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 All For A Moment's Memory Loss

By Cheeyah

Xena stood alone on the wooden platform facing the noisy crowd. The wall of humanity that surrounded her vision extended as far as she could see. She could hear her heart pounding with the same intensity and rhythm as the exotic drumming in the background.

Suddenly her knees began to tremble as she peered out at the sea of impatient faces all covered with grins, smirks and high expectations. Never had she felt more exposed, vulnerable or threatened by anything or anyone than right at this very moment.

Tiny droplets of perspiration began forming above her dark brows and upper lips.

Then she heard someone yell out,

"C,mon, Xena." "Hurry up." "We're waiting." Each scream coming from a different section of the turbulent crowd that was beginning to swell in front of her.

All at once the chanting began.

Xena tried to block it out by telling herself this was all for Gabrielle.

"Let them fire away," she said inwardly. "I can take...their jeers...their sneers...but not their apathy."

"No doubt Gabrielle is enjoying this whole scene immensely. I hope she is happy finally seeing me emotionally naked and about to turn into the world's biggest mushball."

"But a deal is a deal. And I always keep my promises. Especially to her---So here goes....

Just as she was about to satisfy the demands from the roaring crowd, her mind flashed back to just a few days ago when all of this began... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Gabrielle had just awoken with a zippity- doo-dah look on her face which was very unusual for Gabrielle. While stretching as if to reach the sky,

she looked down at the sprawling form lying next to her and noticed Xena was still soundly asleep.

So in a rather loud, sing songy voice she warbled, "Oh, isn't this a great day, Xena? I can't wait for it to start. I wonder what surprises you have planned for me today."

Gabrielle checked to see what effect this had on Xena, but observed she had merely spread her arm across her face in an attempt to shield the morning sunlight from her eyes.

"Oh, Xenaaaah!" she cooed softly bending close to her ear.

Hearing no response, she finger poked the Warrior who was usually well up before sunrise with all her chores completed.

"Xena, c'mon. Wake up," Gabrielle shouted louder than before. Still Xena did not respond.

"Oh, I get it. This is part of my birthday joke."

All of a sudden two piercing blue eyes snapped open followed by a mournful groan.

"Ooohhh... noooo... Gabrielle. Don't tell me today is your birthday. I forgot completely. I am so sorry."

Xena began shaking her head and rubbing her neck slowly.

"I think that last whack I took from Pompey before I sent him to Hades gave me a huge headache and a slight loss of memory."

"Are you serious, Xena? You are serious, Xena! But that happened a week ago. Why didn't you say something before?"

Xena noted the deep concern that came over Gabrielle's face. It never ceased to amaze her how easily she could read the little bard's feelings simply by watching the expression on her face. Xena tried to defend herself by saying, "I really thought it might go away with some rest."

Immediately Gabrielle began massaging Xena's neck and shoulders.

"Aahhh...that feels better already! Thanks, Gabrielle."

But all at once Gabrielle stopped. "And you let me go off to Athens on a shopping spree with Lila while you were feeling like this? How could you? I am so mad at you--- but even more mad at myself."

Tears suddenly started to overflow the corner of her eyes and trickle down her soft pink cheeks. Trying desparately to comfort her, Xena pulled her close and held her tenderly as her chin nuzzled the top of her hair.

"Don't be mad. You did nothing wrong here," she whispered soothingly.

"Besides, I figured if I was still in bad shape when you got back, we could go find Hippocrates and get some help."

Gabrielle gazed up at Xena. Her adoring eyes still wet with tears about to spill at any second.

"Oh, Xena, how cruel of me . All I kept thinking about was myself. It isn't all about me. I am sorry."

"No, my little nutbread. I'm the one who's sorry, Gabrielle."

Xena then glided her thumb slowly across her moist cheeks to remove the tears and cupped her chin upward . They looked directly into each other's eyes.

"I didn't want to worry you. Like I'm doing now. But to forget your special day--My only regret is... I can't put a smile on your face for your birthday."

"Oh, Xena...," Gabrielle sniffed and then broke out in a smile that to Xena seemed like the emerging sun from behind a darkened rain cloud. " You don't ever have to wait till it's my birthday to put a smile on my face," she chided.

