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Chapter 4


They were home. The place they lived. Erin and Jamie were always home whenever they were together, but walking through the door into the old farmhouse signified a brand new chapter in their life’s story. There was a new house to be built…together and new branches to be added to the family tree…together.

Erin had no sooner dropped her luggage on the bedroom floor before she ran off to her office to get the plans started for that offspring.

Walking into the bedroom, Jamie plopped the first big bag onto the bed and unzipped it, grinning at Erin’s enthusiasm. She herself was severely jetlagged, having been kept busy, but happily so, on the flight home. Even still, she volunteered to start the unpacking. She soon had her clothing, shoes and other items scattered about the room in a not so orderly fashion. Emerging from the big walk-in closet, Jamie covered a huge yawn and her eyelids drooped as she spied the comfortable looking bed. A little nap won’t hurt anything, she thought. Pulling off her shoes she flopped back onto the bed. Just five, ten…thirty minutes will do the trick, she thought behind another yawn.

"Jamie, we’ve got an appoint…ment…" Erin’s words drifted into a smile when she saw her wife sound asleep across their bed. The blonde placed a kiss to the snoozing cheek and moved the largest suitcase over to a chair in the corner. As quietly as possible she set about putting her own things in order and gathering up a load of laundry. Absently, Erin began to hum as she worked her way around the room replacing items and dusting. The lullaby floated from floor to ceiling and across the bed before Erin grabbed up the dirty bundle and headed for the stairs.

"Mama! Mama! Mama!"

Jamie heard the high-pitched chants as she approached the house after a hard day’s work. Three little faces were glued to the screening in the back door as they continued the cheers, impatiently waiting for one of their two favorite parents.

She had to gently, but forcefully push the door open as the children each bounced on little feet, clamoring and jabbering constantly. One wanted to eat, another wanted to play and the third was just crying for some unknown reason. The three tow heads, ranging in age from five to three each grabbed at some part of Jamie’s anatomy as she trudged through the kitchen and into the living room.

"Mama, I’m hungry!" said the oldest.

"Me too Mama!" "Play with me," the others shouted simultaneously.

"Okay, okay kids," Jamie said. "I’ll take care of everyone if you just give me a minute. Where is Mommy?"

The five year old pointed toward the hallway just as a very pregnant Erin came waddling down the stairs. Her hair was disheveled, her face pale and dark circles filled the spaces below her green eyes. One hand supported her aching, lower back and she groaned loudly as her foot hit the last step. Child number four tugged on a handful of blonde locks as she was cradled in the author’s left arm.

"I’m so glad you’re here," Erin slurred. Dislodging her captured hair, she passed off the baby to her tall spouse. "Here," she said. "I need a nap." Erin kissed her wife on the lips and then each child on the head. Pointing to the baby, Erin informed, "She needs changing, badly. They all need supper and JJ is getting a cold."

Right on cue, the three year old sneezed sloppily on Jamie’s pant leg as Erin disappeared back up the stairs. The rancher’s eyes started to water at the toxic odor coming from the diapered tot in her arms. A tug on her shirtsleeve got her attention as she moved through the small bodies dancing around her, heading for the nursery. Jamie bent down and the three year old with the runny nose whispered in her ear. "I need potty Mama." Coincidently, he just happened to wipe his messy face on hers while relaying the message. The baby in her arms started screaming in her ear and tugging on her hair. Hands pawed at her relentlessly and demanding voices grew louder and louder with each second.





Suddenly, laughter coming from a room upstairs joined the clamor.

From the corner of her eye, Jamie caught sight of the four-legged member of the family. She turned to the, clearly smiling, dog.

"I could have told you," Artemis said.






"Potty! I know," Jamie said, jumping off the bed, her breaths coming in heaves. The startled sapphire orbs darted around the darkened room. No laughter. No cries. No talking dogs. Jamie took a deep breath. "Okay. It was just a dream," she said to the empty room.

She scrubbed her face and chuckled nervously. Releasing a very heavy sigh, Jamie shook her head and walked out of the room.

