Chef Etiquette


  1. Disclaimer: Xena, Gabrielle, Athena, Argo ,  Hercules, Iolus  and the amazons do not belong to me.They belong to universal and Renaissance studios.
  2. Violence and subtext: Barely any violence and the subtext is main text. It has  women loving women engaging in sexual activities. So no reading this if you are not over 18 or it is banned where you live.
  3. Description: This my first attempt at Fanfiction. I always hated how the show was constantly bringing up old loves or people from Xena's past. I know Gabrielle was from a small town but I thought surely she could have secrets from her past as well. So I wrote one in. This story is set some time in season 5 after Xena and Gabrielle are brought back to life by Eli.This story assumes that Xena and Gabrielle have been in love for a long time but just haven't said anything.So what happens when an old love of Gabrielle's suddenly pops up during a mission and Gabrielle realizes she was in love? Will she end up with Xena or will she rekindle a love with the first warrior ever to enter her life. This is not a light read. The character from Gabrielle's past is given a back story.  These are the last parts. the previous installment was part 3 Email :

third and final installment


Part 4

Gabrielle reached the town she intended to by evening time. She was exhausted. She stabled her horse and went to the inn and got dinner. When she was done, she went to the inn keeper and requested a room.

“All the rooms are full sweetheart. I apologize.” Said the inn keeper.

“Well maybe someone would be willing to share.”  said Gabrielle. “I am a really good roommate.”

“Nothing but soldiers in town dear.” He said. “Except for this one young woman. I guess I can ask her if she’d be willing.”

A few minutes later the inn keeper emerged from the hallway and led Gabrielle to the room she’d be sharing.

“This is it.” he said already walking away.

She Knocked, and when the door opened she found herself staring into Hazel eyes once again.

“Sanai?” she said not believing her eyes.

“What are you doing here?” said Sanai. Where is Xena?”

 The inn Keeper said I would be sharing with one woman.”

“She’s not here Sanai. I, I am on my own.” Said Gabrielle. I needed some time to myself. May I come in?”

“Of course little one. I like sleeping alone but I don’t mind sharing.” Said Sanai stepping aside.

“I am sorry Sanai I didn’t know, I can go and make camp outside if you want.” She said hoping Sanai wouldn’t agree.

“Don’t be silly. I was just going to get ready for bed. Today was exhausting.” She said

“Mind if I write after I change into my shift?”

“No little one.” She said curiously staring. ”You still write, I am glad to hear that. You always did tell the best stories.”

“Yea well, I was lucky enough to have some inspiring people in my life.” Gabrielle spoke.

“Mmmm like Xena. I am so happy for you. She loves you I can tell.” Said Sanai in a sort of sad tone.

Gabrielle pondered her words as they both finished changing into their shifts. She didn’t know if she should ask but she wanted to know why Sanai left her. So she took a deep breath.


“Sanai, I can see that you don’t want to talk about it but I need to know. What happened all those years ago?

She paced in frustration as the words spilled out . “Why didn’t you return to me?” she pleaded.


Sanai thought before she responded. She knew she owed her this explanation. But she was sure her feelings would come spilling out right a long with that. She couldn’t tell her, Gabrielle had a happy life, and it had been years but she still knew what love looked like and Xena was so obviously in love with her. She couldn’t take that away. She would tell her about her mother and father. But somehow, she had to keep her true feelings for the blonde to herself.

“Ok Beautiful. Here it is. You Know Anaiya and Joval weren’t my true parents.” She said

“Yes.” I remember you went to meet your true mother on your 16th birthday.”  She said remembering.


“Yes well my true mother,” she said hesitantly “My true mother is Athena. She had to hide me from the other Gods when I was about 3. Some where they couldn’t find me so she watched Anaiya and Joval for a while before picking them and leaving me in Potedeia.  The Gods found out my parents love and joining and caused the war of the Africas and by extension my father’s death. See they knew he would want to defend his people and so he did. My father was a member of the Omi tribe Gabrielle. And I inherited the power of an Engel as well as the power of a demi goddess. When I met my mother that day at the temple she said that Ajari would destroy my father’s people if I did not embark immediately. She gave me a choice. I felt I had to go. But I made her deliver those letters to you mother and father. I did intend to return in a few months. But the organization and restoration of the people and land proved to be a bigger job than intended. I knew that my absence would provide an opening for Ajari that we couldn’t come back from. I had to make a choice. It was not easy to make. I asked my mother to keep an eye on you and my parents. Just to let me know you were safe not to spy on you.”


