Two Part Harmony

By Colleen

This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way.  Copyright 2007.

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit.  If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it.  If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

There are a few bad words and some violence.

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     Chapter 2

     Kyra arrived fifteen minutes early to find the auditorium already bustling with activity. The six musicians, including the new drummer, Michael Fisher, were tuning instruments and practicing solos. The other backup singer was having coffee at the snack table and skimming the morning paper. There were at least five other people, who she assumed were equipment technicians, milling around the huge room, but not a one paid Kyra any attention. She wasn’t sure exactly what to do. It appeared that neither Skylar nor her manager was there yet, so she just found a chair in the corner and dropped her pack on the polished floor. She did a little people watching to try and familiarize herself with her new co-workers. Skylar had handed Kyra a folder with the band’s info and song lyrics the afternoon before and she had spent a good part of the night studying the contents.

     Her eyes first sought out the band’s leader and lead guitar player Jack Harrison. He was a slight fellow with close cropped, dark hair. Kyra had found a very interesting fact in his bio. His Japanese mother could trace her linage back to royalty.

     The other guitar player was Lisa Scott. At thirty five, she was the oldest member of Sky High in age and seniority. She had been a music teacher at the college Skylar attended, and although she had never had Skylar as a student, Lisa had followed her academic studies through colleagues. When Lisa had heard of the young woman’s recording contract, she saw a possible opportunity for the career change she had desired. Lisa was a tall woman; she had at least two inches on the statuesque super star.  Her medium length, bright blonde hair was thick and curly, and Kyra noticed that it bounced rhythmically when the woman played intently.

     A young, mustached, African American man was wailing away on a shiny saxophone. The jazz influence was clearly heard as Kyra remembered he had grown up in the French Quarter, where his parents owned and operated a restaurant. His uncle had played the sax every night for the customers and just as soon as Terry Cook was old enough to hold the substantial instrument, he was learning the rhythm of the New Orleans blues. 

     Pounding away at the piano keys was Grant Worthington. The thirty year old man, a graduate of Julliard and former studio musician, apparently had a reputation for being a prankster and all around clown. But that certainly didn’t take anything away from the proficiency of his nimble fingers and his musical soul.

     Kyra listened for a few more minutes then the song came to an end. A couple of the musicians put aside their instruments and stepped away from the band’s area. Kyra casually observed as the bass guitarist ambled over to the snack table, where Gable handed him a cup of coffee. Josh was of average height for a man, but his physique was anything but ordinary. His heavily muscled arms and chest shouted of his longtime body building regimen. His shaved head added to his unique look. Kyra could see an intricate design tattooed on his generous upper arm, but she couldn’t make out exactly what it was. She admired modest body art, but could never see herself wearing any...mostly because of her low threshold for pain. Kyra casually watched as the singer and the musician chatted for another minute, then the big man leaned down and planted a kiss on Gable’s lips that was far from merely friendly.  Being a naturally curious human being, Kyra gave it some thought. Josh Roberts and Gable Roberts. I didn’t make the connection that they might be married; it’s not all that uncommon a last name. Huh. I guess it would make it easier to keep a relationship together with all of the traveling involved with these jobs.


     The timid voice, barely caught Kyra’s attention, but as a form stepped into her line of sight she looked up to see a smiling young man. “Hello,” she returned.

     “I’m Michael Fisher.”

     Kyra accepted his handshake and introduced herself.

     “I guess we’re the new kids on the block,” he said.

     “Yeah. It’s just a bit intimidating huh?”

     “A little.” He looked back at the group of people waiting to get started for the day. “But everybody seems really nice…well except maybe…”

     “I know.” The name was unspoken, but Kyra knew they were both talking about the abrasive manager. “But Skylar has to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met,” she added.

     “I didn’t get to talk her for very long yesterday, but I think working for her is going to be a good experience.”

