Double Play XV

By Cruise

            Dakota and Cass exited the dorm and walked to Dakota’s car parked out front.  “Here, I’ll take that.”  Dakota lifted the bag off of Cass’ shoulder and walked to the passenger side of the car.  “Did you pack some rocks in here?” Dakota smiled teasingly as she opened the door.

            “Only a few.”  Cass smiled.

            Cass stood next to the car and smiled when Dakota moved past her.  “Thank you.”  She grinned and climbed inside.

            “You’re welcome.”  Dakota smiled in return and closed the door, then walked around to her side.  Opening the door, she slid in behind the wheel and donned her sunglasses. 

            “Those are very cool.  Can I see them?”

            “Sure.”  Dakota handed them to her.

            Cass looked over the gold colored sunglasses.  “Is this a phone?” She pointed at the small root beer colored gadget on the left side of the glasses.

            “Yeah, it’s a Bluetooth phone that’s built into the glasses.  Pretty cool huh?” Dakota smiled when Cass looked at her.

            “I love the color.  The gold looks pretty cool.” She slowly moved them in her hands, checking out the detail of the sunglasses.

            “I think the frames are Platinum and the lenses are gold.  To be honest with you, I wasn’t even listening to the sales lady when she mentioned it.  I was too enamored with the glasses to pay attention.”  She chuckled and added, “They are incredibly light too.”

            “What style are they?” Cass handed them back to her and watched her don the attractive eyewear that was accentuated by Dakota’s dark features.

            “Razrwire.  They come in handy big time when I’m driving and get a phone call.” 

            Cass reached into her purse and pulled out her sunglasses.  “I bet.  I may have to check into those, they are very cool, but for now I’ll have to stick to my plain old black metal Ray Bans.”  She slid them on her face with a grin as she looked at Dakota.

            “Hey, those look very good on you.”  Dakota smiled and turned the ignition on the car.  She quickly reached to turn down the volume of the radio and looked at Cass sheepishly.  “Sorry.”

            “No problem, I have my music loud too.”  Smiling, Cass looked forward when she felt the car move and glanced over at Dakota.  “Oh, I need to stop by my car to get my cell phone charger.  Do you mind?”

            “No…not at all.  Where is your car parked?” Dakota looked at her briefly and returned her gaze to the road as she navigated the car through the narrow street.

            “Orange west by the softball fields.”

            Dakota looked at her surprised.  “Damn that’s a long way from your dorm.”

            “Tell me about it, but it was all that they had left.”

            Dakota shook her head in disbelief and made the turn onto one of the side roads of the campus.

            The pair listened to the music during the ride and Cass pointed to where Dakota should go.  “Okay, here it is.”

            Dakota stopped the car.  “The black one is yours?” Her eyes widened with surprise as she looked the car over.

            “Yep.”  Cass looked at her and climbed out of the car.  Walking to the passenger’s side, she opened the door and looked up when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye.

            Dakota was looking the car over intently.  She made her way around to the front of the car, staring in awe of the black car with the red stripe down each of the car doors and around the edge of the trunk.  “This is a 1969 Ford Mustang…” walking passed the driver’s side to the back of the car looking it over, she continued, “Mach 1 right?” She looked at Cass who had stood up and was staring at her.

            Cass was stunned.  “You know your cars.”  Chuckling, she pushed the lock on the door, and then closed it.

            Dakota walked up to her with a serious expression. “I can’t allow you to park this beautiful car here.”

            Cass looked up at her and sighed.  “Oh, you can’t huh?” She smirked.  “Unfortunately, I have no where else to park it.”

            “Yes you can park it at my house.  We have plenty of room and our house is actually closer to your dorm than here.  It’s much safer too!” Dakota walked around to the driver’s side and stared through the window at the red vinyl bucket seats.  She smiled in awe looking at the interior of the car, pleased that they had given the new mustangs the retro look like this car had.

            Cass stared at her in disbelief.  The only other person to be this enamored with her car, was the previous owner, her uncle.  Smiling, a warm feeling consumed her as she remembered how her uncle used to quiz her on all the aspects of that car when she was younger. 

