By CarmenKid


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It was New Year’s Eve and the party was still going strong in the hotel that Carla and Sara were invited to celebrate the coming of the New Year. They both had had a few drinks and got into a conversation about what it’s like to sleep with another woman. Carla was gay and Sara was not, so the big debate started. They had been friends for quite sometime and deep down inside both of them knew that they were sexually attracted to each other. Carla was tall were Sara was short, Carla had long black hair with ice blue eyes and Sara long blond hair with beautiful sea green eyes. The few drinks they had had been enough to lift the fears about being with each other. Some time later that evening they ended up renting a room.

They weren’t sure what to do at first, not that going to a hotel was foreign to either of them, but it would be for just the two being together as lovers. Carla let out a deep breath she didn’t realize she was holding in, as Sara did the same.

They looked at each other and chuckled. "Well." Carla said, "We’re here! … Are you ready?"

Sara looked up into Carla’s deep blue eyes, smiled, while nodding her head yes. Linking their hands together, Carla unlocked the door and led Sara in. As they stepped in through the double doors, they were taken aback at the sight before them. All they could do is stare... The room had everything from a good size TV, a Bar, even a Playpen Couch. It was like a dream coming true.

Sara smiled. "Carla, did you know this was going to look this gorgeous?"

Carla slowly shook her head no. "This is definitely not what I was expecting. Even the Clerk didn’t say anything about it. I just told her we were two women who needed to find something out… I did ask her if she could hook us up in a nice room at such short notice being that it is New Year’s Eve."

Carla looked around the large room. "Hmmm ...Maybe this is a mistake? I mean the Desk Clerk did look like she was having a bad day! Unless..." She turned to tell Sara her thoughts about the room, then realized she was standing in the Front Room talking to herself.

Sara had wandered into the bedroom. "Carla … Oh, my God! Look at this bedroom!"

Sara’s outburst startled Carla and she went to see what Sara was ranting about. Carla stopped dead in her tracks and dropped her jaw.

"Wow! This is exquisite!"

Carla turned from looking at the room to look at Sara. "Sara, this has to be a mistake … We can’t afford to stay in a place like this!"

Sara smiled and walked around the room as she spoke. "Well, I think the look on the Clerk’s face said it all … When you said, ‘two women’ needed to find something out. I think she wanted to make sure we were comfortable and put us...us?"

"In the Honeymoon Suite!" They said in unison.

Carla lifted an eyebrow, "Ummm...Do you want me to go downstairs and see what’s up?"

Carla looked at Sara with puppy eyes hoping she would say no.

"Oh No… Let‘s savor this time we have together in this Paradise and if they want us out… They’ll have to throw us out!" Said Sara, as she laughed at the look on Carla’s face.

‘God, how I love to hear Sara’s laughter’ thought Carla. ‘She makes my heart melt every time I hear it.’

Before they ventured into this ‘Paradise’ they had made a mutual agreement. That whatever happened between them, it was not going to discourage them from being free to do what they wanted later or with whom. This was a night of discovery, just have some fun and enjoy themselves until they dropped!

Looking around the massive bedroom, Carla walked over to the drapes and peaked out the window. Opening the drapes, she beckoned Sara to join her. They opened the window, which led out to a balcony that had a Chaise Lounge and matching chairs besides a Table with an Umbrella. They strolled to the rail of the balcony hand in hand and watched as the sunset blossomed. It was beautiful. Once again, Carla took the initiative and pulled Sara into a loving embrace, then placing a delicate kiss on top of her head. They stood like that for awhile until the breeze picked up made them shiver.

"Guess, we should go inside…" said Carla hesitantly.

Sara pulled away from the warmth of Carla’s arms around her and broke into a bright, but mischievous smile as she turned to face Carla. "Yes, we should!"

Neither knew what to do or where to begin. Sara was being hesitant at first knowing that being alone with Carla may not be all that she anticipated. She’s been alone with Carla many times before, but this was different or was it? She could tell that Carla really wanted her badly, but she always did … hadn’t she? Was Carla just toying with her before or did she lead Carla around? Sara made up her mind that she would make this one memorable night, but for whose sake? Carla looked over at Sara standing by the TV in deep thought.

