The British Invasion by Cephalgia



Disclaimer and Warning: This first attempt at a PWP was inspired by a phone call with a challenge from a dear friend. It’s not my usual thing but it was one I felt compelled to write. Graphic sexual situations ahead.

Dedication: To Mia. Until you came into my life I never had the tiniest clue as to what love is. Now you’re here and though I know the chance for a happily-ever-after ending is unlikely, I at least know what that little bit of love in my life feels like. I offer you whatever you need. Anytime, anyplace, anything.

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Holly stood outside Buckingham Palace amid the throng of tourists waiting for the changing of the guard. The petite brunette had arrived early in order to have a good view of the great British tradition. She was not disappointed when the crowd hushed and the ceremony began. The somber faced guards, resplendent in their crimson uniforms, marched in time to the age-old routine. Holly was thrilled, it had taken her five years to save up for this trip to England and she was enjoying every minute of it.

At the conclusion of the ceremony Holly made her way to the Underground and took the London subway to the stop near Trafalgar Square where her hotel was located. She had seen the Tower, the Crown Jewels and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and this night she had a ticket for "Phantom of the Opera". Yet again she wished her best friend Julie had been able to make the trip to England with her. Julie was set to go but at nearly the last moment her father had been admitted to the hospital with heart problems. Her airline ticket had been refunded in the emergency but her tickets to the various activities they had planned had not. Holly had given the extra tickets to the hotel’s concierge to try and re-sell for her.

Pausing before entering the Royal Heritage Hotel, Holly marveled at actually being in London. At age twenty-eight she was living her most cherished dream, to visit the land she had read about and fallen in love with. Looking out at the stately buildings, the double decker buses and crowd of tourists, the American felt a curious sense of belonging. It’s like I was meant to be here she thought.

Entering the beautifully appointed establishment, Holly stopped by the concierge’s desk on the way to her room. Spying Carlton the concierge she asked, "Did you manage to sell my extra ticket for ‘Phantom’ tonight?"

"I’m afraid not yet miss, but perhaps later this afternoon when more people return from sightseeing. I should tell you it is rather difficult to re-sell a single ticket though. Most people buy them in pairs."

A look of concern passed over Holly’s features. She had promised she would do what she could to recoup some of Julie’s money. Lab technologists weren’t the world’s best-paid professionals, as she well knew being one herself. Eight years working at Mason Laboratories hadn’t made Holly a rich woman by any means. "I appreciate all you’re trying to do for me, Carlton. I wish I could sell Julie’s ticket though."

"I’ll take it," a smoothly English accented voice said over Holly’s shoulder. Turning toward the voice, Holly was rewarded with the sight of a beautiful raven-haired woman not much older than her and not much taller than her own five foot five inches. She was wearing faded Levi’s with a black leather belt, a leather jacket and boots. Gloves and a motorcycle helmet were tucked under one arm. The American momentarily lost her power of speech in the presence of the gorgeous Englishwoman.

"Certainly Miss Forelli," said Carlton. "Miss Forelli, this is Miss Hastings, the young woman selling the ticket." Holly smiled and recovered her ability to speak.

"I appreciate this very much Miss Forelli. I’m very glad the ticket won’t be going to waste. If you’re going to the theater by yourself I’d be very happy to share a cab with you. It’s the least I could do." The concierge looked as if he was about to speak when the ebony haired woman cut him off.

"That would be very pleasant, Miss Hastings. Thank you very much and please call me Gina. It wont do to be cab-mates and not be on a first name basis."

The brunette laughed. "I believe you have a good idea there. My name is Holly. Shall we say seven thirty in the lobby?" At Gina’s nod Holly added, "I’m in room two nineteen if you change your mind or if you need anything."

"I’ll see you at half seven then Holly, and I look forward to it very much." Gina gave Holly a dazzling smile and strode off toward the front door of the hotel, the eyes of the American on her retreating form.

Wow! thought Holly as she turned toward the elevators. That is one hell of a woman!