Her thoughts were interrupted when Dakota asked her, “well, are you going to take me up on my offer?”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely.”  The serious expression on Dakota’s face assured Cass. 

“Thanks, I really appreciate it.”  Closing the passenger side door, Cass walked up to Dakota and held the keys up in front of Dakota, smiling, tempting her.  “Would you like to drive it to your house?”

Dakota stood upright with a gleam in her eye.  “Definitely…I promise to be careful.”  Dakota smiled widely.

“I trust you.”  Cass placed the keys in her hand and felt a tingling sensation course throughout her at the contact.

Dakota felt a searing warmth consume her when Cass touched her hand.  Slowly closing her hand, she grasped the keys as she stared into Cass shaded eyes, wishing she could catch a glimpse of her gorgeous greens.  She inhaled deeply and exhaled.  “Well, I’ll see you there.”  After turning away from Cass she walked to the driver’s side of the car.  “Oh, man this is going to be awesome!” She laughed excitedly and opened the door.  Once inside, she fired the engine and smiled widely at the rumble the engine made, instantly feeling the power of the old car.  The enjoyment the sound of the car made when she pressed down the accelerator revving the engine, elicited a broader smile.

Cass chuckled while watching Dakota crank the engine as she looked the inside of her car over.  Walking to Dakota’s mustang, she climbed in.  ‘Well, I’m glad she didn’t see my car sooner or else I would have to say she is going out with me for my car.’  Chuckling, she pulled out of the parking lot.


            Dakota cautiously backed Cass’ car into the garage and turned off the engine.  Looking the car over once more Dakota climbed out with an irremovable smile.  After walking out of the garage, she climbed into her car after Cass had moved to the passenger’s seat.  Dakota settled into her seat and sighed contentedly as she looked at Cass.  “Thank you so much.”

            “I take it you like my car?” Cass grinned and pulled her seat belt across.

            “I love it.  I can’t believe you left that vintage care in the student parking lot though.”  Shaking her head in disbelief, she hit the garage door opener above her on the visor as she backed the car down the driveway. 

            “I know, I hated to do it, but I didn’t have anywhere else to park it.”  Cass looked at Dakota, then out the window noting they were heading east on University drive.

            “Well, now it is safe and sound at my place.  I’ll give you a garage door opener when we get back so you can take it anytime you need to.”  Dakota grinned, pleased.

            “Great, thank you.  So, are you going to tell me where we are going? Should I be worried?” Cass cast a sideways glance her way with a sly grin.

            Dakota looked over and smiled mischievously.  “I’m harmless.”  She laughed as did Cass.  “Well, we are going to Amelia Island which is just north of Jacksonville and the only thing I can tell you about the weekend now is that food and fun are the key ingredients.”

            “Food huh? I hope it’s good because I’m tired of eating fast food and the stuff that comes out of the cafeteria.”  She flashed a disgusted look and shivered at the memories of some of the meals she’s had there.

            Dakota laughed.  “I promise you will have the best tasting food you’ve had in a long time.”  She glanced at Cass with a grin, and then looked back at the road.

            Cass smiled eagerly as she stared at her.  “Good, I’m starving.”

            “What kind of food do you like?”

            “Well, mainly veggies because I’m a vegetarian.”

            Dakota snapped her head around and looked at her surprised.  “Since when?” A sarcastic chuckle slipped out.

            Cass looked at her and furrowed her brows, slightly stunned by Dakota’s reaction to her revelation.  “Wow, umm.”  Thinking back in her mind, she looked out the window hoping it would jar her memory.  She looked at Dakota.  “You know I don’t remember exactly when, but it has been for quite a while.”

            Dakota looked at her, then out the windshield.  ‘It had to have been after camp that she changed because she ate like a man, his family and their dog on vacation when it was rib night at Ken’s.’  She glanced over at her again.  “Do you eat seafood?”

            Cass was wracking her brain trying to remember when she became a vegetarian and stumbled out of her thoughts when she heard Dakota’s voice.  “Aah, no.”  She grimaced, hoping she didn’t spoil some grand plan Dakota had for them.

