Just a Breath Away

By Colleen


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This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright July 2009-2010

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

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Chapter 19


Drew was stretched out on a secluded, private beach in the Caribbean. Her slightly bronzed body, protected by an appropriate amount of sunscreen, was covered by the tiniest bathing suit she had ever worn. Her suddenly wanton partner had chosen the barely there garment at a boutique in a nearby touristy town, when they had gone souvenir shopping the day before. At eighty-four beautiful degrees, the day, their third in the islands, was illuminated by a shimmering sun, but kept comfortable by a lively tropical breeze. Drew didn't normally indulge in sun bathing, but it was just so relaxing after their rigorous morning of swimming.

Carson had surprised her lover with the location of their first vacation together. The blonde had planned every meticulous detail of the seven day trip, with some surprises still to be revealed. Their first day had them exploring their concealed hideaway and then enjoying a lovely seafood dinner in town. Day two had them seeing the island sights, and shopping. Personal purchases and gifts for family and friends were already packed away in the extra suitcase they had brought for that specific reason.

This morning, they played in the refreshing ocean water, and then had a light lunch which Carson had prepared herself. With the doctor lounging in the afternoon sun, Carson was working on her travel diary and exchanging emails with her mother, mostly checking up on her son.

With her correspondence completed for the day, Carson peeled off her tank top and shorts, revealing her own tiny swimsuit, something she also wouldn't have normally worn. She slid open the glass door, stepping out onto a blue stone patio, which was covered by a thatched roof. Stopping to take in the lovely fragrance from the surrounding colorful flora, Carson suddenly stooped mid breath as her eyes landed on her gorgeous, nearly nude partner. She stared at the long length of femininity for a long time, mesmerized by the entire healthy package. From head to toe, everything about Drew was absolutely appealing to Carson. But the heart and soul that lived beneath the outer beauty could not be compared to any other human being Carson had ever known. She loved this woman with an intensity that took her breath away.

But her carnal side could not be ignored. They had indulged those urges many times since their arrival on the islands, and Carson needed to have her hands on that body, and immediately. She padded to the edge of the stone and dropped to all fours in the sand. Slowly crawling across the soft terrain, she stealthy approached her quiet, supine lover. Dark glasses hid the doctor's eyes, but Carson doubted that she was snoozing…or at least she wouldn't be for long. Leaning next to the dark head, she whispered, “Are you asleep beautiful?”

Drew shuddered, the sands shifting beneath her body. “Not if you are going to keep whispering in my ear,” she said, “and rubbing your face against mine…and…” Carson captured her lips in an outstanding, upside down kiss, stalling any further words. It was a lover's kiss, with velvety tongues erotically sliding against one another, not fighting for dominance, but sharing in a torrid tango. It was searching and teasing. It was lusty and sexy. It was hot on a warm day. It was the kind of kiss that you never wanted to end, because it was soooo damn good. But they both knew it could be repeated almost any time they wanted. And there were so many other good things to do with those mouths at the moment.

Carson eased back and took a very deep breath. She removed Dar's sunglasses and peered into the tranquil blue eyes. Those eyes smiled with incredible joy. And Carson knew she was the reason for Drew's happiness, as she had been told time after time. “I love you so much,” Carson said with a breathy tone. “And I intended to show you.” After another round of lustful kisses, Carson moved forward, bringing her in contact with the beautiful breasts, which she exposed to the sun, but intended to protect with various areas of her own body. Drew gasped and then moaned long and low as Carson busied her mouth around the firm nipples and the surrounding skin. But with her lover's chest so close by, Drew had no resistance. She reached around and released the clasp on Carson's bikini top, quickly indulging in some lush flesh. The lovers played on in harmony, their duet building on notes of sweet tension and sultry passion.

Soon, but not too soon, Carson continued forward, crawling over her lover's body, trailing her lips over the doctor's toned mid section before finally reaching the prized destination. Pulling two tiny strings with her teeth, Carson peeled away the dark material covering her lover's most private spot. The sun warmed flesh tasted spicy, and Carson savored the erotic offering. Not love starved by any means, she simply adored loving the beautiful body that was hers to love. Since Carson was also receiving as good as she was giving, great timing soon brought both to a screaming crest.

