Ab Initio

by Cruise

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Part 6

Lark's pregnancy had progressed more smoothly than the first trimester and they both eagerly awaited the arrival of their first child who would grace them with their presence in five weeks. Rayne was weary from the traveling she still had to do for work and it had come full circle. She was adamant about the traveling; she just wasn't going to do it anymore. She was pissed that she had to miss so many of they're birthing classes, the changes to Lark's body during her pregnancy and that she was away from Lark so much. She had missed too many things that she wanted to experience and it hurt her…deeply. Her desire to be a Secret Service Agent and what drove her to succeed so much before was no longer. Since their reunion she had a change of heart and what was important to her about her job previously was no longer important to her. She nearly lost Lark because of her job and didn't want it to become her top priority again. She lost her edge and her passion for the job. All she wanted to do now was to share everything about their pregnancy with Lark. She felt like she was missing so much by not being there. She didn't care that her and Tom couldn't track down the computer geek they had been tracking for months now. Lark had agreed that it was important considering the details of the case for her to nail this sick bastard and it would be the first time that she ever left a case unsolved, but she no longer cared. Someone else would have to take care of it. Now all she had to do was tell her director that she was quitting. Rayne had requested a meeting with the director and he agreed to one. She stood anxiously waiting for her appointment and began to pace, as he was late for their meeting.

"Sorry Rayne, come on in." He cordially replied and held the door open for her to enter. "Sorry, Kathleen is out sick today and I'm lost without my secretary. What can I do for you?" He asked, sitting down in his chair behind his large cluttered desk.

"This." Rayne replied handing him a piece of paper as she sat in the chair on the opposite side of him.

He looked up at her confused and began to read what was written. He leaned back in his chair and placed the paper on his desk before looking back up at her. "Sorry Rayne, I can't accept your resignation."

"You have to. I'm resigning from the Service and that's final. I've lost my desire, my passion and most importantly, my edge. That's not safe for me or for any other agents working along with me. Tom is fully qualified to bring another agent up to speed on the computer geek case we've been working on for months now. You don't need me to finish the case." Rayne answered, growing angry by his refusal to accept her resignation.

"Rayne, I know Tom can handle the case, but it's become personal and that's why I can't accept your resignation." He informed her, confusing her even more.

"What do you mean it's become personal?" She asked, shifting uncomfortably in her seat.

"Well, as you know, we don't make a habit of allowing agents to work on a case that turns to one of a personal nature. But considering the levity of the case, your knowledge of this criminal and the fact that you are my top agent, I'm going to allow you to handle this one."

"Sir, just what are you getting at? Is this some kind of a ploy to keep me on staff here when I don't want to be?" She asked, growing angrier by the minute.

He leaned forward in his chair and rested his arms on the desk looking at her in all seriousness. "Rayne, he's put a hit out on you."

Rayne chuckled in disbelief and replied, "That little weasel that I could squash with my pinky finger put out a hit on me? That's hysterical, but it doesn't faze me in the least bit. He'll remove the hit once I'm off the case." Rayne shrugged off the threat.

"It's more serious than that Rayne. He's also done the same for Lark and from the tone of the note; I don't believe he'll back off until the threat is carried out. I don't think it will matter if you're off the case or not, it seems like this person is harboring some sort of a personal vendetta against you and they want to make you pay in whatever way possible." He answered in a low regretful tone.

Fear, denial and anger coursed through her. It didn't mean anything to her if her life was threatened, but you didn't do that to Lark or her child. Her heart raced and she tried to calm herself as she leaned forward in her chair. "Aah, what evidence do you have about this threat? Do you think he's serious?" She asked, blinking rapidly as thoughts of anything happening to Lark or the baby crossed her mind.

"We think he is very serious Rayne. He sent a threatening letter that if you didn't back off he'd kill you and Lark," he replied handing her the letter to look over. She read over the note and looked back up at him as he reached in his desk drawer, pulling out a folder. He opened it and handed a picture to Rayne. "He sent us these pictures and he's gotten close enough for us to consider this a high level threat Rayne." He softly answered, his seriousness evident in his tone as Rayne looked at the pictures.

She sat back in her chair and couldn't breathe as she saw the picture. It was of Lark, sleeping in her trailer on the set. She was scared and livid all at the same time. She looked at the other pictures he had which varied from some of Lark at their home, to the both of them out at various locations. They rocked her to the core as the majority of them were of Lark and in very private situations. "When did you receive these?" She angrily asked, staring at one of the pictures.

"We received them this morning." He answered looking at his upset agent.

"Okay…aah…I need some agents posted on Lark right away." She nervously replied as she stood up and began to pace the floor, trying to devise her game plan.

"Rayne, it's been done already. I have a team ready to head over to your house to sweep it in case he's made access to it. We'll have teams posted to your house at all times as well as for you and Lark." He instructed her.

"Use the man power for Lark, not me. I don't want her to know anything about this, it will only upset her and she doesn't need that at this point in the pregnancy."

"If that's what you think is best. It will be done." He guaranteed and heard a knock at his door. "Sorry, just a minute." He apologized and headed to the door opening it. "Oh, Tom. Come on in." He replied holding the door open for his agent to enter.

"Hey, Rayne. I just got a lead on our boy for us to check out." He urgently informed her.

"You heard about him making a threat on Lark and I?" She asked turning to her partner.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. The director told me earlier and I wanted to check on a hunch that I had about this scumbag to see if we could nail him before he can carry out his threats." He informed her and put his hand on her shoulder, comfortingly.

"Thanks. I appreciate it." She replied with a small appreciative smile looking at him. "Let's go nail this bastard." She angrily replied heading for the door.

"Rayne!" The director stopped her and approached. "I guarantee we will do whatever it takes and use as many resources as possible to insure yours and Lark's safety."

"I appreciate that sir." She cordially smiled and headed out the door followed by Tom. They quickly walked down the hall heading towards the parking garage. Rayne unlocked the doors and hopped into her car, revving the engine as she turned back to pull out of the parking place.

"Rayne, I promise to help out in anyway I can to insure both you and Lark's safety as well." He comfortingly smiled when Rayne looked at him.

"I know and I really appreciate it Tom. I knew I could count on you to help, but the best thing you can do for me is to help me nail this bastard before he gets a chance to even get close. Who the hell does he think he is threatening my wife, my child and my life?" She angrily asked, screeching the tires of her car as she headed out of the parking garage.

"Obviously, he has no idea how he's endangered his own life by doing so." Tom grinned; knowing his partner's desire and passion to nail his ass was back. He pitied the poor fool for what he's about to have happen to him when Rayne gets a hold of him. He was certainly going to enjoy it, as the asshole deserved what he was coming from him that's for sure!

"Excuse me, Lark. Where would you like me to have Jimmy put the packages that just arrived by UPS?" Marcia softly asked, not to startle Lark who was perusing her script in the chair.

Lark looked up surprised. "What packages? I wasn't expecting any deliveries." She replied and struggled to rise from the chair. She had a difficult time now that her expanded abdomen threw her center of gravity off. Once up she followed Marcia into the front room to check out the packages. She moaned and groaned as her sore back muscles slowly loosened up as she walked down the hall.

"Here are the packing slips." Marcia replied handing her the said slips.

Lark looked them over rubbing her stomach to calm the baby who was very active. "I'm going to kill her!" She replied when she saw what the packages contained. "I don't know where in the hell she expects us to put all of these things. She's out of control and has to be stopped!" Lark adamantly professed as Marcia snickered in response. "Oh, you think this is funny huh? The baby won't have any room to sleep in the nursery because of all the presents in there. Not to mention, no one will be able to stay in the guesthouse, as that is full of presents too! I knew I should have taken her credit card away from her."

"I'm sorry Lark. I just happen to think it's adorable how she's buying all of these presents for the baby. She's excited and wants to show it." Marcia answered smiling.

Lark smiled, "I know and I think it's wonderful too, but she has gone overboard. The baby won't be able to drive this motorized car for a few years Marcia!" Lark informed her and showed her the packing slips.

Marcia looked over her shoulder and patted Lark on the shoulder. "I see your point, go ahead and kill her." She chuckled along with Lark.

"Have Jimmy put them in the garage. Her domain. She hates it if someone puts something in there. Maybe if it's crowded in there she'll realize she needs to stop purchasing these gifts so early for the baby." Lark mischievously smiled looking at Marcia.

"Yes, that might work. I'll have him take them out right away." She grinned and headed out of the room.

Lark giggled as she walked down the hall looking at the packing slip. She shook her head in disbelief reading the item within the box. 'Hmmm…a mini dune buggy huh? I wonder if I could fit into that and drive it around the house?' Lark laughed and headed back to her work.

Tom tried to keep Rayne from going ballistic, as their lead didn't produce and end result like they had hoped. He held Rayne back from the one suspect they did manage to catch. "I don't get it. How in the hell is it that this little weasel keeps getting away from us Tom?" She angrily asked, pacing back and forth. She ran an absent hand through her hair wondering just how in the hell this guy could avoid them so many times. She was frustrated and embarrassed that they have been trying to nail this guy for so long, but have been unsuccessful to this point. She hoped by nailing one of his guys they might get a break in the case. They had to, considering the ramifications if this guy was allowed to roam free.

"I know Rayne, but kicking this guys ass isn't going to give us any answers. It will set him free that much quicker." Tom calmly reasoned and saw her demeanor change.

They transported the suspect back to their headquarters and Rayne plopped him down in the chair. "The only thing for you to do my friend is to start singing like a bird. So, go ahead." Rayne angrily demanded as she sat down in the chair on the opposite side of her.

"I want to speak to my lawyer." He refused with a smirk on his face.

"No, you see this is how it works. I sit here and you sit there." She explained motioning to both of their seats. "You tell me everything about your boss and I try to work some kind of a deal for you. Like this deal…tell me what I want to hear and I don't kill you!" Rayne sarcastically replied with a smirk.

"You don't intimidate me." He cockily and defiantly replied.

"Really?" Rayne laughed leaning back in her chair. She removed her jacket revealing her gun held in its holster and noticed the suspect nervously shift in his seat when he saw her gun. She inwardly chuckled, knowing she had an advantage on him. "Listen, what's your name?" She asked, smiling and looked at her paperwork. "Aah…yeah, Norman. You look like a smart kid with a life full of endless possibilities ahead of him. You don't want to take the fall for this one guy do you? Do you make that much money from working for this guy, that you'll throw away any hope of a future for him?"

"Oh, you have no idea as to how much money we make lady and how much more we could have made had it no been for you." He bitterly informed her. "Why do you think my boss put a hit out on you and your lesbian lover? Well, for that reason and…" He stopped and decided not to say anything else.

Rayne's temper soared and her anger coursed throughout her at the audacity of him to mention Lark and to answer is such a condescending way. She wanted to strangle the little fucker, but Tom interjected and stood next to her, thwarting her attempt. "Why don't you tell us about the hit buddy?"

"Why should I. What's in it for me?" He arrogantly asked, with a smile looking between the two them.

'What's in it for you? My gun stuck up your ass you little prick.' Rayne angrily thought. She wanted to wipe the smart-ass look off of his face and knew she couldn't if they wanted to get any more information out of him. It frustrated her to no end that she wasn't getting the information she wanted from him.

"Well, I'm sure we can work some sort of a deal out with you Norman. That is if you cooperate with us to the fullest degree." Tom snidely replied with a sarcastic grin.

"Well, my cooperation depends on what kind of a deal you give me."

"Look, Norman. You're not the one we want. It's your boss that we want and you know it. Give us some information on how to find him and we'll come up with a deal for you then." Rayne calmly reasoned.

"A deal after I give you information? Are you crazy?" He laughed in disbelief.

"Norman, you have to give us some information on good faith to make us feel like we can trust you. Kind of like you scratch our back and we scratch yours. Capice?" Tom sarcastically informed him, placing his hands on Rayne's shoulders as he stood behind her. He knew she was about ready to lunge across the table at the little weasel and he was trying to hold her down. It took every ounce of patience she had to control herself and not just beat the living hell out of him. She wanted someone to pay for the hit placed on Lark and this guy would do for the time being. The only problem was, he was her link to some substantial information to nail the person they really wanted and he was calling the shots right now. It pissed her off and she hates it when that happens!

"Okay…here's some info for you that I think you'll like." He arrogantly smiled, narrowing his eyes at Rayne who sat across from him. "My boss will not rest until you pay for what you've done and that means it will cost your lover as well." He sarcastically grinned and quickly changed his demeanor when Rayne grabbed his shirt, pulling him closer to her…eye to eye.

