Laguna Nights

by Carole Giorgio

Chapter 5

Alex finally broke the silence, "Samantha, I've never made love to a straight woman before . . ." she began, staring out the window at the ocean.

"Alex, I don't think I was really a "straight woman." Samantha started.

"So, you're a lesbian now?" Alex smiled as she turned her head to look at the blonde. "I thought you told me downstairs that you . . ."

"I told you I never knew I was gay. I didn't really have any sexual persuasion. I knew I didn't feel anything when I was having sex with a guy, but I never thought it was because I was gay. I never gave myself that option. I had lots of gay male friends in college but . . . I guess I was just stupid in the sex department." Samantha said.

"I don't think stupid is a word I would use to describe you, Sam." Alex interjected.

"Alex, no one has ever made me feel like you just did and I don't mean only physically. I was just as emotionally involved in what was happening between us. I think I've been waiting my entire life to meet you." She lifted up on one elbow and looked at Alex. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" She asked innocently.

"If you had asked me that question two weeks ago, I would have laughed at you and said absolutely not! I would have told you that I believed in soul mates at one time but that my dreams had been crushed as far as even that connection was concerned. But, now -- I'd be more inclined to say, Yes. Yes, Samantha I think I do believe in love at first sight. There is no other way to explain the feelings I have for you. I guess I never thought that someone like you would come along and touch me as deeply as you have, especially in such a short period of time." Alex replied solemnly.

"I believe, Alex. I honestly believe that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason. You and I were on the same beach at the same time so we could begin to feel the magic between us. I never knew I was a lesbian before . . . because . . . I was waiting to meet you. I wasn't a heterosexual either. I had tried that and it didn't seem to work for me. Before you, I didn't fit in anywhere. Alex, I believe we were destined to be together," Samantha continued and her eyes sparkled as she spoke.

"Well then, come here, my destiny," Alex grinned as she pulled the smaller woman back down into a tender embrace and kiss.

Samantha, now lying on top of Alex, had the advantage and allowed her right hand to begin exploring the taller woman's body. She ran her fingers down from Alex's face across the broad shoulder to the well-developed arm. She continued down the arm, reaching Alex's fingers. From the tips of the fingers, she went in reverse and moved her hand over to Alex's strong, muscular thigh, up to her waist and finally to her breast. Samantha could feel Alex's skin responding to the tender caresses. When she touched Alex's breast, Samantha let out a soft moan of pleasure. She didn't realize that touching another person's body could be so sensual to her, too. The sound was not lost on Alex and she took that opportunity to switch positions and place the smaller woman beneath her once again.

"No fair, Alex! I want to make love to you this time," Samantha whined.

"Not right now, my destiny. I have an important question to ask you before it gets too late. Actually, it may already be too late." Alex replied with a hint of dismay in her voice.

"You sure know how to ruin a mood." Samantha said, "Okay. What?"

"Damn! I don't know where to start. Let's see. I know this is more than just short notice, it's impossibly short notice, but I was going to ask you much earlier this evening, until I got otherwise distracted," she smiled. "Samantha, have you ever been to San Francisco?"

"No." Was the reply. "I've always wanted to go but have never had the chance. Why?"

"Well, I have to go to San Francisco very early in the morning and am staying until Friday night. It's business, mixed with a little pleasure because of the clients I'm going to see. I was going to ask if you could call in and tell your boss that you couldn't take any work for the next couple of days and go with me. There . . . that's it in a nutshell. So . . . is it too late for you to call in and ask for time off?" Alex asked with a plea in her voice.

"Actually, I was told earlier this evening that there would be no work for me until Monday," Samantha grinned. "But Alex, I can't afford that kind of luxury right now. I really don't have a lot of extra spending money." Samantha continued with a hint of sorrow in her tone.

"Sam, I'm not asking you to pay for anything. The tickets have already been purchased. It was part of my fee for going on such short notice. I figured if you said no, they could get something back on the extra ticket, but if you could go, I wanted to be prepared. It's business, so it's all paid for." Alex stated.

"But Alex, I'm not part of your business." Samantha said.

"You will be for the next couple days, if you want to go with me. What do you say? Want to go to the City by the Bay?" Alex invited.

"I'd be a fool to say no," Samantha accepted. "Yeah, I'd love to go with you. Anywhere," she added with a smile and gave Alex a hug, which was graciously received and topped with a kiss.

