More Unlimited Sexual Favors

by Cephalgia

and MJ


Authors’ notes: This story is a sequel to our previous story, Unlimited Sexual Favors. This tale will make a lot more sense if you read that one first. Like the first one, this little bit of fiction contains explicit sexual activity. We would like to thank our beta reader on this project, the divine Miss Kel. We hope our friendship is enough recompense for your fine work, because there is definitely no money involved!

The authors also want to thank those of you who asked for a sequel to Unlimited Sexual Favors and want to assure you our Mutual Admiration Society is firmly in place.

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Part One…

A meeting behind closed doors

The continuous click of two sets of healed shoes echoed down the corridor of the fifteenth floor of Soft-Tech Industries. Striding at a fast pace with her secretary trailing behind, Darcy Gardner looked down at a large pile of gray folders within her arms. Her swift pace never missed a beat.

"Did the figures return from Accounting?" Darcy asked.

"Yes, I put them on your desk this morning," replied Carla her secretary. She pushed back black-rimmed glasses and tucked a lock of long blonde hair behind her right ear. "You also have next month's projections."

"Excellent." Darcy smiled and lifted the first folder from her pile. "Did Mr. Burns from D.C.I. return our call?"

"Not yet." Carla smiled wryly. "I did attempt to call D.C.I. again but was rebuffed by his receptionist. Apparently he was in a meeting again!"

"That asshole has more meetings than the 'Desperate Singles Society'... which by the way I am pretty sure he is a member of. Don't worry, I'll call him myself." Darcy walked into a large outer office and stopped by a wide teak desk. The surface of the desk was neatly organized with a computer and complicated telephone system. She placed the folders on Carla's desk. "All these need filing in the appropriate sections before noon." Darcy then headed toward her office but paused just outside the door and turned back to the blonde. "Oh, and Carla?"

"Hmm?" Pale eyebrows rose over stern looking spectacles.

"It's Friday. When you've done that take the rest of the day off and enjoy your weekend."

"Oh!" Thank you, Ms. Gardner." Carla grinned as Darcy winked and disappeared into her office, closing the door behind her.

The secretary shook her head, amazed once again by the noticeable change in her boss's mood. For almost two months Darcy had been a lot more easy going at work. She smiled more, laughed more and generally was a lot nicer to get along with. Many of their colleagues had noticed the change in Darcy, but only Carla had correctly surmised the reason for the change. Carla was certain her boss had fallen in love.


Unscrewing the cap off a small bottle of sparkling mineral water, Darcy placed the blue plastic top down and took a sip of the cool liquid. Through the wide span of her office window she could feel the warm sun heat her back. Turning from her plush office of matching furniture and tasteful decorations, Darcy swiveled in her leather chair to allow the warm rays to grace her features. It had been a long morning. Darcy had entered work at six a.m. for an early meeting, had been sitting in a large stuffy room for the past five hours and was finally glad to be out of the conference. It hadn't gone very well. Her proposed plans for changes to further enhance the company's image and, if need be, drag them kicking and screaming into the twenty first century had been met by strong opposition by the elder members of the board. Don't they realize you have to move with the times? Darcy thought to herself with a sigh. Still, she was pretty certain she had convinced the major shareholder in the company that what she was doing was not detrimental to the corporation.

Summer was drawing to a close, but this Friday was as warm as a midsummer's day. Darcy knew they were in for a wonderful weekend. She looked forward to sharing the next three days with Wilder. Their relationship was blooming and Darcy was finally acknowledging the extent of her feelings for Wilder. Since their wager neither woman had seemed in any rush to continue the sexual side of their relationship. Instead they had concentrated on getting to know one another on a more personal level. They held hands while walking, always opted for the back row at the movies. They went out dancing together and Darcy enjoyed the close contact they frequently shared. Most of all though she enjoyed the hours they would share in each other's arms simply kissing and touching. She had never felt such a level of comfort with another person before. It was bliss. Darcy closed her eyes in memory only to be jostled back to reality by the ringing of her telephone. She lifted the receiver swiftly.

"Darcy Gardner."

"Hmmm…" reverberated down the line. "I love to hear your name."

Darcy smiled. "Hey, Wilder."