            “Man, I can’t imagine not eating meat.”  Dakota shook her head at the scary thought.

            “Eh, you would get used to it.”  She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.   “If you knew what went into that meat you wouldn’t eat it either.”

            “I already know, but I still love it.”  Dakota grinned looking at her.  ‘Okay I’m going to have to make a call and have the dinner menu changed.’ She returned her attention to the road.

            Cass leaned to the back and reached for her bag.  Unable to reach, she rose up out of her seat, pressing her extended legs into the floorboard of the car for support.

            Dakota looked at her and smiled when they were face to face, feeling her heart skip a beat when Cass stared deeply in her eyes.

            Cass inhaled deeply and smiled.  “Sorry, I’m trying to get a scrunchy.”  She looked to her bag and grabbed it.

            “No problem.”  Dakota smiled and looked ahead.

            Cass pushed her hair off her face and opened the bag.

            Dakota looked back at Cass and inhaled the sweet, fresh smell of Cass’ perfume.  The perfume and the smaller woman’s closeness sent a flush of warmth through her.  She looked at the road ahead then to her left briefly, exhaling to calm her racing heart.  ‘I wonder if she knows how much she drives me crazy. I wonder if she feels the same way I do towards her when she’s close to me.’           

            “Oh, my god!” Cass exclaimed in a panic, moving clothing from one side of the bag to the other searching.

            “What?” Dakota snapped her head around worried by the tone of her voice, then looked back to the road when Cass sat in her seat, facing forward.

            “I’m such an idiot!” Cass huffed and held her bangs off her forehead with her hands, frustrated.

            “What’s wrong?” Dakota glanced at her, and then looked to the road.

            “I forgot my toiletry bag.  I don’t have shampoo, conditioner, a comb, a toothbrush or toothpaste! How could I have been so stupid?” She leaned her elbow against the door and rested her head against her hand.

            Dakota looked from the road to her.  “Don’t worry about it we can get everything you need at the hotel.”  She shrugged her shoulders, hoping to calm Cass and looked ahead.

            “I guess so.”  Cass sighed frustrated.  “My hair is falling in my face and it’s driving me crazy.”

            “Look in the glove compartment.  I probably have scrunchy in there.” 

            Cass looked through it and leaned back smiling.  “I found one.  Thank you!” She quickly pulled her hair off her face into a small ponytail at the crown of her head.

            “I aim to please.”  Dakota grinned slyly.

            “I’ll have to remember that.  Ooh, that’s much better.”  Cass smiled in a better mood.

            Dakota pressed down on the accelerator to pick up speed so she could pass the slower car in front of her that was blocking her path on the two lane road.  After moving the car to the left, she noticed a car coming towards her and ducked back behind the car.  Once she was clear from that car she floored it and easily passed the slower car, just before another car came towards her.  Glancing at Cass, she noticed her face was white and she was clutching the door handle. 

            “Are you okay?”

            “Umm, aah what?” Cass looked and sounded frightened.

            “You look terrified are you alright?”  Dakota looked at her concerned.

            “Oh, aah I was scared when you passed in front of that car.  It brought up horrible memories of a bad car crash I was involved in.”  She inhaled deeply and slowly blew out her breath trying to calm down.

            “Oh, shit I’m sorry I had no idea.  I’ll chill out with driving like that.”  Dakota saw the fear in Cass’ eyes, regretting that she had put it there.

            “Thanks, I would appreciate it.”  Cass looked at her and smiled slightly, then looked ahead.

            Dakota’s curiosity got the best of her.  “Were you hurt in the accident?”

            Cass turned to her and inhaled, then exhaling to calm the memories that suddenly came flooding back from the question.  “Yes, I had a head injury and some memory problems.”

            Unsure of how to respond she blurted out the only thing that came to mind.   “Wow, that sucks I’m sorry.” 

            “Don’t be you had nothing to do with it.  You know what? We are supposed to be having fun, not talking about something so depressing.  So, let’s crank up the music and have fun.”  Cass smiled and leaned over, turning up the music.  ‘I definitely don’t need for her to ask me questions about that aspect of my life.’  She pressed the dials on the radio for a good station.

