Double Play XXXIII

By Cruise

Chapter 39

            “Owen, hey.”  Michelle said tentatively as she turned to him.

            Owen moved closer to Michelle.  “What is going on here?”

            “It’s none of your business.” 

            “The hell it’s not.”  He squared up to her.  “You fuck around with my brother’s heart and it’s none of my business, I say it is.”

            “You’re drunk.”  Michelle shook her head and looked down.

            “Yeah, so what’s your point? I’m still capable of saying what’s on my mind.  I mean, you supposedly broke up with this one,” he casually glanced over at Brooke, and then returned his gaze to Michelle, “because of your feelings with Chad and now I see you in a lip lock with her? You’re fucked man.”

            “Just leave her alone Owen.”  Brooke interjected, moving next to Michelle.

            “Oh, you have something to add huh?” Owen crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at Brooke.  “I’ve heard through the grapevine that you don’t like my sister because of her liaisons with the ladies, but now it seems like the pot is calling the kettle black.  I’m sure I don’t need to hear another thing come out of your mouth.”  He fixed his gaze at Michelle.

            “Owen, that’s it.  Come on.”  Michelle pushed him to the side away from Brooke who stood watching, fuming.  “I know I broke Chad’s heart, but there is no reason to take it out on her.  I never purposely set out to do that to him.  You know that is not how I am.  I thought I wanted more with him, but I was just denying who I was inside.  I apologized to him and hope that he will one day forgive me.”

            Owen glanced away, and then looked her in the eye.  “I’ve never seen him so upset.  It may take awhile.  I’m sorry for being so angry.  I saw you with her and it flipped me out.  She’s been talking trash about my sister and my brother and I’m not going to sit on the sidelines so that little hypocrite can continue to do so.”  He looked at Brooke disparagingly, and turned back to Michelle.

            “I don’t know what she has said about Kody and Chad, but the kiss is my fault.  I wouldn’t say she is a hypocrite.”

            “Stop defending her Michelle, I saw her kissing you back.”

            “Okay, she was, but I initiated it.  I’ll talk to her about what she has said about Kody and Chad okay?” Michelle patted him on his muscular forearm, looking into his eyes.

            He sighed and rolled his eyes.  “Okay.”

            “I’m sorry about Chad.  I handled the situation badly and I regret that.  I hope to make it up to him and that I can still be friends with all of you.”

            “We’ll still be friends, but I know it’s going to take my brother longer to feel the same way.”

            “I know and I’m going to do what ever I can to salvage our friendship.  I do love him, just not the way he loves me.”  Michelle looked down sadly.

            Owen lifted her chin up and smiled slightly.  “I’ll see what I can do to help.”  He glanced at Brooke, then back to Michelle.  “Talk with her about her yapping mouth.”  He chuckled and kissed her on the cheek, then walked away.

            Brooke walked over to Michelle.  “What in the hell is up with that asshole? What have I ever done to him?”

            Michelle looked at Brooke.  “You talked trash about his sister and brother and he found out about it.”

            “So, it’s nothing that isn’t true.”

            “How would you feel if you heard someone was talking trash about your sibling on campus?”

            “Are you defending him?” Brooke grew angrier.

            “I guess I am in a way.  If you need to talk trash about someone it should be me, I’m the one who broke your heart.”

            Brooke paused, looking into Michelle’s brown eyes.  “Yeah, you did.  I guess I was just taking out my pain on the Colby’s.  They just seem to come out of everything smelling like a rose.  Besides, they act like they own this campus.”

            “They pretty much do.”  Michelle chuckled.  “So, where do we go from here?”

            Brooke stared at her silently.  Inhaling deeply she said, “I’m happy with Mary.”

            “Are you?” Michelle grasped Brooke’s hand.

            “Yes, I am.”  She looked down at their hands.

            “Then why did you kiss me back?”

            Brooke looked up at Michelle.  “I aah, guess it was just familiar.  I shouldn’t have.  I am happy with Mary.”  Her eyes filled with tears.  “I’ve got to go.”  She turned and pulled away.

            Michelle held onto her hand as long as possible, and then released her hold watching as Brooke quickly disappeared inside the building.  ‘I just keep setting myself up for heart break.’  She shook her head and walked towards her dorm.


            “So, how come it’s taking you so long to get what I need?”

            “This takes time you know that.  I’m trying.”  Mary said nervously.

            “I don’t think you’re trying hard enough.  I need something now!”

