Double Play XXXV

By Cruise

Chapter 41

            Chad was pleasantly surprised by how his blind date with Jana was going.  He felt at ease with her after a few short minutes and was captured by her unassuming beauty.  They decided to part ways with Chris and his girlfriend, Heather after dinner.  Chad grew more impressed with the somewhat shy, soft spoken music major who spoke of Deland, the small town just west of Daytona Beach where she grew up, as they casually walked towards her apartment that was a few blocks from Joe’s.

Jana looked up at him, smiling slightly.  “I have to confess that I enjoyed watching you play football in high school even if your team did beat us every time.”

Chad blushed and chuckled.  “Really? Are you sure you were looking at me, because I have a twin brother.”

“Just because I’m majoring in music doesn’t mean that I don’t like football or know the game.  Being in the band allowed me to watch all the games. I know the difference between you and your brother.” 

“Very cool.”  He laughed slightly.

“You’re the quarterback right?”

Chad sighed inwardly, trying to conceal his disappointment and laughed relieved when he saw Jana smiling mischievously.  “That was a good one, you really had me going.”  He chuckled and playfully nudged her, a little too hard.  “Oh, I’m sorry.”  He reached and grabbed her as she stumbled off the sidewalk.  “I am so sorry.”  He helped her back onto the sidewalk.  Her touch was warm and delicate.  He was surprised by his response to her touch, his heart raced.

“I’m not.”  Jana stared into his blue eyes, smiling.

He looked into her hazel eyes searching for approval and when he saw a twinkle of it he slowly leaned in to kiss her.  When her lips touched his it took his breath away, butterflies in his stomach suddenly took flight and warmth swept throughout him.  His heart pounded uncontrollably as he deepened the kiss.  ‘Air, I need it.’  He thought, breaking the kiss reluctantly.  He stood staring at Jana, unable to form a word or a thought; he was mesmerized by the slender, slightly shorter brown haired woman.

Jana sighed loudly and inhaled deeply.  She chuckled, surprised by her own reaction to the kiss.  “Wow, ah I aah wasn’t expecting that.”

Chad grimaced.  “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that.”  He nervously chewed his lip.

“No, I mean yes, you should have.”  She giggled flustered as she grasped his strong forearms.  “It was wonderful.”

“Whew!” Chad blew out the breath he was holding and laughed.  “For a moment there I thought you were thinking the opposite.” 

They laughed and began to walk again.

A powerful surge coursed through Chad’s body when she slipped her hand into his.  He smiled as they walked across the street.

“This is my apartment.”  She pointed out when they approached the small white duplex apartment.  She opened the door and turned to him.  “I had a great time, thank you.”

“You’re welcome and thank you, I had a great time too.”  He smiled, absently rubbing his thumb on her hand…silence.

“Well…how about if I give you my phone number and you can give me a call if you want to go out again.”  Jana said with a hopeful smile.

“No need for a phone number.” 

Her smile turned to a frown.

“What I meant was that I would like to go out with you again tomorrow night if you are free?” Chad smiled shyly.

Jana exhaled relieved and smiled.  “What time will you pick me up?”

“How about 7?”

“I’ll be ready.”  She giggled.

“Great, well have a good night.” 

Jana was smitten by his awkwardness and his boyish grin.  She moved closer and kissed him.  “Good night.”  She smiled and turned around.

“I would still like your phone number.”  He smiled flirtatiously.

Jana chuckled and blushed.  She reached into her purse and pulled out a pen.  She took his hand and wrote her number on the palm, winking before walking inside her apartment.

He smiled and exhaled, waving before she closed the door.  He stood on the other side of the closed door momentarily.  ‘What has happened to me? I’m not staying over…’  He glanced down at his palm, reading the phone number and looked back up.  ‘And I’m totally cool with that.’  He turned and walked away with a spring in his step that he hadn’t had in a long time.


            The next morning, Dakota walked Cass to her first class.

            “Well, have fun.”  Dakota grinned mischievously.

            “I don’t want to go in and take my English test.”  Cass whined playfully.

            “I know, but get it over with and then you won’t have to whine about having to take it anymore.”

            “Very funny.”  Cass chuckled and nudged Dakota.  “Do you want to meet me for lunch?”

            “Sorry, I can’t.  I’ll have to catch you later tonight.”


            “I think you need some cheese with that whine.  Get in there and pass your test!” Dakota laughed, nudging her towards the door.

