Body English  by Cephalgia

Note: This is a sequel to the PWP "The British Invasion". You might want to read the other one first. Graphic sex ahead.

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Dedication: As with the earlier one, this PWP is dedicated to Mia. Lei sono il mio amico, il mio cuore, il mio amore, la mia vita.

Holly Hastings slowly rose to consciousness in sheets made of fine silk and arms of softest skin. She smiled to herself at the recollection of the previous night spent in the London penthouse of Gina Forelli. As if hearing her name, Gina's deep brown eyes fluttered open and fixed themselves on the American. Gazes met and held until blue looked away.

"What is it?" Gina murmured, reaching out to tuck a stray lock behind Holly's ear. The brunette returned her eyes to the English woman.

"I guess no matter how pleasurable last night was, it was something I don't usually do. Don't get me wrong, it was fantastic. I felt things with you I haven't with anybody else. The thing is I don't know why."

Gina was a little confused by that response. "I'm not positive I know what you mean but if it's any consolation, sleeping with someone on the first date isn't my usual activity either."

Holly had to chuckle at that. "Okay, now that we've established that neither of us sleeps with someone right away, do you mind telling me why we're laying in your bed buck naked?"

A smile crossed the Englishwoman's features. "It does seem a bit odd I grant you. I'm not sure about you but last night I felt a powerful attraction to you. I suppose, stupidly, this was how I chose to express it. That being said, I want you to know that doesn't mean I don't want to know you outside my bedroom. To the contrary, I would like very much to know more about you."

"I'm glad to hear it, Gina. I have to tell you that you're an intriguing person to say the least and I'd like to know more about you too." Holly reached out and ran a fingertip down Gina's soft cheek. "God, you have the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen."

Gina blushed and glanced away. "It's almost mid-day. How about some breakfast? I can have the kitchen send us up something. Are you in the mood for the full English breakfast or maybe something lighter?" The innkeeper slipped out of the bed, picking up a robe on the way to the telephone. Shrugging into the garment, she kept her eyes averted and her back turned on the woman now sitting up in the bed.

Holly felt awkwardness creep into the room. What did I say? she thought, reviewing her words. Surely she's heard that compliment before. She rose from the bed and walked to the other woman.

"Gina?" The ebony haired woman turned and took in the sight of the nude American before her. "What's the matter? Did I say something wrong?"

The Englishwoman smiled. "No, you've neither said nor done anything wrong. II can't really explain. It's me though and nothing you should worry about." She leaned forward and placed a kiss on Holly's cheek. Moving back from the sweet kiss she looked into blue eyes holding her with tender regard. Slowly she leaned in again and watched those blue eyes flutter shut in anticipation of a more intimate kiss. Holly was not disappointed when Gina brought the softness of her lips to her own.

Tender caresses and gentle exploration banished all thoughts of breakfast. Holly brought her hands up to Gina's waist and loosened the belt of the robe. With a quick movement of her shoulders the innkeeper caused the robe to drop to the floor in a puddle around her feet. The initial kiss broke and Gina trailed smaller ones across Holly's cheek to her ear.

"Come back to bed with me. I want to make love to you." Holly sucked in her breath at the whispered words. There was a moment's hesitation as fleeting thoughts of what getting involved with this complicated woman might mean, but Holly rejected each one. She breathed her surrender in a single word.


Gina took the American's hand and led her back to the bed. The hot explosion of passion of the previous night was not in evidence as the women showed unspoken determination to enjoy each other completely and slowly. When they reached the edge of the bed, Gina brought Holly around in front of her. They simply looked at each other for a moment visually appreciating the woman they were with.

Nearly simultaneously the women moved toward each other. This time the kiss was inflammatory and they both had to work hard to bank the fires that threatened to leap out of control. As the kiss intensified, Gina brought her hands up to Holly's shoulders and applying gentle pressure, guided her down onto the bed. The kiss broke as Holly drew her legs onto the bed and drew Gina down on top of her. The Englishwoman straddled Holly's thigh as she brought her own leg between Holly's and up against her center. A sharp intake of breath followed by a shivering moan as it was released greeted this intimate contact.

