Two Part Harmony

By Colleen

This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright 2007.

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

There are a few bad words and some violence.

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Chapter 11

On their second full day together, Skylar and Kyra ventured into a little nearby town for lunch and some shopping. Wearing her simple disguise, Sky felt comfortable in taking her lover’s hand as they strolled from shop to shop. The weather was brisk, but not unbearable, perfect for enjoying the Christmas decorations in the shop windows and those lining the streets and town square.

Kyra purchased a few things for her grandparents and some clothes for her sister. Sky saw some items she would like to get Kyra, even though she already had three presents tucked away back at the cabin. The blonde had already purchased her present for Sky as well, but now that they were a couple she wanted to give her more things…and some very intimate things suddenly came to mind.

As they were indulging in a nice, hot midday meal, Kyra’s phone rang. She grabbed for it expecting to see the familiar number displayed on the screen. But a pair of golden brows drew together in curiosity at the unknown sequence. She answered it anyway and was shocked at the voice on the other end. “Hello…Gable?”

Sky also flashed a mildly surprised expression.

“Yes, it’s me. Are you all right Kyra?”

“Of course; why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well, Josh and I extended our stay here at the inn, and when you never checked in…I was just getting concerned.”

“No, I’m fine. Sky and I just started…working on some things…” Sky had picked up on the topic of the conversation. She comically wiggled her eyebrows at the idea of the exact things they had worked on. Kyra slapped at her lover’s hand. “…and it just got so late. I actually just ended up sleeping in front of the fire.” It was a version of the truth, so she didn’t feel so bad about lying. But lying was about to become a regular part of her life. “Sky wanted to show me this little town…that’s a where we are now.”

Gable was quiet for a noticeable few seconds. “Well…that sounds fun,” she finally said. Kyra thought she detected a trace of amusement in her voice. “I guess I’ll talk to you after the holidays. Merry Christmas Kyra.”

“Merry Christmas to you and Josh.” Kyra slipped the phone back into her coat pocket. Her distracted eyes watched the croutons floating around in her soup.

“This is gonna be hard for you isn’t it?” Sky asked.

Kyra met the concerned denim eyes. “What do you mean?”

Skylar took Kyra’s hand. “Lying about us,” she answered sadly.

Kyra affectionately squeezed the hand and smiled. “Hard? No. I’m just afraid that I’ll say the wrong thing and get you in trouble.”

“Don’t worry about that. You did fine with Gable.”

“I don’t want to be the one to hurt you or your career. Or more importantly, your mother.”

“First of all, you could never hurt me. And if my career fell apart tomorrow, I wouldn’t care…as long as you were by my side. As for my mother, I have been thinking and I’ve come up with a plan. I’m going to hire some private detectives to watch the institution and if they see any signs of reporters hanging around, I’m authorizing them to get her out of there. She’ll be fine.” Sky raised the hand to her lips and tenderly kissed it. “Now, let’s go home and take a nap. I’ve arranged a little outdoor activity for this evening.”

Kyra knew better than to question one of Sky’s surprises. The blonde’s curiosity and her patience were getting a good workout though. A nap huh?

* * *

White, fluffy powder flew up around four big, shaggy feet. A snort of hot breath floated in the cold air. A set of leather straps snapped and the horse moved up to a trot. Following behind the graceful, black animal was a sleigh with three passengers…a driver and pair of lovers. A dusky purple sky enveloped the vehicle as it sailed along the trail that skirted a dark forest, as romantic as it was haunting.

Sky tucked the blanket tighter around her lover’s legs then reached for the thermos beside her. Handing Kyra a mug of hot chocolate, Sky also snuck a kiss. They clasped gloved hands as the sleigh skimmed the heavy snow on their hour long journey.

“This is beautiful,” Kyra said as she surveyed the night and its thousand stars.

“So are you,” Sky whispered. “I love you.” Another chocolaty kiss followed.