            “Fine, but you’ll have to make up for the torture I face in there later.”

            “You got it.”  Dakota smiled and winked before walking away.

            Cass watched Dakota walk down the hall, admiring the way her muscular back side fit in her low riding blue jeans.  Her eyes moved up to her back and arms visible through her snuggly fitting red t-shirt.  ‘That confident strut of hers is tantalizing.’

            “Miss Storms, do you plan to take your test inside the class or out in the hall?”

            Cass jumped out of her revere and looked at her professor.  “Oh, sorry sir.”  She smiled at her professor and hurried to her desk.  She took out her pencil, and then inhaled deeply.  ‘Okay, no more of Dakota’s anatomy.’  She sighed disappointed, allowing her thoughts to trail off to Dakota’s naked form.  She smiled dreamily and looked away flustered when the professor glared at her as he issued her test.  ‘Get with it.  English…English.’  She focused her attention on the test before her.

            Cass smiled happily as she turned in her test, confident that she passed it with ease.  She tossed her backpack over her shoulder and walked out of the classroom.  She purchased a bottle of water from the vending machine and walked outside, towards her next class.  She inhaled the fresh cool air still in a glow from the love making her and Dakota did the previous night.  She was on a cloud and her smile could not be wiped off her face as she walked towards her next class.  ‘I feel wonderful.’  Inhaling deeply, she slowly exhaled and opened the door to the building for her anatomy class.  Walking over to her desk near the window, she put her backpack down and pulled out an apple.  She sank her teeth into the apple, gazing out the window slowly chewing the crisp fruit.  Her heart raced when she saw Dakota walking down the sidewalk, she smiled and reached to open the window, but stopped as Dakota did.  ‘What the f…?’ Cass’ jealousy reared its ugly head when she saw Leila slither up to Dakota.  ‘Hell no!’ Cass turned on her heels and headed towards the door.

            “Oh, Cass thank goodness.  I could use your help.”  Her flustered professor said as she walked inside with her hands full of reports.

            “Sorry I aah…oh, okay.”  Cass was quickly inundated with half the stack of heavy reports.

            “Just put them on the desk for me.”  She walked over and placed her stack down.  “I need you to help me carry the boxes of bones in from the lab.” 

            Cass placed the report down sighing.  She rolled her eyes frustrated and walked over to her desk, placing her apple down.  She glanced out the window, seeing Dakota and Leila walking away.  ‘Why does she still talk to her? I just don’t fucking understand her!’

“Cass, please…come on.”  The professor waved her to the door.

            “I’m coming.”  Cass sighed heavily, heading to the door.


            “Yo, Bro!” Owen called out as he jogged up to his brother who was walking toward the football stadium.

            “What’s up?” Chad asked.

            “How was your date with fluffy last night?” Owen chuckled with a nudge.

            Chad blushed, smiling as he thought of Jana.  “It was great actually.”

            “No shit!” Owen chuckled surprised.

            “In fact, we are going out again tonight.”  He smiled broadly, opening the door to the lobby of the stadium.

            “Ooh, she must have been very good huh? Too bad you got her out of the house pretty early this morning; I would like to have seen her.”

            “She didn’t stay over last night.”  Chad glanced at his brother, and then opened the door to the locker room.

            “Ah-ha, how was she in bed?”

            Chad placed his hand on his brother’s chest stopping him.  “Knock it off.”

            “Dude, what’s up with you?”

            “It’s none of your business that’s what’s up.”

            “Since when has it not been my business? We always talk about the bitches we hook up with.”

            Chad became more perturbed with his brother and pushed him against the wall.  “She’s not a bitch.”

            “Whatever man, what is your deal?” Owen shoved his brother away.

            “She’s different that’s what the deal is and I don’t want you saying she’s a bitch.”  Chad walked away.

            Owen watched his brother and it dawned on him.  He laughed as he followed his brother.  “She didn’t sleep with you that’s why you’re acting like this.  Ooh, my brother has a prick teaser huh?”

            Chad turned and punched him in the mouth.  He leaned over his brother, glaring.  “I told you not to talk about her in that way.”

            Owen wiped his mouth and looked at his hand that had blood on it.  “You split my lip asshole!” He rose to his feet, facing his brother.

            “I’ll split something else if you keep it up.”

            “You do the same shit man you fucking hypocrite.”