"I'm glad that's settled! The answer was just the one I wanted! Now -- we have to get up and I have to call and see what time the flight leaves in the morning. They should have called me by now." Alex said slightly perturbed.

She got up and helped Sam up from the floor, pulling her close. "We really need to get some clothes on before we have an instant repeat of what happened just a little while ago. I loved making love to you Sam," Alex said as she planted another kiss on the delicate lips in front of her. "San Francisco can be a very romantic city and I intend to see that it lives up to its reputation."

"Nothing could be more romantic than being here with you, totally naked, in front of this view," Samantha whispered. "But San Francisco sounds enticing and I will get my turn to make love to you. You will have to take into consideration that I have never made love to a woman before, but I'm a quick study and I know what feels good to me." Samantha teased as she ran her hands tenderly over the small of Alex's back, feeling the taller woman's muscles tighten under her touch.

Alex released her hold on the smaller woman. "No more teasing right now; we have got to get dressed." Alex laughingly scolded. She picked up her clothes and dressed as she walked toward the

kitchen, noticing that the answering machine was blinking with two messages to be retrieved.

"Well, I guess maybe they did call with our flight information," she said out loud. "I must have been otherwise occupied and didn't hear the phone." She grinned. "Did you hear the phone ring, Samantha?"

"Yeah, right!" The blonde giggled a reply as she continued to dress.

Alex pushed the play button and listened for the messages. The first message was a gruff sounding muffled voice that was almost indistinguishable, "What do you think you're doing!" was all that was said before the sound of a loud slam, as the receiver was obviously banged down.

"What the Hell?" Alex grimaced at the transmittal. "Kooks!"

Samantha looked over toward the kitchen, thinking that the voice sounded vaguely similar to the voice she had heard on her phone the other night, but she decided not to say anything to get Alex upset. Nasty sounding voices all had a way of sounding alike she convinced herself.

The next announcement was from the airlines, calling to confirm the two first class tickets on a United Boeing 757 at 7:48 a.m., leaving from John Wayne Airport and arriving in San Francisco Airport at 9:00 a.m. The operator confirmed the flight number and the departure gates and told Alex that the itinerary would be waiting for them with the tickets at the check-in desk.

"Okay," Alex said, after she had written down all the information. "That gives us about 9 hours to get everything together and get to the airport. That includes sleeping time. How do you want to do this, Samantha?"

"Well, right now I'm very hungry, how 'bout you?" The small blonde answered.

"Yeah, me too. So . . . what if we order a pizza and have it delivered. You go pack. I'll pack here. Then you can come on back and put your car in the garage. If we are both here at the apartment, it'll make it a lot easier to get started. We need to leave about six a.m. Would you mind staying over?" Alex asked and then added, "I don't want to be presumptuous."

"No, that sounds good. I don't have any problem with staying over. But what should I bring to wear?" Samantha asked.

"Casual is good for the flight and for sightseeing around the city. You may want shorts for the daytime and jeans at night because sometimes it can still get cool in the evenings, even in the summer. Most definitely you will want something fancy for dinner tomorrow night. Knowing Sonny, we will be dining elegantly." Alex chimed in.

"Oh, dressing up is a bit of a problem right now, Alex. I'm not sure where my dressy dresses are in my stuff. I haven't unpacked them all yet. They were not on my important list of things to unpack. Maybe I'd better not go." Samantha said a little disappointed.

"Don't be ridiculous. That just gives us a reason to go clothes shopping. Don't worry about a thing. It'll be a lot of fun. All I ask is that I get to pick out your outfit." Alex smiled and continued, "Do you trust me enough to do that?"

"Sure." Samantha began. "I would trust you enough to pick out the outfit, Alex. After all, I can see you have exquisite taste," she said grinning and winking, "you picked me out." Her tone then turned a little more concerned as she started to object, "But, I couldn't let you pay for it."

"Sure you can. I want to Samantha. Come on, don't spoil my fun." Alex said beginning to pout. "I have a huge business expense account and if my "secretary" -- you don't mind if I dub you that for the next couple of days do you? -- needs some proper attire for a business dinner, well . . . that's what the account's for." Alex ended with a firm look in Samantha's direction.

"Okay," Sam agreed, "If you insist. But I still feel a little funny about it."

"I wish you wouldn't feel that way. It'll be fun shopping for an evening dress. I don't wear them so I don't get to see all the new fashion statements. Besides, I want to see the look on Sonny's face when he sees you all decked out in something I helped pick out." Alex explained.

