Double Play XVIII

By Cruise

Chapter 24

            Dakota felt an instant throbbing between her legs and gasped when Cass slid her tongue past her lips.

            Cass broke off the kiss and opened her eyes, slowly moving back.  She smiled watching as Dakota’s eyes gradually open.

            “Hmmm, delicious.” Dakota grinned.

            “I think we elicited the same response as the hand holding.”  Cass’ eyes flicked to the windows of the boat where the group was looking at them and returned her gaze to Dakota.

            Dakota chuckled and smiled widely, slightly embarrassed.  “Are you going to be able to stand being around these bozos all day?”

            “As long as you’re not far away I’ll be fine.”  Cass grinned and squeezed Dakota’s hand.

            “I won’t be far that’s for sure.” 

            Cass smiled as her finger drew circles on Dakota’s abdomen. “You promised me brunch.”  

            “I did…didn’t I?” Dakota smiled.  “Right this way.”  She took Cass’ hand and led her inside.


            After the brunch, Rex handed out white football jerseys to the group from his team with his number and last name on it.  Cass was surprised and touched that he gave her one with her last name on the back.  He had to leave to meet his team for their walk through practice at the stadium.  The remainder of the group spent the day frolicking in the ocean and riding the wave runners.  Once they docked in the late afternoon, Cass and Dakota went back to the hotel to shower and dress.

            Dakota glanced over at Cass as they walked towards the rooms, wondering what she was thinking as she had been very quiet during the walk back.  She tugged on Cass’ hand that she held and smiled when Cass looked over at her.  “Are you okay? You’ve been pretty quiet.  I hope my family didn’t scare you.”

            Cass smiled.  “No, your family is wonderful.  I’m sorry; it’s just that I have a nagging headache that just won’t go away.”  She rubbed her forehead, trying to relieve the pressure. They stopped at her hotel room.   After pulling out her key, she glanced back up at Dakota.

            “Would you rather skip dinner so you can get some rest?” Dakota leaned against the wall, facing Cass.

            “No, I’m going to take pain reliever.  I’m sure if I eat something it will help.” 

            “Are you sure? Don’t feel obligated if you aren’t feeling good.  I can rub your temples all night if you want to get rid of that nasty headache.” 

            Cass smiled graciously and moved closer to her.  She placed her hand on Dakota’s right hip and looked up.  “Thanks, you are very sweet.”  Smiling, she leaned up to kiss Dakota.  She lowered onto her heels and rubbed Dakota’s muscular abdomen.  “As tempting as the offer is, I would really like to have dinner and go dancing with you, but I will hold you to the offer later if this thing doesn’t go away.”  She giggled and blushed.

            “You got it and if you don’t feel good we can head back early.”  Dakota smiled, lightly stroking Cass’ hair that framed her face, enjoying the feeling of Cass’ touch on her stomach.

            “Thanks.”  Cass smiled and kissed her.  “I’ll be ready shortly.”

            “I’ll see you soon.”  Dakota winked and slowly slid her hand down Cass’ burgundy hair, still staring deeply into Cass’ green eyes.  Surrendering her gaze, Dakota turned to her room and reached into her pocket for her key.  She checked all her pockets, but didn’t find it and looked at Cass, grinning.  “Shit, I left my key.”

            “Call the front desk from my room and have them unlock it.”

            Dakota grimaced.  “I left my wallet too so I’ll have to run back to the yacht.  I’ll be back soon.”  She smiled and jogged past Cass down the hall.

            Cass leaned around the wall and watched Dakota, enjoying how the muscles in her legs contracted as she ran.  ‘Oh, yes.’  Admiring Dakota from afar with a smile, she ducked her head behind the wall when she saw Dakota’s head turn.  Laughing quietly, she sighed blissfully as she opened the door and entered the room.


            After showering and dressing, the pair met the rest of the group, including Jody, for dinner where they all decided to hit the nightclub near the restaurant.  Cass enjoyed spending time with Dakota’s family, even feeling more at ease around Jody since the last time she saw her.  They all waited in line at the night club.

            Cass leaned towards Dakota asking quietly, “Is Wyatt old enough to get in?”

            Dakota leaned down to her hear.   “No, but he has an old driver’s license of Rex’s.  He always gets in.”  Winking, she stood up and handed the bouncer her I.D. as Cass did the same.  She paid for both cover charges and once inside, they waited for the rest of the group.

            After everyone was inside they garnered a table to the back.  Dakota, Chad, Michelle and Owen took the drink orders and headed to the bar.

            Cass sat staring at Dakota.  ‘I’ve had such a wonderful time with her so far.  Damn is she hot especially when she smiles.  I love how those jeans fit her especially in the butt area.’  Cass smiled appreciatively, staring at Dakota from behind who was dressed in a white short sleeved shirt with navy blue trim around the arms and collar, a pair of stonewashed jeans that sat low on her hips, accentuated with a wide black belt.