"Oh, and I love the way you say mine even more."

The executive chuckled. "Did you just dial me up with the intention of making an obscene phone call?"

"If only," was Wilder's response, causing an unseen pout upon Darcy's lips. "Nope, I called because I have a question." Holding her cellular phone against her right ear, Wilder walked slowly down a crowded San Francisco street.

Darcy leaned back in her chair and looked out across the skyline. "And that would be?"

"Chicken or ribs?"

The leap in the conversation from something potentially sexual to food momentarily threw Darcy.

"What?" she fumbled.

"The traditional End of Summer Barbeque at home. Mom wants to know if you want chicken or ribs. She's trying to estimate how much of each to have Dad buy. Wait a minute, don't tell me you forgot. Come on, Darce, this has been a command performance since we were kids! I made sure I had the weekend off from the bar over a month ago."

Darcy puffed out a breath and brought the heel of her hand up to her forehead to tap there. "I can't believe I completely blocked it out! I've been so busy with the new changes at work and a rather unexpected development in my personal life, I forgot about it entirely."

Wilder stopped at the revolving doors of a large downtown building and sat on the bench located just outside the entrance. She changed ears with the cell phone before continuing. "And this 'unexpected development' you mention, would you consider this a good thing?"

The brunette smiled as she leaned back in her chair. "Oh, a very good thing. One of the very best things in fact, but obviously it's a big distraction if I can't remember something that's been a part of my life since I was sixteen years old."

"Maybe it's just senility setting in, Darcy. You are at a very advanced age after all," Wilder teased, referring again to the eight-year age difference between them.

"You're funny as a crutch, Wild. I think I kept up with you pretty well two months ago if I recall through my dimming memory. Chicken, by the way."

Now it was Wilder's turn to be confused. "Huh? Oh yeah, chicken. I got it; I'll let Mom know. But getting back to our other topic, I will concede your point. You kept up with me very well the night of our bet and that brings me to the real reason for this call. How does your schedule look for the rest of the day?"

The brunette quickly consulted the day planner on the corner of her desk. "Not bad, no meetings so I guess it's just paperwork for the rest of the day. Why, what did you have in mind?"

"I'll tell you in just a minute. You can see the Robertson building from your window, right?"

The executive pulled her eyebrows together. "Um, yeah, it's right across the street. So?"

The barmaid laughed as she stood and made her way to the curb. "So, look out your window, big executive boss lady, and check out the front of that building."

Darcy slipped from her leather chair and moved to the window. Glancing down she spotted a tiny but familiar figure looking up and giving a small wave.

"Gosh, Wilder, from up here you look even shorter," the executive teased, paying the barmaid back for the earlier age comments. "Now, what's going on?"

"It's not what's going on, Darcy, it's what's coming off. May I now remind you of what the winner, namely me, won on our bet of two months ago?"

Darcy felt a shiver of both trepidation and anticipation course through her body. "You mean…"

"Yep, Unlimited Sexual Favors. I'm coming up, Darce, and don't worry about my height. I'll be tall enough on my knees for what I have in mind." Wilder flipped the cell phone closed and made her way across the street.

Fifteen stories above the street, Darcy Gardner stood, mouth open, staring at the phone in her hand wondering what the hell she had gotten herself into.

Slipping the phone into the back pocket of her jeans, Wilder walked through the glass doors to Soft-Tech Industries.

The lobby was large, shaped in a semi circle and sterile in appearance. Mirrored tiled covered the arched wall and a uniformed security guard sat by a large white desk surrounded by close circuit television screens. An alarming thought flitted through Wilder's mind as she causally approached the security desk. A charming smile curved her lips and she peered at the young blonde man under her lashes.

"Hi," she greeted and leaned slightly over the cold surface of the desk.

The young guards eyes beamed. "Hey." He cleared his throat. "Um… how can I help you?"

Wilders eyes drifted to the monitors briefly as she prepared to ask a question of which she already knew the answer. "I'm here to see Darcy Gardner. Could you tell me what floor her office is on please?" Wilder leaned a little further over the front desk and consciously lifted her cleavage to the 'V' of her shirt.

The guard's eyes lowered to Wilder's breasts before a blush colored his cheeks and he turned to a small computer. "Of course. You will have to give me a moment. I'm new here and not clued up on all the employees yet."

