Twelve Days

By Colleen


General Disclaimer: This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way.

Love/Sex Disclaimer: This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.


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Chapter 4

Cori lifted the last print from the clear liquid and hung it on the wire to dry. Inspecting it carefully for the correct exposure, she shut off the machine and turned the lights on full. She had spent the afternoon in the darkroom, developing and printing the five rolls of film that she had taken at the party the night before. A smile formed on Cori’s face as she studied the big 8x10 in front of her. She had snapped three pictures of the dapper bartender, but this was by far the best one. It depicted a close-up of Taylor in three quarter profile with a tiny smile curling the sides of her mouth. She was very relaxed and totally unaware of the camera lens pointed in her direction.

There was an empty two-tone wood inlaid frame that, Cori decided the photo would look perfect in. And then it would be hung on the wall going up the staircase, where all her other cherished family photos resided.

* * * *

A crying baby in one arm and a boiling pot on the stove didn’t frazzle Cori Sterling. Add a ringing phone and a knock at the door at it might start to strike a nerve. But for now, the little mother had everything under control. "Okay Sweetie," she cooed to the tearful infant while shutting off the flame. "I get the point. It’s dinner time." Cori quickly moved to the comfortable recliner in the living room and settled in. Several buttons on her multi-colored shirt were opened and Kylie was cradled to her mother’s chest for a nourishing meal. Cori cupped the back of her daughter’s fuzzy, blonde head with her free hand, rubbing over the shell of a tiny ear with her thumb. One big, green eye peered up as the baby suckled in time to her mother’s humming. A smile drew over the older woman’s face as it always did when she spent these precious moments with her child. All throughout her pregnancy, Cori had thought of all the things that she wanted to do with her child. She had even started a journal with all the ides listed for each year of age. But now she would have to alter at least some of those plans, for it would no longer be just the two of them. They had an expanding family to happily consider.

Knowing that her daughter was not yet full, Cori switched her to the other breast. "You’re getting so big," she said. "I’m afraid this just isn’t enough for you anymore. I’m glad we started you on cereal last week." Cori placed a kiss on the wrinkled forehead. "But you’ll always be Mommy’s baby. I love you Sweetie."

Finished with her meal, a wide-awake Kylie was placed against a strong shoulder and a gentle hand patted her back. Before long a loud burp sounded in Cori’s ear. She chuckled. "Oh my, that was a good one." The pair sauntered back into the kitchen to finish Cori’s dinner. The baby loved her mother so much that she absolutely did not want to be put in her swing, so with a squirming Kylie on her hip, Cori re-warmed the sauce for her pasta. The phone in the other room rang. She headed for the living room, but quickly scurried back when the red sauce started to bubble. Running to the phone, Cori checked the caller ID before answering. "Hi Mom."

Knock. Knock. Knock. "Special delivery."

Oh boy!


* * * *

"Ouch!" Taylor pulled her burnt finger away from the hot bowl she was removing from the oven. Once she set the dish on the table, she held up the oven mitt, finally noticing the worn hole near the top seam. The pretty features scrunched into a scowl as Taylor sucked on the injured finger. The useless accessory was soon sailing across the room landing in the open trashcan.

"Come on Trav, dinner." Taylor called her son as she dished out the beef and noodle mixture onto two plates. She sprinkled the smaller portion with a handful of cheese. That was the only way she could get the boy to eat most of his food. At least he’s getting plenty of calcium, she thought. As a test, she put just a few of the cheddar pieces on top of her own food.

The three year old came in seconds later wiping his damp hands on his shirt. "Honey, you are supposed to dry your hands on the towel in the bathroom," she softly chided, "not your clothes." She lifted him into the big kitchen chair and went to pour him a glass of milk.

"But da towel fell on da floor Mommy. It gots germs. My shirt is clean."