            “I know, I know.”  Mary looked away frustrated, saying softly.  “I should have never agreed to this.”

            She was quickly snatched by the shirt.  “And why not? When I posed this, you were more than willing to help me.  Don’t tell me it’s because you are worried that someone will get hurt.” 

            Mary looked away solemnly and looked into glaring eyes when she was shook.  “Okay, yes it is I don’t want to hurt Brooke.”

            “Brooke is of no consequence to me, you know who I want.  If you play your cards right, Brooke will never know of your involvement and if you don’t get me something very soon I’ll let her know how you helped me.”

            “Then you won’t get what you need and you know I can give it to you.”

            “Then do it you little shit and stop boasting about it.  Don’t think for a minute that I can’t get someone else to help me, because I can and I will make your life a fucking miserable hell.”

            Before Mary knew it she was sitting on the floor of her dorm room alone.  “That fucker!”


            Dakota hurried into the locker room and dropped her book bag in front of her locker.  She reached in for her jersey.

            “Hey, where have you been?”  Cass asked as she sidled up to Dakota.

            “Hey.”  Dakota looked at her and smiled.   “I was stuck at the hospital observing a surgery.”  She pulled her under shirt over her head and put on her softball jersey.

            “I wondered what happened when you didn’t show up for lunch.” 

            “Sorry, I couldn’t call you.  I’ll make up for lunch though, I promise.”  Dakota smiled and winked as she pulled on her uniform shorts.

            Cass blushed and smiled.

            “Let’s go ladies!” Coach Willis shouted as she walked towards the door.

            Dakota pulled out her cleats and changed her socks.  “So, are you excited about your first game?” Dakota asked glancing up at Cass.

            “Yeah and nervous.”  Cass shrugged as she tugged a sweatband around her left wrist.

            “There’s nothing to be nervous about unless of course you don’t throw the ball where I like it.”  Dakota chuckled while tying her shoe.

            “Hey Cass, do you have a favorite song?” Barbara interrupted when she approached.


            “Follow me.”  Barbara nudged Cass toward the door. “Well, we usually play a song when a player gets up to bat.  So, what would you like?”

            Dakota put on her other cleat and grabbed her glove.

            “Oh, cool well, oh do you have the theme song to Charmed?”

            “I have every song you could imagine.”  Barbara grinned as the pair walked towards the dugout.

            “Okay, great!” Cass chuckled when Barbara quickly headed towards the press box.  Cass turned around to look for Dakota and saw her in the outfield as her teammates prepared to take batting practice.  ‘Damn, I wanted to give her a kiss.’  Cass ran out onto the field.

            “Storms stay in and bat!” Coach Willis shouted.

            “Yes coach!” Cass sprinted over to the bats.

            Dakota glanced around when she felt a swat on her backside.  “Well, hello Shannon.”  She smiled and hugged the opposing team member.

            “How have you been doing sexy?” Shannon smiled, hugging her tightly.

            “I’ve been great and you?” Dakota patted her on the back and broke the hug.

            “Hey, Ann who is Dakota talking to?” Cass asked as she walked up to the makeshift plate in the grass to bat.

            Ann looked around Cass and squatted down.  “Oh, that’s Shannon.  She’s the Vol’s shortstop.  She and Dakota hooked up at last year’s SEC tourney.”

            Cass felt like she had been punched in the gut and jumped when she heard the pop of Ann’s glove when she caught the pitched ball. 

            “Keep your eye on it Cass.  Let’s go.”  Coach Willis clapped encouragingly.

            Cass looked at her coach and then out to Dakota.  Jealousy swelled in her stomach as she dug her feet in to ready herself for the next pitch.  ‘Let’s just see how quickly Shannon can move her ass away from my girlfriend!’ Cass swung her bat around and connected, sailing the ball in the girl’s direction.

            “Whoa, shit!” Shannon moved to the side quickly and grabbed the fast moving grounder.  “That was a hard shot, I almost didn’t see it.”  She chuckled and tossed the ball to Dakota.

            Dakota turned around to see Cass up to bat.  “That was a nice shot.”  She laughed and tossed the ball to Penny who was standing near the pitcher.  “So, what’s been going on in Tennessee? How are all those southern belles doing?” Dakota laughed as she looked at Shannon.

            “Oh, they are very fine.”  She moved closer to Dakota and grinned slyly.  “Just not as fine as you.”

