Double Play XXXVII

By Cruise

Chapter 43

            “Answer her.”  Dakota stated firmly, staring at the woman annoyed.

            “I’m…sorry.”  She mustered and turned to the door when it opened wider.

            “What are you doing? Aah…” Owen stammered.

            The woman rolled her eyes at him.  “Darla.”

            “Yeah, Darla.”  He moved back when she pushed past him upset.  “Sorry you two, the other bathrooms were taken so I told her to use yours.”

            “What in the hell were you thinking? Get the hell out of yours next time!” Dakota shouted perturbed.

            “I’m sorry.”  He shook his head and closed the door.

            Cass flopped back on the bed and sighed trying to calm her racing heart as she stared at the ceiling.

            Dakota looked down at her.  “Sorry about that, but I had no idea she was here.”  She placed her hand on Cass’ stomach.

            Cass blinked rapidly trying to brush away the thought that maybe Owen was covering for his sister.  She inhaled deeply, pushing it out of her thoughts and smiled when she looked into the blue eyes above her.  “Thanks, but it wasn’t your fault.”

            “Well, I feel bad.  It looks like I’ll have to start locking my door.”

            “If you do that then how will I sneak in to surprise you?” Cass smiled mischievously and pulled Dakota down, kissing her.

            “True, very true.”  Dakota murmured through the kiss.  Her hand slowly moved down as her kiss grew more passionate.  She slid her hand under the waist band of Cass’ pants, stopping when she parted her folds.

            Cass gasped from Dakota’s touch.  She held her tighter, breaking the kiss briefly to catch her breath.  “I missed you.”  She whispered staring into Dakota’s eyes.

            Dakota smiled.  “Same here.”  She leaned down to kiss her again.

            “I want you inside of me.”  Cass said lightly.

            “I thought you would never offer.”  Dakota chuckled, pressing her lips against Cass’ as her finger dipped inside her moist opening.

            Cass’ heart raced and she tilted her head back, breaking the kiss.  “I want you on top with your dildo deep inside of me.”

            Dakota was stunned momentarily, gasping when she realized she was not breathing.  Her heart pounded with excitement.  Smiling, she lightly kissed Cass’ lips and sat up.  “I think I’ll lock the door first.”

            Cass giggled, watching her naked lover rush over and lock the door.  She unzipped her pants and pushed them down, discarding them to the floor along with her shirt that she quickly pulled off.  She inhaled deeply when Dakota turned around naked with only her dildo strapped around her.  She smiled with nervous anticipation as Dakota crawled onto the bed.  “You look so incredibly hot.”

            “So do you.”  Dakota smiled enticingly as she moved Cass’ legs apart, slowly lowering her slender body onto her lover’s.

            Cass smiled feeling Dakota’s warm, muscular body against hers reveling in the wondrous sensation her body felt having her there.  She wrapped her arms around Dakota’s back and inhaled as her heart raced uncontrollably when she felt Dakota’s hand on her inner thigh, moving her leg farther apart.  Her breath escaped her when she felt the tip of the dildo press against her opening.  She gasped loudly when Dakota sank her teeth into her neck just as she slid inside of Cass.  “Oh, Dakota.”  Cass said breathless, her eyes closed and her fingernails sank into Dakota’s flesh when she pressed deeper.

            Dakota lightly kissed up her neck, stopping at her ear and seductively whispered, “You feel so good inside.  Hmmm, you drive me crazy.” 

            “You have no idea what you do to me Dakota.”  Cass grasped her face in her hands, staring deeply into her blues eyes before kissing her deeply.

            Dakota held her tightly, deepened the kiss as she slowly moved her hips up and down, pushing deeper with each rhythmic stroke.  Cass’ wondering tongue and penetrating fingernails enticed her to push faster…harder.  Her heart raced, the vein in her neck bulged and pulsed rapidly with each stroke.  She broke the kiss breathless, turning her head to the opposite side and continued the searing kiss.  Her clit hardened in response to Cass’ body, to her warmth and to her touch.  The feeling off Cass’ skin, her fingers that stroked her back, her soft lips and the dildo moving against her mound heightened her arousal.  She broke the kiss and tilted her head back, panting heavily as her hips stroked up and down…faster.  She inhaled deeply, rapidly trying to catch her labored breath.

            “Yes, faster Dakota.  Please.”  Cass threw her head back, gasping for her own breath.  She wrapped her legs around Dakota’s waist thoroughly enjoying her lover inside of her.

