Two Part Harmony

By Colleen

This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way.  Copyright 2007.

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit.  If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it.  If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

There are a few bad words and some violence.

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     Chapter 6

     It had been three weeks since the kiss in the hotel room.  The first few days after had been slightly strained, but that soon dissipated and they returned to their fun, carefree friendship. The only way Kyra had made that happen was to pretend that it had never occurred. To pretend that she didn’t touch those incredibly soft lips, didn’t breath in the delightful scent of the singer’s hair, didn’t feel the silken skin beneath her fingertips. Didn’t detect the increased beat of an amorous heart. No, those things never truly left her memory; she just boxed them up, wrapped them in pretty paper and stored them in a lonely corner of her mind. The hope for love she’d had in those fleeting few minutes was the greatest she’d ever known. Her physical attraction to the tall, sexy singer was intense, but that instant connection that she had felt upon meeting Skylar had grown into love over the course of their friendship. And in that moment, she had been sure those feelings were returned. Of course Kyra would never let Skylar know of her broken heart. Or anyone else for that matter.

     Her pain was solitary.

     But her joy at still having Skylar as her best friend would carry her past the ache and lead her into a peaceful existence once again.

     She hoped.

     Skylar, Kyra had noticed with mild disappointment, had seemed to return to her normal self much quicker and easier. And that made her begin to doubt her judgment. Now she wondered if Skylar’s feelings for her weren’t of the passionate sort, despite the brunette’s words on that fateful night. Perhaps friendship was all that Skylar truly wanted. But Kyra would never forget what she had heard from those lips, and that continued to give her the tiniest flicker of optimism for a future life with Skylar Ramsey.

Because of certain circumstances in my life right now, I can’t have a romantic relationship with you…or anyone. I wish things were different.”

*    *    *

     Bo burst into Skylar’s dressing room and slammed the door behind him. She jumped, but just looked at him through the mirror. Before she could say anything, he dropped an open magazine on the table in front of her.

     “What in the hell is this?” he demanded.

     A pair of tired blue eyes glanced at the colorful page. Skylar instantly knew the reason for his rage. A tiny picture of three singers, a blonde, a redhead and a brunette was located in one corner. Sky zeroed in on her printed expression, one which would instantly be described as adoring. She remembered the moment at the photo shoot with her arm around her best friend’s shoulder and even resting her cheek on the flaxen hair…but her heart’s true emotion had obviously, though unintentionally, slipped from behind her well practiced mask. She hustled for a plausible explanation. “We were goofing around, that’s all. He asked for the three of us to pose together; it was not my idea. He was taking so many photographs; I didn’t think they would choose this one.”

     “That’s right Cash, you didn’t think.” Bowers started pacing the short distance of the small room. That was his own form of a nervous tick. He started rapping a knuckle along the pale green, plaster wall and shrieking. “I thought I warned you about that lusting. I guess you need a refresher. And I need to do some major damage control.” He stopped short and aimed a rigid, exasperated finger in her direction. “And you will do whatever you have to do to discount that trash.”

     Skylar sucked in a painful breath, expanding her tense chest. “Yes,” she spoke sullenly, her eyes far away from his. “I will do whatever you think is necessary.” In a resurgence of audacity, she spun in her seat, raised her gaze and pinned him with an icy glower. “But don’t ever expect me to give up my friendship with Kyra or anyone else. That is one concession I will not make.”

*    *    *

     The tour continued up the east coast and once arriving in New York, Skylar had more TV appearances to make and a music award show to attend. Kyra, once again, had joined her at an extremely early hour at the taping of the morning news show. Loaded down with tea and an unusual indulgence of sweet pastries, Kyra made the acquaintance of several well respected journalists and other scheduled guests. After grabbing an early lunch together, Sky and Kyra parted ways, with the superstar preparing for the night’s red carpet event.

*    *    *

     Kyra, Gable and three other of the band’s members gathered around the blonde’s hotel television that night with popcorn and beers to watch the celebrity studded occasion. One by one the stars were interviewed along the length of the ruby carpet, the legends, the groups and those who need only be introduced by a single name. Skylar was quickly reaching that celebrated status.

     Her pristine, white limo rolled to a stop at the curb and she stepped out, looking dazzling in a form fitting dress of silver and blue. The jewels around her neck and at her ears danced with a glimmering beat as the camera flashes exploded from all angles. She graciously posed and waved to the fans crowded behind barriers and muscles, shouting her name. Skylar got about four steps when the video camera had her beauty in its close up lens.

