Traumatic Love

BY Capt_Esq

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The characters in the story are a product of my own. Any resemblance to others, living, dead or fictional is purely coincidental and not intentional. Locations are either fictional and/or adapted to the story.

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Chapter Eleven

Nydia woke. The light of the clear morning sun filtering through her closed eyelids. Laying on her side, she felt a gentle caress of fingers along her naked shoulder. The press of Jo's body against her back gave Nydia a sense of comfort and safety. Nydia let out a contented sigh.

Through the hours of making love, touching, and caressing, Nydia now knew a reality she never could have imagined before. She had never had such deep and all-consuming emotions. The love she held for Jo was like nothing she had ever felt, at least not since her mother died. There was a feeling of rightness, of being home, safe, and cared for. Most of all there was the sense of being loved wholly and unconditionally. Nydia thought her heart would beat out of her chest when she realized this. Her epiphany caused her to get lost deep in this idea. Nydia was startled when Jo's hand reached around her waist to pull her closer.

“I want to climb into your skin. I want to be that close to you. Holding you just doesn't seem to suffice.” Jo laid a kiss on the back of Nydia's neck. “When we made love last night, I felt as if I was one with you. I felt as if my soul had finally found home and now I never want to leave.”

Nydia rolled over and came face to face with the woman she now knew held her heart. Her whole being was engulfed. She saw a tear come to Jo's eye and slowly make its way down her cheek. Nydia reached out, brushing it away with the pad of her thumb. Leaning in she placed a gentle kiss where it had been. “I hope that is a tear of happiness.”

Jo leaned in for another kiss. “Don't worry. These are tears beyond happiness, and I'm sure there will be many more to come. I don't think I could come up with a word to describe how full my soul is right now.”

Nydia was now a woman in love. She was no longer the broken teenager her father and brothers had created. Now she was a person her mother would be proud of; one with the power to bring someone as strong as Jo to tears. Nydia knew her mother would have supported her relationship with Jo. She took solace in that thought.

Jo moved in and pressed her lips against Nydia's. Nydia felt Jo's tongue caress her bottom lip while her hand cupped Nydia's breast. She placed her hand over Jo's to stop further indulgence. Nydia let out a sigh of disappointment. “I'm sorry Jo, but as much as I would love to continue where we left off I need to go to work.”

Jo let out aloud breath and moved her hand away, touching their lips together one more time before she drew back. “Okay, I'll behave, just don't expect me to be happy about it.”

Looking back over her shoulder, Nydia giggled. “I won't, and don't think I'm any happier than you are, but we both have to work.” She gave a slap to Jo's naked butt. “Move it, and save me some hot water. I'll go make coffee.”



Nydia strode through the ER bay doors. She felt more contented then she could ever remember. “Probably not since mom died,” she contemplated. The why didn't truly matter. It was all Jo's doing

“What's got into you today,” Trudy asked with a smile, “or should I say?” Nydia almost spit her tea out through her nose and had to hold her hand up. She snorted to keep the liquid in.

“Geez. Could you be more crass? Don't pretend for a second that you don't have a perfectly good clue.” Nydia chastised her. “After all, you instigated the whole thing.”

Trudy smiled a wide grin from the nurses' station desk. “Guilty as charged. I'm just so happy for you guys. You deserve this. You both do. However, you especially. With all the bullshit you've had to put up with over the years from your father and brothers, a great wad of sappy love is just what you deserve.”

“'A wad of love?' Really, you're going to go with that?” Nydia leaned on the counter.

They both laughed, and Trudy moved up to give her a quick hug.

“Yes, I will. It suits you both. So, I assume your big, stoic, teddy bear of a cop has a similar goofy grin on her face?” She asked, sitting back down.

“I think so. Well let's say she better, otherwise I'm in this predicament all by myself, and that's just too freaky scary.”

“I'm positive Jo does. You two make quite the couple, and the way she looks at you tells me she feels the same way you do right now.”

Nydia looked down at the floor for a moment. “I hope so. It's only that this is all so new to me. So beyond anything I've ever felt for anyone before.” Nydia bowed her head. “Even my mother.”

Trudy stood and came around the desk taking hold of Nydia's hand. “I know, honey, and I also know that your mother would be ecstatic for you and for Jo. Fuck the rest of them.”

“Language. Please.” Nydia laughed. “Seriously though, thanks for saying that. I've been trying to convince myself of that all morning.”

Trudy smiled down at her. She gave Nydia's hand one more squeeze before letting it go. “Nydia. We grew up on the same block. I still remember your mother, and I remember how her eyes lit up whenever you were together and the smile on her face. Those were the only times I saw her smile like that. I know she loved you and would want you to be happy. She wouldn't care that it was a woman that made this joyful. She'd only care that you were, and she would embrace the woman who loved you, and Jo loves you with her whole heart and soul. I can see that.”


Nydia heard the male voice behind her. Looking over her shoulder she wasn't surprised see Dr. Tyler Goddard. “Is there something in particular I can help you with, Dr. Goddard, or are you just in the habit of insinuating yourself into private conversations?” Nydia gave him a disdainful look. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Trudy trying not to smirk while Nydia tried to keep a stern face.

“It's bad enough they let your type into this profession, and even give you a role of authority, but to have you spreading your filth and immorality for anyone to hear is more than decent people should be subjected to.”

“By ‘my type' are you referring to women in general, or my lifestyle in particular. Because neither one is any of your business, Dr. Goddard.”

“Both, and they are very much my business. Your being here takes a job away from a man. Men need these jobs to support their wives, not as some woman's hobby while they try and find a husband.

