Just a Breath Away

By Colleen


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This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright July 2009-2010

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

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 Chapter 15

Drew crept into the dark nursery, her way guided only by the small nightlight beside the dresser. It was Monday, and on her late nights, she didn't get to say goodnight to Logan, and that was very important to her. So even when he was in bed, Drew always peeked in and whispered her nightly wishes. Being very quiet, she slowly peered over the side of the crib, expecting to find the sleeping baby. “Hey big guy, why are you still awake?” she asked the tot. He was seemingly content, apparently just not yet sleepy. She reached in and lifted him into her arms, kissing his cheek. Besides being a gesture of affection, it was also a chance to see if he felt feverish. But he was cool and well. She had a seat in the rocker, hoping the movement would help him nod off. Keeping his face next to hers, she studied his bright green eyes, his button nose, and his cute little mouth. Drew knew that Carson didn't give birth to this child, but she thought it was incredible just how much they looked alike. “I'm gonna be your Mommy…or maybe I'll be Mama,” Drew wondered aloud. “It doesn't really matter what you call me, but you're gonna be my son.” Drew leaned close and whispered in his ear. “I'll tell you a secret; I've thought of you as my son for a while now.” A small fist came up and rubbed the ear, where Drew's breath had tickled. The doctor laughed and continued. “But your Mommy wants it to be official now. What do you think about that?” Knowing she wasn't going to get an answer, Drew kept rocking back and forth, delighting in the wonderful feelings flowing through her heart. Just a few minutes later, the blonde head lay upon her shoulder, the green eyes growing heavy. But it didn't prevent her from telling him her thoughts. “I know I wasn't there the minute you were born, but it wasn't too many months later that I came into your life. Maybe I didn't see your first smile, but I saw some of your first steps.” Drew smiled, remembering the astonishment of the baby's face as he unsteadily moved his bare foot, and then followed uncertainly with the other, before falling on his well padded bottom. But without a tear, he had climbed right back up and began the process all over again, showing a little more courage and determination each time. “You are an incredible little boy, Logan Clay Galloway, and I am so proud of you.” She kissed his sleeping head. “And I will be very proud to be your parent. And I promise to always do the very best I can at that difficult, but precious task.” Drew didn't hear the footsteps that retreated from the nursery door. She carefully stood with her delicate cargo and placed the baby in his crib, pulling the blanket over his body. “I love you,” she whispered. “Sweet dreams, my sweet boy.”

The tired doctor shuffled into the bedroom, yawing as she went. Carson stepped in front of her and pulled at the tucked in shirt from the waistband of Drew's slacks. The blonde then pulled the shirt over the dark head and tossed it onto the nearby chair. Drew was tired, but she was never that tired. “Is this a seduction?” she asked with a smirk. She received a simple, but loving kiss on the lips.

Carson smiled sweetly. “Not tonight Sweetheart. I just want to take care of you.” The black pants fell down Drew's long legs and she stepped out of them, following Carson's lead. A black, lacy bra landed upon the dark shirt and then a pair of sexy underwear joined the pants. The lovely, nude woman was led to the bed, where she was redressed in her evening attire.

Sitting on the bed, Drew put her arms around her standing lover and gave her a hug, her head snuggled against a flat belly. “What did I do to deserve this loving care?” she asked.

Carson rubbed the back of the doctor's neck, smiling. “You didn't do anything,” she answered tenderly, “but be your beautiful self.”

Drew snuggled a little tighter. “Well, I'll have to try that a little more often.”

Carson chuckled. “You don't have to try at all.” She rubbed a little more before asking, “Do you think you can stay awake a little while longer?” Bright blue eyes looked up at her.

“Sure,” Drew said. “What did you have in mind?”

“Climb in and get comfortable,” Carson instructed and did the same. She pulled a book from the nightstand drawer. “Would you like to look at Logan's baby album?”

Drew smiled softly, suspecting that Carson had overheard, at least some of the conversation from the nursery. “Yeah, I'd love that,” she said. The album was placed in her lap and she opened the cover. On the very first page was a big photo of the newborn. He was just an hour old, red and wrinkled, but Drew thought he was the most beautiful thing in the world…next to his mother of course. Drew went on to read the emotional letter Carson had written to her son on that day. She re-folded the paper and leaned over to kiss her partner. “That was beautiful,” Drew admitted. “He's going to love reading that someday.” Carson silently acknowledged the compliment, and Drew looked through more pages of photos and read more facts of his first months, feeling even closer to the baby boy than before. Drew recognized every person who had been photographed with him, Logan's grandparents, his aunts, uncles and cousins. He was a well photographed newborn.

