Two Part Harmony

By Colleen

This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way.  Copyright 2007-2008.

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit.  If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it.  If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

There are a few bad words and some violence.

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Chapter 15

     Skylar woke up on Saturday morning in great spirits, even though she hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep the night before. She couldn’t wipe the smile from her face. And there were several good reasons for that. First and foremost was why she was somewhat sleep deprived. She had been a voracious lover, taking Kyra to a sexual peak over and over, resting momentarily then starting again. And Kyra happily gave as good as she got, finally feeling free for the first time in weeks. That was due to reason number two.

     On Friday morning, Sky had finally gotten Bo’s elusive fingerprint. It was a brilliant maneuver, if she did think so herself. Sky had grabbed Bo by the greed.

     The scowling manager walked into Sky’s office at the studio. “What do you want Cash?” he asked gruffly.

     Sky quickly spied his bare hands. ‘Finally’, she thought. “Here,” she said plainly as she thrust the rectangular sheet of paper in his direction.

     It looked like a check, but he was slightly suspicious. “What is it?”

     Her dark brows rose high on her head. “What is it?” she repeated. “Don’t you want your pay?”

     “It’s not the first of the month yet.”

     “I’m going to be away visiting my family then.”  Skylar started to pull back the check. “If you want to wait an extra week that’s fine with me.” 

     “No, no!”  Bo frantically grabbed the check and Sky held on a little too tightly causing the paper to tear in two.

     “Good going Bobo. Give it here,” she said of the half he still clutched between his greedy fingers. He handed it over without hesitation and she tossed both pieces into the small trash can behind her desk. “I’ve said it a hundred times Bobo, but you are a real piece of work.”

     “Cut the commentary and just write me a new check.”

     Sky sat down and slowly scribbled out the document, thinking as she did. “It can’t have been that easy. His thumb print is on that paper in the trash, but…” She glanced up to find him practically salivating over his added wealth, and obviously not considering the evidence he left behind. “When it comes to money, maybe it is.”

     With that paper and the print now safely in the hands of the police, Sky had every reason to smile.

*    *    *

     They had guests arriving later in the afternoon.  Sky’s music mentor, Jackie Harper, her partner Dr. Lily Battman and their daughter Ashley were visiting L.A. for the first time. The doctor was going to examine and evaluate Kyra’s injury and her recovery options.

     After breakfast, Kyra had gone into the sunroom to call her grandparents, but had decided not to tell them the news until the police officially dropped the charges against her. She also phoned her sister, but much to her surprise, Jilly was unavailable because she was on a field trip to a museum.  The change in her sister’s personality was remarkable; her fits of anger almost non-existent since moving to Silver Lake. With her pal’s help, the young woman had been dealing with disappointments in a much calmer manner. Kyra smiled, silently thanking her lover again.

     After the phone calls, she grabbed the book she was in the middle of reading and settled back into her comfortable chair. But only a few pages were turned before the jade eyes slipped shut.

     Thirty minutes later, Sky walked into the room, ready to ask her lover if she wanted to play a trivia game. The sight of the snoozing blonde expanded her ever present happy face. Skylar slipped a throw over her legs and kissed her head before leaving Kyra to her nap. The singer wasn’t quite sure what to do next though. The two females in her life were both sleeping and it was too early to start cooking for the dinner party. Sky finally grabbed the book Kyra had been reading, walked to the kitchen to get a couple of cookies, and went into the den to her favorite chair.

     Just twenty minutes had passed when the doorbell rang, an odd occurrence since nobody could get passed the locked gate, except her most trusted acquaintances. But then she remembered that Kyra had ordered flowers for their dinner table and their guest’s bedrooms. She figured Jodi would have allowed their entry through the gate. Sky opened the door, instantly restraining her surprise and trepidation. “Bo, what are you doing here? How did you get in the gate?” She glanced passed his shoulder. “Where is Jodi?”