"Look you little arrogant fuck! I promise you this, if anything happens to my wife I'll personally hold you responsible for it and will secretively have you eliminated. You think you're funny by being so damn evasive with the information you have. I think this is funny. I'm going to pin all of the charges we have on our mutual friend on you, including the sexual exploitation of children charges. Let's see how funny you think it is rotting in prison for the rest of your miserable life with a bunch of horny, large men calling you their bitch!" She angrily spat, the nervousness and darkness evident in her eyes. It was all Tom could do to bite his lip and not burst out laughing from Rayne's comment.

"You can't do that." He nervously protested.

"Watch me!" She shouted and shoved him back in the chair before leaving the room.

"Is she serious?" He nervously asked Tom after watching Rayne storm out of the room.

"Dead." He coldly answered and left the room. "Nice touch Rayne." He sarcastically replied approaching her.

"Did you like that one?" She asked with a smirk as she paced back and forth. Her heart was racing out of her chest, as she just wanted to pummel the little punk for not giving up some information that they could use. She knew she was about to lose it with him and had to step out before she blew the entire case. She wondered if maybe her director made a mistake by keeping her on the case. Nah, that wouldn't work either seeing as how she was right where she wanted to be when it came to protecting Lark…in charge. She desperately wanted to see Lark. No, she had to see her and right away. "Look, see what kind of information you can get out of him. I've got to check on Lark." She worriedly replied and began to walk away.

Tom approached and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Look, I'm in this with you pal. Whatever you need from me, you've got it whether it follows the rules or not." He seriously informed her.

"Tom, you know I can't ask you to do that for me. After this case, I'm out of the Service one way or the other and I'm not about to ruin your career." She defiantly informed him.

"When you leave, I leave my friend. If we have to pin some shit on this guy to nail Charles Phillips, then we will."

"Thanks, I appreciate your support and help. Let's hope we don't have to do that and we can both go out of here on a good note. Okay?" She smiled and patted him on the shoulder appreciatively.

"Listen, I'm going to stop by later and drop off Max. I'll let you know what I find out from this guy too."

"Thanks, but we don't need Max. I can handle it." Rayne confidently informed him.

"Look, he's a highly trained former police dog. He can help you out in case anything might happen during the night." He offered.

"Okay…thanks. I could use all the help I can get. I don't want Lark to know anything about what's been going on. I want her life to continue on as usual without her suspecting anything is up. She won't be able to handle the stress of it and I don't want either the baby or her to have to go through that."

"Why don't you two just go stay somewhere else until this blows over?"

"She won't go. She's been adamant about the baby being born at home and if I suggest we go somewhere else she'll be suspicious. It's better if we stay in our home and hope that the teams we have planted about will thwart any threat that might happen." She explained, hoping what she was saying would be true.

"Let's just nail this asshole before any of that happens. I'll see you later on tonight. Just tell Lark that they want you to work with the dog for some additional training and hope she'll believe you." He offered an alibi for the dog.

"Yeah, she'll probably spoil the dog and he'll be useless for protection. She's been bugging me to get her a dog for a long time now." She chuckled and smiled when she thought back to Lark begging her for a dog.

"Well, there you go. An excuse for the dog being there." He chuckled and patted her on the shoulder. "See you later."

"Yep. I'm outta here." She smiled and headed down the hall out of sight.

He smiled and watched her disappear. "Now, let's see what information I can get out of this little guy." Tom mischievously smiled, entering the interrogation room.

Rayne hurried home anxious to see Lark. She hoped the teams that were assigned to protect them were top-notch agents. She knew that everyone with the Service was top notched, but no one other than herself was good enough to protect Lark. She didn't want it any other way. She parked the car and hurried into the house looking for Lark. "Lark! Where are you?" She anxiously shouted as she looked in the kitchen and dining room.

"She's out on the back deck Rayne." Marcia informed her when she stepped out of the laundry room.

"What?" She worriedly replied knowing that would be a prime area for an attempt on her life. She hurried through the kitchen and out of the sliding glass doors. "Lark!" She replied and rushed over to her.

Lark turned around from the railing to face her. "It's about time you came home. I've got a bone to pick with you." She adamantly replied pointing her finger to emphasize her point as Rayne engulfed her in a hug.

Rayne turned her around so her back was to the house instead of the ocean that was the backdrop to their home. If someone were going to make an attempt on a life, it would be against her and not Lark. "I've missed you so much honey." She whispered in her ear, happy to have Lark safe in her arms. Her heart raced within in her chest as she kissed Lark's cheek.

"Oh, don't you try to butter me up miss thing." Lark teased and pulled back from Rayne who smiled down at her trying to hide her worry. "We have to talk my love about all of these purchases you've made!" Lark emphasized her point by poking her in the chest.

"Yes, dear anything you want, but let's go inside it's a little chilly out here. I don't want you to catch a cold." Rayne replied smiling and guiding Lark towards the house.

"Rayne, I'm pregnant, not an elderly woman! It's not cold out here. It's eighty degrees and beautiful." Lark protested, wondering why Rayne was acting so strangely.

"Well, I worry about you honey and you know how easy it is to catch a cold especially when you barely have any clothes on. So, humor me and go inside." She smiled and tried to coax her defiant wife into the house.

Lark looked down at her usual attire for lounging around the house. A pair of shorts and one of Rayne's long t-shirts and wondered just what was up with her lover. "That's another thing we have to talk about. You being overprotective of me too!" Lark adamantly replied and turned toward the doors.

"Yes, dear. Anything you want to talk about. I'm here." She replied, looking back behind her, noticing a man standing down on their private section of the beach. Their eyes met and he ducked out of sight by their private walkway. "Honey, I aah…forgot something in the car. I'll be right back okay?" She hurriedly replied and watched as Lark shook her head in disbelief.

"Well, hurry up!" Lark replied exasperated by Rayne. "She thinks she's going to get out of this one, but she's wrong. Tell her I'll be waiting for her in our bedroom okay?" She informed Marcia who nodded.

"Go easy on her. She loves you very much." Marcia snickered with a laugh.

"Oh, I will. I just want to see her squirm a little bit." Lark laughed with a wink oblivious to what was happening with her lover and disappeared down the hall.

Rayne jumped the back deck railing after insuring that Lark was out of sight and sprinted across the lawn to the beach walkway. She stopped and drew her gun, stealthy sneaking around to find the person she saw on the beach. She saw movement through the cracks of the walkway and quietly moved to the side of the railing. She scanned the area in case there were multiple people and didn't see anyone. She peered over the railing once more and jumped down to the beach. The man was startled and turned to her. Before he knew it his legs were swept out from beneath him and he was face down in the sand with a gun pointed to his head. "Just who the hell are you? And what are you doing on my property?" Rayne angrily asked, pushing the gun closer to his head and cocking it.

"Wait, don't shoot!" The pinned man pleaded and attempted to move, but was driven farther into the sand.

"Give me one good reason!" Rayne angrily shouted.

"I'm a fellow agent assigned here." He desperately replied. "If you don't believe me, check my back pocket, my badge is there." He informed her and motioned towards his back with his head, hoping she would find it.

"You better hope there is!" Rayne angrily replied, driving her knee against the back of his neck and arm to keep him pinned down as she reached into his pocket and pulled out the wallet. She flipped it open and saw his badge. "You're a very lucky man." She replied, removing her knee from his back. Rayne's head snapped up when she heard someone shout out as they approached.

"Wait, he's an agent!" The man shouted breathless as he ran up to her.

She stood up and helped the agent off the ground. She looked at the agent that approached and sarcastically replied, "We've established that. Where were you a few minutes ago Sherlock?" She holstered her gun and looked at the agent she attacked who was brushing the sand off his face. "Sorry dude. Why didn't you motion to me?" She asked with a smirk watching him clean off the sand.

"I was caught off guard and I wasn't sure which one of you was the agent." He nervously replied as Rayne rolled her eyes exasperated by the incompetence of the agent.

"You mean to tell me you don't know what Agent Donovan looks like?" The other agent replied surprised. "She's only our most decorated agent."

He brushed off his pants and looked up at him then back to Rayne. "No, I'm sorry. I just got transferred here from the Midwest and I didn't get a chance to look over everything contained in my paperwork for this case." He admitted embarrassed by his incompetence.

"Fucking great! How is it that I get dumb asses like this assigned to protect my family?" Rayne angrily spat and ran a frustrated hand through her hair.

"I'm sorry agent Donovan." He nervously replied. "I promise to do a better job and I can assure you that your family will be very well protected."

"You better and you can guarantee that if anything happens to my family I'll hold you personally responsible." Rayne threatened and moved closer to him, eye to eye. "Trust me, you don't want that from me." She angrily added and turned to walk away. The bumbling agent blew out a sigh of relief that she didn't rip his head off and glanced at his partner who shrugged his shoulders. Rayne turned back and replied, "That goes for you too." She threatened pointing to the other agent who gulped the huge lump that formed in his throat. Rayne trudged through the sand and quickly scaled the steps to the walkway. "Why did they even bother assigning anyone to protect the house when they send idiots over here like that?" Rayne asked, mumbling to herself, quickly crossing the long walkway from the beach. "As much shit as I've gone through for the Service, you'd think I'd rate some seasoned veterans to protect my family." She continued to mumble and reached for the sliding glass door handle. "Fucking unbelievable," she fumed and opened the door to find Lark standing in the doorway waiting for her with her hands resting on her hips.

"What's fucking unbelievable?" Lark asked, with an impatient look on her face.

Rayne looked up flustered as she was lost in her thoughts and didn't expect to see Lark standing there. "Oh, aah…I was just mumbling about how stupid it was for me to leave my gun in the car." Rayne lamely answered and gave a nervous smile to Lark hoping she would buy it.

"That's not like you. Are you okay?" Lark worriedly asked.

"Oh, yeah. I just had a lot on my mind. Oh, aah…you had a bone to pick with me right?" Rayne asked smiling, trying to change the subject. She hoped Lark wouldn't ask why she went out the back door to reach the car rather than use the front door.

"Yes, I do. Follow me my dear." Lark replied and grabbed Rayne's hand, leading her down the hallway.

"Am I in big trouble?" Rayne teasingly asked and began to feel her anxiety from earlier begin to calm.

"Hell yes!" Lark retorted and opened the door to the nursery. She stepped into the room and brought Lark with her. "Do you see anything wrong in here?" Lark asked looking around the room.

Rayne looked around the room and wasn't sure as to what Lark was referring to, but figured she should take a stab at it. "Aah did I paint it the wrong color?" She asked, guessing referring to the fact that they had painted and redecorated one of the spare rooms adjacent to theirs for the nursery.

"Rayne!" Lark replied frustrated. "Honey, I have dealt with your paranoia and constant health cast updates for pregnant women that have driven me up the wall. What is up with this section of the room? It looks like a hospital!" Lark asked, pointing to the table with various medical supplies on it.

"Lark, babe. I can't help it if I worry about you and the baby. I think it's important for you to know these things so you don't come into contact with them and put the both of you at risk. Besides, you never know when someone will get hurt and need some medical supplies." Rayne attempted to explain, stepping closer to Lark in an attempt to calm her.

"Rayne, that is all fine and dandy honey, but the warning about the fingernail polish was the straw that broke the camel's back. By the way, where are all of my bottles of fingernail polish? What have you done with them?" Lark asked, accusatorily and crossed her arms over her chest, defiantly facing Rayne.

"Honey, come on. I promise to buy you a new supply of every nail polish your little heart desires when the baby is born. I just worry about you both and they did say that nail polish could cause birth defects in children." She replied with a smile, pulling Lark closer to her.

"I believe you my dear, even though I don't agree with it and I respect your wishes. Your offer sounds very tempting and I'll take you up on it when the baby is born." Lark smiled and kissed Rayne.

"Lark I'm sorry I'm so paranoid, but these things that I hear makes me nervous. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to either of you baby." She sincerely replied, lightly stroking Lark's cheek with her thumb.

"I know and I do appreciate you worrying about us, but please don't do it so much. We are perfectly healthy and we will continue to be. You're going to make yourself sick worrying so much." Lark lovingly smiled and smoothed out the scrunched skin between Rayne's dark eyebrows, lightly kissing her lips.

"Is what I was in trouble about?" Rayne asked smiling.

"Oh, no. That was only part of it my sweet. Rayne darling, I'm taking your VISA and American Express cards away. You've snapped and you're out of control with it." Lark explained, patting Rayne's hand with a smile.