“First Christmas,” Carson said, of tiny Logan in a tiny red, Santa hat. “He slept right through this photo session.” Carson turned the page. “Except for this one.” A final photo of the baby yawning, but still wearing the fuzzy hat. “I hope this Christmas will be a little more exciting.”

“Oh, I guarantee it will be,” Drew said. “This year he's mobile. Although, he might like the paper and boxes more than the actual toys.”

Carson nodded. “At one time, my niece liked the bows best,” she added. “I was partial to the stocking myself. Not the stuff inside, just the stocking. I think I wore it on my head most of the day.”

Drew chuckled at her lover's humor, and then laughed out loud as she laid eyes on one of the cutest photos in the whole book. Logan was reclined in his small, plastic bathtub, with a well placed washcloth protecting his future modesty. But the adorable part was the wide eyed expression on his face. His mouth was also shaped into an O, giving him an exaggerated look of surprise. “What in the world made him do that?” the doctor asked.

“If I remember right, it was the first time he saw me without make up.”

Drew laughed again. “Ah, he was stunned by your magnificence.”

Carson shared in the humor as another page was turned. “I want you to know,” she explained, “this is just from his first six months. I have started another one, in which you are prominently displayed. Logan will know you were here at this time in his life.”

Drew understood why Carson said what she did. It was because of one particular picture displayed on the current page. From the entire album, there was only one person, in this single picture that the doctor couldn't identify. But she had a pretty good suspicion who it was. “Is that her?” she asked simply, knowing Carson would understand.


Drew hesitated with any further response, not wanting to disrupt the nice time they were sharing. She studied the photograph instead. The other woman had the baby snuggled in one arm and had the other arm over Carson's shoulder, pulling her in close. The smiles gracing both faces, appeared to genuine and happy. But as they say, appearances can often be deceiving. Drew finally, but gently spoke the truth. “I hate the way she treated you.”

“I know. Me too. But if I'm going to set a good example for my son, I can't hate her. I can't forget, but I've had to forgive.”

Drew patted her lover's leg. “Of course you did; it's in your nature.” Drew took another long look at the dark haired woman in the picture, trying to make a frank appraisal “She may be an idiot,” the doctor admitted, “but she is beautiful.”

“Yes, she is,” Carson agreed. “But she thought so too. That was one of her biggest faults.”

* * *


The family spent the next Saturday with Carson's brother and his family. They had a picnic in a lovely wooded area at a nearby state park. They chose this area, because no one wanted to return to the place where they had had almost lost Carson. It was just to fresh in all of their memories. This park was much more natural and wild, with lakes for fishing, walking trails and a bird watching center. After the meal, and while the adults were relaxing, Logan found a pine cone and excitedly toddled over to show his parents. Drew and Carson gave his discovery the appropriate accolades and happy smiles.

A game of tag, with participating players, Drew, Logan, Carson's brother Duncan and his daughter Jenna was exuberantly underway. The toddler's little legs couldn't go very fast, but he played with all the gusto a one year old could muster. Six year old Jenna could, of course, run faster, but she spent some time playing at Logan's pace, and helping him chase the parents. After the final round, each adult stopped to tickle their respective child, Drew even spun the laughing tot above her head.

Dana and Carson had just set out a pile of sweets in preparation for the coming chorus of returning appetites. But they had first dibs on their personal favorites and grabbed paper plates and forks. They had no doubt that the smells of chocolate and sugar would soon bring the hungry horde back to the table.

Dana watched the playful interactions as she nibbled on a homemade cookie. She turned to Carson with an astute observation. “I guess Drew didn't have any reservations with instant parenthood.”

Carson smiled brilliantly. “No, she‘s a natural mother. She fell in love with Logan a long time ago. Probably before she fell in love with me.”

“You mean, she didn't claim it was love at first sight.”