At seven o’clock there was a knock on the door of room two nineteen in the Royal Heritage Hotel. Holly opened it to a bellman with a long white box. Taking the box, she attempted to hand the young man a tip, but he raised both hands in refusal.

"No thank you, miss. It’s been taken care of." Holly was curious and took the box back into her room. Opening the container she found a single perfect red rose with a card reading

"Every young woman should receive a rose before going to the theater. G. Forelli"

Holly was touched at the thoughtfulness of the older woman and went to the phone to call and thank her. It was then she realized she didn’t know if Gina was a guest of the hotel or not and decided to thank her at their meeting. Picking up the matching jacket to her blue silk dress she was on her way to the lobby in minutes.

Arriving in the tasteful and spacious lobby, Holly waited for her date. At least that’s what I hope she will think it is. The flower was a great start! Just then the object of her thoughts stepped off the elevator and all rational thoughts fled. Gina was dressed in soft brown pants with a matching short jacket and cream-colored shirt. The effect of the outfit was to bring out the golden highlights in Gina’s deep brown eyes. Holly felt her mouth go dry and other areas moisten at the sight.

Gina made her way to the brunette. "You’re absolutely lovely in that dress. That shade of blue matches your eyes exactly." The dark haired woman’s gaze was on the younger woman, not directed at her eyes but at someplace a little lower.

A blush suffused Holly’s cheeks at the compliment. "Thanks, you don’t clean up too badly either."

"Well, we’ll be the couple to watch then, won’t we? Shall we go?" Gina offered her arm to the American who glanced nervously around her a moment. Understanding dawned for Gina. "It’s alright, Holly, in this country it’s much more acceptable for women to walk arm in arm or hand in hand. You could even put your hand in my pocket if you felt like it."

Holly blushed again at the offer. "That’s okay, your arm will be fine for now." The last two words did not escape the notice of the English woman.

The two women left the hotel and on the cab ride to the theater, they learned more about each other. Gina explained how her grandmother had met and married an Italian after the Second World War. They had decided to remain in Britain where he was attending the university. The dark looks and Italian surname survived to the present day despite the otherwise very traditional English family life. Gina described herself as "a modest innkeeper" who had taken over the family business.

Holly found herself becoming very comfortable with Gina and as the ride progressed, her hand slipped down and found its way into the innkeeper’s. Their fingers remained entwined during the performance except for a periodic loosening of the grip when Gina would run her fingertips lightly over Holly’s palm and inner wrist.

After the finale, the pair found themselves in front of the theater both unwilling to let the pleasurable evening end so soon. It was Gina who broached the subject of continuing it.

"I know without your friend here you probably haven’t had the opportunity to experience much of the London nightlife. If you’d like, I would enjoy escorting you to a nightclub I know for a drink and maybe some dancing if you’re up for it?" There was an unspoken question in the air that Holly answered with a sexy smile.

"I’m definitely up for it." They walked a few blocks to an establishment calling itself "The Egyptian Cat". The Middle Eastern décor was at odds with the fast dance music and flashing lights on the dance floor. The pair found their way to a small table and ordered drinks. It was only then that Holly noticed all the patrons of the establishment were women. All about her there were women talking, dancing and a few couples openly participating in what could only be described as foreplay.

Gina saw the American’s line of sight and asked, "Is this alright?" Excited blue eyes met brown ones as the technologist nodded. "It’s very alright."

Feeling bold, Holly asked, "Do you want to dance?" Gina nodded and they made their way out onto the crowded dance floor. The steady beat of the music had them moving together in an increasingly sensual way. Eyes focused on each other’s bodies and heartbeats picked up not merely from the exertion of dancing. After two fast numbers the music slowed to a romantic ballad and the flashing lights were replaced by muted sparkles off a lowered glitter ball. Women around them paired up and moved to the slower beat.