     Kyra quickly studied the young man’s appearance. With his reasonably dark hair and deep blue eyes, he could almost pass for Skylar’s brother. Of course he wasn’t; Kyra knew that Skylar didn’t have any siblings. He was very handsome and Kyra suspected he was going to gather a few female fans of his own.

     “So Kyra, would you like to…”

     “Good morning everyone,” Skylar bellowed above the general din of the conversations around the room.

     A chorus of greetings came back.

     “Hey Skylar.”

     “Yo boss.”

     “Mornin’ Skylar.”

     The tall singer’s eyes swept the room and quickly located her two newbies. “Kyra, good morning. I hope you had your coffee this morning; you’re going to need that caffeine boost.”

     “Well, I get mine from tea, but I’m ready to hit the…high notes?”

     Skylar laughed. “I like your enthusiasm. By seven tonight, I’m afraid you’ll be ready to strangle me.”

     “Oh, I don’t think so.”

     Skylar turned to the man beside her. “Hello Michael. Bo is waiting in my office, so let’s go on upstairs and get those papers signed so we can get to work.” Skylar yelled out to her band leader, “Jack, take them through the band’s solo, while I take care of some business. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”   

*    *    *

     The Saturday before Sky and the band were to set out for the first tour date in Seattle, she threw a big party at her canyon home. She had decided to make the event a tradition before and after every tour. The magnificent, six bedroom house was surrounded on two sides by heavily wooded mountains and a rather sheer cliff on the third, but the entire property was protected by a tall fence with an alarm. Bo had convinced her that the seclusion was necessary for her safety. She hated it, but had agreed; she knew there were some deranged people in the world. Sky liked the house and the views, but it was nothing compared to the splendor of her hometown in Colorado. She tried to get home as often as she could to visit her Aunt and Uncle, who had raised her for five years before she had gone off to college. Even in her career infancy, Skylar Ramsey was already preparing for her eventual retirement and return to the hometown she loved.

     Her guests started arriving at one o’clock and by two there were twenty four people at Sky’s home.  Mr. Bowers had, thankfully, declined her totally insincere invitation.

     Half of the guests were soon seated around the patio, hiding under several large umbrellas from the sultry afternoon sun. The small crowd was engaged in some lively conversation and the others were in the pool, escaping the rising heat. Someone had mentioned planning a game of poker later in the evening, but Skylar had staunchly snuffed the idea of gambling. Her friends abided by her wishes, no questions asked.

     Finally, Skylar had enough of the heat so she peeled off her shorts and t-shirt, unveiling her one piece, coral colored bathing suit.  She dove into the crystal clear water, where her long, graceful form cut through the cool liquid from one end of the pool to the other and back. She repeated the trip about thirty times as the others played around her. Skylar followed a moderate fitness routine and swimming played a big part of that. She loved the water: in a pool, in a mountain lake or a coastal ocean, she just loved swimming in it, floating on it or diving under it. After her pleasurable exercises, she swam to the side of the pool and enjoyed the sights and sounds of her friends having fun. Gable had just offered to invoke her earlier career and play waitress. She delivered a tall glass of lemonade to her boss and two beers to Grant and his partner Greg. Skylar leaned against the side of the pool and donned a pair of dark sunglasses. She searched among the crowd for her new, blonde backup singer. But she didn’t see her anywhere. After greeting Kyra at the front door and having a short chat, the singer had lost track of the young woman.  She sipped her tart drink and thought back over the last two weeks.

     Only taking Sundays off, the group had spent twelve long, hard days rehearsing for the concert tour. Special attention was, of course given to the new musicians. Each was well skilled, but working them into the routine took some patience; a trait which Bo Bowers did not possess an ounce of.  Skylar had to fend off his loud dissatisfactions at least a dozen times a day. She was just thankful that he hadn’t scared off her recent additions. 

     The young Fisher liked to chew on candy as he played, but assured Sky that he wouldn’t do it when they were performing for the public. He also liked to flirt with Kyra. He was rather endearing in his coy attempts and it never interfered with his concentration, but just about everybody had noticed at one time or another. Most of them wisely ignored it. Bowers, the totally unwise, did not. He encouraged the man’s attraction to try and end the blonde singer’s single status.         