"Take your time," Wilder purred. As the young man tapped into a computer Wilder scanned the CCTV monitors. Her blue eyes slid across each screen. She was relieved to see that the cameras weren't inside the employee's offices.

"Fifteenth floor… the…"

"Main office just off reception," Wilder interrupted. "Of course, I remember now! Thank you…" her eyes lowered to the guards name tap. "Martin." Wilder winked and stepped away from the front desk. Without looking back she made her way to the waiting elevator and stepped into the car, pressing the button for her desired floor. Men are so easy!

Fifteen floors away Darcy paced her office. "Now?" she muttered. "She wants it now?" Darcy ran a hand through her hair. "Two months we've played it easy... getting to know one another in a whole new way and ... now ... just like that?"

Darcy jumped as her office door opened and she turned to see Carla looking at her in concern.

"Are you alright, Ms. Gardner?"

"Uh huh." Darcy looked past her secretary to the vacant reception. "I'm expecting a visitor at any moment, Carla so when she arrives can you show her in before you leave?"

"Will do," Carla answered, leaving the large office with a curious nod.

As the door closed Darcy took a calming breath. She placed a hand upon her stomach, feeling it flutter with anticipation. There was no doubt in her mind that she wanted Wilder. However much she adored the time they spent together, Darcy's body always cried out for more. She knew she was ready for that full relationship and just wished Wilder would see she was okay with the direction of their blossoming love. She felt Wilder was giving her time to adjust to their new closeness but they had already crossed the line once and Darcy was more than ready to do it again. But right now?

Eager to adopt an air of calm Darcy sat upon the edge of her desk. She crossed her legs then uncrossed them and moved to the chair behind her desk. Darcy sat down for a scant second before re-standing and walking over to the couch in the opposite corner of the room. She sat down upon the cool leather and sighed. Closing her eyes she imagined Wilder's approach feeling the warmth of desire she felt for Wilder settle into a familiar simmer. Could she really do what Wilder was proposing? Although she did lose the bet she had never had any kind of sexual contact out of the confines of a bedroom or her condo. Maybe it was time for a change and if anything Wilder was the person to show her the delights she had been missing.


The elevator car came to a halt on the fifteenth floor. Wilder stepped out and looked around. She spotted Darcy's secretary leaning over a filing cabinet. Her eyes lowered to the tall blonde's shapely behind but instead of feeling the once constant desire to seduce she found herself comparing everything with Darcy. In each situation Darcy always won. Wilder entered the outer office as Carla turned to greet her.

"Hi, is Darcy in there?"

"Yes." Carla moved to approach Darcy's door. "I'll go and tell her you're here."

"Hey no problem," Wilder said stopping Carla in her tracks. "She knows I'm on my way." Feeling her excitement build Wilder opened Darcy's door and poked her head into the office.

From her place on the couch, Darcy felt her heart rate pick up as the blonde haired woman came into view. Maintaining an outward air of nonchalance, she crossed her legs and studied her friend as she walked into the room, closing the door behind her.

"Wilder, what an unexpected surprise. To what do I owe this pleasure?" she said in a voice made unintentionally sultry by her rising anticipation. Wilder heard the message in Darcy's tone of voice and was pleased the brunette didn't seem to be rejecting the reason for her visit.

"Well you just about said it yourself there, Ms. Gardner," Wilder said as she walked slowly across the room toward the couch. "You do owe me this pleasure. Smartest thing I ever did, making a bet for Unlimited Sexual Favors. I've been thinking a lot about that night, Darce. Even as we've been getting to know each other on a more than friends basis it was never far from my thoughts. You were so hot that evening and you made me hot for you. I want you and I'm pretty sure you want me too. This has been building up for weeks now and I dare you to deny it." Stopping in front of the couch, Wilder extended her hand. Darcy slipped hers in it and allowed herself to be assisted to her feet.

"I don't deny it, Wilder. That would be foolish of me wouldn't it? I know you could tell I've been interested in a repeat of that night too. I just wanted to know why now and why here?" The executive brought her hand up and brushed the back of her fingertips against Wilder's cheek.