Gina set the pace as she brought her mouth to Holly's neck. Using lips, teeth and tongue she tasted and nibbled the white expanse working her way out to the shoulder. Holly felt a trail of fire where the dark haired woman's mouth touched. The American's hands roamed over the other woman's back and traveled down to Gina's bottom and the top of her thigh where she pulled her more tightly against her now throbbing middle.

Gina moved her attentions to Holly's breasts. She teased and licked the nipples before drawing the tip of one into her mouth where it was tugged and suckled. Holly arched into the pleasurable sensations and her hips started an unconscious rhythm soon picked up by Gina's. The Englishwoman released Holly's breast and looked into passion filled blue eyes. Holly saw that passion reflected in the brown eyes above her.

"I need to be closer to you," Gina spoke through ragged breathing. She lifted the leg on the outside of Holly's thigh and brought it inside with her other. Holly shifted her legs further apart as Gina settled between them and brought her wet mound into contact with Holly's. That feeling was so overwhelming that Holly's eyes closed and her breath caught as she teetered on the edge of orgasm right then. Gina stilled all movement as she waited for Holly to deal with the new, more intimate level of contact. After a minute, Holly re-opened her eyes and smiled up at Gina. She reached up and drew the Englishwoman's mouth down to her own.

Holly's kiss told Gina the time for taking things slowly was over. Her hips started a rhythm mimicked immediately by the woman beneath her and they ground into one another with increasing intensity. It still wasn't enough for Gina as she reached between them to part first herself, then her lover. Changing the angle subtly brought clits into direct contact and Gina arched her back and moaned from the bliss of the connection. Short, erratic thrusts replaced the grinding motions and both women felt the onset of their release.

"Holly, come with me," Gina panted. "Come with me now."

Those words and Gina's fiery gaze of raw sexuality sent Holly over the edge into an orgasm that pulled Gina along with her. An eternity seemed to pass as rushes of pleasure raced through them until they subsided to intermittent aftershocks. Gina dropped her head to the American's chest and panted, feeling the same rapid rise and fall of the chest beneath her. Groaning, she moved to Holly's side, their bodies separating with a sensuous wet sound.

Holly shivered a little as the cool air of the room hit her newly uncovered skin. Seeing the slight tremble, Gina reached down and pulled the silk sheet up over them as they fell into a light slumber, exhausted from the encounter.


The dining room of the Royal Heritage Hotel was quiet as most of the lunch crowd had left already by the time Holly and Gina met there. A long hot shower and a change of clothing had given Holly time to think about the last twenty-four hours and the most intriguing Gina Forelli. The only conclusion she had come to was that she couldn't figure out the innkeeper at all or just what it was that attracted her to the Englishwoman besides her obviously striking good looks.

Gina rose from a table situated near the back of the restaurant and smiled as the American made her way toward her.

"Ready for lunch and a bit of touring afterward?" the Englishwoman asked.

"I'm ready for anything as long as you're involved in it but are you sure you have time to take me around London?"

"My dear Miss Hastings, until you came along I didn't have the desire to do much of anything but work. I certainly think I can take a bit of a holiday with you. Now, what shall it be for lunch?" She beckoned the waiter over to the table.

Holly looked directly into Gina's eyes as she said in a near normal voice, "Well, it seems lately I just can't get enough of traditional English delights so I guess I'll stick with that."

Though Gina's mouth opened, nothing came forth as Holly's meaning struck her. The American turned to the waiter and smiled sweetly. "I'll have cottage pie and tea please." Gina recovered enough to ask for the same. As the waiter left to place their order, the innkeeper turned an astonished look on her companion.

"My God, you're a bold one!"

"I never was before," Holly laughed. "For some reason I haven't figured out yet I respond to you like nobody else." She stopped being amused and started becoming aroused. "It's all I can do not to put my hands on you right here and now."

Gina felt herself heading in the same direction and was torn between irritation and relief when the waiter brought their food. By unspoken mutual agreement, further verbal foreplay was placed on hold and the pair set about consuming some badly needed nourishment.


Holly and Gina strolled slowly through Hyde Park. They had found a common interest in people watching and people watching in Hyde Park was a one of a kind experience. They stopped for a while in Hyde Park Corner and listened to the soapbox orators. Some were thought provoking and insightful and some were just plain insane. Holly had to laugh at the young man who suggested mixing Viagra with Chap-stick because his father complained that no one had a "stiff upper lip" anymore.