They spent the next hour on the beach, touching, kissing, and loving. Snuggling together after their desires were sated, they talked about the future, making plans for more fun vacations. Children, current and future also played prominently into the happy chatter. While no one gets everything they want in life, these two women knew they now had everything they would ever need to live a joyous life.

* * *

After their sexy afternoon romp on the beach, they shared a shower, taking particular care to clean areas that really should not be irritated by sand. This shower was a unique experience. Not the sharing part, they had done that many times. But this time they had decided to try the outdoor shower that was a special feature at the beach house they were renting. The area was enclosed on all sides for privacy, but to Carson it definitely felt strange to look up and see clouds and sky. But that didn't stop her from totally enjoying the moment.

* * *

Standing in front of a full length mirror, Carson adjusted her red and yellow print, sarong skirt. She then slipped on a sleeveless, yellow top, and tied off the ends above her toned mid section, finishing off the fanciful outfit. A red flower adorned her golden hair, which loosely framed her lightly tanned face. They only had a day and a half left, and Carson had had a perfect vacation so far, but the best was yet to come.

After a late evening dinner, Carson had instructed Drew to change into something nice, but casual, although not revealing their exact plans. Drew took it all in stride, completely trusting in her partner. Having chosen a pair of white, loose fitting, lightweight, linen pants and a coral colored shirt of the same material, Drew walked into the bedroom where Carson was at the moment. The doctor stepped up behind her lover, enveloping her in a hug. Studying their united reflection, the dark head next to the golden one, Drew smiled. “Damn, we are beautiful together, aren't we?” she decided quickly.

Carson shared her vision with a long look in the mirror, finally uttering a firm agreement. “That we are baby.”

Drew turned her lover around, softly caressing her face, giving her a relaxed, loving kiss, mumbling I love you between touches.

Eventually, Carson backed away from the kiss, but stayed close enough to feel the warmth of Drew's breath on her lips. “Wow!” she murmured with a smile. She backed up a bit more, staring deeply into Drew's eyes. Emotions played across Carson's face, and her mouth twitched a time or two.

The doctor could tell there was something on Carson's mind, that she wanted to say something. “What is it honey?” she asked caringly.

A little tear slipped down Carson's cheek. Her head shook. “I'm just so happy.”

Drew sighed. “And that makes me happy.”

Carson took the doctor's hand, twining their fingers. “Let's go for a walk,” she said. “The sun will be setting soon.”

“Let's be back here, in that bed by midnight though,” Drew told her. “The best way to ring in the new year.”

Wearing sandals, they shuffled easily across the still warm sand, as Carson headed them down the beach toward a little cove she had discovered on their first day there. To the left, the ocean prepared for a calm night, waves gently washing ashore, serenading the island with a soothing melody.

They exchanged few words, content just to bask in each other's presence. Drew's foot suddenly kicked something that was buried in the sand. “Wait a minute,” she told her partner, then bent down to search for the object. Lifting the white disk, she dusted off the tan grains to find a small sand dollar. She stood and presented the gift to Carson. “Here, a good luck charm.”

Carson smiled. “You are my good luck charm. But I will keep this as a memento of this trip.” Drew retrieved the dollar and put it in her pocket for safe keeping.

They strolled down the beach once again. Drew watched as the foamy waves rolled onto the shore. She looked for other abandoned shells, maybe another sand dollar, so Carson could have them made into earrings.

“Let's get married,” Carson suddenly said.

Without missing a step, Drew responded. “Nothing would make me happier Sweetheart. But I doubt that our state is going to allow gay marriage anytime soon. Unless you want to move.”

“No, I like it exactly where we are.” Carson said, slowing their already lazy stride. “But I don't need it to be legal.”

Drew nodded. “Okay, we'll plan something when we get home.”

Carson stopped and met Drew's gaze. “I think we should do it a little sooner.” She led Drew around a corner, into the private cove. “Like right now.”

Drew took just a second to look around the small, sheltered spot. The greenery was brightened with colorful blooms, adding a natural perfume to the air. Torches provided flickering flames to light the night as the sun continued to sink beyond the horizon.

“Will you marry me?” Carson formally asked. “Right here, right now, just the two of us.”

Drew's smile added to the shimmering illumination as she caressed Caron's face with both hands. “Yes, I will marry you. Right here, right now.”

