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  1. Disclaimer: Xena, Gabrielle, Athena, Argo ,  Hercules, Iolus  and the amazons do not belong to me.They belong to universal and Renaissance studios.
  2. Violence and subtext: Barely any violence and the subtext is main text. It has  women loving women engaging in sexual activities. So no reading this if you are not over 18 or it is banned where you live.
  3. Description: This my first attempt at Fanfiction. I always hated how the show was constantly bringing up old loves or people from Xena's past. I know Gabrielle was from a small town but I thought surely she could have secrets from her past as well. So I wrote one in. This story is set some time in season 5 after Xena and Gabrielle are brought back to life by Eli.This story assumes that Xena and Gabrielle have been in love for a long time but just haven't said anything.So what happens when an old love of Gabrielle's suddenly pops up during a mission and Gabrielle realizes she was in love? Will she end up with Xena or will she rekindle a love with the first warrior ever to enter her life. This is not a light read. The character from Gabrielle's past is given a back story.  These are parts 1-2. Let me know if you want to know what happens. Email :


A Xena Warrior Princess inspired Fan fiction story with focus on Gabrielle

Part 1

Long ago in the ancient times, the Goddess Athena walked among the north African tribes. She did this often, finding them fascinating. One day she was walking among a tribe that came to be known only as a myth after the wars of the Africas, years ago. A tribe known to most as the Omi (water) tribe.  The tribe was known to birth special children able to bend and manipulate water to their will and to have healing abilities facilitated through the bending of water. These children were called Engels(angels).  This is what drew her to them. One day, as she walked through tall grass, she suddenly saw a group of men milling about and her eyes fell upon the most entrancing young man, with skin the color of clay and eyes as green as emeralds.

Drawn to him she took on a human appearance to approach this captivating human. She was initially met with anger and warnings from the tribe. But eventually as she talked with them, learned their ways, She and the tribe became acquainted and eventually she began to protect them. All the while, she got to know the young man with skin the color of clay and eyes as green as emeralds. Amali was his name. Amali and Athena eventually fell in love. However, it was against tradition for Amali to join with anyone outside the tribe. However, Athena and Amali were so in love Athena convinced him to come away from the tribe and live with her. This immediately earned his exile from the tribe and Amali was warned to never return.


Athena continued to watch over the tribe from afar. She effectively hid her husband, and eventually their child, they named her Sanai, from the other Greek gods in a hidden location she created from scratch that simulated Amali’s homeland. Their lives were happy for a while.  Until that is, the Gods found out about their love and joining. So, they caused a war between Amalis tribe (Omi tribe) and the Gees(spirit) tribe. This was known as the war of the Africas.

Amali feeling a strong sense of pride for his people, insisted on returning to fight for his tribe. And so, he did. The war engulfed not only the two tribes but tribes of the surrounding areas. All of them taking sides.

They wiped each other out. The history of the Omi tribe falling lost in translation. Leaving only the stories of the Engels. Amali unfortunately was killed protecting his tribe.


Athena was devastated. She watched their child, her little Sanai as she played happily on the floor with her toys. She was only 3 but already showing signs of manipulating water. Which was special in and of itself. Adding to that, she was the child of Athena, which made her a demi Goddess.

“My Little one.”  Athena said out loud as she lifted her little goddess into her lap.

Causing the little hazel eyes to look up at Athena, with a full head of curly red brown hair to spill down her little dust colored body.



Staring into her eyes, Athena began to cry.

She knew what she had to do. The Gods Knew of Amali and caused his death. If they were to find out about Sanai, she would be killed for being allowed to live with her mother, and so would Athena for allowing it. Gods were not allowed to parent their children born of mortal flesh.

And so that night she held her tight for what would be the last for many years.

“My precious Little Goddess. Mother loves you, Your Papa adored you.  I will return to you on your 16th birthday and reveal to you who you are my love. I promise.” Athena said as she squeezed her tight.