Gina held her hands out to Holly and the brunette slipped both of hers inside. Pulling Holly forward, Gina raised their joined hands and placed them around her neck. Holly immediately buried her fingers in the nearly shoulder length ebony tresses. Gina’s hands moved over the American’s and continued down her arms. They caressed slowly and slowed even further as they made their way to the brunette’s breasts. Splaying her fingers to cover the generous mounds, Gina used her thumbs to graze over nipples that tightened immediately with the attention. Holly moaned softly and tipped her head back in pleasure, exposing the fine white column of her neck. Gina leaned forward to plant small kisses and nibbles along the flesh opened to her. The skin smelled of subtle perfume and excitement.

Gina felt a heaviness suffuse her lower body and dropped her hands from Holly’s breasts to her hips. She pulled the American’s groin into her own and let out a pleasured growl as they meshed in a steady rhythm. Gina lifted her head as Holly raised hers. Lightening hot gazes were exchanged as lips parted and mouths came together. Immediately the kiss deepened and tongues stroked wantonly in each other’s mouths. Further exploration ceased when the lights came back up and the rhythmic beat of the music increased again. From around them came muffled groans letting them know they had not been the only couple engaged in erotic activity on the dance floor.

Drawing back, Gina looked deeply into Holly’s eyes. "Hotel?" she asked, a slight pant to her voice. Over the hammering of her heart Holly heard herself reply, "Oh yeah, right now."

Quickly leaving the club, Gina hailed a cab. Climbing into the backseat she drew Holly in after her and up against her. "Royal Heritage Hotel, mate," Gina said. "It’ll be double when we get there if I don’t see your eyes in the rear view mirror." The cab driver pushed the rear view mirror straight up and pulled away from the curb. Satisfied, Gina turned to Holly and brought her lips back down to the American’s in a hot kiss filled with hunger. The British woman brought her right hand to Holly’s knee and squeezed gently before gliding her fingers up the thigh. Holly moaned into Gina’s mouth and opened her legs wider giving the raven-haired woman the access she desired. Fingertips inched up and soon met the damp cloth covering Holly’s mound.

Holly’s hips surged forward as she sought to increase the contact. She broke the kiss and brought her lips to Gina’s ear where she whispered "Touch me. Please." She circled the ear with her tongue before taking the lobe gently between her teeth.

Gina’s fingers moved the fabric aside and came into contact with folds slick with Holly’s passion. She traced a fingertip down and up the lips feeling them blossom open under her touch. At the apex, she circled the protruding nub feeling the fresh flow of wetness with her touch. Moving the questing finger back down she moved quickly to insert the digit deeply into the writhing woman. Holly put her hand over Gina’s, holding her in deep as she used her other hand to lift Gina’s head back up to kiss her hotly. Holly began thrusting her tongue in Gina’s mouth even as she used her hand to guide the older woman’s finger in the same rhythm. Too soon the cab neared the hotel.

"We’ll finish this in my room," Gina assured the panting American. Gina removed her finger from the steamy warmth and put it into her mouth, removing the fragrant juices with her swirling tongue. Holly watched the finger emerge from Gina’s mouth and swallowed thickly. Straightening their clothing, they left the cab with the Englishwoman tossing several notes at the driver.

They passed quickly through the lobby and into the elevator. There the ebony haired woman inserted a key and turned it to a position labeled as "express". Noting Holly’s confusion, Gina shrugged and said "Owner’s prerogative."

"You own this hotel?" Holly asked a little incredulously. "This is the ‘inn’ you talked about?"

"Um, yeah…is that a problem? Should I have told you before?"

"No, no that’s okay," the brunette said brightly. "I’m just going to expect to see some dynamite room service though."

"Not to worry, love. I plan to see you get serviced very well in my room." The elevator doors closed on their laughter and the car rose steadily to the top floor.

At the penthouse the doors opened to reveal the two women involved in another passionate kiss. They broke apart long enough to send the elevator back down and make their way into the luxurious apartment. Gina moved to the telephone where she tapped three numbers on the keypad, then hesitated.