     He crooked a slimy smile at her. “Do you honestly think I was going to let one little woman stop me from getting something I want?”

     “Where is she?” Sky demanded.

     He nodded back over his shoulder without taking his eyes off his client. “She’s taking a little nap; she’ll be fine. Aren’t you going to let me in?”

     Taking a nap. What exactly does that mean? He didn’t seem particularly angry, but she was desperate to keep him away from Kyra. “Why don’t we go somewhere else and talk?” she suggested as casually as possible.

     Bo held her gaze, his usual intimidating demeanor as strong as ever. “We can…talk just fine right here.” He took a single stride forward and slowly reached behind him. “In fact…” With a move of his arm, Sky was suddenly staring at the same gun that had put a bullet into Kyra’s body.  “I insist,” he said.  Bo flicked the black barrel, telling her to move further back inside the house.

     Skylar took a few steps back, not taking her eyes off him. She laughed nervously. “What’s that for?”


     “You can drop the act Cash. I have an acquaintance at the police department and he tipped me off about your little fingerprint gathering. So you think you know it all, right?”

     Might as well be truthful now, she thought. Maybe I can push him into taking me somewhere…anywhere, but here. “Obviously, I do,” she said, “or you wouldn’t be threatening me with that gun. Why don’t you just take off Bo? You’ve got plenty of my money to help you get lost.” Just leave before Kyra wakes up. Please God, I don’t care about myself, just protect Kyra.

     His dark eyes suddenly flashed. “But that’s the problem; I don’t have nearly as much money as I want.” He leveled the weapon at her head. “You’ve ruined everything for me Ramsey. So now I have to ruin everything for you.”

     “Look Bo, you just framed Kyra; you’ve already been cleared in the shooting. If you just go away and leave us alone, we won’t press charges.”

     He chuckled heartily. “It won’t be that simple Ramsey. So you think you have it all figured out huh? But you’re not that smart. You see I was also your stalker.” He noted the shocked expression. “Oh I don’t give a damn about you,” he assured, “other than your money that is. Framing that little blonde bitch was just the last part of the plan.” Feeling confident with his show of power, Bo worked his way over to a chair and had a seat. “When you first hired her,” he continued, “I saw the spark in your eye. I figured you wouldn’t be able to…if you were a man I’d say keep it in your pants. But maybe in this case I should say you weren’t able to keep it in the nightstand drawer.” He smiled at his own perceived wit. “I needed an ace up my sleeve to get rid of her. It got you some sympathetic publicity too.”

     “You really are a slimy bastard. Just what are you getting at?”

     He tipped his dark head in thought. “I was wrong; framing her was not the last part of the plan. Shooting her was.” Bo chuckled. “That was so sweet. I’m sure you remember the way she dropped like a stone. Thud.” He paused, watching the rage flash across her features, her jaw flexing and her eyes narrowing. It is so easy to push your buttons Ramsey, Bo thought.  And so damn much fun doing it. “If she didn’t die, I thought at least it would have scared her off.  I know you want to see me pay for that. That’s why you won’t just let me walk away.”

     “You’re damn right we’re not gonna let you walk away.”

     Bo jumped up and two dark heads turned as the duo suddenly became a trio. Despite the gun now aimed at him, Bo laughed. “I was wondering when you would show your…pretty little head, Ms. McCall.”

     Kyra had been awakened by the door bell. After hearing just a few words she slipped quietly into Sky’s office and got the gun kept in the desk drawer. Holding it with confidence…she hoped he wouldn’t remember that she was right handed…Kyra had joined them, determined to protect her lover.

     She moved slowly to Skylar’s side, never taking her eyes off the bastard in black.  “You’ve nearly ruined Sky’s world, you monster. She can’t live or love without worrying about what you might do. Skylar Ramsey is the strongest person I’ve ever known, but you are destroying her. She deserves to be free. I won’t let you hurt her anymore.”