            Dakota looked at her and leaned down, sliding across her lips before slipping inside kissing her fervently.  She wrapped her arms around Cass and thrust her hips up and down, faster, faster…she broke the kiss breathless, panting, and her heart was out of control.  Her muscles tightened as did her lover’s who grasped her backside.

            “Yes, yes oh yes, you feel so good! Oh, aah…aah!” Cass shouted and grasped Dakota in a tight hug, gasping for air when her orgasm took over her.

            Dakota released hers in response to Cass who shook and shuddered as the orgasm continued.  Dakota panted heavily trying to catch her breath as she too shuddered and held Cass tightly until they both calmed.  She looked into Cass’ green eyes and smiled, lightly kissing her lips as she slowly pulled out.

            Cass threw her head back and gasped when Dakota exited her.  “Oh, baby.  I’m breathless.”  Cass dropped her arms and legs, completely spent from their love making.  She inhaled and exhaled rapidly trying to calm her thundering heart.

            Dakota smiled then removed the harness and lay on her side next to Cass.  Sliding her hand onto her taut abdomen, she lightly kissed the warm, soft skin on her neck.

            Cass glanced over at Dakota and smiled.  She kissed her and crawled on top of her.  Breaking the kiss, she smiled.  ‘I’m glad I took Michelle’s advice of enjoying this sexy creature.’

            Dakota chuckled as Cass stared at her.  “What?”

            Cass giggled.  “I was just thinking…that I want more.”  She leaned in and kissed Dakota deeply.


“Good morning.”  Michelle greeted smiling as she approached Brooke who sat eating her breakfast.

            “Hey!” She answered smiling.

            Michelle across from her, placing her tray down.  “So, what are your plans for today other than classes or would you like to skip class?” Michelle smiled mischievously.

            Brooke chuckled.  “Aah, not in the mood to hear coach yell at me and I’m definitely not in any mood to do a bunch of running.  So, I think I’ll go to class.  How about you?” She filled her mouth with a spoonful of eggs.

            “As enticing as skipping class is I too am not found of listening to one of coach’s tirades nor doing any running so I suppose I’ll go to class as well.  Would you like to do something this afternoon?”

            “Sounds like fun, but I need to talk to Mary.”  Brooke looked down at her watch.

            “Do you need her permission?” Michelle felt a wave of nervousness fill her.

            “Nope, just need to settle things with her.”  Brooke put an apple in her book bag, and then cleaned up her utensils.

            “Great.” Michelle said softly, disappointed taking a bite of her bagel.

            “I’ve got to get running.  I’ll meet you at your place at 2.”  Brooke tossed her bag over the shoulder, picked up her tray and walked next to Michelle.  She leaned down to her ear.  “You have no reason to be jealous.”

            Michelle smiled and turned watching Brooke walk away, her heart aflutter.


Cass and Dakota walked towards campus towards Cass’ dorm, both smiling at one another.

            “Hey aah, are you going to Maine for Christmas?” Dakota looked at Cass.

            “I’ve been so busy with all my projects and studying for finals that I actually haven’t thought about it much.  Why?”

            “Well, I was wondering if you would like to spend Christmas with my family in Daytona?”

            Cass’ heart raced with exhilaration.  “I would love too.”  She grabbed Dakota’s arm and squeezed it with excitement.

            “Great, but do you need to check with your family first? I don’t want to pull you away if they have plans for you.”

            “Well, I certainly won’t be spending it with my parents, just my aunt and uncle.  They really aren’t into the big Christmas get togethers so I doubt it will be a problem with them if I join you.  I’ll call her later and let her know.”  Cass opened the door to the lobby of her dorm.

            Dakota followed her inside.  “Okay, great.  When will you be done with your finals?”

            “My last one is Friday, thankfully.”  Cass smiled and opened the door to her room. 

            “Me too.”

            “Cool, do you want to leave then?” Cass asked excitedly as she stuck a book in her bag.

            “No I can’t I’m leaving for New York right after my final.”

            “To New York? What for?” Cass’ smiled escaped her.

            “Yeah, for the Heisman award ceremony.  Chad and Owen are nominated for it.  My whole family, including my grandparents are going.”

            “Really?” Cass said softly, obviously disappointed.  “You didn’t mention to me that you were going.”

            “Sorry, I kind of figured you knew I would be going.”  Dakota shrugged her shoulders.

