Summary: Hunter Roberge returns to her hometown after sixteen years to find out why her recently deceased, estranged mother bequeathed her a house and a legacy she doesn't want. Reconnecting with her past becomes a double-edged sword as she encounters a surprise romance and a family she thought she knew.

Disclaimer: Just in case there is a need to say this because the main characters might slightly resemble two gorgeous women we know and love, no infringement is intended to the powers that be at MCA/Universal. Other than that, the story and the characters are mine. Also, there is no such town as Otter Falls, Vermont, so I don't have to change any names to protect the guilty.

Warnings: There is mention of heterosexual sex. If that upsets you, rest assured it's not very good sex. If it is illegal where you live, let me know so that I can move there.

There is violence and there is a recollection of sex between a minor and someone in a fiduciary position. There is recollection of consensual het sex between two teenagers. There is also sex between two women. I hope I have covered all the bases here. Did I mention there is sex between two women? Hot sex?

This is for Rave and Ren, who make me really think about what I am writing. It is also for Roselle, BJ, (Bad)Tyler and Jordyn. They know why.

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The Tropic of Hunter




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