‘Wonder what she’s thinking about? Hope she’s not going to change her mind about this, I’ve waited so long … I would just die!’

"Sara, why don’t you turn on the TV, while I make us a drink? … You still like Seven and Seven, don’t you?"

Sara’s mind was elsewhere not hearing what Carla said at first. After clearing her throat and placing herself in front of the TV and Sara. Carla said with some concern, "Sara, are you alright? Can I get you something? I mean I was asking you if you wanted a drink, but..."

"Sorry, I was wondering what was on TV, but wasn’t sure if you wanted to watch it or just listen to some music?"

Carla picked up on the lie, but left it alone, she could tell she was a little nervous. She figured Sara was unsure of how to handle herself. "Hey, no problem Sara, put on whatever you want … TV or music, it’s your choice, now about that drink? … Seven and Seven okay for you?"

Sara shook her head yes. Carla walked over to the bar, not sure if Sara really wanted a drink or if she just agreed to having one? Carla shrugged her shoulders and started making the drinks, Seven and Seven for Sara and her usual, a Screaming Orgasm. ‘Oh yes, I love those’ Carla made their drinks.

Sara’s thoughts were playing havoc with her mind. ‘It’s on me, I asked for this downstairs! Telling Carla that I could experience something different! Then telling her that since she was so experienced in this department she could be the one to show me what it’s like to make love to a woman.’ Sara just shook her head. They laughed about it downstairs when Carla said she could take Sara to ‘higher plains’ as she called love making between two females. Sara thought she might have bit off more than she could chew. She never imagined being in a place like this, with another woman anyway, but she did love Sex. Having second thoughts, would Carla really be able to satisfy her needs? ‘C’mon give her a chance! After all, she does have more experience in the girl to girl department, doesn’t she? … What if I don’t like what Carla’s doing? Okay Sara, calm down, just treat this situation like a night out with Steve. Yeah right, as if he would ever take me to a place like this! Oh, but what that man can do, ummm…’ As she unconsciously put on some mood music, letting her mind drift back to the last time she and Steve made Love.

Bringing the drinks over to where Sara was now sitting, Carla said with some concern in her voice, "Sara, are you alright? You look a little lost?"

Looking up into those soulful blue eyes, Sara said, "No, No, I’m fine!" To cover up what she really was thinking.

Sara tried to lighten the mood by telling Carla that she was thinking about the crazy stuff they did and shared. Carla joined in laughing over some of the old haunts they hung out at. "Say Carla, remember when Smiley was at your place and he panicked all night?"

Carla smiled at the memory. "Yeah, he kept going back and forth looking out the curtains or opening up the back door a crack. You know it was the drugs he took before he came over… I was sure he was clean until he started jumping up and down every minute at the slightest noises. It was like he expected someone to come through door or window at any moment."

"I miss him."

"So do I." Said Sara.

They held each other so close that not even a sheet of paper could slide between them, the lost of their friend was heartbreaking. It was like they were holding each other for dear life. Carla began to kiss Sara’s neck the way she always did when Sara gave her a hug. Sara started to giggle, then groaned. Trying to push Carla aside, Sara couldn’t get Carla to let go. Carla started to laugh, she knew Sara’s neck was very sensitive, especially at the spot she was exploring.

Sara lost all her reserve. "Carla, please stop!" Sara then got up abruptly, breaking the contact.

Carla looked at Sara. "What’s wrong Sara? I thought this is what you wanted!"

"I thought so too? … I think … I’m just really nervous, sorry!" Sara looked down at the floor.

Carla walked over to Sara and took her hand. "You won’t know until you let yourself go Sara. Making love is different from just having sex. Sex you can have with a guy anytime, making love to another woman is more intimate."

Sara looked into ice blue eyes. "How is it more intimate? … Eating pussy is eating pussy Carla! Women get pleasure out of guys eating them out too."