"Huh? Why?" Rayne asked, confused.

"My dear. The presents for the baby are very sweet, but the motorized car has taken the cake!"

Rayne chuckled realizing what must have arrived. "Well, I have to teach our child how to drive at a very early age honey."

"Rayne, our child will not be able to drive anything until they are a toddler. Actually, I would prefer it if they didn't drive until they were a teenager! We don't have any more room for all of these presents that can wait until the baby gets older. This place is crowded with all of these boxes and the baby will be here soon. We live in a mansion and there is no room in here because of your purchases. When are you going to move all of these to prepare the room for the baby's arrival?"

"I promise honey. I'll do it right away and I promise not to buy any more presents until after the baby is born. By the way, where is the car?" Rayne asked looking around the room for the said box.

"It's in the garage." Lark informed her with a mischievous smile and poked Rayne in the chest.

"What? You had it put in the garage?" Rayne asked with a surprised look on her face.

"That's right my dear. Do you have a problem with that?" Lark asked, narrowing her eyes at Rayne.

"Oh, no not at all. No problem." Rayne conceded, realizing she wasn't going to win this fight. She hated anything to be put in the garage, her ultimate domain, as she had specific places in there for everything.

"Good, I thought you would have it my way. Now, come with me and rub my back. It's killing me and I want a good back rub this time." Lark chuckled, leading Rayne out of the room.

"Do you think we should have your back checked out by the doctor honey? Is it worse than the other day?" Rayne worriedly asked and looked at Lark confused when she stopped before her. "What?"

"Rayne, I'm pregnant. My stomach is sticking way out and it makes me lean forward. I have gained extra weight which makes my back hurt. I don't need a doctor to tell me that." She sarcastically answered, rolling her eyes exasperated by her nagging Nellie lover.

Rayne laughed at her over protectiveness and leaned her forehead against Lark's. "I'm sorry honey. I did it again. I'll try not to drive you so crazy with my nervousness. I'm a worry wart, what can I say?" She grinned and kissed Lark.

"Tell me you love me and all is forgiven." Lark mischievously replied with a smile.

"I love you." Rayne whispered and pressed her lips against Lark's, slipping her tongue past her parted lips.

"Hmmm, I like this." Lark moaned through her kiss as she put her arms around Rayne's neck, deepening the kiss.

They broke the kiss breathless and chuckled. Rayne took Lark's hand and lead her to their bedroom, "Let me make your back feel better my love."

"Oooh, please do and feel free to make any other body part of mine feel so much better as well." Lark seductively suggested, grinning as she stopped next to the bed. Rayne lifted her shirt up and over her head. She smiled and kissed her blonde lover when her face was uncovered once her shirt was removed.

"Did you miss me?" Rayne mischievously grinned, reaching around behind Lark to unhook her bra.

"Of course, you know that I miss you even when you're just in the next room." Lark smiled and wrapped her arms around Rayne, lightly kissing her neck.

"Good, because I missed you too." Rayne smiled breaking the hug and removed Lark's bra. She mischievously grinned as she gazed upon the perky, larger than usual, naked breasts before her. "Oh, how I missed you." She chuckled, seductively wiggling her eyebrows and lightly kissed each breast. Lark gasped from the contact and smiled as she watched Rayne lightly nibble on her creamy breasts. She lovingly watched as Rayne's kiss moved down to her expanded abdomen. Rayne knelt before her and lovingly placed her hands on Lark's stomach. "And I've missed you as well." She softly replied smiling and glanced up at Lark as she lightly kissed her stomach. Lark felt a catch in her heart and reveled in Rayne's tenderness. She adored how much Rayne loved her and the baby. She was so gently, caring and loving with the both of them that it continually surprised her with every day that passed. Rayne had always been very loving towards her and her nephews, but throughout her pregnancy she was so different. She was more attentive towards all of her needs and towards the baby. She never missed an opportunity to kiss, talk to or touch Lark's stomach to make a connection with the baby. It amazed Lark how the baby responded to Rayne's voice and touch and it touched Rayne to the deepest part of her heart. She showed it through her smile and her loving blue eyes.

Lark adoringly ran her hand through Rayne's hair and thought about how much she loved her. She smiled as Rayne did when she asked the baby if they had missed her and felt the baby move. Lark was still in disbelief that Rayne, a Secret Service agent, who's capable of killing someone in an instant could be so caring and tender. "I've got to rub mommy's back now because of all your wiggling around, but I'll read you a story later." Rayne replied, smiling and kissed Lark's stomach before standing up. Lark chuckled when she felt the baby kick and move.

"You know that you have created a monster by reading stories to our child every night. You won't have a moment's peace once the baby is born. Actually, the baby gets very cranky now when you aren't home to read a bedtime story. Fortunately, I'm a good substitute reader." Lark smiled, rubbing her belly and lay on the bed.

Rayne moved in behind her and helped her slip of her shorts. Lark rolled onto her side as Rayne began the back massage. "That's perfectly fine by me. I intend to read our child a bedtime story every night." Rayne smiled and leaned down to kiss Lark's cheek.

"I hope I can be included in story time as well." Lark asked, looking back at Rayne.

"If you behave yourself we'll allow you to join us." Rayne laughed and stopped to work out a hard trigger point in Lark's muscle.

"Owww! Yes, that's the spot." Lark moaned and winced, feeling pain when Rayne began to massage the spot, then relief when she felt the muscle relaxing.

"Is the pressure too much?" Rayne worriedly asked.

"No, it's perfect. It hurts, but feels good at the same time. I know it's strange, but it's helping. You're so sweet, thanks honey." Lark appreciatively replied, closing her eyes to enjoy the massage.

"Anything for you babe. Oh, I almost forgot. Tom is going to bring his dog over to stay with us for a little while." Rayne informed her as she continued to massage Lark's tight back and tried to figure out a good enough excuse for the dog being there that Lark would buy other than telling her the truth, that the dog was there for protection from some insane sicko who had threatened them.

"His dog?" Lark asked, surprised as she turned back to look at Rayne.

"Yeah, aah…he wants me to work with him as we might use him for work. Besides, it will give us a chance to see how it would be to have a dog around the house." Rayne replied, feeling uneasy about her answer as she could see the confusion in Lark's eyes.

Lark smiled and rolled onto her back. "Oh, baby. Does that mean you're going to buy me a dog?" She enthusiastically hoped, as her smile grew in intensity.

Rayne chuckled, relieved that she didn't ask anything more. "Well, sure as long as we think it will work out having a dog around here and providing you don't want some yapping ankle biter type of dog." Rayne laughed and lay next to Lark who shared the laugh.

"No ankle biters here babe. I want a Golden Retriever and I hear that they are very good around children." Lark smiled and put her arms around Rayne's neck. She was extremely happy that her lover was home for a change and in her arms. "Come here. Show me how much you love me." Lark whispered, pulling Rayne down and passionately kissing her.

"My pleasure," Rayne's throaty reply resonated through her kiss and deepened it. Rayne's hand slowly traveled from Lark's thigh up and over her swollen abdomen, stopping at her perky breasts. Lark gasped when Rayne caressed her breast and lovingly rubbed her hands on Rayne's back. Rayne gently kneaded the soft, enlarged breasts as her kiss moved down Lark's cheek to her ear. Lark threw her head back when she felt Rayne's tongue softly trace the contours of her ear and clenched her fingers in Rayne's back when she whispered, "I want you so much," before sinking her teeth into Lark's neck.

"Oh, Rayne. You've got me anyway you want me baby." Lark breathlessly replied, moving her hands up to Rayne's hair and ran them through her long locks. Rayne delicately kissed Lark's neck and moved down to her breasts. She lightly circled her tongue around Lark's hardened nipple and suckled her breast. "Yes, baby. That feels so good." Rayne replied, her heartbeat quickened and her breathing became labored. Rayne moved to her other breast attentively suckling it as her hand slowly moved down between Lark's legs.

"Hmmm…you are so wet my sweet." Rayne softly replied, glancing up at her with a sexy grin and moved her kiss down through Lark's cleavage. Rayne's kiss lightly traveled the length of Lark's body with an extended stay at her stomach to lavish attention on their child before settling between Lark's legs. Rayne inhaled Lark's sweet scent and pressed her lips against Lark's hot, wet mound.

Lark's head flew back and her hips arched in response to Rayne's lips against her sex as she clutched the sheets in her hands. She inhaled deeply and exhaled, breathless. Her heart raced with excitement and anticipation of having Rayne taste her. "Take me baby. Please." She pleadingly whispered.

Rayne rested her hands on top of Lark's stomach and parted Lark's lips with her tongue. Her sex throbbed from her arousal and she felt a jolt of adrenalin when she tasted Lark. She loved how she tasted and how warm she felt. She began to lap up Lark's juices; lavishly attending to her hot sex's needs and felt Lark move her head. She was surprised and wasn't sure what was going on with Lark. Once she collected her thoughts and bearings as she had lost herself in Lark, she worried that something might be wrong with Lark. "Are you okay? What's wrong?" She worriedly asked as her headshot up to look at Lark.

"I'm fine baby. Someone is ringing the doorbell and my best guess would be that it's Tom." She replied disappointedly and nodded towards the door as the bell sounded again.

"Shit! He had to come now didn't he? Damn!" Rayne stammered, flustered and jumped out of the bed. She pushed her hair back and tried to calm her racing heart that pounded in her chest. She looked at Lark who sat propped up on her elbows and had a sarcastic grin on her face. "I'm sorry. I'll be right back. Hold that thought!" Rayne chuckled nervously and kissed Lark before running out of the room. Lark laughed and lay back on the bed after watching Rayne run out of the room. She inhaled and exhaled deeply to calm her pounding heart and lay there laughing in disbelief of Tom's timing.

Rayne rushed down the hall wiping the sweet from her brow and screeched to a halt on the tile floor that was slippery from her socks as she reached for the door. She swung the door open and saw Tom standing there with Max. "Is everything alright?" He worriedly asked looking around.

"Oh, aah…yeah, sure. I was in the back room and had to run up front. Sorry, I didn't hear the doorbell." She stammered, still flustered by Lark and opened the door wider for him to enter.

"Damn…I was getting nervous that something was going on in here and nearly called in reinforcements you took so damn long to get to the door." He informed her and entered the house leading his dog in as well. He placed the bag and the dog bed on the floor next to him.

'Yeah, something hot and heavy was going on in here that's for sure.' Rayne thought and grinned as she thought about what she was doing to Lark before he came. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Hey, Max." She replied and pet the dog that sat obediently next to Tom. The dog wagged his tail slightly and leaned towards her as she stroked his silky fur. "You're beautiful Max. What is he? Is he a full blooded German Shepherd or a mix?" She asked inquisitively, looking up at Tom as she continued to pet the gorgeous all white dog.

"He sure is and thanks for the compliment, he appreciates it." Tom smiled proudly and looked at his partner.

"I've never seen a white German Shepherd before." Rayne enthusiastically replied and stroked the fur on his head. "I think someone in the next room is going to fall in love with you. You might not be leaving here." She smiled and chuckled as she patted his back and stood upright.

"That would be a hard fought battle between Nicole and Lark. She was in tears when she found out Max was coming over. I think she loves him more than she loves me." He chuckled, as did Rayne.

They laughed harder when Max let out a bark in reply. "Uh-oh, I think you've been replaced Tom." Rayne replied with a smile and motioned for them to enter into the living room. She stepped down into the living room and flopped in the cushy, burgundy leather couch and watched as Tom sat in the leather chair across from her. "Are there any commands I should know about with him?" She asked, and watched as the dog obediently sat next to Tom.

"Not really. He knows your basic commands such as sit, down etc. and he'll follow commands such as being quiet if you put your finger to your mouth. He's a very smart dog. The best thing to do would be to get him acclimated to anyone who will be in the house on a regular basis such as you, Lark and the house staff. Let him smell their clothing and get used to the surroundings of the house. If there is someone that doesn't belong here, he'll pick up the scent and he'll let you know." He explained and pet his dog who sat looking between the two of them.

"Will he attack anyone who isn't suppose to be in here?" She nervously asked, she didn't want any mishaps with anyone who might be visiting.

"No, not unless you give him the command to attack. He'll probably keep them pinned and scare the shit out of them by growling, but he won't attack unless you give the command." He explained, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly.

"Okay…cool. Now all I need to know would be the attack command and hope that I don't have to give it." Rayne smiled uneasily. She hated that her family was placed into such a bad position.