     Kyra McCall was a rather interesting person. Not one complaint or even a groan of displeasure ever left her mouth, even when everyone else was on their knees begging for a break. Her dedicated work ethic was greatly admired by Skylar. Kyra had an endlessly cute and sometimes shy smile that was complimented with just a trace of a single dimple. She was very inquisitive about the business she had just entered into, but rarely talked about herself. It was obvious that she was intelligent and sensitive, yet there was a charming mystery about her. Sky took the opportunity to chat with Kyra whenever possible, unfortunately those times were short and frequently interrupted by the annoyed manager. But Kyra often brought laughter to the super star with her calm wit. And somehow, Sky felt a sense of comfort with the young woman around. Her recent hectic life had her feeling…off balance. And lacking a certain something. But now it felt like she was coming back to center.  A new friend seemed to be just what Sky needed.

     Skylar broke from her curious musings as somebody did a cannonball into the pool. She shook her head in amusement and hauled herself from the water. Grabbing a towel from a nearby chair, she gave her head a rough rub and ran the cloth down her arms. She then wrapped it around her waist and headed for the house. Skylar opened one of the French doors and stepped inside. A blast of cool air grazed her still damp skin and the stone floor was chilly, but refreshing on her feet.

     Kyra was sitting at a small table overlooking the patio and pool. She looked up from the paper she was scribbling on and caught her boss’s gaze.

     Skylar smiled. “Hey.”

     “Hi.” Even after two weeks, Kyra was still a little reserved around her new co-workers…with the exception of Skylar Ramsey. The easy camaraderie they had developed at their first meeting had continued and had only gotten better.

     Skylar asked, “How come you’re not outside having fun?”

     “It’s too hot; I don’t like the heat.” Kyra fanned herself with her hand to illustrate her point.

     Skylar grinned. “It’s not hot in the pool. You do swim, don’t you?”

     “Yeah, I know how. I haven’t been in a long time,” she mentioned wistfully.

     “Now’s a good time. Most everybody is watching Josh and Terry arm wrestling.”

     Kyra laughed. “Gee, I wonder who’s gonna win that match?” They heard a rousing cheer outside, signifying the end of the macho contest. “Thanks for the offer,” Kyra said, “but I didn’t bring a suit.”

     “Well, I have about a dozen suits in all different sizes. For when friends stop by and we decide on a swim.”

     Kyra grabbed the sheets of paper as a light bulb suddenly went off in her head. “I’m sorry; you probably don’t want me all alone in your house.”

     “No, no! That’s not what I meant at all. You are welcomed to go anywhere in this house. I trust you.” Skylar looked around the large, open room, where normally she had only her echo and reflection for company. “I just…isn’t it a little lonely in here all by yourself?” she asked her friend.

     The blonde sat back into her seat. It was lonely, but Kyra wasn’t going to admit it. “No,” she said, “I’m very comfortable.”

     Skylar wasn’t exactly convinced, but she shrugged it off. “Well, okay; that’s all that matters. They’re starting up the grill, so dinner should be ready shortly. I’m gonna get changed.”

    Sky returned a few minutes later dressed in a pair of tan shorts and a blue and tan tank top. The singing star had stopped right next to the table and her backup singer. She reached for a chair. “Mind if I join…”

     Jack Harrison stuck his head in the door. “Hey Sky, you gotta come see what Grant is doing.”

     “Umm…yeah, I’ll be right there.”

     The younger woman suddenly averted her gaze after having gotten an eye full of the lovely legs standing next to her. Kyra was a touch envious of the tanned and toned length. And she smoldered with a bit more than a touch of lust. It hadn’t really surprised Kyra when she realized that her tiny crush was developing into a big one. But it was a harmless attraction; nobody would get hurt because nobody would ever know. “You’d better hurry,” she said. “You don’t want to miss Grant’s antics.”  The jokester had taken the edge off many long and tiring days of rehearsals. “Might be good material for later years.”