Carla squeezed Sara’s hand. "I know they do, but it’s more of a conquering thing for men. They think they can get away with anything after they’ve got you feeling like mush. Being eaten out by another woman is not like a slam bam thank you mam! … A woman can help you achieve things your body doesn’t even know yet, because they are a woman also… it’s so much more intense!… Women take their time, savoring each moment of ecstasy they bring their partner, trust me. You’ll find out what I mean."

Sara spoke in a nervous voice. "Carla, I don’t know a whole lot about women with women except what I’ve read or seen on TV."

Carla had to smile to that. "I’m sorry Sara, but that’s all make believe… I’m just as much afraid as you are here, I don’t want another scene like what happened between Laura and I!"

Sara watched the sadness appear in Carla’s face. "What’s that suppose to mean?"

Letting out a heavy sigh, Carla closed her eyes. "I’ve told you that story..."

Shaking her head no, Sara said with anger in her voice, "No you didn’t! … Not all of it!"

"Sara, calm down … Remember, the situation happened because I let it."

Sara found her voice rise a bit. "Carla, Laura was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you just wouldn’t admit that to yourself… You loved that girl with all of your heart and soul and what did she give you back in return -NOTHING!" Sara took a breath. "I’ve seen how she treated you and so did others, even her own close friends. I knew she wouldn’t be any good for you… There were plenty of times I wanted to step in and knock some sense into you, but you wouldn’t listen to anyone." The last statement was said in a low voice. With an audible sigh, Sara continued, "You were so caught up and mesmerized by her that you couldn‘t see what she really was - a Bitch! You had those blinders on and all you got out of the whole situation was a broken heart."

With pleading eyes, Carla put up her hands in defeat. "Sara, Stop! It’s over with her… Tonight is about us." Carla reached down and took one of Sara’s hands and walked over to the couch.

Sara followed Carla to the couch and sat next to her. Carla pulled Sara closer and whispered in her ear, "C’mon, let’s create some of our own memorable memories tonight!"

Sara gazed into soft blue eyes. "I would love to make love with you Carla." Sara couldn’t believe what she just said right then, but yet, if felt so right to say it.

Carla faced Sara and leaned in for a small kiss on her lips. Seeing that Sara wasn’t resisting, Carla deepened her kiss while pushing Sara down on the couch. Sara responded by opening her mouth and letting Carla’s tongue slip in. Both were becoming heated as the fondling began, a caress here, a squeeze there. Sara was feeling the heat go straight to her center. "No, wait!" Carla couldn’t believe what she heard.

Sara grinned, then covered Carla’s mouth with her own. Carla stared at Sara with unsure eyes. Sara felt a fluttering in her stomach; she was really getting into this feeling of sharing herself with another woman. Sara slowly started to rub Carla’s erect nipples through her shirt, Carla closed her eyes and groaned loudly.

Sara spoke in a quiet but sure voice. "Please Carla, let’s take this to the bedroom!"

Carla started to protest, she didn’t know why she was hesitating. The realization of what Sara had said almost bowled her over..."What?…Um, did you just say we should take this to the bedroom?"

With a wide grin, Sara softly said, "Well, only if you want?"

"Then, what are we waiting for? Let‘s get going!" Carla was off the couch and pulling Sara into the bedroom.

At that moment, Sara only wanted to please Carla instead of being pleased herself, hoping this night would be filled with a love and passion she’s never felt before. They stopped at the foot of the bed, staring into each other’s eyes. They both were nervous. Carla took the initiative and started to undress Sara. Sara was more beautiful than Carla remembered. She slowly unbuttoned Sara’s blouse revealing her ample bosom.

Sara was feeling a little embarrassed and pulled her long flowing Blonde hair forward to fall across her naked breasts. Carla licked her lips seductively. Pushing Sara’s hair aside, she nipped at her left breast. Carla unzipped Sara’s jeans letting them fall to the floor. Carla placed her hands behind Sara and squeezed her buttocks. Carla then dropped to her knees and began to pull at the crotch of Sara’s silk panties with her teeth. Sara’s thoughts about wanting to please Carla at that moment were forgotten due to the sensation Carla was causing between her legs.