     “She looks fantastic,” Jack remarked. He threw in an appreciative whistle just for good measure.

     Gable tipped her bottle toward the big screen. “I’d kill to look like that in that dress,” she said. “What do you think Kyra?”

     “She looks very nice,” the blonde said casually. Although Kyra appeared calm and almost uninterested, there was an in tense fluttering in her belly…and lower. 

     Toothy reporter, Sherry Smart was just about to ask her questions when a man suddenly appeared by Skylar’s side and slipped a possessive hand around her waist. Sherry gave him the once over in person as did Gable and Kyra from their seats in the hotel room. About two inches taller than Sky, the young man wore a dark suit with a tie the same color as Sky’s dress. His clean shaven face and neatly trimmed, dark blonde hair completed his male model appearance.

     “Wow, who’s the hunk!?” Gable wondered aloud.

     “I’ll be sure to let Josh know that you asked,” Jack teased, “and so enthusiastically.”

     “He knows I have a healthy appreciation of the male form,” she returned. “But he’s also well aware that his form is the only one I want in bed next to me and wrapped around me.”

     “Okay, TMI,” Grant shouted.

     Gable threw a handful of popcorn at his shaggy head. They all had a laugh. “Did Sky say anything to you about her date Kyra?” Gable asked as she grabbed another handful of kernels.

     Kyra was now studying the guy on the screen, more intently than she should. Her teeth clenched in a bout of suspicion. “No, Sky’s never mentioned him,” she said. “He’s probably just a friend.”

     Sherry chatted with Sky about the awards and her participation in the ceremony.

“And before I let you go,” she said, “I have to ask you, who is this gorgeous guy?”

     Skylar tensed, but smiled; she knew the question was coming. “This is Adam Barnes. We went to high school together and he’s only recently come back into my life.”

     Barnes grinned as the microphone came his way. “And this time I hope to stay,” he said before leaning down and planting a passionate kiss on her glossed lips.

     “You heard it here first,” Sherry told the camera and the world.

     “Oh, yeah,” Grant said, “he’s a very good friend.” The small group in the hotel room cheered on their boss’s activities.

     Well, four of the five celebrated. Kyra had flopped back in her seat, starring disbelievingly at the TV. Her heart constricted. She felt jealous certainly, even though she had no hold on Skylar and Skylar had definitely made no commitment to her.

     But there it was.

     Something else hurt Kyra even more. She felt betrayed and lied to by a friend.

     By the time the awards show was over, Skylar had been proven the best in two categories, the Sky High members watching her on TV, had finished two and a half six packs and Kyra was one depressed woman.

*    *    *

     The next morning, the group had decided to have a celebration breakfast in one of the hotel’s private dining rooms. Upon Sky’s appearance, eight friends gave a standing ovation and offered words of congratulations. Skylar humbly took her bow and everyone bellied up to the breakfast bar. Kyra lagged far behind, pushing her dark glasses up on her nose and trying not to stare at the enormous amount of food on the buffet table. She finally placed a single piece of toast and a tiny scoop full of fresh fruit onto her plate. She ended up eating only half of the crunchy bread and two strawberries. Behind her glasses, Kyra caught Skylar glancing at her, trying to get her attention, but the pained backup singer just couldn’t respond.

     Skylar finished her breakfast and got up for another cup of coffee. The door to the room opened and the young man from the night before entered with an arm full of roses.

Sky was indeed surprised. “Adam, what are you doing here?” she asked gruffly.

     He held out the bouquet. “Roses for my girl.”

     Skylar sighed and reluctantly took the beautiful, red blooms. She glanced shyly at her friends, her eyes zeroing in on Kyra, who was standing by a door on the other side of the room. The seated people behind her allowed them privacy, but stealthily peeked at the twosome. “Thank you Adam,” Sky said in a hushed voice. “I told you I couldn’t spend any time with you today.”

     He smiled sadly. “I know. I just wanted to tell you again how proud of you I am. And that I’ll miss you.” He then ambushed her, pulling her into a hard, tonsil hunting kiss.

     By the time Sky was able to step back and take a breath, all she could think to do was find Kyra. She looked back to see the empty space and the door slowly falling closed. “I have to go now Adam. I’ll talk to you later.”  Skylar ran across the room and out the door where she saw the elevator doors come together. “Kyra!” She dashed for the stairs and up two flights to Kyra’s room. She paid no attention to the other guests she passed in the halls and she hoped they would do the same. Sky stubbornly knocked on the door a dozen times before it opened. The disheveled blonde asked grumpily, “Did you want something?”