            “I knew they were up for the award, but kind of just didn’t think of it because you hadn’t mentioned anything to me.”

            “Sorry.  Aah, well we are flying out Friday.”  Dakota sighed seeing the disappointment in Cass’ eyes.  “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

            “It’s okay Dakota you don’t have to tell me everything.”  Cass walked to the bathroom to brush her hair.

            “Well, from the look on your face you’re disappointed.”  Dakota stood in the doorway watching her.

            “It’s okay.”  Cass walked past her and grabbed her bag, unable to look at her lover.

            Dakota walked over and placed her hands on Cass’ shoulders, turning her towards her.  “It doesn’t look okay Cass.” 

            Cass looked up at her and sighed.  “You’re right it’s not okay.  I’m hurt and disappointed.”

            “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I just assumed you knew I would be going.”

            “That’s not what I’m talking about Dakota.”

            “Then what is it?”

            “I’m disappointed that you just assumed that I would know and that you didn’t ask me to go with you.”

            Dakota looked away sighing slightly, and then returned her look to Cass.  “I didn’t ask you because they didn’t allot enough tickets and my family took all that were available.”

            Cass inhaled and exhaled.  “I understand.”  She looked down still feeling disappointed and hurt.

            Dakota pulled her in for a hug and kissed her on the head.  “I’m really sorry for the confusion and for not asking you to go, but there aren’t enough tickets.”

            “It’s okay, I understand.”  Cass looked up at her forcing a smile and patted her on the back.  “We need to get going or we are going to miss class.”

            Dakota glanced down at her watch.  “You’re right.”  She leaned down and kissed Cass.  “Forgive me?”

            Cass nodded yes and smiled weakly.  She clasped Dakota’s hand as they walked to the door. 

            Dakota stopped her and kissed her soundly.  “I’m sorry.”  She kissed her cheek and opened the door, releasing the hold on Cass’ hand.

            Cass sighed disappointed at the loss of contact and couldn’t shake the feeling of being left out as they walked to their classes.  ‘Why didn’t she tell me? She should have told me.’

            Dakota stopped outside of Cass’ class.  “Good luck on your presentation.”

            “Thanks.  Good luck on your final.  Want to get some dinner tonight?”

            “I would love to, but I have no time.  I’ll be at the lab studying for my test tomorrow and then I have a shift at the hospital.  The next couple of days are going to be hell, but they’ll be worth it when I’m done and we can leave Tuesday for break.”  She smiled excitedly.

            “Am I not going to see you in the next couple of days?”

            “It’s going to be tough, but I’ll try to steal some time to see you.  I’ve got to get going.  Good luck.  I’ll call you.”  Dakota winked and patted Cass on the hip before walking away.

            Cass watched as Dakota strolled down the hall, quickly disappearing around the hall.  ‘Damn it, what is this? I feel completely insignificant in her life.’ She shook her head and entered the class room.  ‘Deep breath, this is what happens when you get involved with someone like Dakota.  That needs to change.’  Cass pulled out her notebook and pen.


            Chad strolled up to the table where Jana was sitting and grinned broadly when she looked at him.  “Hey.”  He greeted with a kiss on her cheek.

            “Hey to you.”  She smiled and rubbed his muscular forearm.

            “What are you eating?” He looked down at the sandwich before her.

            “The Swamp.”  She grinned and held it up to him.

            “I love those, they put everything in them.”  He chuckled and took a bite.

            “It’s my favorite sandwich.”  She took a bite of the sandwich and wiped her mouth with a napkin, then did the same to Chad.

            Michelle stood at the counter waiting for her order watching her best friend.  She felt a wave of jealousy each time he smiled at her or touched her.  ‘Be happy for him, he’s your best friend.’  She jumped startled when her sandwich basket was placed beside her.  “Thanks.”  She took the basket and put it on her tray, then walked towards Chad’s table.

            He looked up and smiled.  “Michelle! Hey, come sit with us.”  He waved her over and stood up, pulling the chair out for her.

            “Nah, I don’t want to bother you two.”

            “It’s no bother come on, sit.”  He insisted, taking her tray and placing it on the table.

            “Okay, thanks.”  Michelle sat down, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

            “Michelle this is Jana, Jana this is my best friend Michelle.”  Chad introduced them as he sat next to Jana.

            “It’s a pleasure.”  Michelle smiled cordially as she shook the woman’s hand.