Taylor ruffled his bright blonde hair, grinning at his developing logic skills. She sat down, tried the experimental dish and nodded. Not bad, she thought. Guess he knew something I didn’t. "What did you do today Travis?"

The child fumbled a forkful of food into his mouth and remembered how mommy taught him not to talk with his mouth full. He swallowed then answered happily. "We made cookies at Mrs. Archer’s and in pweschool we made…" Travis suddenly slapped a hand over his mouth.

"What’s wrong?" Taylor asked, concerned. "Is it too hot?"

He shook his head hard without removing the hand. Finally the boy moved two small fingers and whispered. "I almost told you da secret about da pwesent."

Taylor scrunched her lips to keep from smiling. "That’s okay Sweetheart, I didn’t even hear what you said. It’s still a secret." Travis relaxed and grinned. "Eat up," she told him.

* * * *

The tall woman wiped her hands on a yellow towel and turned off the water in the sink when the phone rang. "Hello," she answered.

"Hi. Guess what?"

"You love me."

Cori giggled. "Always. But besides that, the heat went out in my parent’s house and they’ll be spending the night here."

Taylor’s brow wrinkled and she twisted the phone cord between her fingers. "Well…I’m sorry to hear that and don’t take this the wrong way, but what does that have to do with me?"

"What time does Travis go to bed?"

"About eight."

"Perfect," said Cori. "Since Mom and Dad will be here for Kylie, how about if I come over with a movie and popcorn and we can spend the evening together?"

Taylor smiled. "That sounds perfect, but just bring the movie. I’ve got the popcorn here."

"See ya soon."

* * * *

Taylor was stretched out on her sofa with Cori beside her; the smaller woman’s back was to the cushion. To be more precise, half of Cori’s body was lying on half of Taylor’s. Those were the two happiest halves. There was a big bowl of popped corn on the low table in front of them and they fed each other while trying to figure out the plot of the mystery playing on the television. The blonde absently ran her wool-covered foot along the taller woman’s calf when there was a lull in the action. They comfortably held that position for the length of the movie.

As the credits rolled, Taylor hit the remote and turned her full attention to the small woman in her arms. "You guessed it right Hon," she said of the movie’s ending. "I love a smart woman."

"Me too." Cori quietly drew small circles across Taylor’s flat belly. They stayed like that for many peaceful minutes, in the dim lighting just basking in the quiet and each other.

"This is nice," Taylor finally said with a kiss to Cori’s forehead. "I’m glad you thought of it."

Cori echoed her earlier statement. "Me too."

Taylor tipped her head with a query. "Cat got your extended vocabulary?"

A chin planted itself just above her left breast and two green eyes twinkled up at her. They held Taylor’s for a very long time as a teasing smiled haunted the corners of her lips. Their little stalemate played out for many heartbeats until the dark haired woman finally broke.

"Well, if you won’t talk," said Taylor. "I have only one alternative." She shifted in a flash and moved like lightning.

"No, Taylor! Stop!" Cori constricted her body into a fetal position and tried desperately to push away the fingers tickling her sides. "Please Tay! Please stop!"

The teasing digits slowly ceased their torture. "Since you asked nicely," Taylor said, only slightly breathless.

Their bodies had twisted during the little tussle and the taller woman ended up on top. Taylor lifted her weight on her strong arms and settled just off to the side of the smaller woman. They kissed easily under the soft glow of the colored lights on the tree beside them. In Taylor’s precarious position, a cramp suddenly hit her lower back. She moved to relieve the tension and her butt hit the green bowl, flipping it and sending a spray of mostly unpopped kernels over the entwined duo. They both laughed into the kiss and then separated, still giggling wildly.

Cori pulled a fluffy, white piece from the dark hair and chewed it thoughtfully. "Ummm, even better than before."

Taylor laughed and tapped the button nose. "You are a nut," she said. The tall woman stood and brushed the popcorn onto the floor as Cori made a dash to the bathroom.