"My mom always says 'some are wise and some are otherwise' and that guy just proves the latter," Holly observed.

"Some would say we weren't very wise to get involved in a relationship this quickly but an unconventional idea isn't always a bad one," Gina said as she took Holly's hand in her own. They walked on a few minutes in companionable silence as Holly debated internally over whether or not to ask Gina about something that had been bothering her. She gave in finally and sent up a silent prayer that this wouldn't be the death knell for their blossoming romance.

"Gina, last night when we made love for the first time, you seemed to have some issues about being in control. I didn't mind it, I don't have any pre-conceived notions about what role I'll take in a relationship, but it seemed to me like you do. It may be none of my business but if you want to talk about it, I'm here."

Gina was quiet but in a moment she pulled Holly over to a nearby bench where they sat with hands entwined. The innkeeper's eyes gazed out across the park before pulling back to the woman sitting next to her.

"As much as I don't understand the reason we seem to have connected with one another so well physically, I equally don't understand the reason I feel like I can confide in you. This isn't something I generally talk about but I feel I can trust you."

Holly looked at the Englishwoman and said with all the sincerity she could muster, "You can."

Gina shrugged and chewed her lower lip. "It isn't much different than any other story of this kind. When I was fifteen, my mother's stepbrother came to live with us. He was out of work and was intent on not looking for any in the near future. My parents traveled a great deal managing the various properties belonging to the family and they thought the perfect solution was for my Uncle Everett to watch over my brother and I."

Holly felt a sick feeling lodge itself squarely in her gut as Gina continued in a voice devoid of all emotion.

"One night while they were away, Everett had been drinking and I had come home late from a school play. He was waiting for me. I knew something was different by the way he looked at me. It almost made me feel dirty. Well, to make a long story short he came into my room after I had got into bed. He said he just wanted to say goodnight, but he began touching me and said he really wanted 'a proper goodnight kiss' from me. I kissed him on the cheek hoping he would just go away but he grabbed me and held me down on the bed and started putting his hands all over me me. I begged him to stop but he wouldn't. He said I was to blame, that I made him want me." Gina paused and swallowed hard. "He raped me."

"Oh, God, Gina, that's horrible! What happened when you told your parents?"

"I never did tell them. They came back the next day and that very night Everett hung himself from the loft in the stables. I guess I never saw the point of ruining their memory of him and he was dead and wouldn't hurt anyone anymore. After a while I wasn't bothered by it."

Holly's eyes were full of tears. "How could you not be bothered? He betrayed you! One of the people in your life you should have been able to trust and you couldn't."

"I don't know, I'm just not," Gina said casually. Holly looked down at Gina's hands that were clasped between her knees. The knuckles were white from the pressure of the grip. Gina followed the American's line of sight and moved her hands apart.

"Anyway, from that point I haven't liked to be sexually vulnerable. I don't like to be held down or restrained in any way. I knew a year or two before the incident that I was attracted to other girls and that only confirmed it in my mind. I guess from that minute though I sort of evolved into someone who needs the control."

"I guess I can understand that but are you always going to need that control?" Holly asked.

"I don't know. Maybe," the Englishwoman answered honestly.

"I see." Holly thought a moment before speaking again. "Gina, do you think that with the right person, a person you trusted completely, you could give up the need to have such tight control?"

Her companion stood up and gazed across the park. Without turning she spoke softly, "Again, the best answer is maybe. I just don't know."

Holly stood as well and leaned gently against the Englishwoman. "Gina?" The innkeeper turned a questioning look on the American.

"Trust me, Gina. Trust me."


Muted lights illuminated the penthouse as Gina guided Holly inside. The women had lingered over dinner at a fashionable London restaurant and had walked slowly back to the hotel hand in hand. The conversation was easy and light and Holly felt the stirrings of a very real and potent attachment. There had been no conversation, however, regarding where Holly would spend the night, it seemed a foregone conclusion that they both accepted.

There wasn't anything about the Englishwoman that Holly didn't like. The American discovered Gina had a charming sense of humor, a vast appreciation for the world around her and an ingrained streak of personal integrity. Holly had a scant three days left on her London vacation and she was beginning to dread leaving the innkeeper already.