“Well since I'm gay, and therefore not waiting for a husband, this is a job and the rest is, as I just said, none of your damn business. It's time you moved out of the Dark Ages, Dr. Goddard, and joined the majority of America who have come to realize that neither being a woman, nor a lesbian, is a basis for having me stoned to death.”

“Death would be a welcome reprieve for the likes of you people. You and individuals similar to you, spread your depraved morals like a pestilence. Maybe cleansing the world would be a benefit to humanity. I for one would do anything to protect our children, wives, and these patients from women like you. Eventually, everyone will see that women are incapable of this work. Your minds are too weak, and someday it will cost some poor soul their life.”

Nydia's face turned deep red with anger. The scowl on her face would have turned him to stone where he dared to stand if only her thoughts had the power. “Goddard,” Nydia gave up all pretense of respect and civility, “consider yourself on immediate suspension. Don't bother cleaning out your locker.”

Turning to Trudy, and with the most authoritative voice Trudy had ever heard pass her lips, said “Call Security now. I want him,” she said pointing in Goddard's general direction, “escorted off the premises within the next five minutes.”

Dr. Goddard sputtered trying to verbalize his shock and disbelief.

“Shut up!” Nydia warned, turning to face him. “As head of this department, I am hereby suspending you until further notice. I will be notifying Dr. Stevenson that I am requesting your privileges be terminated by the Board. How dare you threaten me,” she all but shouted at him as she watched Trudy speaking into the phone.

“I did no such thing. I was merely stating facts.”

“Bullshit. You just stood there, in front of a witness no less, and threatened to destroy me both professionally and physically. You're lucky. This may only cost you your job.”

As she finished her statement, two security guards came and stood on either side of the man. Nadia looked at them. “Please make sure Dr. Goddard doesn't get lost on the way out to the parking lot,” and then turned away.

She didn't think she could look at anyone at the moment. It was taking all her control to not shake or cry out of anger and fear. She hadn't felt that way since she left her father's house for the last time. She remembered with fresh clarity the anger and hatred her father spewed as she packed her small car for college. At that moment she had realized that if she stayed he just might hurt her beyond anyone's ability to save her.

She was drawn back to the current moment by a gentle hand rubbing her back. She opened her eyes not realizing she had closed them so tight it was making her eyes hurt. She sensed Trudy's concern as if was a physical being; it encompassed and soothed her.

“Nydia, Nydia, can you hear me. He's gone, honey. The guards made sure he left the grounds. I called Dr. Stephenson, and Jo is on her way. Everything will be okay, sweetie, you're safe. He can't hurt you now. They'll both see to that.”

Nydia began to come back from the past. She had the here and now to deal with. Jo would make her feel secure and loved, just like she always did. Hearing a commotion, Nydia saw Dr. Stephenson barreling down the corridor towards her. The next moment she felt his arms come to engulf her into a close hug. At that instant, she knew this was what a father's love felt like. She buried her face into his shoulder, smelling his faint cologne as she took a deep calming breath. After a few seconds Nydia felt her demeanor returning to normal, at least normal enough to deal with the current situation. She let go and took a step back from him, tears shining in her eyes that she refused to let fall. She hadn't cried in front of her father once she got older, Nydia would be damned if she let anyone she her hurt now.

“What the hell happened,” Jim demanded looking at Trudy.

Trudy looked away from Nydia, the concern apparent in her face. She started to reach out a hand towards her, but stopped to give her full attention to Dr. Stephenson. Taking a deep calming breath, she began to explain, her shaking voice the only sign of her distress. “Dr. Gilman and I were talking. Having a private conversation. Dr. Goddard stepped in and started spouting such vile vitriol I was shocked. He verbally attacked Dr. Gilman. Saying the most disgusting things about her. Then he threatened her career and wished her dead. To be honest Dr. Stephenson, I'm still in shock. I've never seen such hatred that close up. He was crazed.”

He looked at Nydia with deep concern, his lips pressing tightly together as he asked, “Is this true?”

Nydia swallowed down the lump that formed in her throat as she listened to Trudy relayed the attack. That's exactly what it felt like. I've never been that afraid. He actually wanted me dead.” Nydia felt a cold chill travel down her spine. “Yes,” was the only thing she could get out. Her mind was racing with the fear of what could have happened. What if Trudy hadn't been here? What if he had decided to get physical? Nydia silently asked herself over and over again as the commotion around her grew.

“He'll be suspended until the Board considers my recommendation that he be terminated. Until then, I'll make sure security keeps Goddard out, and away from you Nydia. Don't worry about anything here. Your safety and well-being are my primary concern right now.

Nydia was vaguely aware of sirens coming closer to the Emergency Bay and took a step out of the way to allow the ambulance crew through.


Nydia looked up and was surprised to see Jo rushing down the hallway towards her. Before she even had a chance to think, Jo had her engulfed in the protection of her arms. At that moment Nydia lost any control she had left.


“Shhh, honey, I've got you now. Nothing is going to happen. I'll keep you safe. I promise on my life.” Though her words were spoken in truth, Jo had never felt so scared, or as helpless as she was when she got the call patched over her radio from Pam, Dr. Stephenson's secretary. Now all Jo could do was hold Nydia close and be strong, and protect her.

Jo felt Nydia's sobs deep in her heart, and it hurt more than anything she had sensed before. The only thing she could do was whisper soothing words into her lover's ear, reassure Nydia through her gentle rubbing along her back, and hold her safe in her embrace.

“Nydia, I want you to go home. Take the next few days off, while I try and sort this situation out,” Dr. Stephenson said.

Jo wasn't sure Nydia was even aware of him at the moment. “I'll take her to my place. My family and I will be there for her, always.”

To Be Continued

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