Paradise Found

by Cruise & Stoley

Disclaimers: The following story is alternative uber fan fiction. If you are under age, or if you find the idea of two women loving each other offensive to you, please do not read any further. Thank you. Music by Sophie B. Hawkins, "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" and "Show me Heaven" performed by Maria McKee is used without permission.

Sex: Erotic and plenty of it!

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Part 7 (Conclusion)

The limo turned into their hotel and stopped in front of the lobby doors. Jordan gently brushed Bly's hair back and whispered to her. "Honey, wake up, we're at the hotel." Bly's eyes blinked open confused until they settled upon familiar green ones sparkling back in response. "Hey baby. Have I told you how much I've missed you?" Bly leaned up and kissed Jordan tenderly on the lips as they waited for the limo door to be opened. Jordan nodded and replied, "As much as I missed you I bet!"

"More!" Bly retorted as Jordan slipped through the open door to stand next to the limo. "Ha! We shall see." Bly smiled in reply as the driver retrieved Jordan's bags from the truck. Turning to her he asked, "Anything else Ms. VanDewark?"

"No, thank you Peter. I think we are staying put for the evening." Bly slipped a tip into his hand and he nodded his head in appreciation. "Good Luck tomorrow! Call us when you need a ride and I'll come over personally."

"Thanks, Peter I'm sure we will be calling." Bly turned to lead Jordan into the cool interior of the lobby as the porter followed with Jordan's bags behind them. They waited by the elevators as he disappeared to retrieve the key to their suite.

"Are the rest of your team staying here?" Jordan asked as she looked around at the beautifully furnished lobby. She still felt out of place in surroundings like these, but it was beginning to get easier. She smiled to herself at these thoughts before turning her attention back to Bly. The porter rejoined them as the elevator opened.

"No, I wanted us to be alone and not bothered by everyone. They are staying at another hotel." Bly answered as the three of them entered the elevator. "Shouldn't you be staying with them, I mean this is a pretty important event. Doesn't the coach mind?"

"It's a little extra drive into practice and the games, but it's worth it. It is so peaceful and quiet here without the noise and confusion of the whole team and someone always knocking on the door for something. I didn't think you'd appreciate a short- sheeted bed or red hot 'Close up' toothpaste plastered on the toilet seat. Besides there are less people to bug us!" Bly chuckled with her last statement and the porter's face broke into a grin.

"Please tell me they don't do that?" Jordan asked with a laugh.

"How do you think I know about it?" Bly grinned mischievously.

"You probably invented those pranks...that's how!" Jordan teased as she nudged Bly.

"Hey! I resemble that remark!" Bly laughed along with the others at Jordan's comment.

When the elevator doors opened, the porter led the way toward the end of the hall. There were only two doors on the floor, each at opposite ends of the hallway. Pushing open the double doors, the bellhop stepped back and waited for the two women to proceed him into the suite. Following behind he placed the luggage in bedroom. Jordan walked over to the doors to the balcony and opened them wide as Bly waited for the man to finish with the luggage. She watched as her lover looked wide-eyed at the famous San Francisco wharf before her. Jordan glanced around at her surroundings with a childlike wonderment and noticed the 'Golden Gate' bridge off in the distance to her left. She paused and stared at the magnificent structure. Scanning to the right she caught sight of the double-decker 'Bay' bridge. She had seen pictures of both bridges, but they had never captured the sheer magnitude or brilliance the creations exuded in reality.

Bly could see the simple joy and wonder in Jordan's face and it made her heart lift. She had missed Jordan more than she had expected she would. After the long hours of practice and tournaments, she would find herself lying in bed and missing the soft warm body next to her. Bly still marveled that this beautiful woman was with her and loved her. When the bellhop came toward the door, Bly tipped him and locked the door as he left. 'There, alone at last!' With a devilish smile, she walked silently toward the balcony doors through which Jordan had disappeared. Jordan felt the arms encircle her waist as a low warm breath whispered in her ear. "Do you have any idea of how much I missed you? I feel like all I've done is push myself in the games just to wear myself out. I wanted to be so exhausted that I would be too tired to even think after the match." Bly nuzzled and tenderly nipped the outline of Jordan's ear. She seductively moved her lips down Jordan's neck before turning the woman to face her. The sightseeing could wait. Jordan had her own magnificent sight snuggled in her arms. Bly rained kisses on every inch of exposed skin she could find. When she tired of that she exposed more skin and began to slowly devour each fresh expanse with her lips. Clothes quickly found their way to the floor and soon the two bodies were wrapped together as one dancing their way to ecstasy. Bly lay across Jordan's chest listening as the rapid beat began to slow to a steady rhythm. A sudden growl broke the silence and Bly chuckled turning to look up at Jordan.

"Not hungry are we?"

"Well, actually, I'm starving after that workout!" Jordan teased and received an onslaught of tickling to her midsection. Laughing until she couldn't breathe Jordan shouted out her surrender. "Okay! Okay! I give!" Laughing and rolling around Bly moved Jordan over the edge of the bed and only then did she relinquish her hold of Jordan's body. Reaching over to the nightstand, she grabbed the Hotel Book and they began to look through the room service menu.

"See anything that strikes your fancy?" Bly looked over at green eyes that twinkled mischievously. "Besides that!"

"Oh, food you mean?" Jordan replied dryly and made an effort to scan the menu. "I don't care, just as long as it isn't too heavy".

