Twelve Days

By Colleen


General Disclaimer: This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way.

Love/Sex Disclaimer: This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.


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Chapter 8


Morning came much to soon. They both could have slept on forever in the delightful cocoon. But Kylie would be waking very soon and Taylor would have to leave for home. The taller of the two sleepers twitched a nose then an eye, as the morning drew her from a deep slumber. Taylor smiled when she felt the soft body spooned against her. Visions of the night before danced behind closed eyes and she leaned forward to kiss the blonde head. Her lips came up empty. The blue eyes snapped open to find nothing but a rose colored pillowcase in the general vicinity. Hmmm, I know she’s in here somewhere. A soft squeeze told her that what she had a hold on wasn’t her own. She released her handful and lifted the thick covering from her shoulder to find the yellow head tucked against her chest. She smiled at her chilled lover and bent to deliver that kiss. Taylor scooted her body lower and wrapped her arms around her Christmas angel. She hated to have to wake the content woman, but time was slipping away.

Subtlety didn’t seem to be working. Taylor had been administering teasing kisses and licks to the soft neck for almost ten minutes. Okay, onto plan B. What is plan B? I could tickle her again. No, that’s too cruel. Maybe I…

"Why did you stop?" asked the muted voice.

The dark haired woman smirked. "Have you been awake all along? Maybe tickling was a good idea," she muttered.

"No! No! Taylor don’t!" Cori turned under the encompassing arm. She giggled and flashed the puppy dog eyes. "I’m sorry, I was just enjoying the attention."

Taylor gave her a lopsided grin. "That’s okay, I was enjoying it too. Good morning."

"Good morning."

They traded kisses for another sixty seconds until Cori’s hand strayed into dangerous territory.

Taylor jumped and quickly trapped the intruder between her thighs. "Baby, as much as I would love to answer that invitation I do have to leave shortly. Can we just hold each other for a few minutes? Because I never want to have to rush in loving you."

Cori smiled. "Okay. Having you in my arms is my very favorite thing in the world. Can I tell you again how wonderful you were to me last night?"

"If you must." The tall woman teased in a haughty tone. "Seriously though, you were and are beautiful. And I’m so glad my first time was with you. I love you."

"And I love you."

* * * *

Barbara and Ken were already there when Taylor and Travis arrived at Cori’s for Christmas Eve dinner. The photographer knew the minute she opened the door that something was bothering Taylor. The dark haired woman tried to cover with small talk and pleasantries, but her smiles were forced and her attention distracted. She ate very little, even though she agreed when Mrs. Sterling complimented the cook. Cori didn’t think it was anything she had done. The tall woman was extremely happy when she had left earlier that morning. But something was definitely off balance.

After dessert, Cori and her parents exchanged gifts. The Sterlings also doled out several fun presents to their granddaughter and surprised Travis with a present. Cori had advised them not to get anything for Taylor this year because she didn’t have the funds to return the gesture and would have felt bad. The three year old was another matter all together. When all the wrapping and bows were put in the trash, Travis politely asked Mr. Sterling to play with him.

The two of them were on the floor, near the tree, playing the memory game they had gotten him. Barbara was cooing over her granddaughter and Cori and Taylor were on the couch just taking it all in. The photographer lazily leaned into the body beside her and immediately felt the unease in the twitching muscles. Several deep, sighing breaths assailed the back of her head, even though she could feel Taylor fighting the impulses to do so. Cori rubbed her hand across the cloth-covered thigh and looked back. She was greeted with a thin smile. She was about to whisper a question when a delighted yell filled the room.

"I did it again Mama!" Travis stated proudly. His cheer came at his second defeat of the older gentleman.

"You sure did Sweetheart. I’m very proud of you." Taylor smiled once at her son then removed herself from Cori’s grasp and left the room without an explanation.

Cori let her go for the moment.

Ten minutes later, Grandma offered to put baby Kylie to bed. Travis and Ken were well into their third game and the tall, sullen woman had not yet returned.

Cori finally tracked Taylor to the darkened kitchen. She was sitting with her back to the door and her shoulders slumped. The blonde approached quietly and slipped her arms around Taylor’s neck.

There was a sigh and Taylor reached up with both hands to squeeze the loving arms. "I’m sorry I’ve been such a drag tonight," she said. A kiss was placed to her temple.