After a quick trip to the bathroom to splash some water on her face, Jamie followed her nose to the kitchen where she found her busy lover. Only then did she check her watch. "Why did you let me sleep so long?" she asked, taking the pile of dishes and utensils from Erin’s hands. She proceeded to set the table and grab some drinks from the fridge.

"Because you looked like you needed it," answered Erin as she transferred the finished meal to the table. "Besides, fifty minutes isn’t that long."

"Well, thank you. I did need it." Jamie raised a slightly accusing dark brow in her wife’s direction. "How come you aren’t that tired my partner in crime?"

A green eye winked. "More stamina?" she offered.

Jamie scooped a spoonful of food onto her plate and gave a sideways grin. "Yeah, that must be it."

Adding a fair amount of table spices to the food, both ravenous women dug in with gusto. The house was unusually quiet. Not that it was ever noisy, but with the dog still in her temporary home in L.A. her clicking toenails and playful barks were even missed.

"We have a doctor’s appointment on Friday," Erin informed Jamie half way though the meal.

Jamie hesitated mid-chew, suddenly remembering her chaotic dream. She swallowed with a tiny bit of difficulty and took a long drink of her iced tea. "Honey, we’ve never talked about this exactly, but how many kids did you want?"

Erin took a moment to consider…and that worried Jamie.

"Well, I’d like to have a whole house full."

The blue eyes bugged out.

"But let’s just take them one at a time and see how our life progresses."

The rancher released a very small, but relieved sigh. "That I can do."

* * * *

Artemis had returned the next day from her vacation with the Nelsons.

"You know, one of these days my children are not going to let that dog come home," Bridget said as she sipped her coffee at Erin’s kitchen table.

The author laughed, knowing it was true. Her niece and nephew adored her canine friend. "There is only one thing to do to remedy that. Get them a dog of their own."

The red head huffed. "I know it’s inevitable, but I’m holding that off as long as possible."

Erin spent the next couple of hours chatting with her sister and showing her pictures from the trip to Switzerland. Brad and the children did a little horsing around with Jamie while the women did their gossiping. Because of the uncertainty of the insemination procedure, Erin and Jamie had agreed not to mention their plans for a child until they were well into a pregnancy. There would be plenty of time for excitement and celebrations when it happened.

Bridgett slowly perused the stack of 4x 6 inch photographs. She envied the trip as picture after picture of snow capped mountains and quaint, old world villages appeared. Erin got up to put on another pot of coffee, anticipating the return of the rest of the family from their little journey.

"I can certainly tell that you two had a great time," said Bridgett as she studied a photo of Erin and Jamie snuggled together in their winter gear, huge smiles covering their faces.

"We did sis. I don’t think it could have been any better."

"Sounds like a good place for…" Bridgett’s jaw dropped as the next photo came into view. "Oh boy," she chuckled. "Umm Erin, why is there a picture of Jamie wearing a blonde wig with long braids and…obviously nothing else but a bed sheet?"

Erin dashed back to the table. "Oops," she said with just a little blush. "That one isn’t supposed to be in there. It’s from my private collection."

The red head looked up. "Uh huh. Do I even want to know?"

Erin lifted both golden brows. "That would be no," she said. "Lets just say that I started out wearing the wig."

The older sister nodded briskly. "You’re right, I don’t want to know."

They laughed as the back door was suddenly opened and the children came running in.

"Slow down there," said Bridgett to her over exuberant offspring.

Erin used the distraction to covertly slip the racy photo into her back pocket.

Jamie noticed her lover’s flushed cheeks. "What’s wrong?" she whispered.

Erin gave her a little squeeze around the middle. "Oh nothing. I was just showing Bridgett our honeymoon photos."

"Okay." Jamie saw the twinkle in the emerald eyes and made a note to ask again later.


