with a smaller one.  She crawled behind the smaller woman, thrusting it into the waiting wet sex, then pulling it out.  With one hand, she stroked the wet folds as Desire’ moaned under her touch.  The Conqueror stroked her feeling the sweet burn of desire shoot through her body as she began to take what was hers.  She leaned her tall form over the brunette whispering in her ear, "I will claim you now."  She slid her hand, wet from the small brunette’s sex, across the back of her darkest opening.  Desire’ gasped at the touch realizing how she was about to be taken.  The Conqueror could feel as the small beauty tensed at the realization.  The power was intoxicating to the beast.  "You’d best relax," she whispered as the tip of the phallus teased the sensitive opening.

Desire’ did as she was told, focusing her mind on the tight muscles, relaxing them to accept the will of the Conqueror.  The Conqueror rubbed her hands over quivering buttocks, relishing  the feeling of power as her captive anticipated her next move.  Slowly, she forced the phallus in, amazed as the tight muscles opened slowly to receive her.  She pushed harder as Desire’ screamed with pleasure and pain as the length of the phallus was lost inside of her.  The Conqueror grabbed her hips, pushing forward in and out with slow powerful strokes as Desire’ cried with pleasure, the Conqueror’s own arousal burning at the provocative sight of the small woman’s hips rocking back and forth to receive her.

Desire’ raised her body from the bed, arching her back into the bare flesh of the Conqueror behind her as she continued to fill her up.  She moaned at the feeling of the Conqueror’s naked breasts brushing against her back.  The Conqueror wrapped her hands around Desire’s body, stroking her nipples as she continued to penetrate her.  Desire’ hung her head backward over the Conqueror’s shoulder, eyes glazed over with lust looking into the dark blue eyes of her captor as she continued her rhythm.  Desire’ reached around to the back of the Conqueror with one hand, pulling her closer inside of her.  The Conqueror continued her thrusts in and out not wanting to end the sweet torture.  The Conqueror moaned, looking down at her, arousal burning to the core, "Whom do you belong to?" gasped the Conqueror.  Desire’ guided the Conqueror’s hand down toward the drenched wet folds of her sex.  The Conqueror answered by plunging two fingers inside of her stroking the large sweet bud of arousal with her thumb, swollen with pleasure as Desire’ rocked backward and forward to the rhythm of the phallus.  She pulled the Conqueror closer as she moaned her sweet surrender, "You my Lord, I belong to you," she gasped as her breath became ragged.  "Oh yesssssssssss," she yelled as her head flew backward to watch as the Conqueror moaned and screamed, "Gods, yes Desire’" Together both women shook violently, holding tightly onto one another as wave after wave of pleasure rocked their bodies.  As the climax reached it’s end both women slumped down together on the bed, the Conqueror on top of Desire’ still inside of her.

"Desire’ you excite me," whispered the Conqueror breathlessly.  The Conqueror withdrew the phallus and stood on her knees over the smaller woman as she removed the object from her waist.  She leaned the full length of her body on to Desire’, grabbing her by the arms.  "But you submit too easily," she added pulling her slave up from the bed and turning her around.  "Where is your fire, little one?" she growled staring into confused green eyes.  "Where is your fight?  You will fight me little girl," she said as she pulled Desire’ off of the bed roughly, dragging her over to a small wooden contraption shaped like the letter X.

She pushed her onto the object face forward and began tying her hands with rope.  She pushed her thighs open spread eagle and tied her legs to the bottom of the structure with rope then came up behind her cracking her whip behind Desire’s head.  "You will fight me little girl," she growled, warm breath crossing Desire’s ear.  "You have one chance.  Break free and take this whip from me and I will be yours.  Are you up to the challenge little girl?" she continued to growl.

"Safe word," gasped Desire’ as she nodded her head.

"What?" asked the Conqueror.

"Safe word," she repeated.  "If the pain is too great, what is my safe word for you to stop?"

"I am the Conqueror and you are my slave.  I stop when I want or when you break free.  There is no safe word," hissed the Conqueror as she cracked the whip.

The Conqueror walked away ready to strike watching the fear in her little captive’s face.  Slowly she walked back over to Desire’ and whispered, ‘Butt ugly."

"What?" asked Desire’

"Your safe word.  If you dare to cry out butt ugly, I will stop," she growled.  "I’m not heartless you know."  The Conqueror walked over to her position and cracked the whip, sending it forward along the golden flesh.  Desire’ didn’t flinch as a small welt of red flesh appeared on her back.  The sensation was strangely arousing.  The Conqueror was careful to allow only the tip of the whip to strike the flesh, not causing permanent damage to the beautiful skin below but enough to set the sensitive skin on fire.  She pulled the whip back, striking Desire’ a second, then third time, each stroke burning a fire within her center as the skin turned red under the whip’s ministrations.

Desire’ had yet to pull at the restraints holding her, taking the punishment of the Conqueror.  After several more blows the Conqueror began taunting her.  "What’s wrong little girl?  You just like any attention I give you is that it?  I thought you had fire," she growled as the whip came across Desire’s buttocks.  "I told you I would claim you how I want as it should be my little slave," she taunted.

Desire’ was highly aroused from the whip marks across her exposed flesh.  She was content to allow the Conqueror her pleasure, then allow her to claim her over and over as the night wore on.  But the little green-eyed monster was awake and urging Desire’ to fight as the Conqueror taunted her.   "But you just had to use little and slave in the same sentence," she hissed at the Conqueror as she struggled against the ropes binding her hand.

The Conqueror was laughing now as the little beauty struggled against the ropes.  "That’s it little one fight me.  It makes things so much more pleasurable," she purred as she brought the whip down again.

Desire’ struggled as the whip came down faster and faster.  She winced as the pain was now starting to pass pleasurable. With all of her strength, she pulled her arms free from the ropes.  "Good girl," laughed the Conqueror, impressed at the show of strength.  No one had ever broken free from the ropes.  "Now you just have to take the whip from me," she purred, never stopping the lashing.  Desire’s anger was building as she bent over to untie her legs while the whip lashed against her exposed buttocks. She turned around facing the Conqueror, a feral grin on her face as she stared the woman down, ducking from the whip.  "I’m from the south," she growled.  "I was born with a whip in my hand," she added as she avoided the whip, ducking to the right, her hand extended to the left, catching the whip in mid air.  With one fluid motion she pulled the startled dark woman forward, slamming her headfirst into the wooden contraption that held her captive moments earlier.  She pressed her smaller body behind the Conqueror with all of her force, as she tied the tall woman’s hands in the straps protruding from the wood holding her tight with the power of her thighs.  She then proceeded to tie the straps around her feet.  "Quiet now, aren’t you Conqueror," she purred in the woman’s ears.

The tall dark woman nodded.  "I am a woman of my word," she gasped.

Desire’ walked behind the Conqueror, cracking the whip, pure animal lust taking over her sensibilities, her body on fire with arousal.  She swung the whip with expertise, slashing along her captive’s back, careful not to allow more than the tip of the whip to penetrate the skin.  She followed with several more strokes as the Conqueror cried out with pleasure.

She threw down the whip and walked behind the Conqueror.  "This is what you wanted isn’t Conqueror?" she asked, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her head back to look into her eyes.  Ice blue eyes were dark with lust as the Conqueror looked back at her.  "Must be tiring to be the Conqueror," Desire’ purred.  "Does it feel good to finally be the Conquered?  Answer Me," she demanded.  "Yes," gasped the Conqueror.

Desire’ untied her legs, pulling them backward so she could enter the Conqueror.  She pushed two fingers inside of the throbbing sex in front, reveling in the sweet warm flesh as the Conqueror moaned aloud at her touch.  "That’s it Conqueror, your time to accept me.  Can you take all of me?" she purred.  The Conqueror tensed as she said the words, knowing her slave’s intentions.  Desire’ was on fire.  She could feel her own wetness oozing down her leg as she was overcome with the power before her.  "You’d best relax," she purred into the Conqueror’s ear.

Desire’ slid her wet sex along the back of the Conqueror’s thigh as she positioned herself, pressing a third finger into the moaning dark haired beauty tied up before her.  She thrust her fingers in and out of the warm flesh, adding a fourth finger as the Conqueror squirmed with pleasure before her.  "Relax," she whispered, as she spread the long bronzed legs wider to receive all of her.  She pushed her small hand through the soft folds of flesh, wrapping her fingers over her thumb as her fist entered inside of the Conqueror up to her wrist.  "Oh Gods, yes," cried the Conqueror.

"Is this your first time, Conqueror?" she asked as her hand plunged upward with slow, smooth strokes.

"Yes," she cried bucking her hips to the rhythm of the small hand moving in and out of her center, creating a slow burn as she neared her release.

"Feels good doesn’t it," Desire’ replied, her head back, eyes closed as she savored the sweet warm feeling around her hand.  "To finally relax and let someone else take over," she added breathlessly, her own sex rubbing up and down the length of the Conqueror’s thigh.

"Yes," gasped the Conqueror, her breath ragged as she slowly moaned from the pleasure of the small hand making love to her body.

"I own you right now Conqueror.  Say my name.  Be mine," Desire’ moaned, her arousal now at it’s peak ready to come crashing down.  "Come for me, my Conqueror."

"Yes, Desire’," she gasped, "Oh Goddddssss, yessss," she screamed as Desire’ plunged her hand forward one last time, releasing the waves of an earth shattering climax.  The Conqueror bucked her hips wildly as she released her pleasure sending Desire’ over the top with her own powerful climax as her wet sex brushed up and down the Conqueror’s thighs desperately.  As both women relaxed Desire’ gently withdrew her hand, licking the sweet nectar of the Conqueror off of her hand.  She leaned into the Conqueror placing her hands over her shoulders to hold her up.  The Conqueror licked the still wet hand, sucking the remaining juices of her own sex as Desire’ moaned with pleasure, her arousal awakened once again.

"Untie me," whispered the Conqueror.  Desire’ did as she was told.  The Conqueror turned around reaching her arms around the small brunette and pulling her into a tight hug, claiming her mouth in a soul searing kiss, the lust still in her eyes as she looked down at Desire’.  Desire’ looked into dark pools of blue as the kiss was broken.  "You’re gonna fuck me in half, aren’t you?" she asked breathlessly.  The Conqueror broke into a feral grin and picked the small woman up with strong arms and carried her to the bed, smiling and nodding.  "The night is still young," whispered the Conqueror.


The following morning Desire’ woke up in the arms of the Conqueror.  She hurt from the evening’s lust but felt satisfied inside with a renewed hope that she could tear down the walls built around the Conqueror’s heart in time to save Gabrielle.  Now if Aphrodite could just find her or the damn stone, she thought.  She listened to the sounds of peaceful snoring coming from the dark beauty behind her.  Her back was sensitive to the whip marks from the night before, the sensation pleasurable.  She felt the Conqueror move behind her, her heart stopping as she felt the sensual breath touch her neck.

The Conqueror wrapped her arms tightly around Desire’ as she kissed a trail up the back of her neck, then gently wrapped her tongue around her earlobe sucking it.  "Good morning," she whispered, her voice, low and sultry.

"Yes it is," Desire’ gasped in reply, the Conqueror’s right hand holding her breast, caressing it, pinching the nipple, then roaming down her stomach to her thigh and finally to the wet triangle between her legs.  Desire’ strained to open her legs to allow access.

The Conqueror gently rubbed the wetness of her sex.  "Always ready for me," she rasped.  "I like that."  She continued her soft ministrations listening to the sweet moans coming from her little beauty.  She is a gift, she thought.  She continued stroking the woman’s sex timing each stroke with the rhythm of the woman’s hips.  She licked her earlobe, sucking on it, then running her tongue down the back of her exposed neck sucking every inch as her hand continued to give her pleasure.  Desire’ moaned, each sound growing louder, each one raspier than the next, her breath quickening as her arousal grew.  As she neared her release she arched her back, throwing her chest forward, thrusting her pelvis backward, grinding the Conqueror’s own sex as she yelled in ecstasy, her head falling back onto the Conqueror’s shoulder.  The Conqueror pulled her back into her body with her left arm, stroking her until every shudder in her body had subsided.

Desire’ turned her head to the Conqueror who was drinking the sight in and kissed her passionately then let her head fall to the pillow, her body enveloped by six feet of warrior.  The Conqueror pulled her hand away from her sex, extending her fingers to Desire’s mouth.  Greedily she licked her sex off of the Conqueror’s hand, sucking each finger until all traces of her juices were gone, the Conqueror moaning at the contact.

She then turned around to the Conqueror, pushing her backward on the bed and rolled over on top of her, her sex brushing the soft skin of the Conqueror’s stomach as she sat looking down hungrily.  She raised her arms above her head, clasping her fingers together behind her neck, arching her back and thrusting her chest forward to stretch.  Then resting her hands on her head she looked down at the Conqueror her eyes glazed over with lust, pale green eyes sparkling in the morning sun, "I’m not a morning person you know."

The Conqueror stared back, eyes of sapphire filled with passion, a smile forming on her lips.  Before she could respond she felt soft warm lips covering her mouth, a probing tongue seeking entry.  She opened her lips allowing the soft tongue to caress her own as both mouths and tongues moved in erotic rhythm against each other.

Desire’ planted kisses on the Conqueror’s forehead, cheeks and ears, burning a trail down the Conqueror’s neck, kissing and sucking the sensual bronze skin. The Conqueror moaned and writhed below the sweet torture of her touch. She blazed a trail down her shoulders, arms, breasts, stomach, thighs and calves, down to her feet and toes, sucking each toe, covering every inch of the Conqueror until her head rested between powerful thighs, smelling the fragrance of sex coming from the hidden treasure beneath dark curls.   It was her turn to bring the Conqueror sweet release.


The Conqueror was lying on her back.  Desire’ lay between her legs, her head resting on the Conqueror’s stomach as they lay in the sweet afterglow of lovemaking.  There was a knock on the door.  "Make them go away," begged Desire’ weakly lifting her head from it’s resting position.

"Go away!" yelled the Conqueror.  They listened to the muffled voice of Mekka coming from the other side of the door.  "Breakfast, My Lord."  "Make them come back," begged Desire’.  The Conqueror looked down at her slave, laughing at the sound of her voice.  She is just too cute, she thought.  "Wait!" yelled the Conqueror.  "Come in."

Mekka walked in with a tray full of foods and juices and placed it on the small table across from the bed.  As she poured the juice and served food onto the waiting plates she glanced over to the bed to get a glimpse of naked bodies entwined.  She froze as the Conqueror gazed into her eyes, then quickly looked back down trying to focus on her task, nervously trying to complete it.  The Conqueror noticed her slave’s obvious discomfort having been caught looking upon her naked form without permission.  "Mekka," she started.  "You will not be punished today.  Complete your duties."

Desire’ climbed up over the Conqueror looking into her eyes.  "Punished, for what?" she asked.

"For looking at me, without permission," she stated.  "She is a slave.  There are rules that must be followed."

Desire’ looked directly into her eyes.  "That’s just stupid."  There was a long pause of silence before she spoke again watching blue eyes turn dark.  "You’d punish her for being human?"

"You question me slave?" she asked her eyes turning cold as the beast fought for supremacy.

"Yes I question you.  She’s human and you’re hot.  So she looked at you.  Hasn’t she seen you naked before?"

Xena tried to contain her anger, fighting the beast.  "Mekka please leave."  Mekka walked quickly out the door hoping the beautiful stranger would be spared for defending her.  "Do not question me in front of other slaves."

"Punish me then."


"You heard me, punish me.  I’m new to this slave thing.  In my country people own cattle, horses and dogs and we don’t punish them for being true to their nature.  We don’t own people and we can disagree with each other without being punished."

The Conqueror was stunned by such insolence.  The beast was fighting to break loose.  Before she could find her voice the small brunette was rambling.  "How do you think we have accomplished so much in our world, creating and inventing to make life easier, more pleasurable, to save more lives and live longer.  People live to be 100 years old.  Man learned how to fly because of the exchange of free flowing ideas."

The beast began to retreat as the Conqueror’s curiosity peaked.  "Go on."

"What no patented phrase, ‘explain yourself," Desire’ answered teasing, a wink in her left eye.

The Conqueror smiled at the beauty in her bed.  She raised her right hand to caress her cheek and then playfully slapped her.  "Explain yourself."

"Hey!" she exclaimed, batting the offending hand down.  "Let’s agree on one thing before I continue."  The Conqueror continued looking at her, a smile on her face.  "Let’s agree that today is not a good day to be killing the crazy lady in your bed.  Or beating her," she added.

"And if I don’t agree to these terms."

"Then I will only tell you what you want to know.  Things like how gorgeous you are, what an incredible lover you are, how a person can drown in those blue eyes, how wet you make me feel," she purred as she moved in closer to kiss the Conqueror, her passion mounting as she watched the Conqueror kissing her back.

"And that’s a bad thing?" asked the Conqueror breathlessly.

"Only if you seek the truth.  It takes great courage to seek the truth," she whispered in her ear, gently biting her earlobe.

The Conqueror never turned down a challenge.  "I will agree to your terms but you must agree to mine," she answered, distracted by the warm breath caressing her ear and neck.  "We will talk during breakfast and now is not the time for breakfast," she added her passion burning to her center as she pulled the woman in to kiss her, rolling her onto her back on the bed.  "For now we don’t talk," stated the Conqueror as she prepared to take her slave to the peak of ecstasy.


Chapter Five-Honesty Isn’t Always the Best Policy

Desire’ sat across from the Conqueror as they ate their breakfast, cold from sitting so long while the two women enjoyed another session of passion.  Desire’ didn’t mind.  Fresh game and cheeses were not her idea of breakfast food so she nibbled on pieces of fruit, biscuits and cold eggs wishing for a bottle of ketchup.  She would kill for a bottle of Coca-a-Cola right now and a cigarette.

"You don’t like your breakfast," stated the Conqueror.

"It’s a little too rich for me in the morning.  This is fine, thank you, my Lord."

"Now you develop manners," she answered teasing.

"I do read Miss Manners you know."  The Conqueror was looking at her, head tilted to the side not understanding the response, her eyebrows raised.  "She teaches proper dining etiquette.  I wasn’t raised in a barn."

"You do speak funny.  Call me Xena when we are alone but address me properly when we are in the company of others."

"You mean you want to be seen with me in public?" she asked teasingly.

"If I don’t kill you," she teased back.  Desire’ absorbed the words.  Back home she would’ve laughed but here she knew that those words were as much of a threat as they were a joke.

"So Desire’, what do you usually eat for breakfast?"

"Cold pizza," came the reply.  She looked at the Conqueror and laughed at the quizzical expression on her face.  "I don’t always eat breakfast but when I do I eat omelets, hash browns, eggs with cheese melted in them and salsa with tortillas.  Sometimes I eat pancakes or waffles with peanut butter and maple syrup.  I can get a meal for 99 cents down at the local casino so I don’t cook breakfast much."

"What are hash browns?"

"Grated potatoes that are fried in oil with spices."

"Why don’t you just call them fried potatoes?"

"Because they’re called hash browns.  I don’t know why.  The English language is really stupid.  How come you’re speaking Greek and I can understand every word you’re saying and I don’t speak Greek."

"You don’t speak Greek?"

"No I only speak English yet here I am understanding every word you’re saying.  Are you sure you’re not speaking English?"

"I’m Greek.  Why would I speak English in my own home?"

"Beats the hell out of me.  Must be some crazy time travel rule.  Wasn’t in the brochure."

"Why are you here?  Remember you promised to speak the truth and I promised not to kill you, today."

"I feel better.  Had to add the word ‘today’ didn’t ya?"

"Need to keep you in your place."

"I’m working with the Goddess of Love, that is I’m here to find your soulmate, your one true love before you do something stupid like kill her," she answered, the words slipping out before she could stop them.  Oh shit, she thought, I’m dead.

"So you are working for the Gods.  You lied to me."  The beast began to stir inside of the Conqueror.  "

"No, I did not lie.  I am working with her.  Big difference.  Besides I didn’t meet her until after your first little inquisition."

"I don’t believe in love, therefore I am an enemy to Aphrodite and she has sent you to kill me.  But why would she send such a small woman to complete such a large task?"  The Conqueror’s eyes had grown cold.  She had stopped eating and was now staring at the small brunette, a feral grin replacing the warm smile as the beast made it’s presence known.

"Don’t under estimate me Conqueror," Desire’ spat back, her own eyes now cold stones filled with anger.  Shit! What the hell are you doing, you idiot!  This is real! She wants you dead and you’re giving her attitude!  Stupid, stupid! yelled the little voice in her head.  "I’m ssorry," she stammered.  "I mean you no harm, Xena."  Call her Conqueror you idiot!    "I mean Conqueror.  I want you to live happy.  That is why I’m here.  Desire’ looked up at the Conqueror, fear clouding her eyes.

"Why should I trust you!" yelled the Conqueror as she stood up towering over the brunette.

"Because you can see the truth in my eyes, Conqueror.  And because you know I cannot be from this world.  You  have seen the evidence."

"What evidence?  A scar on the back of your head.  The Gods can heal that."

"I know many things about you, Conqueror.  Like how M’Lila saved you from Caesar’s cross or how you stole the Rheingold from the Rheine maidens and created a ring to use it’s power and Grinhilda changed into a hideous monster because she hadn’t forsaken love when she put the ring on.  That by the way is going to be a mess in another 30 years or so when she breaks out of that cave you trapped her in."

The Conqueror was stunned.  No one knew about Grinhilda trapped in a cave.  But the beast was growing inside of her begging for release.  "You know nothing about me!"

"Yes I do, conqueror, I know of the greatness you hide within your heart."  Desire’ paused.   "You have everything a person can have in this world yet you have nothing."

"What! What don’t I have?"

"Oh no, I’m not answering that, I like my head just fine where it’s at, on top of my shoulders."

The beast walked over to Desire’, grabbed her by the neck and lifted her from her seat.  "You will tell me," she yelled, her eyes burning with rage.

Well idiot you are going to die.  You really did it this time.  So you might as well say your piece, idiot, yelled the little voice.   "You have everything yet you have nothing because you have no love in your life. You have power, land, the finest foods, the finest clothing money can buy, people cater to your every need, and slaves fulfill your cravings. Everyone bows to you. Yet you have no love in your life, therefore you have nothing, less than the peasants working for you to bring home a dinar to feed their wives and children. Those peasants have more than you."

"Love can’t put food in your belly or give you shelter from the cold," yelled the Conqueror.

 "Yes it can Conqueror!  Love is the driving force that propels mankind forward to achieve greatness, to invent, to create, to live and not just survive! It’s the most powerful force in the universe!" The Conqueror released her grip on the woman, fighting the beast within her.  The words stung.  She hadn’t felt love since the day her beloved brother Lyceus was killed.  Life had been easier for her without love, taking what she wanted in life, conquering those who stood in her way.  She had to leave before she killed this woman so she turned around and ran out the door leaving the woman on the floor, trying to ignore the voice of truth booming through the room as she left her chambers.

"You know I’m right or you wouldn’t be running from me!" yelled Desire’, picking herself up off the floor.  She knew what would happen next as Tallus walked into the room, chains in his hands, a smirk on his face.  She just walked over to the chains on the wall and put her hands out so Tallus could chain her.



Tallus had heard the stories of the Conqueror and what she did with body slaves when she was through with their services.  He heard the yelling through the door and saw the fire in her eyes as she left the room, giving him orders to pick her up off the floor and chain her back to the wall.  He was actually surprised the woman was still alive and showed no signs of a beating.  He just figured she would beat the crazy woman later and give her to the guards for their own pleasure before killing her.  He didn’t want to wait.

"Looks like your time with her is through you bitch," he spat, reaching a dirty hand to pinch her nipple.

"Fuck off you little prick!" she yelled back, pulling her body away from the offending hand.  Her stomach churned at the touch.

"Shut up!" he yelled as he punched her in the stomach.  Desire’ doubled over gasping from the loss of breath.  She looked up at him, disgust in her eyes.

"The Conqueror is through with you and has given you to me to pleasure," he lied.

The words caught her off guard.  How she could be so cruel?  "You must have a death wish," she replied staring coldly back at him as he unbuckled his belt.  Panicked, she started pulling at the chains binding her arms, feeling a slight bend of the metal above her.

Tallus just laughed.  "And who’s going to stop me?  The Conqueror has gone for a swim and won’t be back," he hissed.

"I will kill you first," she hissed back.  Suddenly the doors opened to the chambers.  Palemon walked in.  "What are you doing?" he shouted at Tallus, as Tallus tried unsuccessfully to put his belt back on.  "Get out!  Get out now before I kill you!"  Tallus turned around and ran out of the room, his pants falling as he left.

"Thank God you showed up, Palemon.  Someone would’ve had died if you hadn’t," replied Desire’, perspiration running down her forehead.

Palemon untied the chains from the wall, noticing the stress of the metal.  She almost broke through, he thought.  He thought about fixing the stressed link in the chain but decided Desire’ might need it one day.  "What did you do to the Conqueror?" he asked.

"I spoke the truth," she replied.

"You’re lucky you’re alive.  She has killed for less.  She’s crazy right now.  You don’t know what you’ve done, what she does to body slaves when she gets like this."

"What does she do, Palemon?  Why are you here?"

"I’m here to take you down to the tattoo artist."

"Why?  Let me guess.  She’s marking me as her property."

"Actually it’s good news.  She wouldn’t bother if she was going to kill you."

"Great, ‘slave’ is going to look wonderful on my resume’ under ‘previous job experience’," she stated sarcastically.  "And here I thought I was getting through to her."

"Getting through to her how?"

"Her heart, if I can break through her passion, I can prepare her heart for the arrival of her soulmate.  That’s why I’m here."

"Xena’s heart has been long buried.  Right now you have unleashed the beast.  She will crush your soul and humiliate you into submission."

"I’ve already submitted myself to her and everyone’s seen me naked already, what more can she do except beat me to death."

"You haven’t heard what she does to slaves for insubordination have you?"

"No, but you better prepare me."

Palemon grabbed her by the hand and set her down on the chest against the wall, placing a sheet over her so she could cover herself while he spoke.  "Palemon, this is sweet but I’m sure I’m going to have to walk through the halls without it."

"Yes," he answered "And this," he said, holding up a metal collar with a chain protruding from it.  "I’m sorry," he said as placed the collar around her neck, locking it.

"Will she really give me to the guards Palemon?  I would welcome you but I’ll kill Tallus if he touches me again."

Palemon looked at her.  "She might but she will give you first to her generals."

"What are you talking about, Palemon?"

"She’s been known to humiliate slaves by giving them to her generals at the weekly dinner meeting on judgement days," he said, lowering his head as he thought about the meetings and the tortured slaves he had seen.

"So I’m dessert this week," she said quietly, fighting back the tears.  "Are you there at these meetings?" she asked through quiet sobs.

"Yes but I don’t usually engage in the festivities."

 "She doesn’t include you?"

"She includes me, I just don’t partake."

"Palemon, you are a sweet man.  I need your help."

"I will sneak you out of the palace.  I’m the captain of the guard.  It can be done and I can get you far away from here."  He held her hand.  "Let me help you."

"Don’t even say something like that Palemon.  She would kill you if you got caught and I can’t lose you.  You are my friend."  She paused looking at him.  He was so handsome. "You want more don’t you?"

"Yes, I love you.  I would die for you."

"You know where I come from a woman like me, who has sex with women, is called gay.  You my sweet man are very handsome and you could make a gay girl go straight.  But I am the Conqueror’s and she would never let that happen unless she is through with me.  If that happens I will have failed and will never see my family again.  Is that what you want?"

"No," came the quiet reply.

"If you found me in my world, I would open up my heart to you.  It just can’t happen now.  But we can enjoy one time together if the Conqueror serves me for dessert."

"What are you talking about?  I can’t, I won’t.."

"You can and you will," Desire’ interrupted.  "I can’t be humiliated if I am enjoying myself and if I am enjoying myself, the Conqueror isn’t about to continue the party.  She has control issues.  If I am in control she can’t hurt me."

"Are you suggesting I allow you to you know, in front of everyone else?  I can’t, I love you."

"What exactly is you know?"

"Well, usually she will play with you during dinner, making rude comments, gestures, then she will push you under the table to pleasure her while she continues with dinner conversation."

"Okay so far I can handle it.  Don’t be embarrassed Palemon,  I enjoy the Conqueror that way.  I can block the sounds from my head.  What else?"

"Then she will offer you to me, under the table."

"She will want me to give you a blow job, to humiliate me, right?"  Palemon nodded, his eyes looking downward.  "You would enjoy that right?  Don’t be shy Palemon, I’m flattered and I would enjoy giving you pleasure.  I mean that. So far I’m okay with this."

"You would really enjoy it?" he asked.