"Sure, here." He replied and handed her a piece of paper.

She opened it and chuckled at what was written on the paper. "Are you kidding me?" She asked, laughing and held up the paper.

"No, it was the only word that I could think of that someone would rarely say." He answered with a snicker, embarrassed by the word.

"It's a good think I don't call Lark this word." Rayne chuckled and looked at the word written on the paper, BUTTERCUP. "Dude, I can't imagine you yelling this if you're chasing some criminal. If I heard it I would probably fall out laughing." She teasingly laughed and looked at Max. "I bet you're embarrassed too aren't you boy?" She asked with a snicker and laughed harder when the dog, yipped in response to her question.

"Well, what can I say except it's a funny, unusual word for an attack command, but it works." He laughed and patted his dog. "Go over and see Rayne." He ordered and let go of the leash.

Max moved over next to Rayne who rubbed his back and watched as he sat next to her. "Good boy." She smiled and looked up at Tom. "Did you get any other information from our stool pigeon?"

"Not really, but I do have some good news." He smiled with an excited look on his face.

"Care to share bud?" Rayne chuckled and shook her head at his evasiveness. She knew he was dinking around with her as a joke.

"Okay…sure. Seeing as how you're my partner and everything." He laughed with a goofy twinge to his reflection. "Well, Director Stevens informed me we wouldn't be having to travel in light of the latest situation."

"You're kidding me?" Rayne enthusiastically asked, moving to the edge of her seat. She hoped he wasn't kidding as this would mean she could stay home and do a better job of protecting Lark than the currently assigned agents. 'Oh this is awesome news.' Rayne excitedly thought, at the prospects of not having to leave Lark's side.

"I'm not kidding. He felt that it would be too difficult to protect the both of you in different locations and he thinks this guys friends will be back for him especially if they know you're here. Personally, I think he knew there would be no way in hell you would leave Lark." He chuckled at his last statement knowingly.

"You got that shit right. I already introduced one of our agents to my private beach earlier in the evening. He's probably still trying to get the sand out of his mouth." She snickered and shook her head in disbelief at what the agent had done.

"No way. What did he do?" Tom asked, surprised.

"I was out on the back deck with Lark trying to get her inside and this idiot pops his head out for me to see then hides without motioning to me to identify himself. So, I coaxed Lark inside and headed down to the beach and took him down." She explained with a laugh.

"Where was his partner?" He asked, surprised by the sloppy work.

"Who knows, probably having a donut or jacking off in the sand dunes? He came running up after I had him pinned down and checked his badge."

"Freaking idiots. Why in the hell would they assign people like that?" He asked, upset by the choice of security for his partner and her wife.

"Who knows why bud. Did you get anything else out of the weasel?"

"Nah, he's being stubborn."

"He'll break, give him a few days in jail and he'll start singing like a jailbird." Rayne laughed, as did Tom.

"Let's hope so. Well, I'm outta here. I've got to stop by the store and pick up the misses some ice cream." He dryly answered and rolled his eyes as he rose to a standing position.

"Don't keep her waiting, they hate it when you do that and they won't let you forget it!" She chuckled and patted her partner on the back. 'Speaking of waiting. I'm in deep shit.' She thought inwardly and winced at the thought of her punishment. 'Lark must be stewing about now.' She thought and followed her partner to the door to see him out.

"You be a good boy and make sure you take care of Rayne and Lark okay?" He smiled, looking down at his dog and scratched his chin as Max put his paw up on his hand, licking it. "His food, toys and bedding is all here along with feeding instructions." He informed her, pointing to the pile on the floor next to the door.

"Okay…great. I promise to try and keep Lark from spoiling him too much." Rayne smiled and scratched Max's head. "Thanks again Tom. I really appreciate all of your help. I'll never forget this." She appreciatively smiled and patted his shoulder.

"Good, because I won't let you forget it!" He laughed and headed out the door.

"Bye." Rayne laughed and closed the door behind him.

Tom felt uneasy about the situation Rayne had earlier in the evening with the other agents. He decided to check them out for himself. After speaking with the agents she had the run in with and the other agents situated about the property, he was satisfied with the security and headed home.

"Come on Max, I've got some making up to do." She chuckled and grabbed his large pillow bed. She padded down the hall with Max in tow; eager to continue where she had left off earlier with Lark. She opened the door to the bedroom and sighed disappointed when she saw that Lark was sound asleep. She looked down at Max sarcastically replying, "I hope you don't mind snoring." She laughed when Max's ears perked up and she leaned down to remove his leash. She tossed the leash on her nightstand and placed his bed next to her side of the bed. The dog quickly jumped in his bed. Rayne was amazed at how easily the dog had taken to her. He seemed unfazed by his surroundings and took to them undaunted. Rayne took the shirt that Lark had worn earlier and held it to him. He eagerly sniffed the shirt. "Now, this is the most important person to protect. You got that?" She softly asked, kneeling before him and smiled when he nudged her hand with his nose, indicating he understood her orders. She patted his head and stood up moving towards the bed. 'I dig this dog. Tom might have to worry about me keeping him.' She chuckled inwardly and climbed in bed next to her slumbering beauty.

Rayne leaned over Lark, adoringly staring at her as she slept. Rayne pulled the covers over Lark's naked body and leaned down, gently kissing her cheek. She moved back up and just stared at Lark. She was fixated on the peacefully sleeping woman that she loved with her entire existence. She slipped her hand on Lark's side and moved it to her stomach as she cuddled closer to the warm body before her. She smiled when she felt the baby move under her touch and whispered, "No one will ever hurt either of you. I promise," as she kissed Lark on the forehead, sealing her declaration. Her heart fluttered when she felt Lark wiggle against her and noticed the smile on Lark's face. She lovingly watched Lark sleep and thought about how much she loved her. She caught herself doing that quite frequently of late and couldn't imagine waking up next to anyone else but with Lark for the rest of their lives. She felt a catch in her heart, in amazement that Lark felt the same way about her. In a way, she felt like she didn't deserve Lark's undying love for her as she had put her through so much hell throughout their separation and before it, but she was glad that she had it once again. She was thankful for every day she has had and will have with Lark. She would never take those moments for granted ever again.

'She's my best friend, my lover, my soul mate and the mother of my child. I love her so much.' Rayne endearingly thought and kissed her cheek, lingering there momentarily before breaking the kiss. She smiled; wiping the tears of happiness from her eyes and lay onto her back. She stared at the ceiling trying to calm her racing heart as it terrified her to think that anything would ever happen to Lark and their child. 'I've got to make sure that bastard doesn't even come close to the most important people in my life.' She thought, her resolve strengthened and her attitude quickly turned into a defensive, protective mode. No stone would go unturned until she nailed that bastard who dared to threaten her very existence. 'You can threaten or hurt me, but not Lark and our child.' She angrily thought and moved her hand onto Lark to make a connection. She would protect them at all cost, even at the expense of her own safety and well being. If you thought a mama alligator is vicious protecting her family, then you've never seen Rayne in action protecting hers. I pity the fool who dares to cross her. Rayne smiled and her heart softened when she heard Lark's light snore and rolled onto her side. She wrapped Lark in her arms and cuddled up against her, resting her hand on Lark's that rested on her stomach. She lightly kissed Lark's cheek, protectively pulling her closer as she closed her eyes and finally drifted off to sleep.

Lark thought she was trapped in a splendid dream until she opened her eyes and realized it was reality, as she looked at Rayne who nibbled on her neck. That was even better! She moved back against Rayne and looked up at her, smiling. "What are you doing?" She asked, happy about what Rayne was doing to her.

"Hitting on you babe and trying to continue what we started last night." Rayne seductively suggested and continued her onslaught of Lark's neck.

"Last night?" Lark asked, confused and looked around the room noting the lightened room from the sun. "Oh, baby…I'm so sorry. I fell asleep. Oh, Rayne!" She gasped when she felt Rayne touch her sex.

"Don't be sorry, just stop playing hard to get." Rayne chuckled in a muffle, sinking her teeth into Lark's neck.

"By all means, take me darling. I can't deny you a thing." She breathlessly offered as her eyes rolled back and closed from the wonderful sensation she felt when Rayne's thumb dipped inside her warm, wet sex. "My love, that feels wonderful." She softly admitted, spreading her legs wider for Rayne as she rolled onto her stomach the best she could from her side lying position. Her large tummy didn't allow her to completely lay prone so she settled for the happy medium. Rayne's long fingers slid up and down her slick clit as her thumb moved in and out, heightening her arousal. Rayne's free hand began to gently knead Lark's breast, as her arm was located underneath Lark. Rayne's tongue traveled up Lark's neck to her ear and dipped inside sending a coursing, electrical sensation straight to her core. She opened her eyes and peered at a dog that stared back at her. She jumped, startled and asked, "Rayne, why is that dog staring at me?"

"Go lay down Max. It's okay." Rayne ordered and both chuckled about the interruption and continued their anatomy lesson. "You feel incredible my love." Rayne whispered in Lark's ear, who turned her head and Rayne quickly devoured her mouth with her own. Rayne's tongue slowly moved within, dancing with Lark's and both fighting for dominance. Rayne's won, as Lark was no match and could do nothing but allow Rayne to kiss her deeply, passionately. Rayne's fingers moved faster and in rhythm with Lark's hips that slowly rocked back and forth. She moved her thumb within to stroke the top of Lark's inner walls, sending Lark into frenzy.

"I don't know what you are doing to me Rayne, but it feels incredible." Lark softly replied, gasping for her breath after breaking the searing kiss. Lark reached back and found Rayne's hot mound, whose desire for Lark escalated. The feeling of Lark's wet sex, her kiss and remembering their Valentine's Day romantic rendezvous pulsated Rayne's clit. She thought of that beautiful night as she passionately kissed Lark and remembered how Lark had made an impromptu visit to her hotel in New Orleans where a lead had taken her. She smiled and lightly kissed Lark's lips when she thought about finding Lark in black negligee, erotically lying in her bed when she entered the romantically candle lit room. What a surprise that was! Lark had thought of everything, food, champagne, candles and Jayce who was in the next room. Can't forget him! Rayne's kissed moved to Lark's neck and she lightly nibbled on the soft, warm skin there as she remembered how significant that night was to them. They conceived their child that night and it made Rayne's heart race from the thought. Her arousal and desire was beyond her control when she thought about impregnating Lark. It was her brother's sperm, but it was her that gave the baby to Lark and it filled her with so much joy and happiness, like nothing had ever done before. She needed to feel Lark touch her.

"Touch me baby…please." She pleadingly whispered. "Oh, yes Lark!" Rayne gasped when she felt Lark obligingly fondle her clit. Rayne moved her hips up and down against Lark's fingers; she was near her climax already and couldn't hold it any longer. Rayne sank her teeth into Lark's neck that screamed and released her orgasm; over and over again, she couldn't control it. Rayne's heart pounded with excitement from Lark's multiple orgasms and feeling her warm, milky treasure that filled her hand. Her orgasms were powerful and all consuming…she had never had some so encompassing before. Rayne could no longer hold it and the powerful orgasm ripped through her body. "Aaahhh…yes!" She shouted as her body shuddered and another orgasm coursed throughout her. She collapsed against Lark and snuggled her face against Lark's neck, panting and trying to catch her breath. Her heart painfully pounded in her chest as it raced from her excitement. "Aahh…" She replied, her breathing labored as she lay on her back desperately trying to calm her racing heart.

"Are you alright?" Lark worriedly asked, leaning over Rayne. She placed her hand over Rayne's heart and felt the pounding in her chest.

Rayne laughed embarrassed by what was happening to her. "I hope so. I think I'm too old for your sexual escapades my dear." She chuckled, looking at Lark and inhaled deeply to catch her breath.

"Oh, stop that! You're not too old. Besides, you're the one that started this and let me tell you. It was wonderful. I don't know what you did to me, but it was powerful and so incredibly beautiful. I thought I was going to deliver the baby right then and there!" Lark chuckled and lightly kissed Rayne's cheek that shared in the laughter. "Are you calming down?" She asked, smiling.

"Finally." Rayne grinned and kissed the top of Lark's head when she laid it against her shoulder. Lark placed her hand over Rayne's heart and lightly stroked it with her thumb. Rayne moved her hand around Lark's back and tucked Lark as close to her as she could, resting her hand on her side. She smiled when she felt the baby move against her stomach as Lark's rested against hers. "This is paradise honey." Rayne professed, thoroughly satisfied from their romp through ecstasy and from the woman she had safely tucked in her arms.

