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by Coleskilla

Her unmistakable scent could be perceived in the air by just opening the door that would lead me to the relaxing presence of the only person I’ve ever allowed to guard my heart. I entered the room slowly, not wanting to disturb whatever moment my angel was delighting herself in.

She looked up from the book she was holding between her hands at the very moment she heard the door opening. Her hair waving slightly at the ever so slow movement of her head, reflecting the golden rays of light coming from the window in front of her.

My heart started beating faster the moment our eyes met, making the few steps separating us disappear at the brightness of her blue, sparkling for the joy of seeing me after being apart for long hours.

I drowned in her, rocked by the murmur of her clothes brushing against each others, her body shifting so that she could look at me straight. And then, her ever so soft face morphed into a gentle smile. Such a honest, brightful smile that made my soul ache from the love I feel for her. And then, as if moved by a primitive instinct of politeness or simply by the automatic expression of my love for her, I couldn’t help but to smile back trying to convey the joy my being was feeling at seeing her again.

In a matter of seconds I’m beckoned by the warmth that I know so well, the strong embrace of love, that peaceful and unmistakable feeling that only she can give me when I’m held so tenderly tight against her. Just like now.

I nuzzle my head in her neck, smelling the sweet perfume that I know so well. The personal scent of love, the same one that envelopes me every night in a peaceful cocoon of the sweetest dreams. The same perfume that makes me long for that gentle touch that makes my soul soar, that caress, that kiss, those soft lips muttering words of love.

And as I kiss softly her neck I see the goosebumps forming on her skin at the caress of my breath, making appear the most honest smile. A smile full of pride at knowing that I can make her body react to my touch.

We break our comforting embrace without losing the familiar contact of our bodies. And ever so gently she brushes my hair up behind my ear, caressing my cheek with such gentleness that would make the coldest man cry. And in that instant when her eyes look for mine I know I’m lost and I gladly surrender my soul to her craving.

Her lips upon mine, heaven. The softness of her mouth teaching my lips of love and undying passion, gracing them with the sweet taste that is only her. Our breaths mingle together like the salty sea does with the sand of the heated beach and the world diappears the moment our tongues touch for the first time. Shyly starting the rythmic dance of our aching muscles seeking for each other as our kiss gets deeper every second.

The lack of air to my lungs is the hated sign that announces the end of the sweet torture. Relunctantly, we break our passionate union to give a rest to our throbbing heart, exhausted from surviving with what little oxygen it had when we started our loving activity.

And when I feel her heavy breath on my face and I feel the flushed skin of her forehead leaned against mine I know I’m safe again, in the arms of my angel. Safe from the damaging world that would eat me alive without her strength to get me through. The skin of her forehead feels warm to my lips as I lay a kiss upon the soft surface, imagining behind my closed eyes the shy smile that always appears in her face when I do that.

And there it is, the sweetest moment of the day. When the blue reflection of my angel’s soul surrounds my being, talking to me of love, of passion, of the unique feeling of being utterly happy, of being loved. And then it reaches my ear, the sweetest words ever spoken:

"I love you, Laura."

Once again I drown in that see of honest love that I’ve seen so many times, but only in the eyes of my angel. And as speechless as I am every time I hear that statement I answer with the strongest words I’ve ever pronunced.

"I love you too, Nicole."

In that precise instant, in that spark of time in this huge universe in which we live, the truth I’ve been looking for all day, the feeling that I crave when I’m apart from her appears. Then I know, I am Home.



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