     “May I come in?”

     Kyra took a breath and stepped aside sullenly. “Sure.”

     “What’s with the glasses?” Skylar asked lightly.

     “My eyes are sore this morning,” Kyra said simply as she kept her arms crossed in front of her. The posture spoke loudly what her words would not.

     Sky walked in and saw the remnants of last night’s party, but didn’t mention it. Instead she asked, “Why were you avoiding me all morning?”


     “I just figured with your new boyfriend you wouldn’t need my company.”

     Sky angrily tossed aside the flowers she still had clutched in her hand. “Kyra…”

     The blonde head pounded. She didn’t really want to have this conversation. She wasn’t sure she wanted to know the answer. She wasn’t at all sure what her head or her heart wanted. But… “Why did you lie to me?!” she shouted.

     The question smacked Sky in the chest and nearly stole her voice. “I have never lied to you,” she choked out.

     “You let me think you were gay and now you have that pretty boy all over you.”

     “I never lied,” Sky repeated.

     “Fine.” Kyra walked away, cleaning up the discarded beer bottles. The clanking glass suddenly echoed in her aching head. She dared not lean over to drop them in the trash can so silently she placed all of them on the rumpled bed. Kyra turned away as the air current sent remnants of the stale alcohol under her nose. She clutched at her stomach, but held the contents in check.

     Sky examined her wobbly friend, not amused by her obvious state. “You’re hung over, aren’t you?” she accused, quickly counting the empties. “Did you drink all of these?”

     “No, I did not,” Kyra answered indignantly. “We were celebrating your victory last night. And what business is it of yours if I did?”

     “I am your friend, that’s what?”

     Kyra seemed defeated and said simply, “Friends don’t lie.”

     Skylar took the woman by the arm, very careful not to hurt her, and shouted. “Dammit Kyra, I am gay!” She took a slow breath and gentled her expression, and the timber of her voice. “I have never and will never sleep with a man. Adam is not my boyfriend.  I did go to high school with him and we did date for a few months. I was exploring back then.”

     Kyra shrugged off the explanation. “Okay, so he’s an old boyfriend.”

     “Will you listen to me! Bo tracked him down and brought us back together. It’s all a cover. A lie. Bo doesn’t want the public to think or even suspect that I’m a lesbian. He thinks it would hurt my popularity, and in his thinking, my income.”

     Kyra begrudgingly accepted the answer. “But that’s ridiculous.”

     “That’s Bo.”


     “Why would your fans think that anyway?”

     Skylar picked up a magazine from the desk and flipped through to the cover story. “That’s why.”

     Kyra saw the picture with Sky’s arm around her. “We were goofing around.”

     “Yes, we were. But look at my face. Look at the expression on my face.”

     Kyra lifted the dark glasses and studied the small photo again. She secretly loved the image, but never saw Sky’s expression until now.


     “I was thinking about you at that moment,” Skylar murmured.

     Kyra peeked at her with red rimmed eyes. “Really?”

     Skylar couldn’t help but smile. “Yes. Kyra, everything I told you the night we kissed was the absolute truth. Do you believe me?”

     Kyra placed the magazine on the table beside her, the feeling of betrayal finally floating away. “I believe you.” Sky took a step forward and gently, but firmly hugged her friend.  Kyra wrapped desperate arms around Sky, whispering into her ear, “Why was it so important that I believe you?”

     Sky removed the glasses and set them aside. “Why? Kyra, you are my best friend. I…care very much about you and couldn’t stand the thought that you were hurting because of me.”

     Kyra nodded and slowly worked her way into a small smile. “Thank you.” She took a seat at the table and rubbed her temples.

     “So how many of those beers did you have anyway?” Sky asked.

     “Four,” she admitted with a blush. The blond head flopped onto the table. “I don’t drink very often,” she mumbled. “I’m such a light weight.”

     Skylar rubbed the tense neck. “Please don’t over indulge again just because you’re mad at me.” She kissed the mussed head. “I’m not worth it.”

     Kyra sat up and looked back at her. “I won’t.” But you are worth it. A few other thoughts passed through her mind as the massage continued. “Sky?”