     “Oooo, you’re right.” Skylar agreed with a chuckle, but an unexpected ripple of sadness hit her in the gut. She tapped the girl on the shoulder. “I’ll talk to you later.” Sky left and was soon surrounded by the gregarious crowd.

      Kyra watched the fun for a few minutes before she continued what she was writing.

*    *    *

     Skylar stepped back inside about half an hour later. “Mind if I join you for a while?” she asked. “You were right; it is too hot out there, at least out of the water. Is this seat taken?”

     “Not unless you have some old childhood invisible friend still hanging around.”

     Skylar laughed at the joke and asked, “How did you know I had one of those?”

     “Didn’t we all?”

     “Especially those of us who were only children,” Sky added. “You know, we’ve worked side by side for two weeks, but I haven’t had much time to get to know you, like I really want to. I really want us to be good friends.”

     Kyra smiled sweetly. “I’d like that too.”

     They chatted for a short time, but at first the only topic they could manage was work. Both shied away at the mention of family, but they soon finally found a subject they were each enthused about. World travel. So far, Skylar had only visited two other countries, but she had a long list of future exotic destinations.

     “For me,” Kyra said, “it’s all pretty much wishful thinking to actually visit those places, but I love reading about other countries.”

     “You never know what the future holds. Who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll do a world tour. I understand our music is very popular in Europe.”

     Kyra was excited at the possibilities. “Oh, that would be so great!”

     Jack stuck his head in the door again, about ten minutes later and announced that the food was ready. A wacky jingle sounded from the vicinity of Kyra’s chair and she pulled her cell phone from the side pocket of her backpack. She recognized the number and a fond smile crossed her lips, but quickly fell in a flare of panic. “I’m sorry,” she told Skylar, “but it’s important. I need to take this call.”

     “Sure. I’ll go grab some food.”

     “Hello. Is something wrong?”

     That’s all Skylar heard before she closed the door behind her and went in search of sustenance. This was the fourth urgent call that she knew of that Kyra had received in the last two weeks. She was sure it was from the same caller because Kyra always had the same reaction. Sky knew it was none of her business, but worried about her new friend none the less.

     Her call only lasted about ten minutes and Kyra came back into the room to find Skylar seated back at the table with a plate full of food in front of her. She was sipping on a glass of iced tea.

     “I thought I’d come back in and eat with you so we could talk some more,” the star said.

     Inside Kyra grinned, but she didn’t want to be greedy. “Umm…don’t get me wrong, I really like your company, but won’t the gang out there miss you?”

     Skylar waved off the outside crowd with a hand gesture. “Nah. They’re too busy feeding their faces. Besides, I like your company too.”

     The smile leaked out. “Great!” Kyra said. “I’ll grab a plate and be right back.”

     Neither worried about perfect table manners as they ate, talking and laughing through the meal of barbecued chicken, baked potatoes and the best slaw Kyra had ever tasted. She had commented on the dish and was surprised to learn that the star had whipped it up herself. But Sky teasingly declined to share her secret ingredient.

    When both were stuffed, they pushed away empty plates. Kyra swallowed the last of her tea and easily dabbed at her mouth with a napkin. “Have I thanked you yet for inviting me here?” she asked. “I’ve had a really good time.”

     “You’re welcome.” Skylar looked out the doors where all her other friends were doing the…limbo? “You guys aren’t just my band or just my friends,” she turned back to Kyra, “you are my family. And if there is anything I can ever do for any of you, I hope you will please ask.”  Sky set both plates aside. “Do you mind if I ask what you were working on so intently all afternoon?”

     A pair of alarmed green eyes landed on the pile of papers. “Oh, I was just fooling around with some lyrics.”

     Skylar was surprised, but enthused. “You write songs?”