            “Aah, same here.”  Jana smiled slightly, feeling awkward with the situation in light of what Chad told her about their past.  She moved closer to him, protectively, sliding her hand on top of his.

            Chad looked at her and smiled.  He looked at Michelle when she opened the wrapper to her sandwich.  “Dude, you got the Gator.  My favorite.”

            “Of course, it’s what we always get.”  Michelle grinned and took a bite.  She held it out offering some to him. 

            He took the sandwich and took a bite.  He smiled, winking at Jana as he chewed the sandwich.

            “Do you want half?” Michelle offered.

            “Well, aah.”

            “No, here eat this one, I’m stuffed already.”  Jana insisted handing him her sandwich.

            “Are you sure, you barely ate anything.” 

            “I’m sure; I had a snack just before lunch.”

            “Thanks.”  He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

            Michelle looked down at her plate, jealous.

            The trio sat talking for nearly a half hour.  Jana had grown tired of feeling left out of the conversation when Michelle and Chad rattled off all their fun times they shared.

            Michelle looked down at her watch.  “Damn, I have to get running.  I’m supposed to meet up with Brooke.”

            “Are you two back together again?” He asked tentatively.

            “No, but I’m hoping we will.”  She smiled, quickly cleaning up her mess.

            “That’s great I’m happy for you.”  He smiled, staring at her as she threw her trash away and gathered her belongings.

            Jana grew more jealous seeing the way he looked at Michelle. 

            “Thanks.”  She smiled when she lifted her back pack up.

            “Hey, how about if all meet up for drinks around 7?” He suggested.

            “Well, I’ll talk…” Michelle began and stopped.

            Jana leaned closer to Chad, possessively wrapping her arm around his waist.  “I was going to make dinner for you tonight.”  She was staking her claim and kissed him on the shoulder.

            “Oh, aah…”  He looked at Jana then to Michelle unsure of what to say.

            “It’s fine.  Besides, I’m not sure Brooke is ready to go out with us anyway.”  Michelle smiled slightly.  “It was nice meeting you.  I’ll see you later Chad.”  She walked away feeling left out.

            Chad couldn’t help but see sadness in her eyes, just before she walked away.  ‘I hurt her.’  He stood up.

            “Where are you going?” Jana asked.

            “I’ll be right back.”  He smiled and patted her hand that rested on his muscular thigh.

            He ran up beside Michelle.  “Hey…aah, are you okay?”

            Michelle stopped and faced him.  “I felt pretty uncomfortable, but I’ll be fine.”


            “I was jealous.”  Michelle said softly looking towards Jana, and then looked back to him.

            “Jealous? Michelle, you were the one who didn’t want to be with me, not the other way around.”

            “I know and I’m not jealous in that sense I’m jealous because I want us to be close friends again, like we used to and I don’t see that happening.”

            “Of course, we’ll be close again.  Why wouldn’t we be?”

            “Because she is into you big time and you’re the same with her.  She is not comfortable being around me, just like Brooke wasn’t with you and look how that ended up.”

            “Yeah, that didn’t go very good, but we need to handle the situation better.  You’re my best friend and you will always be very important to me.  Who ever either of us is with is going to have to understand that.  Now, whether that will be an easy task is another story.”  He grinned and hugged her.

            “Very true.”  She chuckled and patted his back, breaking the hug.  “I’ll see you later.”  She winked and walked away.

            Chad walked back over and sat down next to Jana.

            “Is everything okay?” She asked tentatively.

            “Yeah, aah, I’m not sure where this…” he gestured between them with his hand, “us, is going, but I hope you understand that no matter what happened between her and I we are always going to be close friends.”

            “Well, it does make me nervous considering what you told me and your feelings towards her that weren’t reciprocated.”

            “I understand and I told you what my feelings are now regarding that situation, but she’s always going to be very important in my life.”  He looked at his watch.  “I’ve got to get to practice what time should I come by tonight?”

            “Okay, aah…7 would great.”

            “I’ll be there.  See you later.”  He rubbed her arm and stood up, then walked away.

            ‘As long as she doesn’t try to push me away from you things will be fine.’  Jana inhaled trying to calm her nervousness as she watched Chad walk away.  ‘I’ll just have to make him forget all about Michelle.’


“Hey Brooke.”  Michelle greeted with a smile when she opened the door.

            “Hey!” Brooke smiled as she entered the room.  “Where are your roomies?”