Wilder blushed a little and lowered her eyes. "I didn't plan it like this but I was going through my clothes today, picking out some donations for the Women's Help Center and that's when I came across these." From the front pocket of her Levi's Wilder pulled a pair of skimpy black lace panties. "I forgot you left them at my apartment that night. I washed them and put them away in a drawer meaning to return them to you. I completely forgot about them until I found them this afternoon. That was all it took, Darcy. I saw those and I knew I had to have you again…soon…now."

Wilder dropped the panties as she brought her arms up and reached around the executive, drawing her near. Tilting her head she brought her mouth gently against her friend's. The kiss was sweet and restrained showing more of Wilder's heart than she intended.

Darcy pulled back in surprise and smiled as she looked into the barmaid's eyes. She really cares, this is more than sexual.

"What? What's wrong?" Wilder questioned.

"Nothing, Wild. Everything is just right." Darcy leaned forward again and kissed Wilder with a new enthusiasm. The barmaid was pleasantly surprised when the brunette reached her tongue out to demand entrance to Wilder's mouth. This kiss was anything but gentle as the pent up tension of the past weeks was released.

Then again, sexual is good the executive thought.

Darcy's hands went up to the blonde's head trying to pull her even closer while Wilder's hands slid down to Darcy's bottom. She tugged Darcy against her and initiated a soft grinding motion with her hips, moaning into the kiss as she did so.

A loud buzzing interrupted the rising heat of the embrace and it took all of Darcy's willpower to move back from the arms of her friend. Pulling in several deep breaths, the executive moved to her desk where the intercom buzzed once again.

Pressing down on a button, Darcy managed to say, "Yes?" without sounding too winded.

"I'm all finished up here, Ms. Gardner," Carla's voice sounded through the intercom. "I just wanted to make sure you didn't need anything else before I left."

"I'm fine, Carla," Darcy replied, watching as Wilder moved to sit on the couch. You go on home, I have everything I need right here. Just turn on the voicemail system before you leave." Wilder laughed lightly at Darcy's words.

"Well, I'll see you Monday then, Ms. Gardner. Have a good weekend."

Wilder depressed the button one last time and said "You too, Carla." She turned the intercom off and reached to her phone, turning off the ringer. Ready at last she turned back to Wilder. The blonde was toying with the top button on her blouse while staring at her with a seductive look on her face.

"Ms. Gardner, I'm glad to see we won't be bothered any further because I think you're going to be in conference for the rest of the day."

A faint grin made its way to the executive's face. "You do, huh?"

"Yep, I have a detailed report for your perusal," Wilder stated as she opened the top button she had been touching. "Several barriers to research have been removed and an open market is assured." Another button was opened. "The southern office reports some very fluid activity in its sector that requires your personal inspection and I'm happy to tell you customer satisfaction promises to be at an all time high."

Darcy wanted to laugh but found she couldn't as her gaze was riveted to the barmaid's hands.

"Darcy, does that door have a lock?" she asked in a low timbered voice indicating the portal she had come through a mere few minutes before.

The executive swallowed, broke from her staring and replied thickly, "Yes."

"Then lock it, Ms. Gardner, and get over here."

It took Darcy a mere second to do Wilder's bidding. Stepping around her desk she strode over to the door and clicked the metal lock into place. Darcy closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath as she secured her balance with one hand upon the dark wood door. "I want this," she muttered as she reopened her eyes, turning slowly to Wilder. She found the blonde had moved to the center of the room, a thoughtful expression on her face.


Remaining quiet, Wilder held out her hand palm up. The invitation was clear and without a moments hesitation Darcy took Wilder's offered appendage. Wilder studied the slender form of Darcy's hand before lifting it to her lips and planting a delicate kiss upon her palm. Keeping their entwined fingers upon her cheek Wilder looked into Darcy's dark brown eyes.

"I know this wasn't quite what you were expecting. I do want you to know though that you are the single most important person to me in this whole world. You made all of my dreams come true, Darce, and although for the past two months I've fantasized about all the different ways I want to make love to you, right now I just want to hear you scream out my name." Wilder noted Darcy's flush and smiled. "I want to sink into you and taste you. Way too much free time thinking about you has left me a little wanting and right now I want you more than anything." Wilder pulled Darcy closer. Releasing her hand she slid her own around the executive and cupped her behind, pulling her even closer. She could feel her heart beat with heady anticipation as their lips moved together. To say that she wanted Darcy was an understatement. After doing nothing more than thinking about the executive all morning, Wilder knew she had to go to her.