     “Wow, I feel a tear coming on,” Bo sobbed. “Whoops, I was wrong. Those are awfully powerful words from such a puny little nuisance.”

     “A nuisance with a big enough gun to put a hole through you.” A hand landed on Kyra’s shoulder, but didn’t disrupt her concentration.

     “Don’t waste your breath on him, Kyra. He doesn’t have a heart…or a soul.” Sky leaned close, her voice just above a whisper. “You can’t kill him.”

     “I will if I have to.”

     “Don’t do it sweetheart. I don’t want that on your conscience. He’s not worth it. I’ll make sure he goes to prison for the crimes he’s committed.”

     “But he’s got a gun,” Kyra whispered. She didn’t take her eyes off her enemy for a split second. “I can’t let him hurt you. Don’t ask me to just give up.”

     “I hope you’re saying your goodbyes ladies. Your time together is almost up. How did you put it Cash, lording my power. Wonder what I could make you do now.”

     “Shut up Bo! I know you think she won’t pull that trigger, but you heard her conviction.  Do you really want to die, because she will…”

     Suddenly, a few squeaky barks broke the tension.

     “What the hell!” Bo turned his whole body as the little brown puppy bound into the room, sliding across the smooth floor as she spied her playmates. From the corner of his eye, Bo saw the next movement. Whipping his gun back around, he pulled the trigger. Sky reached for the gun in her lover’s hand as she felt a searing pain across her hip. She fell to the ground. Kyra panicked and squeezed the trigger of her gun. Bo’s knees buckled as the pain exploded and he fell forward. He lost his grip on the gun and it went gliding across the floor. It had all happened nearly simultaneously. A bit shocked that she had actually put a bullet into someone’s flesh, Kyra momentarily blanked out. But the voice she knew drew her back.

     “Kyra? Kyra?” The glassy green eyes finally found Skylar’s. “Kyra, go kick his gun further away…but don’t touch it.”

     With robotic movements, Kyra walked over and sent the weapon sailing under a chair. After it was done she retraced her steps. Only when she saw the red stain on her lover’s pant leg did she finally show some emotion. “Oh my god; you’re hurt! I’ve got to call an ambulance…where’s the damn phone?” She scrambled around, flipping sofa cushions.

     “Kyra? Kyra, slow down; it’s okay.” Sky grabbed her hand. “Honey, it’s just a scrape. I’m okay.”

     Saucer sized green eyes scanned Skylar’s face. “Are you sure?”

     “I promise.”

     “She shot me in the ass!” Bo grumbled from his prone position on the floor a few feet away.

     “Yeah?” Sky scoffed, “I hope there’s not too much brain damage. But you’ll have a nice scar to show all your new boyfriends in prison.”

     “I ain’t going to prison bitch!”

     Kyra scooped up the dog to calm her down after Sky took the phone and punched 911. “Now don’t be bitter, Bobo. You know what they say, do the crime…”

     “Shut up Cash! Just call that damn ambulance; I need some drugs. This hurts like a son of a bitch.”

     Kyra stood beside the fallen singer, almost in a daze as the dog licked her face. A hand caressed her leg, finally getting her attention. She looked down into the dark blue eyes and dropped to her knees. “Are you really all right?”

     One of those beautiful eyes winked. “I’ll be fine.” Skylar cupped her partner’s wet cheek. “Everything will be okay now.” Kyra smiled and leaned in to kiss her.

     “Oh please,” Bo spat, “This pain in the butt’s bad enough; don’t make me throw up.”


     “Ignore him,” Sky said. “He will never hurt us again.”

     The blonde head nodded. Her eyes drifted down to the red spreading over Sky’s leg. “I’m going to get you a towel.” Kyra’s voice was still sullen and weak.

      Skylar was very worried about her lover, but she had faith in Kyra’s strength to overcome this final chapter of terror. The dark haired singer grimaced. Although she didn’t think her injury was serious, it was painful. But she didn’t want Kyra to know that. Sky kept a watchful eye on her wounded enemy and clutched the gun tight in her hand, just in case Bo tried to make a threatening move. So far all he had done was moan and complain. “Well Bobo, looks like you got taken down by one…brave woman.”