After feeding, bathing, and putting Sanai to bed, Athena packed some things for her little girl. Clothes blankets and jewelry box with a letter asking her daughter to meet her at her own temple on her 16th birthday.


So, the next day Athena paid a visit to a little farm village and once again took on a human appearance. She knocked on the door of a couple who she had been watching now for months. Anaiya and Joval, had been barren and were unable to bear children. They were kind and sweet, and Athena had heard them praying for a child to care for.

She implored them to take the child and care for it as their own. She told them she was her mother but was unable to care for the child.

They Humbly accepted.

“I Just have one request.” Said Athena as she handed them a letter written for them.

“Yes.” the couple said in unison.

“Give this jewelry box to her on her 16th birthday, it has a letter that I have written to her. Tell her that she has birth mother and father. “Athena said with tears flowing from her eyes.


Anaiya looked to Joval and they agreed.

“We will.” Said the couple once again in unison.

With that Athena gave her little one, one last hug before Anaiya and Joval closed the door.


Standing at the door with a blank expression, Athena spoke a little under a whisper.

Grow my little one, learn your powers. When I return, I will regale you with mine and your father’s history.

Said Athena.

 With That she disappeared from Potedeia.



Anaiya and Joval were overcome with joy at having a little one.

Finally, they were a family.

After reading the letter and learning her name favorite things and about the special child that she was

Anaiya held out her hand to Sanai.

Are you hungry little one? She asked.

A moment passed.  And then a sort of curious grin spread across the little dust colored face and seemed to dance in her Hazel eyes.

And then Sanai spoke her first words.” Yes Mama, hungry.”

So, she wrapped the little girl in her arms and brought her to the table for dinner.

After which, she bathed and readied the child for bed.

And as she tucked her in, she smiled down at her.

“And so, it begins.” She mused.

She had read Athena’s letter about who Sanai truly was and that her existence must be kept a secret. She knew she would have to encourage Sanai to learn her powers and keep them a secret as well. The Letter explained that Athena made her memories of her parents fade and replaced them with memories of Anaiya and Joval as her parents.

This saddened Anaiya immensely. She knew how badly shed wanted to be a mother and it saddened her that Athena had to give it up. But she took solace in the fact that she would be protecting the little demi goddess. She’d finally get to be a mother, and for that she was ever grateful to Athena.


Anaiya watched her daughter sleep and a warm feeling filled her.


The next day, Anaiya awoke early to make everyone breakfast for their first day as a family.

“This smells amazing.” Said Joval as he kissed his wife deeply.

“It’s a special day.” She said nodding towards the waking curly haired toddler.


“Mama, hungry.” She said in a groggy voice.

“Is this what parenthood is going to be like?” said Joval with a chuckle.

“Well, you better get out there and start milking those cows then. “said Anaiya playfully.

“I am going to take Sanai to Herodtus and Hecuba’s house. Gabrielle should be about 2 now and it has been a few months since we stopped there for a visit. Maybe the little ones will take to one another. Said Anaiya with a hopeful look in her eyes.


A few hours later she was knocking on Hecuba’s door eager to introduce her to her new daughter.

And after an introduction and an explanation Hecuba went and retrieved Gabrielle from her room where she was playing with her toys.

Walking into the main room with her mom hand in hand the little blonde looked up and Green eyes met Hazel ones, for what would be the first of many times.

Gabrielle was enamored, staring into the hazel eyes for what seemed like ages as all three parents looked on in fascination.

Then as if broken from the trance, Gabrielle ran up to Sanai and wrapped her arms around the girl with red brown curly hair and hazel eyes.

Sanai’s face was overcome with pure irritation as she pushed Gabrielle off and ran and hid behind Anaiya clutching the bottom of her dress.

All three parents stared at each other a few moments before breaking out into a harmonious laughter.

“I think we just negotiated a partnership for life. “said Hecuba as she struggled to breathe.

And so, began Gabrielle’s FIRST immortal friendship.