The silence of the couple matched that of the night as two miles disappeared behind them. The canopy of twinkling lights played a lazy lullaby, but sleep was far from either mind. As much as they knew about each other, this was the time to make detailed discoveries as new lovers do.

“Tell me about your aunt and uncle,” Kyra said.

“Aunt Beth is my mom’s older sister. She and Uncle Rick have owned the same book store for over twenty years. I spent a lot of time there when I lived with them; when I wasn’t practicing music of course.”

“Did they have any other children?”

“Yeah, I have two cousins. Amanda was in her second year of college when I moved in. Jesse was seventeen when I was thirteen and he didn’t exactly want to hang around his little girl cousin. I mean he was nice to me; we just didn’t spend a lot of time together. One thing we did do in the summer was play basketball in the driveway. Amanda is a lawyer now and she and her husband have a three year old son. Jesse owns his own construction company. My mom also has a younger brother, but I haven’t seen Uncle Joseph in almost fifteen years. He’s in the Peace Corps and I’m not even sure what country he’s in now. Grammy Helena lives in a little village in Italy. She teaches violin.”

Kyra smiled. “Musical talent runs in the family.”

“Absolutely. She’s great. I try to call her at least once a month.”

“They sound like nice people,” Kyra said. “I don’t want to bring up bad memories, but what about…um…your dad’s family.”

“His parents have passed on and he was an only child. I had my last name legally changed when I was fifteen. I didn’t want to be an Anderson anymore. Ramsey is my mother’s maiden name.” Skylar’s voice was vacant, void of any emotion as she answered the question. Kyra snuggled closer and placed a soft kiss on Skylar’s chilled cheek.

The loud plop of the horse’s hooves moving through the snow created a nice beat under the quiet for another half mile. “I got a call from Jesse a few weeks ago,” Skylar continued, “he’s getting married on February fourth. He asked me to sing at the ceremony.”

“That’s nice. But that’s kind of short notice for a wedding, isn’t it?”

“Yeah well, the original date was in the summer, but when his fiancé found out she was pregnant, they moved it up.”

“Ooops,” Kyra chuckled. “You are going, aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah. I’d like you to come with me…meet my family.”

“I think that sounds wonderful.”

* * *

Skylar turned on the jets and sank into the pleasantly warm water right next to her lover. After the sleigh ride, they returned home for a soak in the hot tub before turning in for the night. “I was thinking about Christmas,” she said as the water bubbled up around her chin. “I know you’ll want to be with your family on the twenty fifth.”

“Well, you are my family, but yes, I need to see my grandparents and Jilly.”

“And I need to go up and see my mom,” Sky said. “But it is our first Christmas together, so I thought that we could celebrate on Christmas Eve, and then you could take the plane to San Diego first thing the next morning. I can drive up to Silver Lake.”

“Sounds like a good plan. But I will need to borrow your plane for a quick trip back to LA tomorrow. I need to get more clothes and pick up some presents.”

“You can use it anytime, honey.” Sky maneuvered Kyra onto her lap and began kissing her cheeks, moving slowly toward the set of wet lips. “Speaking of presents.”

* * *

As the New Year rolled in, the band was about to head back on the road to the cold Midwest. Sky and Bo had a meeting on the morning of the second. He immediately roared over the haircut, but his scathing words simply went in one ear and out the other. She had much more important things to fill her thoughts.

A few days later, Bo found Sky humming to herself. That wasn’t really unusual for a professional singer, but he detected something else behind the joyous notes. “Why are looking so pleased lately?” he asked

“Why shouldn’t I? I’m happy.”

He arched a suspicious, sinister brow. “Why?”

She chucked. “Well Bo, it’s called enjoying your life. I have a successful career and the world loves me.”

“You had that before, but something has changed. First you cut your hair after I said you couldn’t, now…I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it.”