            “I’m not sure.  Just be happy they aren’t here because otherwise we would hear some funky sounds coming from that side of the room.”  Michelle pointed and laughed as did Brooke.

            “That is too funny that they are hooked up now.”

            “I know, we have all been living together for three years now and they just figured out that they are hopelessly devoted to each other.”  Michelle chuckled and plopped down on the small couch.

            “Well, sometimes it takes people a long time to figure out who they are supposed to be with.”  Brooke sat next to Michelle on the couch.  She stared at Michelle trying to form her words.

            “Is everything okay?” Michelle asked concerned, leaning forward.

            “Not really.  I’m really confused.”  Brooke looked down and sighed.

            “Okay, about what?” Michelle asked, lightly rubbing her back.

            Brooke glanced at Michelle.  “About us, about Mary and me.”

            “I’m sorry I put you through hell.  I never intended to hurt you; I was confused about myself, about you, and about Chad.  I wish I could go back in time and change what happened, but I can’t.  I can only go forward and never make a mistake like that again.  I …well, the honest truth is I want you back Brooke.  I was a fool for hurting you and would love a second chance.  I don’t think Mary is the right person for you and I get this feeling she is just using you to get closer to Cass for some reason, but then again I’m biased.”  She smiled and chuckled.  “It doesn’t matter what I want because it’s what you want and what is going to make you happy.”

            “It does matter what you want because I want the same as you.  Mary came along at a time when I was hurting so bad and she said and did all the right things that made me feel important.   I thought she was the answer, but the truth is she was the rebound girl and I am not happy with her.  I talked with her earlier and told her just that.  It didn’t seem to faze her; she acted like she didn’t care.  She was too preoccupied with texting someone then being sad that I was breaking up with her.”

Michelle furrowed her brows, thinking it was very odd behavior.  “You know something is up with her.  I saw her…”

Brooke placed her finger on Michelle’s lips interrupting her.  “I don’t want to talk about her anymore.  I want you back; I want to give you a second chance.”

            Michelle smiled happily and grasped Brooke’s hands, kissing her fingers.

            “But, I need assurances that the same thing is not going to happen as before.”

            “That is not going to happen again.  I was confused as to what I wanted then, I’m not now.  I know how much of an idiot I was letting you go and don’t want to let anyone come between us.  I will always be close friends with Chad and I hope you can deal with that, but I am not attracted to him. I don’t want anything other than his friendship.  Can you deal with us being friends?”

            “If it means having you back, yes I can. I’ve missed you so much. You are who I want to be with.”  Brooke smiled and leaned in to kiss Michelle.

            Michelle stopped and whispered, “I love you,” before pressing her lips against Brooke’s.

            Brooke gasped and wrapped her arms around Michelle’s neck, deepening the kiss.


Chad knocked on the door, anxiously waiting for Jana to open it.  He smiled when she did and leaned in to kiss her.

            “Hello.”  She smiled and kissed him.  She moved back as he walked inside.

            Chad entered the apartment, impressed with the romantic ambiance of the place.  The light illuminating the room was from candles and soft music played.  He turned slightly, seeing platters of food on the coffee table along with drinks.  He smiled and looked at her admiringly when she stepped in front of him.  He looked her up and down; mesmerized by how she looked in the short, tight dress she wore.  “You look incredible.”      

            “Thank you.”  She smiled, watching him take off his jacket.  She stared appreciatively at his taut muscles that showed through his tight shirt.  She took his hand and led him to the couch.  They sat down and she handed him a glass of beer.

            “This looks great.”  Chad drank some of the beer.

            “So do you.”  Jana smiled flirtatiously and held a piece of cheese up for him.

            He stared into her eyes and slowly placed his mouth over the piece of cheese as she placed it into his mouth.  He lightly kissed her fingers and took her hand, pulling her closer to him.  He kissed her lightly, then pressed his lips against hers kissing her deeply.

            Jana wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his.  Her heart raced when she felt him wrap his arms around her.  She broke the kiss breathless, staring into his eyes.  “I want you.”

            Chad’s heart pounded with excitement.  He kissed her passionately, moving his hands down and under her dress, lightly caressing her backside.

            Jana pulled his shirt up and over his head, then began kissing his neck and moved down to his muscular chest.  She stopped her kiss at his lower abdomen and looked down nervously between his legs, seeing his stiffness through his jeans.

            Chad saw her nervousness and pulled her back up into his arms.  “If you want to wait I’m fine with that.”