            “I did, but the difference between you and I is that I regret all that, you don’t.”  Chad pushed him and walked away shaking his head.

            Owen watched his brother disappear around the corner.  He wiped more blood from his lip.  ‘He freaking busted my lip!’ He walked away stunned.


            Cass was happy to finally be out of her two hour Anatomy lecture and lab class that seemed to drag on incessantly.  It didn’t help that the only thing she could think of was Dakota and Leila.  ‘Why does Dakota continue to talk to her? I just don’t get it.’  Cass shoved the door open forcefully and squinted when she stepped out into the sunlight.  She looked down at her watch.  ‘Shit, I don’t have time to go to the hospital and track down Dakota.  I better get some lunch and head to class.’  She changed direction and headed for the on campus sub shop.   

            After paying for her veggie sandwich and soda she searched out a table, stopping in her tracks when she saw Dakota in the distance having lunch with a bleached blonde woman.  Her heart sank and a lump formed in her throat. ‘She lied.  Why did she lie? Why not just tell me she had other lunch plans? First I see her with Leila and now with this woman.  What in the hell am I doing? Why am I putting myself through this torture?’ She inhaled deeply, as humiliation and hurt filled her.  She watched the pair as they laughed, seemingly enjoying each other’s company.  The hurt grew stronger and she could no longer watch her lover.  As tears streaked her face, she tossed her lunch in the trash and hurried away.


            “Hey Brooke.”  Michelle greeted placing her tray in front of her and sitting down.

            “Hey.”  Brooke smiled shyly looking up from her plate of food.

            “Are you eating alone or is Mary lurking around somewhere?” Michelle looked around and smiled mischievously when she looked back at Brooke.

            “No, I’m alone.”

            “Is that why you have that solemn look on your face?”

            “I’m worried about Cass.  She missed our workout this afternoon and coach was pretty ticked.”

            “Maybe she was stuck in class or something?” Michelle shrugged her shoulders.

            “I thought that might be what happened, but I just saw coach and she said Cass still had not contacted her about missing our workout.”

            “Don’t worry; I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.  She’s fine.”  Michelle patted her hand and smiled comfortingly.

            “Yeah, I suppose you’re right.”  Brooke smiled slightly, enjoying Michelle’s soft touch.

            “So, where’s Mary?”

            “I’m not sure.  I haven’t heard from her today.”

            Michelle looked at her briefly.  “That’s kind of strange isn’t it?”

            “No, not really.  She tends to do that pretty regularly.”

            “Really?” Michelle paused, surprised by the comment.  She thought back to seeing Mary the previous night.  ‘What is that bitch up to?’

            “Yeah, well I guess we all need our alone time.”  Brooke tried to shake off her disappointment by shrugging her shoulders.

            “It seems some more than others.”  Michelle took a sip of her drink, staring at Brooke, seeing the hurt in her eyes.  Her heart skipped a beat, feeling sad that Brooke was concealing her disappointment.  “Hey, aah would you like to go to a movie with me after dinner?”

            Brooke looked at Michelle surprised by the invite.  Her thoughts wavered that she shouldn’t go out with her ex to a movie knowing her girlfriend would be mad about it.  ‘But, where is my girlfriend?’ She questioned.  “Yeah, sure that sounds like fun.”

            “Excellent!” Michelle smiled happily.


            After numerous calls to Cass’ cell phone and waiting at her dorm room for thirty minutes, Dakota headed across campus.  She saw Michelle and Brooke walking up.  “Hey, have you seen Cass?”

            “No, have you?” Brooke asked worried.

            “No, I’ve been looking for her, we were supposed to meet up when I finished at the hospital and I haven’t been able to get in touch with her.” 

            “She missed our afternoon workout and coach was pretty ticked off.”  Brooke added.

            “She did? What in the hell…” Dakota’s voice trailed off, her heart quickened at the thought that popped into her head.  ‘What if that man who had followed her before was back?’

            “I’m really worried now.”  Brooke sighed nervously and looked at Michelle when she felt her hand on her shoulder.

            “I’m sure she’s fine, right Kody?” Michelle glared at Dakota.

            Dakota saw the fright in Brooke’s eyes and smiled comfortingly.  “Yeah, I’m sure she’s fine.”  Dakota’s own anxiety escalated.  “How about if you two head over to the anatomy lab and see if she’s there.  I’ll go over to the locker room.  Call me if you find her.”  Dakota patted Michelle on the shoulder.

