Unfinished Business

By Cheryl.A.C.

Copyright 2005 all rights reserved and asserted

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I could tell by looking at her that she was one of us. Her long flowing hair seemed to surround her face with absolute perfection. To many she would have been called handsome, but to others, me included, she was Venus reincarnated. She radiated sex appeal as she glided down the street in my direction. I could not help but smile as my entire body began to tingle.

This did not happen very often, and when it did I liked to hold on to and savour every moment. Our eyes locked in what would have been a tender embrace, if we had not have been enveloped by the walking crowds of Main Street. A glance would have been enough to melt my heart, but she began global warming with her wonderful seablue eyes.

I couldn't wait any longer; I had to have her now. She was all I ever wanted in a woman, so firm and curvaceous. Her breasts were large enough to create a mouth- watering effect, yet small enough to hold without effort in your hand. But this was a dream, and I was not holding her breast, simply walking past her in the street. As our bodies briefly brushed past each other, I felt the electric spark, which can only mean one thing; she was feeling for me as I was for her. But sadly the crowd carried our bodies apart.

I spent the next month dreaming of Venus, as I had come to call her. Nothing could distract me from my inner most erotic thoughts. Oh what I wouldn't do to her, if I ever got the chance. By the time this month was drawing to a close I was completely shattered, as I had spent the entire month searching for the sight of this beauty again. But alas to no avail. I had just given up when my subconscious guided me once again to the street were that first fateful meeting took place and just as I was about to beat myself up for coming here again there she was in front of me, looking more radiant than ever.

I must have been dreaming again as I saw her remember me and begin her most graceful walk in my direction. "Hi there, my names Venus", now I knew I was dreaming, so I did as we all do when we realise we are doing this and pinched myself. It hurt so I wasn't dreaming… this was real. Holy shit!!! "Hi yourself" there was a long silence spent with our eyes locked. "Do I know you from somewhere? I just have this notion that I have met you somewhere before". How was I supposed to reply, 'yeah, in my dreams!' there was no way I was going to be that corny at this stage, so I simply said, "I don't think so but you look kinda familiar too, so it must be fate or we know each other from a previous life", I smiled.

"Well what ever it is, do you want to go for coffee? I know this little place down by the docks, not to far away!" I could feel my mouth drying up at the very thought of spending a few relaxed moments with this wonderful creation. "Yeah that would be nice", I didn't want to seem over keen, yet my heart was racing. I followed her the short distance to the secluded coffee house. It was busy but quiet, if that is possible.

"What would you like?" the waiter asked. The menu was quite vast considering the size of the place. But I opted for what was my usual, a nice frothy cappuccino. Venus ordered a tall americano latte, both with extra shots. She too must like her caffeine kick. We found a table in the back corner far enough out of the way for some privacy. This was the awkward bit, what on earth do we talk about. But I needn't have worried for the conversation flowed between us. Before we knew it we had finished our drinks and ordered second helpings. We talked about everything from the weather to our childhoods to our current situations.

It happened that we were both not long out of a serious relationship, ones were we were kept under the thumb, to use the usual cliché. We both wanted to explore other things that our respective partners did not seem inclined to try. It was however ok for them to have us do things we did not like, but when it came to them doing something for us, that was a different matter. So we were both single, which saved any unnecessary complications. It was obvious that something was going to happen between us, it was just a matter of time.

We strolled into the city centre in search of excuses to spend time with each other. Nothing else mattered other than being in each other's company. The street players were really good at this time of year and one in particular caught our eye. She had long dark curly hair and looked like the Gypsies of old Europe. The dance was catching; we found our hips and feet moving to the beat of this inner music. It was as if it had entranced us for we spent the best part of an hour mesmerised by this enchantress. It was hard to pull ourselves away but we did. There was something in the way the music sounded… something familiar, something erotic! A quick look at each other and we knew what each other was thinking: where is the nearest bed!

"Yours or mine?" was all I could muster. She replied by clasping my hand in hers and leading me off towards her house. I knew that was where we were headed, as mine was in the opposite direction. I wondered what would great me on our arrival. I wanted to run, to grab every last inch of her body between my hands and my mouth. She looked sweet enough, so I was hoping that she would taste even sweeter. Finally she was leading me into her beautiful home, a period property with a touch of Gothic. If I were not in such a rush to get this woman into bed, I would have enjoyed searching the fine décor hidden within this place. But neither of us wanted to spend any more time with small talk.