Sky gave him a serious and somewhat defiant stare “I know you like to lord your power over me, but my leash was feeling a little too short lately, so I decided to let it out some. See Bobo, I know you too well; you like your money train far too much to risk it for such inconsequential reasons.”

He didn’t have time to react before she left the room. But she was right; he wasn’t going to jeopardize the cash flow.

* * *

As expected, Skylar and Kyra couldn’t find a lot of intimate time together. While they were traveling, Sky thought it was too big of a risk because of the bus driver. The older man was very stoic and never socialized with the band members, but he did seem to have developed a friendship with Bo, at least as much as anyone could. And she certainly wouldn’t have put it passed Bo to pay the man to spy on her. She and Kyra did go about their regular routine while moving from one place to another. They played games, had meals and watched movies. They even managed to sneak some kisses. But making love had been a memory since New Year’s Eve. They had developed a discrete signal that meant ‘I love you’ and even became bold enough to use it while performing on stage. But by the time January twenty first appeared on the daily paper, Skylar had had enough.

After the day’s sound check, the tall singer had whispered to Kyra to meet her in the RV. The bus driver and the other band members were at the hotel, which was right across the street from the arena where the RV was parked. Sky knew that Bo was having some conference calls in his room and expected him to be busy for quite a while.

About two hours later, they were laying in Sky’s bed just chatting and enjoying being in each other’s arms. Kyra was absently running her foot along her lover’s long leg. Sky was lazily trailing her fingertips over the arm that was draped across her belly.

“Are you excited about doing the half time show at the Super Bowl?” Kyra asked.

“Yeah. I just wish you guys were going to be there to back me up.” Bo had arranged for another band to play with Sky at the show, but gave no reason.

“We’ll be there in spirit,” Kyra assured. “Let’s just make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions.” Sky snorted at the humor then yelped when Kyra pinched one of those possible exposures.

“Did you hear that?” Kyra suddenly asked.

Sky looked around the small room. “Nothing in here, but us naked jay birds.”

The plink sounded again and that time she heard it. Sky rolled over toward the window and peeked between the blinds. Her other backup singer was outside looking rather agitated. When the redhead saw the blue eyes, she pointed toward the door. Sky ducked back and got off the bed, grabbing for a robe. “It’s Gable,” she said, slightly alarmed. “Stay here; I’ll see what’s wrong.” Sky gave Kyra a kiss and a reassuring look before leaving the room and pulling the door securely behind her. A gust of cold wind smacked her in the face when she opened the vehicle door. She ushered the woman inside and asked, “What’s up?”

“Bo is looking for you. He’s searching the hotel floor by floor.”

“Damn; I can’t get a minute of privacy.”

“Better tell Kyra to be careful getting back to her room. He knows she’s missing too.”

Sky was very careful with her reaction. “Why would you think she’s here?”

Gable smiled knowingly. “You two are in love. I think that’s great. I’m happy for you. And it’s your business why you need to keep it a secret. You don’t have to worry, I’m sure I’m the only one who has noticed. And I won’t tell anyone.”

Sky sighed and looked away for just a second. She then chuckled nervously, worried and in a way relieved at the same time. “Thanks Gable. For the warning and for being such a good friend.”

Sky came in to the hotel lobby, protesting the cold, just as Bo walked out of the elevator. She told him that she had been on the bus listening to some music. He also demanded to know why her bodyguard didn’t know where she was. Sky talked her way out of the situation, but Bo wasn’t pleased. But then he rarely was…unless he was cashing a paycheck. About half an hour later, Bo saw Kyra in the hotel’s bar. Of course he asked where she had been because she hadn’t answered her door. She told him she had taken some medicine and had fallen into a deep sleep. A simple lie was always the best. Kyra left the bar with a relieved and satisfied grin on her face. Bo ordered a drink as a dastardly smile formed within the circle of the raven hued whiskers on his face. What Kyra didn’t know or suspect was that he had charmed and paid a housekeeper to let him into her room at the time she claimed to be there asleep. He still didn’t know where she had been, but catching her in that lie delighted and angered his slimy soul.