            Jody looked at Cass noticing the way she was staring at her cousin and turned to Cass who sat next to her.  “So, what are you majoring in?”

            “Athletic training.”  Cass glanced at her briefly and looked back to Dakota who was standing between her brother’s ordering their drinks.

            “Do you like it?”

            Cass looked at her.  “It’s a lot of work, but I do enjoy it.”  She smiled and returned her gaze to Dakota.  ‘It’s impossible to keep my eyes off of her.’

            “I’m going to scope out the ladies; I’ll see you Bonita’s later.”  Wyatt smirked cockily and stood up.

            “Behave cuz.” Jody warned with a grin and laughed when he winked as he walked away.   She turned to Cass.  “So, what are your intentions with my cousin?”

            Cass was surprised by the bold question and the fixed gaze Jody was flashing her way.  “What do you mean?” She chuckled nervously and shifted in her seat.

            “I guess what I should be asking is, what do you expect from her?” She gave a casual flip of her head, tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

            “Well, aah I’m not sure, we are teammates, friends.”  Cass felt uncomfortable with the conversation and her headache began to get worse.

            Jody noted Cass’ evasiveness and shifted in her seat, leaning closer to her.  “Look, I love my cousin dearly, but she isn’t the girlfriend type if that is what you are expecting.”

            Cass stared at Dakota and saw her looking at the bartender while her brothers and Michelle were checking out a beautiful woman next to them.  She smiled and looked at Jody.  “Maybe you’re wrong and that’s exactly what she needs.”

            Jody smiled and chuckled.  “It’s exactly what she needs… to settle down.  I see how she looks at you and it’s different than I’ve ever seen her do with other women.  If that is where you two are heading then I wish you the best of luck because it’s going to be tough for her to change.”

            She’s optimistic.’  Cass kept her gaze fixed on Dakota.  “I think you might be surprised.”  She felt a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.  ‘I hope I’m right.”   Her heart skipped a beat when Dakota looked back at her with a smile.  She smiled in return, happy when they walked back to the table.

            The group sat chatting and laughing for an hour when Wyatt returned and sat next to his sister.  “Hey, I’ll see you at the game tomorrow.  I’m leaving with that little honey right there.”  He pointed her way and nodded his head when she waved with a smile.

            Dakota checked the girl out and looked at him.  “Good luck bro.  Oh, no riding bareback.”  Dakota warned and gave him a stern look.

            ‘Bareback?’ Cass was confused and looked between the two.

            “Kai, come on, I never bareback.”  He shook his head in disbelief.

            “Good boy, we don’t want any little Wyatt’s running around.”  She smiled and pinched his cheek.

            “Don’t worry.”  He winked and kissed her cheek.  “Bye Cass.”  He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek before standing up. 

            “Bye Wyatt.”  Smiling, she waved before he moved over to the side of the table where Jody was sitting.  Cass turned to Dakota.  “What does bareback mean?”

            “Oh, it means having sex without a condom, but the gay guys also say that for having anal sex.”

            Cass blushed embarrassed, chuckling.  “Gotcha.  Why did Wyatt call you Kai?”

            “When he was small he couldn’t say Dakota or Kody, so he called me Kai and occasionally still does.”

            “You have way too many names for me to keep up with.”  Cass chuckled and slipped her hand onto Dakota’s leg.

            “All you need to know is one.”  Dakota smiled and winked at her.

The music grew louder and the strobe lights danced around the club.  Cass rubbed her forehead trying to alleviate the headache that had grown more intense.   She began to feel extremely sick to her stomach.

            “Are you okay? You look really pale.”  Dakota’s concern intensified.

            Cass turned to her.  “No, actually I just began to feel really ill.”

            “Well, let’s get you out of here.”  Dakota stood up and reached for Cass’ hand, turning to her family.  “Hey, Cass is feeling sick.  We are heading back to the hotel.”  She looked at Cass when she was on her feet and put her arm around her waist.

            “Okay, we hope you feel better Cass.”  The group shouted in unison over the loud music.

            Cass smiled and turned when she felt Dakota guide her forward.  Dakota walked ahead of her, holding her hand behind her so no one would bump into her.  They stepped outside and Dakota whistled for a cab as she waved to them.  Nodding to the driver when the car came to a stop before her, she opened the door for Cass and climbed in after her.

            Cass leaned her head against the seat, trying to quell the nausea she felt.

            Dakota glanced over at her and patted her on the leg comfortingly.  “We’ll be back there soon.”  She smiled, feeling her heart skip a beat when Cass leaned against her shoulder.

            ‘My head is killing me.’  Cass intertwined her hand with Dakota’s and tightened her grip when she felt a wave of severe nausea sweep over her.  She closed her eyes and held her stomach, looking up at Dakota.  “We need to hurry.” 

            “Oh, aah, driver hurry please.”  Dakota called out nervously.

            “Okay.”  The driver shouted back after looking in his rear view mirror.