"Well I'm feeling somewhat better this morning," beamed Xena. "Maybe I'll run down to Athens and get us some tickets for a hit Greek tragedy. Then afterwards a little dinner and take in some belly dancing at the Plaka."

"No, don't be silly, Xena.," interrupted Gabrielle. "I don't want you to go through all that trouble. I'd be happy with something simple... like a gift from nature."

Gabrielle looked about and spotted a field of wild daisies growing nearby. She went over and picked the largest one she could find. She returned to where the Warrior was now preparing the fire for some breakfast.

"See this lovely flower?" she said. "It could be your gift to me."

"Yeah...except you went and picked it yourself."

"Yes, but we could play a fun game with it. You know when we were little, Lila and all the girls in Poteidaia used to pick off the petals one by one and say...'He loves me...He loves me not' Did you ever play that game, Xena?"

"Never heard of it...never played it," answered Xena firmly. "But you know when we were kids, Lyceus and Toris and me use to play a great game called Papyrus- Rock - Sabers"

"OK. Then teach me your game," said Gabrielle. "Or better yet---we can play for something."

"Like what?' Xena replied.

"Oh, I'll think of something," mused

Gabrielle, her finger thumping her chin.

"How about...if I win you have to do anything I ask," taunted Gabrielle.

"But I already do everything you ask," grinned Xena reaching over and tracing her finger along the little blonde's thigh.

"No, I mean it," she smirked half of which was really a grin. "C,mon---teach me."

After a couple of preliminary practice tryouts, Gabrielle got the idea. "OK. Now for the real game. Let's go, Xena."

"One---two---three---shoot," they both shouted.

"HA! Papyrus covers rock. I win!! "yelled Gabrielle.

She immediately did a little Amazon warrior dance around Xena who kept objecting.

"No---no---no...let's try two outta three," demanded Xena.

"Nuh--uh. No way. This was fair and square. You're just trying to get out of it. Besides, now you can give me my birthday fantasy wish," gloated Gabrielle.

"And what exactly might that be, my Amazon Queen?" queried Xena.

"Let me tell you all about it....," chuckled Gabrielle her eyes twinkling. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The rumble of the chanting crowd quickly brought Xena back to her present situation.

The boisterous horde now began stamping their feet and whistling.

The mixture of sounds was mind boggling. As if it were one voice the chant crescendoed....


Xena took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She would rather be fighting Hydra, Medusa and all the legions of Lucifer combined than face what she was about to do.

And so in front of the entire Amazon Nation, Xena opened her mouth to sing. Out it came in perfect pitch....

*Well listen to my story About Gabrielle A cute little girl That's lookin' really swell Perfect hair Such a lovely lass Nice round breasts And a firm young~@$$

Then just at the last moment Gabrielle appeared behind her and put her hand over Xena's mouth right before the final word was unleashed.

The crowd laughed. Then applauded. And finally cheered. Gabrielle quickly led Xena by the hand and pulled her behind the large tapestry used as a background for the makeshift stage.

"You deserve this," she said reaching up to the tall Warrior on tip toes and kissing her tenderly yet firmly on the lips.

"Thanks, I needed that. Praise Hestia, that's over and done. 'Cause now I have something for you, my birthday bard."

Xena reached into her leather pouch and handed her a small wooden hand carved box with the intials G and X entwined.

"It's beautiful, Xena," whispered Gabrielle.

"Made it myself. Now open it." said Xena proudly.

Gabrielle opened the tiny box. Inside she found a heart shaped locket to add to the necklace she always wore and had been given by Xena on a previous occasion.

There were very few times Gabrielle had found herself speechless. This was one of those times.

As Gabrielle reached out her arms to embrace her, Xena lowered her head down and stared directly into her aqua eyes.

"You know, Gabrielle, you will always have my heart."

"Forever," sighed Gabrielle her voice weak with emotion as she snuggled closer in Xena's arms.

After a few minutes of cuddling and caressing, Gabrielle broke from Xena's grasp.

"OK...Warrior," she said. "Now I want my real present."

"And what might that be?" asked a bemused Xena.

"Let's go back to our hut and I'll show you," she said giving Xena a seductive wink.

"Oh, I get it. The gift that keeps on giving," Xena's smile widened.

Then running as fast as their legs could go, they reached their wooden Amazon hut and quickly closed the flap door.

The End


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