Even though Sky and Kyra thought they had fooled Bo, they decided not to chance another encounter. It was only two more weeks until the touring was over and they would have plenty of time to be together then.

* * *

At the beginning of February, Kyra found a nice apartment. The superstar snuck into the building, wearing a long blond wig, heavy jacket and dark glasses. She wanted to personally check the place out and make sure it was appropriate for her lover. Once it was deemed so, they took the time to properly christen the bedroom, knowing Skylar shouldn’t chance a return visit.

Their lives were sailing along fairly smoothly, with only the occasional rough wave to ride out. Although with secret codes, disguises and clandestine meetings, it sometimes felt like they were living a spy novel. But it was no game. It was their life. And such as it was, it was worth all the trouble to be together, to be in love. Any other possibility would be unbearable.

* * *

Cousin Jesse’s wedding was a small, but elegant affair, with only about thirty family members and friends in attendance. Skylar sang a beautiful song at the ceremony and another at the reception for the newly wedded couple’s first dance.

Late into the party, Skylar and Kyra finally got to spend a little time alone. They took their cups of coffee and tea to a table in a corner. They had stayed together most of the day and that was fine in appearance since Kyra didn’t know anyone else, but anything more than a casual touch was still forbidden. The bodyguard, Jodi sat a discreet distance away, her eyes scanning the crowd. They certainly didn’t expect any trouble from Sky’s family or friends; mostly she watched the doors for any uninvited guests.

Kyra glanced at the gold watch on her wrist then back at her lover. “You know, I haven’t been able to stare into your eyes for almost six hours. I’m feeling very deprived. I guess I still can’t do that now without drawing suspicion huh?”

“Well, why don’t you ask me something; something that you still want to know about me and while I’m answering you can stare until your hearts content.”

“Good idea,” Kyra said with a grin. “Let me think. Okay. How did you first become interested in music?”

“Actually it started with my family problems. When I came to live with my aunt and uncle I was an emotional wreck…obviously. I started seeing a therapist and she suggested that I needed a creative hobby; something to keep me occupied and as a way to help me work through my emotions. Aunt Beth’s best friend was a piano teacher and she just happened to live right next door. I started lessons and the rest is history.” Sky started to think of something else and a soft smile drifted across her mouth.

“What is it?”

Sky shrugged. “Oh, I just remembered that Miss Harper happened to be gay.” The blonde brows shot up and over the equally blonde head. “Kyra, she was in her thirties and I was fourteen!”

Kyra giggled. “She broadened your horizons though.”

“I guess you could say that. I hadn’t paid any particular attention to either boys or girls before then. But there was just something about seeing her with her girlfriend that sparked something in me. I started silently exploring my budding sexuality. For a while I just watched both boys and girls, thinking about things. I had just about reached the conclusion that I was attracted to the feminine form and I confessed it to Miss Harper. She gave me lots of good advice. About a year later I dated a couple of boys…just to fit in, but that sealed the deal. I could just never seem to make that kind of an emotional attachment that I needed. That’s when I completely accepted my sexual orientation.”

“And your first kiss?”

“My first kiss was with Ben Farrell.” Sky paused then grinned impishly. “My first exciting kiss was with Shelly Alden.”

Kyra sipped her tea as she watched the couples dancing. Another wistful wish made its way across her heart. As if reading her thoughts, Skylar rose to her feet then bent to whisper in her companion’s ear. “Come with me.” She was quite familiar with the reception hall, having grown up in the area and attending many events there. Leading them to a small room down the hall, Sky locked the door and wrapped her arms around her small lover. She started moving them in a lazy circle.

Kyra beamed a smile at her and asked, “How did you know what I was thinking?”