            “Hang in there, we are almost there.”  Dakota told her in a calm voice, looking through the front of the cab and seeing the hotel off in the distance.

            “Whew.”  Cass blew out her breath and inhaled, fighting the nausea mightily.  She felt herself begin to sweat and was happy when the car stopped.

            “Here man, thanks.”  Dakota handed him a twenty dollar bill and quickly exited the cab taking Cass’ hand to help her out of the vehicle.

            They hurried into the hotel as Cass waited for the elevator Dakota asked the concierge to bring up a bucket of ice.  She ran over to Cass when the elevator opened and hurried beside her.  Once at the room, Cass burst inside and ran into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

            Dakota walked into the suite and paced back and forth with worry.  She walked over to the door when she heard a knock and took the bucket of ice from the staff member.  She listened at the door and heard the water running. 

            “Cass, are you okay?”

            “A little better.”  Cass said weakly through her labored breathing.

            Dakota took the bucket into the kitchen and poured some of the ice into a towel.

            Cass exited the bathroom and unsteadily walked to the bed, cautiously laying back.

            Dakota walked over to her.  “Here try the ice on the back of your neck; it should help with the nausea.”  Dakota went to place it under her neck and moved quickly when Cass sprung up off the bed, running to the bathroom.  Dakota sat on the bed and sighed, feeling bad for her.  She looked up when the bathroom door swung open and grimaced seeing Cass’ pale, haggard look as she leaned against the door.  She walked over to her and put the ice pack on the back of Cass’ neck.

            Cass looked up at her and smiled weakly.  “Thanks.”

            “Come on, you should lie down.”  Dakota grasped her hand and led her to the bed.  She took the ice pack off and pulled the covers down, watching as Cass sat on the bed.  “Where are your pajamas?”

            Cass took a deep breath and looked up at her.  “Uhmm, in my bag.  I can get them.”  She stood up and felt dizzy.

            Dakota grabbed her.  “Whoa, just take it easy I’ll get your bag for you.”  She smiled; making sure Cass was sitting down. 

            “Thanks.”  Cass smiled slightly and brushed her hair off her face.

            Dakota walked over to the closet and grabbed her bag, placing it on the bed next to Cass.  She watched as Cass looked through her bag and pulled out a t-shirt and shorts, staring at Cass who looked up at her.  “Oh, aah I’ll turn my back so you can get dressed.”  Laughing nervously, she turned her back to Cass.

            Cass chuckled and changed into her bed clothes.  “Okay, you can turn around now.”  She smiled when Dakota looked at her.

            “I’m sorry.”  Dakota smiled sheepishly.

            “It wasn’t what I meant by the look I gave you.  I was going to tell you that I’m not that fun of a date this evening, but you turned around.”  Cass snickered and cautiously climbed under the covers.

            “Oh, aah well I guess I missed out.”  Dakota laughed with a wink and placed the ice pack behind her neck.  Reaching down, she pulled the covers up onto Cass.  Resting her hands on each side of Cass, she stared into her green eyes with a smile.  “I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else this evening.”  She kissed Cass on the forehead and stood up.  Turning off the light, she looked back when Cass grabbed her hand.

            “Don’t go.”

            Dakota looked down at her and smiled.  “I’m going to shut off the bathroom light and sit next to you on the bed until you fall asleep.”  Winking, she walked to the bathroom to turn out the light, and then slid on the bed next to Cass.  Sitting next to her, she leaned against the headboard and placed her fingers on Cass’ temples.  Dakota lightly moved them in a circular motion. 

“Oh, that feels so good.”  Cass smiled and opened her eyes, looking up at Dakota.

            “Good, close your eyes and try to fall asleep.”  Dakota said in a whisper.

            “You are very sweet.”  Cass grinned and closed her eyes, sliding her hand on Dakota’s leg.

            The contact sent a tingling sensation throughout Dakota.  She quietly inhaled and exhaled to calm her racing heart as she continued to lightly stroke Cass’ temples.  ‘If she only knew the effect her touch has on me.’ 

            I’m sure she’s wishing she had never asked me out on a date.  How embarrassing!’ Cass finally began to feel her nausea and the pounding in her head subside.  She grew tired and looked at Dakota one last time before falling asleep.

            Dakota looked down at Cass when she heard her breathing slow.  She slowly removed her hands from Cass’ temples and watched her.  ‘You look so sweet sleeping.  Have sweet dreams beautiful.’  Leaning over, she lightly kissed her head and grimaced when she felt Cass move, fearful that she had woken her.  She smiled, realizing that Cass did not wake and stared at her peacefully sleeping form.  Dakota slid off the bed and quietly walked to the door that opened to her room.  Unlocking it, she opened it slightly and walked out of the room, quietly shutting the main door behind her.  Upon entering her room, she opened her adjoining door and stepped inside to lock the main door to Cass’ room.  When she turned around, she noticed that Cass was still sound asleep and cracked both doors open slightly.  After brushing her teeth, she stripped off her clothes for bed.  She turned on the TV to SportsCenter, and quickly turned the volume down as she settled in bed. 