Gabrielle sat on the bed in silence for what seemed like ages before she spoke.

“But why didn’t you find me after you had restored the land and your people.” She said desperately. “Do you understand what that did to me Sanai?” she said crossing the room and turning the warrior around.

“You always told me I shared your heart. Didn’t you understand that meant you had mine as well? Gabrielle said tears in her eyes, she gently put her fingers under Sanai’s chin and lifted it so that their eyes were staring deeply into each other’s.  Their faces so close they could feel each other’s breath.

And it hit Gabrielle like a ton of rocks. It had been years but, she was still in love with Sanai.

Being so close to Gabrielle was unraveling Sanai and she fought to regain control. She tried to back away but Gabrielle grabbed her arms.

“No little one, I can’t do this with you. I didn’t return to you because I couldn’t bring myself to face you. I broke my promise and I had never done that to you. I never wanted to again.” She said in tears as she broke free from her embrace and walked to the bed.

Gabrielle walked up behind her and turned her around again and sat her on the bed.

“Sanai, I’m going to ask you a question and I need you to be honest. Can you do this?” she asked.

Sanai nodded.

“All those years ago, were you in love with me?” she asked timidly.

Silence filled what seemed like ages between them and Gabrielle began to pace.

She spoke again as she walked up to her and they were face to face. Green and Hazel eyes met once again. She stroked her cheeks.

“Sanai, please. She pleaded desperately.” Are you in love with me?”

Sanai’s breath caught in her chest as she stared into the most beautiful emerald eyes she would ever see. And suddenly it was like nothing else in the world existed.

“Yes.” Was all she could manage as Gabrielle inched closer to her face. Close enough for their lips to just barely brush.

Suddenly Sanai’s eyes began to dilate as she realized that Gabrielle was going to kiss her. She moved her to the side and walked quickly towards the door. She managed to pull it open just a hair before a small hand pushed it closed from behind her. A shiver ran through when she realized how close Gabrielle was standing behind her.

She felt small hands turn her around.

“Why do you run from me Sanai? Please, let this happen.” Gabrielle whispered as she pushed Sanai gently against the door. Suddenly Sanai found her voice again. “What about Xena? She is love with you little one. And I can tell by the way you look at her, you’re in love with her too, are you not?” she spoke searching Gabrielle’s eyes for an answer.

It was Gabrielle’s turn to retreat. She didn’t know what to say. Sanai always knew how she felt without her speaking it.

Sanai began to walk towards her. This time it was Gabrielle’s eyes staring a hole into the floor. She felt Sanai’s strong hands clasp the sides of her head and lift it. “Little one, I can’t take that away from you. No matter how in love with you I am.” Said Sanai Sternly as she went to grab her saddle bags and pack them to leave.

Gabrielle could hear her packing from behind. Suddenly, feeling desperate not to lose Sanai, she turned and walked to Sanai, grabbing her hands.

“Sanai listen to me. It’s true, I did fall in love with Xena. But, I am in love with you too.  I swear it. I was always in love with you. I got so angry that night. I had been wanting to tell you for weeks how I felt. But, I knew you were keeping something from me. I was so stubborn.” She said getting Sanai’s attention.

Sanai was overwhelmed she dropped the bags and sat on the bed. “You, you were in love with me too?” she said resting her head in her hands. Tears began to flow. She felt like she couldn’t breathe. Suddenly she felt her hands being pulled down. Then her head being lifted.

“Yes, I was in love with you then and I am in love with you now.” Said Gabrielle in a low husky voice as she lifted Sanai’s face. “Look at me Sanai.” Sanai hesitantly did as she was told.

“I have loved you since we were young. Please don’t deny me the chance to please you now.” Gabrielle said right before she captured Sanai’s full lips with her own.

To her surprise, Sanai did not struggle. Her strong arms pulled Gabrielle onto her lap and wrapped themselves around her waist and held fast.

The kiss became stronger as each second passed. Neither woman tired of the others mouth. Gabrielle felt the tip of Sanai’s tongue asking for permission to enter which she allowed with no hesitation.

