Unlimited Sexual Favors

by Cephalgia

and MJ


Authors’ notes: See Part One

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Part Two… The challenge

Wilder McNeil poured out several shots of tequila as she looked around the bar. For a Saturday afternoon ‘Leather and Chains’ was brimming with customers. She once again cursed her good nature that made her agree to help out during the afternoon shift as two girls were away on vacation and another had the flu. All week Darcy had consumed Wilder’s thoughts, yet in a moment of weakness she had submitted to her boss’s request for assistance. On the up side though, she was only working until four o’clock and then she was leaving.

In an unusual turn of events Darcy had offered to pick her up after work. It had initially amused Wilder as Darcy had never even set foot inside ‘Leather and Chains’ — but now she was willing to do so? She wondered how Darcy had felt over the past week. They had spoken several times but had never mentioned this day more than an inquiry as to whether it was still on. The answer on both of their parts was always in the positive. Now as Wilder waited for Darcy to arrive and her shift to finish, she wondered what her friend would think of the place. It certainly wasn’t your average bar but then again it wasn’t evening either. That was when the real fun started. Wilder was grateful once again there was no ‘entertainment’ on during the day. That certainly would have been an eye opener for the executive.

Just at that moment the woman of her thoughts entered the bar. Curious brown eyes scanned the area until they landed upon welcoming blue. Wilder waved to her friend and motioned Darcy toward the only empty stool in the bar so she could take a seat. The chair was in the furthest corner of the room and was always the last to be taken. Most patrons preferred to be in the thick of the action at ‘Leather and Chains’.

Slightly wide eyed, Darcy made her way toward the stool in the corner of the large bar. It stood by a long table, which seemed to be attached to the wall. Above the table was a long mirror, which also spanned the length of the wall. Looking into its reflection Darcy could see the stage on the other side of the room and the bar. She could also see Wilder as she attempted to finish her shift.

Darcy had always wondered what it was like inside a ‘real gay bar’ as she had called it. Somehow she felt she never had the courage to enter. She looked around the mix of women and a few men. She had expected to see mostly butch women and was surprised to see at least a quarter of them were very feminine. Some of them Darcy had to admit were incredibly attractive and she wondered how many of them Wilder had slept with. Darcy looked back at her friend and felt an unusual possessive streak pass through her as she watched the way a number of women looked at and interacted with Wilder.

Rising from her stool, Darcy wandered over to the large bar. She felt an overwhelming desire to show the other women whom were all leering over Wilder that this evening the blonde barmaid would be going home with her. It was a strange feeling but Darcy no longer questioned her thoughts. Since their telephone conversation six days previously her feelings had drifted from shock as she thought of what she had agreed to, to confusion as she wondered whether or not she could go through with it. Then she felt fear at the notion that it would harm her friendship with Wilder or that she may disappoint her sexually. After that her thoughts returned to shock when she finally admitted to herself that this was something she really did want. By the time the Saturday morning sun rose soundlessly into the sky Darcy was content just to see where the day would lead. She knew there would be no pressure from Wilder. At the very least, she thought, I could get a weekend at The Ranch.

Spying an opening as two women took their drinks from the bar, Darcy stepped up and rested her elbows upon the shiny dark wood. Wilder was just finishing with her last customer so she waited patiently.

"Can I buy you a drink?" asked a voice from her left.

Darcy turned to see a tall woman with long red hair smiling seductively as she looked her up and down. A tongue slowly peeked through bright red lips and licked them languidly. Darcy’s eyes dropped to take in a leather bodice that amplified an overflowing cleavage.

"Thank you but no. I’m waiting for a friend."

The redhead shrugged and looked briefly around the room. "I could be your friend." She leaned closer and whispered, "I can be anything you want."

Darcy’s lips fell open as she found herself at a loss for words.

"Back off, Magenta. She’s with me."

Darcy turned in relief to find Wilder pulling off her short apron with a smile.

"Damn it, girl. Is there anybody that you haven’t been with?"

Wilder’s smile widened. She loved teasing this woman. "You want a list? Give me a matchbook and I’m sure I could help you out!"

Magenta tisked and shook her head. "I don’t need no help from you to pick up my women, Wilder."

Folding her apron Wilder placed it under the bar. "Uh huh." Looking back at Darcy she smiled genuinely and motioned for the brunette to follow her to the employees room in the back of the club.

The noise of the main bar lessened greatly as both women stepped into the small square room. Wilder opened a locker and pulled out her denim jacket. "Are you okay?"

Darcy nodded. "Yeah, she was harmless."

"No, I mean in general." Wilder’s smiled turned serious. "Are you feeling okay… about today?"

"A little nervous maybe but yeah… I feel okay."