The needy expression in Wilder's eyes drew the executive like water into a sponge. Their second kiss seared Darcy's lips as she felt Wilder's heated body begin to push her backwards towards her desk. Darcy moved willingly, her trust implicitly placed in Wilder as the blonde led her around the sturdy wooden table to her plush leather chair.

"So tell me," Wilder spun the chair around until it faced the wide span of the window then maneuvered Darcy into it. "When I called you, how much reservation did you have on hearing my request?" Wilder straddled Darcy's thighs and sat lightly upon the executive's lap. "Honestly," she pressed as her fingers began a light pluck at the brunette's buttons.

Darcy licked dry lips, her brown eyes fixed upon Wilder's venturing fingers as the buttons on her soft cotton blouse were released. "Honestly?" She looked back at Wilder. "It was about fifty, fifty."

Wilder smiled seductively. "And at what point did desire override caution?" Catching the first glimpse of Darcy's breasts, Wilder's heart increased its beat. She abandoned the remaining button on the brunette's blouse and focused her attentions upon the succulent swells of flesh.

Closing her eyes, Darcy sighed. "As soon as I recalled what your touch did to me... I wanted that more than anything." She felt Wilder's hands cup her breasts and strong thumbs move rhythmically over her rapidly stimulated nipples. With her eyes closed against Wilder's passionate stare Darcy felt a seeping heat infuse her flesh and liquefy within her core. Her lover's touch caused her body to tremble.

Leaning forward, Wilder pushed her body further into Darcy. She pressed her lips softly against Darcy's ear as she asked, "And what does my touch do to you?" Her tongue swiped out to caress the shell of Darcy's ear and she suckled the lobe past her lips. The executive's scent tickled her senses and further aroused her being. "Actually, you don't have to answer that." Darcy opened her eyes in question to see the heat infused gaze upon her. "I think I'll find out for myself!" Slipping off the chair and onto her knees, Wilder's hands moved around Darcy's body until she located the side-fastening zipper of her skirt.

Darcy locked gazes with Wilder as the zipper was lowered and the catch released. The executive lifted her hips and allowed the garment to be removed completely by her friend. She felt Wilder's hands caress her thighs and run the length of her upper leg from knees to hips. On one trip across the expanse of flesh Wilder's hand moved inward slightly, allowing her thumbs to come in contact with Darcy's beige colored panties. Darcy sucked in a quick breath and Wilder smiled at the brunette's responsiveness to what she was doing.

"I like your black one's better, but these will do," Wilder said happily and leaned over to deposit a light kiss to each of Darcy's thighs. Her hands tracked to the spot of her kisses and moved even further in and up where they touched the material of Darcy's panties yet again. The dampness she found there gave her even more encouragement.

"So wet," Wilder breathed reverently. The executive's wide chair came in handy as Wilder guided Darcy's thighs further apart. She smiled in appreciation as her lover's aroma reached her nostrils and she stroked the crotch of the panties. The executive's hips jerked at the touch and she whimpered a little at her friend's teasing.

"Touch me," Darcy pleaded. "I want to feel you touch me now!" She was rewarded when Wilder's fingers slipped under the elastic band of the panties and slid through the slick heat she found there. Rising up onto her knees, Wilder leaned forward to place her lips against Darcy's again. As she pushed her tongue into the welcoming recesses of the executive's mouth two fingers of her right hand slid home inside Darcy's tight core.

The long moan issuing from the executive was smothered by the passionate kisses she shared with her friend. "God, yesss!" Darcy gasped as their lips finally moved apart and Wilder began a slow thrusting in and out with her fingers.

"I wanted this, Darcy. Wanted to feel your hot juices on my fingers and wanted to feel you move on my hand. Do you like this, Darce? Do you like knowing how hot you make me while I'm touching you?" Wilder glanced down at her fingers pushing deeper into the brunette. "Look at us. Look at how wet you are."