     “Those circumstances that you said were keeping us from having a closer relationship; do you think they will always exist? Is there any chance at all that we can be together in the future?”

     Sky took a seat next to Kyra and took her hand. “I promised never to lie to you. The truth is, I don’t know. But I’d rather you didn’t wait. I mean, if you find someone who can give you everything you want, someone who can make you happy, please be with them and have a good life. More than anything, I want you to be happy.”

     “I’ll try.”

*    *    *

     With the small misunderstanding over, the harmony had quickly returned to the friendship. But there was a bit of chaos happening in another part of Skylar’s life. The suspicious e-mail she had received earlier turned out to be the first in a series, and it was soon obvious that they were being sent by a stalker. At first they had been rather innocuous notes of appreciation and admiration. Then gifts had begun arriving. Skylar had kept, but packed up the colognes, stuffed animals, candy kisses, handwritten notes and suggestive drawings for possible future evidence. The one present that had disturbed her the most was the underwear that had come buried under a bed of black rose petals. But when Sky had not responded to any of the propositions, the stalker slowly became more agitated and lately the words carried thinly masked intimidations. Bo had, of course, kept the matter under wraps, telling her he knew when it would be the right time, if any, to inform the authorities. He was sure that whoever it was would just give up. Skylar was instructed to tell no one…but the one someone she had to inform was her best friend. 

*    *    *

      Bo continued to made demands on Skylar’s time, but when she had a rare free weekend she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

     The small, private plane coasted to a stop at a San Diego airport; on board, just the crew and two passengers. Just a few hours earlier, Skylar had knocked on Kyra’s hotel room door. Once inside and having a late afternoon snack, Skylar asked her friend a question. “Do you know what I would like to do tomorrow?”

     “Not a clue.”

     “I’d like to see San Diego.”

     A great grin popped onto Kyra’s face. “Well, I just happen to know a good tour guide.”

     Sky placed her hand on the blonde’s arm in a gesture symbolizing the level of intimacy their relationship had achieved. Sky wouldn’t let it go any further though. She put her personal restraints in place every time they were alone together and it was getting harder at each turn. But she continued her vow; nothing from inside or outside would tear them apart.  “I would also like to meet your sister…if you think that would be okay.”

     Kyra’s heart beat a little faster at this sweet woman’s request. She just fell a little more in love. “I think Jilly will be very happy to meet you. Especially if you bring her some new music.”

*    *    *

     The rising sun was creating a brilliant start to what Kyra and Skylar knew would be a great day. They had woken up after a fairly good few hours sleep in the plane’s private rooms. Coffee and tea held them over until they reached Kyra’s favorite place to have breakfast.

     “Grandma, Grandpa this is my friend Skylar Ramsey.” That favorite place was in the country kitchen of Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell.

     “It’s very nice to meet you Sir, Ma’am. Thank you for the invitation to breakfast and the use of a bedroom while I’m visiting your city.”

     “Oh we hate formality,” said the sixty-five year old woman. “We’re just Mary and Barton.”

     The foursome chatted over the meal of omelets and ham, mostly about the couple’s favorite subject, their granddaughter. Fortunately, that also happened to be Skylar’s favorite too. These people were much more impressed with Kyra’s talent and accomplishments than having a big star at their table…as it should be.

      After the delightful morning feast, Skylar was led to the Maxwell’s guest room. Even though she had stayed in the most luxurious hotel suites, the bright and inviting space was a welcomed change and she wished she could have more than one night in the beautiful home. Maybe it wasn’t just the home, maybe it was the people and the love that filled it; something that Skylar missed most of all. And it was most appropriate that the woman she loved had offered her this temporary, but wonderful substitute. Yes, Skylar finally admitted it to herself, she loved Kyra McCall. Was in love with Kyra McCall. But still it was forbidden, so those deepest of feelings remained unspoken.

     Borrowing her grandfather’s car, Kyra drove them to the seaside institution. Sky had donned a simple disguise to conceal her identity. The designer glasses hugged her head and a ponytail was pulled through the back of a black and yellow baseball cap. Pretty typical, but Sky suspected it would do the trick well enough.

     Arriving at the facility, Sky took in the gated, barren grounds. No particular care had been taken to beautify the area with flowers or other greenery. Even the grass was shaggy and brownish. There were no benches for the residents to sit and enjoy when the weather was nice. It was a pretty gloomy sight on a pretty, sunny day.