* * * *

Jamie sat in a corner of the waiting room tapping out a chorus with the tip of her brown boot. She’d already flipped through several three-month-old magazines and couldn’t remember a thing she’d seen. This office needs something, she thought absently. Maybe a big screen TV in that corner over there. They could show baby movies. Hollywood movies I mean. I certainly wouldn’t want to see any of those real life documentaries. She glanced at the other three people in the overly quiet room. One man and woman couple and a solitary man, who she assumed was waiting for his significant other. Maybe an aquarium, she thought abruptly back to the decor. Checking the clock on the wall, she realized that she had been sitting there alone for over an hour.

She tapped her foot some more.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock

Jamie cracked her knuckles then stood and did the same to her back. Grabbing a handful of pamphlets from a shelf in the opposite corner she proceeded to find out just about everything anyone could want to know about human conception. And some things she’d rather not have known. Jamie folded the brochures and stuffed them into the back pocket of her jeans, took her seat again, crossed her arms over her chest and waited some more. She hated waiting. Especially in a doctor’s office. Yep, Jamie hated waiting.

"Ms. Sheridan," said a young, red headed nurse. "They’re ready for you now."

"Finally," the rancher whispered.

Jamie nodded a silent thank you to the nurse and followed her down the hallway. As soon as the office door was closed she crossed over to where Erin was seated. "Is everything all right, honey?" she asked after kissing the blonde’s cheek. "It was taking so long in here."

Erin smiled and took the nervous hand. "Everything’s fine sweetheart. The doctor apologized, but he was running late."

When aren’t they? That’s why I hate waiting. The dark head nodded, but Jamie didn’t have time to say anything else before the door opened.

"Well, now I believe we have everything we need." The fifty something gentleman finally raised his eyes from the folder in his hand. "Oh," he exclaimed when he caught sight of the new face.

"Doctor Hammond," said Erin, "this is my partner Jamie Sheridan."

The rancher took his hand and nodded cordially.

Erin took that hand back in hers and explained. "I told Doctor Hammond just how much we want to have a baby, sweetheart."

The man smiled. "Indeed she has and we will do our very best to make that happen." He did a quick run down of the chart on the desk in front of him. "Well, the exam was fine and I see here that everything on your blood work checks out as well. We pretty much have your cycle charted, but you have the means there," he pointed to the small box in Erin’s hands, "so we will be able to exactly pinpoint our window of opportunity." Doctor Hammond pulled a large, yellow envelope from his desk drawer and handed it over to Erin. "Since there are no family members or friends to be involved, there is a list of current donors. Have your top three choices ready in case the availability changes and by my calculations we will see you back here sometime around the middle of the month. Do either of you have any questions?"

Erin looked to her partner. Jamie swallowed and thought hard. "I guess not," she finally said. "Right now anyway."

The doctor smiled. "Okay. There is also some literature in the envelope, explaining the procedure." He quickly scribbled something across a small sheet of paper. Tearing it away from the rest of the pad, he handed it to Erin. "I’d also like you to start on this as soon as possible."

Now Jamie had a question. "What is it?"

"It’s just a mild fertility drug."

"I thought you said she was in good health and able to conceive."

"Yes, she is as far as I can tell. This will just enhance the chances of a successful insemination." His gaze turned back to Erin. "And don’t forget the vitamins I gave you. They are very important for a healthy baby."

"Oh, I’ll remember. I will definitely do everything possible to have a happy and healthy baby."

* * * *

The previous tensions drained from Jamie’s body just as soon as they stepped out into the daylight and a picture of Erin holding a tiny baby in her arms suddenly popped into the rancher’s head. She smiled and turned to her smiling wife. "Are you excited?" she asked, opening the car.

"Very." Erin scooted into the car and laid her hand on Jamie’s leg. "But I’m also just a little nervous."

Jamie pursed her lips and huffed with a little chuckle. She hadn’t hidden a thing from her very perceptive wife. "Me too," she admitted. Jamie leaned over and gave Erin a long kiss then pulled back and tenderly cupped her cheek "But we’re in this together. And nothing is going to stop us now."