"Frederick? Miss Forelli here. I want some things sent up please. Champagne, a good bottle. You choose. Some cheese, bread and some fresh fruit. Strawberries? Are they fresh? Very well, a basket of those please. Place a few bottles of water in with the order as well. Yes, send it up in an hour." Gina’s ordering was interrupted as the American moved behind her and reached around to cup a full breast.

"Uhmm…Frederick? Make that two hours." The English woman replaced the receiver and turned quickly. She held Holly in a smoldering gaze. Running her thumb over the American’s lower lip she stepped forward bringing their bodies into closer contact. The atmosphere so prevalent in the nightclub and cab returned with a blinding swiftness. Leaning in, Gina replaced her thumb with her tongue. Holly’s tongue emerged to twine with her partner’s as both began to feel the burden of their clothing.

Moving to the bedroom with her guest, Gina hurriedly removed her clothes as well as Holly’s. The feel of naked skin was a stimulant, the scent of excitement an aphrodisiac. The English woman lowered Holly to the bed and began a sensuous exploration. She used her hands, mouth and tongue to map the brunette’s face, jaw and neck. She returned periodically to drink from full red lips. Moving lower, Gina almost reverently touched the technologist’s breast. Rolling the nipple between thumb and index finger she manipulated the bud into taut firmness. There was no hesitation as she lowered her mouth to encompass the nipple. Gina suckled forcefully then backed off to flick the tip with her tongue. Holly arched into the sensation being caused by Gina’s mouth.

"So good," she murmured as the innkeeper moved to the other breast. Finished giving the other nipple equal attention, Gina placed a soft kiss between Holly’s breasts and moved even lower on the American’s body. Dragging her tongue across the flat planes of Holly’s belly, Gina dipped her tongue briefly in the navel and tugged gently with her teeth on the ring she found pierced at that spot.

Stopping her ministrations briefly caused Holly to raise her head in question. Brown eyes locked onto blue ones as Gina spoke softly. "I need to touch you again; I need to be inside you. I can’t get enough of you." The Englishwoman’s fingers returned to the brunette’s wetness and began a rhythmic stroking. Holly spread her legs further and drew her knees up slightly in invitation. With a growl, Gina brought her index finger to the brunette’s opening and steadily inserted it. She was rewarded with new moisture and a moan of pleasure from her partner. Moving the finger back to the tip she slid it home again, this time with more force. Holly’s hips bucked and she humped forward onto Gina’s digit.

"More, please," begged the American. Gina added another finger causing Holly’s hips to set up a cadenced movement, pushing forward to meet the surging fingers. Holly’s senses, aflame since the nightclub, were overloaded now.

"So close, so close," she gasped. Gina recognized the signs of her lover’s pending orgasm. She curled her fingers and stroked the inner wall at the same time bringing her mouth to Holly’s clit.

"Cum for me, Holly. I want to see you cum." The words, followed closely by a tongue lashing across her throbbing clit, brought the American to a crashing release. All movement of the brunette’s hips ceased as she hung in the sweet ecstasy for what seemed like ages before dropping back to the bed pulling in deep lungfuls of air. Gina dropped her forehead to Holly’s thigh and gently removed her fingers as her partner’s spasms subsided.

"Oh, God," Holly moaned. "That was the most intense orgasm ever!"

Gina smiled. "Happy to be of service."

Holly felt strength returning and she reached for the raven-haired woman. She pulled Gina up to her and deposited a soft kiss on her lips, tasting herself on the other woman.

"That was incredible, Gina. You are incredible." Holly began a series of small kisses starting at Gina’s forehead and ending in a lengthy, heated kiss at her mouth. The American swept her tongue across Gina’s lips and then delved into her mouth as the British woman opened to grant access. Holly shifted during the kiss, bringing her body on top of Gina’s without breaking the contact of their lips. She brought her hands to Gina’s breasts and began kneading. The American felt a sudden tensing of the body beneath her.