            “Okay.”  Dakota looked at her strangely.  ‘She certainly doesn’t like to talk about her past much.  Well, maybe idiot it’s because it’s too painful for her.  Did you ever think of that you thoughtless ass who is always worried about why she won’t talk about camp?  Stop it once and for all.  Get over it, she’s with you now!’ She smiled when Cass looked at her after finding a suitable station.  Dakota laughed when she began to bob her head to the beat.


            “Hey!  There’s a little store up ahead would you mind if we stopped I need to use the little girl’s room.”  Cass pointed to the store in the distance on the right.

            “I don’t mind at all especially if it keeps you from making a mess in my car.”  Dakota shared a laugh with Cass.  Dakota pulled the car into the parking lot in front of the small old looking country style store.  She put the car in park and looked at Cass who exited the car quickly.  Looking at the name of the store, ‘Ma and Pa’s,’ she chuckled, ‘Now that’s fitting.’   As she watched Cass hurry around the car into the store, she had a newly found understanding of Cass since she revealed she had been in a car accident that affected her memory.  ‘I was so mean to her in the beginning.  Shit, how did I know about her injuries? Forget about the past and concentrate on the future.’  While reaching for her phone, Cass caught her eye when she exited the store.  She laughed when Cass grinned and held up the key to the bathroom as she walked by the car that had a large license plate attached to the end.  Laughing, she shook her head and grabbed her paperwork from the binder sitting on the back seat.  After finding the number she was looking for, she punched it into her phone and placed the phone on the middle console, waiting for an answer.  “Hello, yes you can help me.  I’ll be staying at your hotel and I would like to place an order.”


            Cass ran back into the store and handed the man the key, thanking him.  Looking around the small store, she grabbed a couple of sodas and quickly paid for them.  Smiling as she walked out to the car, she climbed in and handed Dakota a soda.

            “Thanks, just what I needed.”  Dakota smiled and popped the cap, then sipped the cold beverage.  She placed it in the holder and put the car in reverse, looking behind her before she backed out.  A sly grin was etched on her face when she glanced over at Cass.  “I hope everything came out alright?”

            Cass choked on her drink laughing, coughing as she tried to get the beverage out of her windpipe.  She fanned her face, finally able to compose herself.  “Yes, aah thanks it did.  That was a nice key ring huh?”

            “Oh, yeah well what do you expect from Ma and Pa?” Dakota chuckled and winked.  After putting the car in drive, she punched the accelerator, spinning dirt out from her rear tires.

            “Hey, Pa was pretty nice.  At least I think that’s who he was, but Ma wasn’t around.”  Cass retorted with a laugh shared by Dakota.  “Do we have much farther to go?”

            “No, about a half hour more.”  Dakota looked at her smiling and focused back on the road.  Hearing a siren, she looked from her side mirror to her rear view mirror.  “Uh-oh, I smell some pork.”  Staring into the rear view mirror she saw that the officer was right behind her.  She sighed and rolled her eyes, then pulled the car off the side of the road.

            “Ooh, you were a bad girl.”  Cass pointed at her teasingly. 

            “Shall we have a little fun with smokey?” Dakota had a mischievous smile on her face when she looked at Cass. 

            “As long as it doesn’t include being put in a cell, I’m up for it.”  Cass looked over the seat, watching the officer approaching the rear of the car.

            “Nah, not that much fun.”  Dakota pulled her driver’s license and registration out of her wallet.  She rolled down her window and looked out with a smile.  “Hello officer.”

            The officer bent over to look inside the car with his right hand on his revolver.  “Ladies.”  He looked at Dakota, then to Cass and looked in the back seat before looking back at Dakota.  “So, why are you two ladies in such a hurry?”

            Dakota handed him her license and registration as she leaned towards the window.  “Well, officer we heard there was a mad rapist up the road and we wanted to get there before you boys got him.” 

            Cass covered her mouth quickly to keep from laughing out loud and discreetly slapped Dakota’s arm who still looked at the officer.