"Yes, it is baby." Lark agreed and snuggled her face against Rayne's sweaty neck, lightly kissing it. She settled her head back against Rayne's shoulder, happy to be within the warm confines of her lover's arms and quickly drifted off to sleep.

The next week was spent trying to work out an acceptable deal on both sides, with their suspect who proved to be a formidable foe. He wanted an ironclad deal and wouldn't budge when it came to compromising. Rayne was growing more tired and angry at the asshole with every minute that passed. It didn't help that they still had no other substantial leads in the case to nail the top dog, but this jerk. Her patience was at a minimum from the stress and from not sleeping. She found herself sleeping with one eye opened and rarely was able to sleep for any longer than fifteen-minute spurts. Any slight noise woke her and she patrolled the house protectively for the rest of the night. She didn't know how much longer she could keep up the pace and hoped a break would soon come through so she could go back to her normal routine. She mulled over the paperwork before her, searching for some detail that she might have missed after looking at it for the hundredth time when the phone rang. She sipped her iced 'Tazo Chai', Grande that is! It was the only thing that kept her functioning and picked up the phone, swallowing the cold beverage. "Yeah." She snapped, uninterested and her demeanor changed instantly. Tom looked up worried by the pale look on her face, "I'm on my way." He watched her say, almost robotic. She was in another world.

"What's going on?" He asked, jumping from his chair and followed behind her as she quickly passed his desk.

"Lark's at the hospital." She nervously and hurriedly replied, as she was now in a full out sprint towards the door.

"What?" He shouted surprised and worried as he struggled to keep pace with her.

"There was some sort of an accident on the set." She softly replied and jumped into her car. Her heart raced with fear for Lark's safety. The agent assigned to protect Lark had call to inform Rayne what happened, but when she heard Lark was at the hospital she ended the conversation. All she could think about was getting to Lark. She squealed the tires as the car tore out of the parking garage and focused her attention on the road. Tom put the blue light up on the dashboard so they could make it through traffic quickly and without any impendence from the local authorities.

"Did they say how Lark is doing?" He asked, turning to his haggard partner. He worried about her. She looked drained, ragged and a woman on the edge. He turned on the radio to a talk news show to see if they had any information.

"No, I didn't give them a chance." She coldly answered, never losing focus on the road.

The announcer on the radio informed the audience, "This just in, famed actress Lark Morgan was just rushed to the hospital after an explosion on the set of her current movie. No, detailed information is readily available at this time, but as we get it we will relay it to you." The announcer replied and the station cut to a commercial.

"She's going to be fine, I'm sure of it Rayne." Tom attempted to reassure her and noted Rayne didn't hear a word of what he had said to her.

'I'm on my way honey. Don't worry, I'll be there very soon.' She inwardly thought, thinking Lark could hear her. 'Damn…please let her and the baby be alright.' She anxiously worried and felt the tears stinging her eyes. She mashed the accelerator to the floor and sped the car up the ramp to the emergency entrance to the hospital. She came to a skidding halt, throwing the car in gear and jumped out of the car leaving the car door open. She jogged towards the door as the security guard attempted to stop her. "Back off, Secret Service," she angrily warned, flashing her badge as she shoved past him through the doors.

The flustered guard looked at Tom who showed his badge. "Sorry, we have an agent injured here." He replied, jumping into the car. He drove off to park the car and ran towards the entrance once he had. He knew he might have to pull Rayne off of one of the other agents if she felt they hadn't protected Lark sufficiently. 'What an oxymoron as no one is sufficient enough in Rayne's mind to protect Lark except for herself.' He thought rushing into the hospital.

Rayne's focus glared at the end of the hall from her as she saw the agents posted to Lark nervously pacing back and forth in front of the treatment room doors. Her eyes narrowed and her anger coursed through her. If looks could kill, her steely, maniacal gaze would have done the trick many times over. The agent looked up and moved to approach her. "Agent Donovan…I tried to explain to you on the phone…" he attempted to explain, but felt Rayne's stiff-arm in the chest.

"Where is she?" She angrily asked, looking straight ahead, never at him.

"Aah, curtain three." He nervously replied and pointed. He rubbed his chest from the pain of her hand forcefully being thrust there as he watched her burst through the doors.

Rayne inhaled deeply and quickly blew out her air, hoping to calm her racing heart and anger. It didn't work, her hands shook as she approached the curtain, she was fearful of what she would find behind there. She pulled the curtain back and saw Lark lying in the bed, animatedly talking with the resident who was attending to the wound on her arm. Her heart instantly calmed when Lark looked up at her smiling. "Hi honey! They didn't have to call you. Are you alright?" She asked, nervous from the look on Rayne's face as she approached the bed.

"I'm fine. Are you alright?" She nervously asked, taking Lark's hand in her own, tentatively approaching the bed. She glanced over at her wound and back to Lark. It was all she could do to maintain her composure. She wanted to hold Lark and cry like a baby in relief that Lark was safe.

"I am now that you're here. I needed someone to hold my hand for when the doctor puts the stitches in my arm." She smiled as she looked up at Rayne.

"What happened?" Rayne shakily asked.

"They had a mishap on the set with one of the stunts and I got hit by something." Lark explained, and motioned towards her arm then looked back at Rayne.

"Are you hurt anywhere else? Is the baby alright?" She worriedly checked Lark over.

"Rayne, we are fine. I just cut my arm that's all." Lark answered, confused by Rayne's demeanor. "What's wrong with you?"

"Aaahhh…I'm sorry. I was terrified when I got a call that they took you to the hospital and then I heard on the radio that there was some kind of an explosion on the set and that you were rushed to the hospital." She nervously explained looking down at Lark's hand that she held and subconsciously rubbed it with her thumb. She looked back up at Lark who saw the fear in Rayne's blue eyes.

She held her lover's face in her hand and smiled comfortingly, "We are fine honey. I promise you. You don't need to worry." Lark lovingly assured Rayne and pulled her closer for a kiss.

Rayne felt stupid about the way she reacted and sat next to Lark on the bed. "I'll be right back." The young doctor smiled and exited the curtain.

Rayne blew out a breath and looked down at Lark's hand that she rubbed. "I'm sorry for the way I reacted. I just freaked out honey. I couldn't bear it if anything happened to either of you." She admitted, her blue eyes filling with tears.

"And I feel the same about you darling, but we are fine. I have a deep scratch that's it. I was off my mark during the stunt and got cut. It all happened so fast that I can't remember all of the details, but it's my fault for not being where I was suppose to be." She tried to explain.

Rayne looked up at her, "Why are you that close to a dangerous stunt anyway? They are putting you and the baby in harms way. I don't like it."

"Rayne, I was not in that much danger. Do you think I would put our child in harms way?" Lark levelly asked, somewhat hurt by the insinuation.

"No, but you shouldn't be close to any of the dangerous stunts. That's what doubles are for Lark. What would have happened if the object that hit your arm hit the baby? I don't like it." Rayne explained, not happy with what happened to Lark.

Lark inhaled deeply and exhaled, "You're right and I'm sorry. I guess I just didn't expect anything to happen. I will see to it that a double stands in for me from now on." Lark smiled reassuringly and drew Rayne in for a hug. "I love you." She whispered and held her nervous lover.

Rayne smiled and kissed Lark's cheek, "I love you," breaking the hug. They smiled at one another and Rayne moved in for a kiss.

Lark broke the kiss when the doctor entered. "Thanks for coming. Now, hold my hand. I'm afraid of stitches." Lark smiled and clutched Rayne's hand that chuckled.

"You'll be fine my love. If you're afraid of stitches what are you going to do when our baby is born?" Rayne chuckled and kissed Lark on the cheek.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I just hate the thought of needles and threads penetrating my skin." Lark explained and winced when she felt the doctor rub an antiseptic on her wound, which burned.

"It will be over before you know it. Look into my eyes and focus on them there. See how much I love and adore you. Lose yourself in them and you won't feel any pain." Rayne softly spoke to her, trying to calm her fear. "See all the happy and fun times we've had together. See that you mean everything in this world to me and that I would move heaven and earth for you Lark." Rayne lovingly added, as she delicately kissed Lark.

She broke the kiss when she heard the doctor reply, "That's it. You're finished."

Rayne and Lark looked at the doctor who smiled as she placed a bandage over the wound. "Wow that was fast. I didn't feel a thing." Lark replied, surprised.

The doctor grinned and leaned closer to Lark whispering, "I wouldn't either if I had a gorgeous Adonis like you have sweet talking me," as she rose from the stool. She winked as Rayne blushed from the comment and exited the treatment area. "I'll have your discharge papers ready momentarily." Her voice trailed off as she disappeared.

Lark looked at Rayne who chuckled and arrogantly replied, "What can I say? The chicks dig me." They laughed and Rayne kissed Lark's hand, before helping her up from her semi-supine position. "Let's get you home." She smiled and stood up, helping her very pregnant wife off the table.

"Please do. I'm in no condition to fight the doctors off that are swooning all over you." Lark teasingly smiled and adjusted her clothing as the nurse entered. She went over the instructions for disinfecting the wound on her arm and for dressing changes. She informed Lark to see her doctor in a week to have the stitches removed and for her to be on the look out for any infection that might incur. Lark and Rayne smiled, and thanked the woman.

The doctor stood next to the nurse. "Oh, one more thing, if you don't mind. She's dying to get your autograph. Would you mind?" The doctor grinned, obviously embarrassing the nurse by pointing at her and from her comment.

"No problem. Can I use your pen?" Lark asked with a grin and took the pen and magazine the doctor was holding to autograph. "Whom shall I make this out too?"

"Doctor Strain," The nurse replied with a chuckle and walked away effectively paying the doctor back for the earlier embarrassment.

The doctor sheepishly grinned as she watched Lark autograph the People magazine that just happened to have Lark on the cover. "What can I say, I'm a fan and embarrassed. It was pretty funny, we were just checking out the article about the best-dressed celebrities before you came in. We all concluded that the both of you should have made the best dressed couple list." She chuckled as did Rayne and Lark.

"Thank you. You just never know, we might make the next one." Lark cordially smiled and handed the magazine back to the smitten doctor.

Rayne put her arm around Lark's waist and pulled her closer. Lark wrapped her arm around Rayne's waist, "Thank you for your help." Rayne smiled and lead her wife away.

The doctor watched as the attractive couple walked away. 'Lucky woman.' She thought with a smile and renewed hope that she might someday have a wonderful partner like that. Hmmm…which one was she referring too? Maybe both?

"Are you okay Lark? The radio made it seem like you were mortally injured." Tom worriedly asked, when he first saw them as they exited the treatment area.

"They always do that Tom. You shouldn't believe what they report; they like to get everyone riled up. It was probably a slow news day and I guarantee there will reporters outside. I'm fine, but thanks for the concern." She smiled as they walked towards the emergency room doors. Lark was right, there was a swarm of reporters waiting for them outside. "See…what did I tell you?" She asked, smiling knowingly.

"You were right honey." Rayne smiled and held her closer to her. She looked at Tom who moved to Lark's opposite side as the saw the unusually large crowd outside. Tom nodded behind him and Rayne glanced over her shoulder at the two agents assigned to Lark who lingered behind. They nodded as well as everyone exited the emergency room to a swarm of flashbulbs popping. There were advantages to being tall as Lark wasn't aware of what her lover and partner were doing.

"Lark what happened? Are you okay? Was the baby injured?" A reporter shouted out as the group stopped before one of the microphones. Rayne and Tom scanned the crowd for anything out of the unusual as Lark began to answer the question.

One onlooker stared at Rayne who instantly felt uneasy by they way they were looking at her. It was something about their eyes that confused her. The brown eyes looked familiar, very angry and haunted. She couldn't see what they looked like as they stood behind someone and wore a hat that was covered by a hooded jacket. All she could see was their eyes. "There was a minor mishap on the set and I got received a cut on my arm that required five stitches. I'm fine as well as my baby. Thank you for your concern, but I must get back to work. Sorry for the inconvenience." She replied smiling and tugged on Rayne to draw her attention so they could leave. Rayne looked down at Lark and began to move, before looking back to the person she was staring at. She saw them maliciously grin as they moved out away from the person they were standing behind, for Rayne to get a brief glimpse of and motioned with their fingers that were formed in the shape of a gun. The person moved the finger down as if they fired the gun, wickedly smiling and mouthed, 'boom,' before quickly disappearing. Rayne moved back towards where the person was to get a better glimpse and to see where they went too. Lark pulled her in the opposite direction, "This way honey." She replied and walked away still holding onto Rayne. Rayne noticed the other agents searching the crowd for the person she was looking at as they too had seen the interaction between Rayne and the mystery person. "Are you going to take me back to the set?" Lark asked looking up at her distracted lover. "Rayne! Are you listening to me?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought I saw someone I knew over there, but I was wrong. You asked if I was taking you back to the set? Do you still have work to do there?" Rayne asked, looking down at Lark, then back to the crowd, worried that something might happen. She picked up her pace towards the car and quickly ushered Lark into it.