     “Not…well, like I said it’s just words. The music just doesn’t come as easy to me.”

     Sky held out a hand. “May I see them?”

     “I don’t…”


     Kyra chewed on the inside of her cheek and reluctantly handed over the top sheet with the finished lyrics. She averted her eyes while the star scrutinized her work. Kyra soon heard a heavy intake of breath, knowing that Skylar was looking for a way to ease her criticism.

     The blue eyes carefully swept over every single one of the delicately handwritten words. The honest emotions stroked a lonely spot on her soul. And somehow lit a spark of unexplainable anticipation. “Wow,” she exclaimed in a soft exhale. “This is…very good. I mean it’s fantastic.”

     Kyra was slightly flabbergasted. “Really?”

     “Absolutely.”  Skylar quickly re-read the delightful words. “There must be someone very special in your life to have inspired this.”

     Kyra shook her head sadly. “No; nothing like that. I just…that’s the kind of love I want to experience someday.”

     “You will,” Skylar said. “You are a very special person Kyra.” An idea popped into her head. “Come with me.” Sky took Kyra’s hand as if it were the most natural thing in the world. She led her from the room, turned down a few halls and hopped down a short set of stairs. Skylar took her into a secluded room and flipped on a set of lights.

     “Oh wow!” Kyra exclaimed as she took it all in. At the center of the room was a beautiful, gleaming, and dark walnut colored baby grand piano. Two more electronic keyboards sat in a back corner and four handsome acoustic guitars stood proudly against one wall. An intricate sound system took up the final corner. There was also a recording booth. “This room is fantastic.”

     “Yeah; it’s soundproof and has perfect acoustics.” Skylar pulled a stool over to the piano. “Do you play any instruments?” she asked.


     “Take your pick,” Sky said as she slipped onto the bench at the piano. She fumbled with some sheets of music until she found a few blanks. Placing a pencil behind her ear, Sky took Kyra’s lyrics and propped them in front of her on the baby grand.

     Kyra had picked up a blonde colored instrument that had a painted design around the body. It was probably custom made she thought and perhaps had some very special meaning to the star. She started to set it back into its stand.

     “That’s a beauty huh?” Sky asked. “It’s my favorite. Bring it over here and have a seat.”

     Kyra relaxed and carefully carried the prized instrument over to the piano and sat down on the tall seat as Skylar read the title of the song out loud. “A Touch of Your Love.”  The star then read the first verse to herself and proceeded to hum a few different tunes. She played a few notes on the piano and asked, “Do you envision something like this?”  She tapped another, slower melody. “Or something more like that?”

     “I…you would probably know better.”

     Skylar smiled fondly. “This is your song Kyra, your vision. Here, I’ll play them again.” Once she did she said, “Now let’s put the words in and see which one works best.” Together they sang the first few lines. Skylar was reading the words on the paper, but Kyra was watching her. She couldn’t believe that the words she had written were flowing from this woman’s mouth, and so beautifully. “Okay, which do like better?” Sky asked.

     Kyra had a minor moment of star struck awe. “Umm…” She looked away, knowing that her cheeks were ruddy. “Sorry.”

     Skylar also had a little extra pink on her tanned face. “Don’t worry about it. Shall we do it once more?”

     Kyra nodded and another short duet rang out. “I think I like the second one,” she finally decided.

     “Me too, but I didn’t want to influence your decision. Let me get this down.” Skylar jotted the notes on the blank music sheet. She played them yet again on the keyboard, just to be sure she had them right.

     For the next hour and a half they worked on the musical piece. It was amazing to both of them that practically all of their ideas meshed perfectly. Not only did they work well together composing the finished song, they realized that their voices harmonized flawlessly. The last few practice times, they both played guitars, having memorized Kyra’s great song. They knew it needed a little more work on the wording in a couple of places and some overall polishing, but both were rather proud of their first collaboration.