Eventually Sanai and Gabrielle became as close as 2 people can get.

Years later the night of Sanai’s 10th birthday she asked Gabrielle to walk with her to the lake near her house. Gabrielle had slept over after Sanai’s party. Even then, though not fully understanding it Sanai realized that she would always love and protect Gabrielle for the rest of her life.

“But Sanai, this is the locket your mother gave you for your birthday. I can’t take it.” Said Gabrielle emphatically.

“Hey, look at me little one. That is why I want you to have it.” whispered Sanai as if it were a secret.

“This is precious to me, and so are you. It’s, It’s like my heart. And I know if you have it, it will be safe forever.” Said Sanai with a smile not fully understanding how much she meant that statement.

“Ok.” Said Gabrielle as she embraced her older companion.

But you must stop calling me little one. You’re only a year older than I am.” She said with a smile and a shove.

“No way, I love it too much!” she said as she pushed her and ran yelling over her shoulder.

“Race you home little one!”

And it would be many years before either of them understood how much Sanai truly meant those words with all her heart.


For the next five years, Sanai continued to grow discovering the full range of her powers as an Engel. Her mother had told her that she was a special child but that she need only use her powers in private and only as a last resort.  

Her bond with the green eyed blonde she held so dear grew as well.

They were a duo. You never saw one without the other. And on her 15th birthday Sanai, being the wise child that she was, realized that she cared for Gabrielle as more than just a friend. She was falling in love.


She hated keeping her powers a secret from Gabrielle. But her mother said it was necessary. But Gabrielle was smart. She Knew Sanai was hiding something from her.



A few days before her 16th birthday, she and Gabrielle were out by the lake near her house after chores. “Sanai?” said Gabrielle with a scrunched nose.

“Yes, beautiful?” said Sanai. She had taken to calling her beautiful when they were alone in the past couple years and Gabrielle didn’t seem to mind. She smiled feeling the butterflies growing in her tummy.

“Sanai are you listening?” said Gabrielle with a sigh.

“Um, sorry, what were you saying?” said Sanai.

“We are best friends, right?” said Gabrielle in frustration.

“Yes”. Said Sanai

“And you love me right, you trust me with your heart?” she said holding up the locket Sanai had given her.

“Of Course I do little one, you are the best friend I ever had.” Sanai said narrowing her eyes.

“Then why are you hiding stuff from me? And don’t say you aren’t. I notice stuff!!

I’m not a little kid you know!!” the short blonde ranted angrily.





“I’m sorry little one, I don’t mean to. I do not have a choice. Mother says it’s necessary.” Said Sanai suddenly feeling afraid for the first time.

“I knew it!!” Shouted Gabrielle.

“Well best friends tell; I don’t understand you. You always treat me like I am too little to know things. You say I mean the world you but all you do is boss me around and call it protection!!” She yelled not fully meaning it the way it sounded.

With tears in her eyes Sanai stood hugged her best friend with all her might.

“Mother gave me a letter yesterday. I am leaving tomorrow on a journey for my 16th birthday. Gabrielle you are my best friend. I love you and you do have my heart. I know you do not understand now. I don’t either. But I know we will when we are older. In a few years I promise. I will tell you everything.” Said Sanai.

“Just go Sanai. I can’t bear to look at you now.” Said Gabrielle turning away to face the lake.

“I love you little one.  When I get back, I promise to sort things out.” Said Sanai.

Green eyes turned to meet hazel ones and after a moment of looking into each other’s eyes, Sanai turned and headed home. A few minutes later Gabrielle returned home as well.

They did not know it then, but it would be the last time green and hazel eyes would meet for years to come.



Part 2

Sanai was unsure about what to expect when she would arrive at the temple. She was not exactly sure why her parents had not told her before now that she was not born of their flesh. But now that she thought about it there were no similarities between them physically. And having powers should have been a giveaway. But she never thought to question where they had come from.

Stepping into the temple Sanai looked to the Altar. She was oddly drawn to the statue of Athena. It was as if it were staring at her.