She led me up the stairs and into her bedroom. It was quite well lit by the summer rays, as the sun began to set it created a wonderful ambient atmosphere. Just the right setting, for a first encounter, of this kind. I was pinned against the wall, not forcefully but with enough pressure to keep me there. I had been right, she tasted even more delicious than I had imagined. Her kisses sensual, you know the one that gets you right between the legs! She began to undress me and I her. Her body was so soft and she was so gentle, I was almost in heaven at this point. But I had to hold off! There was no way I was going to let this wonderful evening pass to quickly. I wanted to taste this Venus, to savour her in my mouth and hands. At last we were naked! This is when the fun started.

"Tell me what you want! Let me carry out your fantasies". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This wonderful creature wanted to pleasure me, to answer all my imaginings. This was going to be a wonderful night. I grabbed and kissed her quite forcefully before moving down to her nipples. I did not want to speak about my visions on how I had imagined her beautiful body moving to my every touch, crying out for more. Or how I wanted her to feel every inch of my pleasure throughout the night. She must have got the message for she took my wrists in her hands and held them behind my back. Kissing down my neck, she slid her tongue down the nape. This was driving me wild. I wanted to touch her. Never had I envisioned anything other than being in control of what happened.

But this was going to be different. I could tell that under no circumstances would she let me carry anything out on her until she had completely finished with me. By this time my nipples were standing to attention, erect and ready for anything. She did not disappoint. Her tongue flicked and licked both of them in turn. I had never let anyone have full control of me before for the simple reason that I did not like having too much pain inflicted, but as she began to nibble my nipples I found I was enjoying it more than I ever thought I could.

With the taste of her wonderful nipples lingering on my tongue, I tried to struggle out of her grasp, so I may continue as before, but there was no hope of this happening. "So you want to play do you?" She asked as her wonderful mouth reached my belly. "I,I,I…", I didn't know how to respond. I knew I wanted her to help herself but I also wanted to be able to enjoy her at the same time. I guess she took this as a yes. With my hands still pinned behind my back she moved me towards the bed. This was no easy task for she stood as close to me as was humanly possible.

Upon reaching the bed my arms were to remain behind me. Out of nowhere she produced a pair of handcuffs. They must have been used quite frequently as she had them customised. They were surrounded in black leather. As comfortable as they were I could not help but feel slightly anxious. "Don't worry I won't hurt you unless you tell me to. I really want you to enjoy yourself, so if there is anything you don't feel comfortable doing let me know and I'll stop. I want to explore you body inside and out and I find this is easier done without interference. It's obvious that you are used to being in control, but I think we all should try something different from time to time, don't you?" There was nothing I could do. The mere thought of this woman concentrating on my every desire sent shivers through my vagina.

She began to kiss my entire body lingering over my breasts. Her tongue was so soft against my skin. My body began to arch towards her, crying out for more, for her to go lower; to touch me where I needed to be touched. She began to descend my stomach, which rippled beneath her touch.

Finally she reached my most venerable point, the gate to all the pleasures of heaven and hell. Hesitating, I suppose just to tease me, she then slowly flicked my clit. At this I was no longer able to refrain from orgasm; I climaxed instantly. She had not finished with me yet! I wanted to touch her so badly that I began to plead for even the smallest of touches. To my utter joy I was obliged. However I was to remain handcuffed. She leaped around my neck and in an instant, I was tasting her wonderful nectar. This was more than I could have hoped for at this moment in time, after all she was the one in charge. It was obvious though that she wanted to have her cake and eat it, pardon the pun.

She was enjoying still being in command, as it was her doing all the moving. I could only provide my tongue. Within a short time she was screaming and all for my touch! She was so wet! Finally her desire was sedated and she removed herself from around my face. "Hum….. that was nice. Maybe we should try that on each other next time." I began to lift myself from the bed, in order that she could release me from captivity. Who was I kidding! She was far from finished with me yet.

"Who said you could move." Her voice sounded so domineering, "I'll tell you what you can and can't do. Just because I gave you the pleasure of my wetness does not mean we are finished here. I needed to be pleasured so that I could carry on. And now that you have complied I shall continue, regardless of whether you want to or not."