"Well I would enjoy it more if we could be alone, but I like you and you are very handsome in that sexy, rugged kind of way.  Do the men get to do anymore?"

"Yes, if they have the energy to the Conqueror won’t deny them.  She gets off on the power and isn’t afraid to pleasure herself in front of a crowd."

"Then cheer up Palemon.  If this is what the Conqueror has in mind you are going to get the ride of your life.  Make sure the Conqueror gives you first shot at me, then follow my lead.  Make sure your chair is pulled away from the table.  Block all of the sounds around you out of your head and pretend it’s just you and me.  Let me love you.  Look only at me.  If you have to, close your eyes and take my lead.  Just respond to me and me only.  And remember, I won’t have any regrets.  This will be our only chance together so you had better have staying power."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you had better keep it up for a very long time. I want to come too. We only have this one time together and I want it to last so if you have any pent up energy, you better release it before the dinner as many times as necessary.  I want you to come when I say so and I want you to enjoy it as much as I will.  I guarantee you that afterward she isn’t going to share me with anyone again.  Now let’s go get that tattoo."


The Conqueror had run out of the bedroom wearing only a robe.  She decided she didn’t want to bring too much attention to herself so she decided to go the pool.  At least it would appear that she had meant to leave her bedchambers with just a robe on.  She jumped into the cool water, swimming back and forth trying to release the energy built up in her.

"You have everything, yet you have nothing."  The words replayed in her head over and over again as she swam.  Now matter how fast or how many laps she swam, they were still there in her mind.

Why am I so angry at her, she thought.  I am the Conqueror.  I have everything, including any man or woman I want to share my bed with.  Love just makes you weak.  I don’t see Aphrodite conquering any lands.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  I am the most powerful force in the universe and I will show her, tonight.  Just wait until tomorrow’s evening meal.  You’ll wish you never messed with me.  Don’t underestimate me little girl.  I will crush your soul and you will beg me to keep you.  The beast was winning the battle.   The Conqueror stayed at the pool swimming for hours.


The tattoo had been painful.  Desire’s hand now burned from the healing wound.  She was back in her place, chained to the wall naked, only now she wore a steal collar around her neck, a chain hanging in front of her.  "The better to lead you with my pretty," she thought.  There was a twinkle of light and Aphrodite was standing before her.  "Jeez, even your thoughts are sarcastic, sweet cheeks."  She looked at the collar around her neck.  "Uh oh, you’re back sliding with her, what happened?"

"Well let’s see, last night she fucked my brains.  This morning she made passionate love to me, then we talked, she ran out, I was almost raped by that little prick, my hand was tattooed showing ownership and I got this lovely little necklace for my troubles.  Oh and tomorrow for dessert with her generals, Desire’ is on the menu.  Any questions?"

"Chill babe, don’t get your panties in a wad."

"I don’t have any panties to get in a wad!" she screamed back at the Goddess.  "I want to go home!  I can’t do this!"

"Hey, calm down, little one."  Aphrodite was worried she was going to have a nervous breakdown.  Instead, she quietly began crying.

"I miss my dog and my cats"

"They’re fine.  Your dog is still sleeping and the cats, well they were making out when I left, after a long game of tag."

"You went back?"

"Yea, I knew you were worried so I picked out some clothes for you, jeans and boots and stuff.  I’ll keep em until they decide to let you wear clothes."

"That’s not looking like anytime soon.  Besides I’ll probably be dead tomorrow night anyway."

"Hey, positive attitude here!  Listen I do have some good news."

Desire’s eyes lit up.  "You found the Cronus stone!"

"No, not yet but I’m still looking.  I found Gabrielle and she’s okay.  She’s engaged to Perdicus but she’s not in love with them.  She’s not a bard.  She runs with Perdicus and a group of dissenters writing scrolls for them.  You have got find a way to Xena’s heart otherwise she is going to end up on a cross."

"How long do I have?"

"I don’t know.  Xena has spies so it could be very soon."

"Aphrodite, you can’t let it be soon.  It is going to take a long time to get through to Xena.  You have to warn her."

"Hun, I can’t do they.  I have to lay low remember, otherwise the other Gods are going to be tipped off.  I can’t just appear to them."

"You can be with them without  them seeing you?"

"Of course, I am a Goddess."

"Can’t you warn them, you know, without them seeing you, give them suggestions in their mind or something?"

"Good idea sweet cheeks.  Yes I can do that.  But for how long?"

"Until I think Xena will recognize her soulmate without killing her or I can be there to stop it.  We can’t get them together until we find the stone.  It would just put Gabrielle in danger."

"Done deal.  Hey you hang in there okay?"

"Is that supposed to be a joke, Aphrodite?" asked Desire’ looking up to the chains holding her to the wall.

"Sorry bad choice of words.  Really.  Listen gotta go, I hear Xena coming.  Good luck!"  With a snap of her finger and a twinkle of light she was gone.


Desire’ couldn’t hear the Conqueror.  All she could hear were the slaves preparing a bath in the bathing room located between the Conqueror’s bedchamber and what used to be her bedchamber.  Moments later the Conqueror was walking through the doors toward her, keys in her hand. She was surprised to see her dressed in her dark brown battle leathers, breastplate and boots. She said nothing as she reached up to unchain her from the walls, taking all of the chains and shackles off her body.  Then she grabbed her roughly around the waist, picking her up like a child, holding her off the ground to the side as she walked to the bathing room and threw her into the bathtub.  "Prepare her!" she heard the Conqueror yell as she hit the water, sinking down and trying to pull herself up, coughing the excess water out of her lungs.

She looked up into the doe eyes of Mekka who was busy lathering a sponge with soap.  She let the woman wash her as commanded.

"I’m so sorry," she whispered.  "It’s my fault she’s treating you like this.  I was wrong.  You shouldn’t have questioned her."

"It’s not your fault," Desire’ said loud enough for the Conqueror.  "I can take care of myself."

"Shut up in there," yelled the Conqueror.  "Or I will beat both of you!"

Desire’s own little green eyed monster chose this time to rear its ugly head, ignoring the little voices that kept telling her to shut up.  She dunked her head under the water to rinse off the soap. She broke the surface of the water, walked up the steps of the bathtub, water streaming from her face and body and walked over to the Conqueror’s bedchambers and stopped, staring the Conqueror in the face, pale green eyes now dark with rage.  "Your battle is with me," she stated.  "Leave her out of this."

The beast responded by picking her up like a rag doll and throwing her, body still dripping, onto the bed face first.  She then proceeded to place shackles and chains to her arms and legs and attach her spread eagle to the four posters of the bed.  "On your hands and knees, slave," she commanded.  Desire’ did as she was told, listening to the crack of the whip, bracing herself for what was coming next.  She felt the tip of the whip across her skin with greater force than the night before.  Her back was burning as the whip came back across again and again.  Desire’ bit her lip, refusing to cry out and give the Conqueror pleasure.  She stopped counting after seven and could feel trickles of blood running down her back, not breathing until the whip stopped, silent tears running down her face.

 She listened for the Conqueror’s next move.  She heard sounds but refused to look around waiting until she could feel the familiar touch of the large phallus poking behind her as the Conqueror rammed it into her.  She braced herself to absorb the thrusts, never moving her hips, listening to the beast grunt behind her.  The sounds were so different from the night before when she listened to moans of ecstasy as the Conqueror penetrated with the same force.  She’s not enjoying this, she thought.  She’s just going through the motions as I am.  "Is it as good for you as it is for me," she mocked the Conqueror.

"Shut up slave!" she hissed through clenched teeth.

"Xena," she purred.  "You’re trying so hard to enjoy this but it’s just not working is it?  I know what your passion sounds like.  Even the beast can’t destroy your passion."

"Shut up!" she spat.  Desire’ could hear the sound of metal scraping against leather as the phallus was yanked from her center.  Oh shit, I’m gonna die.  Desire’ put her head down waiting for the sword to plunge through her body.  Instead she heard the sound of the sword whizzing by the left side of her head, then the right side as the Conqueror sliced through the chains holding her hands then did the same with the chains on her feet.  Damn I thought I was a drama queen.

The Conqueror turned Desire’ around and pulled her up roughly off of the bed by the chain.  Her eyes were ice as the beast surfaced.  She looked Desire’ in the eyes, her face close enough for Desire’ to feel the warm breath. "I will enjoy watching you tomorrow night with my generals.  It will give me great pleasure."

"No it won’t," Desire’ answered back.  "When I touch you it will give you pleasure."

"If you deny me tomorrow night, I will kill you," she spat back.

"I won’t deny you, but you will not feel pleasure when I am touching someone else."  The Conqueror slapped her hard across the face.  "Get out!" she shouted as she yanked her across the room by the chain.  The force sent Desire’ sprawling across the floor.  She purposefully picked herself up off the floor, turned around, shooting an ice cold stare toward the Conqueror, then walked slowly through the side door connecting her bedchambers and closed the door behind her.

The Conqueror picked up the phallus and threw it toward the door and began pacing.  "I should kill her.  Why don’t I just kill her," she screamed to the wall.  "Because she’s controlling you that’s why and until you have her under your control you can’t kill her," shouted the beast.  "Tomorrow night, I will crush your soul little girl.  You will not defy me.  Tomorrow night. Palemon," she yelled.  The doors to the bedchamber opened and Palemon walked in.  "I want you to guard her chambers tonight and tomorrow.  She is not to leave and make sure she is prepared for dinner tomorrow night!"

"Yes, My Lord," he answered.

"And have my horse ready, I’m going for a ride."

"But Conqueror it is beginning to rain, shall I send guards with you?"

"No Palemon, I wish to be alone.  A little water isn’t going to hurt me.  Go now."


Palemon sent a messenger to the stables as instructed, then took his position in front of the guest chambers.  He knew it was best not to argue when the Conqueror went out on late night runs.  She was steaming and needed to let the steam off.  He wondered what had transpired between her and Desire’.  He had noticed the phallus thrown along the wall and the cut chains on the bedposts but he saw no signs of blood which was good.  But he was concerned about his dark haired Goddess so he quietly opened the door, careful not to disturb her in case she was sleeping and he peaked in.

There she was sitting on the windowsill, watching the rain coming down, singing.  A low, sultry voice could be heard across the room.  He was mesmerized by the sound and watched silently, not disturbing her.

Palemon kept quiet as she began another song.  Her voice sounded like the voice of an angel as the words she sang tugged at his heart.

Pick up any morning paper, turn on the 6 o’clock news, the devils been so busy lately that even God must get the blues

A young man lies there in the street, his life gone like it was nothing to lose and for the shoes that are on his feet yes, even God must get the blues

When this rain falls down from heaven it must be the angels crying for all the sorrow in the world tonight

A young girl hides her face in shame so they can’t see its been battered and bruised.   Like she’s the one to blame, yes even God must get the blues

Pick up any evening paper, turn on the 10 o’clock news, the devils been so busy lately that even God must get the blues.  Yeah, even God must get the blues.

He watched as she finished the song pulling her knees to her face hugging them and burying her face in her chest, quiet cries escaping the silence.  He quietly closed the door, helpless to ease her suffering.  It would be a long night.


Desire’ knew she had to be strong.  Her legs felt like jelly.  She had been prepared with a bath, oils and perfume.  Her private areas had been shaved and trimmed to look as she did when she arrived.  Dangling gold earrings were placed in her ears, and a jeweled collar placed around her neck.  Isn’t that special, she thought, a dress collar for special occasions.  Aren’t I the lucky girl.  Gold clamps pinched her nipples, a gold chain hanging between the clamps linking the breasts together.  This just gets better and better.  A gold chain was placed around each ankle with a long gold chain linking her feet together.  Gold shackles were then placed around her wrists with a long gold chain joining the wrists.  Great, she thought, designer bondage.  Isn’t that special.  Another gold chain was wrapped around her hips, a long gold chain connecting the collar to the hip chain. Palemon came for her at dusk.  She offered her elbow to him.  "Shall we go?"

Palemon put his arm around her elbow as they walked out the door.  He stopped and turned to her.  "You know I have to lead you by the chain?"

"Yea I know.  A girl can dream.  Remember enjoy yourself tonight."

"I will.  You look gorgeous you know."

"Yes I do.  The Conqueror will not crush my soul today but I will bloody her ego.  You smell good by the way."

"Thank you. So do you."

"Thanks."  The two walked on in silence.  They reached the entrance of the private dining hall and stopped.  The Conqueror was sitting at the front of the table, a flowing blue satin oriental robe, opened slightly revealing her naked body underneath.  She is prepared, thought Desire’.  Callisto sat to her right, obviously enjoying the open display of flesh from the Conqueror.  They were talking and it looked to Desire’ as though they were flirting.  She wants to play hardball, she thought.  Bring it on.   Iolaus was looking toward the door speaking to a second man whom she didn’t recognize. "Show time," they said in unison, as they walked into the room and stopped in front of the table across from the Conqueror.



  Iolaus was the first to look up, his expression was one of wonderment.  The other man turned around to look and stopped, his mouth wide open, eyes bulging from their sockets.  The Conqueror looked up at Desire’ drinking in every inch of her body.  By the Gods, she thought, what have I done.  She is radiant like she was born ready for this moment.  Shut up yelled the beast.  You have to teach her a lesson, crush her soul.  Desire’ was reading the expression on the Conqueror’s face.  Yep, she thought, Got ya.  That’ll teach ya to respect your elders.  Callisto turned around to see what could be so interesting and before she could stop the words squeaked "Oh my."

The Conqueror motioned for Desire’ to walk toward her and she complied, staring seductively into her eyes, standing before her, arms to her sides, green eyes staring into blue.

"Palemon," started Iolaus.  "My apologies, she truly is a gift from the Gods."

 Palemon took his place at the front of the table, waiting and watching for the Conqueror’s next move.  She was mesmerized by the small beauty. Maybe she would just take her back to her bedchambers, he hoped.  But he knew better.  The Conqueror had a reputation and would not back down from her intentions to humiliate the woman.

 The Conqueror could feel the slow burn of her arousal just looking at the woman in the decorative chains.  She motioned for her to sit in her lap.  Desire’ did as commanded.

 "Well I for one am going to enjoy this meal very much Conqueror," purred Callisto.

 The men just nodded watching to see what the Conqueror would do next.  The Conqueror placed one hand around the woman’s breast, holding the weight of the flesh in her hand, stroking the nipple with her thumb.  Then she grabbed the chain between the clamps giving it a sharp tug, watching as Desire’ winced in pain.  Everyone in the room laughed, except for Palemon.

 The beast grabbed a handful of hair with her left hand, jerking Desire’s head close to her face and she whispered, "You will not deny me little girl.  You belong to me."  She pushed her roughly to the floor by her head.  "Now service me slave."

 Palemon was nervous.  This was not her usual routine and he didn’t know what to expect.  The others began their meal as the slave nestled her head between the thighs of the Conqueror.

 "So," began Callisto.  "You do still plan on sharing your delicious little woman with the rest of us don’t you?"

 "Yes, Callisto, that is the plan.  She still has manners to learn."

 "Oh goody, I do so love to teach manners," squealed Callisto.

 Desire’ positioned herself in between the Conqueror’s thighs, taking in the sweet fragrance of her sex.  It’s just you and the Conqueror, she thought to herself.  Just block everyone out and enjoy.  Desire’ raised her hand, gently caressing the folds before her.  She could feel the Conqueror’s wetness, rubbing her fingers through the slippery liquid and parting the folds of flesh to allow her tongue access.  She dipped her tongue in between the folds sliding her tongue up and down between the layers of soft flesh.  She could feel the Conqueror react above her.  She continued stroking her, matching the slow rhythm of her hips.  She slowly slid her tongue up over the hard swollen bud at the top of her sex, stroking back and forth, continuing upwards over the curly black hairs, and back down to the sweet bud of arousal. Desire’ ran her tongue over the pelvic bone, running a trail alongside the inside of one thigh until she felt her hair pulled, shoving her face back into her sex.  She smiled, trying not to laugh.  She felt power and continued delicately, licking every inch of the Conqueror’s sex, her wetness oozing all over her face as the Conqueror continued to hold her head pressing her mouth into her sex.

 The Conqueror was squirming in her chair.  Usually she could hold a conversation while being pleasured orally but tonight she was having a hard time concentrating, controlling the situation.  Damn, she thought.  I will not let her win!  She reached down, grabbing her by the hair and pushed her face into her crotch, holding her there with her thighs.

 "Conqueror," squealed Callisto.  "You’ve got a live one there.  What’s wrong, having a little trouble taming her?"  she tormented.

 Palemon, Iolaus and the third man who was identified as Theodorus knew it was better to keep quiet about such matters.  Only Callisto would dare challenge her like that.

 "Callisto, I like them wild.  They’re much more fun when you break them."

 As soon as Desire’ heard these words, she shoved the length of her tongue up the center of the Conqueror’s sex, pushing her tongue up and down inside the hot warm flesh, fucking her with abandon.  She felt the Conqueror’s body jerk in response, listening to the moan even the Conqueror couldn’t suppress.  Her strokes were relentless now, fast and furious.  Even the bone-crushing grip of the Conqueror’s thighs couldn’t hold her from her destination.  She felt the thighs relax as the Conqueror’s hips rocked in motion with the rhythm of her tongue.  As she felt the Conqueror’s body near release, she withdrew her tongue finding the swollen bud and licking and sucking until the Conqueror’s body rocked and shook with the waves of orgasm, crushing her head between her thighs.  Guess who’s in control now Conqueror.

 Slowly she began sliding her tongue over her sex until she felt two strong arms pulling her up, pale blue eyes looking back.  Desire’ stared at the Conqueror, lust glazing over her eyes, giving her a seductive look.

 "Callisto, you’ve always liked the taste of my sex, here’s a present for you," replied the Conqueror as she pushed Desire’ into the waiting arms of Callisto, a feral grin on her face.

 Palemon froze.  This was not part of the plan.  The Conqueror always offered her slaves to him first.  He stared as he watched the two women, wincing at the sight of the whip marks on Desire’s back, uncertain of what to do next.  Desire’ was sitting on top of Callisto as commanded, her legs wrapping around her waist.  He could only see Desire’ from the back and Callisto’s face drinking in the brunette greedily.

 Desire’ sat on Callisto’s lap, wrapping her legs around her for effect.  This was not what she had planned but she’d be damned before she let the Conqueror beat her.  She stared into her eyes seductively waiting for Callisto’s next move.  The blonde was staring back at her licking her lips.  Callisto grabbed her by the back of her head, pulling her into a greedy kiss, forcing her mouth open, searching for her tongue, sliding it back and forth in a hungry kiss, then licking her lips and face, drinking up the juices from the Conqueror.  As she pulled her head back, Desire’ placed her hands around the blondes face, pulling her forward for a gentle kiss, parting Callisto’s mouth forcefully with her tongue and entering her mouth, tongues dancing against one another for another long kiss as the blonde moaned with pleasure.  Moments later she pulled back, making sure to keep her gaze on the blonde losing her self-control.

 "Wait," yelled Palemon.  "Conqueror, you always give me first choice.  Why is tonight different?"

 The Conqueror looked over at Palemon, surprised by the outburst but frankly she was not to happy watching Desire’ with Callisto.  "Palemon, you always refuse my gifts.  I just figured you would say no."

 "Conqueror, not fair," cried Callisto.  "He can have his turn later."

 "I want my turn now, Conqueror.  I have never enjoyed your gifts but this one I want, please."

 "Alright, Palemon.  Callisto be patient.  Obviously she likes you," she growled, anger building at the idea of Desire’ enjoying Callisto.

 "Rats," whined Callisto as she threw Desire’ off of her lap.

 The Conqueror grabbed Desire’ by the hair, dragging her between Palemon’s legs.  His pants were already down to his ankles, his shirt unbuttoned.  That’ll teach her, thought the Conqueror.  She can’t possibly enjoy this with a man.

 Desire’ took her place between Palemon’s legs.  As instructed, his chair was back away from the table allowing her the access she needed.  It had been a long time since she had had a man’s sex organ in her mouth.  She wrapped her hand around the shaft, sliding her tongue up and down the length on each side as the organ swelled at her touch.  He was very well endowed, she estimated, a good eight inches, maybe more and it was thick.  Time to relax, she thought.

 She could feel the Conqueror’s eyes on the back of her head as she continued stroking the organ with her tongue, around the sides, then over the tip and back up and down the sides again near his balls.  Palemon moaned from above.  She then slid her tongue up and over the tip of the organ, placing her open mouth around it and sliding the shaft down her throat, making sure to cover every inch of it, stroking him with her mouth, up and down to the rhythm of his hips.  She could hear the silence in the room except for Palemon’s moans of pleasure, the Conqueror’s eyes growing dark behind her, anger mounting.

 Desire’ was reveling in the power as she slid her mouth up and off the organ.  Then she ran the tip of her tongue along the inside of a well muscled thigh, blazing a trail up his pelvis, over his stomach and onto his chest, sucking and kissing the nipples as her body slid into his lap.  She was very wet as she pulled her hips up over his cock and settled back down in his lap, as the length of his sex filled her center. This actually feels incredible, she thought.  Maybe it’s just the power trip turning me on.  Palemon’s head was tilted back, his eyes closed oblivious to the woman looking at him.

 She wrapped her hands around his face bringing his lips to hers and engaging in an erotic dance of tongues as her hips began to slowly move, impaling herself onto the rock hard organ below her.  She watched him as they kissed, lust and passion glazing over her eyes as she began to moan loudly for the Conqueror who sat watching, stunned by the performance.  Palemon groaned into her mouth as they continued kissing, each groan becoming louder as the woman rocked her hips faster.  Desire’ pulled her head back, moaning and grinding his sex harder and harder until she almost reached her peak.  She leaned over to Palemon, whispering loudly in his ears, "Come for me Palemon." She leaned her head backward, her hands behind her for support, as she ground harder and harder onto Palemon until she could hear him scream as his release shot through her. His release pushed her over the edge. She leaned her head behind her, hands against the table supporting herself as her own release came and she screamed "Palemon, yessssssssssss  oh Gods yes Palemon," as her body shook, her head gently resting on the table, a look of sweet bliss coming over her face.  Take that, Sharon Stone, she smiled to herself, waiting for the wrath of the Conqueror.  Know this Conqueror, I am not nice.  And I see dead people.  Where is that coming from?  Worse then a song you can’t get out of your head you idiot! yelled the little voice.

 "Enough!" yelled the Conqueror.  "This party is over.  Palemon, take her to my chambers now!  And put your damn pants on."  She reached over to Desire’ grabbing her by the shoulder and throwing her to the floor. "Forget it!" she yelled changing her mind, picking Desire’ up and dragging her behind her.



 Desire’ was trying desperately to pick up her feet  and run next to the Conqueror but every time she was almost on her feet, the Conqueror would yank her by the arm, dragging her knees scraping against the stone floor of the palace.  When they finally reached the bedchambers, the Conqueror threw her across the room.  She could swear she was flying until the wall came crashing into her.  She barely had time to put her hands in front of her to soften the impact.  "Ooof," she said as she hit the wall and slid down.

 Before she could react she felt a hand grab the back of her collar, pulling her around to look into the eyes of the Conqueror.  "So you prefer men," she said through clenched teeth as she prepared to chain Desire’ to the wall.

 "No, I prefer you in the bedchamber," she answered defiantly.

 She saw the arm of the beast raise up over her head and braced for the slap across her left cheek.  "That’s not what I saw tonight."

 "I did what you asked!" she yelled at the Conqueror.  The other arm came up slapping her across the right side of her face.  "Well that evens things out," she spat.

 "You want men, I’ll give you men!" yelled the Conqueror as she walked toward the door.  "Tallus!!!!!"

 "Don’t do this Conqueror," yelled Desire’ frantically pulling on the chains that bound her hands.  She could feel them pulling, just a little more she thought.  She could see the Conqueror talking to that little pissant in the hallway.

 Outside the doorway Tallus listened to the Conqueror.  "If she says yes Tallus, she’s all yours, but she must say yes."

 "Yes Conqueror."  He couldn’t believe his ears.  She was giving that hot little bitch to him for pleasure.  Oh yes, he thought, she will say yes.  She just needs a little persuasion.

 Desire’ could see Tallus walking back through the door, the Conqueror following and stopping inside the doorway.  "Don’t do this Conqueror, please," she cried.

 Tallus walked up to her, a bulge in his crotch.  He was grabbing at his pants as Desire’ fought with the restraints above her.  Then she felt cold steel under her chest, pressing into the flesh protecting her heart.

 "You want me don’t you," he said loud enough for the Conqueror to hear.  Then quietly he whispered.  "Say yes I want you so she can hear or I will ram this blade through your heart.  I’m not afraid to die," he said a feral grin on his face.

 The boy was crazy.  She could see it in his eyes and it chilled her to the bones.  She just wanted to survive.  "Yes, I want you," she said loud enough for the Conqueror to hear.  She looked over to the Conqueror, her expression cold and blank as the words reached her ears.  She looked back down to Tallus and whispered, "Put that away before she sees it."

 She watched Tallus put the dagger away, his head down as he unbuckled his pants.  Desire’ strained at the chains pulling them farther from the wall.  As Tallus grabbed her hips pulling her forward to enter her, she pulled with all of her strength at the chains, breaking them free from the wall, slamming both fists down over his shoulders, crushing his back.  The force propelled them forward with Tallus on top of her.  Before he could react she pulled her arms to the side like a batter and slammed both fists across the side of his face, slamming him into the bed.

 She rolled over onto her right side, pushing herself from the floor with both hands, facing Tallus in a cat stance.  Tallus jumped off the ground, unsheathing his sword, swinging wildly as he lunged at her.  Anticipating the move, Desire’ pivoted on her foot swinging her body away, letting the boy run right past her.  She stood looking at him ready in her stance.  This time he slowed up.  She went on the offensive, shuffling two steps and landing a side blade kick into his sword hand, dislodging the weapon.  She followed with another side blade into his stomach and as he bent over she finished him off with a rising knee kick that sent his head and body falling backwards to the ground.

 She turned around to see where the Conqueror was only to be met again by cold metal touching her skin as the Conqueror stood in front of her, sword drawn.  She froze and looked into the eyes of the beast.

 "Coward," spat Desire’

 "Not a nice thing to say to someone holding a sword against your chest," she answered pushing the blade forward, a trickle of blood running down the brunette’s chest.

 "If you want to fight me Conqueror, at least give me a fair fight.  I don’t have a weapon."

 She waved the sword over toward the ground where Tallus lay.  "Pick up his weapon.  I’ll wait," she answered.

 "Why don’t you throw your weapon down and fight me."

 "You can’t beat me little girl," she smiled, a feral grin on her face as she stared at Desire’.

 "Don’t underestimate me Conqueror and don’t call me little," she growled pale green eyes dark with anger, staring at the Conqueror as the green-eyed monster came out to play.  "We play for my freedom."

 "This isn’t a game little girl.  No one beats the Conqueror."

 "Then you have nothing to worry about," she spat back.  "If I win, you release me.

 "And if I win, I will kill you," she answered back.

 "Deal," stated Desire’.  "Can I at least have a shirt?"

 "Wait here, I will get your shirt.  Don’t move or I will kill you on the spot."

 Desire’ stood frozen to the ground.  This was it.  Years of karate would be her only hope of survival now.  The Conqueror came back wearing her brown leather battle dress, holding her T-shirt in her hand.  She walked over to Desire’ to untie her chains so she could put the shirt on.

 The two women circled each other waiting for the other to move.  The Conqueror closed in throwing a right, left, right, each one blocked by Desire’.  She delivered a left front blade kick toward her head, following by the right foot, each one blocked with skill by the small brunette.  Desire’ spun off with her lead foot, arching her kicking leg around and into Xena’s head as she watched over her shoulder, hitting her mark.  Xena’s head snapped back, throwing her to the ground.  She jumped up, a feral grin on her face as she laughed.

 Xena responded with a roundhouse kick as the brunette jumped, taking the blow in the chest bouncing back, still on her feet.  Xena followed delivering a right, left, right with rapid fire.  Desire’ blocked each blow, then bending down with a right downward block to block the kick coming from the left, then to the right.  She ran into Xena, her hands clasped, pulling back hard with all of her strength and slamming her fists into Xena’s jaw throwing her back onto the ground.  Before Xena could respond, Desire’ was on the ground, twisting her left arm behind her immobilizing her.  With her left hand she swung upward, her fist balled up with her middle knuckle protruding.  She knew that in the right spot this punch could kill a person.  Her hand swung up toward Xena’s face.  She could actually see fear in her eyes.  She pulled her fist back just as her knuckle touched Xena’s nose.  She squeezed the nose and stood back, releasing her.

 Desire’ placed one knee on the ground and bowed her head to the Conqueror.  "Give me my freedom.  I bow my allegiance to you and will humbly serve you as you wish."   She rose from the ground and turned around so the Conqueror couldn’t see the tears in her eyes from fear.