            Dakota started laughing when the officer burst out laughing.  He bent over at the knees, trying to catch his breath and stood up.  He was finally able to contain his laughter and wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes.  “That has to be the best line I’ve ever heard young lady.”

            “Me too.”  Cass muttered through her laughter.

            Dakota looked at Cass laughing, and then looked at the officer who walked away.  “Damn, he didn’t buy it.” 

            Cass glanced over Dakota’s shoulder.  “Don’t be so sure of that.”

            Dakota looked out her window at the officer who had stepped back.  “I thought you looked familiar Miss. Colby.  Here you go.”  He handed her the license and registration back.

            “No ticket?” Her tone reflected her surprise.

            “Not for you.  My daughter is a huge fan of yours and if I told her I gave you a ticket she would never let me hear the end of it.  She’s a huge Lady Gator softball fan and goes to all of your games.”  He smiled fondly as he spoke of his daughter.

            “Oh, wow that’s great! Bring her over at the next game I’d love to meet her.  In fact, this is Cass Storms our second basewoman.”  Dakota smiled and pointed at Cass.

            Cass was surprised and unsure of what to do.  Leaning forward, she looked his way smiling and waving.  “Hi!”

            “Oh, man my daughter is going to flip when she hears about this she has been telling me all about you Miss. Storms and how good you are.”

            “That’s so sweet.  Tell her thank you for the compliment.”  Cass smiled, flattered by the attention.

            “Would you two mind if I asked for an autograph? I know my sergeant would have my head if he knew about this, but I can’t disappoint my daughter.”

            Dakota looked at the man and smiled thinking of how sweet he was in regards to his daughter, wishing her father would have thought of her that way.  “Well, let’s not tell your sergeant, it will be our little secret.”  Dakota winked and reached for the trunk button.  “In fact, I have a softball in the trunk that we can sign for her.”

            “Oh man that would be great!” He smiled excitedly and opened the door for her.

            “Cass can you look in the glove compartment, I think there is a marker in there.”  Dakota looked at her and climbed out of the car.  She dug into her bag in the trunk and chose one of the newer yellow softballs.  After climbing into her seat she handed the ball to Cass to sign.  “Here.” 

            “Wow, my first autograph.”  Cass smiled at Dakota and signed her name then her number.  She handed it to Dakota and watched as she printed an inscription then signed it with her left hand.  ‘She is very talented to be able to write left handed and play softball right handed.’ 

            ‘To my #1 fan, hope to see you at all of our games! Go Lady Gators! Kody Colby #0’ Dakota handed him the ball and smiled.  “I hope she likes it and that we see you two at the games.”

            “She will and you will.  Thank you both so much and please drive safely.  Oh, slow it down too.”  He warned with a smile and walked back to his squad car.

            “I will, thanks!” Dakota smiled and waved when he looked back at her.  After cautiously pulling the car out onto the road she glanced over at Cass who was looking at her with a smile.  “What?” Dakota looked out the front window, and then glanced back at her.

            “That was very sweet what you wrote.”  Cass rested her elbow on Dakota’s seat and leaned her head against her hand, staring at Dakota.

            Dakota blushed and looked away.  “Yeah, I’m a sucker for the kids.”  Chuckling, she wiped her upper lip nervously.

            “That’s good, I like that.”  Cass patted Dakota on the shoulder and left it there, subconsciously.

            Dakota looked at Cass smiling, and then looked down to her hand enjoying the feeling Cass’ touch was giving off and looked out the front window.


“Hey babe, what’s shaking?”  Chad greeted through the phone as he walked into the kitchen.

            “The two pounds I recently gained.  What about you? Never mind, I don’t want to know what’s shaking on you.”  Michelle chuckled, walking towards her dorm room.

            “Where did you put those two pounds in your toe?” He laughed while pouring a glass of milk.

            “Very funny.”

            “We will be by around nine tomorrow to pick you up so make sure your skinny ass is ready.”

            “Yes, sir!” Michelle teased and both laughed.

            “What are you doing tonight?” Chad walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

            “Dude, I have a project to work on all night so I can have fun this weekend, so my nose will be in the books and my little fingers will be typing away on my laptop.”  Her tone reflected her disdain for having to do the project.

