Heart's Passage

(was King of the Beach)

by Cate Swannell

Disclaimer: This is an Uber Xena: Warrior Princess tale. Xena and Gabrielle are owned by a bunch of people - Studios USA, Creation Entertainment, RenPics and who knows who else. Certainly not me.

But these characters - Jo and Cadie - are all mine. They bear a passing resemblance to Xe and Gab, but you have to look pretty close. And besides, it's absolutely not intended for personal profit.

Oh, there's also a modicum of violence here and dashes of curse words. What can I tell you, I'm a cursing fool.

This is, despite appearances to the contrary early on, a love story, featuring two consenting adult females. There will be kissing, a degree of moisture and a moan or seven. If that's not your bag, I'm so sorry.

You will also find a lot of hyperlinks sprinkled through the writing. I'm a big believer in hypertext - it can turn a run-of-the-mill reading exercise into a journey of exploration. There are also some pictures and maps - I've tried to keep the files small. Some of them are hyperlinked so you can see enlarged versions separately.

I have also added a glossary to deal with all the Aussie-isms and sailing terms that may be unfamiliar. Just click on the highlighted word to be taken to a definition.


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