Just a Breath Away

By Colleen


This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way.  Copyright July 2009

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit.  If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it.  If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.


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    Chapter 8


     The huge table at the Galloway residence was surrounded by eleven family members, and on this Sunday they were joined by a very close friend. For the first time, Drew met Carson’s father, Nathan, her brother Brett and Brett’s wife and two children. Drew was an instant charmer in a most natural and unassuming way and everyone took an immediate liking to her. Jackson, Brett’s eleven year old son, took particular interest when Drew promised to give him guitar lessons. Jack’s little sister was always shy around strangers, and Drew was no exception. That is until she mesmerized the blue eyed youngster with a few simple slight of hand magic tricks. The doctor often used the distractions on her little patients. The five year old giggled endlessly when Drew gave voice to the child’s teddy bear. By the end of the meal, the doctor had a lap full of children, and definitely two new fans.


     Barely a moment had escaped Carson’s attention, even as she helped serve the food and clean up after.  Something inside her swelled again with pride and gratitude in her friendship with Drew Dixon.


*    *    *


     While at the bowling alley the previous week, Carson had mentioned in passing that she was painting her family room the next Saturday. Drew had overheard Carson’s plans, but at the time hadn’t offered to help. She wanted to surprise her friend.


     Carson answered her front door just before eleven on Saturday morning, surprised to find her friend. “Drew?”


     “Hey, you look cute,” the doctor said.


     The blonde was wearing a pair of old, baggy overalls, a sleeveless tee and paint spattered tennis shoes. Carson quickly glanced down at her dubious duds. “Uh thanks. Did we have plans today?” she asked curiously.


     Drew pulled a painters cap from the back pocket of her jeans and plopped it on her dark head. “Nope. I was just going door to door asking if anyone needed help slapping on some paint.”


     Carson grinned. “Well, what do you know, I just happened to have opened a can. Care to lend me a brush?”


     “At your service,” Drew said. “But before I dirty a bristle, can we discuss my fee?”


     Carson seriously considered her options. “I won’t pay a morsel over three home cooked meals.”


     Drew considered the offer. “Ummm, does that include desserts?”


     “Oooooo, I don’t know.” Carson studied her friend’s expectant, cheerful face and relented. “Well, if your work is satisfactory, I’ll agree to the sweet stuff.”


     They shook on the deal and Drew walked into the family room to find all the furniture moved to the center and covered in plastic. A nearby table was filled with all the necessary painting equipment. “You’ve been a busy little bee,” she said. “I should have been here an hour ago.”


    Carson playfully swatted her on the butt with a paint brush. “Well, better late than never.” She gestured forward with her hands. “Get moving. Those desserts are pending.”


     Drew chuckled enthusiastically. But that quickly turned into a choking sound as the sexy blonde bent over at the waist to pick up the can of paint. The move thrust her perky behind right in the doctor’s direction.


     “You should get a doctor to take a look at that cough,” Carson said, totally unaware that she was the cause.


     “More like a doctor to restart my heart,” Drew mumbled. “Something went down the wrong way,” she said louder to Carson.


     Carson tipped her head, her smile unseen. Is that possible? She thought wickedly.


     Drew had been painting quietly for about half an hour when something came to her.  She looked around the room; something seemed to be missing. She had assumed Logan was asleep, but didn’t see the baby monitor. “Where is my favorite little guy?” she asked curiously.


     “He’s at my brothers until tomorrow afternoon.”


     Drew shook her head. “Wow, that boy has a better social life than I do.”


     Carson looked back over her shoulder as she worked across the room. “What can I say, my son is a party dude.”


     The duo worked industriously for more than two hours before breaking for a late lunch. With a large pizza on its way, the girls sat back on the plastic covered sofa, putting their feet on the plastic coated coffee table. Carson yawned. “It’s not the company, I swear.” She told her friend. “Logan was restless last night. I sat up with him for hours passed his bedtime. He had a mild asthma attack. But I was ready this time.”


     Drew reached out and took her companion’s hand, interlocking their fingers.  “I sure wish I could share those times with you,” she said, sincerely. Or a lifetime.