Darcy found it difficult to keep her eye open against the sensations but she did follow Wilder's gaze to see the fingers emerge from her depths glistening with her juices and yet another rush of fluid escaped her already soaking center. No longer content to be passive, Darcy reached forward and pulled open Wilder's shirt, scattering the few remaining buttons which fell soundlessly to the plush carpet of her office.

She reached for the front closure of Wilder's bra and freed the generous breasts. Gathering them into her hands, she squeezed the flesh trying to repay a portion of the sensation she was receiving. She knew she was successful when she felt Wilder's nipples harden even further under her ministrations. The blonde pressed her breasts against Darcy's hands and growled her approval when Darcy caught the nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. Alternately rolling and tugging on the nipples, she had Wilder rapidly catching up to her in her excitement.

It was a bit of a shock then when Wilder ceased her movements then removed her fingers from Darcy altogether. The brunette was ready to protest when Wilder stood up in front of her and began shedding her clothing in a haphazard manner.

"We're going to do this thing the right way, Darce. I want you completely naked and begging me to make you come. I want everything you've got." The barmaid kicked off her boots and stripped out of the last of her clothing.

"Now you," she said to the executive assisting Darcy to her feet. Darcy's hands moved to her blouse but Wilder stopped her. "No, let me."

Wilder moved behind her friend and eased the shirt from her shoulders then unclasped her bra. The barmaid rained kisses on every area she exposed then dropped her hands to Darcy's hips. She caught the elastic band of the panties with her thumbs and pushed them down to the floor and nudged the executive forward out of them. As Darcy turned she saw the undisguised lust in her friend's eyes and knew her face was showing the same.

Wilder took a step back toward the large desk and, with a quick swipe of her arm, cleared a large area of the top. She guided Darcy to the desk and down onto its surface. Darcy's long legs hung open and over the edge and Wilder moved between them quickly.

"This is what I've wanted to do for two months, Darcy. God help me, I can't wait another minute!"

Without a moments hesitation Wilder swooped down and took Darcy's right breast into her mouth. Reaching up she pushed the generous mounds together and feasted upon both nipples. Her tongue wound around the firm tips before taking each one into her mouth. The scent of their arousal permeated the air. Wilder pushed her lower body harder against Darcy until she could feel the swell of Darcy's clit against her own. A slow and steady grind ensued.

Darcy groaned. The desire to close her eyes was great yet she refused to turn away from the scene in front of her. Just seeing Wilder stimulate her breasts in such a devout way was a sight that would remain imprinted in her memory for a long time to come. Every pull from Wilders lips and grind of pressure from her hips caused a searing ache of pleasure to pulse through her body. Darcy felt herself respond as slick moisture seeped from her core.

"Darce?" Wilder panted.

"Hmm? God, Wild, please don't stop."

Wilder released Darcy's breasts and held onto her hips as she rose to her full height and continued her circular thrusting movements. "I wasn't planning on stopping."

Darcy looked up, hypnotized by the movement of Wilder's breasts. She grasped the sides of her desk and held on tight as her own hips matched Wilder's movements.

"Tell me what you would have been doing today… if I wasn't here."

"Thinking about doing this," Darcy rasped. Reaching down she spread her lips further apart, increasing their contact. "Feels so good," she whispered and grasped her own nipples rolling the tight buds around her fingers and thumb. No longer able to resist she closed her eyes in pleasure. Breathless moans and sighs of desire fell from her lips. The sound was pure eroticism to Wilders ears. An increased surge of arousal jolted her body quite unexpected, forcing her down to her knees. Darcy looked up as their contact ended. Her gaze rapidly darkened as she spied the level of Wilder's head.

A shiver of anticipation tickled Wilder's spine. Facing the swollen evidence of Darcy's need for her caused her mouth to water in an eager craving. Without hesitation she took Darcy into her mouth, feeling her lovers hands hold her close. Using nothing but the tip of her tongue Wilder swirled the talented muscle around Darcy's clit, never quite making direct contact. Above her Darcy groaned in frustration. She attempted to hold Wilder's head in place but the blonde was unrelenting.