Carla pulled Sara’s panties down and began to lick one side of Sara’s exposed flesh. Sara let out a loud groan feeling her juices flowing. Then placed her hands on the back of Carla’s head pushing her face closer to her center. "Oh yes… yes… Yes, Carla that’s it!… Oh god, don’t stop!" Sara was getting close...she could feel herself getting juicier. Before Sara knew what was happing she felt her knees go weak and then heard Carla’s voice. "Not yet… no you don’t!"

Carla slowly moved her body up Sara’s to reach her lips, then ever so softly she kissed them, then whispered, "I’m going to keep you going all night Sara."

Carla stepped back from Sara and started to remove her clothing very slowly, she watched the desire heat up in Sara’s eyes from the show she was giving her. Once all of their clothing was removed Carla wrapped her arms around Sara's waist and slowly started to kiss her neck while walking them backward to the bed. Once they reached the bed, Carla picked Sara up and placed her in the bed then turned the lights down low. Carla like a panther crawled in next to Sara, they began to study each other’s bodies for the first time.

Carla reached over and caressed Sara’s face. Sara made her first move for the night. She wrapped her arms around Carla’s neck and pulled her to her lips, the kiss was filled with passion. Carla let her fingers trail down between Sara’s thighs, as Sara opened her legs wider.

Their intensity grew stronger... The heat between them was so overwhelming, that Sara almost came because Carla explored a little further with her fingers than she meant too. She wanted to savor the moment more fully and said, "Please baby, not yet… I want to cum with you!"

Carla changed her position so Sara could use her hands too. Their bodies moved against each other, the fire was burning too hot for them both. Moans and groans were filling the air around them, then their bodies tensed as they both went over the edge.

They laid there resting for a bit, then Carla rolled over to face Sara, she smiled. Carla slowly moved her body down Sara’s until her face was near her goal. Sara felt Carla move down her body then brush against her center and she shuddered, it was too soon, she couldn’t do it again so soon. Carla moved to Sara’s left breast and pulled her nipple fully into her mouth and was suckling it like a newborn babe. Sara groaned, then tried to push Carla away. "Carla, I can’t not yet."

Carla smiled against the skin she was resting on. "Yes you can and you will Sara… Relax and let yourself go sweetheart." Carla started moving slowly over Sara’s chest area then moved down her belly with feather like touches past her belly button. She passed the soft blond curls and moved to a thigh, she swirled her tongue around on soft skin then slowly moved back up to the hidden treasure she knew was there for her.

Carla felt hot juices hit her face and tongue, it tasted so sweet. Sara grabbed the sheets beneath her and held on, it had never felt like this before. So many sensations going on at once, her brain wasn’t working any longer, so she just relaxed.

Sara’s body arched off the bed as Carla found the right spot and her moan became louder. Carla found her body reacting to the sounds from Sara. Their bodies had become one, both bringing the other to the ecstasy they both needed. Carla was slowly lapping Sara’s juices trying to prolong her pleasure.

Finally Carla moved to lay next to Sara, facing each other, there was a look between them that spoke volumes of love. Sara pulled Carla closer to her and they locked in an embrace that meant forever.

Sara took in a deep breath, "Carla...words cannot express what I feel at this moment… But know this… There is no one else but you that I hold dearly in my heart. I love you more than I thought."

Carla smile went from ear to ear. "Sara...you’re right! … There are no words that can even come close to what I feel… I love you; I’ve always loved you… Loving you and being in Love with you means everything to me."

Carla pulled Sara so her body was spooned against hers, her arm rested around her waist. This felt so right for them, so natural. Sara placed her hand over Carla’s and enjoyed the feel of Carla’s breast pressed against her back; there was so much warmth. Both found themselves falling to sleep within moments, tomorrow would be another day for them to explore their new relationship.


The End ???

Maybe, let me know……. Carm

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