 Xena looked up at her.   She knew she had been beaten and the beast wasn’t about to let anyone hear about this.  Xena took the dagger from between her breasts and lunged forward at Desire’.  Desire’ heard the movement behind her and jumped to her left and down, trying to get out of the way of the force behind her.  Her movement was enough to save her from a dagger in the back.  Instead the dagger slashed through her flesh on her side as she felt a powerful blow from Xena’s left hand propel her to the ground.  She felt the knife enter then pull away and she rolled away from the Conqueror’s body watching as the knife flew past her throat just inches away into the hard surface of the floor breaking the blade.  The blow knocked the wind out of her and all she could do was cover her face as the Conqueror picked her up by the shirt slamming her twice into the hard floor.

Desire’ heard the crack of her skull, her vision blurred as she looked up into the eyes of the beast who was picking her up and slamming her into the wall.  She felt her head slam back to the right then the left behind the powerful fists of the dark woman. The beast landed a powerful blow to her stomach and as she doubled over, she felt the full force of a knee as it slammed upward into her chin throwing her back into the wall, her body crumpling to the ground, her face toward the wall as darkness claimed her.

The beast walked over to the still unconscious guard and picked up his sword, walking back over to the crumpled body.  She pulled the sword over her head with both hands, swinging down toward the brunette and stopping just short of her body as she stared at the bloody head, the large ugly scar open from her wounds.  The sight stopped her dead in her tracks and she threw the sword down.  "What have I done."  She leaned over Desire’, afraid to move her.  She ran her hand down her neck, feeling for a pulse or broken bones.  Her pulse was faint but it was there.  "Palemon!" she yelled and ran over to the bed, ripping the sheets off, tearing them into strips.  She ran over to the crumpled woman, placing strips of the cloth against the open wounds applying pressure to stop the bleeding.

Palemon ran in and seeing his Goddess on the ground, ran over to help.  "Get some water, now and get the healer!  And bring thread and needle, quickly!" she yelled.  Palemon ran over to the bathing room to get the water for the Conqueror, than ran out of the room to get the healer.  Xena held the woman in her arms, one hand pressed against the bandages to stop the blood.

The healer was back within minutes with the necessary supplies and helped as Xena began to sew up the gash in Desire’s head while the healer sewed up the wound in her side.  When they were done they cleaned the excess blood off the wounds and scratches covering her body, covering the wounds with healing herbs, careful not to move her head.  Desire’s breathing was shallow and her golden brown skin was turning a very pale shade of white from the loss of blood.  Xena checked for broken bones.  All she could find were a couple of cracked ribs which she set before moving her.  She knew that her skull was fractured and only time could heal such a wound.

With the healer holding her head, the Conqueror gently picked up Desire’ timing her movements with the healer.  Together they walked to the healer’s room, placing her down onto a bed, placing a soft down pillow below her neck and head for support.  All they could do now was wait for her to wake up or die.



Chapter Six-Charon’s Boat

Palemon sat next to Desire’ holding her hand.  He had not left her side for three days as he waited for her to wake up.  She had to wake up, the Conqueror needed her.  As much as he hated to admit it, Desire’ was reaching into her heart, for which she was now paying dearly for.  For three days, the Conqueror didn’t leave her bedchambers except to check on the beaten woman.  Whenever he looked in she would be hovering over her desk, a blank expression on her face.  She wasn’t eating and she wouldn’t tell Palemon what happened, just that Desire’ had challenged her to a fight for her freedom.  The Conqueror’s face was swollen, her eye closed shut from the fight.  He could tell there was more to the story but he would never know unless Desire’ woke up.

 He froze when he felt a small finger move in the palm of his hand.  He looked over at her bruised face.  Her head moved.  Her eyes fluttered open as she slowly turned her head.  He jumped up so she could see his face above her, looking into pale green eyes.  "Tallus," she said weakly.  "Knife to my chest, he threatened to kill me if I didn’t say yes."    "Shsshh," don’t talk he said gently.  "I don’t want to die," she said as her eyes closed and her breath became ragged.

 The Conqueror walked into the healer’s room and over to the bed holding the broken, bruised woman.  Palemon was standing over the bed holding her hand, his head held down.  She looked so small.

 How could such a little woman best her in combat?  She felt ashamed at her earlier actions.  The woman beat her in a fair fight and bowed allegiance to her to continue her service as she saw fit.  It was a fight to the death for the price of her freedom.  When the woman turned away from her, the beast reared it’s ugly head propelling her forward to beat her to death so there would be no reminder that she, the Conqueror, could actually be defeated in combat.  It would be humiliating if people found out so the beast silenced her.  Xena barely reigned the beast in, just in time to prevent her from striking the final blow.  As she looked at the fragile woman, she could see that it might not have been soon enough to save her life.

She had lost a lot of blood, according to the healer, much more than was humanly possible to survive yet she continued to breathe, her strong spirit clinging to life.  Her skull was fractured with a mighty gash that took many stitches to close.  Her body was covered with bruises inflicted by the beast, a couple of ribs broken, and a long gash from her dagger.  She had been unconscious for three days and with every passing day she slipped closer to death.

The Conqueror cursed herself for the emotions flowing through her.  She had killed slaves before and for lessor acts of insolence than this woman.  But here she stood in the healer’s room praying silently to the Gods for her to wake up.   She spoke the truth to the Conqueror even when speaking it she feared for her life.  She knew Desire’ was right.  She owned the world yet she owned nothing.  Those words had caused such a chain of disastrous events leading to the place where she was standing.  The beast had defeated her again.

She shook her head trying to stop the thoughts invading her head and motioned for Palemon to leave them alone.  Palemon turned to the Conqueror.  "She woke up for a moment," he said, then turned to walk away.  She sat down, watching the ragged breaths of the unconscious woman.  She placed her hand over the tattooed hand, still healing from the design.  There was nothing more to do than wait and hope she would wake again.

She watched as her chest slowly rose up and down with each ragged breath, then stop.  The Conqueror watched, waiting for another breath that never came.  She jumped from her seat and began massaging her chest, then placing her lips over her mouth trying to breathe for her.  "No, don’t go," she whispered, keeping her emotions in check.  She repeated the process several times but nothing happened.  She checked her neck for a pulse and felt nothing.

Silently she caressed the woman’s cheek.  "I’m sorry," she whispered then gently placed a gold coin in Desire’s hand so she would have boat fare for Charon’s ferry.  She took the gold necklace out of her pocket and placed it around her neck, then pulled the sheet over her face and turned around and walked out the door.

Palemon was standing in the hallway.  She dreaded seeing the look on his face when he would hear that his Goddess was dead.  How could he even look at her after what she had done at dinner.  She couldn’t find the words to tell him, sorrow clouding her eyes, anger tugging at her heart.  She looked at Palemon and shook her head.

"Noooo!" he cried.  "Why did you let Tallus touch her!"

"What!  She wanted him to," she replied defensively.

"No, she said no!" he yelled, his voice shaking, tears running down his face.

"I was there.  I heard her say yes," answered the Conqueror through clenched teeth.  She didn’t need this right now.  The beast wanted blood and she didn’t want the beast to take his.

"He had his dagger against her heart," he said quietly.

"What!" the Conquer asked grabbing Palemon by the throat.

"She told me before you walked in.  She woke up.  She said he threatened to kill her if she didn’t say yes.  He had his knife at her chest.  Then she said she didn’t want to die."  The Conqueror released her grip.  "Go on," she choked.  "Be with her."  Palemon turned away and ran into the room, taking his place by the bed, his head resting on top of the still woman as he cried.

The Conqueror walked through the hallway.  The beast was out of its cage and she knew just how to satisfy its hunger.  She walked quickly through the hallways, out of the palace to the dungeon.  She slammed the doors open, walking toward the guard, unsheathing her sword, never missing a step as she plunged the sword through his chest.  Using her boot for leverage, she pulled her sword out of the guard, wiped the blood off using the dead man’s shirt and walked out of the building.  She walked through the back door of the palace, stopping to yell at the guard.

"I want another guard to the dungeon now!  And make sure that mess is cleaned up!"  she yelled, then walked away.  Saturo bowed and quickly left the palace to escape the Conqueror’s wrath.  He knew he would find a dead guard in the dungeon.


Desire’ opened her eyes to find herself standing barefoot on a cold stone floor wrapped only in a sheet.  Damn, she thought, I always seem to be naked in this place.  There were torches on each side of the stone walkway.  An eerie pink haze enveloped her.  She walked until the haze dissipated, freezing dead in her tracks at the sight before her.  Dead, literally, she thought.  I’m dead and there’s Charon’s boat.  She looked down at her left hand as a single gold coin materialized inside of the palm.

 "I’m dead. She killed me.  That bitch killed me.  I can’t believe this. And now she pays me? What do I do now?  This isn’t some Goddamned TV show.  These things can’t be reversed."

 "Well what are ya just standing there for?" she heard a raspy voice say.  She turned toward the sound of the voice to see a very scary and ugly man waving his arms wildly and motioning her forward to the boat.  "I don’t have all day. Come on come on."  Desire walked down the steps to the dock, fog rising around her.  "Charon," she spoke quietly, "I don’t belong here."

 "You don’t belong here," he said sarcastically.  "Like I haven’t heard that one before sweetie.  You’re dead dear, deal with it.  Now come on, times a wasting."  He motioned for her again.

 "Charon, how can I be dead 2,500 years before I was even born?" she pleaded.

 "A wise guy I see.  Is this a riddle?"  His eyes rolled as he pondered the question.  "It’s simple.  You mortals will try anything to cheat death.  Now come on and pay your fare."  He extended his hand out to Desire’ to escort her into the boat.

 Desire’ took the proffered hand.  Charon took her hand pulling her toward him, then froze, his eyes staring wide at her chest.  She looked at him then down to see what had frightened the ferryman.  The gold necklace bearing the sign of the cross had materialized around her neck.

 "What, you don’t except Christians?" she asked.

 "That wasn’t a riddle earlier was it?" he asked.  "You’re one of those crazy time travelers aren’t you?  What’s wrong?  Is the future so boring you gotta keep coming back here and make my life miserable?"

 "I didn’t do it on purpose, Charon.  I gather I’m not the first."

 "Not lately.  Seems to be a fad.  If I take you across, you can’t go back."

 "Believe me I don’t want to stay here but I’m dead.  The Conqueror made sure of that."

 "Now that woman has been good for business.  We get customers everyday from her but you’re the first time traveler stupid enough to come back here during her reign.  How can you people be so smart and be so stupid?"

 "You know I would’ve thought that insults were only for the living.  Thanks for proving me wrong."  Desire’ looked down at the stone floor, tears flowing down her face.  Gods, she thought, even in death I’m a crier.

 "Hey now, don’t cry, awe rats I hate when they cry."  Charon was patting her on the shoulder.

 "What do I do now?  Can I see my parents?"

 "Honey, they’re not here.  I’ve seen that cross before, they’re in another afterlife."

 Desire’ looked up at him, her eyes wide at the thought of being alone and she began to sob.  "This is eternity, Charon," she began through sobs, her voice shaking.  "I can’t spend eternity alone.  That’s just too much.  Help me, please."

 "Honey if I take you across you will be alone for eternity in the Elysian Fields.  So I am going to refuse passage to you.  Too bad because most people don’t pay in gold," he said pointing to the coin in her hand.

 "Well I could just sit here and keep you company for eternity, maybe greet people when they get here."

 Charon thought about the possibility.  It would nice, Hades, it would be bliss to have this beautiful young woman stay and keep him company for eternity but he knew it would be wrong.  Even dead she was still full of life and decided the fates had made a mistake with this one.  "No, you have to go back.  You still have time.  You’re body should still be warm.  Where was the last place you remember being?" he asked.

 "I was under this sheet," she said pointing to the cloth wrapped around her.  "I was laying on a bed under a dark shadow.  What am I supposed to do, kick my heels three times and repeat ‘there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home?"  she replied sarcastically.  The joke was lost on him.

 "Close your eyes and hold onto that sheet and drop that coin, then concentrate on that bed and fight with all of your strength to go back."

Charon watched as the young woman did as she was told and in moments she was gone.  Charon looked up to see a young man wearing the gray uniform of the Conqueror’s guard.  "Come on step up, pay the fare.  What you don’t have a coin?  Cheapskate.  You’re in luck, there’s one on the floor.  Go on pick it up and lets get going."  Tallus walked over, picked up the coin and joined Charon on the boat.


Chapter Seven-A Little Miracle

Desire’ tried to open her eyes.  Her eyelids were so heavy and she fought to get a glimpse of light.  Her breathing was labored and she felt like she was suffocating.  As her eyes focused, she noticed the sheet over her head.  I was dead.  They think I’m dead.  She panicked, her arms felt so heavy over her stomach.  She had to move, let them know she was alive.  With all of her strength, she reached her hand up an inch, grabbing at the cloth weakly with her middle finger, trying to move the offending sheet.  She could hear a sound.  She wasn’t alone as she felt the sheet move swiftly off of her face.  She looked up trying to focus.  There above her was the sweet blue eyed blonde Palemon she had become so fond of looking down at her, tears in his eyes.

 "Hey," she said weakly.  The sound was like a kitten’s whisker brushing against his heart.

 "Hey," he answered back as he gently held her bruised hand.  "You left us."  Palemon motioned for the healer to get the Conqueror.  She had been visibly shaken when she left and he was certain she would want to know about this miracle.

 "Charon wouldn’t even take me.  Pretty sad huh?  You left me."

 "I won’t you leave you again.  You need to rest.  Close your eyes."

 "No! I can’t Palemon.  I can’t close my eyes and not wake up."

 "Shshh it’s okay, calm down you’re very weak.  You lost so much blood."

 "You don’t understand Palemon," she shot back.  Every word racked her body with pain.  "I can’t die here.  I can’t spend eternity alone.  That’s what’ll happen. Charon told me.  If I cross with him I won’t find my family.  They’re not there.  I can’t spend eternity, even in the Elysian Fields, alone."  As she said this tears rolled down the sides of her face into her ears.  The emotional pain was far greater than the busted head, bruises and broken bones that covered her body.

 "I won’t leave you, Desire’.  If I have to I will follow you into the Fields.  I will never let you be alone.  But please you have to rest.  I will get you something for the pain."

 Desire’ grasped his hand.  "Thank you," she said as darkness came for her.  Palemon sat there holding her hand, thanking the Gods for her return.  He knew that loving her was futile.  He gently rubbed her hand, lightly tracing the intricate design of the tattoo that had been the source of such pain.  He listened to the sounds of the gentle footsteps of the Conqueror behind him.  He looked up at her trying to hide the anger in his heart.  Her face looked almost gentle to him, concern etched in her regal features.  She motioned for him to leave.

 He looked down at the sleeping woman and responded quietly as to not wake her, "No."  He waited for the wrath of the Conqueror.  It was treason to say no to her.  She might just kill him where he sat.

 "No?" came the quiet response.

 Before she could say another word he spoke.  "I promised her I wouldn’t leave.  Kill me now but I won’t break that promise."

 She didn’t want to kill him.  He was her most loyal servant and had served the realm with honor.  He was the closest person to her that she could call friend.  She contained her anger from his disobedience.  It was obvious he was very taken with their time traveler.  "We will talk about this later Palemon.  Make sure I am informed as soon as she wakes again."

"Yes, my Lord," he answered.  "Thank you."  The Conqueror walked toward the door and turned around to take one more look at the silent vigil and walked away.  The world couldn’t run itself.


Later that day the Conqueror sat at her desk in her bedchambers going over legal matters of the state.  She had continued her normal routine after hearing the miracle of her beautiful time traveler.  She would give her the freedom she fought for and won and she would be gone.  No sane person would choose to stay with her now.  Of course, there was still the chance she was insane and she would choose to stay.  She smiled to herself, thinking of the nights spent together in bed with the small dark beauty who fell from the sky and another time.  She talked a lot and she sure cried a lot but it was worth the nights of passion they shared together.  Yes, passion, not animal lust.  She felt it even as the woman succumbed to her whip, feeding the fire that was her battle lust.  She could feel the slow burn through her center as she thought about that night.  She put her head down on the desk, hands over her head running her fingers through her hair.  "What have I done?"

 Her thoughts were interrupted by footsteps at the door.  She looked up to find Palemon looking back at her.  She motioned for him to come in.

 "She’s awake Conqueror," he replied.

 "How is she?" she asked.

 "She’s scared and hurts.  The healer thinks she is out of the woods."

 "That’s good news.  Thank you."

 Palemon stood watching the Conqueror, not moving.

 "What?" she asked.

 "That’s it.  That’s all you have to say," he replied.

 "Palemon, it’s been a long day, say what’s on your mind."

 "You try to humiliate her, let a guard try to rape her then beat her head in and all you can say is that’s good news.  Help me understand what happened here."

 "I made a mistake," was all she said.

 "A mistake.  Buttoning the wrong buttons on your shirt is a mistake.  A beautiful, sexy, intelligent woman drops into your life pledging herself to you and you do everything you can to crush her soul opting instead to crush her skull and you say it’s just a mistake."

 "Palemon she is free to be with you.  I won’t stop her.  You can make her happy.  I can’t."

 "She can’t be with me.  I know that.  She is here for you and she’s has traveled through time to save your soul and you are too blind to see it."

 "Palemon, when she is strong enough I will visit her and release her, give her freedom.  After that day I will never see her again."

 "She won’t leave here Conqueror.  Even if she finds a way to go home she won’t leave here until she accomplishes her mission.  She’s here to unite you with your soulmate.  You know what the kicker is?  She is in love with you but she knows your soulmate is out there and she isn’t the one but she is still willing to risk everything to unite you with her."

 "Palemon what do you want me to do?"

 "Just love her, listen to her, let her be your friend and guide you toward your soulmate.  She says you are full of greatness because of love and if she is from the future, 2,500 years is a long time for people to remember a woman who lived so long in the past."

 "I’ll just hurt her Palemon."

 "I know you will," he replied softly.

 "Then why are you pushing this?"

 "Because it’s what she wants.  She’s willing to be hurt so you can find your heart and your soul.  She gave herself to me so she could stop you from crushing her.  She did it to save herself so she could survive and help you."

 "Palemon, I’m sorry," replied the Conqueror.

 "Don’t tell me you’re sorry.  Save your apologies for her.  She’s the one broken."

 "Ouch, I guess I deserve that.  I will apologize to her.  I’m sorry, Palemon.  I’m sorry for hurting you too."

 "Don’t hurt her again Conqueror."

 "I won’t.  I will visit her in a few days.  Let her get her strength up first.  If she asks, let her know I am thinking about her," answered the Conqueror.

 Palemon nodded and walked out of the room.  "Ares, show yourself.  I can smell you," growled the Conqueror.  A brilliant flash of light appeared in the room as the God of War made his presence felt.  He lifted his left arm and sniffed his armpit.  "I don’t smell.  How do you do that Xena.  You always know when I’m here."

 "I can feel my skin crawl," she replied, not looking up from her desk, trying to ignore the God of War.  "What are you doing eavesdropping on my private conversation?"

 "Xena, Xena, Xena, now is that any way to treat your favorite God?"

 "Cut the crap Ares.  What do you want?"

"Xena, Bodicea is making noise in Britannia and I can’t have a Conqueror going soft on me before battle."

 "I’m not going soft Ares.  I am aware of the situation.  My scouts have informed me and I am making the necessary preparations.  Now leave me alone.  You’re giving me a headache."

 Ares walked behind Xena, placing his hands on her temples, massaging them.  Xena lifted her head in response, leaning her head back into the God’s touch.  It’s that God thing, she thought.  His hands always awoke her passion even though most of the time she couldn’t stand the arrogant son of a bitch.

 "What are you doing here?  Pouting over some stupid little body slave.  Come on you’re the Conqueror.  You can have any man, woman or God filling your bed.  She’s not even the little irritating bl.." he stopped, realizing his mistake.

 Xena pulled away.  "What did you say?  Out with it Ares.  What do you know about her?"

 "I was saying even though she is a titillating golden beauty, it’s no reason to lose your focus."

 "Ares you said irritating, what did you mean by that?"

 "Xena are you calling me a liar?"

 "If the shoe fits."

 "Ow, score one for the Conqueror.  Get rid of her Xena.  She’ll bring you down."

 "Why are you so worried about one little woman, Ares?  It’s not like you to sweat over a lover of mine."

 "So now she’s a lover.  Come on Xena, she’s a slave.  Give her to your guard.  He seems to want her."

 "She’s not a slave.  I’m releasing her and as soon as she is well enough she will probably leave."

 "Why are you giving a slave her freedom?"

 "Because she earned it, now leave."

 "Be nice to me Xena, how did she earn it?"

 "She beat me, all right.  How do you think I got this wonderful color on my cheek!" she yelled pointing to the bruise across the side of her face.

 "Xena, I saw her, she’s half dead.  So she got a lucky punch in.  It hardly counts as a beating."

 "Ares, I fought her hand to hand.  She blocked everything I threw at her and kicked me in the face a couple of times.  I never even got near her.  She had me pinned on the ground ready to strike the fatal blow.  She stopped and spared me Ares.  She even pledged her allegiance to me and I rewarded her by attacking her from behind and trying to kill her with my dagger!  She’s earned her freedom and when she is well enough she will leave and get as far away from me as she can, so don’t go telling me I’m going soft.  I’m just as evil as ever Ares.  Now go, leave me be."

Ares was stunned.  No one had ever beat his girl.  But if Xena says she’s leaving why should he worry.  "Good to see the fire back in your eyes Xena.  Until next time." With a brilliant flash of light, Ares was gone.


It had been three days since his favorite brunette cheated death, or as she told him, was refused passage by Charon.  She was healing amazingly fast, the bruises fading already taking on a dull gold color.  The healer wanted to keep her stitches in, giving the wounds time to heal.  Desire’ could feel them itching and wanted the stitches out now.  They compromised and the stitches on her side were removed.  The wound closed completely but he still refused to take the stitches out from her head.  Besides he felt it best that the Conqueror do it herself.  The ribs were healing, leaving a minimal amount of pain.  The Conqueror had ordered that she should have the best of care.  He worried about the swelling on the back of her neck and the tenseness of her muscles so he ordered massages for her three times a day.

 She was walking with Palemon’s help the evening she woke up, refusing to use a bedpan.  Her appetite was good.  She seemed to be making a full recovery, never complaining of the pain in her head but now she kept bugging everyone to let her leave the healer’s room.  Staying in bed all day without TV was driving her nuts.  She didn’t know how these people could deal with it.

When Palemon was gone she would try to fall asleep to make the time pass.  Desire’ laid her head back and closed her eyes. Maybe she would fall asleep in peace for a few moments without the nightmares.   Every night she had the same nightmare.   The Conqueror would come into the room, sit down and hold her hand, waiting for the healer to release her.  She would smile sweetly than take her hand leading her through the hallways, laughing along the way.  They would walk out of the palace where she would be placed onto a waiting cross, naked as always.  Desire’ would cry out to the Conqueror, "Please don’t do this Conqueror, not the cross."  The Conqueror would watch laughing as the nails were driven through her hands and legs. She would turn to Desire’ flashing a feral smile and growl "break her legs".  Desire’ would scream into the heavens as her bones were crushed below her, the Conqueror laughing as she walked away.  She would wake up in a cold sweat, her heart racing and crying, always crying.

Desire’ closed her eyes.  The Conqueror was leading her out the palace doors.  She could see the cross, could feel a feminine hand holding hers.  She jumped up out of her sleep yelling, "Please don’t do this Conqueror, not the cross!"  Strong arms grabbed her.  Desire’ opened her eyes, staring at the Conqueror and screamed "No don’t do this Conqueror!" as she pulled her body away from the dark woman, shaking, her eyes filled with terror.  Her heart was racing, sweat was forming in beads across her face.

"Desire’, calm down now it’s okay," whispered the Conqueror, compassion in her voice.  Desire’ was disoriented as she stared at the Conqueror, the green-eyed monster coming out to play.  "That’s slave to you Conqueror!" she yelled vehemently.  The Conqueror howled with laughter at the brunette.  Desire’ just stared at her.  Tears were running down the Conquerors face as she continued to laugh.  Desire’ couldn’t believe she was laughing at her.  She thought about her words.  What was so funny about demanding her to call me, oh shit, she realized her mistake.  "I’m an idiot," she stated out loud, the Conqueror still laughing.

 Desire’s eyes darkened as she watched the dark woman laughing at her, remembering she was the one who killed her.  She thought about the words for a minute, her face flushed with anger as she stared at the Conqueror.  The Conqueror stopped laughing when she saw the pale green eyes grow cold and dark before her.  "I’m sorry."

Desire’ looked at her in disbelief.  "For what?  For laughing at me, for causing my nightmares or how about for killing me or better yet are you just sorry you didn’t finish the job?" she spewed at the Conqueror.

The Conqueror looked back at her little beauty, sorrow in her heart.  "I deserve that," she answered quietly, looking down.  "For everything," she added.

"Oh great.  That includes not finishing the job.  No wonder I cry every night, waiting for you to finish me off!" she yelled frantically, trying to contain the trembling in her voice.

"No," cried the Conqueror.  "That’s not what I mean.  I’m sorry for hurting you!"  Desire’ looked at the Conqueror.  She looked so sincere, her eyes filled with pain at the memory but the little green-eyed monster was coming out of hiding, trying to protect her from getting hurt again by the tall, dark woman.

"You killed me Conqueror!" she yelled back.  "Big difference.  And you told that pissant guard boy to rape me first!"  Desire’s voice was raised, trembling with each word.

"Yes, I know, but, I didn’t," she stammered.

"Tell me why.  Why didn’t you just kill me?  Do you enjoy other people’s suffering so much?  Does it make you feel strong to hurt people who care for you?"

The Conqueror was frozen on the bed.  She looked like a deer caught in the headlights.  She didn’t feel like a conqueror.  Instead she felt like a small child being disciplined by her mother, helpless, not knowing how to justify her actions.  She realized there was no justification and the only thing to do, the right thing to do was to apologize and except the consequences.  "I will explain Desire’, everything, but could you please not look at me like that?"

"Like what," asked Desire’.

"Like I am the most vile creature in the universe."

 "In my eyes right now you are," she replied quietly.  The words ripped through the Conqueror’s heart.  "Yet I would gladly sell my soul to the devil to turn back the hands of time back to the night you came home from battle to claim me."  Desire looked down at the floor, her heart aching from the feelings running through her soul for a woman she would never, could never spend eternity with because her soul belonged to another.  Plus she killed you, you idiot!  yelled the little voice.

Both women were silent, staring down toward the floor, both raising their eyes to look at each at the same time.  "Explain yourself," Desire’ said weakly.

"I’m evil," claim the reply.

"You say that like you were born that way."

"Maybe I was."

"That’s crap! The coward’s answer.  And don’t give me that pissy look.  You control the beast inside of you.  Don’t let it control you."

"I have to be that way.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be who I am or have everything you see around you," she answered defensively, her anger mounting.

"No you don’t have to be evil to conquer.  You just have to be strong and you are the strongest woman, make that person, the world has ever known.  You are also the weakest person I have ever known.  And go ahead and kill me if you don’t like what you hear.  You’ve already done it once and the fear kind of fades after that."

"I can leave anytime I want little girl.  I don’t have to listen to this from a sl… from you!" she yelled, standing up from the bed, the beast towering over Desire’, ready to strike.

"Go ahead, say it, I’m just a slave!  A body you can fuck anytime you want because you have power over me!" yelled Desire’.   "To conqueror others is to have power, to conqueror yourself is to know the way," she added quietly.  "You suck as a student."

The words were so familiar to the Conqueror, a lesson from her beloved mentor, Lao Ma.  She sat back down on the bed, sending the beast back into it’s hiding place.

 Desire’ watched, waiting for a reply, then continued.  She knew she had hit a nerve.  "And don’t call me little," she hissed.

"Desire’ you’re free to go," replied the Conqueror hoping to change the subject.

Desire’ was boiling with anger, the words lost on her soul.  "So what, I just walk out of the palace naked and go get a job.  I don’t exactly have marketable skills in your world since the camera hasn’t been invented yet and I’m a photographer!"  Her words started out slow and controlled then with each word her voice became louder until she was yelling at the Conqueror, sarcasm dripping from her voice.  "Wait, I know, under previous job experience I can put ‘slave’, better yet, ‘body slave’.  I’m bound to find work with my numerous talents.  I’m sure you could give me a letter of recommendation!"

Every word out of the woman’s mouth felt like a slap across the Conqueror’s face.  She wanted to call in a favor from Ares and turn back time as Desire’ had suggested, giving her a chance to do things all over the right way.  Anything, she thought, to take the pain away from this woman.  "I could do it you know.  It would stop the pain."