            Chad and Michelle staggered back to the yacht arm in arm trying to steady one another.  “Damn woman would you walk straight.”

            “I’m gay how can I walk straight?” She looked at him and the pair burst out laughing.

            Chad groaned when she fell into him and both hit the railing of the ramp.  “Ouch.”

            “Oh, come on candy ass.  Suck it up.”  Michelle teased and pinched him.  “For a strong manly football player you sure are soft.” 

            Looking up, he caught her gaze.  He stared into her brown eyes a moment longer than he intended and was surprised by the way his heart raced as he looked at her.  “I’m a softy for you.”  He said in a whisper.

            Michelle was caught off guard by his comment and stared at him.  Chuckling, she shook her head.  “Come on you drunk softy.”  She walked away pulling him with her up the ramp.

            “Hey, did you like the lap dance I got for you?” Chad grinned looking sideways at her.

            “That was for me? I thought it was for you!” Michelle laughed as did he.

            “She was pretty hot.  The one Owen had was hot too!”

            “All of the women in that strip joint were hot! I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun!” Michelle giggled and stopped at the door of her cabin on the yacht.

            “It was the last time we went to the strip joint you fool.”  Chad chuckled and laughed harder when he staggered into Michelle.

            She pushed him upright and looked up at him.  “You’re right!” Grinning, she stared into his blue eyes that met hers.  She felt his heart race faster under her hand and felt her own do the same. 

            Chad was lost in Michelle’s warm brown eyes and slowly moved down.  He lightly brushed his lips against hers and looked at her.

            The feel of his bristly goatee against her mouth was foreign to her, but the effect of his lips against hers was undeniable.  Longing for more, she pressed her lips against his, gasping when he deepened the kiss.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and sank into the passionate kiss, enjoying the feeling when he wrapped his arms around her.

            He reached around her and opened the door to the room.  He held Michelle in his arms as she backed into the room, lost in his sensuous kiss.  Her heart raced and she felt wetness between her legs.

            His arousal escalated and he pulled her closer.

            Michelle’s eyes sprung open when she felt just how aroused he was against her, which quickly brought her back to reality.  She broke the kiss breathless and pulled away.  They stood staring at each other in shock, panting and wondering what had just happened.

            Chad stared deeply into her eyes, suddenly seeing her in a different light.  “I aah, I’m not sure…”

            “I think it was the alcohol.  Uhmm, I think you should go to your cabin.”  Michelle patted him on the chest, pushing him back out of the cabin with a smile.

            “Yeah, sure.  Aah, good night.”  He walked out of the cabin and looked back at her, staring briefly.  He smiled and sighed heavily when she closed the door.  ‘What just happened?’ He sighed looking down and gasped.  ‘Shit, oh, my god! No wonder why she pulled away from me! I need a cold shower!’ He grasped his crouch trying to calm his erection and quickly headed to his cabin. 

            Once alone, Michelle covered her face with her hands and slid them to the top of her hair.  ‘What the fuck was that? I kissed my best friend, like my lover.  A guy! What in the hell is up with me? I’ve never been attracted to a man or him for that matter ever.’  She paced back and forth, her heart pounding in her chest from fear and excitement.  Walking to the bed, she flopped to a sitting position and sighed, trying to make sense of what just happened.  ‘It had to have been the alcohol.  Had to have been.  I love women, why would I kiss him?’ She looked up and around the cabin, trying to find the answer.  Closing her eyes, she felt his kiss again.  Her heart raced and warmth swept across her.  ‘His kiss was wonderful.’  She fell back on the bed with a deep sigh.

            Chad entered his bathroom and closed the door behind him, leaning back against it, still reveling in the feeling Michelle’s kiss had on him.  ‘What is going on? I’ve never been attracted to her, but lately I’m having romantic feelings for her.  It had to have been the liquor.’  He walked to the shower shaking his head in disbelief.  ‘Her kiss made me feel sensational.’  He inhaled deeply and exhaled, remembering it.  ‘How am I going to face her tomorrow?’ He turned on the shower, sighing sadly.  ‘Shit!’ 