    Carson smiled sweetly. “You’re wonderful Drew. Always here when we really need you. Like today. How did you know I was going to paint today anyway?”


     “I overheard you talking to your sister in law last Saturday. Made my plans right then.”


     Carson gave the hand a squeeze. “Like I said, wonderful. I could keep you around for a lifetime.


     There was a knock at the door. They both adopted ravenous expressions and made simultaneous exclamations. “Food!”


*    *    *


     Re-energized by the Italian pie, the pair got back to work finishing the painting. When they were done, the walls had gone from faded gold to a sophisticated, but muted cocoa brown. Carson planned to add accessories of darker chocolate and light blue. They both stood back and admired the job well done. Carson absently pulled off her shoes to stretch her sore feet and rubbed the back of her stiff neck as she studied the wall.


     “You chose well,” Drew said with admiration.


     Carson pursed her lips. “I don’t know…now that it’s up…I don’t like it.”


     Drew’s jaw literally dropped and she turned sharply. “You’re joking!?”


     Carson grimaced and sucked in a heavy breath. “Yes, I am.”


     Drew swung her head heavily side to side, never taking her eyes off her grinning friend. “For being such a sweet woman, you’ve got a devilish side.”


     Carson teasingly winked a green eye. “You have no idea.”


     Drew went with the tantalizing banter. “Oh, maybe I should find out.” Her mouth curled with just a hint of a sinister smile as she approached Carson silently. Drew crooked a finger as the blonde moved back a step.


     “Now Drew.” Carson feared she was about to be tickled…and she hated that.  Well, she didn’t really hate it…but it did tickle. She took another step back. Her foot didn’t meet the hard floor this time. It squished and she had a strong hunch what it was. “Oh Drew,” she said in a sing song voice. “Tell me I didn’t.”


     The doctor looked down and covered her snickering mouth with her hand. “Yeah. Yeah you did.”


     Carson carefully lifted her bare foot, streams of brownish paint falling back into the pan. “Oh yuck.” She looked at her friend, who hadn’t moved an inch. “Well?”


     “Well what?” Drew said innocently. Carson glared at her. “Oh, I guess you’d like some help.” Drew made a big show of looking for the bag of rags. “Now where did I see those things?” She looked under all of the plastic sheets. “No, not there.” She moved into the kitchen. “Maybe we threw them away by accident.”


     Carson couldn’t move without dripping everywhere. She stood precariously on one leg. “Drewwww,” she whined pitifully.


     “Hold your pants on,” the doctor said. “Just keep doing your wonderful flamingo impression. I’ll find them…sooner or later.” Carson mumbled a curse. Drew laughed quietly and finally decided to give her friend a break. She walked over, standing directly in front of Carson, flashing her best cocky smirk. “What do you know?” Drew pulled a clean rag from her back pocket. “I had one the whole time.”


     “Now who’s being devilish?” Carson said, as Drew helped her to sit on the floor.


     It was Drew’s turn to wink. Taking the messy foot in her hand, Drew wiped away most of the thick liquid. “There’s paint between these piggies,” she said, inspecting the cute toes. Carson twitched, biting her tongue to keep from laughing. But the doctor noticed. “Oooooh, ticklish?” Drew asked, prudently pushing the pan of paint aside. She attacked her blonde victim, scraping the dirty sole with her blunt fingernails.


     Carson screamed and squirmed under the devious ministrations. “Stop! Stop! Please.”




     Carson huffed and puffed, calming herself, watching Drew for any signs of guilt. The unrepentant woman sat next to her, whistling and looking everywhere, but her friend’s face. “Aren’t you going to say anything?” Carson asked, still breathless.


     “Well, just this. Round two!” In a flash, Drew straddled the supine woman’s hips and dug her fingers into Carson’s sides.


     “No! No! Drew stop!”


     The dark head leaned closer, so close that she could have…  The tickling stopped momentarily, but the digits hovered nearby. “Say the secret word,” Drew whispered in an ear.


     Face to face. Nose to nose. Practically lips to lips. Carson opened her mouth and moved the tiniest bit closer. “Please…stop.”