She returned minutes later to find Taylor sweeping up the mess. Cori resumed her place on the couch, pulling one leg up under the other as Taylor carried the trash into the kitchen.

"Speaking of hair…" Taylor said upon her return.

"Were we?" asked the blonde.

Taylor brushed back some of the stray yellow locks. "I’ve been meaning to ask you, wasn’t the Mrs. Claus gig permanent for the season? I know you haven’t been back there again."

"No it wasn’t. Last year it was, but I was only filling in for a friend for just that one night." Cori gave her a lopsided smile. "I’m gonna have to get her a very special present for being sick that night."

Taylor descended very slowly upon her favorite lips. "Did I ever tell you how sexy you were with gray hair?" She asked the question halfway to her destination.

Cori watched the approaching blue eyes. "You’re kidding?" she asked seriously.

"Oh no. You are going to be beautiful, forever." Taylor spoke the words breathlessly before landing softly.

As the kiss deepened, Cori turned her body and slipped onto Taylor’s lap. The larger hands were soon stroking the jean cover thighs on either side of her legs. Cori let her hands play in the raven field atop Taylor’s head as she leaned farther into the long torso beneath her. Two bodies rocked against one another to the melody of the ascending passion play. No longer able to hold off, Cori clawed at the shirttails tucked inside the blue jeans. Her palms soon landed against the tight abs, which were covered with just the right amount of warm, fleshly femininity. Taylor’s hands drifted up to caress the behind moving so sensuously in her lap. Low moans soon accompanied the oral caresses and the decision was made for them. As it bore the weight of her own body, Cori’s hand fumbled to open the brass button that guarded the treasure she desperately sought.

Even as the wondrous sensations cascaded over her, something negative tickled at the back of Taylor’s lust filled brain. Her lips never faltered in their joyous task even as her hands wondered up to gently, but forcibly separate them. She panted. "Baby, wait."

The blonde’s mouth moved to the soft neck and chiseled jaw. "No more waiting. I want you…can’t wait…" She slowly felt her partner’s attention drift elsewhere and pulled back to find the blue eyes watching the door at the end of the short hall. Cori’s forehead silently dropped to a broad shoulder as her breath evened out.

"I’m sorry Sweetheart," said Taylor. "I’m not ashamed of you or us, but I don’t want to confuse Travis. He gets up early and if he were to find us… I haven’t talked to him about this yet. I’m just worried…" Two fingers hushed her slightly swollen lips.

"I know, I know." Cori assured her. "You’re right. Your son’s well-being has to come first. I’m the one who’s sorry."

"Hey, don’t ever say that. I love you and I want to make love to you…very badly."

Cori rubbed her thumb over the strong cheekbone as she pondered for a solution. "How about if I sleep here on the couch?" she asked. "I kinda told my parents not to worry if I didn’t come home tonight."

Taylor gave a slim smile. "Baby, this old couch is horrible. You wouldn’t sleep a wink."

The photographer chewed the inside of her cheek as she wracked her brain again. "I could go home…after. I just really need to be with you Tay." Cori was enveloped by strong arms and hugged tightly

Taylor sighed heavily. "You deserve better than that Sweetheart. This is not an affair, this is a relationship and I can’t send you off after making love to you, especially the first time. This is too special."

"You’re right, this is special." Cori teasingly circled a fingertip around Taylor’s breast, smiling at the visible reaction she received. And the verbal reaction she heard in the form of an exaggerated ‘Ohhhh God’. But it suddenly dawned on her the cruelty she was inflicting. Cori stopped and kissed the flushed cheek. "I’m sorry Honey. I’ve just never felt this way about anybody before. But you’re right." She sat back and straightened her disheveled clothing. She couldn’t stop the tiny sigh of disappointment that slipped from her lips and she hastily moved away. A hand landed on her shoulder.