“All I need is a touch of your love,” Skylar sang. “The mystical and magical touch of your love.” Kyra joined in as they harmonized. “When your soul touches mine you make my world shine. Skin on skin let the passion begin. It’s velvet and satin and fire and ice. Just one touch is worth any price.” A sweet kiss smothered the rest of the words, but the melody played on in their hearts.

Fifteen minutes later, the couple returned to the party. Before Sky could reach her seat a young girl ran over to her. The auburn haired teen smiled excitedly. “I’m sorry to bother you Miss Ramsey, but I love your music and I just had to meet you. My Mom told me that she started teaching you piano when you were my age.”

“Well, yes she did. And your name is?”

A blush graced her fair skinned cheeks. “I’m sorry. I’m…”


“Over here Mom.” The girl turned back to her idol. “I’m Ashley Harper.”

“It’s very nice to meet you Ashley. Can you play piano?”

“Yeah, Mom taught me a few years ago.” A pair of hands landed on her shoulders and Ashley quickly glanced back at her parent. “But I can’t sing like you can Ms. Ramsey.”

“Please call me Skylar.” Sky looked at her former piano teacher. “Jackie, it’s so good to see you again.” She gave her friend a hug.

“I’m very proud of you Skylar. How are you, besides the obvious?”

“Oh, I’m wonderful.”

Kyra waited patiently, watching the reunion and the adoration in the teen’s eyes. Her own eyes told another story as they landed on the super star’s face.

The teacher turned to her daughter. “Honey, why don’t you get some cake? Skylar and I are gonna talk for a little while.”

“Adult stuff huh?”

“You got it.”

“Ashley?” Sky said. “Come back and see me later.”

The girl grinned. “I will.”

Skylar took a step back to Kyra’s side. “Jackie, I’d like you to meet my partner Kyra McCall.”

Jackie took the blonde’s offered hand. “It’s nice to meet you Miss McCall.”

“And you as well. Please call me Kyra. Actually, Sky was telling me about you earlier.”

“I bet she didn’t tell you about the day she brought bubble gum to her lesson and was trying to blow bubbles to the beat of her songs.”

“She most certainly did not. I just bet you have a few more stories that I would just love to hear. Shall we have a seat?”

“Of course. So, how long have you been together?”

Skylar looked deeply into the emerald eyes. “As a couple, about two months, but we’ve known each other almost a year.” She turned back to her former teacher. “Jackie, I need to ask you not to say…”

The teacher raised a hand. “I understand. And you have my word. I kind of suspected your need for secrecy. That’s why I sent Ashley off on an errand. She’s very trustworthy, but in her exuberance in telling her friends about meeting you, she might have accidentally let something slip.”

“Thank you. I want you to know, Jackie that I’m not ashamed of being a lesbian or of being with Kyra. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“I believe you. And like I said before I’m proud of you as a former student, a friend and family.”

“So, are you a single parent?” Sky asked.

“Oh no. It’s just the hazards of being married to a doctor. Lily is working at the hospital today. She’s an orthopedic surgeon; the best in her field,” she added with pride.

They chatted for another half an hour before Skylar’s aunt told them that the family, minus the newlyweds of course, was heading back to the house. That meant Jackie and her family were also invited, but she had promised her daughter a trip to the mall.

“I wanted to give Ashley an autographed CD…” Skylar scanned the room for the red headed girl, “but I think she’s a little preoccupied.”

Jackie followed the singer’s line of sight and found her daughter standing with a blonde haired boy. “Oh lord, not again. That could be boyfriend number three.”

Kyra assumed the girl had probably started dating at thirteen. “That’s not bad for a year.”

“This year.” Jackie said, then laughed at the double set of bugged out eyes. “She’s not allowed to go out on a date until she turns fifteen, but she calls them boyfriends anyway. And they call her on her cell all the time.”

Kyra looked at her partner. “Do you think boys are any easier to bring up?”