"What? Kill me.  Kill em all, isn’t that your answer to everything?" she replied disgusted.

"No, I could turn back time.  Call in a favor from Ares."

"No!" she yelled.  "You just don’t get it do you?  Mistakes, even huge, gigantic, enormous, colossal, devastating mistakes like killing me are meant to happen so we can learn from them!"

"Okay I get the point. You can stop shouting now.  You’re gonna hurt your brain," answered the Conqueror, then mumbled, "You’re hurting my brain."

"Do you?" Desire’ started, then stopped as the last comment was absorbed in her mind.  Desire’ laughed at the picture in her mind of the Conqueror, scratching her brain because it hurt.

"What?  Why are you laughing?"

"You.  I hurt your brain."

"Do you forgive me?"

"No," Desire’ replied quickly.  "You haven’t apologized.  You just distracted me."

"Doesn’t your brain hurt from all those thoughts running around at the same time?"

"Sometimes yes.  Are you trying to distract me again."

"Yes, it was worth a shot."

"At least you’re being honest."

"Can we start over, please?"

"You mean like this stuff never happened, I didn’t die, you didn’t let Tallus try to rape me or do you mean start this conversation over?"

"I mean start this conversation over, no sarcasm just me talking to you, apologizing."

Desire’ calmed down, hoping that her ramblings had somehow broken a wall guarding the Conqueror’s heart.  She looked at the Conqueror, soft tired blue eyes looking back at her.  "No sarcasm, huh.  I’ll try."

"Thank you," replied the Conqueror, taking Desire’s hand into her own, caressing the soft skin.  "I am sorry for killing you.  I was angry, hurt, but most of all I was afraid."

"Of what?" asked Desire’.

"Of you, of me, of who I’ve become.  Sometimes people become who they believe they are."

"Then we should believe we are someone good so we can be good, do good," interrupted Desire’.

"I guess I never thought of it that way."

"You told Palemon that.  He believed he was you when you were evil Xena.  You told him if he was going to pretend to be someone else he should pretend he was someone good."

"I never told Palemon that."

"Not in this reality but Xena did in the other reality when she was traveling with the bard."

"You really believe in this other reality don’t you?"

"No, I don’t believe it.  I know it.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.  Xena, not the Conqueror, is remembered 2,500 years later as the greatest hero that ever lived.  She’s remembered as the strongest warrior, the most intelligent battle strategist and the bravest woman who ever lived.  But you want to know what she is best known for, why she has inspired so many people?"

"Why?" came the quiet question.

"She is remembered for her heart.  She was one half of a soul and her love story is the greatest love story that has ever been told in the history of mankind 2,500 years later at a time when people have forsaken love.  So much so that Aphrodite has spent over 2,000 years trying to right a terrible wrong so you can be reunited with your soulmate.  That is Xena’s true inspiration."

The Conqueror looked deeply into Desire’s eyes, seeing only honesty.  She reached her hand up to caress the golden face.  "Is that why you’re here?  So we can be reunited?"  Desire’ looked into the blue eyes looking back, filled with compassion, her own eyes filling with tears.  "Yes and no," she replied.  "I’m here to help you find your way back to her but I am not her."  Desire’ looked away, pulling her hands away from the Conqueror, her heart breaking as she wiped the tears away from her face.

"How can you look at me like that and tell me you don’t love me.  As surely as I can see the truth of your words, I can see the love in your eyes."

"I never said I didn’t love you," she sobbed.  "I just know I’m not your soulmate and you aren’t mine.  I want you to own me, to control me, to love me, take everything of me I have to offer, knowing the time will come when you will no longer be mine.  I will still be satisfied because such love as this I have never felt."

"What if I fall in love with you?  Will you deny me then?" asked the Conqueror.

"I’ve seen the love you share with another.  When you are reunited, the love you will feel will be so powerful that any feelings for me will look small compared to the love you will feel for her."  Desire’ grabbed the Conqueror’s hands and stared intently into her face.  "You have to promise me, swear to me that when that time comes you will receive her love and you will go to her and never let her go.  Promise me this and I will never deny your love."

"How can you ask me to willingly hurt you like that?"

"Promise me Conqueror otherwise I can’t even love you now.  If I can feel this kind of love for a woman who I know is not my soulmate, than I can look forward to an even greater love when my purpose here is complete and I find my true soulmate.  I will never hurt you Conqueror."

The Conqueror reached over, placing her hands around Desire’s face.  The beast inside was asleep now, like a kitten curled up inside its mother’s embrace.  She felt love for this woman and welcomed the emotions tugging at her heart.   "You would risk so much for a love that is not your own?" she asked.  Desire’ replied, "Without hesitation."  The Conqueror leaned over to Desire’ brushing her lips against Desire’s, her tongue gently probing the trembling mouth and kissing her gently.  She pulled back to look at her.  "I won’t hurt you again."  "You will, Conqueror," Desire’ answered.  "I will never have any regrets.  Seeing you happy with her will make the pain go away."

The Conqueror picked the smaller woman up in her arms and walked toward the door.  She hesitated looking at the bundle in her arms.  "Will you stay with me tonight, Desire’?"  "Yes," came the reply.  The Conqueror picked up a sheet, wrapping it around the naked woman to cover her exposed skin.  "We have to get you some clothes," she chuckled as she carried the woman out of the room and down the hallway to her bedchambers.


Chapter Eight-Complications

The Conqueror gently set Desire’ down into the warm bath water.  "Will you join me?" Desire’ asked quietly.

"Of course," replied the Conqueror as she quickly undressed and entered the bathtub, sitting behind Desire’.

"This is nice," purred Desire’, relishing in the touch of six feet of naked flesh enveloping her, strong arms wrapping around her in a gentle embrace.  Her body was still very sore from her injuries, the pain dissipating with one gentle touch.  She leaned her head back into the Conqueror’s shoulder, enjoying the tender moment.  "Lean forward," whispered the Conqueror, her warm breath leaving goose bumps across Desire’s body.  "I need to look at your injury," she added.

Desire’ sighed and leaned forward as the Conqueror gently ran her fingers over the sutures inspecting the healing wound.  Desire’ flinched as a fingernail brushed gently over the old scar, the familiar wave of nausea running through her from the contact.  Desire’ heard the sound of a traffic jam, cars honking and saw street lights blinking, then fading as she slumped to the side, losing consciousness.   The Conqueror stopped her inspection, grabbing Desire’s head as she watched the woman slump over involuntarily; realizing the woman had fainted.  She pulled Desire’s head up to her chest, looking at the closed eyes, patting her cheek, trying to revive her.  "Hey, hey, wake up."  Within seconds Desire’ was looking up into soothing blue eyes.  "Sorry," she said.  "Bad habit."

"What happened?" the Conqueror asked, concern in her voice.

"Your fingernail touched the scar.  I’m just real sensitive to that.  Usually I just puke," answered Desire’.  "Are they ready to come out?"

"They are but I’m not sure you’re ready to have them out," came the reply.

"Sure I am.  Just lay me on my face.  That way I don’t have anywhere to fall.  Piece of cake.  Hey aren’t we doing this bath thing all wrong?"

"What do you mean?" asked the Conqueror.

"Wouldn’t it be better if you took the stitches out first, then take a bath so I can wash my hair?"

"You’re right," replied the Conqueror as she picked Desire’ up, wrapped her in a towel and placed her on the bed face down, her neck supported by a pillow so she could breath.  True to the woman’s word, Desire’ fainted as the first suture was removed.  The Conqueror continued her task, deciding it would be better to wake her when she was finished.  "I can think of a number of times since you have been here that would warrant fainting and this isn’t one of them," she said to the unconscious woman, chuckling to herself.


Desire’ was lying on her left side, her arm around the Conqueror, her head nestled on her chest, when she woke up.  The Conqueror was quietly watching her.  "I had the most incredible dream," she said, trying to shake the sleep from her voice.  "You were so gentle, carrying me to the bathtub, washing my hair and bathing me, treating me like I was porcelain kitten that could break at any minute.  Then after the bath you helped me dry, brushing my hair so gently it gave me goose bumps.  Then you carried me to the bed and laid me down on my side and I fell asleep."  Desire’ stopped to look up at the Conqueror.  "That wasn’t a dream was it?  How many times did I faint?"

"Twice.  It’s too soon for you to be out of bed.  Tomorrow you go back," answered the Conqueror.

"No," Desire’ cried.  "That’s a fate worse than death!" she added, stopping as she said the words to look up at the Conqueror, a pained expression in her eyes.  "Bad choice of words.   I just needed some sleep is all."

"Desire’ you’re very weak.  You need to heal."

"I heal fast Xena.  How long did I sleep?"

"You called me Xena," replied a startled Conqueror.

"I meant no disrespect.  I just felt safe," Desire’ whispered.

"With me?" asked the Conqueror.

"Yeah, you know the Conqueror can be so Goddamned scary at times then Xena shows up and it’s nothing but tenderness.  If I can just get you to like me, really like me I know I will be safe here.  God, I sound like Sally Field."  She looked up at the Conqueror, waiting for her to say something.  "Say something or hit me for calling you Xena, I can’t read your thoughts."

The Conqueror reached over and placed her palm against Desire’s hand then very gently gave it a tap and smiled.  "There, you’ve been punished.  Never again."  Before Desire’ could respond, the Conqueror was on her side, face to face with her, her lips brushing against Desire’s.  She pulled away, staring at Desire’ for several moments, then reached over to Desire’ placing her open palm across Desire’s chest.  "Your heart is beating so fast, don’t be frightened," she whispered.

"I see so much in your eyes," Desire’ answered, her heart in her throat.  "Passion, compassion, kindness, concern, even fear.  Those are all traits of love.  I fear not seeing those things in your eyes again."

"Busted huh?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"Always the talker huh?" Desire’ teased.  "Am I right?  Is that why you tried to hurt me?"  Desire’ waited for an answer as the Conqueror continued looking at her.  "You know if you’re not ready to answer, you can plead the fifth," she added hoping to break the tension.

"What’s the fifth?" she asked

"The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, the laws governing my country.  When a person is accused of a crime, he or she is presumed innocent until proven guilty and if they can’t afford counsel to represent them, the state provides it for them.  That way the poor receive the same treatment as the rich.  The Fifth Amendment protects a person from having to answer a direct question that could incriminate them.  Of course, most of the time it makes the person look guilty, but the law states they cannot be convicted unless it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are guilty."

"What if a witness watches the crime?  Why have a trial?"

"Because a witness can make a story up.  And the wrong person could be convicted.  It’s not a perfect system but we strive for justice.  People still end up in jail for crimes they didn’t commit but at least we try to judge people fairly."

"You don’t have many crucifixions in your country, do you?"

"No, we don’t have any.  The death penalty is usually carried out by lethal injection.  Drugs are injected into the convicted person’s vein.  They go to sleep and the drug shuts down their body until they’re dead."

"Doesn’t sound very painful."

"That’s the point.  It’s the humane way to end a person’s life."

"So if someone hacked your mother to pieces and you watched wouldn’t you want that person to suffer just as much she did?"

"Yes, I would but it doesn’t make it right.  The cycle of vengeance is a tough cycle to break.  Dead is dead, it would only make me as small as the person doing the hacking."

"Do you think my actions were criminal?" the Conqueror asked, catching Desire’ off guard.

"Please Conqueror, don’t ask questions if you aren’t ready to hear truthful answers.  That’s how I got this souvenir in the first place," she answered, pointing to the scar on her side.

"That answers my question," replied the Conqueror as she ran her hand along the scar, gently caressing it.  "Please I want the truth," she said gently. "Didn’t you say that even huge, gigantic, enormous, colossal, devastating mistakes are meant to happen so we can learn from them!  How can I learn if you don’t tell me the truth?"

"Great you choose now to listen to me."  She looked up at the Conqueror, who was smiling, trying hard to put the woman at ease.  "In my country your acts were criminal."

"Which ones?"

"Well slavery, rape and murder are biggies in my country."

"Well slavery is legal in my realm.  It is not considered rape to force a slave into their duty," replied the Conqueror.

"Are you going to justify all of your actions and tell me to just get over it?" Desire’ asked, tears forming in her eyes.  "It was rape to me.  I would never deny you. You didn’t have to force me.  Not even you enjoyed it so you had to know it was wrong, that it was hurting me," Desire’ added, rising up from the bed, to sit up, dangling her legs over the side of the bed, away from the Conqueror.

The Conqueror followed her, sitting behind her, wrapping her legs and arms around her, pulling her near in a warm embrace, kissing the sensitive dark head.  "Ssh, please stop crying," she whispered into Desire’s ear.

"I can’t just turn it on and off Conqueror.  It’s a permanent leak so deal with it if you want me around," she yelled between sobs, grabbing onto the hands around her waist.

The beast awoke from its nap, listening to the angry woman yelling at its master.  The Conqueror tensed up at the angry words as the beast growled ready to spring into action.

"And shut that thing up, Conqueror!  You are its master! Take control of your own actions before I get hurt again."

"What did I do now?  I was just trying to console you," she said frustrated, holding the woman tighter instead of throwing her off the bed and teaching her a lesson as the beast suggested.

"I know about the beast that lies next to your heart.  We all have one.  Some just have better control of theirs than others.  Mine just snapped at you and I’m sorry for that but I’m not sorry for feeling human.  I hurt and not just my body.  You hurt me when you raped me.  You hurt me when you served me for dessert and you hurt me when you told Tallus to rape me," she cried.

"Don’t say I raped you, please," the Conqueror pleaded, tears forming in her eyes hearing the allegations.

"You did, Conqueror.  If you could just face the truth, I could except it."

"I’m sorry Desire’, please forgive me," she cried.

"Forgive you for what?  You can’t learn if you don’t acknowledge it."

"For raping you.  I’m sorry," she said quietly, her voice trembling, tears rolling down her cheeks.  Desire’ wrapped her hands around the Conqueror’s, squeezing them tight as she leaned her head against the Conqueror’s shoulders.  "It hurts you Conqueror.  It should.  It means you understand.  Why did you humiliate me at that dinner?"

"You’re not gonna let me get off easy, are you?"

"No, we’re on a roll now.  It’s called communication.  That’s what people do when they care for each other, no matter how much it hurts," Desire’ answered, their faces touching, tears mingling with each other.

"You mocked me.  I wanted to own you, make you mine, have you my way and you mocked me.  I wanted you to hurt and then when you were enjoying yourself so much, I just got so angry.  I wanted you to hurt because I was hurt.  You wanted Palemon and it hurt me so I told Tallus if you said yes, he could have you.  When I heard you say yes, I wanted you dead."

"I mocked you so you couldn’t see the pain and humiliation I was feeling.  I never wanted Palemon but he was so worried about me.  He knew about the dinners and he hates when you bring slaves in for a sex party so he warned me.  I knew he liked me so I made him promise to ask for me.  He is very handsome and very sweet.  I told him to promise me that he would enjoy it and let me do what I wanted, that you couldn’t break me if I was enjoying myself.  I just blocked everything and everyone out and prayed that after Palemon you would stop.  I only said yes to Tallus because he had a dagger at my heart, piercing the skin.  I thought it was just his ego to hear me say yes."

"Can you ever forgive me Desire’?" the Conqueror pleaded.

"I wouldn’t be here with you if I couldn’t," she replied.

"What about the killing thing?" she asked.

"I can forgive you if you never challenge me to another fight or accept a challenge from me.  I can’t remember who challenged who."

"No more fights.  Besides I don’t want to lose twice in this lifetime," she laughed.

"Funny, you wouldn’t know I won that," Desire’ replied, feeling the Conqueror’s body stiffen at the remark.  "Hey I’m alive.  I have a sick sense of humor."

"Can you answer one question for me, Desire’?"   She nodded.

"You came with Palemon," replied the Conqueror.  Desire’ waited for a question to follow, hearing instead only dead air.

"What’s your question?  That’s a statement of fact." she replied.

"Well that answers my question," she answered back, tensing up at the memory.  She was hoping Desire’ was just an incredible actress.

"That bothers you, doesn’t it?" Desire asked.  The Conqueror nodded.  "I’ll take that as you don’t want me to be with anyone else and knowing that someone else pleasured me is waking up the beast."

"Yes I’m angry, I don’t want you with anyone and I don’t share," growled the Conqueror as the beast lifted its head up ready to go into action.

"You sure as shit wanted to share me that night didn’t you?" Desire’ growled back.

"I deserved that didn’t I?"

"Yes you play with fire and you can get burned.  Thanks by the way for preparing me in all those chains."

"What do you mean?" asked the Conqueror.

"Conqueror you put me on display.  You could have just brought me in naked and I might not have been able to overcome the humiliation.  I knew I looked good, all prepared in my designer bondage.  It gave me the power I needed from the minute I stepped into the room.  I looked like a prize, not a slave.  As long as I enjoyed myself you could not humiliate me.  Everyone in that room wanted me and that power turned me on.  It was intoxicating."

"So you beat me at my own game.  Not many people can beat me twice."

"I don’t want to play anymore.  Tonight, the tenderness, the talking, the truth, will arouse me ten times more than I was aroused that night."  Desire’ climbed off of the bed, turned around and sat back down on the Conqueror’s lap, her legs wrapped around the Conqueror’s waist as she stared into soft blue eyes.  "Is this the part where we kiss and make up?" she purred into the Conqueror’s ear, her hands wrapped around the dark woman’s neck.

"I thought we would never get to this part," teased the Conqueror as she leaned in to claim the small brunette’s mouth with a long, passion filled kiss.  "That’s much better," she purred, picking the woman up and placing her gently on her side on the bed, being careful not to hurt the sensitive skin.  She followed Desire’ into bed, wrapping the length of her body behind the smaller woman and pulling her into a tight embrace.  "Tonight we sleep," she whispered, placing gentle kisses on her neck, her head and shoulders.  "Goodnight Conqueror," came a sleepy voice.  "Call me Xena," whispered the Conqueror.  "No you’re my Conqueror," Desire’ answered weakly, fighting to stay awake.  The Conqueror pulled her prize tighter to her body. "And you are my Conqueror," she whispered.  Within minutes both woman were claimed by Morpheous.


Desire’ woke up the next morning alone in bed, the sun high in the sky outside the window.  She heard a small feminine voice say, "You’re awake."  She looked over to the voice and saw Mekka sitting at her bedside behind her wearing a plain, pale blue dress.  She peeked beneath the covers at her still naked form.  "Mekka, why is it I’m the only one in this place who still doesn’t have any clothes?"

"Conqueror’s order," replied Mekka.  "She doesn’t want you out of bed until you are well, My Lady."

Desire’ sat up in the bed, pushing the covers aside.  "I’m well Mekka and I still ain’t no lady."  She swung her legs over the bed and stood up, a wave of dizziness coming over her as she did.  She threw her arm forward on the bed to support herself.  Mekka ran over to her to help her back into the bed.  "Mekka, I’m okay," she objected, refusing to move.  "I just need some food."

"I’ll get someone in here right now," replied Mekka.

"Mekka, can you go to the kitchen for me, get me some bread and soup, something like that?  I need a few moments alone."

"The Conqueror told me not to leave you."

"It’s okay, I promise I’ll tell her I made you leave," she said as she sat back down on the bed.  "See I’m sitting down and I won’t get up until you get back."  Mekka nodded and left the room.  "Aphrodite," Desire’ called.  She waited for the Goddess.  With a twinkle of light the Goddess appeared before her.

"That was a close one, sweet cheeks.  I thought you were gone."

"I was Aphrodite.  Charon’s kind of a nice guy when you get to know him."

"Whoa, way too close.  You’ve patched things up with Xena?"

"Yea, I think so.  We talked last night.  Felt like I was talking to Xena, not the Conqueror."

"That’s good.  Still no sign of the stone though so I need you to be strong here."

"You said something about clothes for me.  Do you have them?"

"And here I thought you just preferred the naked look," laughed Aphrodite.  "They’re in the closet, in the other room.  I put them there over a week ago when they gave you the bedchamber next door."

"I’ve had clothes for over a week and I’m just now finding out.  Thanks."

"Hey don’t be mad at me.  I just did what you asked," defended Aphrodite.

"I’m not mad.  I just hurt Aphrodite.  This head injury isn’t healing right.  It’s got me scared.  Someone’s coming Aphrodite. Quick go."  With a snap of her finger and twinkle of light, the Goddess was gone.  Mekka walked in with a tray of food.  Desire’ got up from the bed, slowly this time and walked across the room to the adjoining door.  Mekka followed her, careful to make sure her charge didn’t fall.

Desire’ walked into the closet and smiled at the sight before her.  Aphrodite had come through all right.  Various shirts, jeans, shorts and boots adorned the closet, even her favorite black cowboy hat.  "Been a busy girl, haven’t you Dite, thanks," she muttered as she chose an outfit and matching boots to wear.  "My Lady, you should be in bed," stated a very worried Mekka.

Desire’ ignored her, handing her the clothes to hold and walking back to the Conqueror’s bedchambers.  Mekka laid the clothes out on the bed.  Desire’ sat down and began dressing.  When she was dressed, she was wearing a low cut turquoise sports bra, sleeveless button down white shirt, buttoned down to her navel, tucked into tight black jeans and black western cowboy boots.  For effect, she put the black cowboy hat on her head and with Mekka’s help, she walked over to the table of food and sat down and ate.

The Conqueror walked into the bedchambers as Desire’ finished eating.  Desire’ jumped out of her chair eager to show off her new duds, realizing her mistake when she was overcome with dizziness, stumbling forward into the arms of the Conqueror.  "I meant to do that," she said while balancing her hat on her head and looking up at the Conqueror.  "Do you always have this effect on women?" she teased.

"You are not a well woman," replied the Conqueror, struggling to keep the woman on her feet.

"I’ve been told that before, Conqueror," she replied sarcastically.  "It’s all in my head," she added, pointing to the side of her head.

"Bed," stated the Conqueror, as she swept the small woman up into her arms, carrying her to the bed and placing her down against the headboard.  "Do I have to tie you up again?" she teased.

"I just wanted to look good for you when you returned," Desire’ pouted, lower lip protruding.  "I can look good in clothes you know."

The Conqueror looked over at the pouting face, smiling at the child like expression.  She climbed onto the bed over Desire’ running one hand over the boots and up the fabric of the Levi’s, brushing her hand over the shirt onto the exposed stomach.  "Very nice," she said, admiring the view.  "What do you call these?"

"Jeans, all cowgirls where them," Desire’ replied.

"Very snug.  Do they feel as good as they look cowgirl?" asked the Conqueror, staring into pale green eyes.

"Better," she replied, looking back into intoxicating blue eyes.  The Conqueror leaned her head in, brushing her lips across Desire’s, kissing her passionately, then sliding down her body, placing angel kisses across the exposed freckles between the cleavage created from the bra.  She followed the kisses down her stomach, unzipping the jeans and sliding them from Desire’s body, pulling off the boots.  "You can wear these when you are well.  Until then, I want you to stay in bed."

Before Desire’ could object, the Conqueror was over her, her hand covering her mouth, "Ssh, no arguing."  She kissed Desire’ gently on the lips, opening her mouth for more passion, as she continued undressing her little beauty.  Desire’ helped the Conqueror undress as their tongues continued their dance of passion.  The Conqueror gingerly pressed her body down the length of Desire’s careful not to hurt the still sensitive flesh.  The Conqueror lingered in Desire’s mouth as her hands softly caressed the golden brown skin.  Slowly she made her way over every inch of flesh, kissing and stroking the soft skin with her tongue, making slow, gentle love to her into the night.  After many candlemarks, the two women lay together in bed, Desire’ wrapped within the strong body of the Conqueror as she gently snored in contentment.


The Conqueror walked through the secret passageway leading down to her private room.  Only she and the God of War knew about the passageway that connected her bedchambers to the large room in the back of the palace.  Ares had given his word to leave her in peace when she visited the room full of memories, the last memories she had of love.  She liked to think of it as her room of loving memories.

 She unlocked the room and walked in, memories of happier times enveloping her as she looked around.  The walls were covered with paintings of the people who loved her at one time in her life.  There was a painting of her Mother smiling back at her.  Cyrene told her she was not her child when she conquered Corrinth.  The Conqueror looked at the painting, tears in her eyes from the painful thoughts.  Next to her mother’s painting was a painting of her beloved brother, Lyceus.  The painting brought back the vision of that fateful day when he died in her arms, the day Cortese’s army changed her life forever.  There were paintings of Lao Ma and M’Lila and her older brother Toris.

 She sat down on the large bed near the wall and looked around the room.  On the floor were more memories; the fishing tackle used when her and Lyceus tried one last time, unsuccessfully, to catch that old fish, Solaris, his fishing pole leaning against the wall.  Next to it were two wooden swords.  She and Lyceus would spar with the toys, promising that when they grew up they would become great warriors and fight for a better life.

 Here she was, Conqueror of the known world with everything she could ever want at her fingertips but she had been empty inside for so long, her heart darkened.  "You have everything, yet you have nothing because you have no love in your life" she stated to the pictures on the wall.  "She’s right.  Don’t stare at me nodding," she said pointing at the paintings waiting for them to talk back.

 She could not remember the last time she had visited the room.  It held too many painful memories and reminded her that love ends, followed by heartache.  But today she would embrace the pain, thoughts of her little green-eyed beauty taming the beast inside.

 She was worried.  It had been several days since Desire’ joined her in her bedchambers.  She assigned Palemon to keep a watchful eye over her with Mekka as her personal assistant.  She was getting stronger every day, the bruises and assorted wounds healed rapidly and every evening when Desire’ joined her for dinner she would ramble on about how boring her day was.  Every day Desire’ argued with the Conqueror about being ready to work and earn her keep and every day the Conqueror would refuse her telling her she needed to rest.  But she was growing restless and Xena could see it.

 Xena wanted to grant her everything she wished for but she was afraid.  Something was not right with Desire’.  The head injury wasn’t healing properly and Desire’ fought to hide her discomfort pretending nothing was wrong.  Xena would watch helplessly as Desire’ would stumble, laughing about her clumsiness and many times she would see Desire’s eyes roll back as she struggled to stay conscious.  At night she would massage Desire’s back and shoulders, noticing the abnormal swelling around her neck and right shoulder.  She would try to massage her head checking for more swelling but Desire’ would grab her hand, reminding her she might faint if she touches the scar.  Something was wrong and she needed to find out what.  Her only hope for answers was to summon the Goddess who sent her here so she choose the room Ares could not enter, the room where she would be surrounded by love.

 "Aphrodite, I know I have no right to ask you for help, but I am, please," she cried.  With a twinkle of light the Goddess appeared before her.  "You got that right, babe!" she spat.  "But I’m here for Desire’ so go on."

 "Aphrodite something is wrong with Desire’s head," Xena stated, sorrow in her voice.

 "You bashed her skull in Xena, that’s what’s wrong," the Goddess interrupted.  Xena looked down at the ground then up into the blue eyes of the Goddess, tears running down her face.  Aphrodite saw the true compassion of the Xena she once knew and decided it was time to let her off the hook. "Xena, it’s good to have you back.  You know you were one half of my favorite girl group."

 "Can you heal her Aphrodite?" she asked looking up at the Goddess with pleading eyes.

 "Fraid I can’t Xena.  Not without Athena’s blessing," replied the Goddess.

 "So ask Athena.  Athena has always been interested in me.  I’ll pledge myself to her," Xena answered.

 "It’s not that easy.  Desire’ is here to help you get back with your bard and go back to the other reality so she can home.  You killed Athena in the other world.  If Athena is watching her, she won’t let that happen."

 "I killed her?  Even I can’t kill Gods."

 "It’s a long story, not one I care to relive but you were just trying to protect your child.  I’ve been doing some research and there’s a lot more going on then just helping you right now.  Desire’s life depends on her getting home before it’s too late."

 Xena looked at the Goddess, anger in her eyes at the thought of Desire’ in danger.  "Explain yourself," growled the beast.

 "Don’t be giving me Conqueror attitude, Warrior Babe.  Shut that beast up now," she growled back.  Xena’s eyes softened.  "I’m sorry.  I can’t let her die, not now," she replied softly.

 "And I won’t.  But there’s a lot more at stake if we don’t get you back with your bard and back to the alternate universe and correct the mistake."

 "So why don’t you tell me who this woman is and let’s get out of here," Xena suggested.

 "It’s not that easy.  No one is leaving until we find the Cronus stone.  Xena it came through with her into the arena.  Do you have it?"

 "No, I don’t.  The only thing I found was a piece of jewelry that came off of her wrist."

 "Her watch.  She’d probably like it back but it won’t help us."

 "Aphrodite you said her life depends on it.  What did you mean?"

 "In her world, the injury to her head can be healed with a simple operation.  It’s called a tumor and it will continue to grow on her head and down her back onto her internal organs.  When that happens she will die."

