Two Hearts

By Colleen


General Disclaimer: This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way.

Love/Sex Disclaimer: This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.


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Author’s note: This story can stand alone, but it does involve the main characters used in my previous story, Twelve Days.


The smartly dressed bellhop turned down the long hall and cringed at the squeaking wheel on the fully loaded cart he was pushing. The annoying sound continued as he approached the corner room for the second time that day, having served the occupants a modest lunch just passed noon.

The quaint country inn was more quiet than usual even though it was booked solid. The lounge, restaurant and game room had seen very few visitors on this day. The forty occupants or to be more precise, twenty couples, had chosen to spend most of the previous seven hours within the confines or their respective rooms, only stepping out their back doors to partake of the private hot tubs and the pleasant, winter sunshine. This was not totally unusual behavior at the Riverbend Lodge and funny how it always seem to happen every year on this exact date.

Being new to the job, the twenty-year-old waiter had given his imagination and his libido quite a work out. He stopped the linen covered cart and stepped up to room 18. His eyes caught the mirror on the far wall and he took just a moment check his hair. Why he even bothered he had no idea. It wasn’t like either of the room’s tenants was going to give him a second look. Reaching up to rap on the door, he stopped short when he heard the unmistakable sound of female laughter and two sets of feet running across the hard wood floor. The young man pulled his fist back and pulled at the collar around his neck, which had suddenly become two sizes to small. Taking a deep breath, the red head cleared his throat and tried again, knocking twice on the solid oak door. Even though it was inappropriate, the couple inside had played on his mind much of the day. He had shown the lovers to their suite at mid-morning. The couple, as different as night is to day was very much in love; that he could tell. The tall, dark haired one had not released the hand of the more petite blonde at her side from the moment they walked in the front door to the moment they sauntered into their room and the giddy smiles had never vanished from either face.

"Coming!" The word was shouted from behind the wooden barrier followed by more high-pitched laughter. About fifteen seconds later the door was finally flung open.

The man’s eyes widened as he took in the unexpected vision before him.

A mass of raven colored hair sat in mild disarray around a pair of icy blue eyes filled with a decidedly mischievous glint. A navy blue, satin robe barely covered the woman’s long torso or the obvious bruise at the base of her neck. The even longer legs that stretched out beneath the blue hem shuffled in anticipation of drawing the interruption to a quick close. "Yes?" the tall woman asked of the dumbstruck waiter. Once she caught sight of his reddening cheeks and intense perusal she knew a little playful tormenting was in order.

His distracted eyes suddenly snapped back to the mirthful expression on her face. "Oh! I’m…sorry." He muttered the apology and stepped aside to retrieve the cart. "I have your dinner," he said, tripping over the threshold as he entered. At that point he thought it best to just lower his eyes to the ground before he got into any more trouble. But he did manage to catch a quick glimpse of the cute blonde and her revealing, red robe as she lingered in the doorway to the other room.

The dark haired woman hovered over the nervous waiter as she teasingly debated over the best placement for their evening meal. He gulped audibly as she slowly sat in a corner chair, crossing her incredible legs and testing the chair for comfort. She wiggled a toe toward the other wall and he dutifully, but tensely wheeled the metal wagon across the room. In the corner, the other woman silently chuckled and raised a hand to cover her green eyes.

After trying two other spots in the large room, the tall woman finally settled on a place near the sliding doors that led outside. The waiter locked the wheels on the diner cart and after receiving a signature he backed out of the room bumping into the king sized bed as the dark woman advanced on him. His hand met the rumpled sheets and he pulled it away, staring wide-eyed at the appendage as if it had been burned. The young man turned and ran the rest of the way.

Once she closed and locked the door, the woman shrugged and shuffled back to investigate their meal selections.

The barefooted blonde tightened the sash on her robe and moved away from her place against the doorframe. "Well, Taylor Shafer that was quite a display. The poor man nearly swallowed his tongue."

"Nah." Taylor picked up a ruby red cherry and popped it into her partner’s mouth as the smaller body sidled up next to her. "He couldn’t swallow it," she continued, "…step on it maybe." She tapped a button nose. "Besides, Corridan Sterling, since becoming involved with you I seem to have misplaced all of my inhibitions. You’d better get used to it." She leaned down to capture the soft, smiling mouth, licking a drop of tart juice form just inside the upper lip. After the long kiss she pulled back and winked. "As for the kid, he’ll live. I gave him a big tip." She grabbed another cherry for each of them and then initiated more long and heated kisses.