Growling, Darcy rose to a sitting position, resting her weight upon her arms. She looked down at Wilder to be greeted by a set of twinkling blue eyes. "Wild... please…"

Using both thumbs to open Darcy further, Wilder inhaled deeply. "If you don't want me to stop then you have to watch me." Keeping her eyes fixed upon Darcy's dark orbs Wilder allowed her tongue to glide over Darcy's clit. She applied a firm massaging pressure, never breaking eye contact with her lover.

The executive trembled. Her chest heaved as a light sheen of sweat speckled her brow. It was difficult not to just surrender to Wilder's touch but the sight of the blondes tongue sliding through her passion captured Darcy, and further increased her pleasure. She was unable to tear her eyes away from the sight. Seeing Wilder's tongue glisten with the source of her passion was heavenly torture.

"Please, Wild, I need you."

"Need what?" the blonde asked.

"I need you inside."

Wilder smiled around her pleasurable task. She squeezed her thighs tighter together but it did nothing to ease the aching within her own clit. "Inside?" she asked. "Are you sure? Are you sure you don't want me to continue on with what I'm doing now because I certainly do. You taste so good, Darce. So very sweet on my tongue." She punctuated her last sentence with a long dragging of her tongue the length of Darcy, from the flowing opening up to the clit now begging for attention.

"Goddamn it, Wilder!" Darcy cried. "Fuck me now or I swear I'll do it myself!"

Wilder had never heard Darcy sound so desperate and she had a hard time believing she had managed to push her lover this far. Her own clit ached in sympathy but she knew this was an offer she couldn't pass up. "Do it. Do it for me. I want to see you fuck yourself."

Brown eyes locked with blue and Darcy knew her bluff had been called. Without hesitation, the brunette allowed one of her own hands to snake down her body until her fingers ran through her own now soaked curls. With two fingers she commenced a furious stroking of her clit.

Wilder watched with fascination as Darcy brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. Briefly she wondered if the executive had masturbated as much as she had over the last two months. Darcy always seemed so calm and in control that it was amazing to see her like this: naked and wet, biting her lower lip, with hips moving on the desk in a rhythmic fashion as she rubbed herself toward climax.

A whimper escaped the writhing executive and she murmured, "So close." That was all Wilder could stand. She moved forward and brushed the executive's hand aside, plunging three fingers deep into the slick heat. Darcy gasped at being filled so rapidly but quickly moved to match the rhythm of Wilder's fingers as they pushed in and out.

Feeling Darcy's inner walls begin to tremble, Wilder knew she wanted to experience every bit of her lover's orgasm. Leaning over, she brought her mouth to Darcy's clit and sucked hard, sending the executive over the edge. The brunette screamed and bucked her hips up hard. She held them there as Wilder's fingers and mouth worked to give her every last bit of pleasure possible.

Panting, Darcy collapsed back onto the desk. She felt Wilder rest her cheek across her still pulsing center and slowly pull her fingers from the executive's depths. In a moment the barmaid slipped down to the carpet where her breathing mirrored that of her friend.

A small smile played around Darcy's mouth. "God, Wild, that was incredible! Give me a minute then I'll come down there and return the favor."

"No need, Darce. You lead a great meeting," came the reply from the floor.

The executive leaned up on her elbow and glanced down at Wilder who was grinning up at her. "You mean you already…?"

"Oh, yeah! What can I say? It's your ability to lead that makes you a great executive."

Darcy laughed lightly as she lay back on the desk again. "So, can we consider this meeting adjourned?"

"I'll second that. Besides, don't you need to pack?"

Darcy sat up on the desk. The cool air of the office felt delicious on her skin that was still warm from exertion. "Pack?"

Wilder positively glowed. "I never thought I'd make love to someone until they lost their memory! The barbeque, dopey, remember? End of Summer Barbeque, chicken and potato salad, telling our parents we're lovers…"

With a groan Darcy moved from the desk and began gathering her clothing from the various areas of the office where they had ended up. "Hmm, telling our parents. That ought to be fun," she said in a disbelieving tone.

Reaching out her hand, Wilder allowed herself to be assist up from the floor. When she was standing she moved to give her friend a reassuring hug. "Of course it'll be fun, Darce. Why wouldn't they be thrilled? 'The girl next door' is every parent's dream and look at us…we both got her!"

End of Part One, To be continued.

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