     “Don’t boast Ramsey. I thought you weren’t egotistical.”

     “I’m not talking about me. Kyra is the hero here.”

     “I’ll have a good laugh at that when the pain stops. Your little whore got lucky.” Bo looked her way and smirked. “And thanks for pointing that out Cash. At least I can spend my time plotting my revenge.”

     Like hell you will. Kyra’s been through enough. Sky was just about to raise her gun when Kyra rushed back into the room. She handed her lover a towel, which Sky applied to her wounded hip. “I put Makana in the laundry room so she doesn’t get in the way,” Kyra explained.

     “Good idea Hon.” Sky said, without taking her eyes off Bo.

     The sirens came closer, finally winding down at the front door. Detective Burns came into the house first, with his weapon at the ready. After a quick assessment of the scene, he allowed the paramedics to enter and begin treating the victims. Burns had his officers colleting evidence as Skylar and Kyra explained what had gone down. Bo was quickly tended to and handcuffed to the gurney, and he was soon being escorted to the hospital by a police officer. A second ambulance arrived and Skylar was temporarily patched up and off to the hospital as well. Jodi had stumbled into the house, cursing Bo for attacking her with a stun gun and tying her up. Another charge to be leveled against him. The bodyguard was urged to go to the ER and since she was sharing the ambulance with Sky, there was no room for Kyra. Sky once again called upon Gable for help, which the backup singer was glad to provide.

*    *    *

     Skylar was treated and released from the hospital hours later. She insisted on leaving as soon as possible, knowing that the swarm of reporters would descend as soon as the first whisper of her injury was released. Stitched up, on crutches and with a pocketful of pain pills, Skylar Ramsey was secretly escorted to Gable’s car and whisked away.

*   *   *

     From the emergency room, Skylar had arranged for her arriving guests to be picked up from the airport and escorted to Gable’s house, since hers was now a crime scene. Although the police said they would probably release her house the next day.

     Makana had also been transferred to the Roberts house and was currently playing with the teenager, Ashley and Gable’s husband Josh. The big man was on the floor and the little dog was trying her best to scale her new mountainous playmate. The walking wounded entered the familiar house, relieved to hear the sound of laughter after the traumatic day.

     Jackie Harper immediately jumped to her feet and gingerly hugged her friend. “Are you okay?” she asked quietly.

     Skylar locked eyes with Kyra. “We’re getting there.”

     “Finally,” the backup singer whispered.

     They shared a smile and Skylar returned her attention to her old friend. “I’m so sorry that your visit had to begin with such turmoil.”

     “Don’t you worry about that,” Jackie assured, “we just want you both to be healthy and happy.”


     “And speaking of healthy…” Jackie’s partner Dr. Lily Battman joined the group, wearing her professional, but compassionate face.  “If you don’t mind my asking, what did the doctor say about your injury?”

     Sky tried to hide her obvious discomfort as she shifted her stance. “The damage was mostly muscular, but the bullet did slightly graze the bone.”

     “You need to be off that leg and apply a cold pack.”

     “I already set up the guest room for you two,” Josh said.

     Skylar was aware of the rather small size of Gable and Josh’s house. “But what about about…?”

     “Don’t worry about us,” Jackie assured. “Your friends have provided some lovely accommodations in the lower level.”

     “The basement?” Sky interjected.

     “Which we have recently finished, including a new guest suite,” Gable informed her boss. “You two have a good rest. We will continue to entertain your guests. And I’ll let you know when dinner is ready.”

     Gable helped them settle into their room. “Is there anything else you need right now?” she asked.

     Skylar eased herself onto the soft bed with just a slight hiss of pain. “Yeah,” she answered, “you can tell me why you didn’t mention remolding your basement. I’m interested in things like that.”