Face to face, they held hands. With only the sun and the ocean by their side, they exchanged vows. Carson took a deep breath, wanting to tell Drew everything she felt, but knowing she would never be able to put it all into words. But she tried. “I was so lost the day I first met you, unable to see the truth of what we could be. But you, with your gentle nature, quickly became my friend, showing me your strength, humor, loyalty and affection. I honestly believe I was led to you at that lowest time. And you lifted me back to life a little more with each day that I knew you. But still I was blind. I fell in love you long before I really knew it. But the moment I realized it, it was like fireworks in a lightening storm. That's a good thing,” she told Drew when the doctor's brows had furrowed with confusion. When Drew smiled again, Carson continued. “The wondrous colors returned to my eyes, and the brightest was the blue of these beautiful eyes, where I saw your soul, and how it was bound to mine. I love you like no other ever could. Growing old with you and raising our family will make my life complete.”

Drew's heart beat a little faster and her mind nearly went blank, absorbing the intensity of Carson's words and her love. But her desire to marry this woman brought the words back. “When you look in my eyes Carson, I get weak in the knees. But my heart pounds stronger than ever. You've given me a companion, an equal partner, a son…a family. Through the laughter and the tears, past and future, we grow even stronger. As individuals and as a couple, we are better than we ever have been. I also remember some fireworks on the day you said you loved me. I finally knew what my future was. I love you and I will spend the rest of my life showing you the heights and depths that my love will reach.”

They kissed, gently.

Carson pulled a tiny velvet pouch from her cleavage. “Ooo, a treasure chest,” Drew joked. Carson giggled and retrieved two, matching rings from inside the bag. She offered her partner, the smaller one, and prepared to slip the larger one onto Drew's finger. “With this ring, I thee wed.”

Drew savored the feel of the cool metal encircling her finger, before placing it's twin onto Carson's finger. “With this ring, I thee wed.” Drew brought the adorned digit to her mouth, giving it a small kiss. She then took Carson's lips, sealing their vow of commitment with a grand gesture of love.

“When did you do all of this?” Drew asked her secretive little lover.

“I had a little help from the beach fairies,” Carson answered cryptically. “But I decided this is what I wanted a few months ago, and started planning this trip.”

Drew had another look around. “Well, I think it is all perfect. You are perfect. There is only one little thing that would complete this moment.”

Carson smiled. “And would that be our son?”

“You read my mind.”

The foliage behind them rustled. A small figure stepped out of the bushes and toddled forward. Drew was stunned. “Logan? Where did…how did he…?”

The baby grinned when he saw his parents. “Mama!“ he yelled, strong and clear, pointing to the smaller woman. Barefoot, he ran toward them, wondering about the strange feeling beneath his feet, but not letting it detour his path. The taller woman scooped him up, and both women planted kisses on his cheeks.

“I missed you buddy,” Drew said happily.

“Me too,” Carson agreed, “but we're back together again. Give me kisses,” she instructed the tot. He did as asked, in his baby like manner. “Logan,” Carson said, getting his attention as he tried to grab for the flower in her hair. “Who's holding you sweetie? Who is this?” she asked, pointing to her spouse.

Logan pulled his head back and studied her for just a second before grinning and answering. “Do.”

Carson laughed. “Yes, this your Do. But what else did I tell you?”

He pointed a tiny finger, nearly touching her cheek. “Mama Do!”

Drew's eyes filled with tears. It was the first time he had called her that. She hugged him close. “I love you son.”

“Love Do. Love Mama.”

Now Carson was crying too. But it was all happy tears. And that was always a good thing. All three of them sat down on a convenient blanket, watching the ocean and each other. They could tell the tot was sleepy, but they enjoyed his company while Carson explained. “My mom was standing over there,” she pointed behind the foliage, “waiting for my signal. My entire family is here, and so is yours, at a hotel in town. Tomorrow, we're having a big party to celebrate our commitment. Even though I wanted a private ceremony, I also wanted Logan to share some part of this with us. We are a family.”

“I love my family. I love you.”

Carson heard forever in three little words. She delicately kissed her new wife. “You leave me breathless,” she whispered emotionally. Carson put her head on Drew's shoulder, and tickled her son's bare foot. The couple watched as the setting sun brought on the close of the last day of the year. But Carson greatly anticipated that the best years of her life were still to come.

The End

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