"Holly, wait…" Gina pulled away from her embrace and moved away slightly.

The brunette was momentarily taken aback. "What’s the matter, Gina? Did I do something wrong?"

"No, no…you were doing something very right. It’s me…I…I need to be in control. I’m just not comfortable with being the passive one…the vulnerable one. If I don’t have the control I can’t reach…I can’t have…" Deep brown eyes pleaded for an understanding of something unspoken by the Englishwoman.

Holly studied the face before her and saw the earnest feelings there. She gave her lover a sexy smile and said, "I think we can work with your needs." The American began kissing Gina again, this time taking care not to encroach on her body. Moving to Gina’s side, she caressed her gently, using soothing touches to convey her wish to only give pleasure to the older woman.

Holly trailed gentle fingertips down Gina’s body briefly visiting sensitive areas and leaving a trail of shivers in her wake. The American could see Gina begin to relax a little and become more involved in the lovemaking. The technologist brought her hand up and placed in under the larger one of her partner.

"Show me how you need it to be," she whispered. Gina smiled as she realized the brunette would be content to allow her to control the pace and progress of the encounter. The Brit moved Holly’s hands to the neatly trimmed mound between her legs.

"Touch me here," she instructed and closed her eyes in satisfaction as Holly willingly complied. Gina brought her hands up to her own breasts as the American explored the warmth and wetness of the other woman. "Inside now," Gina moaned.

"Whatever you want, love," replied Holly as two fingers delved deep into the innkeeper. She stroked into the tight heat and Gina moaned again.

"What do you what, Gina? What is it you want me to do? Let me pleasure you as well as you did me."

Gina turned pleading brown eyes on Holly. "I want your mouth on me so very much, but I can’t let you…I can’t let you give me…" Gina’s words trailed off as she could find few words to explain what she needed. Holly waited a moment before sliding her fingers from the dark haired woman.

She reached for Gina and in a move that belied her petite build, pulled the dark haired woman on top causing her to straddle the woman below.

"Don’t let me give this to you, take it from me. Take it." Holly slid lower in the bed as she held Gina’s hips gently in place. Moving until her face was directly beneath the Englishwoman’s spread legs, Holly looked up and gazed directly at Gina. "Tell me what you want me to do. You’re in control of me, make me do this."

Gina’s eyes darkened in desire and she whispered, "Your mouth, your tongue. I want them in me and on me. I want you to make me cum."

"Anything, love, anything." Holly reached her tongue out and tasted Gina for the first time. Her scent was intoxicating and the taste was addictive. Again and again she swept the length of Gina’s cleft settling at last on her clit. Holly alternated flicking the sensitive nub with her tongue then running the flat muscle across the bud in a pressing fashion. Gina’s hips set up a rhythm to work with the pleasure she was receiving from below. She moved across Holly’s face, increasing the contact.

Gina brought her hands to her breasts kneading in time with the movement of her hips. "Oh, yeah," she breathed. Her skin was flush with pleasure and a fine sheen of sweat appeared on her body with the exertion. Holly only became more determined to give release to this complicated and wonderful woman. She redoubled her efforts between the woman’s legs and plunged her tongue deeply inside. Gina groaned loudly as Holly brought her hand up to circle the Englishwoman’s clit once more.

Holly paused long only enough to urge her partner to the edge. "Take it, take it now!"

Plunging back inside she felt the tremors on her tongue and fingers as Gina screamed and let a powerful orgasm wash over her. Holly lapped gently until the woman above her collapsed onto the bed beside her completely spent.

Holly rolled to her side and placed her head on Gina’s still heaving breast. The technologist spoke in soothing tones as the aftershocks slowly abated. Eventually, Gina took a long deep breath and sighed, "Thank you for understanding; most don’t."

Holly smiled as lethargy crept over her. "Well I’m not most and it was definitely my pleasure." She felt Gina’s arms tighten around her and she drifted off to a well-satisfied sleep.


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