            “Eewww, that sucks!”

            “Tell me about it.  What are you going to do?” Michelle swung the heavy metal door open to her dorm and trudged up the stairs to the third floor.

            “Partying, what else do we do on Friday?” He taunted with a laugh and drank his milk.

            “You two suck big time.  I hope you think of poor little me while you are out having fun.” 

            “Okay, we’ll have a pity party for you and raise a toast in your honor.”  He laughed and swung his long legs up on the coffee table.

            “Yeah, rub it in.  I’ll remember that.”  Michelle taunted.

            “Ooh, I can’t wait for my punishment.”  He laughed mockingly.

            “I’m going to think of something really severe this time.  Well, I’m in my room and its official.  I am now out of it socially until you pick me up at nine.  So, have a really good time and try not to think of me too much.”

            Chad laughed.  “Okay babe, I’ll see you in the morning.  Good luck with the project.”

            “Thanks, bye.”  Michelle chuckled and closed the phone.


            The pair entered the hotel and was greeted cheerfully by the bell hop.

            “Hello ladies.  Welcome to the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island.”

            “Thank you.”  Dakota smiled briefly and pushed her sunglasses on the top of her head, dragging her highlighted bangs with them.

            “Hello.”  Cass smiled at him and looked around the lavish hotel.

            “Can I help you with those bags?” He offered.

            “No, but thanks.”  Dakota smiled, spotting the registration desk and walked towards it.  Seeing chairs near the desk, she put their bags down by them.

            Cass walked up behind her, still lost in the décor of the hotel.  “Wow, this place is gorgeous!” Looking upward, she slowly turned to see the full scope of the beautiful lobby.

            “I’m glad you like it.”  Dakota smiled and pulled out her wallet.

            “Oh, here let me give you some money for the room.”  Cass reached for her wallet and looked up at Dakota when she placed her hand on top of hers.  “What? I’ve got plenty of money.” 

            Dakota looked at her strangely.  “You’ll insult me if you try to pay for anything this weekend.”  She stared deep in her eyes to express her seriousness.

            Cass stared momentarily.  “I’m sorry, but I feel bad that you are going to foot the entire bill.”

            “Don’t.  I asked you on a date and that means I will pay for everything.”  Dakota smiled warmly.  “Could you watch the bags for me while I check in?”

            “Sure.”  Cass grabbed Dakota by the arm, stopping her and smiled.  “Thank you.” 

            Dakota smiled and winked before walking to the counter.

            Well, she has very good taste that’s for sure.  Expensive.’  Cass turned in a circle looking over the lavish surroundings.  ‘Oh, shit!  What if she wants to sleep with me this weekend?  Should I?’ Cass glanced over at Dakota, watching her intently.  ‘My god she’s gorgeous.’  A smile crept across Cass’ face when Dakota smiled to the clerk and felt her heart skip a beat when Dakota’s blue eyes looked at her.  ‘Why does she have to look at me that way? She’s making it tough on me to keep from jumping into her arms and having my way with her.’  Cass smiled nervously and looked away blushing after Dakota smiled back.  ‘Please, have restraint.  Just because she is paying for this expensive weekend and you’ll both be staying in the same room, doesn’t mean you have to sleep with her. Remember, she’s a player. ’ Inhaling deeply, she slowly blew out her breath and flinched when she heard Dakota as she turned.

            “Okay, we are set.”  Dakota smiled when Cass looked at her and tossed her bag over her shoulder then grabbed Cass’ bag.

            “Oh, here let me get that.”  Cass walked over to her and reached for the bag.

            “It’s okay, I’ve got it.”  Smiling, she looked around.  “There are the elevators.”  She walked towards them.

            Cass followed her, unable to take her eyes off of Dakota’s muscles that bulged through her tight red shirt as she carried the heavy bag.  ‘I’m flushed from how sexy she looks.  Stop it! Control yourself.’  She inhaled deeply and sighed, trying to calm her feelings, stepping onto the elevator after Dakota.  “This place is gorgeous.”  Cass looked out the glass elevator at the surrounding hotel.