"Me too," Wilder admitted. Slipping on her jacket she took several steps toward the brunette who stood against the wall. "Maybe we should set the tone. Give you one last chance to make sure want to go through with this?"

Wilder’s body was so close to Darcy that their breasts were almost touching. Although they had been this close before, never had Darcy seen such a dark expression of desire shadow Wilder’s features. Her heart rate increased its rhythm. "What did you have in mind?"

"Just a kiss. Nothing more." Wilder’s features held an expression of questioning.

Darcy nodded silently. Her hands fell to her sides as Wilder drew ever closer. Darcy closed her eyes instinctively.

Stopping just as their lips would have met Wilder whispered, "Just a kiss." And then the most exquisite feeling of velvet softness met velvet softness. Wilder sighed as she cupped Darcy’s face with both hands, keeping their kiss nothing more than a simple meeting of lips.

The feeling was wonderful. Darcy was aware of her body’s desire to respond, wanting to feel more. Her hands moved from her sides to lightly grasp Wilder’s hips, their lips moving gently against one another.

Confident in Darcy’s comfort, Wilder parted her lips, feeling Darcy mirror her actions. Their tongues met, moving against each other, flesh caressing flesh in moist heat. It wasn’t hurried. It wasn’t rough. It was almost as though Wilder was making love to her mouth. Darcy felt a little disappointed when Wilder broke the contact.

"Are you ready to go?"

There was more to the question than a simple request to leave. Darcy did nothing more than nod her response but that was all it took for Wilder to lead the way out of the bar.

Placing her fingers upon lips still haunted by Wilder’s touch, Darcy shook her head. Get a grip, Darce. It was just a kiss for god’s sake.


Safely ensconced in the buttery soft leather seats of Darcy’s Mercedes, Wilder felt her heart rate returning to normal. Though she had managed to appear unaffected by the kiss with Darcy, she secretly marveled at her ability to walk with knees made weak from the contact. She would never again utter the words "Just a kiss" with the same conviction again.

The barmaid admired the smooth way Darcy handled the powerful car, shifting and moving in traffic with skill and guiding the car as it climbed San Francisco’s hills with ease. The executive glanced over periodically at her friend but said nothing while maintaining a calm façade. Wilder felt an urge to break through that façade, knowing that keeping Darcy off balance was her best bet to get the woman to loosen up.

"So, how did you enjoy the appetizer?" she asked. Darcy looked over with a small expression of confusion before a wave of understanding crossed her features.

"Oh, you mean the kiss. Not bad, not bad. Then again, I imagine you’ll get better with age and experience." The brunette smirked as consternation appeared on Wilder’s face. Scratch one up for me.

The barmaid didn’t give up though. "Well, I could have done better but usually I have a partner who’s a little more into it. It’s much better when both people try, you know."

Darcy bit her tongue to keep from shouting out that she had been into it. Sudden realization that Wilder was trying to get her hot and bothered made the executive determined to play the game too.

"I’m surprised with such a half-hearted kiss like that," Darcy began, "that you want to continue this challenge at all. Grandma always said anything worth doing was worth doing well."

"You’ll see what I do well soon enough," shot back her friend. "Just remember that little line of yours when you’re screaming out my name."

"You will be able to tell the difference between me opening my mouth to scream and opening it to yawn, won’t you?"

Wilder smiled, licked the tip of her finger and drew a number one in the air. "Touché," she acknowledged.

They both paid attention to the traffic for a few minutes. They hit a red light and waited at the intersection as a cable car passed in front of them. The clanging of the cable car’s bell seemed to spark an idea in the barmaid.

"So, what color underwear do you have on?"

Darcy nearly choked on the question and actually had to cough to clear her windpipe. "What brought that up?"

Wilder shrugged. "I don’t know, just curious I guess."

"I bet," scoffed the executive. "Well, because I felt this was a formal challenge I needed formal wear, so black of course. What color are yours?"

Wilder appeared thoughtful. "Hmm, hard to say. What color is commando?"

"Commando? You mean…you’re not…" Darcy’s grip on the steering wheel tightened perceptibly.

"Nope, au natural for me."

The executive was incredulous. "But you were at work! You wore none at work? Jesus, Wild, that skirt isn’t much more than a wide belt! I don’t believe it."

"No?" tested Wilder. "Want to see?" She hiked the short black skirt another inch up her firm thighs.

"No!" Darcy nearly shouted. "Okay, I believe you! I don’t need to see." A car horn honking behind them made them realize the cable car was gone and the light had turned green. The friends sat quietly for the next few blocks until Darcy pulled up in front of Wilder’s apartment.

"We’re here," the blonde said as she reached for the door handle.