            Cass woke and looked around at her surroundings, trying to remember the previous night.  She looked in the bed next to her and sighed disappointed that Dakota was not there.  Running her hand through her disheveled hair, she sat up, inhaling deeply and exhaling, feeling weak.  ‘She was so sweet to me last night and took care of me.  I’m sure she will clamber to have a second date with me after last night.’  She shook her head and chuckled inwardly.  Putting her feet down on the floor, she stood up, trying to steady her body from the lightheadedness.  ‘Whew, at least my stomach has calmed down.’  The mirror reflected her haggard look when she stood before it and sighed dismayed by her look.  She pushed the errant strands of hair off her face and ran her fingers through her hair.  ‘I think I gave new meaning to the term bed head.’ Shaking her head, she walked towards the bathroom and stopped by the door that led to Dakota’s room, quietly pushing hers open.  Cass stood upright and gasped quietly when she saw Dakota sprawled out prone on the bed, completely naked, sleeping.  She looked away, blushing and inhaled to calm her racing heart.  ‘She is exquisite.’ Unable to keep her eyes off of Dakota, she looked back.  She felt flush as her eyes slowly worked their way up Dakota’s muscular, bronzed legs and stopped between her legs.  Staring lingeringly at the dark curls that peaked out, she covered her mouth to conceal her gasp and inhaled, hoping her heart at any moment would calm to a steady beat.  Her eyes moved up to Dakota’s firm backside, along her finely toned back where her hair draped over her upper back.  ‘She has the sexiest bare butt I’ve ever seen.’  Smiling at the sweet peaceful look Dakota had on her face, she scanned her tanned facial features, with her dark eyebrows standing out.  She ducked behind the door when she saw Dakota’s hand move up to her face and rub her nose.  ‘Maybe I should just crawl in bed with her? Maybe I should stop being a pervert by staring at her when she’s sleeping.’  She rolled her eyes and shook her head.  ‘I have become a voyeur when it comes to her.’  Her head snapped around to the door when she heard Dakota sneeze.  Cass saw Dakota sit up in bed and tiptoed quietly into the bathroom.  ‘I definitely don’t want her to catch me staring at her.  How embarrassing would that be?’ She turned the shower on and stared at herself in the mirror.  ‘I still don’t know what she sees in you, but I’m glad she’s interested.’  Smiling, she dropped her robe to the floor and climbed into the shower.  She inhaled with a gasp, when she replayed the image of Dakota naked in bed and patted her chest to calm her racing heart.

Dakota padded sleepily into the bathroom and sneezed several times on her way there.  She grabbed a tissue to blow her nose.  ‘Damn allergies.’  After tossing the paper in the trash, she sniffled.  She grabbed the robe from the back of the door and draped it around her naked body as she walked back into the room, stopping to look through the door to Cass’ room, hearing the shower running.  ‘I suppose she’s feeling better.’  She shrugged her shoulders and walked over to her bag.  Pulling out her clothes, she walked into the bathroom and laid them out on the counter before starting the shower.


Cass was refreshed and feeling much better after the shower.  She dressed in a pair of navy blue pleated shorts and pulled the oversized white with teal trim football jersey over her head.  Tucking the shirt into her shorts, she smiled as she looked at the large number 0 on the front of it.  ‘This is Dakota’s number.’  Turning sideways with a broad grin, she glanced at the back of the shirt with her last name emblazoned on it.  ‘That was so sweet of Rex to put my name on the jersey.  Dakota’s family was so nice and wonderful with me.  I felt so welcomed with all of them.’  Cass faced the mirror with a sad look on her face.  ‘I don’t want to get so involved with her family.  It will only hurt that much more when this is all over.’  She sighed and pulled her wet hair up into a ponytail.

Dakota showered and donned a pair of black dress shorts.  She put on her football jersey and brushed her wet hair, leaving it where it fell.  She sprayed on her Drakkar cologne and gathered her toiletries before exiting the bathroom.  After tossing them into her bag, she gathered her clothes that were strewn across the love seat, stuffing them into her bag and closing it.  After tossing the bag next to the door, she walked through the room once more checking to make sure she hadn’t left anything.  Stopping in front of the adjoining door, she knocked.  “Hey Cass, are you dressed?” Looking up, she shook her head.  ‘You know you were hoping that she was naked.’  She chuckled and looked down when she heard Cass’ footsteps approach.

“Good morning.”  Cass greeted with a smile when she opened the door.

            “Same to you.  I take it you are feeling better?” Dakota grinned.

            “A lot better thanks to you and your tender loving care.”  Smiling flirtatiously, she pulled Dakota towards her.  She looked up at her and placed her hands on Dakota’s hips.  Leaning up, she said quietly, “thank you,” and kissed Dakota softly.

            Dakota’s heart raced faster and smiled when Cass broke the kiss.  “You’re welcome.”

            Cass smiled and winked.  She turned, pulling Dakota inside her room. 

            Dakota reveled in Cass’ fresh smell and smiled, following her inside.

            Cass stopped and looked up at her.  “Can you help me carry all the beautiful things you gave me?”

            Dakota would have done anything Cass asked of her from the look she was giving her.  “Sure.”  She smiled eagerly and chuckled when Cass placed one of her baskets in Dakota’s arms.

            “Can you handle this one too?” Cass handed her that one and turned to grab her bag.

            “Oh, aah yeah sure.”  Dakota stammered, trying to juggle the two baskets in her arms and keep them from falling.

            “You’re a doll.”  Cass winked and walked over to her bag.  She tossed it over her shoulder and grabbed the vase of roses. 