 "There’s gotta be something I can do Aphrodite.  How long does she have?"

 "It grows slow, maybe a year, maybe more.  In the meantime you have to stop treating her like a child.  She knows how to live with it and yes, she will experience dizziness sometimes but let her live her life.  The dizziness will go away as she heals from the skull fracture."  Aphrodite turned away from Xena and walked over to the bed to sit down.  "Sit down warrior," she said motioning for Xena to take her place next to her.  "Are you ready to except the truth, a truth that will take you away from all these things you have here?  In the other universe you live on love alone. The love of your bard leads you."

 Xena sat down, thinking about the question, about the feelings she was experiencing, feelings of love that filled the loneliness in her heart.  "Yes."

 "Do you want Desire’ to be happy?" asked the Goddess.

 "Yes of course I do," Xena cried.

 "Good, you answered without hesitation.  The tumor can be fixed at home but I believe her heart can only be healed here."

 "What’s wrong with her heart Aphrodite?"

 "Xena it’s empty.  Back home she’s lost her love for life.  Her soul wanders aimlessly.  She has access to all of the modern conveniences of the future but inside her soul dies a little bit each day."

 "You’re saying Desire’ has no love in her life.  I don’t believe you.  She is filled with such passion."

 "Being here has awakened the lust for life she lost so long ago.  Turn around Xena," she demanded, pointing to the closed door.  "I need to show you something."  Xena turned around to watch as Aphrodite projected a moving image onto the door.  "You know in her world, people can do this.  It’s not just a power of the Gods anymore.  I placed some cameras around her house so you can see all she has in her life and understand how happy she is without all those things because you care for her.  Love really is the strongest force in the universe you know."

 Xena looked at the image on the door.  It appeared to be a very large house.  "That’s her house, the light outside isn’t fire or a candle.  It’s electricity.  Mortals have learned how to harness the power of Zeus’ lightning bolts.  Cool huh."  Xena just nodded as Aphrodite clicked the control in her hand.  The next image was of Desire’ asleep on a large bed.  She was lying on her back, stretched out across the mattress, white T-shirt with the image of Xena on it, naked from the waist down, legs stretched out, one hand over her head, the other hand across the inside of her thigh, a peaceful expression on her face.  "She’s sleeping.  This is where I left her before she traveled here.  Had to trick her to get her here.  Unfortunately that’s how we ended up in this universe," the Goddess stated.

 "What’s that?" asked Xena pointing to the furry creature nibbling at Desire’s hand.

 "That’s a boomer.  Cute huh?"

 "He looks like a cat. Since when does the Goddess of Love like animals," Xena asked, an amused expression on her face.

 "They’re special cats.  Boomer keeps nibbling on her hands, watch," she said as Desire’ moved her hands under the covers.  "He nibbles, she covers her hands then he comes back again when her hands are exposed, starts nibbling again.  Been doing it all night and that big hairy one," she said pointing to a lump of fur on the end of the bed, "Is Figaro and that," she said pointing to the large black head with ice blue eyes staring protectively at Desire’s sleeping form, "Is Blue.  He has your eyes."  Xena laughed, nodding her head in agreement.  "They love her and she loves them.  She would die to protect them, her heart is so pure with love."

 "But you said she has no love in this life," Xena interrupted.

 "She’s alone Xena.  Those little creatures are it except for a sister 2,000 miles away.  She has gone through great heartache and pain in this life.  As a result she has withdrawn and every day she loses another piece of her soul to loneliness."  Aphrodite clicked another button on the control.  "This is her living room."  She turned the volume up.  "That music comes from that box," she said pointing to the living room.  She clicked on the TV to CMT playing a country music video.  "That is TV, images like the ones I am showing are projected into peoples homes.  Plays are acted out and projected into that box.  That’s how Xena: Warrior Princess is immortalized."

 "That’s real, not some God like power you’re showing me?" Xena asked in bewilderment.

 "It’s real warrior babe."

 "No wonder she’s anxious to find the stone and go home.  I can’t give her that."

 "You are so wrong, Warrior Babe.  Don’t you see that?  You’re not getting the point."

 "What’s the point Aphrodite?  Why would she want to stay here?"

 "The point I am trying to make is she has you, your love, even if it is only temporary.  It’s way more valuable to her than modern conveniences.  She only exists at home.  Here she is fighting for her life.  She has a chance to be a hero and it’s waking up her lust to live again."  Aphrodite zoomed the lens onto some photographs on the wall of country western singers.  "Look, she takes those photos."

 "They’re so life like, they’re beautiful," Xena interrupted.

 "They’re not paintings.  Like the TV, they’re captured images of real people on stage.  But she’s very good and she makes good money when she works and she loves doing it."

 "She loves her work.  How can she be so sad?" Xena asked puzzled.

 "She loves a lot of things and she has numerous talents," began the Goddess.

 "I’ll say she has," Xena muttered, smiling, a twinkle in her eyes as she thought about the brunette’s ‘numerous talents.

 "You’re a dog Xena.  You have no idea of her capabilities.  She paints, she draws, she writes poetry, she has an amazing business head and let’s not even mention her athletic abilities.  But none of those things make her happy.  All she wants in her life is to find her soulmate and sing.  In her world, singers are loved and cherished and they make a ton of money.  It’s all she’s ever wanted."  Aphrodite clicked the control on the button and pointed to the screen that now showed several musical instruments.  "She has a beautiful voice and plays every one of those instruments.  She’s a natural."

 "So why doesn’t she become a singer?"

 "Because she is afraid to stand on a stage.  She’s shy and that shyness is choking her."

 "She is not shy Aphrodite," Xena replied.

 "Yea, I know about that little stunt you pulled," she said accusingly as Xena lowered her head in shame.  "You have no idea how difficult that was for her.  In her world, she is withdrawn.  She stays in her house sometimes for days because she is so afraid right now to live her life.  She takes photos of country singers when it is her photo of her entertaining that should be up on the wall.  That’s why I say she needs you, this, as much as you need her.  But we all need to find that stone and get you back with your bard and stop you from giving up so you can save her soul.  Your actions, the ones we are trying to correct directly affected her soul because you were supposed to be there to save her and you didn’t.  As a result her soul wanders never connecting with her true soulmate.  Are you willing to save her now and let her help you knowing you will have to give up being the Conqueror?"

 "Without hesitation," answered Xena.  "What do I need to do?"

 "Just love her Xena.  Try being a kinder, gentler Conqueror but be subtle about it so Ares doesn’t suspect anything."

 "What does he have to do with this?  He’s already asked about Desire’."

 "Then he knows and he will try to keep you here.  If you meet the bard before we find the stone he will try to kill her and Desire’"

 "Why, do I kill him in the other universe?"

 "No Xena.  I was a friend to your bard.  You spared me but without the Goddess of War I would become unstable.  We balance each other out.  No my brother is hopelessly in love with you and will be throughout eternity, alternate universe or not but here he thinks he has you to himself and will do whatever it takes to protect that."

 "Thank you Aphrodite," Xena said as she stood up from the bed.  "Is Desire’ in pain from the tumor?"

 "She will hurt at times."

 "Can I do anything to ease the pain?"

"Just be her friend.  And don’t tell her about this conversation."  With a snap of her fingers and a twinkle of light, Xena was left alone in her room of loving memories.


Chapter Nine-Time for Change

Desire’ walked into her bedchamber quietly, careful not to disturb the sleeping Conqueror.  It was still dark out and she was restless.  All she had done for weeks was sleep, write and sing to herself in her bedchambers, occasionally going down to the pool.  The confinement was driving her nuts and it was time to make some changes.  All this rest was making her very tired.

"Aphrodite," she whispered and waited for the twinkle of light as the Goddess appeared before her.

"Looking good sweet cheeks.  How’s the head?" asked the Goddess.

"I’m fine Aphrodite.  Except for the nights I’m really, really bored."

"Is Xena still babying you?"

"That’s putting it mildly.  Can you go home for me?"

"Sure, I take it you need something."

"How long does it take you to travel back?"

"I’m a Goddess.  It just takes a few minutes."

"Great here’s what I need.  I need my spice rack, a metal grater and my little hand mixer.  Oh and toothpaste, lots of toothpaste and my toothbrush, bring two and toilet paper would be real nice.  I’m chaffing."

"I can do that."

"Wait there’s more.  There’s a small bag in the drawer by the wall in my bed.  And there’s a large bag in the closet by the front door.  Just put the little bag in the big bag."

"Would you like the living room furniture too?" asked the Goddess sarcastically.

"Is that an offer?" asked Desire’ smiling at the Goddess.  "Bring back what you can please.  Oh and maybe my manicure kit too."

"Good idea cooking for Xena.  The best way to a warrior’s heart is through her stomach."

"I have to do something to show her I’m useful outside of the bedroom."

"All right sweet cheeks.  Be back in a flash."


Desire’ walked quietly into the bedchambers.  The sun was coming up and amazingly the Conqueror was still asleep on the bed.  After Aphrodite came back she stormed into the kitchen and took over for Cora, the Conqueror’s chef.  It took her some convincing to allow her free rein in the kitchen.  Finally she just explained she was the woman who fell from the sky and Cora backed off, providing her with everything she needed and watching intensely as she used the strange gadgets brought from home.  Desire’ placed the tray full of food down and walked over to the bed.

She climbed back into the bed, careful not to startle the sleeping form.  She pressed her back gently into the Conqueror until she felt strong hands wrap around her as the Conqueror began to wake.  "Morning," whispered Desire’.

"Morning," whispered the Conqueror as she gently nibbled on the small woman’s ear.

"I have a surprise for you," moaned Desire’ as she felt the soft warm tongue of the Conqueror placing kisses on her neck.

"What kind of surprise?" asked the Conqueror.

"Breakfast," she gasped, trying to ignore the roaming hands all over her body.

"I have breakfast everyday," replied the Conqueror, pulling the small bundle closer to her.

"Not cooked by me.  I do have numerous talents outside of the bed," Desire’ whispered.

The Conqueror stopped her hands and hugged Desire’ tightly.  "You cooked?  I have a servant for that."

"And now you have me for that," answered Desire’ as she grabbed the Conqueror’s hand and led her over to the table.  "Sit down."  The Conqueror sat down and stared at the food on the table.  "Are you waiting for me to taste it for poison?" asked Desire’.  Before waiting for a response Desire’ picked up a utensil and tasted a bit of each type of food on the plate.  "I’m not offended," she said as she sat down in front of her plate and began to eat."

"What am I eating?" asked the Conqueror.

"Well that’s an omelet which is eggs, melted cheese, mushrooms and onions with salsa on the side," she said pointing to the red stuff on the plate.  "Salsa is hot so I put it on the side.  I didn’t know if you would like it or not.  Those are hash browns and those are biscuits and gravy."

"Those look like fried potatoes," said the Conqueror, laughing and pointing to the hash browns.

"Funny Conqueror.  This is my specialty.  I call it my morning after breakfast."

"Morning after what?" asked the Conqueror.

"Morning after I seduce a woman Conqueror," she teased.

The Conqueror shook her head at Desire’ who watched as she tentatively tasted each offering.  "Oh this is good.  I could get used to this," replied the Conqueror, savoring the new taste sensations dancing on her tongue.  The two ate their meals silently, enjoying every bite.

"You’re sure quiet," whispered the Conqueror as she finished the last bite of her meal.

"It’s the food.  Reminds me of home," Desire’ replied wistfully.

"Are you not happy here?"

"I’m happy.  Just sometimes I miss my family.  Don’t you ever miss your home?"

"This is my home."

"I mean your family, you know Amphipolis."  She watched the Conqueror’s expression change as she thought of her family.

"I am not welcome there," she said quietly, trying to keep her expression from revealing the pain of the memory.

Desire’ leaned over the table to hold the Conqueror’s hand and offer her comfort.  "You will be soon, I promise.  Not here, but when we make things right you will have wonderful memories of your Mother’s love."

"You sound so sure of yourself."

"Failure is not an option to me."

"The tumor."

"How do you know about that?"

"I have friends in high places."


"No why would you mention him?"

"I just know you’re in tight with the God of War.  He’s in love with you."

"He’s obsessed.  Big difference."

"Actually he is in love with you big time, in his own sick kind of way."

"How do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Completely change the subject."

"It’s a gift."

"The tumor Desire’.  Tell me about the tumor and don’t change the subject," growled the Conqueror.

"There’s not much to tell.  I call it my life annoying illness.  It’s not life threatening just annoying."

"That’s not what I’ve heard."

"Well you heard wrong," answered Desire’ defiantly.  "Every few years it grows and the doctor whacks it off.  It’s no big deal.  You’ve seen the scar."

"My healers can’t do that here."

"Like I said failure is not an option.  But I live with it daily.  You need to let me.  Is that why you’re being so damned overprotective?"

"No one’s that clumsy Desire’.  I see you fighting it."

"Actually I am that clumsy.  The dizzy spells are from the head injury.  It will take many months before the tumor starts effecting me that way so let me live.  I’m going nuts during the day.  I have the chance to experience this incredible journey and you keep me cooped up all day.  Please let it go."

"I’ll try.  Listen Desire’ we need to talk."

"Oh no Conqueror.  Never start a sentence like that.  It just means really bad news and I’m not ready to handle bad news right now," growled Desire’ as panic clouded her eyes.

"Relax Desire’.  It’s nothing bad really."

"That’s not comforting me Conqueror."

"I have to go away for awhile.  Bodicea is making noise in Britannia.  Theodorus commands the army I will need to do battle.  He’s a new general and I have to be there to make sure the mission is accomplished.  I will be gone for a couple of moons."

Desire’ looked at the Conqueror, then down at the ground.  "Don’t suppose I could go along?  I can ride a horse really well."

"No!  I’m not taking you into a war zone!" yelled the Conqueror.

"I could cook for you.  Don’t you need a cook?"

"I have a cook.  You would just be a target."

"I could travel as your slave," replied Desire’ pointing to the tattoo on her hand.


"So what am I supposed to do all day and night?"

"You can do anything you want.  I will assign Palemon to be your bodyguard.  Anything you want is yours."

"Can I get some clothes that will make me look like I fit in?"

"What kind of clothes would you like?  The world is at your disposal."

"Yea, I like the sound of that.  You know any amazons?"

"You want amazon leathers?"

"Well they are kind of sexy, don’t you think?"

"I thought you wanted to fit in."

"Yeah, but sexy is nice."

"Is this some kind of reverse psychology to get me to take you with me?"

"Is it working?"


"So do I get to meet any amazons?"  She looked over at the Conqueror who was deep in thought.  "You know that might not be a bad idea."

"What’s not a bad idea?"

"Leaving you at the amazon village."  Desire’s eyes lit up at the thought.

"Me and a bunch of half naked women.  It’s a lesbian dream."

The Conqueror ignored the sarcastic remarks.  "Their village would be safe for you.  It’s protected by amazon warriors."

"Half naked female warriors," Desire’ interrupted, a twinkle in her eye.

"Keep the comments up cowgirl and I’ll just chain you to the wall until I come back."

"You wouldn’t."

"Wanna find out?"

"Okay where’s your sense of humor?  Do I get to wear amazon leathers?"

"Only if you promise to keep them on around the other amazons," deadpanned the Conqueror.

"I promise."

"Besides, the amazons would be lucky to have you."

"Now there’s a thought," smirked Desire’.

"Do you just want to replace me?"

"I was thinking in addition to you," laughed Desire’.  Desire’ stopped laughing as the expression on the Conqueror’s face turned into a deadly look.  "Lost your sense of humor huh?" she asked trying to break the tension hovering in the room.

"Don’t’ go making me kill amazons.  They get testy when I do that," shot the Conqueror, a devilish grin on her face.

"Nice to see the humor back.  When do you leave?"

"Tomorrow morning."

"Gee thanks for the warning," Desire’ spat.  The Conqueror walked over to Desire’ and scooped her up in her arms.

"That my dear is why I am still in bed.  Everything is ready to go.  I have the day and the night to spend with you."

"Can we do more than just stay in bed?  I mean I love being in bed with you but can’t we go out of the palace during the day?  Maybe take me riding or just walking, maybe see some of the city or the countryside?"

"Your wish is my command.  The world is ours today," replied the Conqueror as she claimed Desire’s mouth, tongues dancing with passion and affection.


Ares paced the floor of the Hall of Wars.  The tall dark amazon watched, waiting patiently to find out why she had been summoned by the God of War.  "Velasca, I’ve been watching you.  You’re not like the other amazons.  You have fire, a thirst for power.  I like that in a warrior.  If you help me I will give you what you lust for."

Velasca was intrigued by the words spoken from the dark God.  "What can you offer me?" she asked staring into his dark brown eyes.

"You want to be Queen of the amazons.  I can make that happen.  The amazons have gone soft under this treaty with the centaurs.  You and I both see it.  You help me and I will make sure you are queen and you can lead your tribe to victory and reclaim your land given to the centaurs by the Conqueror."

"Ares you would never go against the Conqueror.  How can I believe you?"

"You’re right.  It is my job to keep Xena strong and she is going soft.  Your treaty also states that if either group breaks the treaty the Conqueror will not interfere.  I can make the centaurs break the treaty and you can have your war."

"What do I have to do to make this happen?"

"It’s simple really.  You have a guest arriving at the village today.  Seduce her and you will have everything I have promised."

"But she is the Conqueror’s consort," replied Velasca.

"She is not the Conqueror’s consort!" yelled the dark God, the veins on his neck standing out as he spoke.  "She is nothing more than a glorified sex toy!"

"Than why is she such a threat to you?"

The dark God composed himself and continued.  "She is filling Xena’s head with visions of love.  Love is a weakness.  I have to protect the Conqueror.  You do like women don’t you Velasca?"

"Yes, but I’ve heard she is in love with the Conqueror."

"She has a weakness for powerful women, tall dark women with blue eyes like you Velasca.  She will be lonely and you can fill that void.  And if you can’t, kill her.  Everything you’ve ever wanted can be yours if you can do this one thing.  Can you Velasca?"

"Yes Ares, I will.  Do I have your word as a God that you will make me Queen of the Amazons when I succeed?"

"Confidence.  I knew I chose the right woman for the job.  I, Ares give you my word as a God that you will be the next amazon queen," he answered as the two shook hands and sealed the deal.


Desire’ sat at her desk inside of her private bedchambers.  The sun had yet to come up and she had a few minutes to put her thoughts down on paper before she would meet the Conqueror in the war room.  Aphrodite had done well when she went home to bring Desire’ the additional comforts she asked for.  In addition to her list she brought Desire’s journal and some pencils, along with many personal hygiene items like a razor, hot wax kit and her make up, all things Desire’ forgot to ask for.  Thankfully she was working for the Goddess of Love and personal appearances were high on the Goddess’ list of priorities.  She even brought her lingerie from home and some she would swear was new.  Maybe the Goddess had a credit card.  Desire’ began to write in her journal.

Today I say goodbye to the Conqueror for a couple of months.  My heart hurts thinking of the lonely days ahead. I will travel with the Conqueror and her troops as far as the amazon forest.  Then Ephiny, the great Amazon warrior will escort me to the village.  I get to meet Ephiny and also Queen Melosa.  This is so cool.

Yesterday was the first day I have spent outside of the palace walls.  The Conqueror and I went on horseback through the city and out to the countryside.  I can’t even describe how beautiful the landscape is out here.  The air is clean and crisp.  The sky is blue, the grass is green and there are trees every where.  My only regret is not having my camera with me to photograph the scenery.

The Conqueror offered me my own horse but convinced me I would enjoy myself much more if I rode in front on her horse.  I’m blushing right now thinking of the hand that never left my body as we rode.  The woman has no inhibitions about sex and I find myself craving the attention without regard to who may or may not be watching.  I feel like I’m living out my fantasies.

We had a picnic by a beautiful stream with a waterfall.  We talked and made love then went skinny-dipping and made love again in the water.  The Conqueror loves the little gift I brought from home.  It feels much better than those phallus things she has.  We rode home as the sun went down.  The colors of the sky were incredible beyond my description.

Once inside the palace we bathed and prepared for a formal private meal in her dining hall.  I gave her a couple of tubes of toothpaste and I must say it was cute to watch her use it for the first time.  I thought she was gonna swallow the stuff.  Of course she enjoyed the bikini wax way too much.  It felt great to give myself a manicure and put on make up.  The Conqueror provided me with a set of amazon leathers and I gotta say I feel sexy in them.  Today I am wearing the same top with a slightly longer skirt and I have been provided with a long suede coat to keep me warm this morning.  The Conqueror says she has a surprise for me when we reach the forest.  She is wearing pants so I can only guess what she has planned and I am already turned on thinking about it.  I hope she likes the little surprise I have for her.  I just wish I didn’t have to have my own damn horse.  But like the Conqueror says, I should have one while I’m with the amazons so I guess there will be no riding with the Conqueror today.  Well I had better finish up.  She should be waiting for me by now.  Until next time.


Desire’ walked tentatively into the war room.  The Conqueror was giving last minute details to her generals and Palemon.  It was the first time since the dinner incident she would be in the company of Iolaus, Theodorus and Callisto.

"Well, well, well, look who we have here," purred Callisto.  "The Conqueror’s favorite little body slave.  Come to give her a quickie before she leaves," she said as she walked up to Desire’, her eyes drinking in the sight.

"Callisto, enough!" yelled the Conqueror.

Desire’ stood up defiantly to Callisto as she spoke.  "Callisto I am here for her pleasure only, not yours.  I belong to the Conqueror."  The Conqueror turned around to watch the confrontation.

"And a good little body slave you are," Callisto cooed.  "Who will you pleasure while the Conqueror is gone or has she yet to give you your new assignment?"

Desire’ kept calm.  "I pleasure only the Conqueror.  I will pleasure no one while she is gone," she answered calmly.  "Except of course, myself," she added, a sultry grin on her face as she said the last words.

Callisto was standing within inches of Desire’.  She watched Desire’ intensely as she spoke, looking down into the open coat at the amazon leathers she wore.  "Well it looks like she has sold you to the amazons little girl.  I am sure you will do well in their service."

"I will be there to learn.  How can they teach me what I already know?" replied Desire’ as she grabbed Callisto by her shirt.  "And don’t ever call me little again," she growled into her startled face.  Before Callisto could react, Desire’ threw her backward stumbling into the Conqueror.

"Oh you little bitch!" Callisto yelled.  "You will pay for your insolence, slave!"  Callisto started forward only to be stopped by the strong arms of the Conqueror.  "Enough!" she yelled at Callisto.

"Conqueror I will not be talked to like that by a slave!" yelled Callisto.

"And I won’t allow you to be talked to like that by a slave.  Desire’ is a guest of the palace.  You will treat her with respect and if you don’t, you’re on your own with that one."

Callisto looked around to the Conqueror in disbelief.  "She has her freedom," replied Callisto.  "Conqueror it’s true, you are going soft."  As she finished the sentence, the Conqueror grabbed her by the shirt and slammed her into the wall.  "She has earned her freedom.  Now you go and earn your keep before I show you just how soft I really am.  Get out!" yelled the Conqueror.

Callisto left the war room, cursing the entire way out.  She could be heard cursing down the hallway long after she left.

Desire’ walked over to the Conqueror and put her arms around her neck.  "It’s about time you came to my rescue."

"I knew you could handle yourself," answered the Conqueror as she reached inside the coat to hug the little brunette, her hands around her buttocks as she brought Desire’ up to her and kissed her.  "Hey," she said noticing the fabric under the skirt.  "I thought we agreed nothing underneath," she whispered into Desire’s ear.

"I have a surprise for you but you’ll have to see for yourself," replied Desire’ with a low, sultry voice.  She placed the Conqueror’s hand between her legs to feel her moist sex exposed from the lacy crotch less panties she had on underneath, a gift from the Goddess.  The Conqueror moaned when she felt the warm moisture exposed underneath the skirt.

She then picked her up and placed her on the table.  Desire’ spread her legs open and leaned back as the Conqueror unbuttoned her coat, oblivious to the two men still in the room, watching.  I am definitely an exhibitionist, she thought.   The Conqueror lifted the skirt to see the treasure below, careful to obstruct the view of the waiting generals.

"Nice," she purred as she looked at the dark triangle exposed, surrounded by lace.  She pressed her face forward drinking in the sweet fragrance then plunged her tongue inside the soft folds of sex as Desire’ moaned her compliance.  She slid her tongue in and out of the warm flesh, then wrapped her tongue around the sweet bud of arousal as the little brunette moaned and squirmed above her.

It wasn’t long before Desire’ neared the edge of release under the Conqueror’s sweet ministrations.  She screamed out the Conqueror’s name as waves of pleasure washed over her body.  The Conqueror kissed the sweet triangle and stood over Desire’ taking her into her arms and kissing her with wild abandon as her own release washed through her body.  "I am going to miss you," gasped the Conqueror.  "I want you to remember me while you’re around all of those amazons."

"I’ll only be thinking of you Conqueror," Desire’ replied breathlessly.  "I think your generals are going to miss you too," she teased, pointing at the generals still present in the room, trying to act casually.


It took several hours to reach the amazon forest.  The Conqueror insisted on tying Desire’s horse to the back of the war wagon so she could ride in front on her horse.  It was the most pleasurable trip Desire’ had ever taken.  Her and the Conqueror rode in front of the war party.  The horse seemed to lead itself as the Conqueror kept her hands inside Desire’s coat roaming her body for the duration of the trip.

Desire’s top was removed early on in the expedition as the Conqueror explored her body, caressing her breasts, nipples and stomach with one hand while the other hand continued to pleasure her, caressing and penetrating the warm wet folds of her sex.  Desire’ listened to the snickering soldiers as she moaned her continuous pleasure in the ears of the Conqueror.  Even the horse was snickering.

When they reached the amazon forest, the Conqueror lifted Desire’ up and turned her around so she was facing the tall dark woman.  Desire’ could feel her sex filled up with nine inches of the dildo brought from home.  She moaned at the touch as the Conqueror claimed her mouth for a searing kiss, rocking her hips against Desire’s, pushing the shaft in and out of her.  The Conqueror opened Desire’s coat and threw it onto the ground, exposing her breasts to the warm afternoon soon.  Desire’ leaned back onto the neck of the horse, wrapping her legs around her lover.  The Conqueror kissed and sucked a trail down the small brunette’s neck, leaving bluish purple welts on her neck as a reminder to the amazons that Desire’ belonged to her.

Both women were oblivious to the war party watching, concentrating only on the pleasure of each other’s bodies.  The Conqueror wrapped strong hands around Desire’s breasts, engulfing first one, than the other with a warm tongue and mouth as she continued her thrusts.  Desire’ gasped as the pleasure mounted, pulling the Conqueror closer to her with her legs.  The Conqueror pulled Desire’s head into her shoulders, holding onto her tight as she thrust in and out, breathless from the arousal in her groin.  "Come for me Desire," she whispered into Desire’s ears.  The low sultry voice saying her name sent Desire’ over the edge as she bucked her hips wildly against the Conqueror.  "Gods yess, my Conqueror.  Ohhhh I coming!" she whispered loudly.  At the sound of ‘my Conqueror’ the tall dark woman pushed the length of the dildo in with more force as her pleasure peaked, enraptured by a powerful orgasm.  The two women held onto each other, lips and tongues dancing, moaning into each other’s mouth as they climaxed together, holding onto each other’s mouth until all waves of pleasure had subsided.

Spent, they looked into each other’s eyes, prolonging the moment they would have to say goodbye.  "Don’t suppose I could have my top back," Desire’ teased trying to break the tension of the moment.  "Wouldn’t want me walking into an amazon village topless.  Might send the wrong message."

"You talk too much," answered the Conqueror as she pressed her lips into Desire’s.  "Here," she said handing the leather top back to it’s owner.  "I don’t think they’ll be having any doubts about who you belong to when they see your neck," she added, pointing to the hickeys along Desire’s neck.

The Conqueror lifted Desire’ onto the ground, tucked in her pants and dismounted her horse to say goodbye.  The two embraced for one last kiss before Desire’ lead her horse into the amazon forest along side the amazon warrior Ephiny.


Chapter Ten-Amazons 101

Ephiny and Desire’ walked in silence for several minutes.  Desire’ would glance over at the warrior watching the expressions on her face.  "Ephiny is there something you wish to say to me or are you just thinking of me and the Conqueror on a horse?"  Ephiny’s face turned a deep shade of crimson.  "I’m sorry if you were embarrassed by our little display of affection."

"Is that what you call it?" the warrior asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"Okay we were going at it like a pair of horny weasels.  Is that what you were thinking?"

"No but that is definitely what I was seeing," she answered laughing.  "Are you guys always like that?"

"Only when we’re awake," Desire’ teased.  "What can I say I have numerous talents."