"Wild," Darcy said as she reached out a hand and placed it on the other’s arm, "Did you really not wear any panties to work today?"

Wilder winked in the direction of her friend. "I’m going to retire one day on the tips I get," she announced proudly as she left the car jingling the keys to her apartment.

Seeing Darcy not immediately following her, she stopped. "You coming?"

Brown eyes turned up to blue. "Not now but fairly soon I’m sure."

Wilder broke out into laughter and was soon joined by her friend.

Score one for me the barmaid thought.



They rode the elevator to Wilder’s apartment in silence. Still smiling at Darcy’s last comment, Wilder observed the executive’s form from the corner of her eye. Darcy was wearing a pair of light blue, figure hugging jeans and a black button down shirt. The top two buttons were unfastened, barely revealing a hint of cleavage. Wilder remembered the feeling of those very breasts pressed up against her own and a pleasurable throb of desire called out for more. A part of Wilder still found it hard to fathom that this was actually going to happen. Again the barmaid could feel a slight flutter of trepidation war within.

Stopping on the sixth floor, a set of steel elevator door slid open with a loud cranking. Darcy looked to Wilder and their eyes connected for the first time since leaving the car. Wilder delivered a reassuring smile and stepped off the car, Darcy following closely.

Opening the door to apartment 6-I, Wilder and Darcy walked into the long hallway. Immediately Wilder kicked off her shoes and slipped off her jacket, depositing it upon a freestanding metallic coat hook.

"Do you want a drink or something?"

"A coke?" Darcy asked as she slipped off her own shoes.

With a silent nod, Wilder disappeared into a doorway to her left. She headed straight for her refrigerator, opening the door and pulling out two cans before returning to Darcy. Wilder found her standing before the window of her living room, gazing down upon the San Francisco streets.

"I heard they were turning the old book store into a coffee house." Darcy chuckled. "I thought of you when I was told that. Taking away one of your passions and replacing it with another."

Placing down the two chilled cans, Wilder stepped up behind Darcy and looked over her shoulder. "I heard they were turning it into a sex shop!"

A small smile tugged Darcy’s lips and she shrugged. "Well, whatever. I still doubt there would be any complaint from you!"

The grin slipped from Darcy’s lips as she felt Wilder step a fraction closer. Almost without realizing it her eyes drifted closed. She waited for her friend’s next move in expectation.

Wilder was captured by the scent of Darcy’s perfume. The subtle aroma bathed her senses, reaching deep down inside to deeply stir her passions. Wilder’s own eyes closed as her hands gently clasped Darcy’s upper arms. "You okay?" The question was asked in a light whisper.

Darcy nodded. She could feel her whole body spark with anticipation of Wilder’s next move.

Wilder knew she could wait no longer. For as long as she had wanted Darcy, the knowledge that this was about to happen caused a surge of excitement to race through her.

"Four orgasms, right?" she asked in a slightly deeper voice.

"That was the challenge." Darcy breathed.

Taking a slow and deep breath, Wilder’s hand crept under Darcy’s arm. She reached for the buttons on Darcy’s shirt and released another two, further revealing the brunette’s chest. Using her other hand Wilder slowly pulled at Darcy’s black shirt, baring tanned shoulders and the straps of her bra. Slowly, she lowered her lips to Darcy’s soft skin. They grazed over her smooth delicate flesh.

"You always smell so good," Wilder breathed. Her warm breath tickled Darcy’s skin and a shiver worked its way down her spine.

With a hand placed lightly upon Darcy’s stomach, Wilder turned the brunette around. Their eyes locked immediately and an unspoken acceptance of what was to transpire passed between them. Once again their lips connected in a soft, unyielding kiss. Darcy’s hands wound their way around Wilder as the blonde’s hand traveled up the side of Darcy’s torso. Her thumb grazed along Darcy’s breast and a quiet groan rumbled through the executive’s chest.

The sound from her friend spurred Wilder to deepen the kiss. Her tongue traced the brunette’s lips in both a request and a demand and she was rewarded when Darcy opened her lips in welcome. As the kiss became more passionate, Darcy’s hands gripped Wilder’s shirt and she moved her body closer.

The barmaid felt Darcy’s movement and suppressed a moan of pleasure as the warmth of her friend’s body was added to her own. The play of velvet tongues against one another caused a shiver of excitement and anticipation to course through Darcy’s body. Breaking off the kiss and trailing several smaller ones across Darcy’s cheek to her ear, Wilder murmured, "You okay?"

Darcy took a steadying breath and nodded in reply. She didn’t trust her own voice at that point. Wilder smiled from her place at Darcy’s ear and moved to nibble the inviting lobe. The brunette’s flesh tasted incredibly sweet and the smell of her somewhat spicy perfume made for a heady combination. As the barmaid moved her mouth down the side of her friend’s neck, she felt the beating of a rapid pulse under her roaming lips. Another shiver of excitement ran its course but this time it was from Wilder.