"Wanna tell me what’s wrong?"

A heavier sigh. "It’s about Travis."

Cori nodded slightly. She had suspected as much.

"He wanted a train like the one at the Santa display. I expected a Christmas bonus and I figured I could something at least close to it when I got off work this afternoon."

"And you didn’t get that bonus?" Cori asked, taking the chair next to her.

Taylor snorted. "Oh I got a bonus all right, a fifty-dollar gift certificate for the grocery store. But I don’t think they stock too many toy trains." Taylor looked away, almost disgusted with herself at her actions. She turned back when Cori took her hand. "I am grateful and we can use it," said Taylor, "…but… I know he’s going to be disappointed. I also know that he going to have some disappointments in his life, but they shouldn’t have to start this soon. How am I going to tell him Santa couldn’t bring him what he really wanted?"

Cori stood and pulled the tall woman with her. "Come with me."

A confused Taylor followed her partner up the stairs to the bedroom, where she was led to a seat on the bed. Cori did not join her however. She stepped into the huge walk-in closet and returned with a large, square, unwrapped box.

"What is this?" Taylor asked when she was handed the package.

"Please open it."

The dark haired woman sat the box on the bed beside her and proceeded to lift the lid. She took a brief look inside and then fixed Cori with a perplexed stare. The petite woman sat down on the other side of the box and removed the first item from inside. She handed the metallic, blue train engine to her lover.

Taylor gave a slight shake of her head. "Cori this is just like the one at the wonderland display."

The blonde smiled. "Take a closer look."

The piece was inspected further and only then where the faint scratches and dents noticed. The name on the side of the engine was also faded in spots. Taylor glanced at the other pieces in the box to find them in a similar state. It all started to come together. "Is this the same one?" She asked for confirmation of her suspicion.

"Yes it is."

Taylor’s mouth hung open with confusion. "I don’t understand."

"This train set is mine. I have loaned it for the display for the last three years. It was left to me by my grandfather." Cori paused and her green eyes misted slightly at the memories. "When I was little and went to visit him, we would go into the garage where he had this elaborate set up. He would tell me stories about his days as an engineer." Cori looked fondly at the piece in Taylor’s hand. "I wasn’t all that interested in the train itself, but I loved spending the time with him." She lifted her gaze. "If it’s all right with you, I would like you to give it to Travis for Christmas."

"Cori that’s incredibly generous of you, but don’t you want to pass it on Kylie one day?"

"Actually, I doubt Kylie will be any more interested in it then I was. Like I said, it was being with Grandpa that I loved." She smiled broadly. "Besides, it will still be in the family."

Taylor gently placed the piece back into the box and as the tears fell she pulled Cori into her arms. It was several minutes before she could push aside the lump in her throat. She finally pulled back, stared deeply into the bright eyes and placed her palm over Cori’s heart. "You are truly the most beautiful person I have ever known." She whispered heavily, the emotion returning. "I love you. And I would be honored to accept this gift."

Cori wiped away the tears. "I love you too." She cleared her throat and smiled slightly. "Now I have a very selfish request to make. Would you and Travis spend the night here? I’d like all four of us to spend our first Christmas morning together." She saw the flash of hesitation fly across the chiseled face. "Once Travis is asleep, you can take the rental SUV and go get all of his presents."

"There is only one problem," said Taylor. "Travis doesn’t have anything to sleep in. His clothes would be to uncomfortable."

Cori smiled openly and left the embrace. "I’ll be right back." She returned from the closet with a small sack. She pulled out the colorful pajamas and handed them to Taylor, who regarded the garment with a small headshake. Cori explained. "I thought we could keep these here…for back up."

* * * *

A light snow had begun to fall at the break of day, adding to the heavy ground cover and making it a picture perfect Christmas morning. Taylor was the first in the house to wake up. She spent the few quiet moments pondering how different this day would have been without her new family.

A hand brushed across her middle and wormed its way under her cotton shirt. No words were spoken as both parties soaked in the wonderful, quiet moments.

"What are you thinking about?" Cori asked as she watched the blue eyes scan the white ceiling.

Taylor removed her hands from behind her head and turned to her side. She reached over and kissed Cori. "Morning. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas. You didn’t answer my question."