Taylor and Cori had met just before Christmas and in a short amount of time had fallen completely in love. Both being single and hard working mothers, it had been very difficult to find time to be together…at least intimately. Many obstacles had kept them apart, whether it was sick children or overtime at work or bad weather. They had spent the night together only three times since New Years and they were both in desperate need of some time alone with no children or parents or work or…anything but each other. Cori had researched for days in order to find the right place for their getaway and had anxiously anticipated it every moment since she placed the reservation. She hid her surprise from Taylor until just a few days earlier and even then only telling her lover to arrange for two days off.

Bright and early this Thursday morning, they drove three hours from their home city of Minneapolis to the rustic, but beautiful Riverbend Lodge. The Inn was nestled in a corner of a lush forest at the base of a picturesque mountain range and offered the perfect atmosphere for a romantic rendezvous.

Taylor pulled away from the kiss, breathlessly. "I know we are trying to make up for lost time, but do you realize that in the last seven hours we have made love five times? You think that’s a record?" She could see the question under the golden brows. "First there was the bed," she explained, "then while we were dancing…standing up no less."

Cori giggled and laid her hands flat against the taller woman’s collarbone. Her fingertip traced the purple bruise that she had unwittingly put there about six hours earlier.

Taylor continued. "Then the bed again." The dark head tipped back in one quick motion. "Number four was on the chaise over there…where, by the way, I think I pulled a muscle in my leg."

A huge Cheshire smile split Cori’s face as she apologized. "I’m sorry."

Taylor’s eyes briefly rolled toward the ceiling. "No you’re not."

The blonde’s smile eased just a touch and sincerity softened her features. "Yes, I am sorry…that you got hurt; not that we tried it." She wiggled those golden brows upon her last words.

Taylor laughed at the crazy gesture then visions of that erotic encounter flashed through her mind and she gave a lopsided smile of her own. "Me either."

Cori smothered the happy face with sloppy kisses before whispering. "The fireplace."

"What?" Taylor asked as her hands came together on her partner’s lower back.

"Number five…in front of the fireplace."


"That might just be a record," Cori said as the kisses moved down to Taylor’s breastbone. "But I don’t think…I would want…that kind of fame." Taylor laughed again. "Before we make it an even half dozen," said the blonde with the busy lips. "I think we need to eat something more substantial then a few cherries." She suddenly realized just what she had said and made the quick decision not to even look up at the expression that she just knew was plastered all over the taller woman’s face.

Taylor smirked. Nah! Too easy. "I do agree Sweetheart," she said instead. "But you are making it very difficult to comply."

Cori planted one last, long kiss near the right shoulder then looked up sheepishly through golden lashes. "Sorry. Let’s eat."

They parted reluctantly and took a seat before their feast of roast beef and mashed potatoes with green beans and garden salad. Two large glasses of cold milk completed the meal. They left the tall bottle in the bucket of ice, choosing to save the champagne for later. The cold cubes might also come in handy, thought Taylor as she grabbed the silver utensils.

Conversation was slow between them as they savored the food. They did speak volumes with their eyes though, as did the flirtatious journeys of a few curious toes under the covered table.

* * * *

Cori finally dabbed a bit of gravy from the corner of her mouth and placed the cloth napkin over her empty plate. She cleared her throat and watched as her partner slathered her last bite of meat with the fluffy, white potatoes. When the other woman finally swallowed, Cori’s attention was drawn to the purple spot on her neck. God I hope that fades before we get back home tomorrow. Home.

Taylor repeated the actions with her own napkin and sat back in the chair with a satisfied sigh.

Cori soon caught the lazy, blue eyes. "Tay, I know we’ve done really good today, not talking about the children, but do you think we could call them before they go to bed?"

Taylor smiled and reached across the table to take the smaller hand in hers. "I was just thinking the same thing."

They both scrambled across the bed to the phone and Cori punched in the long, multi digit number. Apparently Taylor didn’t have enough for dinner because she began nibbling on an exposed shoulder while waiting for the call to be answered.

"Hi Mom," said Cori as she slipped a hand between her skin and the tickling lips.

"Hello Dear. We certainly didn’t expect to hear form you until tomorrow."

"We just wanted to say goodnight to the kids before they go to bed. Are they around?"

"Well, your daughter is sitting right here in my lap." Barbara Sterling placed the phone against the child’s ear. The sixth month old infant’s chubby fingers frantically scratched at the green mouthpiece when she heard her mother’s voice.

"Kylie, it’s mommy baby. I miss you. I love you. I’ll be home tomorrow." Cori smiled and listened to the baby gurgles. "Goodnight Sweetie. Good dreams."

Taylor, who loved the little girl as much as if she were her own, added her greetings. "Night Punkin. Love you."

The couple then spoke to Taylor’s five-year-old son Travis. The youngster wasn’t too happy because he wasn’t able to con his babysitters, Cori’s parents, into letting him stay up passed his bedtime. But Taylor used her magical, parental persuasion and soon had the child calmed and almost begging to go to bed.