"Easy," she mumbled into the crook of Darcy’s neck but it was more of an admonishment to herself than to her friend. Sensing the need to slow things down a bit and regain her control, she moved away from Darcy reluctantly. Seeing the need and acceptance in Darcy’s eyes made it difficult for Wilder not to immediately press herself back against that enticing body again. She resisted the urge though; she knew they had all night.

Darcy’s eyes never left the blue ones in front of her as she felt herself being led gently from the living room and into Wilder’s bedroom. The blonde gently deposited her friend on the edge of the bed and she moved back to complete the arrangements she had made before leaving for her afternoon shift at work. Numerous candles were lit, as was a cone of incense in a small brass bowl. A fragrant aroma that Darcy couldn’t quite place seeped into the room.

"It’s called ‘Romance’," Wilder supplied. "I found it in a little shop in Chinatown." She closed the curtains, shutting out the early evening light and making the candles the only light in the room. Turning back to the bed, she was struck by how stunning Darcy looked in the muted golden glow.

"You are incredibly beautiful, Darce," she whispered. The brunette blushed and dropped her gaze from where it had been following Wilder around the room. She had heard flattery before but the tone of the barmaid’s voice made her know the words were sincerely spoken; somehow that made them more potent than any she had heard before.

Wilder saw the discomfort on her friend’s face and moved quickly to her side. Brushing back a lock of auburn highlighted brown hair from Darcy’s face, Wilder cupped her friend’s chin and turned her until their gazes met again.

"I mean it, Darcy. I would never say anything to you that wasn’t true. I could never lie to you about anything and I always want there to be openness and honesty between us. I just want you to know I would never say anything just to seduce you."

Darcy looked into the eyes of her friend. There had always been so much dishonesty in any relationship, sexual or otherwise, that she had almost automatically taken to not believing much of anything she heard. There had been unspoken agendas and hidden purposes. There had been sweet words of love used to cover purely sexual motives but there had never been the sincere and straightforward emotion she now saw in Wilder’s eyes.

"I believe you," Darcy said, her voice barely above a vocalized breath. Without taking her gaze from Wilder, she reached to her own shirt and opened each button until it hung open revealing her breasts and black lace bra to the blonde’s hungry eyes. Darcy studied Wilder’s response nervously as her hands fell back upon her lap. She watched in fascination as gray blue eyes lowered to her chest and the tip of a pink tongue moistened dry lips.

Feeling her heart increase in beat, Wilder slipped off the edge of the bed and knelt in front of Darcy. Though they were both relatively similar in height, in her current position Wilder found her line of sight directed toward Darcy’s lace covered breasts. She stared at them in mounting desire as countless fantasies ran through her mind. Never had she imagined feeling close to what she was experiencing right now. The sheer knowledge that she was about to make love for the first time in her life did nothing but increase her resolve to give Darcy everything she had ever desired.

Looking back up to dark brown eyes, Wilder smiled as her hands rose to Darcy’s shoulders and gentle fingers pushed away the shirt. Darcy moved her arms, freeing them from the garment’s restriction and Wilder dropped the black shirt to the floor. Still standing upon her knees Wilder moved forward until she was flush against the bed. She wrapped her arms around Darcy and pulled the brunette close until their bodies were connected and she was looking up into curious eyes.

"You have an amazing body, Darce." Wilder ran her short nails down Darcy’s spine, enjoying the sharp intake of breath and shiver that trickled through the executive’s body.

"Do you know what I’m going to do?"

Darcy opened her eyes, well aware of the rapid rise and fall of her chest. Never had she felt such an intense need for stimulation. The feeling was almost overwhelming. "What?" she breathed.

Wilder’s right hand rose to toy with the back fastenings of Darcy’s bra. "I’m going to…" she paused, realized she was about to say she wanted to make love to Darcy. Wilder edited her words. "Worship every inch of you. My hands will touch and caress you. My mouth will suck and mold you and my tongue will taste and reach deep inside you."

Unable to resist, Darcy leaned forward to capture Wilder’s lips. She held the blonde’s face in both hands trying to convey her need and desire for Wilder to fulfill her claims. She felt Wilder unsnap her bra. The black lacy garment slipped down her arms as soft hands moved around her body. A surprised groan forced its way through Darcy’s lips and she pulled her mouth away as Wilder’s hands covered her breasts. She looked down with hooded eyes and watched skilled hands manipulate her stimulated flesh. Feeling stiffening nipples press into her palm Wilder felt an irresistible pull to take the pebbled tips into her mouth. Not holding back her craving Wilder acted upon her desire, groaning wantonly as she cupped Darcy’s left breast and sucked the ridged nipple past her lips. Darcy whimpered immediately, grasping Wilder’s head. Her eyes closed tightly and her free hands pulled Wilder’s body in harder. Every draw from Wilder’s lips and swipe of her tongue sent a responding throb straight to her clitoris.