* * * *

"What do you think of the designation 884-219?" Jamie asked. She was sitting on the bed with her back propped against the sturdy, oak headboard. A sleek, silver laptop was perched on her thighs and she was intently scouring the web page on the screen. Beside her on the nightstand was the stack of papers they had gotten at the doctor’s office that afternoon. Earlier they had carefully studied the donor candidates, but methodically rejected every one for various reasons. With that list exhausted they had decided to go surfing on the next leg of their search for a donor. Erin was just finishing up getting ready for bed, but Jamie was so anxious she couldn’t help herself from taking a sneak peek.

"It’s got a nice ring to it," Erin chuckled, as she stepped from the bathroom. She climbed into bed next to her partner and settled against the pillows. "Let me see his stats." Erin took the machine and grabbed her glasses from the nightstand. "Mmm hmm. Honey, he does have blue eyes, but this says dark brown hair." Erin reached for a few strands of Jamie’s shoulder length, coal colored tresses. "This is black…pitch; not dark brown."

Jamie shrugged. "Well, it may be as close as we can come." She tapped the screen with a single finger. "It also says he has some Irish heritage and he has a masters in engineering with an IQ of 150. He speaks four languages. I’d say he’s pretty intelligent. He was also on an Olympic track team and he plays two musical instruments. He sounds like a really well rounded individual."

Erin glanced back down at the small screen. "I know he has lots of good points hon, but lets keep looking anyway. We really don’t want to make a hasty decision on something this important." Jamie nodded and they snuggled closer, sharing a view of the current web site.

About forty-five minutes later, after a few little debates, Erin pushed the laptop away and rubbed her stiff neck. She sighed with just a hint of sadness.

Jamie took her hand. "So, I guess we go with 884-219 as a first choice."

"Yeah, I guess." Erin put her head back against the board of carved wood behind her. She had ordered a childhood picture and an audio interview of that particular candidate and she wasn’t going to make an absolute final decision until she had all of that information, but she did yield on his physical attributes. "He does come closest in physical description to you," she said, "tall, blue eyes and dark hair. It’s just brown, not black."

"That might not even matter," said Jamie. She shoved aside the little computer and wrapped her arms around Erin, drawing them both deeper into the soft bed clothing. "You could have a baby with beautiful blonde hair…and green eyes. I think that would be adorable. But no matter what the baby looks like, I don’t think either one of us will love him or her any less."

Erin smiled and gave Jamie a quick peck on the lips. "You’re right. Our baby will be perfect, no matter what."


* * * *

Jamie fiddled with the half dozen or so buttons on the black console at her side. She was actually fascinated with the fancy toys she’d never gotten to just play with before. She watched out the darkened windows at the passing city and tugged on the lapel of her jacket. It felt strange to her to be riding in the back of a limo, going down the LA streets that she knew so well.

Her right foot tapped on an invisible brake as the streetlight ahead turned yellow. The car did not slow however. It sped up, its back half speeding under the now red light. A hand restrained Jamie from jumping forward to admonish the chauffer. In the two years that she had been a professional driver, Jamie always put the customer’s safety above all else, including punctuality.

Erin tugged her partner back into the seat and rubbed a hand over her thigh, hoping to divert her attention. "Jamie, it was a judgment call," she said.

The rancher slumped with a huff. "Well, it was bad judgment." Jamie turned and saw the look on her wife’s face. Those green eyes glanced down at the twitchy fingers and the dark haired woman smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, I’m just not used to being here as a passenger. Feel’s funny."

It was early Friday evening and they were on their way to the heart of Los Angeles for the world premiere of The Noah Factor, the major motion picture that had been made from Erin’s popular science fiction novel. It had taken over a year and a half to make it to the big screen, but the final product had finally arrived.

"I guess it would," said Erin. She traced a finger down her partner’s arm. "You didn’t have to come tonight. I know you don’t like that kind of attention."

The taller woman twisted and gave her a startled look. "I most certainly did! This is your big night sweetheart. I wouldn’t miss it for anything." Jamie kissed Erin, careful not to smudge the coral hued lips. "You deserve this night and all the celebration that goes with it. And we are going to make the most of it."