     Entering the front door, Kyra led Sky down the dingy, white walled hallway. Everything looked clean, just not cheerful, and nothing of interest lined the long, boring corridors. Kyra stopped to talk with an older nurse before stepping up to a room at the end of the hall.

     A woman, wearing an orange and white sundress, was sitting in a chair in the corner. Her yellow pigtails made her look much younger than her already young twenty-two years. She was intently watching a nineteen inch television and rocking with the beat of the music coming from the small speakers. The country crooner finished his tune and only then did Kyra step inside.

     The young lady finally turned from the screen. “Kyra!”


     The sisters ran to one another and hugged. They chatted in a low tone for several minutes while Skylar watched a tiny water spot on the ceiling. She wanted them to have their private time. When the spot became boring, Sky non-chalantly scanned the 12x12 room. The neatly made, twin, wooden bed was covered with a handmade quilt. From the grandmother I bet.  Skylar remembered seeing several of the beautiful coverlets back at the Maxwell home. A few framed photos of Kyra, the grandparents and another couple who had to be Kyra and Jillian’s parents sat on the nightstand beside the bed. There was a CD player on the dresser next to the television and a stack of music on the floor.

     Kyra took her sister by the arm and walked her the few feet to the door. “Jilly, this is my very good friend Skylar. She’s a singer too. I work for her.”

     The green eyed woman stared with awe as Skylar spoke. “Hello Jilly.”

     “Wow, you’re really pretty, can you sing for me now?”

     “Yeah, she’ll switch subjects fast enough to make your head spin.” Kyra grinned and winked. “But we both appreciate beauty when we see it.”

     Skylar recognized the family resemblance beyond the same basic eye and hair color. Jillian was only an inch shorter, but about fifteen pounds heavier. “Well, if I can come in, maybe Kyra and I both will sing you a song.”

     Jilly jumped up and down a few times then ran back to her chair and began rocking excitedly at the prospect of her own private concert. Sky and Kyra harmonized half a dozen songs before taking a break. Jilly threw a tiny tantrum when the music stopped, but her sister used a few well chosen words and an unyielding tone to bring her back under control.

     Jillian pouted, quietly rocking in her chair, her attention returned to the small television. Kyra guided Skylar aside and apologized for her sister’s behavior. “I’m sorry.”

     “There’s nothing to be sorry for Kyra. I know it’s not her fault; she can’t help herself.”

     There was a knock on the door and Kyra answered it since Jillian was absorbed in the show she was watching. A hospital employee informed her that lunch was being served in the cafeteria. “Come on Jilly,” Kyra said, “it’s time for you to eat.”

     The younger blonde suddenly jumped up with a smile on her face, her irritation all forgotten. She skipped to her new friend’s side. “You have to eat with me Blue. I’ll share my cheesy with you.”

     Kyra gently corrected her. “Honey, her name is Skylar, not blue. And you have to ask if she would like to have lunch with you.”

     A pair of spring green eyes turned deer like. “Will you?” she asked simply.

     Skylar caught sight of a darker set of greens and she smiled at both sisters. “Of course I will eat lunch with you.”

     They spent more than thirty minutes in the sterile, stark white area, eating some passably good, but bland food. Sky, of course had to have a heaping helping of Jillian’s favorite macaroni and cheese. The young resident jabbered away about her morning as she stuffed bites of pasta into her mouth. Kyra was able to pick over her small serving of food as her sister’s attention was exclusively attuned to the big star. Although Jillian had no idea of the dark haired woman’s fame, she just liked having someone new to talk to, someone who would sing for her.

     They returned to her room and after a request that bordered on a demand, Sky and Kyra sang three more songs. The session ended to rousing applause by a single pair of hands. It was then time to go and Kyra had an idea to prevent another outburst by sending Sky away first and staying behind to distract Jillian. But before she left, Skylar had a present for new friend.

     Jillian took the thin, familiar shaped package and excitedly tore away the bright colored paper. “Oh wow!” she exclaimed. “More music!” The plastic jewel case held a CD personally mixed by Skylar, containing songs sung by herself and Kyra.

     “Jillian,” Kyra said, “Don’t you have something to say to Skylar?”

     The young woman looked momentarily bewildered, but soon remembered her manners. “Thank you Sky.”