"Yes Mama," said Travis, "I want to go to bed now."

"Me too sport, me too." That earned Taylor a back handed slap across the stomach. She scratched the spot as she said her final good nights then handed the phone back to Cori, planting a kiss on the side of the yellow head. Taylor rose from the bed, shedding her robe as she slowly sauntered back across the room to retrieve the dessert.

Cori froze in mid sentence as her eyes riveted to the glorious, naked form. No matter how many times she saw the perfect combination of hard muscle, soft curves and silken skin, Cori couldn’t help but stare in awe and thank her maker for making her. She ended the phone call with a muttered goodbye and tracked the path as Taylor moved around the room lighting candles, adjusting the overhead light and popping open the fine, vintage champagne. She licked her lips in anticipation of her true love returning to her and their bed.

Taylor grabbed the tall bottle and two fluted glasses in one hand and the small plate in the other. She turned and held the green eyed gaze until she reached the bedside table where she carefully placed the items. Slowly, she slid across the aqua colored, silk sheets coming to rest beside her glassy eyed lover. Rising to her knees, she towered over the smaller woman.

Taylor was now so different from the timid woman who just seven weeks prier had blushed when they had first made love. It had been her first time, but the confidence given to her by her loving partner had empowered her in many ways…but especially in matters of physical intimacy. Loving Cori was the single most important thing in Taylor’s life and sharing that love equally made her the richest person in the world.

Cori melted at the sight and feel of her commanding partner. She adored the times when Taylor took charge of her and lifted her to the heights of erotic passion with just a look or a well-chosen word.

"Are you cold Cori?" asked the deep voice.

The blonde shuddered, but answered no.

"Good. Take this off." Taylor sucked a tempting earlobe into her mouth as she loosened the ties that held the soft garment closed. She carefully stripped off the only thing that was between her and the beautiful flesh that she wanted to admire and caress.

But first things first.

Taylor retrieved the plate from the nightstand and settled back down onto the luxuriously, soft mattress. With her long fingers she broke off a piece of the chocolate confection and slipped it into her lover’s waiting mouth. Her entire body tingled as a warm tongue twirled over her fingertips, cleaning the swirled surface.

Cori returned the favor and filled Taylor’s mouth with a big chunk of the dark sweetness. This sensuous sharing continued until there was nothing left on the plate but a few lonely crumbs.

Taylor handed Cori a glass filled with the bubbling liquid and they toasted their relationship. "I love you Cori. I love you more everyday. You are the sweetest most beautiful woman I have ever known."

The warmth cascaded over her as Cori absorbed every word into her already overflowing heart. "I love you Taylor. You are everything I have ever wanted and I need nothing more then to wake up every single morning and see your smile."

Their lips met tenderly and they pulled back with a smile. They each reached to an opposite side of the bed and then met back in the middle with a nervous grin. "Happy Valentine’s Day." They declared the greeting simultaneously handing the other a similar sized, heart shaped box.

Blue and green eyes momentarily studied the gifts then their gazes met again. And they suddenly knew what lay within each box. Great minds certainly do think alike.

Once again their voices rang in unison. "Will you marry me?"

They both took a single breath and started laughing hysterically. Taylor tackled Cori to the bed and planted kisses over every inch of skin she could reach. "Yes…yes…yes…yes, I will marry you."

Cori ran her hands through the midnight hair that hovered above her and she gazed deeply into the perfect eyes. "And yes I will marry you."

Neither moved from their place skin to skin as they fumbled to open the boxes and slip the respective rings onto their beloved’s finger. Both rings were of a simple, silver design. They were pretty basic people and each knew that neither of them needed ostentatious jewels or flashy, yellow gold to proclaim their feelings. They knew that the love in their hearts was pure and true and spoke louder than any adornment. But the precious gifts did signify their commitment and that alone made them very special.

Palm to palm their hands came together and as did their lips and their overjoyed hearts. Cori was pressed further into the bed by the delicious weight above her and her eyes slipped shut as the ecstasy began.

A hand slid from her grasp and traveled slowly down her arm leaving delightful tingles in its wake. Cori moaned as three words were whispered in her ear. The fleshy lobe was given a single lick as Taylor inched her way down the pristine body, proving her intense feelings with every movement and touch. Her teeth nibble at the puckered flesh surrounding a very alert nipple and it’s equally taught twin was caressed gently between two exploring fingers.

Cori wrapped her hand around the midnight locks and pleaded for more. With agonizing slowness her every wish was gloriously granted. The most delicious of fires burned in her belly and each stroke stoked the flames higher as Taylor made love to her. A kiss and more whispered words of reverence were pressed to the inside of her right thigh. Cori began to tremble as those soft lips inched closer to their ultimate goal and the sweet torture continued until her body spontaneously arched and she screamed her release. Struggling to control her erratic breathing she collapsed back to the mattress and was yet again amazed at just how intense their joining could be.