            Dakota chuckled and looked up at the darkened sky .  “It looks like we might get some rain.”   .

            “Let’s hope it isn’t enough to cancel the games.  I look forward to my team beating yours.”  Shannon teased.

            Dakota smiled and chuckled, then looked away when Shannon shoved her out of the way of the ball.

            “Damn, your teammate seems to like to hit it our way huh?” She tossed the ball to Dakota and turned towards her team who started to bat.

            The pair stood side to side, each facing their respective teams.  “It seems so.”  Dakota threw the ball in to Penny.  “Hey, are you graduating this year?”

            “Yep, but I’m going to grad school.  I just can’t face real life yet, I love the college life way too much.”  Shannon laughed as did Dakota.

            “I hear ya.  I still have many years of college life left.”  Dakota took two steps to her left and effortlessly caught the hard line drive that was heading towards Shannon.

            Shannon jumped when she heard Dakota catch the ball.  “Damn man, I think she is trying to hit me!”

            “Nah, well maybe considering you’re wearing that ugly orange and white Vol shirt.”  Dakota laughed harder when Shannon hit her arm with her glove.

            “Very funny.”

            “Hey, I’ll talk to you later.  I’m heading in to bat.”

            “Sure thing good talking to you.”  Shannon winked and turned away when Dakota ran towards Cass.

            Cass snickered when she finished batting and walked over to the fence to pick up her glove.  She looked up, seeing Dakota’s face.

            “I didn’t know you could hit so well to the left side.”

            “Well, I had to practice hitting to that side, right?”  Cass smiled and winked before running out onto the right side of the field.

            Dakota picked up her bat and stepped up to the plate.  ‘Well Cass, I guess I’m going to have to give you some practice before the game.’  She hit a scorcher in Cass’ direction.  ‘Hmmm, nice play.’  She smiled proudly after Cass easily handled the ball and readied for the next pitch.


            “Hey bro, what’s up?” Owen asked as he walked into the film room.

            “Not much, just checking out film on Georgia.  What about with you?”

            “Dude, I’m good.  How are you doing?”

            Chad looked at his brother skeptically.  “What is up with you?”

            “Nothin, just trying to figure out how my brother is doing, that’s all.  I’ve been a little worried about you since this whole Michelle thing happened.”

            Chad looked down then up.  “Well, it’s getting a little better.”
            “I’m happy to hear it.”  He smiled and patted his brother on the shoulder.  “Any chance you two might go back to being friends?”

            “Dunno, maybe.” 

            “Very cool, and I’m sure hooking up with some pretty ladies will help you to forget all that heartache.”  They both chuckled. 

            “That is true.”

            “Speaking of pretty ladies I’m heading off to watch Kody’s game are you up to going?”

            “Nah, I still want to hold off on seeing Michelle.”

            “I hear you.  I’ll catch you later and then we’ll head off to cruise the ladies.”

            “Sounds good to me.”  Chad smiled, watching his brother leave the room and turned back to watching the TV.  ‘That’s just what I need, is a chick to make me forget all about Michelle.’


            Cass had gotten a base hit to left field and stood on first base looking to home plate.  She looked into the dugout wondering where Dakota was and chuckled when she heard the song that began, The Imperial March from Star Wars. 

The crowd cheered loudly when she walked out of the dugout towards the batter’s box with her bat draped over her left shoulder.  When her name was announced they cheered even louder.

“Darth Vader’s song?” Cass questioned looking at her assistant coach.

“Does that surprise you?” She quipped sarcastically.

“I guess not.”  Cass shrugged with a chuckle.  ‘The fans sure love her.’  She readied to run as Dakota shuffled the dirt in the batter’s box with her foot.

“Oh, give me a break Colby and let’s go! Damn, she annoys me.”  The girl at second base shouted. 

Cass glared at her.  ‘Hmmm, I wonder what’s up with her.’  She looked towards Dakota and smiled when she connected with the ball.  She knew the second it left Dakota’s bat that she would only need to jog around the bases.  Rounding second, Cass watched the ball sail effortlessly over the left field fence.

Dakota touched first and glanced over at the second baseman.  “How’d you like that shot Darla? Nice huh.  I’m sure you wish you could hit like that.”  She chuckled and touched second.

“Fuck you Colby; you think you are so wonderful.  Wait until you have to come back here I’ll have a little something in store for you.”  Darla spit and walked back to her position.  “Asshole.”