"Unfortunately, I still have stuff to do." She frowned looking at Rayne who climbed into the back seat with Lark. "I would love it if we could go home and climb into bed together." Lark grinned and snuggled her head against Rayne's chest.

"Me too baby…me too." Rayne replied, kissing the top of Lark's head and looked side to side for any danger that might arise as Tom steered the car out of the hospital parking lot. "I'll tell you what. Tom and I will hang out with you on the set until you're finished today. How does that sound?" She asked with a smile, looking down at Lark.

"Well, my idea is much better, but since we can't do that, then your idea sounds wonderful. That would make me feel much better." She grinned looking up at Rayne and kissed her chin.

"Let's head to the set Tom." Rayne informed him as he looked at her through the rear view mirror and made a turn, heading towards the set.

Rayne and Tom stood in the wings watching the hustle and bustle of the crew moving about the set. Rayne smiled proudly, watching the makeup artist touch up Lark's makeup. "I couldn't get a good look at the mystery person in the crowd as their face was covered from the hat and the hooded jacket." Rayne informed him, disappointed that she couldn't identify the person. "We need to talk to some of the stunt men and special effects men, to see if the accident was truly one or if it was conveniently set up." Rayne suspiciously told Tom.

"Gotcha. I'll do some checking now and have the other boys sniff around here too. They did tell me that nothing looked out of the ordinary on the set before the accident. But it doesn't hurt to double check everything. I'll be back shortly." Tom informed her and walked away.

Rayne crossed her arms over her chest and scanned the set for anything out of the ordinary. She was startled when she turned and looked before her, finding Lark standing there. "Well, hello gorgeous."

"What are you up too?" Lark asked, suspicious of Rayne's demeanor.

"Nothing…just checking out how interested in all of this that Tom is. He really gets excited being on the set." Rayne lamely replied. She didn't want Lark to know anything about what was going on. She knew it would distress her and the baby, which she wasn't about to allow.

"Would you two like a very small part in the movie?" She grinned, hopeful.

"Who us?" Rayne laughed; surprised that Lark would suggest such a thing.

"Yes, you two!" Lark chuckled and put her hands on Rayne's arms.

"We're not actors." Rayne reminded Lark.

"I know, but it would be right up your alley. We have a very small part for two detectives as the actor's we had for the part abruptly walked off the set after the incident we had earlier. It would be just like you are doing your own job. You could also spend a couple of days with me on the set too." Lark excitedly replied, trying to talk her into doing it. "Please for me?" She grinned and batted her eyelashes at Rayne hoping it would work. She hoped Rayne would accept her offer even though she knew Rayne wouldn't do it.

'Hmmm…it would give me a few days to check things out around here and make sure that it was definitely an accident. I need to remember to tell Tom to put in a check on the two actors who left inexplicably. ' Rayne thought, weighing her options. "Okay…sure. I'll do it." Rayne agreed with a slight smile.

"You will?" Lark asked surprised. 'That was too easy!' Lark excitedly thought.

"I'll tell Tom. He's going to freak." Rayne chuckled and headed over to Tom. They called their director to inform him of the latest developments and he agreed that staying there to investigate from the inside might be a good idea.

"Jimmy, I've got some experienced law enforcement officers for the two parts you were fretting over." Lark informed the director with a smile as she approached.

After a few takes, Rayne just wasn't cutting the mustard and the director was getting quite perturbed especially seeing as how it was at the end of the day. "Rayne, honey. Look, don't be so nervous. Just be you. Act as if you and Tom are at work and you're questioning a suspect or a potential witness. Okay?" Lark lovingly advised Rayne.

"Yeah, but this acting stuff doesn't come as naturally to me as it does you Lark and besides, I just wouldn't say the crap that they wrote." Rayne chuckled in a whisper to Lark as she held up the script that contained her lines.

"I know, they are lame lines honey, but please just say them as if you were doing this at work. It will work and we'll get out of here a lot faster." Lark grinned and lovingly patted her cheek to reassure her. Rayne smiled as they all took their marks to begin filming again.

"That's a wrap for today folks." The director announced, to the relief of his crew. "Rayne you and Tom did a great job today. You had the jitters early on, but you came through with a very good performance. So good, that I may expand your roles. I have to see how that would fit into the story, but it just might turn into a larger part." He grinned and patted her on the back. Lark was ecstatic. She had been trying to get Rayne into the business for a while now, but Rayne was never interested in doing it. Maybe she would be now.

"Okay…great. Thanks." Rayne replied, stunned by what he had told her.

"Lark darling. I'll see you later tonight at the premiere and as always, you were fabulous." He smiled and kissed Lark on the cheek.

"Thanks Jimmy. See you tonight." She smiled and hooked her arm in Rayne's watching him walk away.

"What premiere?" Rayne asked, confused by the plans for later that evening.

"Don't you remember? I told you we had to attend the premiere of Charlie's Angels tonight." Lark reminded Rayne.

"Hey, I'm going to get this silly makeup off of me. I'll talk to you in a few." Tom chuckled and headed off.

"Oh, man. I was tortured enough after watching the TV show the other night, I don't know if I could handle the movie being worse." Rayne teasingly whined and looked down at Lark who laughed.

"I've seen the trailers for it and they do some martial arts in it that I think you will enjoy." Lark grinned looking up at Rayne.

"Let's hope so. I don't want to see the 'Angels' carrying their stupid wrist purse around with their gun in it like they did in the episode we saw the other night!" Rayne laughed as did Lark. "Hey, can I ask Tom if him and Nicole want to join us tonight?" Rayne figured it would help to have an extra pair of eyes walking the carpet with her and Lark as that is always an open situation for something to happen if some sick fan wanted to take a shot at a celebrity.

"Sure, absolutely. That would be a great idea." Lark excitedly agreed.

"His year is going to be made baby. Thanks." Rayne grinned and kissed Lark appreciatively. "Hey, do you think my role might allow me to do some cool stunt work. Maybe like Tom Cruise did in Mission Impossible 2? Like his stunts on the motorcycle?" Rayne enthusiastically asked, excited about the prospects for her film role as they headed towards Larks trailer.

"I hope not. You worry the hell out of me, knowing that you have to do that kind of stuff at work. I couldn't imagine seeing you do it for real. I might deliver the baby right then and there!" Lark laughed, which was shared by Rayne.

"Oh, it would be so cool, but I don't want our child to be born on the set. So, I'll pass on that action then."

"Oh, you're so good to me." Lark sarcastically grinned.

"I know. I just keep giving and giving to you my love." Rayne teasingly answered, as they laughed harder.

"And cockier and cockier." Lark added as Rayne helped her up the stairs to her trailer that had become quite cumbersome since her pregnancy.

"Hardy har har." Rayne laughed and followed Lark into the trailer.

After changing, Rayne and Lark invited Tom to join them later that evening which he graciously accepted. He was ecstatic to put it mildly. They told him they would stop by and pick them up in the limo before heading to the premiere. Rayne and Lark had quickly traveled home to shower and change clothes. As promised, they picked up Tom and Nicole before heading to the premiere. Nicole and Lark were quickly catching up on what had been happening since they last saw one another. Tom informed Rayne that he called to arrange for other agents to be scattered throughout the crowd at the premiere. Rayne felt slightly better, even though she didn't like huge crowds like that. The limo stopped and Rayne exited the limo first. She quickly scanned the crowd as Tom exited next. He held out his hand for Nicole who exited the limo. Rayne leaned down and helped Lark out of the limo. It took a little extra help to get her out as her center of gravity made it difficult because of the baby.

"You're my hero." Lark chuckled and lovingly patted Rayne's cheek that laughed.

"And I like it that way." Rayne added, entwining her fingers around Lark's. She inhaled to calm her nervousness and walked along the red carpet with Lark who smiled and waved to the crowd. The crowd was screaming and shouting and the flashbulbs of the cameras made if very difficult and confusing to see what was going on. Rayne and Tom both struggled to adjust their eyes, despite the sunglasses they wore to block out the light and it unnerved Rayne. She clutched Lark's hand tightly who moved closer to the crowd to pose for pictures and to shake hands. Rayne grew more nervous and looked into the crowd searching for the other agents. Her heart quickened when she saw the person from earlier in the day. She pulled Lark back from the crowd.

"Rayne what are you doing?" Lark asked, confused by her actions.

"You shouldn't get so close honey." Rayne answered and stared in the direction of the person she saw, but they were gone.

"Oh, Lark. Do you need someone to fill the role of daddy to your child because I'd be more than happy to fill it?" A voice sarcastically replied from the crowd as Rayne and Tom fervently looked around for the mystery person.

"No, thank you. Rayne has already filled that position quite nicely." Lark retorted with a smile and slipped her arm around Rayne's waist for a hug. Rayne looked down at her and Lark smiled. "Oh, shit I forgot my purse honey. Can you see if you can catch the limo and get it?" Lark worriedly replied looking up at Rayne who scanned the line of limo's to see if theirs was still there.

"Yeah, it's still there thankfully. I'll be right back." Rayne answered and took off to catch the limo. She pounded on the top of the limo to alert the driver to stop and he did. She opened the door and grabbed the purse. "Sorry dude…she left her purse. Thanks!" She replied, holding up the purse and shut the door after exiting the limo. Rayne turned back to see Lark signing autographs extremely close to the crowd. 'What is she doing!' Rayne nervously and fearfully thought. "Lark, move back!" She shouted and quickly headed back to the group.

"Lark! Lark!" A voice shouted from the crowd. Rayne looked up to see a person on the same side of the ropes as Lark, charging towards her who was oblivious to what was happening, as she was busy signing autographs and couldn't hear a thing except the roar of the excited crowd.

Rayne panicked when she saw the person lunge towards Lark and desperately shouted, "Lark! Lark! Get back!"

Rayne rushed past Tom towards Lark and dove to block the person who was heading for Lark. She caught the woman and rolled over, stopping their momentum. Tom protectively rushed to Lark's side when he saw Rayne rush toward the woman and Lark jumped, startled and shouted, "What's going on?" She looked down at Rayne in disbelief that was helping the person up. Rayne forcefully held the woman's arm and quickly ushered her towards the door. Other Secret Service agents quickly joined her. The security teams and event coordinator's attempted to maintain some semblance of order, as the crowd was shouting and shoving one another in the confusion.

"Tom, what are you doing?" Lark asked, struggling to break free from him as he led her towards the door and was quickly flanked by other Secret Service agents who appeared from their posts in the crowds.

"Let me go." The woman demanded and struggled to get away from Rayne as she was quickly escorted into the theater before she could do so.

"I will when I get some answers from you." Rayne angrily shouted and led her to the side of the theater away from the doors. Once everyone was inside, the other agents quickly cleared the lobby of bystanders, reporters and cameramen. "Just what in the hell were you doing trying to attack Lark?" She angrily asked, and sniffed the moisture she felt running from her nose.

"What are you talking about? All I wanted was her autograph and moved closer to get it, but some idiot shoved me and that's when I felt you grab me." She explained, confused by the line of questioning.

"Rayne! What's going on?" Lark worriedly asked as she approached. "Damn Rayne, your nose is bleeding, profusely!" She gasped as Rayne wiped her nose and saw the blood on her hand. "Hurry, I need a napkin!" Lark ordered as Tom grabbed one and handed it to her. "Tilt your head back." She instructed Rayne, holding the napkin to her nose. "Come here and sit down." Lark ordered and led Rayne to a chair that held her head back as Tom began to question the shocked woman. "Rayne, what were you thinking? How did you get this bloody nose?" Lark worriedly asked, wiping the blood from Rayne's nose.

Rayne leaned her head down to explain; "I think her head hit me in the face." She didn't have time to concern herself with the bloody nose as her thoughts were only of Lark's safety. Her adrenalin was highly charged and she didn't feel any pain when it happened. She probably would later, but not then. "I thought she was going to attack you Lark." Rayne answered, in a serious, concerned tone.