            “Will do.”  Michelle took Brooke by the hand and both headed towards the anatomy building.

            “I’m sorry about the movie, but I just have a bad feeling.” 

            “Don’t worry about it, we can go another time.”  Michelle smiled reassuringly.

            Dakota’s long strides turned into a sprint as thoughts of the mysterious man following Cass filled her head.  She grew closer to the softball stadium and saw lights just beyond the field.  She hurried around the outfield fence and saw Cass off in the distance in the batting cages.  Her nervousness calmed and she lifted her phone, calling Michelle.  “Hey, I found her.  She’s at the batting cages.”

            “Excellent! She found her at the batting cages.” Michelle relayed the message to Brooke who sighed relieved.  “Thanks Kody.”

            “Yeah, later.”  Dakota clicked off the phone, slowly walking toward the cages.

            “I’m so happy she’s okay.”  Brooke smiled.  “It looks like we have time for that movie.” 

            Dakota stopped and watched Cass hit balls that were being pitched by a machine.  She crossed her arms over her chest watching as Cass pummeled each pitch effortlessly that came her way.  ‘Hmmm, very interesting.’  Dakota quietly walked up to the cage behind Cass.  She moved around behind the plate.  “Beautiful swing.”

            Cass jumped startled and turned towards her.  “You scared the shit out of me.”

            “Sorry.”  Dakota moved around the outer portion of the cage to face Cass. 

            “How long have you been here?” Cass jumped when a ball flew past her, hitting the tarp behind the plate with a loud thud.

            “Long enough.  I didn’t know you could hit left handed. Watch out!” Dakota warned.

            Cass swiveled her head around, trying to jump out of the way of the inside pitch, but not quickly enough, grimacing when the ball caught her on the backside.  “Damn it!”

            Dakota hurried over to the machine and clicked the switch to stop it.  After turning it off, she walked over to Cass.  “Are you okay?”

            “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Cass rubbed the injured area.

            “So, you hit pretty well left handed.”

            Cass chuckled nervously.  “Oh, I don’t I was just playing around.”  Cass removed her helmet and placed the bat on her shoulder as she walked towards the exit of the cage.  With each step she felt the stinging sensation where the ball had hit her.

            “Just playing around huh? Man, you really hit well for playing around.”  Dakota followed her out of the cage.

            “Beginners luck I suppose.”  Cass smiled tentatively and closed the gate, locking it after Dakota passed through.

            “Hmmm…really?” Dakota stared at her.

            “What’s going on Dakota?”

            “You tell me Cass; I’ve been looking all over for you and calling you.”

            “I’ve been busy today.”  Cass walked towards the locker room followed by Dakota.

            “I heard you missed your afternoon workout and that coach was pretty ticked off.”

            “Yeah, well she’ll get over it.”  Cass entered the locker room and tossed her bat into her locker.

            Dakota took Cass’ arm and turned her around to face her.  “What is going on with you?”

            “I’m tired of being lied to and I’m sick of feeling like all I am to you is a booty call.”  Cass stared into Dakota’s eyes.

            Dakota was taken aback by her comment.  “Who lied to you and where is this booty call shit coming from?”

            Cass moved closer to her, narrowing her green eyes as she glared at her.  “You did.”

            “I lied?” Dakota pointed to herself.  “Really, how did I do that?”

            “You told me you couldn’t have lunch today yet, I saw you with that bleached blonde you were having lunch with.”

            Dakota looked away and shook her head.  “I didn’t lie to you.”

            “Of course you did.  How can you deny it?”

            “I told you I couldn’t have lunch…with you.  That wasn’t a lie.  I was busy with AJ.”

            “And who is AJ?” Cass’ heart tightened with fear.

            “This again huh?”

            “Yes, it’s again because I constantly see you with other women.  I saw you with AJ and earlier with Leila today.  What, were you making plans with Leila for a rendezvous?”

            “I’m getting tired of explaining myself and one day I hope you will finally trust me.  I met with AJ about a Christmas present for you, that’s why I told you I couldn’t have lunch with you and Leila happened to pass by me on her way to class.  She said hello and hoped I was doing well.  That’s it.”

            Cass exhaled heavily and looked away.  Once again, she had jumped to conclusions.  “I can’t do this.  You always have an explanation as to why you are with other women.  Why couldn’t you have just told me you were meeting someone for lunch about my Christmas present?”