 Sanai felt Gabrielle’s hand slide to her waist and lift up her shift, sending a shiver through her spine. She grabbed Gabrielle’s waist and pulled back breaking the kiss, chest heaving wildly. ”Little one are you sure?” she asked breathlessly as her hazel eyes searched Gabrielle’s desperate for confirmation.

“Yes.” Was all Gabrielle could manage as she finished lifting Sanai’s shift over her head. She took in her beautiful dust colored skin and her red brown curls falling to cover her shoulders as she began to kiss a trail from her chest up to her neck. That extracted a light husky moan from the dark-haired warrior. All at once her heart was racing at the thought of loving this woman. Suddenly she felt strong hands on her waist once more pulling her close and sliding up her back as she continued to kiss Sanai. It sent an electric jolt straight to her heated center.

Sanai was losing herself in the sensations creating heat on her skin until she felt Gabrielle’s lips reached hers. She kissed her hungrily. She reached down and pulled Gabrielle’s shift up and over her head. And leaned back to take in all that she was. “Breathtaking.” She whispered.

Gabrielle felt herself being flipped onto her back. Suddenly it was like Sanai’s hands were everywhere. Creating a trail of heat in their wake. She kissed Gabrielle’s neck and created a path down her neck to her breasts. She snaked out her tongue flicked the already erect nipple before attaching her mouth to it causing Gabrielle to arch her back and cry out. “Gods Sanai!! You feel so good!”

Just then she felt Sanai’s arm slid under her and grip her waist. Her legs were being parted and she felt Sanai’s hand slide down until she reached her center, heat radiating from it. She had never felt this excited in her life. Suddenly she heard Sanai react to what she was feeling.

“Oh Gods you’re so wet.” Said Sanai feeling Gabrielle’s excitement. “I’m going to take you now beautiful.”

Slowly she began to slide through the folds slick with Gabrielle’s juices, reveling in the feel of her excitement. Sanai began to feel throbbing in between her own legs. She adjusted to straddle Gabrielle’s strong thigh. She felt her slickness coat the blonde’s thigh as she began to rock back and forth, grabbing Gabrielle’s clit between fer fingers she felt her jolt beneath her.

“Please Sanai take me, I need you to take me please !!” begged Gabrielle as she felt her body shutter with anticipation.

Sanai could not deny her little one the pleasure she so desperately sought. She quickly slid a finger inside her and began to slide in and out before adding another finger to the rhythm.  The sounds emanating from the form beneath her caused her own hips to rock harder. “God’s deeper Sanai, please!!” begged Gabrielle as she clutched the sheets.

She could tell Gabrielle was getting close so she began sliding her thumb over her clit. “By the Gods Sanai don’t stop please!! Gabrielle pleaded.” I’m almost there!” she screamed as she closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes beautiful.”  Sanai commanded. “I want to see you when you come for me.”

Slowly she opened her eyes. As soon as hazel eyes hit green ones it sent Gabrielle over the edge. “Sanaaaiiiiii!” Gabrielle screamed as she arched her back feeling the orgasm rip through her body as she continued to ride the beautiful waves. Sanai’s release followed as soon as she heard Gabrielle scream her name. “Gabrielle.” She whispered over and over again. Finally their bodies fell lifeless. Sanai settling on her side next to Gabrielle.

“Sanai.” Said Gabrielle.

“SHHH. Rest little one. Tomorrow. We will talk tomorrow.” Sanai said as she pulled the blankets over their two intertwined bodies.

But Sanai realized what she would have to do the next day. So, she decided to just enjoy being able to hold her little one for now. Tomorrow could wait a while.



Xena had been to Athens. But no one had seen Gabrielle. She knew Gabrielle could think as she did. So she planned to double back to the last town they had camped in before the battle. She never realized how much heartache not being with her green-eyed companion would bring. It was almost like she couldn’t breathe until she found her again. She had to see her. Talk this thing out. Make her understand that she didn’t feel worthy of her. Seeing Gabrielle so desperate to get to Sanai the day of the battle. It awakened things inside her she was afraid of. Feelings she had not felt for anyone before. All she knew was she had to find her. So she rolled on her side pulled the furs up and forced herself to sleep. It was going to feel like eternity before she found Gabrielle. That was her last thought before she drifted into dreamland.

                                           Part 4


Sanai was up and packed before Gabrielle lifted an eye lid. She sat on the chair reading when Gabrielle opened her eyes and turned her head to the side, Sanai coming into view as her blurry vision subsided.

