A Night at the Beach

By Crow


Well, we all know the Warrior Princess and the Bard do not belong to us...They really belong to each other, but in the real world they belong to MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this fan fiction. Woman loving woman. And I do mean LOVING...Don't read if you don't like the idea.

This story was written for Barbara G. Smith. I do hope you like it Barb, Happy Birthday Scorpio gal, even though I still say the 9th is better than the 10th...

It takes place at a rest stop between 'Who's Gurkhan and Legacy.'

"I just can't believe they're dead. It's so final...isn't it Xena?" Gabrielle sat on the beach looking out at the departing ship.

"Gabrielle, I'm so sorry about what happened. It's really been hard on both of us." Xena sat along side her companion. The heels of her feet pushing into the sand.

"Xena we never talked about Cyrene,"

"NO..." She waved her hand, "I don't want to talk about her, she's dead now too. It's over." Xena interrupted. She could still feel the ball of anger rise up in the pit of her stomach.

Gabrielle leaned her head on Xena's shoulder and together they watched the sun begin it Journey along the River Oceanus. "I'm glad you didn't kill Helios, I wonder who'd make the sunsets so beautiful."

Xena turned to her soulmate the anger quickly fleeting. "It's beautiful Gabrielle...but it doesn't compare to you."

Gabrielle looked up at her warrior. "I love you Xena," a tear began to roll down her cheek.

Xena was feeling anger a minute ago at the loss of her mother, but now her heart was filled with so much mixed emotion. The fear of being without this woman was unimaginable. She swallowed hard. She hasn't said that to me in such a long time.

"I remember my mother wanting me to be just like the rest of the village girls. I could never see living like that Xena. I know I hurt her...but I would never change anything that I've done. Well, except for Perdicus, I know I shouldn't have married him. I thought I could, I mean I thought it would make everyone happy." Gabrielle put her head back on Xena's shoulder.

Xena let out a long sigh. She was thinking of her own mother. "You know I really don't know what she wanted me to do. That day back at my village, remember with Draco?" She wrapped her arm around Gabrielle and pulled her closer. Gabrielle nodded gently. "I thought for a moment she was gonna let the villagers have me."

Xena let out a laugh, "You stepped in though and talked them out of it. You were soo naive." She laughed again.

Gabrielle smiled at the memory. "She was hurt Xena. I think she truly believed she'd lost you." Gabrielle closed her eyes picturing the moment. "But while you were up there on the rafters fighting with Draco you should have seen the look on her face. She was terrified."

"Yea, I know. She forgave me that day." Xena looked out to the sea. The sun was almost to the bottom of the horizon.

Xena stood up and stretched out her long body. "Look there's a cove over there, come on let's get some wood for a fire." She pulled Gabrielle up and both women headed for the nook.

Xena got the fire going while Gabrielle laid the bedrolls together. "This should keep us warm for the night." Xena spoke softly.

"Well, I can think of another way to keeps us warm." Gabrielle replied. This was the first time in a long while they were actually alone.

Xena looked over to see a grin on her bard's face.

Gabrielle patted the bedroll. Xena arched her eyebrow. "A better way to keep warm huh? She returned the grin. "You know what would really get me warm...or should I say um...really hot?"

Gabrielle smiled her face beginning to blush, "What?"

"Well...I'd really like to see that um...little Amazon Queen dance you did back at Madador." Xena shyly smiled at her queen.

"Oh you liked that dance did you? Gabrielle's eyes lit up. I didn't think you notice. I figured you were upset that I showed up."

"Yea, well I really did want to see all of it. I was hoping you would dance just for me?" Xena laid down on the blanket and propped her head up with her elbow.

"I'll be right back." Gabrielle went to her bag and grabbed the costume she'd worn to dance for Gurkhan. She hid behind a rock to change. Xena didn't know she'd brought the costume with her.

Xena closed her eyes and envisioned her companion dancing. She played the music in her head. Slowly her eyes opened to find her amazon queen gracefully walking toward her. Xena immediately sat up. Her eyes began to roam all over the smaller woman's body.

Gabrielle danced using the rhythm of her heart beat. The look of desire on Xena's face made her beat quicken. Her hips began to gyrate rapidly. She danced her way in front of the Warrior Princess.

Xena got up on her knees. Gradually her hands caressed along Gabrielle's hips, which began to slow to a rhythm guided by Xena.

Gabrielle leaned her head down, her lips coming within a hairs breath of Xena's open mouth. Suddenly she pulled back and pushed her warrior to the bedroll.

Xena fell back and watched. Her mouth still agape. Her eyes looked dark and hungry with desire.

Gabrielle dropped down to the floor and crawled up the length of Xena's body.

She straddled her princess and began to swirl her hips rhythmically.

Xena sucked in a slur utterance of sound. She could feel the heat of her queen on top of her. Moisture was gathering between her legs. Her hands moved up Gabrielle's thighs reaching in past the material to cup her rear.

"Hmmm." Gabrielle let out a moan. Still moving her hips she descended lower until she was pressed down on Xena.

Xena moved her hands under the golden tassels of material and took hold of her dancer's waist. Her hands moved to the front of Gabrielle's thighs. Her thumbs slowly moving past the material to find flesh and hidden curls of gold.