“Watch your language young lady.”  The umpire warned as she walked past.

“Oh, yeah.”  Darla said sarcastically.

Cass waited at home for Dakota and slapped high fives with her once she touched home plate.  They were both mobbed by their excited teammates as they walked towards the dugout. 

Dakota walked over to the water cooler. 

“Dude, Darla looks so freaking pissed.  What did you say to her?” Penny laughed as she followed her.

Dakota looked at Penny with an arrogant smile.  “The truth.”  She laughed harder and leaned over to Penny whispering in her ear.

Penny laughed heartily.

“Nice hit Cass.”  Brenda slapped her on the butt before she sat next to her on the bench.

“What’s the deal with Dakota and the chick that plays second base?”

“Oh, she and Dakota have been at each other’s throats for quite some time now.  There is no love lost between the two of them to say the least.”


“Well, part of it is that she’s jealous that Dakota’s better than her and the other contributing factor is that Dakota slept with Shannon, Darla’s girlfriend at the time, at a tournament.”

“Oh, I see why there is no love lost.”  Cass moved her neck to the side, uncomfortable with hearing that Dakota had slept with Shannon.  She watched Dakota guzzle a cup of Gatorade and smiled slightly when Dakota winked at her.  She looked away and wiped her forehead with a towel.  ‘Calm down, you know you are going to run into others who have slept with her.’  Inhaling deeply, she slowly exhaled to calm her irritation.  She jumped when she heard a loud clap of thunder.

“Everyone off the field!” The umpires ordered as they walked off.

“Damn! The storm isn’t that close.” Penny cursed, following her teammates out of the dugout to the locker room.

She and Cass jumped after another loud clap.

“Okay, it is close.”  She hurried her step as did Cass.

Cass followed Penny into the locker room and looked around for Dakota who had entered the trainer’s room.

Dakota lay down on the plinth and placed a towel over her face.  “Wake me when they are relining the field after it stops raining.”  She said to Kathy, the trainer.

“Yes, dear.”  They laughed.

Cass walked into the trainer’s room and stood next to Dakota.  “Hey, are you okay?”

Dakota pulled up the corner of the towel to look at her.  “Yeah, just tired.  Can you do me a favor and turn off the lights.”

“Sure.”  Cass smiled weakly and walked over to the light switch.  Disappointed Dakota didn’t ask her to stay; she turned off the light and walked over to sit next to Penny.  ‘What is up with her this afternoon? She acts like she barely knows me.’

“Hey C4 what are you doing later?” Brenda asked walking over to her.

“Not sure, why?” Cass looked up at her.

“We are going out for some grub after the game and we wanted to know if you would like to tag along.”

“Maybe, I’ll see what Dakota wants to do.”

“Cool.”  Brenda smiled, sitting down in Penny’s lap.


After an hour rain delay, they cancelled the games as the weather report indicated there would be storms for the rest of the evening.

Cass had changed out of her uniform and walked into the training room to wake Dakota.  “Hey, Dakota.”  She lightly touched Dakota’s arm.

Dakota jumped to a sitting position.  “Yeah, I’m up are we playing?” She pushed her hair back off her forehead.

“No, they cancelled the games.  We are supposed to have bad storms for the rest of the evening.”

“Oh, bummer.”  She climbed off the table. “Man, everyone hauled ass huh?” She chuckled, stopping at her locker.

“Yeah, uhmmm, Penny invited us out to dinner with them.  Do you want to go?”

Dakota pulled off her uniform shirt and tossed it into the laundry bin.  “Nah, I’m beat.  Go with them if you want.”  She pulled her t-shirt over her head.

“I’m hungry.  Are you sure you don’t want to go?”

“I’ll grab something at the house.  Don’t worry about me, I’m cool.”  Dakota smiled, pulling on her shorts. 

“Okay.  I’ll talk to you later?” Cass was disappointed.

“Yeah, call me.”  Dakota smiled and rubbed Cass’ arm when Cass kissed her. 

“Bye.”  Cass waved from the door as Dakota sat down to put on her shoes.

“Later.”  Dakota waved back and looked down when Cass was gone.

‘Is she mad at me? I know she’s tired, but what’s the difference if she eats at a restaurant or at home? She can go to sleep right after.’  Cass walked through the stadium towards the exit and turned around when she heard the opposing team as they boarded the bus.  Jealousy filled her when she saw Dakota exit the locker room and walk over to talk to Shannon.  ‘So, that’s why she didn’t want to go eat? She’s making plans to meet up with her?’ Anger began to get the best of her.  ‘Hell no, I’m not leaving without her.’ Cass walked over to her.