* * *

Sky and Kyra were visiting Silver Lake Institution again. Sky was keeping a Christmas promise. On the holiday eve, after the couple had exchanged presents, they had had a serious discussion.

Sky smiled at her lover. “You are my family now, ya know.”

“And you are mine,” Kyra agreed.

“Does that mean that the rest of your family is mine also?”

“Of course. My grandparents loved you. My grandmother told me that she is so relieved that I work for such a lovely person and not some show business degenerate.”

Skylar chuckled. “Glad to have her seal of approval,” she said. “So that means Jilly is my sister too.”

Kyra was suspicious. “Yesss.”

Sky took Kyra’s hand. “Then let’s move her to Silver Lake, where we both know she belongs.”

Kyra didn’t speak a word as she moved forward and kissed the beautiful singer. Fighting off the tears, she cupped Sky’s cheek. “Do you know how much I love you?”

“A lot I think. So, does that mean yes?”


Jilly McCall was at first a little fearful boarding Sky’s jet. But once they brought out the guitars, she sat mesmerized for the rest of the trip. Once in Colorado and on the Silver Lake grounds, the young woman wanted to play in the snow. It was as if she was seeing the wet white stuff for the first time. And for the first time in a long time, she was interested in something besides music. Kyra cried again, watching her sister and her lover exchanging tossed snowballs.

Sky was able to arrange for Jilly to have the room right next to Sky’s mother. They were introduced briefly and then Kyra spent the afternoon getting her sister settled in and helping Jilly’s new pal arrange her program.

Sky and Kyra left to get some dinner and to see if Jilly would be all right alone. They actually planned to stay in the area for a couple of days just in case Kyra was needed. When they returned to Silver Lake, the next afternoon, Kyra stopped to talk to her sister’s new pal while Sky went on to see her mother. After a short conversation, Kyra went to rejoin her partner. Turning the corner, she saw Sky standing in the hallway, not moving and intently staring into her mother’s room. The blonde picked up the pace and stopped at the tall singer’s side. “What’s wrong Sky?” She ran a hand down her arm, but still didn’t get a response. Finally she followed the line of Sky’s sight and instantly matched her mute pose.

Gina Anderson was sitting by the window, her usual spot. Jilly was sitting in front of the older woman with her back to her. The young woman was jabbering on about something and playing with a small, stuffed rabbit. But it was something else, something astonishing that had the couple so enthralled. Skylar’s mother was brushing the girl’s long hair. Gina’s stare was still blank, she spoke not a word and her arm movements were very shaky, but she was trying. It was a precious scene. Tears were streaming down Sky’s face. It was first time in fourteen years that she had seen any animation from her beloved mother.

“She thinks it’s…me.” Skylar was barely able to get the emotional words past her tight throat. She felt the body next to her snuggle closer and Sky wrapped her arm around Kyra. “Let’s give them some time,” Sky said. She led Kyra to a nearby visitor’s area. They had a seat by the fire and turned to face one another, but kept holding hands. Sky finally smiled.

Kyra matched it. “It’s wonderful sweetheart.”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much. I had hope…but it’s been so long.” Sky chuckled. “I can’t stop shaking.”

Kyra lifted both of her lover’s hands to her mouth and kissed the trembling knuckles. “I know.”

“She may never do it again,” Sky realized. “But it may also be a first step.”

“I’m so happy for you Sky…and for her.”

“It was your sister that reached her.”

Kyra thought about that. “Does it bother you that it wasn’t you?” she asked.

The dark head shook. “No. Like I said before, I would have done anything or paid any price to get that kind of response from her. Believe me, I am very happy. Maybe being around my mom will be positive for your sister too.”

“It already has been,” Kyra said wistfully. “I heard what Jilly was saying. She was telling a story that Mama used to tell us. I’ve never heard her talk about anything from the past before.” Kyra reached over and hugged her lover. “Thank you for bringing her here. I love you.”