A smile slowly graced the taller woman’s face as her fingertip traced the soft lips of her partner. "I was just appreciating how wonderful this day is going to be. You and Kylie have expanded my world in so many ways that I can’t even count. Travis and I both will always be better people just for having met you."

Cori mouthed a thank you. She hugged her lover and nuzzled the soft, dark hair. The house was totally quiet and they had no trouble hearing the slight knock on the door.

"Mama?" The voice behind the door spoke excitedly. "I think Santa came. I heard him last night."

The two women smiled at each other.

"Come on Mama! My presents are here!"

The blonde echoed the little boys words, paraphrasing just a bit. "Yeah Mama, Santa came last night."

Taylor gave her a deliciously evil twinkle. "She certainly did."

* * * *

The adults didn’t have the heart to make Travis wait until they had breakfast, but he did have to wait until the baby was awake and changed. But within a span of fifteen minutes the youngster was scurrying down the carpeted stairs, only mildly admonished once for safety reasons. His green eyes went saucer sized as he spied the colorful gifts beneath the tree, including the little blue bicycle. A light flashed as Cori caught the expression with her camera. She snapped a few more pictures as he dropped to his knees and surrounded himself with presents before he tore into the paper covering the first box.

Taylor smiled as she watched him yell a cheer when the first toy was uncovered. She had put the biggest box, containing the prized train at the very back of the pile. Together, she and Cori had wrapped the big box the night before. While the tag read form Santa, Taylor planned to tell Travis the origins of the very special gift when he was old enough to truly appreciate its meaning.


Cori placed Kylie on Taylor’s lap so she could open the first of the four presents from Santa/Mommy. The tall woman clapped the baby’s hands together as the wrapping fell away from the second gift, revealing a music box that would replace the one that played soft heartbeats, which was now attached to the side of her crib.

The photographer grabbed a gift that she didn’t immediately recognize, but the tag that read from Taylor to Kylie brought a wink from one green eye. "Taylor it’s beautiful," Cori said once the lid was lifted. She held the forest colored dress under her daughter’s chin, careful of the slobber that dribbled down. The dark garment brought forth the emerald hue in the bright eyes, matching them even more to her mother’s.

Taylor stared into the older eyes as Cori leaned over and gave her a thank you kiss.

The last present in Kylie’s pile was from Travis. The raven-haired woman asked her pre-occupied son to come closer as the baby’s gift was opened. Cori smiled at the cuddly character and held it close for Kylie’s approval. The little hands quickly grabbed for it. "Look at this Kylie. Isn’t he cute?" Cori looked back to the child standing before her. "Thank you Travis. That was very nice of you. She loves it."

He gave a fast nod. While having mastered thank you, he wasn’t quite sure about the ‘you’re welcome’ part.

Winnie’s soft, yellow and black nose went straight for a voracious mouth, signifying her hunger. Taylor bounced the stuffed toy and spoke in a Pooh like voice, entertaining the babe as Cori went to prepare breakfast.

* * * *

After the meal, it was time for the couple to open their gifts. Travis was busy building Lego mountains for his rescue hero figures to climb and Kylie was on her back serenading the group with a selection played by the ten little piggies orchestra.

Cori and Taylor sat close together on the sofa giggling with childlike glee over the prospective gift exchange. The dark haired woman asked to go first and handed Cori a small box covered in purple and gold paper. After excitedly ripping off the covering, the blonde gazed upon the enclosed gift with a questioning, but delighted eye.

Taylor gave her a smile and a small explanation. "This is called a wish pearl." She pointed to one of the plastic coated items and with the other hand lifted a silver chain from its nest of blue velvet. "You open up the oyster and find the pearl inside. There are six different colored ones and each color means something different."

Cori smiled and held up a finger. "Hold that thought." She ran to the kitchen and returned with a small chisel. Cracking open the hard shell with ease, Cori fished around inside and came out with the little, round prize. Hiding it from Taylor’s curious view, Cori matched it to the enclosed chart.

Taylor watched the twinkling eyes above the card, anxiously awaiting an answer. "So what did you get?"