“That's a lovely idea,” Carson acknowledged, “but I'm sure it's a rarity.” She grabbed a cookie for herself and snapped it in two. “Now that I think back though, I believe Drew had feelings for me not long after we met. The signs were there, I was just blinded by… “

Ms. Dixon stepped up, leaned down and snatched up half of the cookie in Carson's hand with her set of pearly whites. “Mmmm good,“ she praised as she plopped down on the bench beside Carson.

“Are you having fun Sweetie?” the blonde asked.

“Yup.” Drew reached for a strawberry to compliment her mouthful of cookie.

“Mommy come here,” Jenna yelled.

Dana chuckled. “Excuse me. Motherhood calls.”

Carson fed her partner a few forkfuls of her chocolate cake, as they watched Logan, who was now safely ensconced in his portable play pen, toss all of his small toys out on the ground. Drew leaned in close, and after placing a kiss on Carson‘s cheek, informed her of the plan. “Uncle Duncan has agreed to watch over our boy, probably because Logan is about to fall asleep.” The blonde giggled, knowing it was true. “So,” the doctor continued, “I thought you and I could take a little walk.”

Carson kissed her lover soundly. “A romantic walk sounds great.” Carson turned to the others. “Buy guys. We‘ll be back soon.” Drew took her hand and they disappeared into the forest, taking a shortcut to meet up with one of the appointed trails.

A ten minute walk took them passed a large felled tree, no doubt brought down by the wind judging by the massive root structure at the far end. Drew went to take a look and found the tree somewhat hollowed out, probably providing home to at least a couple of wild creatures. The formerly tall flora had landed across the path, but the trail had been cleared by two neatly placed saw marks, effectively halving the giant roadblock. The remaining wood on each side was left to nature‘s glory. Drew studied the many rings on the cut end of the tree. “This guy must have been a hundred years old,“ she guessed. “Aaaa!” She suddenly jumped as something moved near her feet. A pair of chipmunks had emerged from under a nearby bush and ran across the path on tiny, swift legs.

Carson bent over at the waist with gales of laughter. “You were scared by Chip and Dale,” she said.

Her nerves settled, Drew humorously testified, “I'm sure Chip and Dale have a gang of friends around here. They hunt in packs you know. Those two were just the advanced scouts.” Carson continued giggling at her silly lover as she reclaimed her hand and continued their stroll.

A few steps later, Carson spied a deer back in the trees and silently pointed it out. Drew gave her a thumbs up for her excellent eyes. They knew there was a small waterfall about a mile away, and while that had been their destination, Drew suddenly had another idea. She ducked behind a very large tree and maneuvered her smaller lover against its smooth trunk, effectively hiding their presence from any other hikers. The doctor lustfully attacked Carson's mouth, tasting remains of the chocolate cake Carson had earlier. Being mature adults and in public, if stealthily so, the kisses, while passionate, were held to a leisurely rhythm. Enjoyment outranking arousal, on this occasion.

“Would you be mad if I wanted to leave our picnic a little early?” Drew asked, sheepishly.

Carson cocked her head to the right, a half smile shaping her kiss reddened lips. “Did you bring me out here to smooch me up, so I wouldn't be mad that you wanted to leave?”

Drew lowered her head again, to resume the passions. “No. I brought you out here …” the kisses continued, “…to smooch you up…because you are so irresistible…and I didn't want to embarrass your family.”

“Well, since you put it that way.” Carson placed her arms around Drew's waist and they hugged. “And of course I'm not mad. I'm sure you wouldn't leave if it wasn't important.”

“That is correct.” Drew looked deep into the emerald eyes. “And you're just dying to ask where I'm going, aren't you?“ she said, reaching up to cup Carson's cheek. “I'm not keeping secrets Carson.”

“No, of course I'm not,” Carson said lightly, adding, “Secrets and privacy are two different things. You are allowed your privacy Drew. I don't own you.”

“Ah, but you do…my heart anyway. Because I gave it to you freely. But I will tell you all about my mission later.”

* * *


Carson entered her house with a very sleepy baby on her shoulder. “Where's Mommy Drew huh?” she rhetorically asked the tot. “Her car is in the garage.” Setting her bag of leftover food, from the day's picnic, on the kitchen counter, Carson carried Logan to his nursery. “I think we can skip your bath tonight, little man,” she told him as she undressed him. Carson wiped off his face and hands with a wet washcloth, put on a fresh diaper and slipped on his Tigger pjs. By the time she was done, Logan was fast asleep.