"All right." Samantha, gave in, again. "Since you put it that way, who could argue with you?" She grinned at Alex and then continued, "I'd better get started. It shouldn't take me too long to throw the casual stuff and toiletries in a suitcase and my suitcases are still in the bedroom so they're handy. I could probably be back here in about 45 minutes. Does that sound okay?"

"That sounds perfect," the taller woman responded.

Standing side-by-side the two women looked at each other and smiled. Alex bent down and kissed Samantha gently on the lips. "Sam, you feel okay with what transpired earlier this evening?" Alex asked trying to make sure that she wasn't rushing the relationship.

"I feel more than just okay, Alex. You felt wonderful and made me feel so loved. I'm not sure how to go on from here, but I do know that I want to be as much a part of you life as you want me to." Samantha said looking deep into the sapphire eyes that were staring at her.

"Samantha, that really makes me happy. I'm afraid I may start to take over your life. I feel so alive when you're with me and we've only known each other a couple days. This is very unusual for me. I'm not one to jump into relationships before having my emotions thoroughly thought out. I hope you want to be as much a part of my life as I want you to be. I'll try not to overwhelm you." Alex said smiling at the smaller woman.

"Unfortunately, we really don't have the time to talk now but we will in the next couple of days as we get to know each other a little better. Right now we need to get going or neither of us will get any sleep tonight. I'll walk you down to your car and then I'll come back up and call B.J.'s. What kind of pizza do you want?" Alex asked.

"Oh, a Veggie Works is fine with me or just plain cheese, I'm easy to please." Samantha said.

"Yes -- as a matter of fact, you are." Alex grinned.

They proceeded to leave the apartment, go down in the elevator and out to the front of the building where Samantha's car was parked. Alex waited until Sam started the car then leaned over and gave her a light kiss goodbye. "I'll see you in a little while, Samantha, be careful going home."

"I will. I'll be back as soon as I can." Sam answered. She put the car in gear and drove away while Alex headed back inside the building.

Neither one of them saw the dark figure on the first landing of the stairs leading down to the beach. The landing gave a perfect view of the front of the warehouse and of the two women saying goodbye to each other.


It was 9:30 by the time Samantha got back to the building. Alex had given her a set of keys to use for getting back into the warehouse but had seemingly forgotten to give her a key to the elevator. Sam buzzed the apartment before unlocking the doors. Alex only took a few seconds to answer.

"Yes?" Came the voice that Samantha could not get enough of hearing.

"Alex, you forgot to give me a key for the elevator. I thought I'd better buzz you before I got inside." Samantha said concerned.

"Just come on in, Sam. I had the electrician fix the call box inside the elevator so that I could release it from up here as well as using the key. I thought of everything." Alex replied with a smile in her soft contralto voice.

Sam opened the doors, went inside and over to the elevator. She opened the elevator door, stepped inside and looked over to where the key went. There was a surprise waiting for her. An entire set of keys for the building, including the key for the elevator, was hanging on a heart-shaped key ring. A note was attached to the wall in beautiful calligraphy -- To My Destiny.

Samantha smiled and felt her eyes fill with tears of joy. I think I found the woman of my dreams, she thought as she took the keys in her hand and held them to her heart. The ride up seemed to take forever.

The kitchen door was ajar and Samantha walked in and placed her suitcase next to Alex's to the left of the door. Soft jazz was coming from the surround sound speakers and the room was filled with a sweet fragrance. The room was dimly lit and she could see the flickering of candles over in the dining area.

"Alex, I'm here" she exclaimed.

"I'll be right there," came the answer from the bedroom. "Go on into the dining room if you want."

Samantha went in and sat down, noticing that the table was set with wine, candles and pizza. "How elegant," she said grinning. "A romantic Italian dinner."

Alex was suddenly there with her hands on Samantha's shoulders, "Best I could do on the spur of the moment," she said as she kissed Samantha on the top of her head.

"Here are your keys back - I guess I won't be needing them with a set of my own." Samantha began. "The note was beautiful, Alex."

"Well, I can't be running up and down in the elevator every time you need to leave the building now, can I? I had that extra set made for my folks. I'll just have to make them another. " Alex responded with a smile on her face. "I'm not going too quickly for you, am I, Samantha?" She continued with a small wrinkle of worry on her forehead.

"No, I really don't think you could move too quickly, Alex." Samantha answered.

Alex sat down and they toasted for the second time that evening. "To the beginning of a beautiful relationship," Alex stated.

"To the beginning of a life full of wonders," Samantha added.