*   *   *

     Later in the evening, as dusk was slowly cloaking the California sky, everyone was gathered around Skylar Ramsey’s torch lit patio. The band members had brought out their instruments and started an impromptu jam session. That was perfect, Sky had thought; she was anxious to perform a little music of her own.

     The guys had played half a dozen songs before deciding to take a beer brake. Skylar moved a couple of chairs to the center of the circle. “That was great,” she said, stepping over to grab a guitar. “Now I have a little something to debut. Kyra, please join me, and bring that instrument along with you.” They soon sat side by side, fingers poised over the taut strings. “As I said, this is a brand new composition, written just today as a matter of fact. This is ‘A Touch of Your Love’.” She nodded at her partner and alone she strummed the musical introduction. After a few bars, Kyra joined her and together they sang.

“I don’t need to be a millionaire

My needs are basic food, water and air

But there’s one thing more that keeps me alive

Without it I know that I would never survive

Just a touch that can wipe away all of my tears

A touch that will carry me all through the years

When the darkest of night turns to day

A special touch lights the way

A touch of your hand on my heart and we’re never apart

Your face on my hair and it’s all so clear

All I need is a touch of your love

The mystical and magical touch of your love

When your soul touches mine

It makes my world shine

Skin on skin let the passion begin

It’s velvet and satin and fire and ice

Just one touch is worth any price

In all of my years I have learned many things

I’ve seen with my eyes what a touch can bring

Fire touches sand making beautiful glass

The sea touches the shore with a wonderful roar

A taste so divine with age against wine

But nothing compares to your lips upon mine

All I need is a touch of your love

The mystical and magical touch of your love

When your soul touches mine

It makes my world shine

Skin on skin let the passion begin

It’s velvet and satin and fire and ice

Just one touch is worth any price

Just a touch of your love

Your heart

Your hand

Your soul

Your love”

     As the final cord reverberated, the crowd broke out in appreciative applause.

     “Sky, that’s fantastic,” Gable said. “You guys sound great together. And that song will be a number one for sure.”

     “Thank you; I agree. But I didn’t write it…well, not the lyrics anyway. The words were written by our very talented new band member, Kyra McCall.” The humble young woman accepted the enthusiastic praise with a modicum of discomfort, but happiness. Kyra was not used to being the center of attention. “And,” Skylar continued, “If we can work out an agreement with Miss McCall, that great song will be on the next CD.”

     Kyra stared goggle eyed at her boss as more murmurs of excitement assailed them. “You want to record my song?” she asked with a squeak.

     “Not only record it, I want it to be a duet, like we just did.”

     Gable patted Kyra on the back. “Congratulations. This is a great opportunity.”

     “Yeah Kyra, way to go,” another band member said.

     Skylar stepped away, but stood tall, more than happy to relinquish the spotlight…especially to her new friend. She smiled as she watched Kyra gathering the praises that she certainly deserved. The torchlight cast flickering shadows across the beaming face, causing the star to once again admire the young, innocent beauty.  But admire was all she could do. Sky also realized that she had just found a talented protégé, whose career she could help nurture.

     Kyra was finally able to step away from the well wishers and rejoin her friend. “This is totally unexpected Skylar. Thank you. But you know I am satisfied just being your backup singer.”

     “I know. And you’re doing a great job. But you deserve this opportunity. It doesn’t mean you have to be a superstar; I know you said you didn’t want that. But this might just help you sell some more songs. That would be good; wouldn’t it?”

     “Of course!” Kyra wrapped her arms around the tall singer and squeezed, just as she did upon getting the job. But this time, Skylar freely and gladly returned the warm hug. “This is wonderful. Thank you again.” Kyra took a step back. “But I don’t want to stop working for you…unless that’s your decision of course.”

     “Don’t worry about that; you’ve got a job as long as I do. I just want you to enjoy everything that comes to you Kyra. And don’t let anybody ever have control over you.”

     Kyra nodded, but she didn’t quite know what to make of that last, strange comment. She was left to ponder it as the music started up again.

To be continued…

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