     Drew suddenly realized where she was. She was lying on top of her best friend. She was almost kissing her best friend. Oh, how she wanted that to happen. But Carson’s plea was undeniable. But did she want the near kiss to stop or just the tickling. Drew jumped up with a good excuse. “I should probably let you breathe.”


     Carson got to her feet, breathless again. She was breathless for two reasons, exertion…and desire.  “I’ll…a…go wash up,” she stammered. “Be back in a few minutes.” Carson made a hasty exit to her bathroom. Looking in the mirror, the embarrassment colored her cheeks. She splashed cool water on her face, banishing the blush. She then glowered at her reflection. “Just wash your foot and act like nothing happened.”


     While Carson was gone, Drew pulled the plastic sheeting away from the furniture and moved everything back into its original place. She put all of the painting equipment back on the table, trying to keep busy. She wondered if she had gone too far. Carson’s reaction was hard for her to read. Was she offended…or excited? Drew went to the kitchen and got a glass of water, downing it in two gulps. Wiping her mouth with her arm, she left the cup in the sink and returned to the sofa.


     “I think the piggies are pristine again,” Carson said cheerfully…a little too cheerfully though.


     Drew smiled casually. “Good. Dirty piggies are never a good thing.” Not a word was mentioned about the previous tussle or the almost kiss.


     Carson took a seat next to her friend. “Would you like a beer?” she asked.


     Drew took a breath. “No thanks. I just had some water.”


     “I bet you’d like to eat,” Carson cringed inside at the suggestive words. “…something else, after all the work you’ve done,” she added.


     “You don’t owe me anything,” Drew said then paused. She hated the unease that was passing between them. She spoke the name softly, almost reverently. “Carson?” The green eyes locked with hers and remained for three breaths. And many heartbeats.


     The blonde looked away first. But she could still feel the intense gaze. Closing her eyes, Carson contemplated what she had just seen in the very short span of time. For the first time, she noticed the same sensations she had been experiencing looking back from those pretty blues. Carson hadn’t had much success in icing down her lusty libido where Drew was concerned. She kept thinking of the sexy woman in sexy clothes and in sexy poses…doing sexy things. Carson continued to hunger for the delicious doctor. And now she knew that yearning was reciprocated. But still that didn’t mean they had to act on those desires. But if they both wanted it…why not?  Oh hell.  In one swift move Carson turned and put her lips against Drew’s. The kiss quickly grew deeper and more passionate. It was absolutely wonderful as they tasted and teased with soft lips and inquiring tongues. But after a few minutes, and with the initial burst of lust satisfied, the kisses remained intense, but the actions pleasantly slowed. There was no hurry just yet. The beautiful kisses were savored and happily memorized. It took a few more moments for each of them to come to terms, mentally, with what was happening.


     But stopping was far from either of their thoughts.


     Drew carefully brought her hand up to caress Carson’s cheek. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked between kisses.


     “Why didn’t you tell me?” Carson returned.


     “Because I didn’t think…”


     “I didn’t either,” Carson said as she gently pushed Drew down onto the sofa cushions. “It doesn’t matter right now.” No more words were needed as the kisses once again started to become stronger and even more meaningful. Both women finally felt free to openly explore what they had been suppressing for weeks. Four hands roamed over and under loose clothing, discovering muscles and curves, previously only touched by eyes. Drew unhooked the catches on the worn overalls and then ran her hand under the shirt to release Carson’s bra. She continued to skim her hand down the warm skin as her lips encountered more lovely areas on her new lover’s neck. They were trying to go slow, even though passion was escalating by the second. Drew’s hand drifted forward, reaching for a firm breast.




     Drew stopped, but didn’t move away. “What’s wrong?” she asked worriedly.


     Carson smiled and returned to the soft lips for a single reassuring kiss. “Nothing,” she promised, looking into the intense eyes. “I just think this would be easier and much more enjoyable in my bedroom.” Carson grinned affectionately, but she didn’t make any attempt to move.


     Drew loved the look she was receiving…but… “Sweetie, you’re going to have to move first. You are on top.”


     “Right,” Carson agreed. But her muscles had yet to receive the signal.