The rest of the dinner was uneventful as they talked a little about San Francisco, what Samantha wanted to see and where Alex wanted to take her. Three days was not a very long period of time to spend in the City by the Bay, especially if it was your first visit. But Alex was good at making every minute count. She filled Samantha in a little about Sonny and Ray and told her that she was sure she would like the two of them and that she was positive they would like her. Alex said that the business portion of the trip would probably only take up a few hours on Wednesday and a few on Thursday and that the rest of the time would be theirs to do as they pleased. She loved the look of wonder that appeared on Samantha's face as she told her of the things they would be seeing and doing in San Francisco. Before they knew it, they had finished all the pizza and the bottle of wine and it was almost midnight.

"Well, I guess we'd better get some shut eye or neither of us will be worth a damn tomorrow." Alex finally said. "Samantha, I keep running into awkward moments tonight. Again, I don't want to take anything for granted. I don't have the guest room set up yet but if you want, you can have my bed and I can sleep out here on the floor . . ." Alex started.

"Don't be silly, Alex. I can sleep on the floor. I wouldn't think of taking you out of your bed." Samantha insisted.

"Already you're not letting me finish my sentences," Alex continued smiling, "I was going to say . . . or you could share the bed with me."

"Sharing's good," Samantha smiled.

"Sharing it is then." Alex concluded.

Samantha started over to her suitcase to get her pajamas.

"If you want, you can just wear one of my nightshirts tonight, Sam, that way you'll have a clean one tomorrow night. I'll put it on the bed for you." Alex told her as she walked into the bedroom.

"Thanks, that'll work. I'll just get out my toothbrush," Samantha replied.

Alex went into the bedroom, pulled out a clean nightshirt and laid it on the bed. She went into the bathroom, brushed her teeth and put on her own nightshirt. By the time she came back out Samantha had already changed and stood there looking like a little girl in her mom's nightgown. The shirt that came to Alex's thighs came to the middle of Samantha's calves. Alex had to smile at the sight.

"What? You've never seen someone in a shirt that's waaay too big for them before?" Samantha laughed as she threw her hands up in the air. "This is certainly not a one-size-fits-all, now is it?"

"I think it looks just fine. The 'I'm in my mom's nightgown look' is a good one on you," Alex laughed as she motioned to Samantha that the bathroom was all hers.

Alex set the alarm for five to give them plenty of time in the morning to get ready. The lights were all off, but the room was softly illuminated by the moonlight. The stack of CDs was only about half finished and the music filtered softly through the bedroom speakers. Alex laid back on her pillow and waited for Sam to come out of the bathroom.

Samantha finally came out and waited a minute to let her eyes become accustomed to the lack of light, then she climbed into bed next to Alex. She lay there on her back feeling rather uncomfortable because she knew what she wanted to do, but didn't know if she should. At the same moment the two of them rolled over, Alex onto her left side and Samantha onto her right. They were facing each other. Alex brought her right hand up under Samantha's chin.

"Are you really tired Sam?" she whispered.

"Not really, are you?" Samantha asked.

Her only answer was a tender kiss.

Alex knew they needed to get some rest and that the next few days were going to be hectic, but more than she wanted sleep, she wanted Samantha. It had been years since she felt anything for anybody and never in her life had she felt like she was feeling tonight.

"Samantha, I want to make love to you again. I can't seem to get enough of holding you, touching you, kissing you." Alex said as she placed her hand under Samantha's nightshirt and caressed the soft skin beneath.

"I feel like I belong here beside you, like I have finally met the other half of my soul. I know it sounds crazy but while you may have been waiting all your life for me, I've been out there searching for you." Alex continued to confess, as Samantha kissed her tenderly on the neck and face.

"My mom always told me exactly what you said earlier," Alex went on, "that there are no coincidences and that we are all where we need to be when we need to be there. I'm just glad we were both in the same place the other day and I feel as though my search is finally over."

"Oh, Alex. You make me feel so . . . oh, Alex." Samantha tried to verbalize.

"Hush, my destiny, just relax and let me lavish upon you all the love I have been holding back just for you." Alex whispered as she lifted Sam's shirt over her head and then slipped her panties off. She continued to make love to Samantha with a complete repeat of the evening's earlier activities. When they were both totally sated and all their energies had been spent they fell asleep, again the position of comfort seemed to be with Samantha's head on Alex's chest and her arm around Alex's waist. The sounds of soft jazz had been replaced by the melodious ebb and flow of the ocean far below and their breathing seemed in sync with all around them.