"Come here," said the emotional voice. Cori was pulled into the gentle embrace. "I’ve never felt this way before either." Taylor didn’t tell her just how true that statement was. This time it was she who initiated the light kisses. But their intense love quickly rolled them into a point of no return. "I’ll find a way to lock the door." Taylor stated between kisses. "And I’ll be sure to get up before Travis does. But I do need you to stay." Taylor harshly captured the reddened lips again as her powerful legs lifted them both from the couch. The shorter legs wrapped around her waist and she carried her soon to be lover into the hallway.

Steps away from the bedroom door they heard, "Mama! Mama!"

Cori slipped to the ground and quickly stepped aside as Taylor made the short journey to her son’s room."

"I’m here Baby." She gathered the crying child into her arms and sat on the side of the small bed. "What’s wrong Honey, did you have a bad dream?"

The blonde head could barley nod from its place buried deep in her neck. Cori stood in the doorway and watched as Taylor rocked and murmured to the distraught child.

"It’s okay Honey. The bad dreams are all gone now."

"No Mama. I wanna sleep wit you. You keep dem away."

Two sets of compassionate, but disconcerted eyes met as Taylor once again tried to gently persuade her son to stay in his own bed.

But again he said no…loudly.

Cori pointed to herself then in the direction of the front door. She blew a kiss and went for her coat. Pulling the hat down over her ears, she reached for the doorknob.

"Cori, wait!" Taylor came rushing into the room and pulled the blonde into her arms. "I’m sorry Sweetheart. This has happened before, it’s not a conspiracy." She tried to lighten the mood and received a tiny smile for her effort.

"I know." Cori gave Taylor a quick kiss on the cheek. "Go take care of him," she said. "He needs his mama. I’ll call you tomorrow. Love you." With that, Cori slipped out the door without waiting for a reply.

"Love you…too." The blue eyes slid shut and a heavy heart lay in Taylor’s chest. She didn’t have but a few seconds to bemoan the situation before her son bellowed again.

Cori mumbled to herself as she headed out into the frigid night. Of course she understood that the needs of a child have to come first, but it didn’t stop the ache in the pit of her belly for the woman she loved. She stood in the blustery wind for a few seconds hoping the chill would calm her raging hormones. Then she sat in the idling vehicle waiting for the heat to build so she could comfortably drive without gloves. Pulling the seatbelt on Cori muttered, "There has to be a solution to this situation. We’re two intelligent adults, we can come up with something. It’s not a bad sign. It’s just bad timing."

The green Tracker started off on the fifteen-minute trip back to her house, navigating the nearly empty streets in the late night hour. A light snow began to fall, quickly disguising the ice that had already formed on the blacktopped roads at the hand of the harsh winds. She drove past the mall where she had met Taylor and a smile graced her lips. A heavy breath left her throat as she thought, love can be frustrating. A shake of her head and a wider grin followed along with another notion. But I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

A pick up truck pulled out of the gas station and stopped at the next red light just ahead of her. The bed of the truck was overflowing with several big Christmas trees and Cori briefly wondered where he was going with that many.

The wind suddenly whipped up as the snowfall increased in intensity.

Waiting for the light to change, Cori watched the flakes of white land upon the prickly evergreen fingers. Her fingers nervously drummed against the steering wheel as her level of hormonal excitement was still on high alert. She reached over to adjust the heat as the light turned green. The anxious driver in front of her screeched the vehicle’s big tires as he took off.

Then it all happened in an instant.

Out of nowhere, came a speeding car turning from the opposite direction. Its tires squealed across the road and crashed into the front of the pickup and the two cars skidded several feet clipping the nose of Cori’s SUV. The Tracker then hit a patch of ice and spun many times, sliding down a small embankment, only stopping when the driver’s side crashed into a huge metal post.

Gasoline and evergreens littered the intersection. The sound of screeching tires, crunching metal and crackling glass broke to a sickening quiet covered only by nature’s roaring winds. There were no cries for help or moans of pain, only the lonely, silent darkness.


More to come.

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