* * *

Kyra was reclining on their bed in Sky’s canyon home. They weren’t officially living together, but they spent the night together as often as possible. A chocolate sundae was on the nightstand beside her and the TV was on, but the sound was low. It was late evening and she was dressed for bed after having had dinner alone. Sky had been away all day doing some charity work and running personal errands. In Kyra’s hands was the current issue of a popular weekly magazine, the issue proclaiming the sexiest people in show business. There on the cover was her beautiful and of course sexy lover. Sky was surrounded by three other people, two men and another woman, but their varying degrees of appeal paled in compassion to the tall, curvy singer. Kyra thumbed through the entire issue before returning to read, for the third time, the one page article accompanying the full page photo of Sky dressed in black leather pants and a screaming red top. She knew very well the skin and muscle beneath the clothes and the cute tattoo that the rest of the world was not aware of. She also knew the feel of those hands on… Kyra tossed the magazine aside and quickly reached for the dish of cold ice cream. She scooped several spoonfuls into her mouth and set the dish in her lap. Once her body heat had substantially cooled, she put the dish back on the table and safely returned to the magazine. Kyra zeroed in on the deep indigo eyes peering out from under the brim of a cowboy hat. In reality, in print or in her dreams, those eyes reached inside and spoke to Kyra loud and clear with silent words of passion, dedication and trust. Kyra’s own, tired eyes soon slipped shut. Two thoughts drifted over her slumbering brain. I finally got what I wanted. I finally got what I wanted. And I’ll do whatever I have to to keep it.

A pair of bare feet quietly crept across the carpet. The talented bandit, intent in their nocturnal task, stopped to study the blonde in the bed. With a head to toe appraisal, they knew they had chosen well. Skylar planned to procure a little love from her partner in crime. She slowly climbed onto the mattress, stopping when a flash of color caught her eye. She looked down at her own face and mutely scoffed at the decree. Pushing the magazine aside, Sky continued her momentum, molding herself alongside of her bedmate. Kyra merely twitched, until a skillful pair of lips began a tour around her neck.

“Ummm,” Kyra mumbled. “I didn’t need a magazine to tell me that I’m sleeping with the sexiest woman on earth.”

Sky chuckled deep in her throat as she ran her hand under Kyra’s top. “I believe it just said one of sexiest in show business.”

Kyra cupped the back of the dark head and initiated more enthusiastic kisses. “My own personal poll,” she said between touches. “Very exclusive list of voters. Trust me, they are never wrong.”

“Well, one sexy woman deserves another.” A blue eyeball noticed something on the nightstand. “But first I need ice cream.” Sky jumped off the bed and headed for the bedroom door.

Kyra dramatically flung her arms to the side. “It’s happened already.” She sighed with a flare. “The passion is gone. You’d rather have ice cream than me.”

Sky turned back and grinned. “Oh, I intend to have both…at the same time.”

* * *

A police detective walked out of Skylar’s office carrying a clear plastic evidence bag. Inside was the stalker’s latest delivery, a rag doll with one of Skylar’s trademark black scarves tied around the neck. A picture of Sky, the one naming her one of the sexiest stars, was glued to the doll’s face. There was also a hint of a perfume on the figure. A Xerox copy of a handwritten note was attached. It stated. ‘Nobody will ever take you away from me’.

Bo told the detective that the scarves were specially made and that several had been missing from a recent shipment. He also reported some other things he thought suspicious.

The latest incident was very disturbing to Sky. She was actually glad that her relationship was a secret for once. Kyra would be protected.

The next morning, a local L.A. reporter scored a major career high as he broke the Skylar Ramsey stalker story. But of course he kept his source confidential. The story spread like wildfire across the national networks. Everyone remotely involved in Skylar’s life was offered big bucks for interviews. All of her loyal friends declined, choosing to protect her privacy. Even Bo turned down the dollar signs. He did release a statement, asking the press to consider Skylar’s safety when reporting their stories.

To be continued…

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