Alex was the first to awaken, even before the alarm sounded. She affectionately glanced down at the still sleeping beauty she held, and smiled, remembering the activities of the night before. Carefully, so as not to disturb her lover, she slid her arm out from under Samantha and placed the smaller woman's head on the pillow. She got up, turned the alarm off so it would not play, went into the bathroom and came out with a terrycloth robe on. She was about to leave the bedroom when she heard Samantha roll over.

Sam was trying to place her arm back over the Alex who was no longer there. Sensing the absent partner she stirred and opened her eyes. She looked around disoriented at first and then spotted Alex in the doorway.

"Hi, Sleepy head," Alex smiled.

"Hi, yourself. What time is it?" Samantha asked in a still sleepy voice.

"It's almost five. I was just going in to make some tea. Want some?" Alex asked.

"Sure, just let me get something on and I'll be right there." Sam answered as she rolled out of the waterbed. "Guess we have quite a day ahead of us, huh?"

"We surely do. But we started it off in a most satisfying way," Alex smiled. "After all we didn't get to sleep until today was already started. You felt marvelous, Sam."

"Alex, you were the one who felt marvelous!" Samantha corrected her.

"Whatever - I guess the feeling was mutual." Alex laughed.

"Yes, but one of these nights, very soon I might add, you're going to let me make love to you!" Samantha added emphatically.

With that statement from Sam, Alex turned back toward the kitchen. She didn't want Samantha to see that she was starting to blush. She didn't blush often and was unaccustomed to other people being able to read her emotions. She wanted Samantha to make love to her, but was positive that once she had, she would not let the smaller woman go. She was still afraid of making another commitment and perhaps even more of being hurt again.

Who do you think you're kidding!! She chided herself, You know damn right well you are already committed to this imp of a woman who just spent the night in your bed!

She continued to the kitchen and Samantha went into the bathroom. A small quick breakfast and almost an hour later they were out the door and heading down the Coast Highway toward John Wayne Airport. They had put Samantha's car in the garage and Alex had left instructions with the supervisors to have all the ropes and holds checked and double checked on the climbing wall. She left an entire list of what she expected to be done by the time she arrived back on Friday and had left her mobile phone and the hotel number on the bottom of the list. It was not that long a drive and they arrived at the airport 45 minutes before the scheduled arrival of their plane.

"Well, it looks like the plane will be here on time." Alex stated. "I didn't even ask you, do you like to fly, Samantha?"

"Oh, yeah. I love to fly. I once thought about getting my pilot's license but it was too expensive," Samantha answered.

"Well, we'll have to rectify that if you really want to learn. I have my license. It's not that difficult and I have a friend who owns a flying school. I'm sure we can get her down to a fair price." Alex smiled at the smaller woman by her side.

"Really, Alex? That would be great!" Sam stated enthusiastically. "Hey, they're announcing the arrival of our plane, we'd better get over there." Samantha said as she pointed in the direction of the arrival gate.

"All passengers in rows one through 10 may now board the plane." The stewardess announced over the speaker.

"I guess that's us, Sam." Alex said as she placed her arm inside Samantha's and ushered her down the gangway to the awaiting plane.

The stewardess greeted them and showed them to their seats in the first class cabin.

"By the Gods, Alex - we're in first class! I've never ridden in first class. This is great! Look at all the room we have, and I hear they serve hot roasted nuts in ceramic containers, and you can have all the drinks you want." Samantha excitedly babbled on.

"I don't think we'll get nuts this early in the morning, but we probably could if you really wanted them." Alex laughed at Sam's exuberance. "I think we'll probably get a muffin and a piece of fruit." Alex informed her traveling companion.

It took about 30 minutes and they were up in the air and on their way to the City by the Bay. Alex had ordered two mimosas from the stewardess when she had brought them their muffin and fruit cup.

She picked up her glass and gave a toast, something she was getting used to doing with the beautiful blonde sitting next to her. Samantha picked up her glass as well.

"Here's to a marvelous three days in San Francisco with the most beautiful traveling companion a gal could ask for." Alex hailed.

"I can ditto those exact words, my love." Samantha smiled at her. "San Francisco, open your Golden Gate, you'll let no lovers wait outside your door." She continued with her own words.

They touched glasses and sipped their drinks. Each of the women was looking forward to getting to know the other better. This was the perfect beginning to a relationship of a lifetime.

End of Chapter Five

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