If this had've been anybody else I would be screaming for help at this very moment, but there was something about her body language, a kind of vibe, which told me that she was not going to hurt me, just play with me. And in all honesty I wanted her too. I could finally let go of all my inhibitions and succumb to another's desire. There was nothing I wouldn't let this firey woman do to me. "I'll do as you wish", I said between gasping for breaths. She was now inside me, penetrating me with her soft strong hand. I don't know how much of her was in me but I knew it was more than I had had before. It was gentle yet hurtful, not in a really sore way but an enjoyable way. As her movements got more frequent I could feel the intensity of my second orgasm rising. I was going to explode! No I didn't want this to stop just yet; I was trying to hold off as much as I could. She sensed this and as if in mockery pumped harder. With each passing stroke she was driving further and further into me, I wanted more! "Yessssssssssssss!" ok so I couldn't hold off any more. This was so amazing; no one had ever made me feel this way before, and without any commitments!

I couldn't refrain from smiling, I felt so alive, so satisfied. She lowered her body onto mine and began kissing me with those wonderful lips once again. They tasted so sweet, almost of honey. It felt so good to have her just lying on top of me. But yet again this was not to last. As she raised herself of me she turned me over onto my stomach. I did not know what was to happen next. There was no way I could ask her for I did not want to spoil the moment or have her withdraw completely. I just knew that things would be fine. And they were. It was her turn again. I was in for a long night!!!!

With my hands still tied she sat astride by waist. I began to feel her warm moist vagina. She was lowering herself onto my hands. "More, please give me more". She pulled away enough to allow me to straighten my fingers. If she wanted more, she would have to arrange them herself. She pushed one hand flat on my back and the other she slowly slid inside her. I could feel her vulva with my other hand. Oh this was so sensual. Being in no control and yet feeling both the inside and outside of this beautiful woman's paradise.

I could feel her hair and breasts upon my back as she rocked against my hands. I was about to experience my first ever orgasm without being touched! I could tell by the rhythm of both our bodies that we would climax together. And it was coming fast and furious! "Oh fuck Yesssssssssss", we both screamed together. She raised herself up but remained astride me. I could feel her contracting; it felt so good. She glided her hand around my bum and I willingly opened my legs for her. She slid her hand inside me, "I want to feel your come". At this a final shutter left my body and I was completely done. She gave a final push and withdrew her hand.

I could not tell what was happening as my face was buried in the bed. But she began to rock back and forth once more. That's when I heard her moan. "Hummmmmm! You do taste exquisite, I knew you would. To think that this is all for me. It was me who made you taste so sweet, so delicious. I could feast on you all night". Her rocking became more urgent. She was going to orgasm again. The thought of this renewed my energy. I then pleaded with her. "Please can you allow me one small thing? Just a tiny little thing, to please me even more than you already have?"

"Your wish is my command". She replied. "Can you penetrate me while you continue to do what you are doing. It is driving me wild. I need to feel you inside me. Please will you do that for me?"

She obliged me. Without answering she slid her other hand inside my now sore and extremely wet vagina. I opened my legs as far as I could and began moving against her hand. She was so deep inside that I could feel her wrist against my opening. I could hear her moans, both from our joint penetration and the licking of her fingers. With this it was not long until I was utterly deplete. I had never orgasmed as much in my life and wanted to repeat the experience as often as I could. If she was willing of course! Finished with my hands she removed herself from my waist and released my hands. As I rolled over I caught a glimpse of a smile upon her face. It went quite quickly though when I was facing her.

"That was unlike any experience I have ever had", I began saying. She placed her fingers to my lips to silence me. And simply said "do not spoil it with words. Get dressed and leave." I couldn't believe she was throwing me out. Then as a final farewell before leaving the room and me to get myself gathered together, she said "Any time you want a repeat performance give me a call. I'd be happy to oblige you. But just so you know, you are never in charge. The more you come the more I will do to you until we have rewritten the lesbian sex book." With this she left the room. Shocked and glowing I got dressed and left the house without catching sight of her. I headed for the nearest taxi depot. Placing my hands in my pockets for extra warmth as it was now well into the night, I came across my phone. Looking at it I began to wonder when would be the right time to contact her again. It was then I noticed her number was already punched in. It was ringing "What took you so long?" This was the beginning of my journey into the deepest sexual realms of womankind and I loved every minute of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End!

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