Gabrielle moved in rhythm to Xena's hands. She allowed her own hands to roam over her lavender bra. Fingering at the golden laces that covered her nipples, she could feel them harden.

What started as a belly dance soon turned into a strip tease as Gabrielle moved her hands toward the back of her bra and released her breasts from within. The top fell toward the floor.

Xena's eyes widened a bit with delight at seeing such heaven. She pulled her hands out from the material below Gabrielle's waist and reached up to rub smooth pink flesh. Using one of her many skills she rubbed at each nipple bringing them to stand at full erection.

Gabrielle threw her head back and arched her breasts forward. The sensation Xena was sending ran through the bard beginning at her nipples and flowing down to the inner walls of her being.

"Oh Xena!" She cried.

Xena's hands wrapped around Gabrielle's back and guided her nipples down to anticipating lips. Xena gently kissed the first nipple. Her tongue flickered around it causing a current of passion to stir. She brought Gabrielle down closer to her.

"Gabrielle, I love you so much I couldn't bare to be without you." She confessed in a whispering tone.

"Xena I need you, I've always needed you. You say that I'm your light, but your the fire that illuminates me." Gabrielle spoke while releasing the cloth that covered her warrior.

"Gabrielle..." Xena spoke deeply, her eyes beginning to tear. "I'm so afraid of losing you."

Gabrielle began kissing Xena's neck, she moved her lips down the collar bone and toward her now exposed nipples. "You won't lose me, Xena. I'll always be a part of you. You hold my heart, my soul..." She spoke each word in between kisses.

Xena was climbing toward orgasm on Gabrielle's words alone. She need to hear the words. To reconfirm, to know that Gabrielle loved her. The thoughts alone sent spasms of emotion streaming through the warrior.

Gabrielle moved her hand down into darkened curls, she could feel the wetness she'd caused. Slowly her finger entered Xena's pulsating opening.

Xena's pelvis pushed up to accept first one then two as Gabrielle pushed deeper into her lover's entrance. Her hand reached around Gabrielle's neck and pulled her down for a searing kiss. Xena breathed into Gabrielle's mouth. Her legs wrapped around the smaller woman's midsection.

They both broke from the kiss frantically holding on to each other. The power of energy that surged between them made the fire that burned in the distances unnecessary.

Xena was close to climax. She felt swollen with emotion, her heart belonged to only one. It was always Gabrielle. Her legs began to quake as her passion rose to the surface. "Gabrielle please," She begged, "don't ever leave me..."

Gabrielle felt the velvety liquid insider her lover slowly come down the passage

to meet her awaiting fingers. The muscles that wrapped around her digits throbbed in rhythm with every breath Xena gasped for. Gabrielle loved this feeling. She held Xena's orgasm between her fingers. The thought that she brought her warrior to this point always overpowered her. Her heart swelled with love.

Xena wrapped tighter around her lover. She was completely unbarred, all her emotions lying open for Gabrielle to take and put back in their place. Xena began to cry. "I couldn't bare it." She let out.

Gabrielle knew Xena was talking about death. She hadn't cried for the loss of Cyrene. She held tight to her warrior and let her emotions run free. She thought about the last time she'd seen her parents. Was it that long ago with Hope. She knew her parents hated Xena, if they only knew that it was all her idea to follow the warrior. She loved her the moment she saw her. She had to make Xena understand that she needed her too.

Xena slowly regained her senses. Sniffling she looked into her loves eyes. She had no words left. Gabrielle was the only one who had ever seen her so vulnerably exposed. She was the only one that took her unconditionally for who she was. As long as Gabrielle was by her side, Xena was complete.

They held each other for a long while before Xena spoke again. "She loved you so much you know. You were her daughter too."

"I know Xena, I loved her too. I wish they would have at least given you a chance. I miss them. It hurt though that they wouldn't accept you." Gabrielle's eyes filled with tears.

Xena shrugged, "I think if you were my daughter it would be hard to give you up to an ex-warlord. I can see why they hated me."

"No, Xena they didn't give me up, I chose to follow you. You wanted me to go back home remember?"

"Yea, but I'm so glad that you didn't listen to me." Xena smiled and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman. "I'm sooo very glad." She pulled the bard in for a kiss. Just the touching of their tongues was enough to re-ignite the passion. Xena wanted to hear Gabrielle cry out her name. She rolled on top of her. Her long fingers began to caress the spot between Gabrielle's breasts feeling the tautness of her stomach as her hand moved down.

Within a few minutes of the warriors manipulative hand movements one of many skill, she brought her bard over the edge, again and again and again...

As a blanket of darkness finally covered the beach, the warrior and her bard fell into an exhausted slumber.

Only when Helios began his journey to raise the sun did the two begin to stir. Xena woke with an aching arm as Gabrielle once again used her for a pillow. She was amazed at how easily Gabrielle fit between her breast and shoulder. She never told her that it caused her arm to fall asleep though. Just one of the little sacrifices she easily gave to have this woman near her. Always.

Gabrielle stretched out and yawned. Xena laid back momentarily contemplating their next journey.

"So what are we going to do today?" Gabrielle asked enthusiastically.

"I think we'll go inland and just see what's out there, kinda like a vacation. What do you think?"

"I think that sounds wonderful." Gabrielle leaned down and kissed her warrior. "I love you, you know."

Xena smiled "How did I ever get so lucky?"

The end

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