            Dakota walked towards her room and pushed the door open with her foot, still struggling with the large baskets.  “I have a better idea.”  Placing the baskets on the counter, she walked to the phone and lifted the receiver to her ear, pushing the operator button.  “Hi could you send someone up to help us with our bags? Thanks.”  She turned to Cass with a smile.  “Help is on the way.”

            “Great!” Cass giggled and moved closer to her.  “Thanks for being so sweet to me last night.  I’m really sorry I ruined our evening.”  She traced the stitches of the sewn number on the shirt, shyly looking at what she was doing.

            Dakota watched her and smiled.  She put her finger under Cass’ chin and lifted up.  “You didn’t ruin a thing.”  Smiling warmly, she leaned down and brushed her lips against Cass’ lightly, breaking the kiss when she heard a knock on the door.  Smiling, she gave her a quick kiss before walking to the door and opened it.  “Hey man, thanks for the help.”

            “No problem ma’am.”  The bellhop smiled cordially and quickly loaded their belongings onto the cart.

            Dakota and Cass followed him down the hall.  “Hey, I like that shirt on you especially that number.”  Dakota grinned playfully and moved closer to Cass.

            “Oh, you do huh? What would you say if I told you I was a Patriots fan and I was fraternizing with the enemy Dolphins by wearing this shirt?”

            “I would have to say you are bluffing because if you were a Patriots fan you wouldn’t even consider putting a Dolphins jersey on.”  Dakota nudged her and laughed as did Cass.

            Cass giggled harder and leaned against Dakota who wrapped her arm around her.  “Okay, I confess I’ve always liked the Dolphins’ mascot even though I’m a New Englander.  Please keep my secret or I’ll be exiled from New England if they find out I am hanging out with the enemy.” 

            Dakota laughed harder as did Cass.  “Your secret is safe with me.”  Dakota smiled and waited for Cass to step onto the elevator first.

            “I’m really excited about going to the game aren’t you?” Cass poked Dakota in the ribs.  “I guess you’re not considering you grew up going to professional football games.”

            “No, I love going to the games and usually get excited, but I’m not looking forward to seeing my father.”  Dakota looked from her with a grimace and glanced up at the numbers on the elevator.

            Cass grasped her hand, shaking it…and Dakota out of her thoughts.  “Don’t let him ruin your fun.  Maybe we can avoid seeing him.”

            “You’re right; I won’t give him the satisfaction.”  Dakota smiled and squeezed Cass’ hand.

            “That’s the ticket!” Cass laughed as did Dakota and both women stepped off the elevator. 

            They checked out of the hotel and climbed into the car the valet had waiting for them.

             Dakota reached into her pocket and pulled out their field passes.  She handed one to Cass and slipped the other one over her head.

            Cass put hers over her head and looked at the pass to read it.  She looked at Dakota, smiling excitedly.  “Do we get to go on the field with this pass?”

            “Yep, at anytime we want to.”  Dakota grinned as she looked at her.

            “Wicked cool!” Cass shrieked excitedly.

            Dakota laughed looking at Cass and put the car in drive.


            Chad paced back and forth nervously, waiting near the car for Michelle. 

            Oh, man I blew it big time with her.’  He shook his head in disbelief, remembering the kiss they had shared last night.  ‘How embarrassing.’  He sighed, worriedly and looked up when he heard someone approach.  Inhaling deeply, he looked away shyly when he saw it was Michelle and walked to the passenger side of the car to open the door.

            Michelle felt butterflies in her stomach as she approached.  “Hey.”  She smiled when she stopped before him.

            “Hey.”  Unable to look at her, he walked around the driver’s side of the car and opened the door before climbing inside.

            Michelle frowned sadly when he didn’t look at her, feeling the tension between them as she climbed inside.  She shut the door and looked at him.  ‘I don’t like this tension between us.’

            Chad looked out the window toward the yacht waiting for Owen.  “Where is he?”  He fumed and beeped the horn, feeling his anxiety calm when Michelle put her hand on his that rested on the gearshift. He glanced over at her shyly.

            “We need to talk about what happened last night.”  Michelle said softly, leaving her hand on top of his.

            He looked down at her hand saying quietly, “I know.  I’m sorry I shouldn’t have kissed you and, well…” he looked away, “you know.”  Chuckling nervously, he gave her a sideways glance with a smile.

            “Yes, well that was a surprise, but you weren’t the only one doing the kissing.”

            Blushing, he looked away remembering the effect her kiss had on him and looked back at her.  “So, where do we go from here?”

            “I’m not really sure Chad…I’m gay.”

            He shook his heading knowingly and looked away sighing disappointedly.  “Does that mean that you didn’t feel anything from the kiss?”

            Michelle squeezed his hand.  “On the contrary, I felt a lot.”  She smiled when he looked at her surprised.

            His face turned white and he shook his head.  “I’m never going to live that down.  I couldn’t help getting excited from your kiss it was wonderful.”

            “Don’t be embarrassed because I had a similar reaction to your kiss, I just didn’t express it quite as well as you.”  She smiled and winked at him.