"I’ll say you do.  The nation is gonna be in mourning when they see your neck.  They were looking forward to fresh meat in the village," teased Ephiny.

"So amazons do have a sense of humor," replied the small brunette.

"There won’t be any laughing when they realize the Conqueror owns you."

"I’m not a slave, Ephiny.  She owns my heart and my passion because I love her."

"But you wear the mark of the Conqueror and I don’t mean just on you neck."

"She released me."

"The Conqueror does not release slaves."

"Well she released me.  I earned her respect and she cares for me."

"So she doesn’t force you to perform in front of the army.  You do that willingly."

"Sick huh.  I can’t help myself.  She’s a very exciting woman and she has no inhibitions.  Back home we’d get arrested for doing that in public."

"You said she cares for you yet you love her.  Don’t you deserve the same love back?"

"It’s complicated.  I believe she loves me but she is not mine to love forever."

"I have known the Conqueror for a long time and I can believe she loves you.  I have never seen her look at another with such affection.  Why are you so certain her love will not last forever?"

"Because I am not her soulmate.  Surely you have heard of my arrival into this realm.  I am not of this world Ephiny and one day I will go back."

"You speak in riddles, Desire’."

"I am from the future.  I am here to help Xena.  Then I will go back home to my empty house with my two cats and my dog."

"What you say is impossible."

"Yeah, I thought that too.  But here I am and I’m gonna make the most of it.  I should have said this earlier but it is an honor to meet you.  In my world you are remembered as an honorable warrior of the amazon nation."

"How have you heard of me?"

"Through stories told for thousands of years.  You are remembered for your courage and loyalty to your friends and sisters.  I don’t expect you to believe me but maybe I can tell you some stories during my visit.  You guys are going to have to keep me very busy so I can keep my mind off of the Conqueror.  Just think of me as an amazon in training."

"Well actually our orders are to protect you."

"You can do that too.  But I want to learn everything about how amazons live.  I want to learn how to use a sword and staff better and learn to hunt and track."

"We’ll have to talk to Queen Melosa first.  She has final authority."


Queen Melosa was at her desk writing in her scrolls.  She found that as a Queen it was good to write about the daily activities of the amazon nation.  They had a very unique guest with them, compliments of the Conqueror.  It was her responsibility to record the daily events of Desire’s visit.

The people of Corinth call her ‘a gift from the Gods’. She is a strange little woman but pleasant on the eyes and very entertaining with her stories of a future world.  Every night after dinner she entertains the tribe with fantastic tales about people flying in the air and stories of a land in which the ruler is voted by the citizens. She sings her stories, telling of lost loves, new loves, sexy tractors and even about murder.  I have no idea what a tractor is but I do agree Earl had to die.

If she is a gift from the Gods I would have to say she came from Aphrodite.  She speaks of love as being the greatest force in the universe.  Every morning her face is painted with make up, her eyes sparkling green with the black pencil around her eyes.  Every few hours she reapplies the paint on her lips with the small mirror she keeps tucked away in her pouch that she refers to as a purse.  I have never seen anyone spend so much time filing, shaping and painting their fingernails.  Nor have I seen anyone ever get so upset about a broken nail.  She says a lot of women are like that back home.  So I was quite surprised when she insisted on learning the ways of a warrior.  Warriors just don’t cry over broken fingernails.

She looks at each day as a new adventure learning everything she can about the amazon way of life.  I found out soon she would not be content to help with daily chores in the village until she received warrior training.  I know this is not what the Conqueror had in mind but she begged, even cried until I would agree to allow her to train with the warriors.  It’s hard to say no to a grown woman crying.

She has proven to be quite strong despite her small size.  In the course of one moon she has become as skilled with a sword or staff as our finest warriors.  I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself.  I watched as she engaged Epinon in a staff fight.  Epinon had her on the ground with a few short strokes.  While Desire’ was on the ground Epinon started taunting her and then made her biggest mistake.  She laughed at the fallen woman yelling at her, "What’s wrong little girl.  I thought you had more fight than that."

Desire’s eyes turned dark with rage.  It was a transformation like I have never seen before.  It was as if a monster was unleashed within her, propelling her upward fighting with everything she had.  Within minutes Epinon was on the ground.  Desire’ stood over her with the staff at her throat in victory.  Needless to say no one calls her little anymore.

Today she is with a tracking party.  Among her lessons will be tree climbing.  I look forward to hearing of her progress.

Queen Melosa raised her head when she heard the knock on the door and motioned for the amazon  to come in.  Eponin came in and bowed to the Queen.  "Your Highness."

"Please rise," started the Queen.  "Shouldn’t you be with the tracking party?"

"We have a little problem.  It’s Desire’."

"She’s okay isn’t she Eponin?  The Conqueror will be most displeased if she is hurt during her stay."

"That’s up to interpretation your Highness.  The others are with her as we speak."

"What happened Eponin?  Tell me everything."

"Well she’s doing very well with the tracking lessons so we gave her a lesson in tree climbing.  And she did very well.  She ran right up the tree like a cat.  That’s where the problem is your Highness."  Epinon hesitated with finishing her story, afraid of the Queen’s reaction.  To ask the Queen for help meant failure and failure always hurt the pride of an amazon.

"Please tell me before the day is over Epinon," replied the Queen, frustrated.

"She’s stuck in the tree, your Highness," answered Epinon.

"Then get her down Epinon.  This isn’t the first time an amazon in training has been afraid to come down."

"We’ve tried that Queen Melosa.  She’s hugging the tree."

"Then put a damn rope around her and bring her down!" yelled Queen Melosa.

"We can’t," answered Eponin.  "She has become one with the tree.  We can’t even get the rope between her and the bark."  Epinon was now laughing as she thought of the sight of the frightened woman hugging the tree.

"This isn’t funny Eponin.  A guest of the Conqueror is in danger and you are laughing.  It is our job to keep her safe."

"I’m sorry," gasped Epinon in between giggles.  "If you could just see her up there, well it’s just something you’ll never see again.  I’m sorry.  We just thought maybe she would listen to you because you are the Queen."

"Lead the way," replied the Queen as she followed Epinon out the door.


Desire’ woke up when she heard the knock on the door.  She called for the offending person to come in as she shook the sleep from her eyes.  "Time to wake up," said the tall dark amazon as she walked to the bed and sat down next to Desire’.  Desire’ could feel a strong warm hand caressing her breast as she rubbed her eyes.

"Whoa," she said jumping up at the touch.  She was sitting upright within seconds, not realizing she was still exposed from the waist up.

"You are even more beautiful out of your leathers," purred Velasca as her eyes savored the exposed golden brown skin of their guest.  Startled and very nervous, Desire’ reached down to pull the covers over her only to be stopped by the beautiful amazon.  "It’s not like I haven’t seen a beautiful woman’s body before."

Desire’ could feel herself sweat.  The woman’s gaze was stirring up her hormones as a fire burned in her center.  "But you haven’t seen my body before," she replied fighting to pull the covers up.

"But I have, Desire’.  We all have in the bathing room.  Don’t be shy now," she purred.

"Okay but you’re not supposed to be this close," Desire’ stammered.  Think tall dark and blue eyes you idiot, yelled the little voice.  "How’s that supposed to help?", came another voice.  She’s tall dark and has blue eyes.  Okay idiot, think of the Conqueror plunging her sword into you!  Thanks that did it.

"Who said anything about your heart?" Velasca teased.

"Sorry but my body is part of the deal," answered Desire’.

"Come on we’ve all heard of your numerous talents," purred Velasca, staring at the small brunette with penetrating eyes.

"What have you heard?" growled Desire’ now irritated with the conversation.

"Well let’s just say we’ve heard you are very capable on a horse and I would love to have you as a dinner guest," she answered, her voice low and sultry.

"Jeez!  Amazons!  You guys really do gossip!  I’m with the Conqueror!  End of story!" Desire’ yelled.

"Nobody is truly with the Conqueror.  You must know her reputation after a battle.  She will have another in Britannia before she even comes back.  It would be a shame to waste your numerous talents."

The dark amazon’s words stung like a knife in Desire’s heart.  She knew she was probably right and here she was in a village full of beautiful women hitting on her.  One very gorgeous one was in her bed.  She shook the thought out of her head.

"Velasca there must be a reason you’re here besides you know.  What is it?" she said, visibly flustered from the amazon’s touch.

"I’m here to invite you hunting.  We leave in a candlemark.  Are you up for it?" Velasca asked.

"Sure I’ll meet you at breakfast," Desire’ answered.

"Are you sure you don’t want some help getting dressed?" teased Velasca.

"No!  I’ve been dressing on my own since I was a kid.  I think I can handle myself.  Go!" replied Desire’.

Desire’ watched as the tall dark amazon left the hut.  After she left she reached under the bed to pull out her faithful green machine.  "I’m gonna go nuts," she said as she turned the machine on and laid back into the bed.


Desire’ followed closely behind Ephiny and Eponin with Velasca staying very close behind her, looking for any excuse to touch her.  They spotted the buck several feet in front of them.  Ephiny and Eponin motioned that they would go around to get a good shot at the beautiful animal.

Velasca pulled Desire’ to the ground, motioning for her to stay quiet, her body covering the small brunette’s body on the ground.  "Relax, I won’t hurt you," Velasca whispered as she stroked the small woman’s back and shoulders.  Desire’ lay still to her touch, not wanting to scare the buck away.  "Your heart is beating fast, Desire’.  Must be the thrill of the hunt," she teased.

Desire’ stayed still and silent as she watched Ephiny take aim.  She could feel Velasca’s hand caressing her buttocks when suddenly she felt a tickle on her left arm.  She looked over to her arm and screamed,  "Arghhhhhhh! Oh shit, oh shit," Desire’ yelled as she jumped up from the ground screaming.  "Get it off of me, get it off of me!" she screamed jumping up and down and shaking her arm.  Velasca finally grabbed her, brushing the offensive bug off and wrapping her arms around Desire’ tightly to console her.  "Ssh, it’s gone," she whispered into her ear.

"Ick, that was gross," she yelled as goose bumps covered her flesh.

Ephiny and Eponin were running at full speed toward the two women.  "What happened?" they yelled in unison.

"Don’t worry," yelled Velasca as she held the terrified bundle in her arms.  "Seems our guest here doesn’t like bugs."

"What!" yelled Ephiny as she came to a halt in front of the two women.

"A little spider crawled on her.  She got scared," Velasca said.

"It wasn’t little!" defended Desire’.  "It was at least this big," she added, holding her hand up, two fingers parted about an inch apart to demonstrate.

"We lost a buck because of a little spider!" yelled Eponin.  "Next time we’re putting you in a tree.  At least you’ll stay quiet!"


Desire’ kept her head down in shame as they continued walking through the amazon forest.  It took a couple of hours for the group to track the buck again.  It was decided that Velasca would hold Desire’ in her arms, hand over her mouth until the buck was downed.  Velasca made sure to take advantage of the situation by roaming her hand over the small brunette’s body, knowing she would stay quiet to avoid any more embarrassment.

The amazons went about their task of gutting the downed animal, trying to show a very hesitant Desire’ how to clean and skin it.  "Oh this is just gross," Desire’ stated as they began cutting the animal up.

"I take it you’ve never cleaned and skinned a deer," said Ephiny shaking her head.

"Of course not.  We have butchers to do that disgusting work," answered Desire’ turning away from the bloody scene.  "I think I’m gonna be sick," she added as she felt her body go into convulsions, dry heaving.

The three amazons turned their heads toward their task trying hard not to laugh at the small brunette.  "Desire’ when we have the meat ready, we’ll give it to you to pack.  You can handle raw meat can’t you?" asked Epinon.

"Okay," Desire’ answered backing herself toward the amazons and dead buck, her hand over her eyes.  A mighty roar echoed through the forest as Eponin handed the first of the steaks to Desire’.  All four women looked toward the sound.  About seven feet away stood a very large and majestic leopard.  "That is so gorgeous," whispered Desire’.

The three amazons were frozen by the sight.  Their bows were not within reaching distance and the leopard looked like it was ready to strike.  "Desire, don’t move," whispered Velasca.

"Relax guys.  He’s just a cat," said Desire’ nonchalantly as she moved slowly toward the creature.

"What are you doing," whispered a panicked Ephiny.  You can’t even handle a little spider."  If they brought back the dead body of the Conqueror’s consort the amazon nation would be in a world of hurt.

"Spiders are just icky," answered Desire’.  "Besides he’s just hungry guys.  We can spare a steak or two can’t we?" she said, never taking her eyes off of the cat and smiling at the animal.  Desire’ was out of reach of the amazons.  Ephiny crawled slowly toward her bow, moving quietly so as not to startle the beast into attack.

"Here kitty kitty.  Got something for you pretty thing," Desire’ whispered as she crawled along the ground, her hand raised up with the proffered meat.  "I know you want it," she said as she drew closer to the beast, her eyes sparkling at the beauty of the cat.  The leopard looked back into soft green eyes that showed no fear.  Hesitantly he sniffed the meat in her hand as the amazons watched in fear.  Realizing he wasn’t in danger he took the gift and ate it while Desire’ scooted next to him, sitting down.

She watched as the magnificent creature finished his meal.  When he finished she offered her hand for him to sniff and sensing he was no danger to her, began petting him as the amazons watched, their jaws on their chins.  "That’s a good boy," she said as the large cat rolled on his back for her to scratch his belly.

"Amazing," whispered the amazons in unison.  Ephiny now had the bow in her hand ready to shoot.  "He’s gonna make a great pelt," she said.

"Don’t you dare!" hissed Desire’, moving in front of the animal to protect him.  "Here boy," she said as she pulled the rope from her belt and began playing with him.

"Unbelievable!" yelled an exasperated Ephiny.  "She’s playing with him like he’s a pet."

"Shut up Ephiny!" yelled Eponin.  "She’s not in danger and don’t give her any ideas!" she added.

The amazons watched as she played with the animal, then gave him another steak and sent him on his way, very content.  "That was awesome guys.  I love cats," she said as she walked over to the amazons and the carcass.

"Queen Melosa is never going to believe us," said Epinon as she finished her task.


The campaign had gone well for the Conqueror although she was needed a few extra weeks to take over for the injured Bodicea.  Her body had been on fire every day since the end of the battle.  She had been offered women and many men made themselves available to satisfy her battle lust but none of them were the small fiery brunette who occupied her mind.

She refused everyone trying to hold on until Desire’ was in her arms.  Her temper had become very short and the soldiers walked around her in fear, knowing that one small mistake could be their last and praying the Conqueror would take a bedmate before she killed someone.

The Conqueror paced up and down in her tent.  Riding all day on a horse was not easing her tension.  They had made good time and would pass by the amazon forest soon.  "Ares, show yourself," she growled.

The dark God appeared behind her, wrapping his arms around her and caressing her, his God like power blazing a trail over her body.  She fought the feeling of fire growing inside of her.  "Xena you triumphed.  Why aren’t you celebrating?" he asked, his lips on her neck.

"Stop it!" Xena yelled as she pulled away from the God’s grip.  "I’m not in the mood," she growled.

"Oh yes you are Xena.  I see the lust in your eyes.  What are you waiting for?"

"I’ll be fine when I get home Ares."

"You’re not waiting for one little girl to satisfy you, are you?"

"She’s not a little girl Ares.  And she’s more than enough to satisfy me."

"Okay she’s a woman.  Have her when you get home.  But for now, take what’s offered to you."  Xena stared at the God, unable to explain to him she just didn’t want was offered.  "You don’t think she’s waiting for you do you?"

"I know she is Ares."

"Come on Xena you’re good but don’t think she’s waiting for you.  There’s a tribe of amazons she has been entertaining every night.  And I must say she is a wild one."

"What are you saying Ares?" yelled the Conqueror.

"I’m saying she has a thing for tall dark gorgeous women with blue eyes and you’re not the only one in Greece Xena that fits that description.  She’s become very friendly with a warrior named Velasca who could be your little sister.  They’re quite close."

"I don’t believe you Ares," she yelled back.

"Then go check for yourself.  You’re a days ride from the village if you leave now and ride hard.  If you’re right she will be in your arms tomorrow night."

"Maybe I’ll just do that.  Now leave.  I’m tired of looking at you."

"Owe Xena, I’m crushed.  Just remember I’ll be waiting for you.  All you have to do is call."  With a brilliant light he was gone.  The Conqueror packed some things and left instructions with her general before leaving for the amazon village.


The amazons decided to throw a party for their guest.  They had received word indirectly that the Conqueror had been successful and was on her way home.  They expected the Conqueror to show up any day and surprise her consort.

Desire’ had become a bit withdrawn as the two months turned into three and no word from her Conqueror.  Velasca suggested a party to perk her spirits back up.  It started with a large banquet, many of the foods cooked by Desire’ herself.  She had grown tired of the bland amazon food and charged into the kitchen one day to show the cook a thing or too.  One look at that pouty face, eyes filling with tears and the cook let her take over.

As the banquet wound down, the dancing began.  Desire’ was pulled up to the dance floor by several pairs of amazon hands.  She continued dancing and enjoying flirtatious but harmless amazons until she recognized the hands around her bare hips.  Velasca was behind her moving her body into Desire’s to the rhythm of the music.

Desire’ had spent a lot of time with the amazon who continually made passes at her.  She would find herself alone, barely back in her hut with her trusty green machine to keep her company.  She decided that dancing although sexy, is only as dangerous as you let it be and decided to cautiously flirt back.  As long as she didn’t drink any wine, she was under control.  She never saw the pale blue eyes hidden within the trees.

When Velasca tried to kiss her on the neck, she broke free and politely excused herself from the dance floor, walking over to Ephiny.

"You’ve got some self control there girl," laughed Ephiny as Desire’ sat beside her.

"Shouldn’t the Conqueror be here soon?" asked Desire’.

"Well the word is her army is on its way back.  She hasn’t sent word but she probably wants to surprise you.  The army was reported to be three days away."

"I wish she would show up tonight.  That one is dangerous," she said pointing toward Velasca who was across the dance floor, her eyes never leaving Desire’.

"Relax a little," suggested Ephiny as she placed her hands around Desire’s bare shoulders and neck and began massaging the tight muscles.

"Gods yes, Ephiny.  That feels so good," she moaned throwing her head forward to give Ephiny easier access to her sore muscles.  "I want my Conqueror.  I need my Conqueror," she whispered into Ephiny’s ear as she laid her head back, enraptured by the touch of the amazon.

"Is it true what they say about the Conqueror?" asked Ephiny.

"Depends.  What do they say?" asked Desire’.

"That it takes four sometimes more to satisfy her battle lust."

"Or one little horny brunette from another world," replied Desire’ smirking.

"You can handle it?  Doesn’t it hurt?" asked Ephiny, shocked at the admission.

"What, the whips?" she asked turning around to Ephiny.  "Strangely it is arousing.  Besides we have a safe word if it hurts too much."

"What’s a safe word?" asked a curious Ephiny.

"It’s a word we use if the pain is too great.  All I have to do is say it and she’ll stop."

"So you just pick a word, any word."

"Yea we both know the word.  Actually it’s two."

"Two what?"

"Two words.  Butt ugly."

"Butt ugly."

"Long story.  Don’t ask.  If I say butt ugly she knows I want her to stop.  Let’s change the subject.  Talking about her without her here is making me tense up again."

"Why don’t you have a glass of wine?" suggested Ephiny.

"I don’t do wine.  Gives me a headache," Desire’ replied.

"Even better.  She won’t look so tempting if your head hurts," answered Ephiny as she pointed toward Velasca who was walking toward them.

"You know that might not be such a bad idea.  I think I will have a glass of wine," answered Desire’ as Velasca stopped in front of them.

"I thought you looked thirsty over here," interrupted Velasca.  "I brought you some wine."

"Thank you," replied Desire’ as she took the proffered drink.  She downed most of the contents and set the glass down by Ephiny.  "Whoa, head rush," she added.

"Are you ready to dance some more," asked Velasca as she reached her hand down to pull Desire’ up.

"Sure why not.  The wine should kick in any minute now."

Desire’ walked to the dance floor holding Velasca’s hand.  The two began to dance to the music.  Within minutes Desire’ was feeling the effects of the wine.  Damn, she thought, one glass of wine and suddenly I feel tanked.

Velasca was behind her, pulling her near, swaying to the erotic rhythm of the music.  She could feel Desire’ relax against her and pulled her tight, her hands roaming around the small brunette’s body as the Conqueror watched frozen from her hiding place.

Desire’ was no longer aware of her surroundings.  The floor seemed to spin as she pressed against the tall feminine form behind her, thinking it must be the Conqueror.  She ground herself toward the warm soft body, moaning as large hands caressed her skin, blazing a trail of fire to her center.  She pulled her head back to the broad shoulders, resting her head as her body continued to rock with the music, a hand on her stomach, her breast, warm lips leaving a trail of erotic kisses on her neck.

She turned around in the strong hands, wrapping her arms around Velasca’s neck, her eyes closed as she savored the sensations running through her body.  Warm lips met hers, a tongue seeking entry as she opened her mouth to welcome the intrusion.  Lips and tongues danced to the beat of the music until Desire’ opened her eyes and realized she was not kissing the Conqueror.  "Oh," she exclaimed, trying to pull away.  "I have to go," she said and turned and ran from the dance floor.  Velasca watched as the small brunette ran, then waited until no one was watching and left to follow her.

Ephiny watched the scene unfold before her.  She was relieved when Desire’ left the party.  Nobody wanted a pissed off Conqueror and Velasca seemed to be breaking the small brunette’s defenses.  She looked around the party and noticed Velasca was gone.  "Probably licking your wounds somewhere or found a replacement," she said to herself as she reached for her wineglass to take a drink.  She stopped as she smelled the contents of the almost empty cup.  "Damn.  Henbane," she said and got up to check on Desire’.


Desire’ lay awake on her bed in the small hut provided by the amazons.  It wasn’t the Hilton she thought but it was comfortable.  Her head was spinning from the wine and her body had been on fire as she ripped her clothes off and jumped on top of the bed.  The Conqueror had been gone for three moons and her lust was peaking.

 She met dozens of gorgeous leather bikini clad women, all expressing their desire for her affections.  She laughed as she whispered to herself.  "Here I am with all these gorgeous women and I can’t do a thing about it because all I can think about is tall dark and deadly.  What a sad excuse for a lesbian I am.  And now I’m drunk from one Goddamned glass of wine.  This is not helping."

Desire’ leaned her head back into the pillow, too tired to pick up her little green friend from under the bed.  "Fuck it," she mumbled.  Soon she would be back with the Conqueror, she thought as she closed her eyes to let Morpheous take over, thoughts of the tall, dark beauty in her dreams.  She never heard the door of the hut open.

Moments after her eyes closed she felt the long feminine form above her. The Conqueror was home to take her.  She was between dream and reality, eyes closed as warm soft lips claimed her with a passionate kiss.  Strong arms wrapped around her in a desperate hug.  She moaned as tongues melted together, wrapping her arms around the woman above her, still in a daze from the drug. Her skin was on fire from the feeling of flesh against flesh, the slow burn of arousal reaching her center as the phallus entered her with one strong stroke.  She let out a low guttural moan as she was filled up inside.


The Conqueror watched as the little beauty stripped off her clothes and jumped into bed alone.  So she kissed her, she thought. Could’ve been the wine. Wait she doesn’t drink wine. She is alone and all I have to do is jump through that window and take her.  Before she could act she froze in horror as the tall dark amazon from the dance floor walked quietly into the room and laid on top of Desire’.  Her ‘gift from the Gods’ moaned with passion below the tall, dark amazon.  After a few moments she had to run away and get as far away as possible as the beast inside woke up from its long nap.

Within minutes she was on her mount outside of the camp, running at full gallop, trying to clear her mind from the scene she had just witnessed.  She had wanted to surprise her small beauty but instead she was the one to receive the surprise. Ares had been right.  "What were you thinking!" she yelled into the night sky.  "Leave her with a bunch of half naked women.  Did you really think she would stay true to you!"

The Conqueror continued to run on, fighting the beast inside who wanted to go back to the amazon camp and take her slave back or maybe even kill her.  But Xena wouldn’t let her.  Her heart was aching from the betrayal and she had to get as far away from the source of her pain as she could.


Desire’ opened her eyes to look at her Conqueror, the source of her sweet rapture, only to be looking into the eyes of Velasca.  Before she could scream, her mouth was covered by a large hand, ice cold eyes staring back at her.  She could feel a cold steel blade cutting into her skin just below her left breast.  "Quiet my little beauty or I will kill you," Velasca growled.  Desire’ froze, afraid that tonight would be her last night in this world.  "Don’t deny me.  I felt it when you kissed me.  You want this just as much as I do," she purred, her eyes filled with lust.

Desire’ nodded as the dagger cut into her flesh.  "The Conqueror isn’t coming for you, little one.  She’s back and hasn’t even asked for you," she taunted.  "Just enjoy yourself."  Velasca continued to thrust the phallus in and out, her eyes glazed over with pleasure.  Desire’ closed her eyes trying to block out the nightmare above her.  Velasca was sucking her neck, moaning from the pleasure as she slid the dagger over her stomach, creating rivulets of blood along the tender skin.  Velasca bucked her hips wildly as the wave of orgasm came washing over her.  Desire’ looked up to see a stunned Ephiny standing in the doorway.

"I, I’m sorry.  The door was open," she said.

"Tell her to go away," whispered Velasca, the dagger now cutting into Desire’s flesh deeper and deeper.

"Ephiny," replied Desire’.  "You butt ugly amazon, can’t you see I’m busy?"

Ephiny backed away from the door, offended by the remark then hesitated remembering their earlier conversation and realizing Desire’ was in trouble.  She quietly walked behind Velasca and grabbed her from the bed.  Within moments she had Velasca pinned to the ground, looking up at Desire’s bloodied body on the bed.

"By the Gods Desire’ are you okay?"

Desire’ picked herself up from the bed and stood looking down at Ephiny.  She shook off the effects of the wine as the green-eyed monster awakened, ready to spring to life.  Her blood was boiling with anger as vengeance filled her soul.  "Get away from her Ephiny, now!" she yelled.

Ephiny looked up at Desire’.  She could see the pale green eyes now dark with rage as she held onto her captive.  "It’s over Desire’.  Let amazon justice handle this."

"Justice my ass, Ephiny.  Look at me!  Now move!" she screamed, her voice ringing through the hut with a deadly menacing tone.  Ephiny held her ground, not moving.  The green-eyed monster sprung forth, kicking Ephiny in the face.  Her head snapped back throwing her into the wall unconscious.

 With the grace of a leopard, Desire’ was on top of Velasca, grabbing her by the hair and slamming her into the wall.  Desire’ rammed her fist into Velasca’s stomach, then used a rising knee and hit her in the face, snapping her head back into the wall.  She paced in front of Velasca who was trying to stand up.  "Get up you bitch!" she yelled.  Velasca stood up and lunged forward only to be met in the face with a front blade kick, a second to her stomach sending her back into the wall.  Desire’ lunged at her, picking her up by the hair and punching her in the face and in the stomach.  Velasca tried to fight back.  She raised her arm to block a punch.  Desire’ grabbed the outstretched arm and with all of her force, slammed it backward, listening as the bones snapped backward.  Velasca yelled from the pain and slumped down the wall in defeat.  The green-eyed monster was in control.  Desire’ stood over the slumped figure and started kicking her.  She could hear the bones break beneath her.  "You bitch!  I’ll teach you a fucking lesson!" she yelled as several arms grabbed her and pulled her off of the defenseless woman.

Desire’ looked around to see Eponin, Solari and Terreis holding her back.  She continued kicking and yelling, trying to shake the women’s hands from her body.  "Let me go!  I’ll kill her!  Damn you!"  Queen Melosa was standing in front of her as she broke loose and lunged into the Queen.  Queen Melosa lunged forward, tackling her.  They fell to the ground, Desire’s head hitting the floor of the hut with Queen Melosa on top of her, pinning her down with the help of three amazons.  She was quiet when her head hit, the rage in her heart dissipating.

She could feel the warm trickle of blood running down the back of her now throbbing head.  Queen Melosa was looking into her eyes, ready to contain her should she try to fight again.  Instead Desire’ started crying, the events of the evening running through her mind.  Realizing the woman would no longer fight, Queen Melosa loosened her grip on the small woman.

"Queen Melosa," Desire’ started in between sobs.  "Is the Conqueror really back."

Queen Melosa leaned over to help the woman up and pulled her into a consoling hug.  "Yes she is.  She hasn’t sent word for you yet but she will," she replied.  Desire’ put her head on the Queen’s shoulder and replied.  "Guess she’s through with me then."  Having been witness to the Conqueror’s battle lust, she knew the Conqueror must have taken on a new lover.