“Good morning beautiful.” She said as she lifted herself up to an upright position on the bed.

“Good morning yourself my love.” she said as she rose and sat on the bed facing her little one.

“My love. I think I could get used to that.” Said Gabrielle remembering the sensations that she felt bringing the beautiful curly haired warrior to climax just a few hours before. Their rest only lasted for a few hours before she awoke again hungry to see pleasure in those hazel eyes she loved so much.

Kissing her first lovingly, Sanai spoke. “Come little one. Let’s get breakfast and talk for a while before I take you somewhere.”


“Ok. Breakfast sounds amazing.” She said blushing as her thoughts of the previous hours continued.

Sanai had already packed both their things and sold her horse to a good stable. It would be easier traveling with Katsina alone. Breakfast was filled with knowing looks, silence, and multiple blushes.


As they walked to the clearing of the woods at the North end of the town Sanai spoke.

“Little one.” she whispered as she stroked Gabrielle’s face. “Before we move forward, I need to say some things. But I need you not to speak until I’m finished. Ok?” she asked.

“Ok.” Said Gabrielle.

She turned away and began to speak.

“I have dreamed of being able to see you again since the moment I left you. But I avoided it. For lots of reasons. Broken promises, love, feeling unworthy of you. And when I saw you again, I couldn’t accept it. I fought against my love for you, against being in love in love with you. When you came to me last night unexpected, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. My resolve melted away when you said you were in love with me.  She said keeping her backed turned.”

“I couldn’t either my love.” said Gabrielle breaking her promise.

Sanai turned and touched her tanned fingers to her lips quieting her and stroking her cheek.

“I am so in love you Beautiful. But we can not be together.” There she had said it out loud.

Frustrated Gabrielle grabbed Sanai’s face. “Why are you saying this? I am in love with you. And, you love me too. You just said so. So why can’t we be together?”

“Yes, I know you are in love me. I love you too. But you’re also in love with Xena. And she’s in love with you.” Spoke Sanai the words taking the breath from her chest. But she knew she had to say it. Her little one needed the push.

Backing away in irritation Gabrielle spoke. “Xena, she’s not in love with me. I confessed that to her and she rejected me. And those words came from her, not me.”

“Did she actually say the words, I am not in love with you?” she asked.” Or was it more like, I don’t deserve you or I can’t be with you like that?”

Gabrielle looked like she had seen a ghost.” How, how did you know that?”

“I know what true love is little one and she is it.” Said Sanai.

“But I am in love with you too.” Said Gabrielle with tears in her eyes. “I know it sounds wrong but I am. And as for Xena she rejected me. Why does she deserve me to go back?”

She looked deeply into those emerald eyes and spoke. “It isn’t about deserving little one. It is about destiny. Xena needs your love in order to fulfill hers. You are her source. You are meant to be. Love isn’t reserved for those who deserve it. It just exists where it does. And our love although it is real, it is not destined. I will fulfill my destiny. My drive is innate. I was born for this. I love you with my entire being beautiful. But I can do this alone. I promise little one. Loving you as a child and now as an adult, fuels me to help. It always will. But Xena needs your love. More than I do.” She said tears streaming down her cheek.


Gabrielle knew she was right. She was still completely in love with Xena. And that wasn’t going to go away. She had to return to her.

Sanai saw the realization in her eyes.

“Just hold me for a little while before we go.”  Said Gabrielle.

“Alright.” Said Sanai.

After long moments she spoke. “Katsina Come.”




Xena was just finishing up packing when she heard wings flapping and then hooves galloping down a nearby lane. Suddenly she saw a beautiful black Stallion Galloping towards her. As her gaze trailed up she saw Sanai. Irritation followed when she saw Gabrielle riding behind her holding fast to her waist.


They dismounted and she could tell they were speaking but she wasn’t close enough to hear.

Gabrielle could tell Xena was staring but she didn’t care. She had to say goodbye properly. She leaned in.

“Hey little one.” Sanai said backing away. “She is watching you know. Kissing me now won’t help your case.” She said trying to sound as happy as she could with a smile.

“But if this is the last time. I want to tell you goodbye properly.” Said Gabrielle desperately.

Sanai reached over and grabbed a golden satchel from Katsina’s saddle. She pulled out a long necklace with a diamond shaped like tear drop. ”Here, when you’re ready to say goodbye and anytime you need me after, hold this in your palm, see me in your mind, and speak my name and I will come to you.”