I wonder if she's ever considered visiting the States? The brunette thought as they rode the elevator to the top floor. She would have been surprised if she had known how close her thoughts mirrored those of her companion.

The women removed their jackets and went to the long leather couch together and settled themselves in comfortably. Holly supposed the call Gina made on her cell phone from the restaurant was responsible for the blazing fire and chilled bottle of champagne they found. Sipping the bubbly vintage, the American sighed and realized she hadn't been this comfortable and relaxed with another person in a very long time, if ever. She smiled as she mulled that thought over.

"Bubbles tickling your nose?" Gina asked as she sipped from her own flute.

"No," Holly answered. "I was just thinking about how happy I am to be here with you and how I never expected to meet someone that Ithat I" The American's words faltered and she sat forward with an astonished look on her face.

Gina was a little alarmed and sat forward as well. "Holly, what's the matter? What's wrong?" Concern tinged the accented voice.

"Not a thing. Not a damned thing," the technologist replied. "I guess I just realized I'm falling in love with you. It's crazy! I've known you only two days and I'm as sure of this as anything I've ever known in my life." She looked over to Gina, afraid of the reaction she would find when she did. The reaction she got was totally unexpected.

"Phew! Is that all? God, I thought it was something terrible." Gina dropped back against the leather cushions of the couch in relief and pulled the American back with her. She wrapped her arms around the brunette as Holly brought her arm across Gina's stomach.

"You mean it isn't?" Holly asked lifting her head up to gaze into the warm brown depths of the other woman's eyes.

"Not at all," said Gina nonchalantly. "I realized I was falling in love with you while we were still at the restaurant. Did you think I was choking on the trifle because it tasted so bad? My only question is, what took you so long?"

They laughed like children opening a wonderful and unexpected Christmas present, sobering only with the sudden realization that their physical passion was asserting itself once again. Holly leaned up and, leaving her eyes open until the last possible second, brought her mouth to fit smoothly against Gina's. The innkeeper's lips moved apart under hers, inviting Holly's tongue in for exploration. The invitation was not refused.

Tongues curled and moved together as hands roamed and clothing was loosened. Holly unbuttoned the brown satin shirt of her lover and slid her hand inside. Her fingertips slid across Gina's breasts, feeling the tightening of the nipples through the soft material of her bra. Gina stilled the movement of Holly's hand by placing her own on top of it through the shirt. The American looked at the other woman with a question in her eyes.

"The bed, love."

Holly nodded and rose after placing a quick kiss on Gina's lips. Together they moved toward the bedroom, Gina extinguishing lights as they went. In the bedroom she lit several scented candles and pulled back the covers on the bed to reveal fresh burgundy colored silk sheets. Moving slowly toward Holly, Gina finished unbuttoning her shirt and let the garment drop to the floor. The American was transfixed as she watched Gina undo the front hooks of her bra and let it drift to the floor as well.

Gina's firm breasts were like a magnet to Holly's hands and as the innkeeper moved nearer, Holly reached out to caress them. Taking a small step forward herself, Holly lowered her mouth to Gina's breasts and ran her tongue over one nipple then the other, feeling them firming again.

Heated kisses were interspersed with the removal of pieces of clothing. Gina dropped to her knees and kissed the front of Holly's black Levi's before lowering the zipper and pulling the material over her hips and further down until the brunette stepped from them. Gina could smell the American's arousal and it inflamed her senses. Standing quickly, Gina brought her partner into her embrace and they stood quietly for a moment feeling the exquisite sensation of warm flesh against warm flesh. Holly felt a tremor pass through her partner as they held fast to each other.

"What is it, love?" Holly whispered into the Englishwoman's ear.

Gina moved her head back a little, enabling her to see the blue eyes of the brunette. She did not speak for a moment, then said, "I've done this before. I've slept with other women but I need you to know this is the first time it's been with this importance and emotion. This isn't just sex for me, it's far beyond that."

Holly smiled at that and moved to sit on the bed. As she sat she tried to pull Gina down with her but the ebony haired woman had other ideas. She put her hands up indicating the American should stay on the bed and she turned and walked to a small closet. She retrieved a box and brought it back to the bed.

Holly was curious about the box but waited for Gina to reveal the contents. Gina sat next to Holly and slowly removed the lid. What Holly saw inside caused her heart to beat faster with excitement. The sex toy and harness surprised her but she wasn't inexperienced and wanted to show Gina that.