"That's ridiculous Rayne. Put your head back until it stops bleeding." Lark incredulously replied and pushed Rayne's head back, holding the napkin firmly against her nose. "Nicole, could you please get me some more napkins?" Lark cordially smiled at Nicole who returned the smile and walked over to retrieve the said items.

"Lark, look…" Rayne attempted to explain, but was interrupted by Lark.

"No you look! You created a mob scene out there because of your crazy obsession that someone or something is going to harm me. Your anxiety has gone too far. We talked about this earlier and it has to stop!" Lark angrily demanded. She really had no clue the danger she was in. She thought Rayne was overreacting…as usual.

"Lark, are you okay?" Elaine worriedly asked, out of breath as she approached. "I didn't think I'd ever get in here. It's a huge mob scene out there."

Lark turned to face her agent, still holding the napkin over Rayne's nose. "I'm fine, but my fanatically overprotective superhero here decided to tackle a fan who she thought was attacking me." Lark tersely explained, pushing the napkin farther up her nose.

"Owww! Thanks, but no thanks. I'll hold it myself. I thought you were in danger Lark, I'm sorry!" Rayne answered, hurt and perturbed by Lark's condescending remarks as she took the napkin Nicole had offered, moving away from Lark who still held one out.

"Let's hope she doesn't want to press charges or sue us." Lark snapped aggravated, as she looked back at Rayne dropping her hand that held the bloody napkin.

"No need to worry about that." Tom confidently replied as he approached. "She understood the situation completely and only asked for an autograph and a picture with you Lark." Tom warmly smiled at the unnerved actress.

"You're kidding?" Lark asked surprised and looked past Tom at the woman who excitedly waved back at her. Rayne lowered the napkin and looked at her partner who winked at her. "Put that back up while I go and do some damage control." Lark replied before walking away.

"Well, I'll see if I can put a positive spin on all of this with the reporters and hope the woman agrees to what I tell her to say when the cameras are on her." Elaine replied with a smile, wondering just what in the hell she was going to say to make this entire situation look good. That was her job and yes, she would solve the problem…she hoped.

"Oh, she'll agree." Tom mischievously and confidently smiled.

"And how do you know that?" Elaine inquired, turning to the confidant agent.

"He threatened to do a thorough background check of the woman who obviously has something to hide and he probably assured her that a Secret Service agent would pay her a visit at home if she didn't agree to it…right?" Rayne sarcastically smiled and looked up at her partner knowingly.

"Well, I didn't put it that bluntly my dear partner, but I did hint something similar to that to her and apologized for any inconvenience that my hotheaded partner might have caused her." He chuckled cockily and rocked back and forth on his heels happy with his resolution.

"Alrighty then. Let me go make you look like a hero for trying to catch the woman who fell to save her from grave danger." Elaine sarcastically chuckled offering an acceptable explanation and patted Rayne on the shoulder before walking over to join Lark.

"Tom, I'll be right back. I'm going to wash my hands and freshen up." Nicole smiled and headed off to the restrooms.

"Rayne, man. What the hell?" Tom worriedly asked, looking down at his partner.

"I saw the hooded person from earlier in the crowd and I got nervous when I saw this chick moving towards Lark the way that she did. Are you sure she's legit?" Rayne suspiciously asked and glanced past him at the woman who reveled in taking pictures with Lark, then looked back at him.

"You have got to get a grip on yourself Rayne. You're totally acting out of the normal and it's affecting your judgment. It's not like you to act this way, even if it is personal." He worriedly replied and patted her on the shoulder as she nodded her head, knowing what her partner said was true. "I think she's legit, but we'll check her out and send an agent by her home to see if anything looks out of the ordinary just in case. It doesn't hurt to take precautions." He soothingly reassured her.

"Thanks man. I appreciate it." She appreciatively smiled looking up at him.

"We'll meet you in a few once you've had a chance to talk to Lark." He smiled and winked before walking away to join his wife who had stepped out of the ladies room.

Rayne smiled and watched as he walked away, then looked at Lark who was walking her way. She felt bad, embarrassed and stupid by the way she acted. She was about to be made into a hero by the press for something she shouldn't take credit for because she overreacted. She pushed that thought out of her head, as she would rather have overreacted than to have done nothing and have Lark injured because of her hesitation. She looked at the napkin that indicated her nosebleed was slowing down by the decreased amount of blood on it and glanced up at Lark who stood before her. "I'm sorry." She apologized and looked up at her, then back down to the napkin in her hand.

"Don't be. I'm sorry for getting angry. I shouldn't have. I know that all you were trying to do was protect me from harm." She softly replied and pushed Rayne's long hair back. "Let me see your nose." Lark lovingly asked and tilted Rayne's head up to look at her injury.

"How does it look?" Rayne asked with a slight smile as she peered into the emerald greens she loved so much.

"As cute as ever. A little swollen, but cute. It looks like the bleeding has finally stopped." She advised Rayne with a loving smile as she held her face in her hands. "Thanks for caring so much." She softly whispered and lightly kissed Rayne's injured nose. "Come on, let's go inside and clean the rest of the blood off of you." Lark smiled and held her hand out for Rayne who grasped it and stood up.

"My nose really hurts, do you think you could kiss it again and make it feel better?" Rayne grinned, leaning down to Lark who laughed and kissed her nose again.

"I'm going to have two children here very soon." Lark chuckled, and escorted Rayne into the restroom.

"Can I help it if I love your attention and affections?" Rayne grinned, teasingly.

"It's just because you are so damn cute!" Lark chuckled and patted her cheek lovingly.

"Did you apologize to that poor woman I used as a tackling dummy?" Rayne asked with a snicker.

"Yes, but you can do the same at the after party. I invited her to watch the premiere and to the party. It was the least I could do." Lark chuckled and entered the bathroom with Rayne following close behind.

After the movie they headed into the party. Tom and Rayne quickly sidled up to the bar to order drinks. Rayne took a sip of her jack and coke before turning to Tom. "Holy shit! It's Tom Cruise!" She excitedly informed her partner.

"Where?" Tom eagerly asked, looking around.

"Aaah…right behind you." She softly informed him as the talented actor stood behind them.

"Very impressive display of heroism. Rayne Donovan right?" The actor asked, with a toothy grin looking up at the tall star struck agent. He held out his hand and Rayne finally began to shake it.

"Aaah…yeah, that's right…that's me." She stammered, very impressed that her favorite actor approached her. She had always bugged Lark to introduce her to him, but the opportunity never arose, until now.

"Do you do any acting by any chance? I could use someone like you in one of my upcoming movie's."

"Acting?" Rayne asked, stunned.

"Yeah, we both are in Lark's new movie. We play detectives." Tom interjected as it was obvious Rayne was confused. Maybe it was the blow to her nose.

"Great. Give my agent a call when you get a chance or have your agent call me." He smiled and released his handshake. "Thanks for helping that woman out too. Sometimes the fans get way out of hand and too many people get hurt. Have a good night." He smiled and turned to leave.

"Oh, thanks and you too!" Rayne smiled and watched him leave, as did Tom.

"Damn…you are one lucky bitch!" Tom replied with a chuckle after the actor was out of sight.

"Did what happen what I thought just happened?" She asked, still in disbelief over their conversation.

"It happened my friend!" He smiled and patted her on the shoulder. "Let's get these back to the girls." He motioned towards them with his head.

"Oh, yeah. Wait until Lark hears this one!" She laughed and grabbed Lark's drink as they walked away.

"Uh-oh, here comes trouble." Nicole sarcastically alerted Lark who turned to see Tom and Rayne sporting mischievous grins on their faces.

"They are definitely up to something and I can bet it's not good." She laughed as Nicole joined in.

"Here you are my love. One tall, cold glass of milk." Rayne snickered and handed Lark her drink. "You are never going to believe what just happened to me." Rayne excitedly informed Lark.

"You're right, run it by me and I'll see if I can do it." Lark sarcastically replied as everyone else chuckled.

"Tom Cruise just told me to call his agent that he might have a part in a movie for me." She explained with a proud smile.

"No way. Really?" Lark asked skeptical and thought that they were putting her up for some kind of a joke.

"It's true. He asked her to call him or have her agent call him." Tom concurred and took a drink of his beer.

"Wow…that's excellent. Are you going to do it?" Lark asked, excited by the prospect that Rayne might consider a safer line of work. 'Oh, what am I thinking? It's a Tom Cruise movie which is probably packed with action and dangerous stunts.' Lark thought, realizing it might not be any different from her current job.

"Oh, I don't know. We'll see. It would be cool to be in one of his movie's though." Rayne laughed and shrugged it off. The smile faded when she saw the woman she tackled earlier step up to the bar. "I'll be back in a few. I have an apology to make." Rayne sheepishly smiled and winked at Lark before heading over to the bar. Rayne tentatively approached the woman with an embarrassed smile. "Can I buy you a drink?" She asked, sidling up to the bar next to the woman who turned to her.

"As long as you promise not to tackle me." She chuckled, as did Rayne.

"It's a deal." Rayne laughed and motioned towards the bartender for a drink. Rayne laid some cash down on the bar after he poured the woman's drink. "I just wanted to apologize for what I did earlier and I appreciate your cooperation in this matter."

"Oh, no problem. Wow, it was worth it." She chuckled, looking around the room star struck.

"I hope I didn't hurt you in the fall. I'm Rayne Donovan by the way." Rayne smiled, happy the woman was so understanding as she held out her hand to shake.

"Nah, only my pride, but my back does hurt from that hooded jerk who shoved me." She replied, perturbed by the memory of the person who pushed her as Rayne's ears perked up. "Lauren Crawford…nice to get properly introduced to you." She smiled, shaking Rayne's hand.

"Hooded?" She asked, intrigued and stood upright from her slouched position and released her hand. "Did you get a good look at this person?"

"Not really. I kept feeling people pushing and shoving me, so I stepped on the opposite side of the rope to get away from them. I saw the hooded person when I turned around to cuss them out and the person shoved me. That's when you entered my life." She explained with a sarcastic chuckle.

Rayne chuckled with an embarrassed smile and asked, "Do you think you could identify this person if you saw any mug shots of them?" She hoped the woman could make a positive Id and help their case.

"No, I'm sorry. The person wore a hat pulled way down and their jacket was zipped all the way up their neck. So, I couldn't really identify anything distinct about them."

'Damn.' Rayne inwardly cursed, hoping she might have a lead. 'This person has to be fucking around with me for them to take a huge chance by making appearances at crowded places. They are really enjoying themselves by taunting me.' "Well, thank you for your help and again, I apologize for the inconvenience." Rayne cordially smiled and shook the woman's hand again.

"Oh, you're welcome and you're very lucky to be the object of Lark's desire." She smiled and glanced over at Lark, as did Rayne while Lark candidly spoke with Tom and Nicole.

Rayne smiled and turned back to Lauren replying, "I'm the luckiest," as she walked away. She moved in close to Lark and leaned over her shoulder. "Care to come home with me?" She asked, whispering in Lark's ear.

Lark smiled when she felt Rayne's soft breath tickle her senses and turned around. "Wow, you're cute and that's the best offer I've had all night! I'd love for you to take me home." She replied with a laugh shared by Rayne who lightly kissed her lips.

Rayne broke the kiss and looked at Tom and Nicole. "Do you two want to stay longer?"

"Nah, we've had enough excitement for one day. Besides, we have an early call to the set tomorrow, remember?" Tom grinned, as the group headed for the doors.

"Oh, yes. The movie just can't go on without us!" Rayne sarcastically replied as the group exited the building and waited for their limo.

"You do realize that you have created two huge monsters by giving them a part in your movie right?" Nicole asked with a chuckle looking at Lark.

"I know, please don't remind me." Lark laughed and climbed into the limo as Rayne held the door for her.

"Ladies." Rayne sarcastically grinned motioning with her hand towards the seats as the two women climbed into the limo. "Age before beauty." She chuckled when Tom approached and climbed in before her.

"Very funny smart ass!" He chuckled and sat inside the limo, followed by Rayne.