Gabrielle embraced her as tight as she could. Her beating wildly at the thought of losing her Sanai.

“Go on.” Said Sanai as she let go and nodded toward Xena. Then she mounted Katsina and took off into a full gallop and leapt into the sky.


Xena walked up to Gabrielle hesitantly. “Hi.”  Was all she could manage.

“Hi.” Gabrielle returned not knowing what else to say.

“Can we get a room at an inn in Athens, get some dinner and talk?” Xena asked not wasting anytime.

Gabrielle nodded. A few hours later they were sitting in their room after Argo was stabled and their dinner was long gone, in silence. The whole night had been the same.

“Xena, what are we doing here?”  Gabrielle said remembering the night she confessed her love to Xena. Here she was with a woman who rejected her, who was still rejecting her. How does this make sense Sanai? She thought to herself. Sighing in frustration at the silence she decided she couldn’t do this. She got up grabbed her things and headed towards the door.

As she reached it she felt Xena’s presence right behind her. “Don’t go Gabrielle. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. I missed you so much..I..” Xena trailed off not knowing what else to say.

“You could tell me why I should stay Xena. I can’t be here if you don’t want me. I realize now the first time  I first realized I loved you. But that doesn’t matter now. I guess it never will because you don’t love me back.” Said Gabrielle turning her head in tears. Gods why did I come here. She thought.

It hurt Xena to see her heart outside of her chest broken like this. She took a deep breath and gently stroked Gabrielle’s cheek while turning it. Wiping away her tear.

“When you Sacrificed yourself to kill hope.” Said Xena her voice barely audible.

“What?” said Gabrielle.

“That’s when I realized I was in love with you.”

“So why didn’t you tell me?” Gabrielle pleaded.

“I didn’t want you to suffer because of me. If you know me intimately that way I couldn’t be sure that you wouldn’t be hurt because of it.” She said backing away as if she had been burned.

“Don’t you get it Xena, that already happens even though I haven’t known you as lover. And in case you haven’t noticed I’m fine. We’ve been through that many times and with our track record we will go through it many more.” Said Gabrielle as she walked up to Xena, dipping her head to catch Xena’s gaze as it fell to the floor.


Xena studied the beautiful green eyes she loved so much. She wanted this. But she had to be sure that Gabrielle wanted this as well. “What about Sanai?” I can tell she is in love with you. How, how do you feel about her?”

“Honestly Xena. I am in love with her too. I have felt this way for a while.” There she had said it out loud.

Xena couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “So, why are you here?” Xena said  her heart slowly breaking as she turned her back on Gabrielle. She couldn’t believe that she thought she could love anyone without them being taken away.

Gabrielle walked up behind Xena and gently placed her hands on her arms and turned her around, She looked up into her Sapphire eyes and she was captivated. She fell in love all over again and although She knew she was in love with Sanai. She knew her place was with Xena and she knew she could never be apart from her again.

“Xena, What I have with Sanai, it’s amazing but there is a difference.” She said stroking her face

“What difference is that?” said Xena, a tinge of jealousy in her voice.

“Xena, you and I we were destined to be together. We are soulmates. Sometimes love just happens where ever you are, I don’t deny that. But the difference is I’m choosing my destiny Xena. You are my destiny, my love.” She said as she placed her hand on Xena’s cheek. “No matter what I am meant to be with you.”

Xena saw no lies in her loves eyes. Her heart was so full she could barely contain her emotion. For the first time since Solan, Xena cried, it was hard for her to admit love to herself and the woman she loved. Gabrielle led her to the bed and took off her armor, layed her down, and held her while she cried. They stayed like that all night until sleep finally took them both.

When Xena opened her eyes the next day she was alone. Then she heard the door open and in walked the beautiful emerald eyed blonde she loved so much. She smiled at her thoughts. “Good morning gorgeous. Where have you been? Xena said with a groggy smile.

“Getting you dinner Princess.” Gabrielle said as she put the plate on the table. “I figured you were hungry since you slept all day.”

“I did. Wow didn’t think I was that tired.”

After Xena ate dinner she went for a walk too calm her thoughts about the events that had transpired in the last day and a half. When she returned Gabrielle was at the table writing. That made her smile. Gabrielle Looked up. “What are you smiling at?” she said as she blushed.