Suddenly she heard a gentle voice.

“Hello, my little one, you’ve grown so much.” Athena’s voice echoed gently through the temple,

Sanai looked around trying to identify where the voice was emanating from, but she could not.

Suddenly gold and white streams of light began to illuminate the temple until a fully formed female figure stood in front of her. She had long red brown hair and eyes so crystal blue you could see right through them. Dressed in white and gold robes.

‘She has my nose.’ thought Sanai curiously.

“Athena.” was all she could say as she cast her gaze to the floor and began to bow.


Suddenly, she felt gentle fingers under her chin urging her to stand.

“No, my daughter, there is no need for that.” Said Athena as she pulled her daughter into an embrace for the first time in 13 years.

Tears began to stream down Sanai’s face as everything became clear.

“Mother.” Sanai ‘s voice was little more than a whisper.

Pulling Back Athena looked deeply into hazel eyes.

“Come my little Goddess, we have much to discuss.”

She grabbed her daughter’s hand as they walked towards a white light at the head of the temple.

After a few hours in the simulation Sanai new everything that had happened between her mother and father. His death, her tribe and her powers origin.

Sanai found it particularly hard to wrap her mind around.

“So, I’m an Engel and a Goddess? Is that why my healing powers are so intense, and why I’m so strong?” she asked her mother.

“Yes, my love.” Said Athena.

“I always wondered why I had these powers and why they are so intense. I never questioned it. Strange as it was. I only ever used my powers on animals. Mother, my other mother I guess, always said I shouldn’t let anyone know that I could do these things. I could not even tell Gabrielle.” She said with sadness realizing why she had been urged to keep her powers a secret.

“I was so angry with mother for not letting me say anything before I left.” Sanai let out a sigh in frustration.

“I know, she only did what I asked. It hurt me to see you keep something from the one you share your heart with.” Said Athena.

Sanai looked up curiously at Athena.” You know about Gabrielle?”

“Yes, my love I’ve never stopped watching over you. I have watched you the entire time.” Said Athena hesitantly.

“I also faded your memories of your first years with your father and I, which should return when you leave this temple. Now that you are 16 if you wish you may declare that you are my daughter, to whom soever you choose. If that is what you wish.” Said Athena.


“I understand mother.” Sanai said with a confused look appearing on her face.

“What is it my little one?” asked Athena

“Well mother I would like to return to the village of Papa’s tribe. I want to bring all the tribes together. It would make me feel closer to him if I could learn of his culture and restore his people.” Said Sanai.

“If this is what you wish, my darling daughter, I will grant it.” Said Athena with great joy at hearing her daughters desire to help.

“But if you want to restore the tribe you must go immediately. If no one is there to unite the people in his land, the governing of it will fall into the hands of a Warlord of sorts who has been trying to claim this land for a year now. The people have stood their ground for as long as they can, but they grow tired and their numbers are few.” said Athena.

“But Mother I promised Gabrielle to return. I promised to explain everything to her.” she said fearing what her mother was going to speak next.

Athena spoke wearily. “I know my love. But if you do not leave at once, I fear it may be too late. Then, then your father’s people will be lost forever to a slave crazed warlord. But you have to choose now.”

Sanai had begun pacing as she weighed her options. She loved Gabrielle with all her heart. But she could not let her fathers people fall into the hands of this warlord. This was her only chance to be close to him learn his culture.

She stopped pacing and held her mother’s blue eyes with her own.” I will go now; she said a tear sliding down her left cheek.”

 “You are Amali’s daughter.” Athena smiled picturing Amali.

“I want to write a letter to Gabrielle and mother and father. I want to let them know I am safe and on a mission. That I will be home in a few months. Can you give it to them personally mother?” said Sanai.

“Of course.” Said Athena as she gave Sanai a paper and quill to write the letter.

As Sanai finished writing Athena spoke.

“Before you leave, I have a gift for you.” They walked out of the simulation through the temple and out of the front entrance.