“Hey, I appreciate you…” Dakota glanced over at Cass surprised and looked back to Shannon.  “I appreciate you agreeing to help out at my summer camp; I’ll have Tory send you all the info for the counselors.  Sorry.”  She looked from Shannon to Cass.  “Hey, what’s going on?”

“I decided to have dinner with you.”  Cass smiled, slipping her hand onto Dakota’s arm.

Dakota looked at Cass momentarily.  “Aah, okay.”  She glanced over at Shannon.  “Oh, sorry… Shannon this is Cass, Cass this is Shannon.”

“It’s nice to meet you Cass; you’re a good left side hitter.”  Shannon chuckled.

“Thanks.”  Cass smiled cordially.

“I’ll see you in a few months.”  Shannon waved and walked onto the bus.

“Yep.”  Dakota waved back and walked away with Cass.

“You aren’t going to be disappointed about missing dinner with the team are you?” Dakota looked at her as they walked the short distance to her house.

“Not at all.  I wanted to eat with you.”

“I hope you aren’t expecting a really good dinner because we don’t have much.  We haven’t had time to get to the grocery store.  I was thinking of having a peanut butter and fluff sandwich.”

“I love those.”  Cass grinned following Dakota inside. 

Dakota tossed her bag in the laundry room and closed the door.  She pulled Cass into her arms and kissed her long and deep.

Cass melted into the passionate kiss and wrapped her arms around Dakota’s neck.  ‘I’ve waited all day for this.’  Cass tightened her hold, breaking the kiss to breathe.  She smiled looking into Dakota’s eyes.

Dakota gently placed her hand on Cass’ cheek staring into the emerald green’s before her.  “You are stunning.”  She smiled when Cass blushed and gently kissed her lips.  Dakota lightly rubbed Cass’ cheek with her thumb when she broke the kiss.  “So, are you ready for a delicious peanut butter and fluff sandwich?” She chuckled and reached into the pantry behind her for the bread. 

Cass wrapped her arms around Dakota’s waist and kissed her back.  “I’m ready as long as I get to feed it to you in bed.”

Dakota turned within in Cass’ arms with a sly grin.  “I wasn’t planning on eating the sandwich any other way.”  She winked and lightly kissed Cass’ lips again.


            “Hey Mary!” Brooke said tentatively when Mary approached the table where she sat with her teammates.  Brooke nervously glanced at Michelle who sat to her left.

            “Hey.”  Mary smiled and kissed Brooke, then sat to her right.  She looked at the other occupants of the table and smiled with a slight wave.  When the teammates resumed their chatter with one another she leaned over to Brooke.  “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

            “Well, it seems like you haven’t been looking very hard.  I had a softball game today so that would have been a good place to start.”  Brooke said sarcastically.

            “Are you mad at me?”

            “Of course I am.  Where have you been? I haven’t heard from you for quite some time.”

            “I’m sorry.  I really am.  I’ve been super busy with a project and with practice.”

            “So busy that you couldn’t have called me?”  Brooke sighed, taking a drink of her soda.

            “You’re right I was being very inconsiderate.  I’m sorry, can you forgive me?” Mary rubbed Brooke’s arm.

            Brooke inhaled deeply when she heard Michelle speak to Penny, remembering the kiss they shared the night before.  She smiled weakly and exhaled.  “Yes, I’ll forgive you.”  She patted Mary’s hand comfortingly.

            “Excellent, thanks.”  Mary smiled and kissed Brooke on the cheek.

            “Just don’t make a habit out of it.”  Brooke teased. 

            “I promise, I won’t.  Would you like to head out of here?”

            “Aah, sure.”  Brooke smiled as she glanced at her teammates giving Michelle a lingering look.  “Well, we are heading out; I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

            Michelle smiled slightly.  “Bye, have a good night.”

            Brooke placed money on the table for the bill and stood up.  She looked at Michelle once more and walked away with Mary.

            Michelle watched the pair walk towards the door wondering why she was so bothered.  ‘What is up with me?’ She shook her thoughts away and turned towards her teammates to join in the conversation.