“Nothing.” Xena said as she sat on the bed. “Gabrielle, come sit with me.”

Gabrielle did as she was told. “I was wondering something?” Xena asked nervously.

Gabrielle nodded giving her the go ahead to ask.

“When did you know, you were in love with me that is?” said Xena.

Gabrielle turned her head in a smile as she blushed trying to hide it.

“Well, I think I had known subconsciously for a while before. But it was when we took Ulysses back to Ithaca. The first night, when Ulysses asked if you wanted to stay on in Ithaca.” She said continuing to face away from Xena.

“So you weren’t asleep that night?” Xena’s heart dropped to her stomach.

“No. I was lying there, listening to him confess his feelings for you. Listening to you kiss him and suddenly tears were streaming down my face and my heart ached. So I tried never to be “asleep” around you and anyone else I knew you were interested in again. It was just easier to avoid it. And up until now it just had not fully occurred to me. So it was easier to ignore it.” Said Gabrielle a little embarrassed.

“Hey, hey look at me. No one has ever made my heart, my spirit smile as much as you. Anyone else was just a distraction. “

Emerald eyes gazed into sapphire ones as Gabrielle felt a tear slip down her cheek.

“Gabrielle.” Said Xena with a deep breath that followed. “I am so in love with you.”

Gabrielle studied the look in Xena’s crystal blue eyes and realized what Xena was offering. In the span of a heartbeat, she kissed Xena as if she were going to lose her forever. Xena felt her passion and returned it in kind.

Suddenly, Xena felt herself being pushed onto her back as her leathers were being slipped off her shoulders. Gabrielle’s strength seemed to mirror her own as she reached under her and pulled her laces out in one move. Never leaving her mouth. Then Gabrielle pulled back, trying to untie her own leather top.

Then she felt Xena’s hands at her back. “Please, let me.” Said Xena as she gently untied the strings to Gabrielle’s leather top and pulled it aside. As Xena’s eyes fell onto her lover’s glorious body a small gasp escaped her mouth. 

Feeling self-conscious Gabrielle covered her breasts and began to back away. “No, don’t go.” Said Xena realizing the misunderstanding. “Its just that, you, you’re so breathtaking.” Xena said with a shaky voice.

Gabrielle saw the truth in her eyes. So, she leaned down onto Xena’s naked body and Kissed her lips gently. Then she leaned lower and whispered in her ears. “I need help getting this skirt off.”

Xena obliged quickly sliding down Gabrielle’s skirt and her breeches followed. As soon as she did she felt Gabrielle’s hot center straddling her thigh. It sent a jolt of energy through her that could shake the earth. Gabrielle felt her shudder and she was intoxicated.

She pushed Xena back down with such force that it took her breath away. Gabrielle kissed her fiercely.

Xena felt sensations all over her body, suddenly it was as if Gabrielle’s hands were all over. Creating heat trails whenever they touched her body. She couldn’t control her thoughts. She was lost in her emotions as Gabrielle’s tongue slipped inside her mouth. Suddenly Xena’s need to be touched was unbearable. She broke the kiss, barely breathing. But Gabrielle was ravenous, and she began making a trail down her neck. Before Xena could gather herself, Gabrielle found her right nipple and attached to it immediately. Her mouth was hot on her sensitive skin there. She began to lick and suck in a circular pattern.  This caused Xena to arch her back and open her legs simultaneously.” Ohh, please, Please Gabrielle touch me! I need you to touch me!!” begged Xena.

She couldn’t remember once in her life when she begged anyone for anything. Yet she so freely begged the green-eyed blonde for release.

“Ask me, one more time.” Said Gabrielle with a smile as she stopped just shy of Xena’s center. She loved that she was the one bringing Xena such immense pleasure.

Suddenly she felt Xena grab her wrist. As she looked up into blue eyes for answers, she found them. “Please my love, I need to feel you. Take me.” Xena whispered

With that Gabrielle’s fingers slid into slick folds. Sliding in a pattern that had Xena writhing in pleasure beneath her. Her own pleasure becoming overwhelming, her hips began to rock against Xena’s thigh pushing herself closer to her own release. “Oh Gods Xena!” she whispered.

“Gabrielle, inside me, now!! Please baby!” She pleaded with the blonde.