     Gable laughed. “I know you are boss.” She turned decidedly more somber. “But you haven’t exactly been in a place for idle chit chat lately.”

     Skylar nodded somberly. “I guess not. Sorry about that.”

     “Hey, don’t be sorry. Your friends understand how hard this has been. I understand even more because I know how personal it is for both of you.”

     Kyra reached out and took Gable’s hand. “You have been such a good friend,” she said. “We can never thank you enough.”

     The little red head smiled reassuringly. “You just did. Now get some rest.”

     “We will. But first, about that basement.”  Sky was trying to get some semblance of normalcy back into her life. And getting back in touch with her friends was the first step.

     Gable laughed again. “Okay, you dragged it out of me. Josh and I have decided to start a family.”

     “That’s wonderful,” Kyra said happily.

     “A baby to spoil,” Sky added with a smile.

     “Well, I’m not pregnant yet, at least I don’t think so. Anyway, I didn’t want Josh to lose his den. So with this room becoming a nursery we decided to move the guest room downstairs. Now, if you don’t mind my saying, you both look like you are about ready to collapse. So I’ll see you later.”

     Both women were flat on their backs in no time, their last bit of physical energy drained. But two brains were still busy. Neither said anything for a long time as they stared at the ceiling in the dim room. Finally, Skylar reached over and linked their fingers together. “It’s gonna be okay now baby. I promise.”

     Kyra turned to look at her lover. “I know. I always knew you’d make it right…even when I was the most scared.”

     The last thing Skylar wanted to do was remind Kyra that she was the one who had ended the stand off…that she was the one who had shot Bo. So she quietly accepted her lover’s praise. And with a kiss, they both drifted off to a calm sleep.  Although new nightmares were soon to take hold.

*    *    *

     Two nights later, back in her own bed, Skylar moaned as the terrifying visions played out in her mind. The blue eyes trembled violently behind closed lids. In the dream, she stood directly between the two of them as she struggled helplessly to plead with Kyra and Bo to put down their deadly weapons. Her mouth screamed out the words, but her voice was silent. It continued on as Bo and Kyra shouted insults and obscenities, the rage and hatred finally reaching a zenith when both simultaneously pulled the triggers on their guns. The bullets left the barrels in super slow motion. Skylar looked back and forth in horror as the lead projectiles traveled the straight line, passing harmlessly through her body and then returning to normal speed as they slammed directly into two hearts. Bo completely faded from the scene, but Skylar felt her lover’s pain in her own heart and she was brought to her knees as she once again watched Kyra’s body become covered in blood. Her lover had just taken a life and lost her own at the same instant. The blonde took her last breath before Skylar was wrenched awake to face the eerie darkness of her bedroom.

     Kyra stood frozen in place, pointing her gun at Bo’s head. Not a sound reached her ears, even though she could see his mouth screaming at her. His face was red with rage as he was about to shoot Skylar. His finger moved and she squeezed the trigger. She kept firing, long after he stopped moving. From the corner of her eye, Kyra saw Skylar move away, a look of disgust on her face. Kyra finally dropped the gun and watched in fear as Skylar finally turned and walked away…forever.

     “Skylar, no! Skylar please come back! I’m sorry I killed him. Please don’t leave me!” Kyra screamed aloud, still held tightly in the clutches of the nightmare.

     Skylar gathered her lover close, whispering soothing words in her ear, finally calming her after many long minutes. They slept soundly the rest of the night, wrapped in each others love. But the next morning, Kyra rebuffed her partner’s concern, claiming not to even remember the dream. Skylar didn’t push the issue. All she did was to reassure Kyra of her love and of her commitment to their future together. But she also knew there was more to Kyra’s troubles.

*    *    *


     Skylar turned off the light and left her music room. I guess Kyra isn’t really interested in making music after all, she thought to herself. After breakfast, they had made a date to do some songwriting. Something normal. Something fun. But Sky had sat at her piano, waiting for over an hour. A few impromptu melodies drifted from her fingers, but something was missing. Her heart just wasn’t in it. So she went in search of her heart.