            He nervously chuckled as he looked at her.  “So, what are we going to do about all this?”

            “I need some time to sort through my feelings and figure out what is going on.  Are you cool with that?”

            He smiled and nodded yes.  “I just don’t want the kiss to come between us.”

            She patted his hand and smiled reassuringly.  “It won’t on my end.”

            “Same here.”  Smiling, he turned when he heard the door open and looked around.

            “Good morning.  I’m sorry I was late, but I had to finish up my blonde for breakfast.”  Owen winked and chuckled as he climbed into the back seat. 

            Chad looked at Michelle and smiled as he leaned forward in his seat while Owen settled himself.

            Michelle patted his hand comfortingly.

            “Well, are you two ready for some football?” Owen laughed leaning between the two seats.

            “Oh, yeah!” Chad chuckled and started the car.

            “I’ve been ready for weeks!” Michelle chimed in with a laugh.


            After spending an hour before the game on the field chatting with Rex, their family and his fellow players, Dakota and Cass headed up to the suite Angelica had reserved for the family.

            Cass entered the luxury suite after Dakota and looked around amazed by all the TV’s and the food.  She smiled when the cool AC hit her after they had just been sweating in the heat on the field. 

            “Would you like a drink?” Dakota offered with a smile, standing close to Cass.

            “Yes, I’ll have an ice cold bottle of water.”  Cass smiled and giggled.

            “Not the drink I was offering, but I‘ll get it just the same.”  Dakota smiled and winked before she walked over to the cooler.

            Cass walked over to the open large glass window of the suite and looked out over the large, crowded stadium.  Smiling as she scanned the crowd whose various jerseys showed their loyalties to the home team, the Jaguars, she grew excited when the Dolphins ran out of the tunnel to the field.  The suite was located directly behind the bench and she smiled when Rex walked to the bench.  “Dakota! There’s Rex!” Turning, she smiled and pointed in his direction as Dakota approached.

            Dakota walked up to the window and smiled, shouting, “Let’s go bro!”

            Cass looked at her and chuckled. 

            “Here’s your water.”  Dakota handed her the bottle and both women sat down.  They turned in unison when the door opened with Chad, Owen and Michelle entering laughing.  “Here comes trouble! Where did you three go after we last saw you on the field?”

            Dakota turned and looked at Michelle who sat to her left.  “We were doing our usual pre-game ritual what happened to you?”

            “I skipped it.”  Dakota turned and looked ahead.

            “What’s the pre-game ritual?” Cass asked, leaning around Dakota to look at Michelle.

            “Hitting on the cheerleaders.”  Michelle laughed and patted Dakota on the back who choked on her drink.

            Dakota flashed a menacing glance towards Michelle and looked at Cass nervously. 

            “Why didn’t we join them?” Cass asked, smiling.

            Dakota leaned closer to her.  “Because the only person I want to hit on…is you.”  She winked with a flirtatious smile.

            “I would like that very much.”  Cass grinned and lightly rubbed Dakota’s hand.  Looking out at the field, she slyly inhaled trying to calm her racing heart.  ‘She is definitely interested in being with me.  I wonder how long that interest will last after we sleep together.’ Cass smiled and looked at Dakota when she felt her hand on her back.  “By the way, you looked great throwing that football out there.  Did you play football?”

            “Yep, I played on my high school football team.”

            “Really?” Cass was surprised.  “Did you play quarterback?”

            “I was the punter and the back-up to Rex.”

            “Yeah, she should have been a starter, she is a great quarterback!” Owen interjected as he walked up and sat beside Cass.

            “How come you weren’t the starter? Was it because you were a girl?”

            Dakota looked at Owen, and then looked at Cass.  “I’m sure my father had something to do with me being the back up, but it was cool because Rex’s plans have always been to be an NFL quarterback.  That wouldn’t have happened if he were the back up to his sister.”

            Cass frowned, noting the sadness in Dakota’s eyes as she looked out over the field.  “That’s too bad that you didn’t get to be the starter, but things always happen for a reason that sometimes we just have no clue as to why.”  Smiling warmly, she rubbed Dakota’s back comfortingly.  “I would have loved to of seen you play.”

            Dakota broke her gaze from the field and looked at Cass after she touched her arm.  “Thanks, and you will get your chance.  I intend to play in the women’s professional football league when the softball season is over.”

            “Wow, I had no idea they had a league.  That is very cool.”  Cass smiled and looked back to the field when she heard the crowd erupt into loud cheering.

            Dakota stared at her, enamored with the excitement on Cass’ face, which gave her a peace she had never known before.


            After Rex’s team victory over the Jaguars, the group waited outside the locker room for him.

            “I’ll be right back; I need to hit the bathroom.”  Dakota smiled and turned, heading away from the group.  The smile of happiness on her face instantly vanished when she turned the corner and looked into blue eyes that mirrored her own.