     “I don’t want to have to tickle you again,” Drew threatened with a faux, menacing tone. “But…” Her long fingers moved into position.


     “No, no! I’ll move.” She traced a circle on Drew’s chest with a fingertip. “But I do intend to resume the position later,” she informed saucily. By the look on the doctor’s face, Drew liked the idea just fine. Carson climbed to her feet, her overalls sliding to the floor, leaving her in just her pale yellow underwear. She started to pick them up.


     Now it was Drew’s turn to protest. “No, leave them. You won’t be needing clothes for the rest of the night.” She stood up and kissed Carson again, carefully directing them through the maze of furniture. They kissed all the way through the house to Carson’s bedroom. Once there, the urgency hit like a tidal wave, and although their lips barely parted, they completely stripped each other down to tan skin and freckles. After another lengthy duration of fiery kisses, Drew was finally able to pull away. “I’ve wanted to see you like this for a so long,” she said in a growling voice. Leisurely, she circled the slender, natural blonde, taking in the entire astounding view, fore and aft. Drew ended the tour snuggled against Carson’s back, and she sighed. “You are gorgeous…top to bottom.” She accentuated the compliment with a gentle pinch.


     The blonde head fell back upon Drew’s shoulder. “So are you.” Carson reached behind her and landed on Drew’s tight backside. She squeezed the firm globes, thinking of nothing else, but the fabulous body embracing her. She sank into the powerful desire, her body hotter than it had ever been for anyone. “I can’t wait any longer,” she said, breathlessly.


     Drew melted into the heated caress, her love for Carson swelling her heart…as well as other pertinent parts. “Oh, me either,” she murmured softly. “But I intend to make this last all night long. I want to do everything with you that I have ever thought about. I want to linger in you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamed of us like this.”


     Carson giggled. “Don’t you mean fantasized?”


     Drew copied the healthy chuckle. “I guess that is the more accurate word.” Still standing behind her new lover, Drew lifted Carson’s full breasts in her hands, kneading the soft flesh and strumming the nipples like a seasoned musician. And Carson sang a magnificent melody with her chorus of moans and sighs. The tall woman’s mouth found Carson’s delicately corded neck and she gently nipped the tight band. Drew’s head swam with each breath as Carson’s true, sweet fragrance filled her lungs. The kisses slowly trailed down the shoulder as her hands played on, and when Carson begged for more, Drew moved her oral attentions to the neglected shoulder. And when Drew craved more, she spun Carson around and started in on her lips again, tenderly caressing her adorable face.


     In a firmly established embrace, the couple began to move easily, four feet shuffling over the floor in a relaxed circle. And the kisses continued. Carson moved her fingers through the short hair above her partner’s neck, and began gently scratching the skin beneath. Between soft kisses, Carson observed, “We’re dancing naked…and there’s no music?”


     Drew immersed her soul into the liquid emerald of Carson’s eyes and her breath nearly caught in her throat at the unequaled beauty. “You don’t hear that melody?” she murmured softly. “It’s the greatest love song I’ve ever heard.”


     Carson exhaled briefly as Drew’s wondrous words reached her ears. Somewhere, a place veiled deep inside wanted to release the tears. But Carson wasn’t going to allow that. The lust directed her to pull the doctor’s lips back to hers. “You are so damn sexy,” she muttered, her voice thick with boiling passion.


     They tumbled onto the bed with Drew’s taller body settling lightly onto Carson’s smaller one. Devouring kisses and dancing tongues followed for almost a quarter of an hour… although neither one gave a damn about the time. But as much as she loved Carson’s mouth, Drew had to know more, needed to experience the entire five feet five and three quarter inches of Carson Galloway. “Turn over,” she instructed huskily. The faintly muscled body flipped, and Carson turned her head so she could watch Drew out of the corner of her eye. Drew was so beautiful in the graceful way she moved, Carson observed, but she was also extremely cute as her blue eyes were heavily lidded in concentration. Little did she realize that Drew was lost in worship, of a body and a soul.  