The sleek, black limo pulled in line behind several others, undoubtedly carrying the movie’s stars. Erin could here the clamor from the crowds of fans lining the street and her own nerves jingled just a little.

Once it came their turn, she stepped from the car to a chorus of cheers and a few flirtatious whistles. Of course she was sure that the adoration was much more directed at the celebrities, but she did accept that a fair share of the praise and attention was for her.

Although there was one aspect of the celebrity eye that she was not particularly fond of. A flashing of lights assaulted them as soon as Jamie closed the car door and took Erin’s hand. They certainly didn’t consider themselves the poster couple for lesbianism. Neither was ashamed of their relationship and they certainly didn’t try to hide anything. But Erin was sure that by the time the next week’s issues of certain, so called, magazines were published that they would adorn the pages maybe even the covers of some of those publications. Erin felt that their relationship shouldn’t be any more closely scrutinized than any heterosexual couple there, celebrity or otherwise, but it surely would be.

Jamie self-consciously smiled and did her best to hang back, but still be supportive of her spouse as reporter after reporter approached them with questions.

A tall, mustached man with a microphone stepped up and introduced himself. "I’m Brandon Pierson from That’s Entertainment. Could we get a short on camera interview?" he asked.

Erin smiled graciously. "Yes, as long as it’s about the movie."

The brown-eyed man nodded his understanding. "How does it feel having your work make it to the big screen?" he asked.

"I’m very excited," the author said. "I have already seen a rough version of the film and I think everyone involved has done a wonderful job putting this all together. Blair Lawrence’s direction is outstanding and the whole cast put their hearts into each and every scene."

He signaled the cameraman to cease filming and addressed the tall woman behind Erin. "Ms. Sheridan may we ask you a question?"

Jamie was suspicious of his familiarity with them, but then any reporter who did their homework would have certainly known of their relationship. They had never tried to hide, just remain private. But she was also impressed by his professionalism. He was not taking advantage of the situation to sensationalize them in any way. "Depends on the question," she said with a crooked smile.

He tipped his head and said, "Thank you." When the camera was back in place and running, he continued. "Ms. Sheridan, could tell us how you feel about this evening’s event?"

"I have always been a great fan of the book and I can’t wait to see the movie. My partner is a very talented individual and I am extremely proud of all her accomplishments."

* * * *

The last scene faded into the brilliant and familiar sunset and credits began to roll over the large screen. Jamie spontaneously rose to her feet and started a round of applause and the rest of the crowd followed, adding cheers and whistles to the accolades. The lights in the theater brightened and Erin reached up to take the hand that was offered. She was pulled into a loving embrace.

Jamie had noticed the faint coloring of her wife’s cheeks. She whispered, "You deserve it sweetheart. That was beautiful. I love you."

Erin returned the sentiment with a wink.

Hand in hand they followed the crowd across the street where an empty lot had been transformed into the fantastical world that had sprang from Erin’s futuristic vision. The film’s producer, Joseph Hudson and the movie company had spared no expense to celebrate the release. Pink trees and red hills dotted the artificial turf that had been laid atop the cement, creating an otherworldly landscape. Visiting parrots and other exotic animals, including the chimpanzee that had featured prominently into the story, gave added life to the festivities.

Jamie had relaxed from her earlier bout of nerves and easily joined in as many of the guests engaged Erin and her in conversations throughout the evening. Studio executives, with dollar signs in their eyes, threw very unsubtle hints at Erin for a sequel. She gracefully dodged the comments with neither a refusal nor a confirmation of a second story.

At one point during the evening Erin had to leave her spouse for some photos with the movie’s stars and some further interviews. She returned more than half an hour later expecting to find Jamie standing alone in a corner trying her best to blend into the background. But much to her surprise Erin noticed her wife talking with three other women. She didn’t recognize the others, but was glad Jamie was mingling with the guests and not being bored. The author stood back and just watched as Jamie seemed quite comfortable, laughing and sparking topics of discussion. She stood out from the small group, not only because of her height, but also her striking facial features. But then again, Erin was just a little biased. The emerald eyes hazed over with passion as she perused her lover from head to toe. The ends of Jamie’s silken hair blended perfectly into the raven colored suit she wore. The soft, black blouse under the jacket was opened modestly, but tantalizingly at the neckline, finishing off her enticing monochromatic look.