Cori learned forward about a foot and kissed the questioning lips. "Love," she whispered. "You gave me love. You made that wish come true." She kissed her again. Enclosing the small sphere in its heart shaped cage, she handed the chain to Taylor, who fastened it around the slender neck. Cori looked down at the gift nestled in the hollow of her throat one more time. "Okay, now my turn."

Taylor was momentarily distracted by a question from her son and she didn’t see Cori shuffle over to the closet and return with a huge box in her hands. Only after she gave a satisfying answer to the child did she turn around. "Cori, where…?" Seeing Cori’s arms full, the dark head tipped and the blue eyes squinted.

"Don’t give me that look," said the blonde. "It’s not as bad as you think." She plopped down next to the bewildered woman and dropped the huge box in her lap.

With some reluctance, Taylor pulled away the big bow and slowly lifted off the lid. Pulling back the bronzed tissue paper, the blue eyes went wide. She grabbed the black, suede coat by the shoulders and lifted it for a better appraisal. Her mouth went dry. "Cori…it’s beautiful…but…"

The photographer interrupted. "Before you say anything let me explain something. I got this at that charity auction last week. I was going to give them a donation anyway, but I saw this and new it would look gorgeous on you." After a short pause, the soft expression turned in her direction. "You need it Honey," said Cori, "and I have a very vested interest in keeping you healthy."

Taylor looked down at the garment and then back to her lover. "Thank you Sweetheart. It’s perfect."

"Try it on," Cori said against the lips touching hers.

Taylor did as asked to a chorus of catcalls and whistles.

"What do you think Travis?" asked Cori. "Does Mama look good in her new coat?"

The child briefly looked up from his toys and nodded.

The tall woman chuckled. "A fashion critic he’s not." She turned her attention back to Cori. "But your opinion is the only one that matters." Taylor held out her arms. "Care to test it’s snuggle ability."

The smiling blonde stepped into the loving circle. Taylor pulled back as she felt hands rooting inside the coat’s pockets. "What are you doing?"

Cori looked down with one of those caught in the cookie jar looks. She raised the black, leather items in her hands. "I…ah…you need gloves too."

Taylor put them on and playfully pinched the sides of Cori’s neck. "You are too much."

A tinge of rose fell across the photographer’s cheeks. "Well…there is one more…thing." Cori timidly slipped the long, black scarf around the tall woman’s neck.

Taylor let out a huge roaring laugh and engulfed her small lover in a bear hug.

Ten minutes later she was finally allowed to remove the new coat. Placing it on the wooden rack in the corner, Taylor took an envelope from the pocket of the older coat hanging next to it.

Cori had moved to the floor to check on her happily occupied daughter. Taylor joined them and smiled. "I happen to have one more gift for you too," she said, handing the envelope to Cori. She tickled the baby’s tummy. "Actually this is from Kylie and me."

The photographer lifted the flap and removed the Christmas card. She opened it and emitted a huge, lovable laugh at the enclosed item. "Awww, Taylor it’s so cute." The 4x6 photograph in her hand showed a picture of Taylor, dressed in a Santa hat and beard, holding a grinning Kylie. With a little help, the baby was waving at the camera. Written at the bottom were the words, Hi Mommy. Thank you for making my first Christmas the best Christmas. "Honey it’s perfect. Thank you." Cori crossed the room and placed the photo on top of the fireplace mantle, right next to the one of Travis and herself dressed as Mrs. Claus.

* * * *

After the big, mid-day dinner the children were put down for an afternoon nap. Cori returned to find Taylor standing at the fireplace looking at the two photos. The blonde stopped at the foot of the stairs. For several minutes she just watched her tall lover as her relaxed features eased into a smile and a near chuckle. Cori’s presence went unnoticed until she walked across the room and took Taylor’s hand.

"Everyone asleep?"

"Yep. Come here." The smaller woman led them over to the front door and handed Taylor the new coat.

"Where are we going?"


"Obviously. Let me guess, you want to build a snowman?"

The green eyes gave a momentary, misleading twinkle. "No," she finally said. "We’re just going right out here." The air was frigid. The enclosed porch guarded them from the biting wind, but not from the sounds of laughter and mock battles that rang out from the surrounding yards. The neighborhood children were having snowball fights and Cori found such innocent, childlike behavior very refreshing. She wrapped her arms around the solidly filled, heavy, black coat and snuggled her face into the overlapping, front flaps. She looked up and kissed the nearby chin. "I just thought we should test this out. Are you warm?"