Opening her eyes Darcy looked down to Wilder, her eyes heavy. The sight of the blonde nursing at her breast felt so right. She watched as Wilder switched breasts and her other nipple was treated to the same inspiring treatment. Darcy fought to keep her eyes open. She loved watching Wilder suckle upon her breast. The pleasure was increasingly addictive and wonderfully arousing. Darcy could feel her desire begin to seep from her core. Her center clenched in need.

"Wilder?" Darcy whispered, her breathing increasingly labored.

Wilder reluctantly pulled herself away from Darcy’s breast. It was a difficult task. She had desired this very act for as long as she could remember. When Wilder had come to recognize her sexuality, Darcy had been the first and long running star of many a fantasy. Her breasts had been Wilder’s first point of desire on the executive’s body.

Looking up into heavy eyes, Wilder held back her gasp. Seeing such an open gaze of passion in Darcy’s eyes and knowing it was directed toward her was already one of her fantasies fulfilled.


Darcy took a deep breath. "That feels so good, Wild."

The barmaid smiled. "I hope so."

The perceptive gleam in Wilder’s eyes forced Darcy to take another shuddering breath. "Wilder, I want more."

"Really!" Wilder’s heart raced with excitement. "What do you want to feel? My hands caressing every inch of flesh of your back?" Wilder smoothed her hands around to the taught flesh of Darcy’s back. Once again she ran her short nails down Darcy’s spine before manipulating slender muscles with her fingertips. "Do you want me to finish undressing your beautiful body?" Wilder’s fingers slid around to the front of Darcy’s jeans and she tugged swiftly. The row of metal buttons pulled apart with ease, revealing her panties. Wilder smiled up at Darcy. "Black… just like you said!"

Darcy smiled as Wilder pulled her to her feet. Once again they faced each other. The soft flickering of the candles caused their shadows to dance around the room. Darcy felt she should feel exposed standing in nothing but her open jeans while Wilder was still fully dressed but the expression of want in Wilder’s eyes instilled confidence. Wilder had already aroused her body to the point where she could feel the warm slickness of her desire and was very ready for more.

Wilder brought their bodies together. She initiated a deep kiss that Darcy was only too willing to accept. Their tongues slid moistly around one another as Wilder’s hands lightly grasped the waist of Darcy’s jeans and pushed them, along with her underwear over her hips. The weight of the denim allowed the final items of clothing to complete their journey down Darcy’s legs to the ground and the brunette stepped out of them.

Still locked in the intense kiss, Wilder’s hands smoothed a path down Darcy and cupped her buttocks. She massaged firm cheeks and groaned. The scent of Darcy’s arousal seeped into the air, more potent than she had ever imagined. Lightening their kiss Wilder sucked gently upon Darcy’s bottom lip before pulling away completely.

"Ready for number one?" she asked, her hands resting lightly upon Darcy’s hips.

Darcy swallowed yet retained her air of doubt. "I’m ready for you to try anyway."

Wilder licked her lips as a wicked thought passed through her mind. "Really?" Allowing her right hand to venture further she slid her middle finger over Darcy’s swollen lips. Brown eyes widened in surprise before lowering as the retreating finger brushed against her clit. Darcy’s jaw clenched and she breathed deeply as Wilder brought one glistening finger up to their line of sight.

"I’m quietly confident." Wilder slipped the finger into her mouth. Although she had wanted to keep her composure the long desired taste of Darcy had an unexpected effect and Wilder felt her body tremble. Her eyes closed as her free hand grasped a firmer hold on Darcy. Her tongue wrapped around the heady moisture that coated her finger.

Darcy held her breath as Wilder re-opened her eyes. "Move up onto the bed," the blonde said.

Darcy was helpless to refuse. Sitting down she moved backward towards the middle of the bed. Her fingers clutched silky pale blue sheets. Anticipation of what Wilder intended fluttered within her chest.

Winding her right hand up her body, Wilder took the top button of her white work shirt. She looked deep into Darcy’s eyes. "I’ve imagined what it would be like to be with you." She released the top button and moved to the next. "What it would feel like to touch you… to smell you… just your unique aroma." Wilder released the remaining buttons. "I imagined the expressions on your face. Your eyes heavy with desire." Wilder opened her blouse, closely watching Darcy. As she bared her breasts, covered in a sheer white bra, brown eyes fell to her chest.