            “Would you have believed me? Besides, it was meant to be a surprise.”

            Cass looked away, trying to hold back her tears.

            “Of course not.  I can’t win with you.”  Dakota turned and walked out of the locker room.

            “Fuck!” Cass yelled and slammed the locker door.  She sat on the bench and cried.


            Dakota burst through the door of her house, slamming it loudly behind her.  As she passed through the kitchen she was intercepted by Owen.

            “What in the hell is going on?” 

            “Nothing.”  Dakota looked at him angrily and headed towards her room.

            “Yeah, right.  What’s wrong?”

            “Nothing that you can relate to bro.”  She moved past him and entered her room, locking the door behind her.

            “This whole fucking house has gone crazy and I’m the last one to know anything!” Owen shouted as he walked to his room, slamming the door behind him.

            Dakota took off her shirt and threw it forcefully into her closet, followed by her pants.  She lay on the bed naked.  Lifting the phone, she hit speed dial and placed the phone to her ear.  “Hey, bro.”

            “Hey sis, what’s going on in G-ville?” Rex greeted excitedly.

            “Women problems that’s what.”

            “Ooh, that’s not good.  What happened?”

            “Oh, it’s freaking Cass.  She doesn’t trust me at all.  If I have a conversation with a woman I am automatically sleeping with them.  I met with AJ today about a Christmas present I want to get for Cass, which I wanted to keep a secret because of course, I didn’t want her to know about the present, so I told her I couldn’t have lunch with her and…”

            “Kody, stop and take a breath.”  Rex interrupted with a chuckle.

            “Sorry.”  She inhaled deeply and exhaled.  “Well, she saw me with AJ and jumped to the wrong conclusion just like every other time.  I’m sick of it.”

            “Have you told her how you feel about her?”

            “Yes, I told her I didn’t want to be with anyone else, but she doesn’t believe me.  I shouldn’t have to account for everything I do with her.”

            “That’s where you’re wrong to some degree little sister.  When you’re in a monogamous relationship, if that’s what you two have going.  Is it?”

            “Well, I haven’t been with anyone else but her since we slept together.  So, I guess so.”

            “You need to be upfront and honest with her and put yourself in her shoes.  If you were the type of woman who was only in monogamous relationships would you want to date someone like you?”

            Dakota paused, thinking about it.  “I guess not.”

            “Then try to look at everything from her perspective and maybe you’ll get a better understanding of where she’s coming from.  You need to tell her just exactly what your feelings are for her and don’t be evasive.”  He chuckled.

            “Oh, man this is so hard!”

            “Yep, but you can do it especially if you really like this girl the way I think you do.  Listen, I’ve got to run.  I’ll call you tomorrow to see how you’re doing.  Love ya sis.”

            “Same here thanks.”  She clicked off the phone, staring at her wall. ‘Just what are my feelings for her?’

            “Yo, Kody! Want to go out for a drink with me?” Owen called out through the door.

            Dakota jumped out of her thoughts and looked at the door.  “Yeah, I could sure use one! I’ll be right out.”  She got out of bed and dressed in a hurry.  She smiled at her brother when she opened the door, seeing him standing in the hallway.

            “What’s going on?”

            “Cass has just been pissing me off.”  She shrugged it off walking towards the door.

            Owen grabbed her shoulder and stopped her.  “So, how come you couldn’t tell me that earlier?”

            “For one thing, I was really ticked off and for another thing, I just don’t think you can relate to the situation.  Hell, sometimes I can’t even relate to what is going on.”

            “Why don’t you have some faith in me? Maybe I can give some good advice.”

            Dakota looked at him skeptically and smiled slyly.  “Okay, what do you know about monogamous relationships?”

            “I’m not a big fan of them.”

            “So, that’s why I didn’t fill you in.”  She opened the door and walked outside.

            Owen followed her.  “Are you in a monogamous relationship with Cass?”

            “I haven’t been with any other woman than her lately, so I guess so.  Who knows, I’m not even sure I want to be in a monogamous relationship especially if it’s this damn hard.  Let’s end this conversation and have some fun.”  Dakota patted him on the arm, smiling as they walked down the driveway to the sidewalk.

            He chuckled, looking over at her.  “I like the sound of that!”

To Be Continued...


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