"We need to get you to the healer.  You’re wounded."  Desire’ didn’t bother to resist.  She could feel the blood oozing from her wounds.  One would need stitches.  "Queen Melosa," she said quietly as they walked to the healer’s hut.  "Tell Ephiny I’m sorry."

"Tell her yourself," replied the Queen.  "She’s in with the healer.  You broke her nose."


The Conqueror paced the floors of her bedchambers.  The long hard ride home had done nothing to calm her down.  Xena was hurt and confused but the beast fought her to go take what was hers.  She felt the familiar sensation of her skin crawling.  "Show yourself, Ares," she growled.

With a brilliant light, Ares was behind her, his arms wrapped around her.  "Xena," he whispered.  "Why are you so upset?  Find something you didn’t like at the amazon village?"

"I don’t feel like talking Ares," she growled back trying to fight the God like electricity flowing through her body from the dark God’s touch.

"So you took my advice.  I told you Xena.  She’s quite content with the amazons," he replied, caressing her with his touch, placing kisses on her neck.

"Don’t gloat, Ares," she replied, her head back as she fell into the intoxicating touch around her body.

"Xena what did you expect leaving her with a bunch of horny half naked women.  She was bound to leave you, but you don’t need her Xena," he purred in between kisses.  "I’m here now," he whispered, twirling her around to place a crushing kiss on her lips.

Xena responded by kissing the dark God with furious passion.  The beast was loose and she was still feeling the effects of battle lust.  If she couldn’t have her small dark beauty, she would have the God instead.


Queen Melosa stood outside of the purification hut.  She thought it would help Desire’ to clear her mind.  After the rape, she had become very distraught over her actions, breaking Ephiny’s nose and almost beating Velasca to death.  Her heart appeared to be broken by the news of the Conqueror’s arrival with no word to her.

Her wounds were healing fast.  The stitches in her chest would be ready soon to come out but her very soul appeared to be crushed.  She had been in the purification hut for almost three days refusing to eat or talk to anyone.  She just laid on the cot, her eyes filled with an endless stream of silent tears.

"Queen Melosa, we have to do something.  She’s been in there too long.  She’s letting go."

"Have you heard from the Conqueror?"

"She’s been back at the palace for a couple of days.  She sends no word for Desire’."

"Queen Melosa, Ephiny," shouted Eponin as she ran toward the women.  "The Conqueror is on her way in.  She ran past the first guards at a full gallop.  She will be here shortly."

The Conqueror could see the amazon village as she continued to gallop at full speed.  She had thought about the situation long enough.  Ares was right.  Just let the woman go.  Soon she would be in the village and she could leave Desire’s things and get out.

The Conqueror pulled her horse up to an abrupt stop a few yards in front of the Queen and Ephiny.  She stared down at the amazons, her eyes cold with anger.  "Here," she yelled, as she took the pack from her horse and threw it onto the ground.  "She can stay here with you."  Before the Queen could respond, she turned her horse around and galloped away.

Desire’ heard the Conqueror’s voice and ran out of the hut.  All she could see was the dust from the fleeing horse and a pack on the ground in front of the Queen and Ephiny.  She looked at the two amazons, her mouth open, and her eyes a question mark.  Her legs began to tremble as she put the pieces together in her mind but the green-eyed monster held her up, reminding her to stay strong and get angry.  "Where is she?" she growled.

"Desire’ the Conqueror has left your things for you.  She said you can stay here," replied the Queen.

"She used the word ‘can’, right?" Desire’ asked.

"Yes," replied the two amazons.

"Then I can go back to the palace," she replied, emphasizing the word can, as she walked toward the hut that contained her clothes.

Queen Melosa stepped in front of her to stop her.  "Why would you want to go back?  Has your stay here with the amazons been so bad?"

"No," she replied looking up at the Queen, her eyes dark with rage.  "If that bitch wants to toss me on my ass, she can at least have the guts to do it to my face."

"Desire’ you’re upset.  Why don’t you at least think about it before running off," replied the Queen.

"There’s nothing to think about.  I have to go back.  Someone has to get through to that heart of hers and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna fail now."  She paced in front of the Queen, thinking of the task before her.  "If I fail, I will die trying," she added.


Desire’ was packing her bags onto her waiting mount when the Queen walked up to her.  "Princess Terreis will escort you back.  It is time for her to take command over for Ephiny."

"Thank you Queen Melosa.  I hope to see you again before I leave," Desire’ answered.  "Queen Melosa I must ask a favor of you and the amazons," she said as Terreis rode up on her mount.

"Please ask," replied the Queen.

"This business with Velasca.  It stays here with the amazons."

"Desire’ it helps to discuss these things with friends.  You should talk to the Conqueror."

"No Queen Melosa.  I mean no disrespect.  It stays here.  She doesn’t need to know my baggage."

"As you wish," replied the Queen.

"Thank you and that means you too," she said pointing to Terreis.  "No talking to Palemon about it."

"Who’s Palemon?" asked the Princess.

"He’s the really cute captain I’m gonna introduce you to," she replied, a twinkle in her eyes.  "Goodbye Queen Melosa."

Queen Melosa gave her a hug and stepped back as.  "Good luck Desire’.  You are always welcome here.  You have earned your leathers."

"Thank you.  It is an honor to be included in your nation.  I will wear them with pride.  I hope one day I will prove myself worthy as an amazon."  Desire’ climbed onto the waiting horse, looking down at the Queen.  "Besides if it’s an amazon she wants, it’s an amazon she’s gonna get," she added, a devilish grin on her face as she turned and rode off with the Princess.


Desire’ and Terreis rode up to the front of the palace.  Palemon was back on duty as the captain of the royal guard and was there to greet the two women on horseback.  His eyes lit up when he recognized his favorite small brunette, a goofy grin on his face when he looked at the beautiful blonde amazon Princess.  The two women dismounted, standing in front of Palemon, who pulled Desire’ toward him in an affectionate hug.  "It’s so good to see you, Desire’," he whispered in her ear.  "And you," she whispered back.

The two old friends stood back to look at one another.  "That outfit you’re almost wearing looks really good," he teased.

Desire’ smiled at him, her arms out as she turned around to model her new clothes.  "The amazons were kind enough not to make me wait three weeks for clothes," she teased, her arms stretched out.  "I’m an honorary amazon."

"Desire’ is the Conqueror expecting you?" he asked.

"No Palemon.  Am I not welcome?" she asked.

"No I it’s just well we heard you weren’t coming back," he stammered.

"You heard wrong, Palemon.  I’m back so unless you want to arrest me or something I would like to go to my room."

"Sure," he answered, looking over at the Princess.

"Oh, I’m sorry.  Palemon, this is Princess Terreis of the amazons.  She is here to replace Ephiny."  She leaned over to whisper into his ears.  "You two should really get acquainted.  Cute isn’t she?" she added winking at him.  "See you two later," she added as she walked through the palace gates toward the stables.  She could feel cold blue eyes staring at her from the top of the palace.  "Bite me Conqueror," she muttered as she walked, swaying her hips as provocatively as she could and smiling as though she was the happiest girl in the world.


Chapter Eleven-Ancient Games People Play

Desire’ was finishing unpacking her things when Palemon walked in.  Desire’ laughed as she looked at the green machine in her hand.  "Figures Palemon.  You would walk in just as I’m putting this away," she said motioning to the green object.

"I don’t think I even want to know what that is," he answered.

"Thank you," replied a very relieved Desire’.  "Have you spoken with the Conqueror?"

"Briefly.  She has told me to treat you as a guest of the realm."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"It means that anything within in the palace is at your disposal.  If you wish to travel outside of the palace, guards will escort you to ensure your safety."

"When do I get to speak to her Palemon?"

"She will speak to you when she is ready, not before."

"What the fuck does that mean?  I need to talk to her."

"Desire’ no.  This is the Conqueror.  You can’t force her to talk to her."

"Why the hell not Palemon?  What did I do?  Why won’t she talk to me?"

"Desire’ promise me you won’t try to talk with her unless she asks for you.  I don’t want you hurt again."

"I promise.  Why won’t she talk to me?"

"She’s been on a tear since coming home from Britannia.  She isn’t talking to anyone accept the God of War."

Desire’ turned around to face Palemon, tears in her eyes.  "I suppose she’s fucking him too."  Palemon looked downward to avoid the intense green eyes of his gift.  "I guess that answers my question," she added as the tears rolled down her cheeks.  "So I finally land a gorgeous wealthy chick and she’s fucking someone else."  She tried to laugh at her own bad joke.

"Will you be staying, Desire’?"

"Where else would I go?  At least here I’ll be taken care of and I have you as a friend.  There must be another guest chamber I could stay in."

"I’m afraid the Conqueror has left instructions for you to stay in this room."

Desire’ walked around the room, checked the locked door between her room and the Conqueror’s then walked back to Palemon.  "She can really be a bitch, can’t she.  Not only is she fucking the guy but she wants me to hear her."

"Desire’ give her some time.  I don’t know what’s wrong but I know she cares about you.  She would have sent you away if she didn’t."

"What a psycho.  You know she would never have treated her bard this way.  Thanks Palemon.  Does this mean I can do anything I want to?"

"Anything.  The servants will be instructed to do as you say."

"You mean slaves," Desire’ hissed.  "Hey do I get my own body slave?" she added, smiling at Palemon.

"Ask for one and she’ll never talk to you again."

"Fine.  Can I play with the soldiers and I don’t mean that way Palemon.  I just want to make some friends, maybe do some sword training etc."

"I’m sure it can be arranged."

"Good, I will see you soon."  Palemon gave her a big hug and left her in her room.  "Wanna play hardball Conqueror.  You go right ahead but I will be here waiting.  In the meantime, I will take full advantage of your hospitality."


Today is day seven since my arrival to the palace from the amazon village.  Surprisingly I have had a wonderful time.  I have been so busy that I realize it best to write in my journal once a week.  Even without the Conqueror, life is too exciting when the world is at your feet.

I can go anywhere in the palace, including the pool and hot spring.  The healer has instructed that I come in daily for massages.  Of course by the time the masseuse is finished I have to run back to the room and my little green friend.

Almost forty and I finally have a horse.  The Conqueror has given me a beautiful white mare to ride anytime I wish as long as the Royal Guard is present.  I was going to have the seamstress make me some new clothes so I would fit in but it’s kind of hard to do surrounded by guards so I’ve decided to wear my clothes from home.

I’m not sleeping well at night.  I can hear the moans and groans coming from the next room every night.  Maybe she just needs a man for awhile.  I hear he has some God like touch that is hard to resist.  At least that’s how I justified it on the TV show.  Every morning I am up well before dawn and go to the kitchen to cook breakfast for the Conqueror.  I’m not about to let her know how much I am hurting right now.  I send a note every morning with breakfast, telling her to enjoy.  I make two plates, one for her and one for Ares.  Every day the tray comes back empty with a note saying ‘thank you’ but she has yet to speak with me.  So either he spends the night with her or she is really a pig.

I found out that when the soldiers are not at war they have a lot of free time.  I’m teaching them how to play baseball and football and they are loving it.  I have all of the Conqueror’s craftsman, leather, metal, wood, etc. at my disposal and they are working on equipment for the men.

Well it’s getting late.  I’m sure Ares will be in the Conqueror’s chambers any minute.  I’ve decided to take late swims in the pool.  It’s quiet and peaceful there.  Until next week.


Another week has gone by and still no Conqueror.  This is going to take a lot longer than I realized.  This week I met the children of the servants.  They have little schooling so I have volunteered to teach them.  I’m still weirded out about being able to speak and read Greek but I can and I am teaching them to read.  Luckily I have a great memory and can remember my favorite stories.  I have spent a lot of time drawing books with pictures of the Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp and the Lion King.  It’s good to put my animation skills back to work.  The children love stories of talking dogs and lions and are responding to my teachings.

The men have already built the uprights for the football field and the infield of the baseball diamond is coming along well.  We now have enough gloves to field two teams thanks to the wonderful leather craftsmen and plenty of bats compliments of the wood workers.  I saw the Conqueror as we began baseball practice this morning.  She was riding by on her horse and stopped to talk with Palemon.  Probably just wondering what the hell was going on and wishing she hadn’t given me so many privileges.  I made sure to smile and laugh during those brief moments.  Don’t want her to think I’m not enjoying myself.

Palemon and Princess Terreis have been spending some time together.  They make a cute couple.  Wish I could be as happy as they are some day.  Until next week.


Week three and still no Conqueror.  The woman can take out a fucking army single-handed but she doesn’t have the guts to face little OLE me.  I’ve started cooking dinner now for two.  The bland food here was just making me wretch.  I’m teaching the cook how to make pasta and Mexican food and of course pizza.  Thank God for the tribute from Spain.  Venison and pork gets real old after awhile.  They just don’t eat much chicken.

Aphrodite has brought my instruments from home.  The craftsman have taken it as a challenge to duplicate the banjo, mandolin, guitar, fiddle and dobro and soon I will be teaching some of the servants and a few men from the army how to play country music.  I can hardly wait to teach the guys to line dance and two step.

Nothing new this week but I am developing a routine.  I wake up before dawn and prepare my daily breakfast for the Conqueror.  I swear if she ever talks to me again, she can kiss my ass and make me breakfast in bed for a week.  After breakfast I take a dip in the pool then go to the hot spring.  It’s an awesome way to start the day.  Afterward I meet with the children until noon.  Then I spend a few hours with the guys, then ride out of the city with my guards in tow to enjoy the countryside.  People just stare as we leave the city.  If I don’t watch the sunset I come back to the palace and cook dinner for the Conqueror.  After dinner I go back to the pool and pass the time away until I pray Ares is gone and I don’t have to listen to the two of them.

My time is screwed up here.  All of the men get two days off and are now rotating so everyone gets a chance to play in the games.  Since tomorrow is judgement day and the last two days most of the soldiers have been off, I will refer to those days as a weekend like what we have at home.  I don’t understand their calendar but by my calculations I have been here 153 days.  Back home it would be near December but there is no Christmas around here.  Just something about the winter solstice, the longest night of the year.  Whatever, the nights are too long around here anyway.  Until next week.


Week four and no Conqueror.  Fucking surprise there.  I might skip the writing until I get a glimpse of her.  Anyway this week has been exciting.  Aphrodite helped out the craftsman with the instruments by aging the wood and now I have instruments for a band and band members.  Arista is playing the guitar and learning the mandolin.  Mikis is playing the drums and he is kicking butt.  Panni is already picking up the fiddle.  One day he will be as good as Charlie Daniels and Martie Siedel.  Palladio is playing the dobro.  And Pandaro plays a mean piano.  Either these guys have been blessed by that music God or Aphrodite has put a spell on them as they have already learned to play ‘Goodbye Earl’, ‘Fancy’, ‘Kiss This’, ‘The Greatest Man’, ‘Picture of Me Without You’ and ‘Except For Mondays’.  Aphrodite brought my CD’s from home and my portable player with plenty of batteries so I can learn the songs and teach them to my band.

After practice last night, Palemon asked if I would sing a song to Terreis.  "The band accompanied me as I sang ‘Picture of Me Without You’ and by the time we were done a small crowd had gathered around the mess hall.  They have asked us to play after dinner so now I have a place to go when Miss jackass is fucking her God.  Sorry about that.  I could use some anger management about now.

This weekend we are beginning our weekly baseball and football tournaments.  The fields are ready and on day one, lets just pretend it’s Saturday there will be a baseball tournament with eight teams.  Yes the Conqueror has a huge army.  On Sunday six teams will compete in football.  The craftsman are once again busy building swings and slides for the children to play in.  Hope they can’t sue for splinters.  The monkey bars are wood.  All children, spouses and lovers will be invited to watch from the bleachers and we are having a big barbecue.  We’ve got ground meat for hamburgers and with the help of my little hand mixer I’ve been able to make mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup.  I have ketchup for my eggs.  Happy days!

I’m having a blast spending the Conqueror’s money.  Of course I’m waiting for her to object and then I will have a chance to talk to her.  Until next week or whenever the wench shows her face.


Well it’s the end of week five and I finally saw Miss attitude today.  She decided to come into the hall while the band and I were playing.  Lucky for me I taught the band a fun little Dixie Chicks song.  I can’t remember the name but the lyrics go like this:

Hole in my head, hole in my head

I need a girl like you like a hole in my head

I need a girl like you like a hole in my head lets just say we will and then don’t instead.

Wild goose chase, wild goose chase.

You’re gonna take me girl on a wild goose chase.

You’re gonna take me girl on a wild goose chase You better find somebody to take my place.

You took my imagination and stomped it in the ground.

Now I can only think about you chasing the tracks that you were led around.

Hole in my head, hole in my head.

I need a girl like you like a hole in my head.

I need a girl like you like a hole in my head.

You make me feel so bad that I wish I was dead.

Let the games begin.

I stared in her direction the whole time smiling. Aren’t I the adult one.  Her eyes watched with interest then turned cold as I sang the song.  She left before I could finish.  I think she got the point.  I can be just as much of a bitch as she can.  Don’t think I’ll be seeing her for awhile.

On the weekends we are moving the show to a tavern inside the city.  I convinced the owner that I could bring in a lot of business with the army since they have pledged to follow me and the band.  Wait until I introduce them to Karoake.  I’ve been writing the songs on scrolls for the band to play and I’ve decided to do the same and have drunk soldiers come up and sing for prize money, the Conqueror’s money of course.

I decided it would make a good competition for the men to compete for prize money during the tournaments.  Still no Conqueror.  Guess she has way too much money on her hands.  Until next time.


Well its now the end of week ten and not a glimpse of the Conqueror.  She has stayed away from the weekly picnics and the concerts in the hall.  I haven’t heard a single complaint however her accountant seems to be a bit curt with me.  Wait until he sees what I have done now.

I decided that the baseball teams should have names, logos and uniforms, both home and away colors for the uniforms.  So I gave them all names like Lions, Tigers, Cougars, Jaguars, Stallions, Titans, Wild Cats and Rams.  At least they all sound tough and I could draw logos of the different animals to be included on the jerseys.  I know they are not necessary but we’ll see if I can get a rise out of the Conqueror.  I wish I could be a fly in the wall when Aglao bitches.  He hates me.

Every weekend we are now playing at the tavern inside town.  Saturday nights are Karoake night and it’s a blast listening to a drunk soldier singing ‘Fancy’.  Those guys will do almost anything with ale in them.  There are some women warriors, one in particular that I get along with and she’s even very pretty.  Tall and dark like I like them.  Too bad I still don’t want to pursue it.  Her name is Deainara just like the woman who married Hercules but not quite that sexy and brunette not blonde.  Until next time.


Aglao paced back and forth in his office.  The Conqueror just didn’t want to listen to him.  "My Lord, she is spending money like it grows on trees.  You have to stop her."

"Aglao, has the treasury been depleted?" asked the Conqueror.

"No My Lord," he answered.

"Am I in financial ruin?"

"No My Lord, there is still plenty of money in the treasury," he responded.

"Do I need to raise taxes in order to live as I do?" she asked calmly.

"No My Lord but this last requisition is just wasteful.  She has ordered two uniforms for each player in that game she taught the army.  And not just plain names.  Uniforms with logos and names.  It’s a lot of money Conqueror."

The Conqueror turned away from her accountant to look out the window, thinking of the words he had just spoken.  "Little one, what are you doing?  Trying to get my attention?" she mumbled to herself.

"Excuse me My Lord," interrupted Aglao.  "I could not hear you."

"If I want you to hear me, you shall," she answered.  "Give her the uniforms Aglao and no questions," she added as she left the room.  Aglao threw his scrolls in the air in frustration.


The Conqueror walked down the hallway into the war room.  She was thinking of small beauty when a brilliant light appeared and Ares was standing in front of her.

"So Xena did I hear right?  You have given the little brunette free rein to spend your money."

"Back off Ares.  You have me nights.  I don’t need to see you days too."

"Xena why so hostile?  And why are you giving her so much power."

"It keeps her busy.  Have you seen my men lately?  Usually they get lazy during peacetime.  Instead they are stronger than I have ever seen them and moral is at an all time high.  Let them have their little games and concerts if they will have such good results."

"And let’s not forget about the power you have given her.  Those men worship her, not you.  They would follow her into battle.  Keep an eye on her Xena or she will take you down without being in your heart," growled the dark God and with a brilliant light he was gone.


It took two weeks for the Conqueror to work up the courage to check in on her little brunette.  She decide to pay a visit to the hall to watch her sing.  To her surprise Desire’ was not leading the band.  Instead Arista’s voice boomed through the hall.  She walked around to find Palemon without any luck.  Finally she tapped her hand on a young soldier’s shoulder.

"Where is Desire’ tonight?" she asked.

The young man turned around, terror in his eyes when he faced the Conqueror.  "She’s with the hhealer," he stammered.

"What? Why wasn’t I informed?" she growled as she grabbed the man’s shirt collar.

"I don’t kknow," he stammered.  "She was hhurt during the game.  Ppalemon is with her."

The Conqueror let go of the terrified man and went to see the healer.  Palemon was coming out of the room when she arrived.  "Palemon, what happened and why wasn’t I informed?" she growled.

"Conqueror she’s okay.  She was hit in the head by a fastball.  She passed out but she’s awake now, just a little groggy.  The healer says she needs some rest.  She’s been driving herself too hard."

"Where did she get hit in the head Palemon?"

"In the back.  She turned her head to avoid the pitch but as she said she forgot to duck."

"Was there any blood?"

"No Conqueror.  Why do you care all of a sudden?"

"I never stopped caring Palemon."

"Then why don’t you talk to her Conqueror?"

"It’s a long story Palemon."

"I have time Conqueror."

They stood out in the hallway as the Conqueror let her guard down and told Palemon about the events she witnessed at the amazon village.

"I had no idea Conqueror.  I’m sorry.  I don’t get it though.  All she does is talk about you."

"Well Palemon, maybe one day but I can’t get the scene out of my head."

"Try talking to her Conqueror.  Now would be a good time, when she’s weak," he said as he laughed.

The Conqueror walked into the room as Desire’ turned around to the door.  "Oh great.  Here to throw me a pity party, Conqueror," spat Desire’.

"I heard you were injured.  I wanted to see how you were."

"Yea whatever.  Don’t worry about me Conqueror.  That little extra padding on the back of my head comes in handy sometimes.  Or maybe you’re just worried a guest in your realm is hurt.  Might make you look bad," she added, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Maybe now is not a good time to talk," answered the Conqueror as she turned to go.  "So much for weak," she muttered.

"Ya got that right.  I’ve a bit of a headache right now!" she yelled as the Conqueror walked out.  Great, just fucking great you idiot!  Now is not the time to have an attitude! yelled the little voice.  She wanted to talk Miss Thang!  "Oh just shut up!" Desire’ yelled as she hid her head under the pillow.


Desire’ was sitting in her room next to the Conqueror.  She had spent four days down the hallway before she was finally released.  She still felt weak and chose to forego the concert for one more night.

She heard activity in the next room and strained to hear what exactly was going on.  She was restless but too tired to leave so she picked up her fiddle and sat on the bed and began to sing.

I look out my window at the world I once owned.

And I see it’s still spinning round.

Somewhere above me a light I once knew.

No longer shines through the clouds.

But that’s somebody else’s moon tonight.

Those are somebody else’s stars.

They’re no longer mine because somewhere tonight you’re in somebody else’s arms.

Desire’ never saw the dark shadow in the window as tears rolled down her face before she could begin the second verse as she thought about the Conqueror.

Remember the wishes we made in the night.

When dreams were supposed to come true.

Well I do cause you put the stars in my eyes.

As you saw and promised the moon.

That’s somebody else’s moon tonight.

Those are somebody else’s stars.

They’re no longer mine cause somewhere tonight.

You’re in somebody else’s arms.

When she was finished she put the fiddle away and smothered her face in the pillow to muffle the sounds of her cries.  The Conqueror watched helplessly as the beast held her back from going into the arms of her little beauty.


It was weeks after her baseball injury but Desire’ had her energy back.  Every night she noticed a dark shadow in her window.  After a couple of days she realized the Conqueror was checking up on her so she would give her a hell of a show with her green machine.  She kept waiting but the Conqueror never came in so she went to plan B to get her attention.

Every night she came in later and later until tonight when she guessed it was well past two in the morning.  The evening started with Karoake then Arista sang, followed by her.  The tavern was packed and every night the owner thanked her for the business.  Tonight she had been drinking and was very emotional.  Actually, she thought, I’m tanked.  She was missing home and wondering about whether she would ever see her parents again or would she die in ancient Greece.  Her only comfort was the promise that Aphrodite would see to her pets.

No one in the tavern noticed the tall dark figure walk silently into the tavern.  The Conqueror was upset when she checked on Desire’ several times and she was no where to be found.  It was time to see what she did away from the palace walls.  She watched as Desire’ sat down to sing as the piano finished it’s introduction.

The greatest man I never knew lived just down the hall.

And every day we said hello but never touched at all.

He was in his paper. I was in my room.

How was I to know he thought I hung the moon.

The greatest man I never knew came home late every night.

He never had too much to say, too much was on in his mind.

I never really knew him, oh and now it seems so sad.

Everything he gave to us took all he had.

Then the days turned into years and the memories to black and white.

He grew cold like an old winter wind blowing across my life.

Desire’s voice cracked as she tried to sing the last verse.  The crowd was silent, intent as they listened to every word sang by their ‘gift’.  Tears streamed down her face as she finished the song.

The greatest words I never heard, I guess I’ll never hear.

The man I thought could never die has been dead almost four years.

Oh he was good at business but there was business left to do.

He never said he loved me guess he thought I knew.

Desire’ started crying as soon as she finished the last lyric.  For a few moments the room was silent as the small singer cried her anguish.  She wiped her eyes and looked up at the audience, still silent.  "I sing my fucking heart out and no applause," she laughed.  The audience laughed with her and cheered as she jumped into the waiting arms of the warrior.  "Deainera," she slurred.  "I need a hug."  The warrior complied as Desire’ snuck in a kiss on the lips.  Her heart froze when she saw the ice blue eyes under the hood.

She quickly looked away hoping against hope the Conqueror didn’t see her.  She jumped out of her seat and ran back to the stage.  She watched as the Conqueror stood up, threatening to leave.  The green-eyed monster jumped to her rescue and she motioned the band into a rousing rendition of "Kiss This," singing to the hooded figure as she made her way through the crowd.  The Conqueror looked back one last time only to see Desire’ singing:  kiss this and I don’t mean on my rosy red lips, as she pointed to her butt.  Desire’ finished the song and left with Palemon and Terreis as her escort.


Chapter Twelve-Hi Ho Off to the Amazons We Go

Desire’ was lying in her bed, the sun coming up shining through the window.  She was boiling, cursing herself over the incident.  She kisses one woman one time and the damn Conqueror has to be watching and just leaves.

 "Well," she said to the empty walls.  "I’ve had it Conqueror.  You don’t want me to hell with you.  There’s a tribe of beautiful leather bikini clad amazons that want me and I am tired of being alone."  She walked to the closet to pack her clothes, making sure to pack the long dagger, a souvenir from Velasca and her trusty green vibrator.  She grabbed the two packs and stormed out of the palace to the stables.

 Terreis walked up to her as she was finishing packing her things on her horse.

 "Where are you going?" asked the Princess.

 "I’m going back to the amazons.  If the Conqueror doesn’t want me, I’m sure I can find a good amazon or two who does," she replied.

 "Desire’ you will need an escort," replied the Princess.

 "I’m a big girl, Terreis.  I have my staff and the dagger.  Don’t worry about me."

 "Desire’," Terreis began.

 Desire’ turned away from her task.  "I have to go now, Terreis.  I just need to get out of here.  Go, I will be fine," she said as she mounted and rode away.

 Palemon greeted her at the front of the palace.  "Palemon, let me by, please."

 "Where are you going?" he asked.

 "Out, Palemon.  I won’t be back soon," she answered.

 "I can’t let you leave unescorted Desire’.  Conqueror’s orders."

 "Fuck the Conqueror!" she yelled.  "Why the hell does she care anyway!  I’ll be damned if I’m gonna stick around here being chaste for the last six months while she gets her rocks off with the God of War! I can go home and not get laid.  There’s a whole tribe of amazons waiting out there to do me and I’m tired of waiting for something that ain’t happening. The least I can do is enjoy myself, now back off!"

 Palemon stood in front of her, not letting her by.  "I have my orders, Desire’."

 "Don’t make me hurt you!" she cried.  Palemon stood in front of the open gate.  Desire’ walked her horse backwards several feet then with a loud "Haw!" she spurred her horse into a gallop.  Palemon jumped to the side to avoid the oncoming horse and watched as she rode away.

 "Palemon, you didn’t stop her," Terreis yelled as she ran toward the gate.

 "Wild horses couldn’t stop her," he replied.  "Walk with me.  I must report to the Conqueror."  He motioned for a second guard to take his place and the two made the long walk to the palace.