Athena lifted her hand to the skies.

Then suddenly lightning flashed, and black stallion appeared to emerge out of the sky with the largest wings Sanai had ever seen. And it galloped until it landed and began to trot up to the pair as the nearby villagers looked on in amazement.

As the horse trotted up to Sanai, Athena spoke. “This is Katsina, my love, I had her bred for you a few years ago. She is the only black, as well as female Pegasus in existence. She has Navy blue eyes, and she belongs to you. She is as special and as rare as you are little one. As soon as you touch your head to hers you will know her thoughts and she will know yours. As soon as your first ride begins your connection to her will be bonded forever. She will take you wherever you want to go. And before I forget, here these are for you.” Said Athena

“What’s this mother?” Said Sanai staring at the large golden pouch Athena had handed her.

“This contains 3 necklaces, give them to who you choose. When they possess these, all they must do is picture you in their mind and speak your name and you can hear and find them wherever they are. And you can then pass through a portal that will appear, to take you directly to them.” Said Athena as she watched her daughter attach the pouch to the satchel on Katsina’s saddle.

“Mother, I love her she’s the most beautiful horse. But before I go, do you think I could have a battle dress. I cannot very well be taken seriously with peasant clothes on.” She said with a smile.

“No, my dear.” Said Athena.

And with that Athena touched the tip of Sanai’s head and she was covered suddenly in a deep navy blue and black battle dress and chest armor shaped like symbols from Amali’s tribe, complete with a sword, a miniature cross bow and arrows and an akron (a triangle shaped throwing weapon).

“Wow.” said Sanai as she mounted Katsina for the first time.

“When you reach the village, look for Amari, she will give you all the training you need for battle. Learn well little one. You have a short time to master these skills before you confront Ajari, the warlord plaguing your people my love.

 “I will Mother. Thank you for everything.” Said Sanai looking down at Athena smiling.

“Come on girl, you ready? Let us go.!!” She whispered not yet comfortable with just thinking the things she wanted Katsina to do.

With that she felt Katsina begin to gallop full speed as she held onto the reigns and suddenly, they leapt into the air, as Katsina spread her wings Sanai felt Katsina urge her mentally to slide back a little and hold tight. They had a long way to travel and a short time to get there.






That evening, Anaiya stared at the letter that letter Sanai had written to her and Joval as she read that Sanai would return as soon as she could.  Or rather re read it. She was Waiting for Joval to bring Gabrielle so she could give her the letter that was written to her.  Gabrielle had been by the last two days for lunch with them in hopes to see Sanai on her return. She could tell something had happened between the two the night before Sanai’s departure.  She could tell that Gabrielle wanted to resolve the issue. The two had never been separated for more than a few days and rarely stayed angry with each other for more than a few minutes. She could tell she missed Sanai as much as herself and Joval did.

She was jolted out of her thoughts when the front door opened.

“Hi, mama.” Said Gabrielle. The young blonde had taken to calling her mama as soon as she could talk. Insisting that she was her second mother. She loved the green eyed blonde as a daughter as well.

“Come here little one.” She said to Gabrielle as she followed suit calling her the same as her daughter had.

As Gabrielle embraced her and sat down beside her, she pulled out the letter.

“This a letter from Sanai delivered for you. We have one as well. She wants you to sit by the lake and read it alone. She will not be returning for some time.” Anaiya said as she saw the sadness in those emerald green eyes grow as she stared into them.

Gabrielle reached the lake in no time. She found their favorite rock and sat down to read the letter.


          My Beautiful Little One,

I first want to say that I am sorry I am not able to return to you sooner. I have learned of my history in the last few hours. This indeed is a special birthday, and we are not children anymore. I would like to explain everything to you in person. But the important part for you to know now is that Anaiya and Joval, they are not my birth Parents. My father has passed, and I met my mother today. She has told me that my father’s people are in danger. I am the only one who can restore their balance and I must embark on this journey at once or I will have no hope of doing that. I will not be back for months little one. So that is the whole of everything. Be strong. I promise to return to you as soon as I can. Never forget as long as you have the locket you hold my heart.