            Cass sat at her desk with a huge smile on her face as she recounted her trysts with Dakota in her journal.  She paused and nibbled on her pen as she searched for the right words, then placed the point on the paper as the words flowed freely.  She jumped out of her thoughts when she heard a knock on the door.  Hurriedly, she closed the journal, placing it under her literature book on her desk.  She walked to the door and opened it smiling instantly at the sight of Dakota.

            “Hey.”  Dakota smiled and chuckled when she was pulled into the room all the way across to Cass’ side.  “I take it you’ve missed me since I saw you two hours ago?”

            “You have no idea just how much.”  Cass smiled seductively, pulling up Dakota’s shirt and kissing her taut stomach.

            “I think I’m getting a preview.”  Dakota chuckled as she looked down.

            Cass’ kiss moved lower as her hands unbuttoned and unzipped Dakota’s jeans, pulling them down to her thighs.

            “Cass, I don’t have time I’ll be late for class.”  Dakota reached down to pull Cass up, chuckling when Cass moved her hand away.  “As much as I would love too I don’t…Wow!” Dakota said breathless when she felt Cass’ tongue slide along her clit.  “That feels awesome, but I really have to get to class.”

            Cass looked up at Dakota.  “You will get to class when I’m done.”  She smiled and buried her face in Dakota’s mound as she held her hips.

            Dakota threw her head back in ecstasy, panting, “Class…oh, yes Cass that feels incredible…don’t stop.”  She looked down and placed her hand behind Cass’ head holding it in the spot where she didn’t want Cass to relinquish her attention.  She moved her hips forward and back as Cass’ tongue slid up and down her hardened clit.  “Yes, yes…YES!” Dakota exhaled loudly, releasing her orgasm for Cass to enjoy.  Dakota stood watching Cass, trying to level off her breathing as Cass moved Dakota’s clothing back up on her hips.

            Cass chuckled when Dakota pulled her to her feet and pulled her close.  She wiped her mouth, smiling slyly as Dakota stared at her.

            “Now it’s my turn.”  Dakota whispered sinking her teeth into Cass’ neck as her hand slid down the front of Cass’ shorts.

            Cass’ eyes closed instinctively in response to the feeling of Dakota’s kiss on her neck and her hand between her legs.  She opened her eyes and saw the time on the clock.  “Stop, we need to get to class.  We have ten minutes to get there.”  She moved away from Dakota.

            “Oh, now that is just not fair.”  Dakota shook her head, moving closer to Cass.

            “Ah, ah, ah…”  Cass smiled, waving her finger side to side at Dakota.  “You were just crying that you had to get to class so let’s get going.”  Cass walked into the bathroom and washed her hands.

            Dakota stood dumfounded watching her and chuckled when Cass walked past her blowing her a kiss.  She shook her head and entered the bathroom.  Once she was finished using the bathroom she walked up to Cass and kissed her passionately.  She broke the kiss and leaned down to Cass’ ear, whispering, “you will pay for this one.”

            Cass laughed and kissed her on the cheek.  “I certainly hope so.” 

            They walked out of the room laughing.  Dakota tossed her heavy book bag over her shoulder and held the hallway door open for Cass.  She slipped on her sunglasses once outside and both women walked at a fast pace towards the health science building.

            Dakota walked to the right of Cass and smiled with a nod as other students walked past them.

            Cass moved closer to Dakota and brushed her hand on her arm hoping she would hold her hand.  She sighed disappointed when Dakota would not reciprocate the invitation.  ‘What is up with her? I just fucked her and you would think the least she could do was hold my damn hand!’ Cass fumed inside and exhaled deeply, loudly.

            “Are you okay?” Dakota asked as she stopped in front of the door, lifting her sunglasses to the top of her head.

            Cass looked up at her and was instantly lost in her blue eyes.  “Aah, yeah.”

            “Okay.”  Dakota shrugged and reached to open the door.

            “No, wait.  There is something bothering me, really bothering me.”  Cass moved closer to Dakota.

            “What’s bothering you?” Dakota took a step back.

            “That.” Cass pointed at Dakota; she was agitated with her lover.


            “You, moving away every time I get close to you when we are in public.”

            “What are you talking about?”

            “You know darn well what I’m talking about.  We just had…”  Cass looked around, then back to Dakota lowering her voice, “I just went down on you and if I would have allowed it you would have returned the favor, but once we left the building you were a different person you act like there is nothing between us.  Is that what you want everyone to believe?”

            “Yes.”  Dakota said frankly looking directly into Cass’ eyes.


To Be Continued...


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