 "You know, I can’t blame her after the way the Conqueror treated her," said the Princess.

 "What did you expect?  The Conqueror rarely takes a companion and she never shares when she does," answered Palemon defensively.

 "What do you mean?  Desire’ has been faithful to the Conqueror but she won’t even talk to her."

 "So amazons don’t count?" asked Palemon.

 "Palemon, what are you talking about?"

 "What about the tall brunette amazon, blue eyes, kinda looks like the Conqueror?"

 "Velasca?" she asked.

 "I don’t know her name.  I just know the Conqueror has a long memory and can’t get the image out of her mind."

"Palemon, we have to talk to the Conqueror.  Let’s go."  She grabbed his shoulder and started running to the palace.


The Conqueror was in her bedchambers eating her morning meal when Palemon and the Princess found her.  She looked up at them as they walked in.  "What is so urgent Palemon that I cannot finish my meal," she stated.

 "It’s Desire’.  She’s gone," he answered.

 "That would explain the change in menu.  For the day I presume.  You did provide her with guards I take it," she replied casually.

 "No, Conqueror," he started.  "She went back to the amazons and left without an escort."

 "Palemon, she is a guest in our city.  Send some guards after her to escort her to the village.  Once she is there I am sure the amazons will take care of her," she replied, trying to hold onto her stoic look.  Inside her heart was aching at the thought of missed opportunities. Now she had the image of her kissing a warrior in her own army.

 "But Conqueror," he started.

 "No buts Palemon," interrupted the Conqueror.  "She has made her choice.  Leave her be."

 Terreis had quietly watched the exchange between the Conqueror and Palemon.  She could see the pain in the dark woman’s face as she spoke.  "Conqueror, may I speak?" she asked.

 "You are Princess Terreis, correct?" asked the Conqueror.

 "Yes I am."

 "Go on."

 "I fear you have been misinformed about Desire’."

 "How so?" asked the Conqueror.

 "She has been faithful to you Conqueror.  Ever since you left for Britannia."

 "So you call rolling around in bed like weasels with an amazon being faithful?" the Conqueror growled.

 "You mean Velasca.  She was raped Conqueror."  Palemon’s eyes shot up at the admission, his eyes filled with pain as he heard the words.

 "Is that what she’s calling it these days?" growled the Conqueror.  "She likes it rough Princess.  Obviously she’s gone back for more!"  The beast was stirring inside as she stood up from the table to confront the amazon.

 "You have been misinformed," defended the amazon.

 "I was there Princess!  I saw her!  I saw her kiss her on the dance floor. I watched as that amazon walked into her hut and I heard Desire’ moan with pleasure!  I was not misinformed!" she yelled.

 Terreis stood up to the Conqueror.  "You do not know the whole story Conqueror."

 "I am losing my patience amazon!  Explain yourself!"

 "Velasca slipped henbane in her drink.  She was hallucinating on the dance floor.  She thought it was you.  Velasca followed her to the hut knowing she was effected by the drug.  She thought it was you until she opened her eyes.  Velasca had a dagger against her heart.  Ephiny picked up her glass by mistake, smelled the drug and ran to the hut and pulled Velasca off of her."

 The Conqueror’s face turned from anger to concern as she listened to the story.  The beast was fighting her.  "How do I know you speak the truth amazon?" she growled.

 "Conqueror!" yelled Palemon.

 "Hush Palemon.  Stay out of this.  Tell me."

 "She has a scar under her left breast from the dagger wound.  Velasca cut her up pretty bad, telling her you weren’t coming for her.  While Ephiny was holding her, Desire’ went crazy.  She knocked Ephiny unconscious and proceeded to beat Velasca.  She would have killed her if Queen Melosa hadn’t heard the noise.  It took four amazons, including Melosa to tear her off of Velasca."

 "Why have I not heard of this before now?" growled the Conqueror.

 "You came in and out of the village so fast Queen Melosa didn’t have time to tell you.  She thought you were through with her.  Desire’ withdrew from life and spent three days in the purification hut.  She was there when you rode up but you left before she could come out of the hut.  That’s when she decided to come home.  She made us promise not to speak of the incident."

The Conqueror was in deep thought as she listened to the words.  Her face was no longer filled with anger, only pain at the thought of the small brunette’s ordeal.   "Palemon get my horse ready.  Princess Terreis, thank you."


Desire’ was near the amazon forest.  She dismounted, knowing it would be much easier to guide the horse through the territory.  She held the small pouch carrying the dagger to her side just in case she ran into any trouble.  She stopped when she heard the rustling in the trees.

 In front of her stood three grungy and very menacing looking men.  Great, she thought, just fucking great.  She tried to act stoic, hoping the men wouldn’t see the fear in her face.

"Well look what we have here boys, an amazon," replied the leader.

 You idiot! yelled the little voice.  Had to dress like a fucking amazon.   Show off.

The green-eyed monster was ready to defend her.  "Look boys I don’t want any trouble so just let me pass and I’ll be on my way," she stated, her hand opening the pouch at her side.

 "Afraid I can’t sweet thing.  You’ll fetch a pretty dinar at auction."

 "I’m not an amazon and I’m not a slave."

 "Not yet.  You will be soon," the leader stated as the men closed in on her.

 Desire’ reached desperately into the pouch feeling for the dagger as the men closed in on her.  She grabbed onto something round and pulled it out, waving the green dildo wildly at the men.  "I’m armed boys and I know how to use it," she growled before realizing she was waving the dildo and not the dagger at the men.  "I’ll make you feel really good if you don’t leave me alone," she yelled as she turned the dildo on.  You idiot! yelled the little voice.  Who are you Joxer!  You’re waving a fucking dildo at them!

 Desire’ was backing away from the men.  You could still fight them.  If they have swords just unarm them, she thought.  You beat the Conqueror.   She pointed to her hand.  "Look guys I’m already a slave.  I belong to the Conqueror.  See.  You don’t want to mess with her property."

 "Then she will pay us a pretty dinar for your return," replied the leader.

 "Fine boys you wanna fight.  Bring it on."  Before she could defend herself she was looking into the front of a crossbow pointing toward her chest.  "Just great.  Just fucking great.  Every Goddamn episode the thugs have knives and you have to have a fucking crossbow!" she yelled as she offered her hands in defeat.

 The leader took the strange object out of her hands and tied them in front of her.

 "Hey guys, you really don’t need that," she said pointing to the vibrator.  "Really it’s of no use to you."

 The leader just laughed as he placed it in his pant pocket and helped her back onto her horse.  You really are an ass you know, yelled the little voice.  These guys could kill you and all you care about is the vibrator.  Try thinking of a way to get out of this mess!

Desire’ rode with the thugs. She knew she would probably be safe because they were riding toward the castle but her pride was hurt.  The green-eyed monster was awake and couldn’t stand the humiliation.  Desire’ slowed her horse down.  She was an accomplished rider and these idiots had just tied her hands in front of her.  As she rode, she worked herself free.  They didn’t seem to be paying attention to her.  She freed her hands then kicked the horse as hard she could.  The horse reared up as Desire’ grabbed onto the reins and pulled the horse around.  She ran at a full gallop as the men took off after her.  She had one of the finest horses in the land and she rode with full force into the amazon forest.  She was a good distance in front of the men as she entered the trees, jumping off with her small pouch and sending the horse into the village.  Using the tracking skills the amazons taught her, she led a false trail and hid until she was sure the thugs had given up on her.


The Conqueror was galloping at full stride along the road.  She stopped when she saw three thugs at the side of the road coming from the amazon forest.  "This cannot be good," she said to herself and rode up to them.  "Boys you look as though you’ve lost something," she said as she dismounted her horse and walked toward them.

 All three men froze at the sight of the Conqueror.  They knew even their cross bows couldn’t save them from this deadly woman.  "Nnnothing Conqueror," stammered their leader.

 "I think you’re lying," she growled as two hands flew toward the leaders neck when she applied her pinch.  "Now, you have 30 seconds to tell me what I want to know.  What were you doing in the amazon forest?"

 "Looking for your slave, Conqueror," he choked, his face turning pale from the loss of blood.

 "Explain yourself!" she yelled.

 "We were bringing her back to you when she escaped us.  We lost her here," he gasped.  "Tiny brunette with green eyes, amazon leathers."

 "Well you shouldn’t have let her escape," she growled.  "You shall die for it.  And you boys," she added pointing to the cowering men watching as their friend took his last breath of air.  "Let this be a lesson to you.  Don’t mess with my property.  Now go!"  The men ran for their lives, leaving their dead friend and horses behind to escape the wrath of the Conqueror.

"Well my little one, I should have known you could handle yourself," she said out loud as she mounted her horse and rode on to the village.


Desire’ decided the threat was past and got up to begin her walk to the amazon village.  She knew she would run into the first line of guards shortly.  The ground started to rumble beneath her. Her training told her it was hoof prints.  "Oh shit, what if they have friends."  She grabbed the hook out of her pouch and slung it up over the tree branch a good thirty feet above, out of sight and climbed up the tree as Eponin had taught her.

As she reached into the tree branches she looked down to see a man on horseback galloping by.  She grabbed onto the tree branch and pulled herself up, the adrenaline propelling her.  When she looked down she realized what she had done.  She was a good thirty feet up and her fear of heights grabbed hold of her.  She panicked and grabbed onto the tree trunk, face pressed into the trunk her body spread eagle against the bark, clutching the tree by her fingernails.  Just fucking great!  I’m treed!  Well show off, eventually you’ll just fall and kill yourself!  What were you thinking idiot! yelled the little voice.  She was frozen along the side of the tree trunk and too afraid to look down to see the Conqueror gallop below her.


The Conqueror galloped into the amazon village and jumped off of her horse in front of Queen Melosa.  "Where is she Queen Melosa?" asked a worried Conqueror.

 "Only her horse came into the village Conqueror.  I fear the Centaurs may have taken her or worse.  Three amazons came back with the dead body of a sister shot with a centaur arrow."

 "What! You two have been at peace for years.  Why would they break the treaty now?" she asked, panic in her voice.

 "I don’t know why, Conqueror.  I have one dead amazon sister.  Dead from a centaur arrow.  He was captured in the forest.  His arrow matches the arrow the amazon was shot with.  We will be at war tomorrow."

 "You can’t go to war if Desire’ is with them.  I won’t allow it."

 "This is an amazon matter as per our treaty Conqueror.  Don’t ask us to go to war with you," spat the amazon Queen.  "We are not sure if Desire’ is with them.  We only know that her horse came in alone."

 "Give me time to find her.  She could be lost in the forest, scared."

"She has been trained as an amazon, Conqueror.  If she is out there, she will be safe.  You have until noon tomorrow."


Desire’ didn’t know how long she had been in the tree.  She only knew the sun was now going down and she was too terrified to move.  She heard rustling below but was too afraid to look down and too afraid to make any noise.  If the Conqueror could see me now I would never live it down.

 The Conqueror backtracked her way through the forest, following a set of hoof prints she hoped were from Desire’s horse.  She stopped when the hoof prints became deep as if the rider must have stopped there.  She dismounted her horse and started looking around for the small brunette.  "Desire’," she whispered.  "Desire’ it’s me, come out."

 She stopped when she thought she heard a sound from above.  She looked up into the trees searching for the sound until she saw a shape high up in the tree branches.  "Desire’," she called a little louder.  "Is that you?"  "Yes," came the weak voice.  "It’s safe now you can come down."

 "No," came the voice again.  "Desire’ it’s safe now.  I won’t hurt you.  I’ve been looking for you."

 "Can’t," Desire’ replied, panic in her voice.

 "What’s wrong, come down now please," the Conqueror yelled.

 "Can’t," Desire’ replied again, her voice now shaking.

 The Conqueror looked up into the tree and realized the woman was holding on  for dear life.  She laughed at the sight.  "You can climb a tree but you can’t climb down!" she laughed into the night air.

 Great, just fucking great, yelled the little voice.  She doesn’t talk to you for months and she’s already laughing at you wimp girl.  The Conqueror stopped laughing realizing the seriousness of the treed woman and somersaulted into the air and onto the tree branch.  Desire’ stood before her, facing the tree her hands and legs spread out against it grasping the bark, not moving.  The Conqueror was unsuccessful in suppressing her laughter.  "Leave me alone, Conqueror.  I’ll be fine," she replied defiantly.  "Yeah if you want to mate with the tree," answered the Conqueror laughing.  "Fine time to get a sense of humor," Desire’ growled.

 The Conqueror stopped laughing.  "Hey it’s okay now, I won’t let you fall," she said, opening her arms for the woman to lean against.  Desire’ didn’t move as terror gripped every part of her body.  "Come on, I got you," whispered the Conqueror as she wrapped her arms around the small waist.  Desire’ didn’t move.  "Come on, you have to let go," said the Conqueror tugging on the smaller woman.  "Can’t," came the reply.  "Desire’," growled the Conqueror, "Let go."  She pulled at the woman who wouldn’t let go of the tree.  "Desire’," she said again, trying to release the woman from the iron grip she held on the tree.  She leaned over and whispered, "You’re gonna break a nail."  Desire’ released the tree, staring at her hands as she fell into the arms of the Conqueror.  "You tricked me," she yelled.  The Conqueror ignored her as they somersaulted down onto the ground.

 The Conqueror wrapped her arms around Desire’ and hugged her fiercely.  "Thought I lost you," she whispered into her ear.  Desire’ relished in the warmth coming from the Conqueror until the green-eyed monster woke up and reminded her she was talking to the dark ruler.  "What are you doing here anyway?" she growled as she broke away from the Conqueror.

 "I came to talk to you," replied the Conqueror.

 "After four fucking months, now you want to talk to me.  A little late dontcha think," she growled.

 "Desire’ we need to talk."

 "Why?  You’ve made it quite clear you don’t want me.  Did you and your little God have a fight or something?  Ready for sloppy seconds," she replied.

 "I haven’t been with Ares for awhile now," she defended.

 Desire’ turned around to stare the Conqueror in the face as she spoke.  Her blue eyes were soft.  Maybe she was telling the truth.  "Why now?  Afraid I’m gonna go get me some amazon ass?"

 The Conqueror ignored the sarcastic remark.  "Palemon and Princess Terreis came to see me after you left this morning."

 Desire’s eyes turned darker with rage at the thought of the amazon’s betrayal.  "What did she say to you?"

 "She told me about Velasca."

 "So what.  Now you feel sorry for me because some crazy amazon attacked me.  I can handle myself you know!" she yelled.

 "I thought you wanted to be with her.  I was jealous."

 "How did you even know?"

 "I was there."  Desire’ looked at the Conqueror, her eyes filling with tears.  "What do you mean you were there?  Why didn’t you stop her?" she cried.  The Conqueror looked away from Desire’, her heart aching as the little brunette cried.  "I thought you were enjoying yourself.  I saw you kiss her on the dance floor. I heard you moan.  I ran."

 Desire’ started pounded her fists into the Conqueror.  "You were there, you could’ve stopped her.  Why didn’t you stop her?" she cried as the Conqueror struggled to contain her wrists.

 "I saw her walk in.  You looked like you were enjoying it.  I wouldn’t have if I had known.  Please don’t cry Desire’."  The Conqueror wrapped her arms around the woman as she slumped into her arms crying.  "Just hold me," whispered Desire’.  After many moments Desire’ turned around to the Conqueror, wrapping two small hands around her neck.  "Is this where we kiss and make up," she asked.  The Conqueror responded by lifting her up off the ground and claiming her mouth with a long drawn out passionate kiss.

 "Come on, we have to get out of here.  The amazons will be at war soon and I don’t want you hurt," said the Conqueror after breaking off the kiss.

 "Who are they going to war with?" Desire’ asked.

 "The Centaurs.  Come on, let’s get you safe," answered the Conqueror.

 "Why?  You said they’re at peace."

 "A centaur killed an amazon, now let’s go."

 "Couldn’t be a centaur.  Besides I saw a man on horse go by here.  I know it wasn’t a centaur."

 "Are you sure?"

 "Yes, I’m sure we can find some proof.  Desire’ and the Conqueror started scanning the ground for clues.  "Look," they both said in unison, standing among the assorted hoof prints and droppings.  "Here’s your proof it wasn’t a centaur," stated the Conqueror.  "It was someone on horseback."

 That’s right, that is filled with raw hay stocks," Desire’ replied pointing to the poop on the ground.  Centaurs don’t eat hay."

"Actually," replied the Conqueror.  "I was referring to the hoof prints.  Centaurs carry their weight on their front hooves."

"Yeah I know.  I just wanted to hear you say it," giggled Desire’.

"How do you know about centaurs?" asked the Conqueror.

"Hooves and Harlots.  Season one, episode ten," Desire’ replied.  "Boy do I have to get a life when I get home," she added shaking her head.  The Conqueror looked over to her, a quizzical expression on her face.  "This happened to Xena.  Same thing.  I suppose they captured Phantes too."

"They have a centaur in custody," replied the Conqueror.

"Then we have to stop them.  It’s some crazy warlord trying to gain more land.  He set the centaur up.  Why haven’t you stopped him by the way?"

"That jackass Krykus.  Until now he hasn’t been a problem.  He has continued to pay tribute so I’ve left him alone."

"Do you have an army nearby?"

"Not close enough to get here by noon.  I suppose you know how this is supposed to play out."

"Real simple.  We go to that guy’s camp.  You go talk to him.  He’ll have a jeweled dagger.  Take it.  It’s proof that some guy named Solano in the centaur camp set up Phantes.  I’ll sneak into the armory and retrieve the arrows.  Then we have to be really convincing so Melosa won’t kill Phantes before the centaurs show up.  Or I can just cry a lot until she agrees and I’ll shut up. Let’s go."


It was almost noon by the time the Conqueror and Desire’ could convince Queen Melosa of the facts.  Desire’ rambled on, even crying until Queen Melosa couldn’t stand it anymore and allowed the stay of execution.  The centaurs were now standing ready to fight as the Conqueror walked out to greet Tyldus.

"Conqueror, why are you involved in this matter?" asked Tyldus.

"Long story, Tyldus.  There will be no war between the amazons and the centaurs," she continued as she threw her sword on the ground as recommended by Desire’.  The amazons followed her lead throwing their weapons down as Ephiny cut Phantes loose.  Phantes ran to his father.

"We shouldn’t be at war with them father.  The Conqueror and the little one saved my life," he said pointing to Desire’.

Desire’ threw up her arms.  "Why does everyone have to refer to me as little?"

"Desire’," growled the Conqueror, "Now is not the time.  Krykus is your enemy.  Ask Solano," she said as she pulled out the jeweled dagger.  Solano reached at his side for the dagger implicating himself.  "No its not yours.  I took it from Krykus.  He gave you yours didn’t he?"  Solano turned on his mount and ran from the village.

"Way to go Conqueror," said Desire’ as she walked toward the centaurs and the Conqueror.  "This is way too cool.  Now this is the part when you centaurs," she said pointing to Tyldus, "and you amazons get together and go kick his ass off of the map.  Let’s go."

"Whoa," said the Conqueror.  "You’re not going anywhere.  This is a war, not some episode you’ve seen."

"No way I’m not missing this!" answered Desire’.  "I have my staff and I can fight too.  Besides I’ve never ridden on a centaur before.  This is too cool."

"Desire’ no, it’s too dangerous," yelled the Conqueror.

Desire’ walked up to the Conqueror defiantly.  "I’m going and unless you want me to start crying again you’ll say yes," she whispered into the Conqueror’s ear.

"You wouldn’t!" hissed the Conqueror.  Desire’ just nodded as tears began to cloud her eyes.  "Fine you can go! Stop that!"  Desire’ smiled and took her staff from Ephiny who was standing behind her.  "Knew I’d win that huh," she whispered into Ephiny’s ear.  Ephiny just nodded.

"Amazon, care to go for a ride?" Phantes shouted to Desire’.

Desire’ grabbed Ephiny’s shoulder.  "You go with him.  I promise you’ll like it," she whispered.  "I’ll go with Tyldus.  I want a front row seat," she added as she walked up to Tyldus who nodded his approval as she mounted his back.  "This is just too cool," she squealed.  The Conqueror just shook her head as she mounted the back of a chariot next to Queen Melosa.  As the war party charged forward, Desire’ yelled, "Yeeeee Hawwwwwww."

Queen Melosa and the Conqueror rode along on the chariots, stoic expressions on their faces.

"She’s really not from this world, is she Conqueror?" asked the Queen, never turning her head.

"What was your first clue?" asked the Conqueror, stifling a smile to keep up her solemn expression.

"Where did you find her last night Conqueror?"

"In a tree Queen Melosa."

"Couldn’t get down could she?" asked the Queen.

"Had to pry her off," answered the Conqueror.  Both women looked at each other and started laughing.

"Been there, done that Conqueror," replied the Queen in between laughs.

"You too?"  giggled the Conqueror.

"Took her days to get the bark out from under her finger nails,"  replied the Queen trying to regain her composure unsuccessfully.  By now both Queen and Conqueror had lost all composure and were laughing uncontrollably.

 "Had bark marks on her face for hours before we got back to the village," added the Conqueror, unable to contain her laughter.  After several minutes of unrestrained laughter the two composed themselves, looking ahead to the task at hand.

"Does she always cry so much," asked the Queen.

"Only when she’s awake," answered the Conqueror, laughing.  "You had to ask didn’t you?" she added trying to stop the laughter.  Both women composed themselves once again, looking like the Queen of the Amazons and the Conqueror as they rode the chariot.

"You certainly have your hands full," replied the Queen.

"Don’t I know it," replied the Conqueror.  "Don’t I know it."


Later that night the amazon village was alive with the celebration of the day’s victory.  Centaurs and amazons celebrated together.  Desire’ was busy trying to teach a group of amazons one of her line dances from home.  After several attempts she gave up and began gyrating her hips to the amazon music as the Conqueror looked on.  "She looks good in amazon leathers doesn’t she?" asked Queen Melosa.

"Oh yeah," replied the Conqueror, her eyes following the small brunette as she continued to dance, matching the amazons step for step.

"We hope you will come back soon with Desire’.  She is quite delightful to have around," said the Queen smiling.

"You’re dying to tell me something aren’t you Queen Melosa?"

"Mmm hmm.  She has guts you know.  She stopped an attacking leopard during a hunting trip."

"What?" growled the Conqueror.  "She could have been hurt!"

"Relax Conqueror.  She was too busy playing with the cat to get hurt."

"No. How do you play with a leopard?"

"It seems they like to chase rope," deadpanned the Queen, then burst out laughing with the Conqueror.

"She’s something.  I suppose there is more."

"Let’s just say that she fears spiders more than trees," answered the Queen still laughing.

"She fears spiders but plays with leopards."

"Yes it would seem so.  It cost the hunting party a buck when she started screaming," laughed the Queen.  "Epinon threatened to put her up in a tree the next time to keep her quiet."  The Conqueror joined in the laughter.  The two watched as Desire’ continued dancing with the amazons, their laughter finally subsiding.  The Conqueror turned to the Queen with a solemn expression on her face.  "Queen Melosa, I was very disappointed to hear of the harm done to Desire’ while she was under your care."

"I am sorry Conqueror.  The amazon has been dealt with."

"I take it she has been executed."

"No Conqueror," answered the Queen.

"Why not?" growled the Conqueror.

"She is a warrior with a crippled arm and a crippled leg.  That is a far greater punishment for her than death. Desire’ requested there be no execution."

"She cried didn’t she?"

"Like a baby Conqueror."  The two women started laughing as they thought of the small woman begging and crying to get her way.

"I didn’t know you crippled your amazons for punishment," stated the Conqueror, her expression now stoic.

"We don’t.  Seems Desire’ has a bit of a temper.  The damage was done before I could pull her off of Velasca."

"Good girl," purred the Conqueror as her eyes went back to Desire’.  After a few moments the Queen began to speak.

"She fought well today, Conqueror."

"Yes she did.  It is also her last fight."

"We would like her to become a member of the amazon nation."  The Conqueror looked at Queen Melosa, her eyes darkening with anger.  "Conqueror we will expect her to live at the palace with you.  It’s what she wants."

 The Conqueror’s eyes softened.  "She will like that," she replied.

The music stopped as Queen Melosa got up and walked to the Queen’s stand. She stood, hands on her hips, the Queen’s mask on top of her head.  "Hey what happened to the music," cried Desire’.  She looked at the bowed heads, then to the Queen and jumped to the floor.  "Sorry," she mumbled as she bowed her head in respect.

"Bring Desire’ up here," stated the Queen.  Epinon grabbed Desire’s hand and led her onto the stand next to the Queen.  Desire’ looked over to the Conqueror as she was led away, a question mark on her face.  The Conqueror just shrugged her shoulders and smiled.  "What’d I do?" asked Desire’ defensively.

"Relax Desire’," started the Queen. "You have proven yourself in battle today as a true amazon," she shouted for everyone to hear.  "Tonight we welcome a new sister into the amazon nation."  Desire’ looked around as amazons and centaurs cheered her name.  Even the Conqueror was clapping.

"So like, just like that I’m an amazon," asked Desire’.

"Just like that.  What’d you expect a parade?" teased the Queen.

"Didn’t know amazons had humor," replied Desire’.  "What do I do now?  They’re just staring."

"Bow, Desire’, just bow.  And no crying.  You really need to work on that," answered the Queen.  Desire’ bowed and jumped off of the podium into the arms of the Conqueror.

The Conqueror twirled her around in her arms,  "I’m proud of you," she whispered in her ear.  "Now let’s go.  We have some celebrating of our own to do."


The Conqueror and Desire’ watched from their bed as the sun came up.  "So let’s see if I have this right," started the Conqueror.  "Those thugs were threatening you and instead of your dagger you pulled out that green vibrating thing, er that thing you use to  you know, to yourself."  The Conqueror stopped laughing realizing her mistake at the admission.

"And how do you know about my green machine Conqueror?" Desire’ interrupted, as she watched the Conqueror squirm.

"I um haven’t you shown it to me cowgirl?" she asked an innocent expression on her face.

"Aphrodite brought it from home after you left for Britannia and you know it."  She stopped to watch the Conqueror squirm.  "Busted Conqueror.  I’ve seen you outside my window every night for a month.  Chicken shit."

The Conqueror tried to hide her embarrassment.  "What does chicken shit mean?" she asked trying to change the subject.  Desire’ decided to let her off the hook.  "It means coward."

"Oh," said the Conqueror.  "What did you say to the guys when you were waving that green thing."

"It’s called a vibrator."

"Okay what did you say when you were waving your vibrator?"

"You’ll laugh."

"Of course I will.  That’s why I’m asking," she replied, a toothy grin on her face.

"Well before I realized what I was holding I said I’m armed boys and I know how to use it."  Desire’ started laughing at the absurdity of the situation.  The Conqueror was laughing right along.  "You didn’t!" she choked in between the laughs.

"I did.  Gets worse."

"How can it get worse," asked the Conqueror, wiping a tear from her eye.

"It just does.  The little idiot inside of me took over.  I was nervous."

"What did you say that could be so bad?"

"I told em I’d make them feel really good if they didn’t leave me alone."

"Hahhh, that’s the funniest thing I ever heard," cried the Conqueror, now doubled over with laughter.  Desire’ started laughing with the Conqueror.  "You know I’m new to this stuff.  I don’t have to worry about these things at home.  I did escape."

"They were laughing so hard you made a run for it," teased the Conqueror.

"No they had cross bows.  You know they never have cross bows on the show.  Otherwise I could have taken them, vibrator or not."  The Conqueror howled with laughter as Desire’ said the words, a cute little scowl on her face.  "So are you gonna share your vibrator with me.  It looks like fun," replied the Conqueror, wiping more tears from her face.

"They took it," she growled.

The Conqueror started laughing again.  "Some guy is running around Greece with that thing and he has no idea what in Hades it is. Oh Gods that’s too funny."

"Not to me it isn’t.  It’s the only one I have that vibrates.  It will be missed," Desire’ pouted.

"Well I guess I’m just going to have to help you forget your loss," she said, wrapping her arms around Desire’ and kissing her neck.  "So what do you want to do when we get back?"

"It’s time to teach you how to play baseball.  You need to bond with the guys in your army."

"What’s baseball?"

"It’s a sport."

"Are there swords involved?"


"Any kind of weapons?"

"No.  We use bats."

"What’s a bat?"

"It’s kind of like a short staff."

"Do I get to hit anyone with it?"

"No.  You get to hit a ball."

"Why would I hit a ball?"

"Because it’s part of the game."

"Are you sure I don’t get to hit anyone?"

Desire’ turned around to the Conqueror in frustration.  "Haven’t you ever played any games in your life just for fun?"

"I can think of a game I want to play now," answered the Conqueror as she pulled Desire’ into a fiery kiss.


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