Stepping into her bedroom, Carson plopped down on the bed, pulled off her shoes and wiggled her tired toes. She took a deep breath, thinking about how good a long, hot bath would feel. She noticed that the bathroom light was on. “Are you in there Drew?” she asked. With no answer, Carson walked over to check it out for herself. No lover. But there was a note taped to the mirror. She, of course, recognized the handwriting. The cryptic message read.

Meet me in the basement. I have a surprise for you.

Announce your presence at the top of the stairs.


Love, Drew


Carson grinned, her energy now regenerated and excitement fueling her system. The bath would wait. She put on her comfortable slippers and headed for her surprise. “I'm here Drew,” she announced as instructed.

“Come on down Mama.”

“Mama?” Carson repeated to herself as she began the short descent. “She's never called me that before.” Her foot hit the bottom step and the beat of the familiar music filled the room. Carson stepped around the corner and her hand flew to her mouth at the delicious sight that greeted her. The intro played a few more notes as she surveyed the Elvis poised before her with microphone at the ready.

“A little less conversation,” Drew sang. “A little more action please.” Exaggerated sideburns were glued to the sides of her face. There was enough grease in her hair to re-lube her car, and the dark, man's suit she loosely wore, hid her feminine features. But Carson thought the Elvis facsimile was a charming vision. The King danced around her fan and continued singing the song with a sexy sway, thrusting her wiggling hips against Carson's backside. Drew soon finished the tune with a flourish and caught her blonde lover, as Carson comically swooned. Drew planted a heated kiss on her lips.

“Oh Elvis, I love you!”

Drew did the lip curl thing. “Well, little mama I love you too.”

They laughed and hugged, before dropping onto the small sofa in the corner. “Oh, thank you Honey,” Carson said, “for letting me see your winning performance.”

She patted Carson's leg. “You're welcome baby. I'll be your Drag King any time.” She carefully pulled off the sideburns, which were beginning to itch. “Is my other baby down for the night?” she asked.

“Yup, nearly fell asleep in the car. He had a busy day.”

“We all did…fun but busy. In fact,” Drew said, “I bet you would like a hot bath.”

Carson turned in surprise. “Wow, you do know me, don't you. I was just thinking that when I got home.”

“Well, let me fill up our huge tub,” the doctor offered, “and I'll join you.”

“Oooo, two of my favorite things,” Carson declared, “a tub full of water and you. And after our bath, we'll climb into bed and share a piece of chocolate cake that I managed to save from my brother's clutches. But first, how about one more dance with my King.”

“Splendid idea.” Drew sauntered over to the jukebox and pushed a button. She returned to her lover, holding out her hand. Pulling Carson into her arms, Drew began singing along as they swayed together. “Wise men say, only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you.”

* * *


Carson heard the music as she climbed the basement stairs. Remembering fondly her private concert of a few evenings earlier, Carson smiled. But then the current lyrics really registered in her mind.

“Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea. And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee. Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal puff and brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff.”

Carson followed the sound of the lovely voice and found Drew and Logan sitting on the floor of the baby's room. The talented doctor was playing the guitar as she crooned the old, childhood tune. Logan was, quite accurately, keeping time to the beat on his tiny, toy drum. Drew soon ended the song with a mild fanfare of notes from her strings.

Carson applauded and called for an encore from the merry musicians. Drew's back had been to the door and she hadn't noticed the audience of one, but she quickly turned and accepted the kudos, but begged out of the encore. “We'll have to reschedule the rest of our concert, I'm afraid.” The dark head tipped toward the tot. “We've had a few yawns here.” Logan had taken to fighting as long as he could to stay awake. So Drew decided to make a hasty exit so the baby would calm down. She stopped to kiss her lover as she passed by, before heading to the room where she was still keeping most of her stuff. Placing her guitar back in its protective case, Drew quickly answered her ringing phone. “Hi Mom.”

Not wanting to eavesdrop on the doctor, Carson approached her son. “Come here my little drummer boy,” she said. “Let's get you some milk and get you settled down for a nap.”

After the twenty minute long conversation, Drew tracked down her lover to their bedroom, where the blonde was putting away the clean laundry. Taking one stack of her own clothes, Drew stepped into the closet to hang up the appropriate items. “Do you feel like meeting my family?” Drew asked, her voice muffled by the enclosed space.