     The doctor in Drew didn’t exist at the moment. She couldn’t have named one bone of the human skeleton. The only body parts she currently knew, or cared about, were the lovely ones laid bare before her eyes. Drew’s amorous tour started with the sleek back, which bore one tiny, dark freckle nestled close to the left shoulder blade. She ran her fingertips along its center, the muscles below trembling with pleasure. Below that was a sassy bottom whose shape reminded her of a perfect summer peach with a dewy glow. A pair of attractive legs and two sexy feet with ten adorable toes completed the phenomenal physique. Exasperatingly slowly, Drew began peppering the beautiful back with whispery kisses while one hand rested on a shapely hip. “Your skin is like velvet...and sweeter than any chocolate.” More complimentary words were spoken softly beneath the loving movements of her lips.  Then her praises, vocal and tactile, finally turned to the delightful derriere. Carson began to softly whimper with appreciation as her backside was amorously attend to, a pair tiny dimples garnering special attention. Drew’s nimble hands then flowed down each leg, delivering a decidedly non-therapeutic massage. But no caress was hurried, no kiss was rushed. By now, Carson’s eyes had closed, but sleeping was not on the menu. She continued composing the endearing sounds as she luxuriated in the sensual touches, even chuckling subtlety when Drew kissed the tip of each toe. The doctor soon reversed her direction, stopping when she met the juncture of Carson’s legs. Leaving a hand there, she leaned next to an ear. “Open for me,” she directed softly. When the limbs parted, Drew’s lengthy fingers slipped underneath, meeting the luscious heat. But Drew barely teased the springy curls, not delving any further just yet. “I love touching you this way,” she whispered in the ear again.


     Carson’s brain had nearly lost the ability to form intelligent words by this point. “Umm hmm,” was all she managed.


     “But I am just getting started.” Drew gently, but physically turned Carson onto her well loved back, moving on top of her once again. They rubbed tenderly, skin to skin and belly to belly, the friction eased by the developing perspiration. After another series of long, probing kisses, Drew moved her lips onto the blonde’s chest. The plump nipples, still slightly reddened from Drew’s previous attentions, were soothed with long, languid licks. Her right hand slid down over Carson’s hip and up the inside of the thigh as Carson parted her legs again, allowing deeper access. Drew took the invitation and worked her fingers through the trimmed patch of golden hair and further into the silken, wet flesh. Carson lifted her leg slightly, planting it confidently between Drew’s long legs. The doctor was in heaven, giving and receiving such intense love. She began moving against the lovely firm thigh as she dipped and swirled within the intimate spot, her thumb focusing on the throbbing bud. Carson’s body quickly tensed and then the wonderful sensation blasted away with the force of a too long silent volcano. Drew grinned into the breast she nuzzled and then kissed her way back up to her lover’s face. “So beautiful, so beautiful,” she chanted, almost in tears. Drew’s dream was finally coming true and she was determined to show Carson her love through the touch of one body to another, from one mind to another…from one heart to another.


     Plenty of lustful sounds were made, but not many more words were exchanged as the passionate encounter stretched into the late hour. When it was Carson’s turn to explore her fantasy, for the first time at least, she played with a couple of points of interest, but quickly busied herself between the long, lovely legs, experiencing the beat of Drew’s pulse beneath the bountiful fluid she encountered. Carson’s green eyes slipped shut as she entered a state of nirvana. Her tongue traveled rhythmically around the sumptuous terrain, discovering the tantalizing taste, the satiny texture and the musky perfume of Drew’s essence. Never losing contact with some flesh, Carson finally relented to Drew’s pleas and concentrated all of her energies on that one special spot. Within seconds, Drew’s body shot off the mattress like a rocket, her hands clutching desperately at the sheets. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” she panted, ending with a very loud, “Carson!” The euphoria then drifted through her body like clouds on the wind, and her fatigued muscles easily settled back down onto the bed. Completely sated, they both floated in a sea of stars and Drew’s weary arms loosely clasped Carson’s shoulder, urging her into a loving cuddle.


     “I’ve never felt this way before,” Drew mumbled happily.


     Carson yawned. “Well, I gotta say, I’m feelin’ mighty fine.”


     The respite was short though. After a brief nap, they awoke with renewed desire.




To be continued.

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