I love you forever beautiful,





As a tear slid down Gabrielle’s right cheek, her heart began to break.

She began walking home hoping that the next months would go by quickly.

Not being able to predict however that she would not lay her eyes on Sanai for years to come.


Sanai reached her destination and met the people of the Omi tribe. When she arrived, the people were hesitant as they had been with her mother. But when the youngest Engel, no more than 5, walked to her and welcomed her with an embrace the people knew she could be trusted.

Just then the crowd parted, and a woman dressed in tribal clothes skin as black as night and long wavy blonde hair and hazel eyes emerged. “ I have been expecting you. You are Amali’s daughter, you have his face.” She said as she reached a hand up to stroke her cheek.

“I am what Amali’s sister, Amari.” she continued to speak.

“Hi, I am Sanai, daughter of Amali of the Omi tribe, and Athena, Greek Goddess of war.

I have come to help my father’s people to unite and restore them. I have come to make sure that Ajari does not destroy us.” Sanai said not knowing the full meaning of her words and what they would cost her.

“Come quickly then, you have much to learn and a short time in which to do it.” Said her Aunt.


Over the next few weeks Sanai trained for 10hours a day in the art of battle with a staff, spear, and crossbow, she even found a nearby army and practiced with her sword and throwing knives. She had almost cut her own head off figuring out how to use the akron, but eventually figured out that it’s use was throwing and catching it.

Sanai was Athena’s daughter. She picked up the battle technique quickly and shortly after developed her own.

Weeks turned into to months and after her first would be meeting with the War lord Ajari she realized she would not be able to help the Omi re conquer the land without being tactical and planning. So she began her mission.

Months passed faster and became a year without her noticing. The increasing time began to eat away at her heart because she remembered the promise she made to Gabrielle and her parents to return after a few months.

She called out to Athena. Knowing instinctively that she would hear her.

“Yes my little one”. Athena spoke as she appeared in Sanai’s hut.

“Mother, she said embracing Athena. I need to ask a favor. May you please watch over my parents and Gabrielle. I know they do not understand.” She said a deep sadness filling the vibrations of her voice.


“My dear I know you are worried about them, Specifically Gabrielle.” She said as she touched her shoulder.

“Why do you not got to them, to her, as you promised.”

“Mother, I can’t I fear my absence would give Ajari all the motivation he would need to wipe us out while we are rebuilding our resources and numbers. No, I cannot leave. But even if I could go to her. I fear I have lost the right to speak to her when I failed to keep my promise .” She said with a stern voice.

“But Sanai you don’t know-“

“No mother.” Sanai said cutting her off. “Just promise me you’ll watch over her. I do not deserve to be in her life.”

“Yes little one, I will do as you ask.” Said Athena as she disappeared into a stream of white and gold light.




The following four years passed by with much haste. Gabrielle was heartbroken when Sanai did not return. But she had learned to deal with the hurt. She began to believe that she let it go.

She was 19.

She filled her time with her younger sister, telling her stories about dreams of being a famous bard. She never stopped wearing the locket though. She could not bear parting with it, even if Sanai were somehow alive. She had to have a way to be close to her forever.

She also had to figure out how to get out of this marriage to Perdicus as well. She just didn’t see herself as the wifey type.

One day the Gabrielle and the rest of the villagers of Potedeia, found themselves being rounded up by a group of thugs who wanted to take all the women as slaves.

“Take me, let the others go!”. Said Gabrielle.

“Nice try, but we’ll take you and anybody else we want. It’s never too early to start training a slave girl.” Said the thug as he was handed a whip. And just as he was ready to swing it, a beautiful raven-haired woman with sapphire eyes grabbed his hand and stopped him from swinging.

And well, I think you know how the beginning of this friendship began.

To Be Continued....

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