            “No, I want you…now.”  She kissed him and pulled her dress over her head. 

            He gathered her into his arms and stood up.  Still kissing her he walked her to the bed and laid her down.  He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down to the floor.

            Jana gasped and inhaled when she saw him naked.  She took his hand and guided him to the bed.

            He began to kiss and broke the kiss.  “I need to put on a condom.”

            “It’s okay I have birth control.” She smiled, pulling him closer. 

            “I didn’t think you were very…experienced.”

            “I’m not, but my mom was very insistent that I have birth control before I left for school.”  She smiled mischievously and pulled him on top of her, gasping when she felt his hardness against her.


            In the past two days Cass had barely seen Dakota for a total of three hours.  They had made plans to have dinner at the hospital in hopes of seeing each other for a little more time before she left for New York the next morning.          She was so anxious to see Dakota that she was an hour early.  Cass carried a bag full of Burrito Bro’s food as she walked down the hall towards emergency room.  “Hi I’m here to see Dakota.”  She asked pleasantly when she approached the woman at the desk.

            “Okay, let me make a call and I’ll have her meet you here.”  She smiled and lifted the phone to her ear.

            “Thank you.”  Cass smiled and wondered a few steps away, looking through the window to the area where the medical personnel hurried about as a patient was being wheeled in.  She smiled when she caught sight of Dakota who turned the corner.  Her smile soon left her when she saw Leila turn the corner as she talked to Dakota.  Her jealousy turned to anger when she saw Dakota hand Leila an envelope.  ‘Why won’t she just get rid of that woman? I’m so tired of this crap.’  She turned on her heels and tossed the bag of food in the trashcan, then headed for the door.

            “Excuse me; I’m still trying to find her.”

            “Never mind, I found her.  She’s busy.”  Cass turned waving back to the woman on the phone. 

            “Would you like to leave her a message?”

            “No.”  Cass smiled weakly and turned away from her.  “It won’t do any good.”  She said in a whisper as she headed out into the darkness.  She pulled her cell phone out and turned the ringer off, then stuck it into her pocket as she walked towards her dorm.


            The next morning Dakota changed out of her hospital clothes and checked her cell phone for any messages from Cass.  She had wondered what happened when Cass didn’t show up for their dinner date.  She had left a message, but shortly after the rest of the night became a blur when the emergency room was packed with patients from a multi car accident.  She inhaled deeply feeling exhausted and nauseous.  ‘Man, I feel awful.  I am going to sleep for the entire plane ride.’  She tried to eliminate the tiredness by rubbing her face.  ‘Well, that didn’t work.’  Chuckling, she tossed her book bag over her shoulder and headed to Cass’ dorm.  She leaned her head against the door jam as she knocked.  She smiled when Cass opened the door.  “Good morning.”  She mustered.

            “Hey, what are you doing here?” Cass asked coldly.

            Dakota was taken back by her greeting.  “I wanted to see if everything was okay, you missed our dinner date.”

            “I stopped by but you were busy.”

            “Oh, yeah we had a multi car accident and were slammed.”

            “No, you were busy with Leila.”  Cass said sarcastically, sneering.

            Dakota wiped her face and inhaled hoping the impending fight could be so easily wiped away.  “She had to pick something up.”

            “Oh, I’m sure she was trying to pick you up.”

            “Cass, I’ve told you a ton of times there is nothing between her and me.”

            “Then what did she have to pick up from you?”

            Dakota stared at her exasperated, exhausted and nauseous, and then shook her head in disbelief.

            “Of course you won’t tell me because there is something going on between you two.  Why do you have to lie?”

            “Cass I’m exhausted, I feel awful…” Dakota covered her mouth as she gagged and leaned forward, breathing heavily.

            Cass’ anger quickly turned to concern as she looked at Dakota.  She leaned down.  “Are you okay?”

            Dakota shook her head no.  “I feel sick to my stomach.”  She stood up and inhaled deeply.

            “Is there anything I can do?” Cass asked rubbing her hand.

            Dakota inhaled and exhaled again, before leaning to Cass’ ear.  “No…but thanks.  Actually, having some faith in me would be great.  I’ll see you on Monday.”  She kissed her on the cheek and walked away.

            Cass watched Dakota slowly walk down the hall and disappear from sight.  ‘I have had faith in you Dakota, but you trample on it at every turn.’  She turned and walked inside her room.

To Be Continued...


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