Christine McIlroy


There are times we are together

And strange emotions wash over me

Not of fear or worry

But of a deeper love for you

I've always known you're precious

A treasure to hold dear

But lately that feeling has grown

And hit me in the heart like a spear


My head says it's nothing

It's just a phase of mind

She's ticking all the boxes

She's just being kind

My heart says it's more than that

An awakening if you will

That the emptiness I've always felt with others

Is a space you're made to fill


What's scary is that you don't know about this change

This epiphany that has been

That now I love you more than I ever did

So much more intensely than you've seen

For now each move you make

Is elegance and grace

And I find myself seeing my future

Reflected in your face


There's been bits and pieces

A comment here and there

That makes me dare to wonder

If this is a sentiment you share

But then I call myself a fool

And snap back to the start

What makes you think you're good enough

To be trusted with such a perfect heart?


So for now I'll sit and wonder

If my wishes could one day be true

That sometime in the future

I'll be waking up next to you

And I'll continue to sit and wonder

If I'll ever call you mine

I'll dream in these little circles

Until the day you cross the line




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