Taylor smiled. "Very."

Cori suddenly stepped away and lifted the baby monitor to her ear when she thought she heard a noise. "All clear," she said, shaking her head. "Must have been the wind." She set the white box on the ledge and turned back to the dark haired woman, stopping about two feet from her.

Taylor was standing there hanging on to both fringed ends of her new scarf. "You know what I like best about this?" She asked of the woolen accessory.


"This." Taylor flipped it up and over her head and the blonde one, landing behind Cori’s back. She tugged forward, bringing the photographer back in close. "I can capture you anytime I want."

"Newsflash! You don’t need that to capture me." She whispered her next thoughts, adding wiggling, yellow brows. "But you could tie me up with it sometime."

"Now there’s an idea." Taylor brushed aside some of the unruly, golden hair with leather covered fingers. "I have another one too…idea that is. I’m working a party on New Year’s Eve, but we are allowed to bring a date. I won’t be able to spend a lot of time with you throughout the night…except for breaks, but we can be together at midnight. Would you be my New Year’s date?"

Cori hesitated. "Was I your first choice?" She asked teasingly.

"My only choice."

"Then how could I refuse? I would love to be your New Year’s date."


* * * *

Cori handed the warm mug to her partner and took the space beside her on the sofa. Taylor took a sip of the sweet beverage and savored its aroma. The three year old also got a whiff.

"Mama, I want hot chocolate too."

"Sorry sport, it’s too late for you to have liquids." Taylor took in the pouting lip and compromised. "Here, you can have one sip of mine." She blew on the hot, dark concoction before lifting the cup to his mouth. Taylor chuckled at the sight of his chocolate mustache and wiped it away with her thumb before sending him back to play. She unexpectedly got a kiss on the cheek with her thank you.

Travis quickly resumed his place among his new playthings and Taylor settled back against the sofa. The curtains had been closed almost an hour before at the early winter’s sunset and the tree had been once again illuminated. The twinkling lights danced against the silver, metallic garland doubling the effect. Two prominent ornaments sat along the evergreen boughs halfway down the front of the tree. The round, pink and blue colored bulb proudly proclaimed ‘Baby’s First Christmas 2001’. Next to it hung a ceramic heart shape. Taylor had surprised her lover with the commemorative gift just two days before. The hand painted ornament was personalized with their names, the date and the phrase ‘Our First Christmas’.

As Cori gazed at the tree, losing herself in one particularly bright red light, she remembered how empty the previous Christmas had been. She had installed the various brightly colored decorations all around her house, but the festive quality was severely lacking because there was no one to share it with. Her parents were out of town and she was along for four days. She tried not to indulge in the obvious pity party, but it was a little inevitable. Having already devised her plans for motherhood, Cori had fervently wished that by the next December 25th she would no longer be alone. Little did she know that that wish would come true in abundance. Cori returned to the moment and laid her head against Taylor’s shoulder.

The tall woman leaned down and kissed the blonde crown. "I can’t believe it’s only been twelve days since we met."

"Yeah, twelve days of Christmas." Cori chuckled. "Just like that song."

They looked at each other, smiled and began a chorus of the holiday standard. "On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a…"

They paused as the memory struck like thunder. "Pear tree!" They exclaimed simultaneously.

Cori shook a single finger. "That restaurant we went to…"

Taylor finished the thought. "…that first night was called The Pear Tree."

They both had a good laugh at the coincidence. "Say, you don’t think…" Cori pondered their second date. The second day’s verse was spoken. "Two turtle doves."

"We went to that movie…and…"


Taylor shrugged. "I gave you those two pieces of candy."

The green eyes went wide. "Oh my gosh, they were Dove chocolates!" Cori got very excited. "Oh, we have got to try and finish this now. Third day, third day…"

The dark haired woman swallowed the last of her drink before helping. "Three French hens."

"Okay. Let’s see, you brought lunch and we ate in the studio."

Taylor tipped her head. "We had chicken…that’s hen."

Cori smiled. "I’ll take it." Words were whispered into her ear bringing a tiny blush to her fair skin.

"We had our third kiss and it was of the French variety." While they both very much wanted to repeat that particular experience, with the presence of the children they indulged in a much tamer, but just as satisfying kiss.