Gabrielle thrusted her fingers deep inside her lover. She felt the throbbing inside of the soft cavern of her beautiful dark-haired lover. Her hips rocking harder as she added a finger. She began to push deeper as Xena’s body egged her on.

Gabrielle could feel that Xena’s body longed for release, so she moved down and took Xena’s clit in her mouth.  This caused Xena’s hips rock so hard that her body lifted off the bed. “That’s it. Don’t stop please I’m almost there!!” Yelled Xena as she clutched the back of Gabrielle’s head.

Gabrielle could feel Xena’s body on the brink of release. She thrusted in deep with both fingers as she continued a pattern with her tongue. Xena’s response to her was immediate. Visceral and intense in it’s nature. Xena’s release ripped through her body like a hurricane. “Gods Gabrielle!!!” was all Xena could get out as her hips continued to ride out the waves. Gabrielle’s followed immediately, from the sheer energy of hearing her name spilling from Xena’s mouth in ecstasy.

Their bodies shortly after, fell lifeless next to one another. Breath barely in her, Xena pulled Gabrielle close to her face and kissed her gently.

“Where did you learn to do that?” said Xena.

Gabrielle chuckled to herself. “You really want to know? That was nothing by the way. Just so you know.”

“Yes.” Said Xena with a sarcastic smile.

“The amazons, well really one in particular.”

Surprised Xena looked at her naked companion. “Who?” said Xena.

“Promise you won’t freak out?” asked Gabrielle.

“I promise.” Said Xena with a chuckle. She had a few ideas of which hungry little Amazons wanted to get their hands on Gabrielle.

Gabrielle looked to the side hesitantly. “So. Ephiny and I, sort had a thing off and on for a couple of years after she lost Phantes. We used to visit more frequently then, and it just sort of happened. But eventually she told me she couldn’t be with me with us being so close. And I respected her wishes.

Xena was astonished.

“You and Ephiny?” Xena said not really asking. She was jealous. Now it made sense. All those nights during that time when Gabrielle insisted sleeping in a separate hut. Which she now realized was Ephiny’s hut.  And those 3 day fishing trips. Gabrielle has never fished seriously.  

“Hey.” Said Gabrielle seeing the look in Xena’s eyes. “That was in the past. “

“Okay.” Xena said. “We should get going tomorrow we have been here for 2 days.”

“Yea.” Said Gabrielle remembering Sanai. She never got to say goodbye to her truly the last time she and Sanai parted for a long time. She had to say Goodbye properly.

Seeing the look in her partners eyes. Xena spoke. “What is it Gabrielle?”

“Well, I have to say Goodbye to Sanai this time. I can’t let her leave with out that. Is that ok with you?” she said.

Xena studied Gabrielle’s face trying to figure out what she meant. And suddenly it hit her, what the meaning behind goodbye was.

“Well, I wont lie, the thought of it makes my heart ache a little. But I get to spend the rest of our lives with you. You love her, so..” Xena’s words trailed off.

 “I Wont lie to you either, letting her go will hurt me. But I cannot bear to be apart from you Xena, I belong with you.”

As soon as she said the words Xena Knew they were true.

“Ok then.” Said Xena smiling and Kissing her softly. ”Now, my little bard, let me show you some of my many skills.”




The next morning, they were all packed and ready to go when they retrieved Argo. They walked to the edge of town. Arriving at the edge of the forest. They came to a halt. Gabrielle looked up at Xena kissed her cheek and let go of her hand and walked to the beginning of a long clearing.

She put her hand to the tear drop shaped diamond, held it in her palm and thought of Sanai. After a few moments. She called out. ”Sanai, Sanai can you hear me? Come to me please.”

She said as Xena looked on from a distance. And before long she heard the flapping of large wings and hooves galloping towards her. She opened her eyes and her heart almost stopped at the sight of Sanai riding Katsina. Her beautiful Hazel eyes, her full lips, dust colored skin, red brown curly hair. She was magnificent.

Katsina walked right up to her as she slowed and stopped. Tapping her black head to Gabrielle’s. ”Nice to see you again.” She heard in her mind. She smiled and rubbed the Stallion’s snout.

Suddenly she heard boots hit the ground,” Hi, little one.” Said Sanai softly.

“Hi my love.” The words slipped out of her mouth.

“Would you mind if I give something to Xena first?” She asked.

Gabrielle shook her head no.