     The pool had just been cleaned in preparation for the warming weather. The blue water shimmered under the soft touch of the spring breeze.  The mesmerizing movement held the gaze of a pair of jade colored eyes with its hypnotic effect. The little brown dog was sleeping in Kyra’s lap as she sat looking outside. The protective pup had sensed the difference in her light haired friend and had stayed close. The two legged one sighed heavily, voicing the troubles weighing on her mind. Her hand stroked the soft head, drawing some amount of comfort.

     Skylar leaned against the door frame between the kitchen and the sun room, studying her lover’s pensive posture. She knew exactly what was on Kyra’s mind. The dreams that had been plaguing the blonde’s sleep had told Skylar everything she needed to know. The tall singer softly walked across the room, stopping behind her beloved. Sky placed a gentle kiss on the golden head, but spoke not a word. She eased the tired muscles with a light massage, careful of the tender injury. Sky then leaned down next to a pink ear and whispered the only words necessary for the moment. “I love you.”

     Kyra managed a smile as she looked up. Their lips met once and once again. Skylar moved into the seat next to Kyra, but still didn’t approach the subject on both of their minds. She had decided to wait until Kyra was ready to talk about it. And she knew the time was getting close. Skylar patted the snoozing pup and began humming. It was actually a lullaby. Kyra absently joined in the soothing melody. But she suddenly stopped.

     “Oh, no; we were supposed to work on some songs, weren’t we?” she asked, her voice heavy with guilt.

     Skylar moved her hand to stroke Kyra’s arm. “Don’t worry about it honey. We’ve got all the time in the world.”

     They sat again in silence staring at the calm picture outside the door.

     A strangled whisper finally left Kyra’s lips. “I nearly killed someone.”

     “But you didn’t”

     “I wanted too,” Kyra’s shamed voice admitted.

     “But you didn’t,” Skylar repeated.

     “But I would have…for you.”

     “I know. I know. But now you understand why I didn’t want you to do it. It’s already troubling you this much. I didn’t want your soul to suffer…like my Mom’s has.” She could still see her lover’s doubt. “Honey, you wanted to stop him and in that moment that was the only way to do it.”

     “But I remember the red hot anger and hatred that pulsed through me as I watched him point that gun at you. I wanted him dead. Am I a bad person?”

     “No, of course not. After everything he has done, as much as we want him to pay…do you want to see him dead now.”

     Kyra glanced away, not sure if she felt good or guilty for what she was about to say. “No.”

     Skylar guided the hidden eyes back in her direction. “Neither do I,” she confessed.  Although there were times when I did. “But I would if he ever tried to hurt you again. Would that make me a bad person?”

     The blonde head shook adamantly. “No. You’d just be…”


     “…protecting you.” Skylar gave Kyra her special smile. “Sweetheart, what you did took a great amount of courage, not cowardice.” She paused as a thought struck her. “You are so much like my mother. You both are so kind and gentle spirited. But you love and protect so fiercely. I love who you are and I don’t ever want you to change the things that make you so special. But I also want you to know the nothing will ever change my love for you.”

*     *    *

     Later that evening, Kyra and Skylar had a long telephone conversation with Kyra’s grandparents, promising to visit soon. They also had a good talk with Jillian, hearing all about her latest adventure. The genuine smile that Kyra exhibited while speaking with her family, warmed Sky’s heart, like the sun after a storm. Skylar called her Aunt and Uncle, wanting them to know that she loved them and how much she appreciated their presence in her life. Of course it led her to think about her beloved mother. 


     Skylar was proud of all her family, as small a group as they were. But joining with Kyra had had the added benefit of extending their band of relatives. They both knew they were very blessed. Family meant everything to Skylar. And she dreamed of the day when she and Kyra would add to their family with children.

To be continued.

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