“Sure, why wouldn't I?” Carson answered quickly.

Drew stepped back into the room and had a seat in the chair by the window, to begin folding a pile of towels. “What I meant was,” she said, “do you feel like traveling, taking a weekend trip up near Chicago. My Mom has plenty of room, so we can stay overnight. Maybe we could take Logan to the zoo on the Sunday.”

“Yeah, that sounds like fun,” Carson said as she climbed onto her partner's lap for more kissing. They just could not get enough passionate lip locks. “And I feel fine,” she added.

Drew ran her hands over Carson's lithe body. “You certainly do,” she agreed. “How about we take a nap too?”

Carson pulled back from the kiss with a serious expression on her face. “Just to clarify, there won't be any actual sleeping going on during our nap, right?”

Drew's emerging grin was adorable and seductive. “You might sleep for the rest of the day when I'm finished with you, sexy woman.”

Carson giggled. “Promises, promises.” She dove onto the bed, followed immediately by the amorous doctor.

“I'll show you my promise,” Drew said as her hand slid under Carson's shirt.

* * *


“I've never seen Drew so content, so happy. I know you and your son are the reason. Thank you for that.” Drew's mother poured Carson another cup of coffee. The two of them were sitting in Mrs. Dixon's living room, getting to know one another. They had arrived at Janet Dixon's modest, suburban house more than four hours ago. Drew had given her mother a big hug and delightedly introduced her new family.

Instantly taken with the young mother, Janet welcomed her enthusiastically. The woman was tall, like her daughter, her medium length, salt and pepper hair held a gentle wave, and her blue eyes spoke of the wisdom of her years. She had never remarried after her husband's death, but the beautiful ex-model had no shortage of gentleman friends. She held a very pleasant and genuine smile, not at all tainted by her former career. And her laugh, Carson soon realized, was lovable and infectious. Drew had even succumbed to her mother's laughter, when Janet was relaying those inevitable and embarrassing tales from the doctor's childhood.

“I love your daughter,” Carson proclaimed, “more than I ever realized was possible. My new goal in life is to always see to her happiness, whether with my support of her life's decisions, fulfillment of her wishes…or with just my faithful presence,” she added modestly.

They both turned to watch Drew, who was on the sunroom floor playing with her mother's dogs, a young dachshund named Gina and a much larger German Shepherd.

Janet covered Carson's hand with her own. “Oh, my dear, I believe you. Without divulging any personal details, Drew has told me about the rocky road that led the two of you to this point. I truly feel when a couple survives trials and distress, it makes a bond deeper and stronger. My husband and I cleared a few hurdles before we got married. But we persevered and spent many deliriously happy years together. And had we not been separated by death, I have no doubt we would still be just as happy.”

“I wish I could have know Drew's father,” Carson said. “She loved him very much.”

“Yes, she did. And he adored his daughters. He would have been delirious to have been a grandfather.”

Logan made his presence well known with a squeal. “Do, Do, Do. Pay.” He chanted the mantra again and again.

Janet laughed. “He certainly knows what he wants,” she said.

“Oh, yes.” Carson lifted him from the stroller and set him down on the floor, pointing him in the direction of the doctor. “Drew is over there Sweetie. Go get her.”

Logan ran over on his little legs, where he was greeted first by the smaller dog, who proceeded to lick his cheek, causing a round of giggles. Drew kept hold of the bigger dog, Doolittle, until Logan seemed comfortable with his generous personality. Doolittle was well behaved, and Drew had him lie on the floor until she made the introductions. She took the baby's small hand in hers and brushed it gently over the dog's tan and black fur. She then wrapped her arm around him, providing comfort and safety as the big dog rose to his feet, gently nudging the smiling baby. Drew said something they couldn't hear and Logan put his arms around the canine's neck, giving him a big hug. Then Drew must have asked for the same and Logan obliged.

“I've asked Drew to adopt him,” Carson said, as they watched Drew's gentleness. “I think he'd like another grandmother,” she continued. “Would you be interested in the position?”

Janet beamed at the thought. “I've been counting the days until I could brag about my first grandchild. And I couldn't wish for a better choice than that beautiful little boy.”


To be continued

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