She leaned over to place a soft kiss on Gina's cheek and said "You're going to look so hot in that," letting the Englishwoman know her idea was a welcome one.

Gina blushed a little and seemed to have difficulty finding words. With an effort she looked the American directly in the eye and said, "I trust you, Holly, and I want to show you exactly how much. This isn't for me to wear, it's for you."

Holly gave a soft gasp as she realized what Gina was offering her. Slightly overwhelmed she leaned forward again, initiated a passionate kiss and felt Gina respond with equal intensity. The heat between them rose quickly and soon both women were breathing fast. The American pulled back and gave a nod at the box. "Help me put it on?"

Gina swallowed hard and watched as Holly rose to stand before her. Taking the toy and harness from the box Gina held it as Holly stepped into the straps. The Englishwoman moved forward and placed a sensual kiss to the brunette's curls before pulling the strap-on up between Holly's legs. A fresh tremor passed through Gina as she heard Holly's moan of pleasure as she discovered the unique feature on the inside of the harness. The raised area of the harness made solid contact with Holly's clit as Gina snugged it into place and closed the clasps.

Never breaking eye contact, Holly followed Gina back onto the bed. They lay on their sides facing each other, sharing kisses and touches that were becoming increasingly fevered. Gina moved to take Holly's nipple into her mouth. A moan told the Englishwoman that her attentions were provoking the desired effect and she knew by the wetness between her own legs that the effect wasn't limited to her partner.

Holly shifted closer and Gina felt the dildo brush her leg. The touch was repeated as Holly nudged the toy closer to her center and Gina knew the time for foreplay was over. Rolling onto her back she pulled the American up and over her, opening her legs in a welcoming manner.

Holly looked down into the beautiful brown eyes for any signs of hesitancy and saw only trust and passion. Bestowing a grateful kiss on her partner, Holly moved her hand slowly down Gina's body and between her legs. The heat and wetness that greeted her touch let her know that Gina was ready for the intimate contact. Sliding back a little, Holly used the hand already between them to grasp the dildo and angle it in the right direction. She moved the head along Gina's cleft and over her clit. The ebony haired woman closed her eyes and issued a low moan. Opening her eyes again, Gina reached up to take Holly's face in her hands. Bringing the American's mouth to her own she kissed her deeply and murmured, "Inside me, now. Please."

Holly felt her own wetness increase at Gina's plea and she brought the head of the toy to Gina's opening. Pressing forward, she eased the head inside her partner and Gina hissed in pleasure. Waiting only a moment until she felt Gina relax a little under her, she eased forward until their flesh met. The pressure back onto Holly's clit as she pressed fully into her partner made Holly realize she wouldn't be able to last long before she came and she was determined they would reached the summit together.

Moving her hips she began thrusting slowly in and out of Gina. Gina's hips rose off the bed to meet Holly's thrusts and soon both women were sweating and grunting with their exertions. The wet sounds of flesh meeting and parting filled the room. Gina loved the sensation of Holly filling her completely as she pushed the toy into her deeply again and again. Just as Holly felt the pressure of orgasm threatening to take her over completely, she felt Gina's hips begin to move in a more frantic and erratic manner. Holly leaned closer and whispered in a passion-thickened voice.

"Yes! That's it, love. Come with me. I want you to come with me now!"

Gina heard the words and they sent her spiraling over the edge into orgasm, taking Holly with her as she did. The American gave one final thrust and held still as the spasms passed through them both with an intensity neither had experienced before.

As their breathing slowed and they drifted down from their pleasure, Holly moved back and the dildo slid easily from Gina's slick center giving the English woman a last spasm as the toy was removed. Holly moved to Gina's side and laid her head on the Brit's shoulder. Gina reached up and gently stroked the American's cheek, feeling Holly smile under her touch.

"Thank you, love," Holly murmured as she felt sleep threaten to overtake her. Realizing she was still wearing the strap-on, she moved to get up and remove it. Before she could, Gina tightened her hold.

"Don't move just yet. Stay. Stay with me." Gina's tone held so much more than an offer for a night and Holly recognized it for what it was, an invitation to share a life.

Holly didn't hesitate in her answer. "I'll stay, Gina. I'll stay."

The End

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