Dropping her blouse Wilder released the back catch of her bra. "I wondered how your naked flesh would feel pressed against my own." Wilder dropped her bra, still conscious of Darcy’s expression and the direction of her gaze. "But most of all…" She reached around and released the zipper holding her skirt in place. The black material fell soundlessly to the floor. "I’ve imagined myself…" Aware of the slick passion upon her thigh Wilder ran her fingers through the moisture. She held up her hand and her fingers shimmered in the candlelight. Sampling her own desire Wilder said, "I’ve imagined myself… running my tongue over every inch of your body," and she dropped to her knees.

Darcy gasped as she felt the sole of her left foot worshiped with a moist, warm tongue. Leaning backwards onto her elbows she watched as Wilder kissed and licked each foot in turn before moving to her legs. Her breathing was rapid. Tingles of desire sparked through her body. Questing fingers and a relentless mouth touched and tasted her flesh accompanied by Wilder’s appreciative groans. Darcy squeezed her eyes closed and fell the remaining distance to the bed. She felt Wilder move closer and closer to the source of her passion and groaned deeply. Clutching the back of Wilder’s head, she tried to move her closer to her swollen need.

"Oh god, Wild, please," she begged.

The desire to give into Darcy was almost too much to resist. Being so close, smelling her arousal and knowing how she tasted made Wilder’s body pulse for more. Leaning in briefly she memorized the feel of her tongue gliding through Darcy’s slick folds before pulling away. Regretfully and accompanied by a moan of protest from Darcy, she traveled the rest of her journey up the executive’s body.

"If I am serious about this challenge… which I am, do you really think I’m going to take the easy way out so soon?"

"God, Wild." Darcy ran her hands through blonde tresses. "I’ve never felt such a need to come before. Please taste me."

"We have all night," Wilder insisted, though she herself desperately desired to touch Darcy further. She laid her body flush against Darcy and entwined their legs together. Instantly the brunette pulled their lips together, tongues meshing passionately. Wilder could feel Darcy begin to move against her yet she still refused to lower her mouth to Darcy’s need. She had a point to make and there was so much she wanted to do to her. She knew the satisfaction would not be fully appreciated if she gave in so easily.

Still deeply involved in their kiss, Wilder rose to her knees and moved her right hand slowly down Darcy’s body. "You feel so good, Darce." Searching fingers sunk into overwhelming moisture. Wilder released a ragged breath and moved her fingers up and down heavily swollen lips. "I will taste you."

"Yes," Darcy moaned.

"I will run my tongue over your clit…" Wilder swirled her fingers around the throbbing nub graduating her movements and position until she found the right amount of stimulus that made Darcy hiss and cry out. Her hips moved against the stimulation. "Before thrusting it deep inside of you." At her words Wilder drove two fingers inside of
Darcy. Her own groans blended with Darcy’s as desire for release — desire for her friend ached through her body. She looked down at her fingers as she drove them in and out of Darcy, seeing her own wetness leak onto her hand. Wilder desperately need release herself but Darcy’s own satisfaction came first. She tried to ignore her own body’s wants for that of Darcy’s.

Wilder looked into Darcy’s passion-filled expression. Her eyebrows were drawn together in an almost pain filled concentration; white teeth gripped her bottom lip.

"Do you want more?"

"Yes!" Darcy answered immediately.

Wilder added a third finger, all the time watching Darcy’s response for what heightened her pleasure. "More?"

"Oh yes, Wild, more."

Wilder moved her thumb over Darcy’s clit and massaged in time with her thrusts.

They moved together, Wilder pushing Darcy further as her own arousal throbbed out its need. Increasing her movements, the barmaid’s head dropped to Darcy’s breast, taking the nipple into her mouth. She felt the brunette’s hand clasp her head.

As Wilder sucked upon the swollen nipple she felt Darcy clench around her fingers. She moved faster and pulled her lips from the full breast.

"I want to feel you come on my fingers," Wilder said quickly and took the other nipple into her mouth.

"Oh god," Darcy moaned.

"You’re so close," she mumbled.


Wilder’s clit ached for contact. "Come for me, Darce."

Darcy felt it deep within her body, a mounting feeling of aching pleasure, which centered upon her clit and radiated outwards. "Gonna come."

Curling her fingers to reach further inside of Darcy, Wilder thrust faster. She felt it begin as inner walls contracted around her fingers. Darcy’s own fingers dug into Wilder as her body tumbled over into release.

"Oh, Wild… Wilder," she cried helplessly, her body thrusting uncontrollably upon the blonde’s fingers.