     “I’ll come back to visit you as soon as I can.,” Sky said. Jillian merely nodded as she plopped down on the ground in front of her player. Skylar grinned at the woman’s enthusiasm as she cranked up the sound and clapped slightly uncoordinated to the beat. She slipped out the door, leaving Kyra to say good-bye to her sister. The blonde singer said a few words that were unintentionally ignored. She kissed the top of Jillian’s head and joined Skylar in the hall, pulling the door shut behind her. Kyra looked back through the small window and sighed. A tiny tear slid from the corner of her eye and a hand softly landed on her shoulder.

     “Come here,” Skylar whispered before wrapping her arms around her distraught friend.

     “This happens every time I come here,” Kyra said and sniffled away her sadness. She took comfort in the hug and the continued touches as they began walking toward the exit. “I just hate leaving her in this place. They take good, basic care of her, but she needs more. There are no programs for mental stimulation, no entertainment, no field trips; they just don’t have the budget.”

     “You’re doing the best you can hon; I wish you wouldn’t feel guilty.” Kyra nodded as they stepped into the fresh air. “But I understand,” Skylar continued. “She’s your family and your responsibility. You want to protect her, because you love her.”

*    *    *

     Skylar Ramsey was playing one state fair in the mid-west. Bo wouldn’t schedule any more than that because he thought the grandstands were too small to be worth their time. But Sky had insisted on at least one, but she never told him the real reason. This stop also included a mid-morning meet and greet with a dozen lucky fans. Over 5000 people had entered for the once in a lifetime chance to spend time with their favorite singer.

     The other members of Sky High were out on the fair grounds enjoying the rides, games and knowing them, Sky was almost afraid to think what else. The group of twelve, that Skylar was meeting, consisted of seven women and five men. They all got a personalized autograph, a professional photo with the star and a short time to chat. They were also allowed to take their own pictures. She also sang two songs, accompanying herself on guitar. The smile never left the faces of the happy fans, but as all good things come to and end, so did their time with Skylar. She said goodbye to each one with a hug, telling them how nice it was to meet them. Each one of them left feeling important.

     It was well past noon and Sky’s empty stomach was loudly protesting. She approached her manager with an idea.

     About fifteen minutes later, Kyra headed for the RV with a multicolored, stuffed monkey under her arm. She stepped inside, relishing the cool air, glad to be out of the ninety two degree temperature.

     Skylar was looking at some CDs and turned when she heard the door close. “Hey.”


     “Who’s your new friend?” Sky asked absently.

     Kyra waved the colorful animal at the tall woman and grinned. “I thought I’d call him Ramsey.”

     “Oh, I’m flattered. Just as long as you don’t think he looks anything like me.” Kyra laughed and assured that she didn’t. Sky dropped the stack of music…a little harder then she meant too. She winced at the sound. “Sorry.”

     “Something wrong?”

      Sky petulantly slapped her arms together in front of her. “I want some good old fair food,” she groaned. “But Bo won’t let me go out.” Skylar stopped short of scuffing the toe of her cowboy boot along the floor.

     Kyra grinned again and addressed the monkey. “Do you see what I see Ramsey? Isn’t that the cutest little pout? I hope she doesn’t trip over that lip.”

     The tall singer tried to hold in her giggles, but she nearly busted a gut. “Okay, okay.”

     They both had a seat on the sofa and Kyra perched her prize on the arm. “You know, I hate to say this…I mean I really hate to say this…but I agree with Bo on this one. Even with a disguise, the people out there know you’re around here. I think it’s dangerous. Remember what happened in Seattle?”

     Skylar blew out a huff of air. “Yeah, you’re right. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I have the energy to walk all around the grounds anyway.”

     “You have been looking a little pale lately.”

     “I’ll pop a few more vitamins. Right now I’m hungry.”

     Kyra let a little notion quickly germinate into a grand idea. “Do you trust me?” she asked.

     “Of course I trust you.”

     “Good. Then hold on to your taste buds and give me about fifteen minutes.”

     A quarter of an hour later, Sky heard a golf cart stop by her front door. She got up to see who it was and her nose began to twitch. She almost couldn’t believe her olfactory sense, but it was the unmistakable bouquet of something deep fried. When she opened the door, there stood her best friend with an armload of white Styrofoam boxes. “Oh, you didn’t,” Sky said. “But please tell me you did.”

     Kyra’s smile was wide and pretty. “I did.”

     For the next while they feasted on corndogs, ribeye sandwiches, curly fries, deep fried strawberries and chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick.

     With happy stomachs, they both had a little nap, side by side on the sofa, watched over by the multihued primate.

To be continued.

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