Rayne and Tom's acting job had come to an end after a couple of days of filming without any academy award nominations. They found no foul play with the accident on the set. Rayne was able to stick close to Lark, which she didn't mind at all, but the suspense and stress of just sitting there waiting for a lead was driving her nuts. She put her pent up frustration to good use and feverishly worked on her task of arranging the nursery, the guesthouse and the garage…as ordered by Lark…of all the presents she had purchased. She laughed when she looked at everything she had purchased and realized it was pretty foolish to buy some gifts so early. What can she say? She was an excited expectant parent to be and an exhausted one. Between working on her assigned Lark task, the stress of hardly sleeping a wink at night along with her work duties, birthing classes and Lark's insatiable sex drive, she was ready to drop. She never thought she'd ever be so worn out by sex with Lark, but she was spent. She was out of gas and running on fumes. No, she was beyond empty and she showed it. The dark circles under her eyes and her ragged look had worried Lark. Rayne didn't want her to worry and blew it off, saying she was coming down with a cold. Well, that led to an onslaught of various vitamins and cold remedies ordered by Lark…all of which tasted nasty, of course! Rayne knew better than to fight Lark on that one especially now that she was pregnant. It wouldn't have been a pretty sight if she had and after all, Lark could be very persuasive. Rayne did have to admit that they were the only things keeping her going.

After making love to Lark for most of the early evening, she was finally lost in a wonderful dream and was peacefully sleeping with both eyes closed. She normally slept with one eye opened and if she heard a noise, she was out of bed in a shot to investigate. Not tonight. She was dead asleep and didn't hear the low warning growl of Max the first time. He nudged her with his cold, wet nose and growled again, alerting her to a noise he heard. One blue orb quickly popped open. She quietly slid her nightstand drawer open and reached in for her gun. She pulled it out as she rose from the bed and motioned to Max to be quiet as he continued to growl. She quickly slipped on a pair of sweatpants and a shirt. Max followed her to the door and she whispered, "You stay here and protect Lark." She watched as he protectively sat next to Lark's side of the bed and watched Rayne disappear behind the door. She quietly moved down the hall and stopped when she heard a noise in the kitchen. Her heart raced with adrenaline and the anger coursed through her veins as she wondered just how in the hell the agents outside missed the person that was lurking in her home. She made a mental note to make their lives a living hell for this one. She crept down the hall and stopped when she saw a shadow on the wall. She waited to see if they would come towards her and when the person didn't move she headed towards them. She got to the corner of the kitchen door and peeked around the corner, seeing a dark figure standing in the middle of the kitchen. She looked back, inhaled deeply and quickly moved around the corner and dropped the person face first on the ground. Before they knew it, her gun was firmly planted against their temple, her knee was pinned against the back of their neck and their arm was painfully pulled around to their back.

"Don't shoot, it's me…Jayce." He breathlessly pleaded, nervous that he was about to be killed.

Rayne's heart raced and her breathing was labored. She blinked rapidly as what he said registered in her brain. "Jayce?" She asked, surprised and moved the gun from his head. "I could have killed you. What the hell are you doing creeping around in here?" She angrily asked and helped him up. She was more fearful of what she could have done to her brother than really being angry with him.

"I was trying to keep quiet so I didn't wake you and Lark. I'm sorry." He nervously apologized and pushed his sweat soaked hair back.

"What's that smell?" Rayne asked, sniffing the foul air.

"Probably me. I think I shit myself after you dropped me." He answered with a nervous laugh, shared by Rayne.

"No, it's food." Rayne laughed and turned the light on. She saw a sandwich strewn across the floor.

"Oh, that's my midnight snack, a Reuben sandwich." He answered, looking at his destroyed sandwich.

"Was your midnight snack." Rayne laughed looking at what was on the floor then looked at him. "I'm really sorry, but you can't go sneaking around here like that Jayce." She admonished him and helped him clean up his sandwich.

"Since when? I always sneak around here and come here unexpected without this type of a reaction from you." He answered, looking at her.

"Since someone put out a hit on Lark and the baby." She replied, her look turning serious. She didn't want too many to know about it, but she needed to talk to someone close to her.

He was flabbergasted and looked at her with shock consuming his features. "What?" His heart raced with fear that anything would happen to Rayne, Lark or the baby.

"Someone put out a hit on all three of us Jayce. It's a criminal that is holding a grudge against me. I have teams of other agents posted about the grounds of the house in case anyone makes an attempt on us. I'm glad to know that the agents were doing their jobs and recognized your mug from the pictures I submitted to them of family and friends in case someone decides to unexpectedly shows up here…like you just did." She explained and picked up the remainder of the food from the floor. She stood up and tossed it in the trash. She threw a dishrag to her brother who cleaned up the rest of the mess.

"Does Lark know about this?" He worriedly asked, looking up at her before standing next to her.

"No and I don't want her too. This will worry and stress her too much. I don't want that for her, so I decided it was best to keep it from her until I nail this bastard." She explained, the venom spewing from her mouth to emphasize her distain for the person she was searching for. "You're the only one in our family who knows and let's keep it that way.

Got it?" She adamantly inferred, indicating he needed to keep his mouth shut.

"Aah…sur…sure. No problem." He nervously stammered and saw the look in his sister's eyes. She wasn't kidding around with this one.

"You didn't answer my question as to what you're doing here? Aren't you supposed to be doing your internship?" She asked, sitting at the dining room table.

"I'm still on my internship, but I got a reprieve from the torturous work for a long weekend. So, I decided to come and hang out with my favorite babes." He grinned, sitting opposite of Rayne.

"More like your drinking buddies." Rayne chuckled and looked at her brother knowingly. He was quite the party animal and never missed an opportunity to do so.

He sheepishly grinned, "Well, them too."

"I'm going back to bed. Try to alert me the next time you attempt to sneak into the house so I don't come so close to blowing your head off!" Rayne laughed and stood up, patting his back.

"Oh, trust me. I will no longer be sneaking around your house. I should go clean my boxer shorts." He laughed and looked up at her.

"Sorry about your sandwich bro. Night." She grinned and padded down the hall to their bedroom suite. She slowly opened the door and noted Max was still dutifully standing guard next to Lark. "It's okay buddy. It was my little brother. Get in bed." She whispered and motioned towards his bed. He trotted over to his bed and lay down satisfied that everything was fine. Rayne sat on the edge of the bed and gazed upon her sleeping beauty. She chuckled, realizing that Lark didn't hear a thing of what happened and would be able to peacefully sleep through a category five hurricane! Rayne yawned and lay prone on the bed. She quickly fell asleep for a change.

Lark awoke to the bright light streaming through the curtains as the sun was rudely greeting her to a new day. She wiped her eyes and yawned. She was surprised to find Rayne still asleep when she rolled onto her side. Lark lovingly smiled and snuggled in close to Rayne. She put her hand on Rayne's warm arm and delicately kissed her neck. 'That's strange, normally she wakes up.' Lark thought and slowly slid her hand down Rayne's arm as she rested her head against Rayne's back. Lark's head shot up when her hand moved under the pillow to cover Rayne's and she found the shock of her life. Rayne was still clutching her gun. "Rayne! Rayne!" Lark replied, trying to wake her.

"Yeah, are you okay?" Rayne worriedly asked, with sleepy blue eyes and turned her head to look at Lark unable to move, as she had her pinned down by still laying on her.

"No, I'm not okay." Lark retorted upset by what was under Rayne's pillow.

"Why? What's wrong? Is it the baby?" Rayne worriedly asked and was finally able to move to face Lark who had shifted her body.

"No, what are you doing clutching your gun under your pillow?" She worriedly asked, looking down into concern filled blues.

"Huh?" Rayne was caught off guard momentarily and felt the gun. She put the gun in the drawer and looked back at Lark. "I'm sorry honey. I heard something last night and checked it out. It was Jayce coming in and I guess I was so sleepy that I fell back to sleep with it in my hand."

"Rayne. I can't believe you slept with the gun! What if it had inadvertently gone off?" Lark admonished her. She wasn't fond of guns, especially in their bed.

"Honey, I have the safety lock on it. There is no way it will go off." Rayne reassured her and lovingly stroked her tousled blonde hair.

"Well, I don't like it Rayne. I hope you don't plan on having the gun lie around like that once the baby is born."

"Oh, come on Lark. Do you really think I would do that? Give me some credit; I'm more responsible than that. I'm a Secret Service agent highly trained in weapons. Not some yahoo that doesn't know how to use a damn gun!" She angrily retorted, put off by Lark's insinuation. She got out of bed, slipped on her 'top siders' and headed towards the door. "Come on Max." She called out and exited the room.

"Rayne!" Lark replied, surprised by her lover's demeanor. She figured Rayne would be right back, but she was wrong. She crawled out of bed, suddenly feeling like a heel from her comment. She knew that Rayne wouldn't put any of them in danger and that she was highly trained with weapons. 'Damn…that was stupid.' Lark admonished herself, tying her robe around her large belly and feeling guilty about hurting Rayne's feelings. 'Sometimes, I really just don't think before I say certain things.' She chided herself as she slowly made her way down the hall. "Rayne…honey, I'm really sorry." She replied and turned into the kitchen thinking she was there. She wasn't and Lark continued her search. "Rayne?" She called out and didn't hear a response. She looked in the dining room and caught a glimpse of Rayne outside with the dog. She opened the sliding glass door and stepped out onto the back deck. Lark walked to the stairway leading to the yard and slowly made her way down the steps. "Rayne, honey." She regretfully replied and felt a catch in her heart when Rayne turned to her with saddened blue eyes. She stood at the last stair as Rayne approached her. "I'm so sorry. I should never have said that to you and I really didn't mean it the way it came out." She apologized and wrapped her arms around Rayne's neck, looking down at her.

"I know and I accept your apology. I'm sorry I walked out, but what you said hurt. Now, that I've thought about it more, it seems silly for me to have reacted that way. I'm just tired, overworked and nervous about our first child on its way." She lovingly smiled and drew Lark in for a hug, resting her head on Lark's chest.

Lark kissed the top of Rayne's head and lovingly stroked her dark hair as she held her close. "I know that you would never put either of us in danger my love."

"Never." Rayne softly replied. 'I'm such a liar. I've put both of them in harms way because of my job.' She angrily admonished herself. 'That's going to change even if I have to beat the information out of that little weasel we're holding to give me the goods that I want.' She affirmed.

"Shit! I totally forgot that I have to leave! Now!" Lark hurriedly replied as she looked at her watch and gasped at her tardiness. She broke the hug and kissed Rayne as she lumbered up the stairs.

"Where are you going? It's Saturday." Rayne asked, watching her lover struggle to climb the stairs. "Do you need some help?" She asked, quickly scaling them to assist Lark up the remaining stairs.

"Thanks, I have a call to the set that I totally forgot about. I'm so sorry. I won't be all day though." She replied breathless. "I love you." She smiled and kissed Rayne.

"It's a good thing you can dress at the set or you'd be in trouble! I'll pull your car to the front for you."

"Thanks! I've got just enough time to brush my teeth and throw some clothes on!" She shouted before disappearing into the house.

Rayne chuckled and laughed at her punctually deficient lover as she entered the house. She grabbed Lark's keys off the counter and headed to the garage that sat adjacent to their home. No, Lark's car wasn't allowed to park in the immaculate garage and neither was Rayne's, only her toys. They always kept the cars parked just outside the garage, as there wasn't enough room in there for the cars, the motorcycle, the wave runner and the lawnmower…all of Rayne's toys. She looked up to see Max at the edge of the yard looking out over the beach. 'He must see a seagull that he's about ready to eat.' She chuckled and started Lark's car and pulled it to the front just as Lark rushed out of the house. She climbed out and held the door for Lark who quickly filled the driver's seat. "Here you go my lady." Rayne smiled.

"You're so sweet. I'll see you later. I love you." She hurriedly replied, donning her sunglasses and seat belt.

"Be careful." Rayne laughed at Lark's rushed demeanor and closed the door for her.

Lark pushed the button to roll the window down as she put the car in gear. "I'll miss you." She smiled and blew Rayne a kiss as she headed off down the long driveway.

Rayne blushed, smiling and watched as Lark drove away. She waved until she was out of sight and saw the detail of agents assigned to Lark follow behind her. She headed to the back yard, noting that Max was barking very loudly and seemed extremely agitated. She headed down towards him and heard a shot ring out. She dove to the ground and saw Max scurry out of the way. "What the fuck?" She called out angrily and got up, quickly heading towards the beach using the garage as cover to see what was going on. Max was irate now and his barking showed it. Max took off down the sand dune towards the beach and Rayne took off in pursuit of him and whoever fired the gun. She cautiously approached the walkway and looked onto the beach. She saw the young agent down and another man running feverishly down the beach towards a waiting motorcycle with Max in hot pursuit.

Continued in Part 7.

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