Feeling Darcy’s release, seeing her in the throes of passion and hearing her name fall from her lips Wilder was unable to stop the fire that shot unexpectedly through her body. She cried out, her head falling to Darcy’s shoulder as her body quaked and shook with climax. "Oh… fuck!" Every pulse around her fingers, every thrust against her body and whimper of fulfillment fueled her own release as their bodies trembled together.

Eventually they calmed. Heavy breathing filled the room and Wilder moved to her side, her arm and leg still covering Darcy as she looked into bewildered eyes. She leaned in and kissed Darcy tenderly. In a light voice she murmured, "One down, three to go!" and chuckled softly before they kissed again.

The women rested quietly for a few moments recovering from the exquisite rush. Wilder lifted her head from the sweat dampened arm of the brunette and noted with satisfaction and pride the still dazed look on Darcy’s face. The rapid rise and fall of the executive’s chest gave evidence of the intensity of the orgasm that had shuddered through her.

"I see it was as good for you as it was for me," Wilder said as she moved a damp blonde lock from her forehead. She looked over at her friend and admired the profile she saw there.

Darcy turned her head and regarded the blonde curiously. "You had an orgasm? I didn’t even touch you!"

Wilder gave an amused laugh. "Darcy, you didn’t need to touch me. I was so excited to be giving you pleasure that watching you come brought me right along with you."

"You got that excited? Get out…you lie! There’s no way."

Wilder lifted her head and regarded her friend. "You’re serious, aren’t you? You really don’t think you can be sexually stimulated enough by giving pleasure and being close to someone you really…want to satisfy, to have an orgasm? Who have you slept with? Whoever they were, they sucked royally."

"Maybe it’s me, Wild." Darcy laid her head back on the pillow and stared up at the ceiling. "I was kidding last week when I said maybe I was frigid but what if that wasn’t so far off the mark? I mean, I never felt like that in my whole life."

The barmaid felt a tear rise unbidden and she blinked it away before her friend could notice it. "It’s not you, Darce. I wish you’d stop saying it might be." The executive made no reply but the desolate look on her face spoke volumes. The blonde thought a moment then made a decision.

"Look," Wilder began, "I was really looking forward to this night. I wanted you so much and when you responded to me the way you did I couldn’t help but get excited. Hell, to tell you the truth I was totally wet before we ever got started."

Turning her head to look Wilder again, Darcy asked, "Really?"

"God, yes. If you had someone respond to you the way you did to me, you’d know what I mean."

"Would you respond to me like that?" The question in Darcy’s eyes needed an answer and Wilder gave the only one she was capable of. Lifting up from her pillow, the barmaid moved to a kneeling position drawing Darcy up at the same time. When they were facing each other the blonde reached for her friend’s hands. Bringing their joined hands up, she placed them on her breasts. As she looked into Darcy’s eyes she said, "Touch me. Feel what you do to me."

The brunette swallowed hard but did as she was asked. Wilder was using her hands to lightly guide Darcy’s around her breasts in an arousing way. It was only moments later that the executive’s curiosity made the blonde’s guidance unnecessary. Wilder’s hands dropped away and her eyes closed as Darcy touched her. "Tell me what you feel," the barmaid whispered.

Darcy ran her fingers over the generous mounds, watching as the nipples puckered without her even touching them. "It’s so soft and warm under my hands. I can feel your heartbeat too. It’s beating fast," she said in amazement. Looking up she saw Wilder’s face strained with pleasure and she knew she had to see more. Her thumbs brushed over her friend’s nipples and she was stunned to see the barmaid’s mouth open and a soft sigh slip through her lips. Leaning in she held the breasts steady as she brought her mouth to the nipples.

"Yesss…" breathed Wilder, the word slipping out encased in a moan. A shudder worked its way down her spine and Darcy was stunned to feel an answering shudder within her. The brunette’s tongue worked over the nipples and the texture in her mouth felt heavenly. She moved from one to the other, enjoying herself and enjoying Wilder’s reactions.

"Darce, I’ve got to lay down. You’re making me weak." The executive looked into Wilder’s now open eyes and saw the heated gaze directed exactly to where she was ravishing the barmaid’s breasts. Feeling bold, Darcy removed her mouth from the blonde’s body and moved to ease her back to the bed.

Wilder lay there before her, legs slightly spread. Evidence of her arousal was clearly visible now and Darcy felt a rush of wetness in her own center. She could now see what her friend meant by becoming aroused giving someone else pleasure and she didn’t want the heady feeling to stop. Looking directly into the barmaid’s eyes, she knew what she wanted.

"I want to touch you, Wilder. I want to feel the wetness I can see and I want to give you the same pleasure you gave me. I want you to come for me." The executive could actually see the hitch in her friend’s breathing as her words struck home. A faint blush rose to her cheeks as she confessed, "I may need a little guidance from you on exactly how to do it."