            Dakota looked at her and smiled.  “Only the best for you.”

            Cass looked at her and smiled slightly.  “That is very sweet thank you.”  They stared at one another, intently, silently.

            Their trance was broken when the elevator stopped.  They looked at the doors in unison when they opened.  Cass exited the elevator followed by Dakota.

            Dakota looked at the numbers on the wall.  “To the left.”  They walked down the hall and Dakota looked at the numbers on the doors.  “Here we go.”  Stopping in front of the door, she put Cass’ bag down.

            Cass’ heart raced wildly with fear of what was to come next.  ‘What am I going to do? Will she just take me in there and throw me on the bed to make love?’

            Dakota opened the door and held it for her.  Cass moved inside and watched as Dakota put her bag on the rack in the closet next to the door.  “Here’s your key.”  She held it out for her.  “I’m in the adjoining room, 313.  I’ll stop by back by in an hour to pick you up for dinner.”

            “Okay, aah great thanks I’ll be ready.” Cass smiled and watched as Dakota walked out.  She held the door and felt a nervous tingling when Dakota looked back smiling.

            “Bye.”  Dakota disappeared into the room.

            “Bye.”  Cass stood momentarily leaning against the door and closed it when she heard Dakota’s door close.  Cass locked the door and walked into the suite.  “Oh, my gosh! This place is wicked huge.”  Shocked, she looked around the room and was surprised by the basket on the full sized dinning room table.  She walked over to it and chuckled at the contents, grabbing the card to read.

            These should make you smell like a million bucks, Dakota.’

            Cass held the card against her chest smiling uncontrollably.  ‘She is so sweet!’ She sighed, feeling a tingling sensation consume her and removed the plastic wrap of the basket with an assortment of items from the Bath and Body Works.  Pulling out the various items, she smiled when she smelled the fresh, sweet smell of the warm vanilla sugar flavor of the soaps, lotions and hair products.  She opened the box of perfume, pulled the bottle out and read the label, ‘Touch.’   Spraying the perfume, she leaned into the scent and closed her eyes when the fragrance engulfed her, taking her back to a long time ago.  A warm feeling consumed her and she smiled.  Placing the bottle back in the basket, she inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, smiling excitedly when she saw French doors open to the bedroom.  The living room with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean from the couch was to her right and a large king sized bed was to her left.  Once she entered the bedroom she spotted the bathroom and opened the door amazed.  “Holy shit! I think this place is bigger than my dorm room.”  Looking at the large tub, she smiled.  ‘I’m definitely taking a bubble bath in that thing!’ She walked back out to her bag and pulled out her outfit for dinner laying it across the bed.  Walking over to the basket, she grabbed the bubble bath bottle and headed into the bathroom.  Turning on the water, she lavishly poured the bubbles into the hot water.  ‘Damn, I forgot everything else!’ Shaking her head at her absentmindedness, she walked back to the table and grabbed the other products. 

Something caught her eye and she turned to the kitchen counter.  ‘Oh, man she is pulling out all the stops.’  Grinning, she walked over to another basket containing a bottle of Malibu Rum, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry Juice, various cheeses, crackers and Godiva chocolates.  After opening the plastic, she pulled out the drink mixers to fix a cocktail.  She walked back to the bathroom and put her drink on the side of the tub, quickly stripping off her clothes.  Leaving her clothes in a heap on the floor, she climbed into the warm water, slowly sinking into the tub.  ‘Aah, yes.  This feels incredible.’  She took her drink and leaned back against the tub.  Smiling contentedly, she sipped her drink.  ‘Dakota is working very hard and spending a lot of money to get me in bed on this date.’  She sipped more of her drink.  ‘No, you can’t fall for all of this buttering up business.’  She inhaled and smiled, exhaling.  After taking another drink, she leaned her head back.  The mix of the warm water and alcohol relaxed her muscles.  ‘Although… if I have more of these I just might sleep with her.  Oh, knock it off.  Come to your senses woman.  She’s trying to wine and dine you to only sleep with you.  Be strong!’ She inhaled deeply and sighed, then put her drink down and wet her hair.

To Be Continued...


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