Taylor’s long, straight tresses trailed across the damp skin as she slowly crawled back up to greet the smile that she knew was reserved only for her. Cool metal fell tenderly against her cheek as the warm kiss landed on her lips. With each touch and each gaze Taylor fell deeper in love.

"I love you too," Cori said in response to the unspoken sentiment.

* * * *

Though the day had been filled with the loveliest of intimate encounters, the holiday had had more then its share of romance as well. Taylor had arrived bright and early that morning bearing an arm full of appropriate gifts, starting with flowers. Instead of the traditional dozen she gave Cori eight red roses instead, one for each of the weeks they had been together. Then came a box of Dove chocolates, which was a small reminder of their second date. She also gave her blonde lover a very short, handwritten poem. Her first attempt at rhyming prose was met with a loving chuckle, misty green eyes and a mind-blowing kiss.

Taylor soon found herself sitting down to a beautiful breakfast of heart shaped, chocolate chip pancakes and fresh fruit with whipped cream. Yes it was a little cliché…okay very cliché, but it was the first time in her life that Cori had the opportunity to do something that to her was still very romantic…as long as it was prepared with love. And it was.

Cori also received a big red heart, cut just a little crookedly, out of construction paper and covered in golden glitter. Travis’s little face beamed when Cori raved over the handmade gift. It had been a perfect Valentine’s Day for everyone.

The day’s end found Taylor and Cori soaking at opposite ends of a garden tub under mounds of strawberry scented bubbles. Finishing off the last of the champagne, they relaxed and talked about their future.

The blonde grabbed a toe that was inching its way up her side, about to tickle her ribs. She held tight and lifted the entire appendage above the foam, staring at the slender intruder. She grinned manically and wiggled her fingers. "Turnabout is fair play," she said as she raked her nails over the wrinkled underside. The foot remained still in her grasp and she looked at it, bewildered. Cori tried again, paying special attention to the soft arch. Still no reaction and she looked up to find her lover yawing and appearing quite bored. "Don’t you have any nerve endings in there?" Cori asked.

Taylor shrugged a single shoulder. A ghost of a smile flickered around the edges of her lips as she played in the bubbles with her sponge. This was of the things she liked most about their relationship, that they could play around and just have pure fun. Neither one of them ever took themselves too seriously. Going along with the game the dark head tipped back, feigning sudden exhaustion.

Cori’s mouth drew into a thin line, almost disappearing. She was determined to get a response from her suddenly stoic partner. Trying a lighter, teasing touch with her fingers still didn’t work. She spent quite a few moments contemplating the situation and finally an image popped into her mind, igniting her green eyes. Eyeing her partner, who she knew was only pretending to nap, Cori grabbed her own soft sponge and began washing the long foot, seemingly giving up on the more devilish task.

Taylor’s left eyebrow twitched lazily as each toe received its turn under the blonde’s scrutiny. The scrubbing tool left momentarily but quickly returned to begin its trail down the bottom of the appendage. Taylor suddenly stiffened as the sensation changed. A soft tongue replaced the sponge and licked across the now very sensitive arch.

Cori heard her lover moan languidly and watched as the dark head slowly slipped beneath the water line. She dropped the foot as Taylor popped back up, her face covered in white foam. The blue eyes twinkled and a smile split the bubbles. "I guess it just took the right stimulation," she said.

The blonde laughed and shot forward, wrapping her arms around her silly partner. Taylor plastered two handfuls of foaming bubbles on her partner’s face and they both broke out into giggles as they kissed.

"Do you know how much I love you?" Cori asked.

"I think so, but feel free to remind me as often as you like."

"I will."

* * * *

Sometime later, with the fire now extinguished, they dressed warmly and lay in each other’s arms just about to drift off after their tiring, but very satisfying day.

Cori sighed happily and wondered aloud. "Do you think our lives will always be so perfect and carefree?"

"We can only hope for that miracle Honey. But, no matter what happens I promise you that nothing or no one will ever hurt my family." Taylor pulled her closer. "You and Kylie and Travis are my rock."

Cori tipped her head up and grinned. "I guess we’re on a roll then."

Taylor hesitated just a moment then scrunched her chiseled features. "Oh, that was sooo bad."

The blonde head nodded. "You’re right…but I can show you something that is sooo good." Cori gave her a simple kiss that left both souls totally content. "Happy Valentine’s Day, my love."

"Happy Valentine’s Day Cori. And it’s just the first of many many more to come."


The end.

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