"Any way you touch me will be incredible, Darce. It’s not how you touch me, it’s the fact that it’s you doing the touching." Darcy still looked unsure so the blonde reached up for her and brought her down to lay at her side.

"This is good place to start," the barmaid said as she brought the executive’s hand to her belly then helped it on its trek downward. At the first touch of Wilder’s slick heat, both women sucked in a quick breath in unison. Darcy knew the wetness she could feel on her own thighs rivaled the wetness her hand was moving in now.

Wilder guided her friend’s hand along her heated slit and set up a rhythm that the brunette followed even when Wilder removed her hand. Darcy stroked the wet length of the blonde, feeling the swollen lips petal open at her touch. Moisture coated the executive’s fingers as she moved them up and around her partner’s firming nub.

"Oh, God Darcy," Wilder groaned, "that feels so good. Don’t stop, whatever you do, don’t stop." The barmaid’s hips began an unconscious rhythm matching Darcy’s stroking.

Darcy watched the reaction her touch was causing and felt the movement of Wilder’s hips up and against her hand. She was completely captivated by the feel and scent of Wilder and she increased the speed of the movement of her fingers. The blonde responded with short groans of pleasure and a fresh flow of wetness.

The brunette continued circling Wilder’s clit and was surprised when the barmaid moaned, "Go inside, Darcy. I need to feel you deep inside me." Darcy’s desire skyrocketed at her friend’s request and she felt the hot throbbing of her own clit in response. She wanted Wilder’s hands on her again but felt too uncomfortable to voice the request aloud.

Slipping her fingers lower, Darcy entered the blonde with one tentative digit. Probing slowly but deeply she found the source of the wetness and began pumping in and out with a measured pace. Wilder moved her hips again in reaction, spearing herself onto the invading finger. "More, Darcy. Give me more."

The executive complied, working a second finger then a third inside and increased both the strength and intensity of her thrusts. She brought her thumb into play as she rubbed Wilder’s clit with every deep stroke. Wilder bucked against her hand hard and turned slightly glazed eyes to the brunette.

"I’m gonna come, Darce." Darcy was exhilarated by the words and realized the feeling was just as strong in her own wet core. Her hips had set up a replying rhythm and she was desperate for contact to her own throbbing clit. She whimpered in need, feeling the frustration rise to almost unbearable proportions.

Wilder heard the noise from her friend and even in the throes of her own pleasure she knew she needed to help her friend obtain the contact she craved. Pulling on Darcy’s shoulder she gasped out, "My leg, Darce. Straddle my leg." Moving one of her legs over the blonde’s, Darcy straddled the barmaid’s thigh. Slick heat enveloped Wilder’s thigh as she brought it up snugly into the executive’s crotch. At the first touch Darcy moaned and began to ride the thigh providing the intimate connection she needed.

Her moans joined those of her friend and they set up a rhythm punctuated with the moist sounds of flesh on flesh. Wilder lifted her head and looked down at the sight of Darcy’s fingers sliding slickly into her passion as she furiously rubbed herself against the blonde’s thigh. The sight was too much for Wilder and she slipped rapidly over the edge into her orgasm.

"Darce, I’m coming! I’m coming now!" She was unable to speak anymore as she thrust her hips up one last time to meet Darcy’s hand. Darcy could only hold her fingers deep within Wilder as the orgasm building in her own wetness reached its zenith. She stiffened on Wilder’s thigh and held her breath as the exquisite sensations shot through her body. The orgasms seemed to hold them suspended on a razor’s edge before releasing them. Wilder collapsed back onto the bed and Darcy followed her down, still astride the blonde’s leg. The panting of two very satisfied women were the only sounds heard in the room for a period of time until, with a groan, Darcy was able to move her leg back and drop to Wilder’s side again.

Feeling weak as a kitten, Wilder could only glance over to her friend. "You were great, Darce. Thank you, it was an amazing orgasm and by the way, that’s two."

Darcy could only smile at the tenaciousness of the barmaid. "I should argue about the legitimacy of counting a do it yourself orgasm but what the hell, you’re very welcome. Believe me, I really enjoyed doing it." They lay there for several minutes recovering from the exertion until Wilder lifted her head and looked over to the executive.

"I don’t know about you but if I’m going to work on the last half of this bet I need some food. What do you say we move this little party into to kitchen?"

"As long as you’re buying, I’m in," Darcy replied. "I can’t imagine why I’m so thirsty." Wilder laughed as she tossed her friend a tee shirt to wear while pulling her Stanford shirt out for herself.

"Let’s go replenish your fluids then."

End of Part Two

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