            “Well, well, well, it’s my daughter.”  Her father said sarcastically, standing in front of her.

            “Unfortunately.”  Dakota said under her breath with a smirk and looked away, shaking her head.

            “What?” Her father moved closer to her.

            “Nothing.  Look, I’ve got to go.”  Her sidestep around him was matched.

            “Do we always have to have this tension between us?” He leaned down and looked directly in her eyes.

            “Not if you stay out of my life.”  Dakota snapped and countered his glare.

            “Sorry sweetheart whether you like it or not I’m your father and it will be that way until the day we die.”

            “Wonderful.”  She looked away shaking her head, wishing he would just go away.

            Dakota glared at him when he grabbed her arm and leaned in to her, his tone threatening.  “Your attitude needs to change for the better by the time I see you tomorrow.”

            “Tomorrow? What for?” Dakota pulled away from his hold.

            “The photo shoot for the milk campaign is tomorrow and I’m in it with you and your brothers.”  He smiled mockingly.

            “Oh really? Well, then I’m out.”  Dakota tired back sternly.

            “Why you little ingrate!” He reached for her and missed when Dakota stepped back.  “I need this shoot.”  His tone was hushed and he looked around, noting they were alone.

            “I don’t care what you need, if you are in it I’m out.  You can do it with the boys.”  She turned to walk away.

            He grabbed her by the shirt and pulled her closer, glaring menacingly.  “You know your brother’s will back out if you don’t do it.”



“Where is Dakota?” Cass looked around, worried as she had been gone for quite awhile.

            “Maybe she fell in.”  Chad suggested and laughed as did the rest of the group.

            “I’ll see if I can find her.”  Cass walked away in the direction Dakota went.

            “Then it sucks to be you.”  Dakota smirked just before her head jerked around from the back hand across her face she never saw coming.  Dakota took a deep breath, pushing the pain out of her mind and turned, glaring at him.  “You don’t intimidate me.”

            He grabbed her and pulled her close.

            “Dakota!” Cass called out and rushed towards her when she saw the altercation. 

            Dakota’s father released his hold when he heard Cass’ voice.

Cass stopped when they turned towards her.  “Are you okay?” Her tone reflected her concern as she looked at Dakota, who was looking away.

            “She’s fine.  I’m her father Alex.”  He smiled cordially and extended his hand to Cass.

            Ignoring the gesture, she moved closer to Dakota and touched her on the arm.  “Are you okay?”

            “Yeah, I’m fine.”  Dakota nodded her head and glanced at Cass, seething from the anger that consumed the pit of her stomach.

            Cass’ heart lurched when she saw a small cut underneath Dakota’s left eye.

“She was just telling me how much she was looking forward to doing the photo shoot tomorrow with the family.”  He smiled arrogantly.

“That’s not what it looks like to me.”  Cass glared at him incredulously.

Alex glared at her smugly and moved closer to Cass.  “Who are you?”

Dakota stepped between the two of them.  “Cass…can you wait for me in the bathroom?  I’ll be right there.”

Cass stared into Dakota’s darkened eyes, seeing worry consume them and heard a twinge of pleading in her tone of voice.  “Okay.”  Cass said softly and walked away.

Dakota watched as she disappeared into the bathroom, closing her eyes in disgust when she felt her father’s breath against her neck.  “Who’s the little honey?”

Dakota glared menacingly over her shoulder at her father and turned to face him.  “She’s none of your business.”

Tired of her defiance, he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close.  “If you’re not at that photo shoot tomorrow I’ll make her my business.”  His threatening tone and the smug look on his face relayed his intent enough.

It was the last thing she wanted to have happen.  She jerked her arm out of his grasp and moved in closer to him, staring into the blues that matched hers.  “As usual, you get your way.  One of these days it’s not going to be that way for you.”  She shook her head in disgust and walked away.

Alex placed his hands on his hips watching his daughter walk away.  He chuckled after she disappeared behind the door and walked away.

Cass paced back and forth nervously.  She inhaled deeply and rushed over when Dakota walked in.  “Are you okay?”  Cass led her to the sink and grabbed a napkin.  “His ring cut you.”  After wetting the napkin, Cass lightly dabbed the small cut under Dakota’s eye.  “Do you want me to get your brothers?” Cass glanced up at her, noting the tightness in her jaw.

“No, it will only cause more problems.”  Dakota moved closer to Cass and looked down at her, saying softly, “Thank you.” 

Cass inhaled, feeling her heart skip a beat from the sadness in Dakota’s eyes and smiled back.  She pulled Dakota down and kissed her, underneath the cut.

Smiling as she stared into the warm green eyes before her, she felt her pain and fear disappear.  “I’m much better now.”  Dakota grinned and grabbed Cass’ hand, leading her to the door.  Pushing it open, she walked outside with Cass by her side.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“No…but thanks for being there for me.”  Dakota smiled slightly as she looked at Cass and led her back over to the group.

To Be Continued...


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