For the next day they realized that Taylor had called a total four times. She might not be a bird, but Cori jokingly suggested the nickname pigeon. The suggestion was quickly and totally rejected.

Five golden rings came to Cori right away. She ran to the corner and brought back Taylor’s new coat. Noticing the questioning eyebrows, the blonde revealed an inside label, which sported a stylized version of five interlocking circles. "Apparently the company that manufactures this coat is an official sponsor of the coming Olympics."

Six and seven brought back bad memories, but Cori tried to ease the tension by combining them and lightening the mood. "I had seven stitches and with that goose egg, my head was certainly swimming."

The corners of Taylor’s lips turned up just a touch and she traced her thumb under the wound in question.

On to eight and those milking maids suffered greatly in the translation. Although it did provide them a laugh that nearly sent Taylor to the floor. She managed to recover enough to tell Cori, wiping away her tears as she did, "Do you know what the best part about being with you is? I have so much fun with you. You just make me feel happy."

Cori smiled. "I’m happy too. Thank you. No one has ever said that to me before." She stared into the blue eyes for a long time. "The ninth day was Saturday," she finally murmured, returning to their little game. She reviewed the day’s events aloud, but nothing seemed to fit. She thought about it a little more and a smile slowly appeared across her face.

"What?" asked Taylor.

Cori took both of the tall woman’s hands and began kissing the tips of each of the long, slender fingers.

The intimate sensations flustered Taylor’s senses. "Ah…Cor…what…?"

The green eyes tilted up as her lips caressed a thumb. Cori was extremely pleased with herself whenever she could tease her lover. "These nine ladies danced across my sore muscles with a healing massage."

Taylor’s eyes rolled skyward, partially in response to Cori’s answer, but more so because the little blonde started adding tantalizing licks with her talented tongue. The raven-haired woman shivered once then cleared her throat. "You weren’t very good in math were you? I have ten fingers."

Cori grabbed the wiggling digits and squeezed…but not too hard. "Don’t nitpick, I’m on a roll."

Taylor discovered ten and eleven…but they’re too personal to mention.

A ringing phone suddenly drew their attention. Thankful for the distraction from the amorous thoughts, Cori leaned away from her partner to answer the call.

Taylor carried the dirty cups into the kitchen and returned at the tail end of the short conversation. She glanced at the clock on the wall and at her busy son. With just a second’s thought, she decided to let him stay up half an hour passed his normal eight o’clock bedtime on this special day.

Cori ended her call. "I will Mom. Merry Christmas. Bye."

The tall woman resumed her place beside the blonde and pulled her close. "Everything okay?"

"Oh yeah, Mom just likes to check in every night. I guess some adult children might find that a little annoying, but not me."

Taylor asked absently. "Do you think you will call Kylie every night once she moves away?"

Cori hesitated. "I…doubt it. No."

Taylor agreed. "Yeah, so will I."

They continued to watch their children sitting next to one another on the floor in front of them. Travis was scanning every inch of the dark blue train set. He had been absolutely ecstatic when he opened the big box. He jumped up and down for a full minute until he dropped to his knees and removed all the pieces. Taylor took the opportunity to tell him how very special the toy was and that he had to be very careful when playing with it. With some doing, she had finally convinced him that he had to wait until they got back to their apartment before she could set up the train track. It would fit quite well in their sparsely furnished living room.

Travis picked up the engine and began explaining. "This is where the enger drives the train."

"Engineer." Taylor corrected.

"Engineer," Travis said. He set it down then gently grabbed one of the others parts. Holding it out for inspection he explained, "And this is the one where all the people ride. See Kylie?"

The snowman head bobbed up and down as Kylie sucked voraciously on the character shaped pacifier. She listened with rapt attention and wide eyes as the little person next to her rattled on about his prized, new toy.

Cori sighed as incredible warmth cascaded over her. "I don’t know about twelve drummers," she whispered, "but my heart pounds a glorious beat every time I lay eyes on them." She moved her head to gaze at the face behind her. "…and you…us…the four of us."

"Yeah. What started just twelve days ago is going to last forever." Taylor leaned down and kissed the smiling lips. "I love you."

"I love you too. Forever."


The End.

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