Jamie laughed heartily and caught sight of her petite partner from the corner of her eye. She turned and shamelessly flirted, flashing lapis eyes and licking the coating of sweet wine from her lips. "If you’ll excuse me ladies," she said. "I see that my date has returned. It was nice to meet you." Jamie sauntered the half dozen yards, stopping only to grab two refills of zinfandel from a passing waiter.

"Who are your new friends?" Erin asked with a smile, as she accepted her glass.

"Not friends," Jamie corrected, "potential clients." She shrugged and grabbed a cube of cheese from the plate of food Erin had brought back. "Or at least their family members might be. They were telling me some great stories of the Hollywood scene though." She leaned over and whispered. "I know where there is a great costume shop."

"It’s the heart of the entertainment industry, I’m sure there are lots of nice costume shops around here."

Jamie’s lazy smiled became lopsided with a teasing twinge as images of their honeymoon played across her mind. "This one is in the back of a toy shop," she drawled.

"A toy…" Erin caught the wicked glint in the sapphire orbs. "Just what kind of conversation were you having?"

One dark brow bounced twice. "Actually, I overheard that one. There’s a woman walking around here in leather from neck to toe. And if I’m not mistaken she had a whip coiled at her side."

Erin munched on carrot stick, a look of doubt in her eye. "Uh huh."

"You don’t believe me? Come on, we’ll track her down."

Erin tugged on the arm that was leaving. "That’s okay," she said, "I’ll take your word for it."

The author and her wife shared a sinfully delicious plate of earthly culinary delights and a few glasses of high spirits until the party began to wind down at about midnight. The celebrated couple ducked into their limo and was whisked away to one of L.A.’s nicest hotels, deciding to stay there for the night so they wouldn’t have to take the long drive home.

They settled quickly into the luxury suite, discarding their fancy duds and slipping into the shower. The sudsy duo played under the warm spray far longer than was necessary for just cleanliness, but pruning skin and a yawn or two finally brought their playtime to an end.

Jamie crawled under the crisp, white sheets, turning to find her partner across the room instead of right beside her where she belonged. "What are you doing honey?" she asked, watching Erin rooting around behind the wet bar.

Twinkling green eyes appeared over the ledge of the black surface, but nothing was said. The petite blonde headed back toward the bed with an ice filled bucket and two tall, slim glasses. "We’re celebrating," she finally said, placing the bucket on the nightstand. Seconds later, the cork popped out beneath the pressure of her thumbs and bounced off the wall above the bed.

The rancher ducked in reflex.

Erin giggled. "Oops."

Jamie turned back to her with a wary eye. "How much have you had already?" she asked.

Erin poured the tawny liquid until the bubbles reached the rim of the glass then handed it to her partner. "I only had the two glasses of wine," she said, "and that was spread out over three hours. Like I said, we’re celebrating."

Jamie took an invigorating sip. "Far be it from me to turn down a good year and it certainly was a terrific evening, but I thought we already did this earlier."

Erin smiled slyly. "Oh, we’re not celebrating the movie."

"What then? Let me guess, our love."

Erin sat on the mattress beside and facing her wife, whom she kissed just then. "Always," she said. "But in particular, this will be my last alcoholic drink for…quite some time."

The dark, puzzled brows drew together. "Why is this…?" The light bulb finally popped on. "Oh." Jamie smiled.

Erin took a drink of the vintage effervescence then nodded her head toward the half empty glass. "I will gladly give this up for our baby, but I do intend to enjoy this last one."

Jamie tipped her glass and touched it to Erin’s with a toast. "Here is to our future child and the last drink either of us will have for a while."

To be continued.

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