First Kiss


Christine McIlroy


Alone together

Closer than ever

Trying to convince myself this is real

The laughing has stopped

The moments arrived

Wanting this, wanting you for so long,

It's a miracle I've survived

I look at you and see each flawless detail on your face

You return my gaze, eyes locking to mine

The ice blue perfection makes my heart begin to race

A moment of panic, a flicker of doubt

Is this really meant to be?

Too late to back down,

I'm relieved to see you lean closer into me

Breath on my cheek, a delicate fragrance that can't help but to entice

This girl is worth everything I think

There's nothing I wouldn't sacrifice

I see my hand reach up, and slide into soft blonde hair

A shy smile from you lets me know you're happy that it's there

The space between us closes fast, even though time has seemed to cease

The world around us could fall apart but I would still feel only peace

Lips touch feather light, fire sweeps through my body and soul

I know now for the rest of my days yours is the only hand I'll ever hold

You throw another smile at me and pull me in for more

Of a deeper love, of paradise found

I've never been so sure

We let passion take over

Let nature take us into our stride

This exquisite kiss may be the first

But is so natural, it's as if I've done it all my life

It's this first kiss that signals, that this is just the start

Because from this first kiss you've got me forever

Body soul and heart




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