Sanai walked up to a nervous looking Warrior Princess.  “Hi.” Sanai spoke as she extended her arm to Xena.

Xena thought she would feel irritation and anger if she ever had to speak with Sanai. But, now staring into those hazel eyes, she understood. Why Gabrielle fell in love, the love that they shared. She thought she would feel threatened, but she could tell Sanai’s nature was gentle and healing. Suddenly she realized how lucky she and Gabrielle were that she existed.

“Hi.” Said Xena as their arms released.

“Xena, thank you for protecting her all this time. I am in your debt forever.” She said. “Take this.”

Sanai pulled out a necklace with a tear shaped diamond, just like the one she gave to Gabrielle.

“If you ever need my help, just hold this in your palm, think of me, speak my name and I will come” said Sanai.

“Really you don’t have to do..”

She was cut off. “Nonsense, you make her happy and she loves you, that makes you family.” Said Sanai as she walked away leaving Xena staring.

Slowly she walked up to Gabrielle who had been watching everything unfold curiously, while saying goodbye to Katsina.


“I think she’s becoming attached” said Sanai.

“Well, you guys can visit and she can see me whenever she wants.” Said Gabrielle.

“No little one.” She said as she turned Gabrielle to face her. “I will come when you call, but ,I think it best if we don’t see each other outside of that.

“So this really is goodbye.” Gabrielle spoke in a shaky voice, tears streaming down her eyes.

“Yes, beautiful.“  said Sanai.

Sanai hugged her and let her go fast. And as she turned to mount Katsina she felt herself being pulled back so quickly she didn’t have to time to think. Gabrielle grabbed her face and kissed her so passionately that she almost couldn’t breathe. But she didn’t want to. She wanted this moment to last forever. When the kiss finally broke, she too was now in tears. She held Gabrielle’s face in her hands.

“I’ll love you forever little one.” She said her voice shaking. “Never forget that ok.”

“Never.” Said Gabrielle as she stared into hazel eyes for what she knew would be the last time for a while. Maybe forever.

Then she stepped back as Sanai mounted the black Pegasus.

“Make haste Katsina, we have far to go and little time to get there. Yahhh!!” she yelled as Katsina sped into a gallop and leapt into the air.


Gabrielle walked back to Xena feeling a little guilty. Even though Xena had been ok with her saying goodbye properly, she still couldn’t help feeling a little heavy. Xena saw the heaviness weighing on her love’s shoulder and she knew she had to ease it.

“Hey, hey .” she said as she lifted Gabrielle’s chin. “There is no need for you to feel guilty my love. You love her.”

“But I belong with you my love. It just still hurts a little.” Said Gabrielle falling into Xena’s arms.

“I know, I know.” Said Xena comforting her.


                                                   Part 5


“If I only had 30 seconds to live, this is how I’d want to live them, looking into your eyes.” The words echoed in her ears since the moment she’d heard them. A lifetime with her soulmate and  it still wasn’t enough.

A tear streamed down her face as she stared into the fire of her camp. She traveled alone now. For months she had been carrying on Xena’s legacy. Helping those who needed her. It was ironic, now that Xena was gone she was more focused as a warrior than she had ever been before. Rarely was there a fight or struggle that she couldn’t get out of. She missed Xena terribly. It had taken a while but she had accepted that Xena wasn’t going to come back. After she brought her ashes home and told Eve, she set out to traveling again. Her heart still ached though. She hadn’t felt this way since she had to let go of Sanai.

Wow. It had been years since she had thought about her longer since she had seen her.  It was just easier to not think about it. While deep in thought remembering Sanai’s dust colored skin, red brown curly hair, and her full brown lips, her hand inadvertently grasped the tear dropped diamond around her neck.

“Sanai.” She whispered not realizing she was speaking out loud.


Suddenly she heard large wings flapping and hooves hitting the ground in the clearing nearby. The sound Jolted her out of her daydream. She heard boots hit the ground and walk to her side as she stood looking down.

She felt a gentle hand on her chin as a tear slid down at the realization that she had unintentionally called Sanai to her side.

“Hi little one. It is good to see you.” Said Sanai

As hazel eyes hit green ones once again, Gabrielle could see the love still in her eyes.

“Sanai,” She said her eyes hitting the ground once again. “After all this time?”

“Always, my love.” She said Kissing her passionately as if no time had passed.



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