"Okay, how about roasted chicken and a salad? Is that light enough?" Bly reached for the phone and began to punch in the number to room service before looking up for Jordan's reaction.

Jordan nodded her agreement and toyed dangerously with Bly's ear. The frustrated woman tried to maintain her composure so she could give their order to the chef.

After their evening picnic in bed Bly explained that she had a very early practice session. After that they could set off on their sight seeing tour of Monterey Bay. The two were cuddled closely as they drifted off to sleep. Each woman lost in their own thoughts and dreams, both with slight grins on their faces.

The alarm rang way too early and loud for both women. Bly quickly slammed her hand down on the apparatus to stop the incessantly offensive noise and sighed tiredly. She was perfectly content to stay right there with the love of her life snuggled comfortably in her arms for the rest of the day. 'That's going to have to wait for a few days.' She thought wiping the sleep out of her eyes as she felt Jordan stir.

"Morning." Jordan barely replied with her sleep filled voice. She looked up at Bly with slightly open eyes.

"Same to you beautiful." Bly smiled and kissed the blonde before her.

"Hmmm, wow! I've missed that Bly." Jordan answered smiling and savoring the sensuous kiss that still lingered on her lips.

"Me too sweets. So, here's another." Bly chuckled gathering Jordan up into her arms and kissing her passionately.

Jordan's heart raced and her adrenaline flowed. There was no way she wanted the kiss to end. But unfortunately it did when she felt Bly pull back. "I would love nothing more than to stay right here in bed with you and kiss you all day, but I've got head off to practice." Bly replied disappointedly and sat up bringing Jordan with her. Bly noted the sadness and disappointment in Jordan's fine features as she sat looking at her beautiful lover. "Fortunately, I'll only be gone for a couple of hours and then we have the rest of the day to spend together. Just you and me." Bly informed the beauty enthusiastically. She kissed Jordan before climbing out of bed.

"I'm looking forward to it Bly." Jordan smiled and climbed out of bed as well.

"Hey, what are you doing getting out of bed at 5:30 am?!" Bly asked astonished and approached Jordan. "Are you feeling okay?" She teased and put her hand to Jordan's forehead mockingly checking for a temperature.

"Ha ha...very funny!" Jordan teased and playfully bit Bly's hand before placing a soft kiss on it. "I thought I would wash your clothes before we get kicked out of the hotel. That bag smells like an animal died in it. I am assuming that's where that wretched stench is coming from. Am I right?" Jordan laughingly asked pointing to the bulging bag sitting in the corner of the suite.

Bly slipped her shirt over her head and sheepishly grinned. She knew what lay in store for Jordan when she opened the bag. "Honey, yes, that's where it's coming from. It's all my sweaty clothes. You're such a saint for washing them for me. I had no time to do any of it. I owe you big time!" Bly confirmed with a sly grin gathering Jordan into her arms as she playfully nibbled on her neck.

"Yes, you will owe me very big Bly VanDewark and you better pay up. No more putting it on a tab!" Jordan teased as she poked Bly on the shoulder to emphasize her point.

Bly leaned up and faced Jordan with a mischievous smile and replied, "I so look forward to paying that tab." She wiggled her eyebrows seductively and chuckled heading into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Jordan smiled happily, enticed by the thought of Bly's payment. "Don't they wash your practice clothes Bly?" Jordan asked pulling out some clothes to wear.

"Hmmm, uhmmm...yeah." Bly finally answered after extracting her toothbrush. It just wasn't too advisable to speak with one in your mouth! "Those are from doing some extra workouts in the hotel. I wanted to get back into better shape with some additional training." Bly answered as she wiped her mouth off on the towel and exited the bathroom. She approached Jordan and stood close to her, "I'll see you in a few babe." She responded and planted a fleeting kiss on Jordan's lips before quickly disappearing out of the suite much to Jordan's dismay. She was left standing quite flustered by the dark-haired beauty.

Jordan planted her hands on her hips and began to laugh. 'The things that woman does to me!' She exclaimed breathless and turned towards the clothing bag. "Ugh!" Jordan sighed with a scrunched up face She was worried by what she might find in there. She quickly dressed and took the bag to the laundry facilities to get the dirty deed finished.

She braced herself and opened the bag. "Whoa! Does that stink!" She exclaimed horrified. Moving away from the bag for a breath of fresh air she complained softly, "It's worse than I could have ever imagined!" Jordan finally collected herself and picked up the nasty clothes with her index finger and thumb. She was afraid to touch them with her whole hand. "Yuck!" She quickly threw them into the washing machine. Jordan grabbed Bly's jeans, which didn't seem too smelly to touch and checked the pockets to make sure no money was left in them. Bly had a habit of doing that often. 'Ooh, what's this? Maybe some money? A tip for me for this wretched job I'm doing?' Jordan asked inwardly with a laugh as she pulled the item out of the back pocket.

She tossed the jeans into the washer machine noticing it was a piece of paper. She opened the note and read, 'Call me in room 113 at the airport Hyatt, Lynnette.' Jordan felt like she had been kicked in the gut. She found it increasingly difficult to breathe as she read the note again. She inhaled and exhaled deeply in a futile attempt to calm herself. 'This can't be.' She told herself refusing to believe Bly would have anything to do with another woman. But why had she left her number in her pocket? Her eyes watered and her hands shook when she read the note for a third time.

She sniffed her tears back and stuffed the note in her pocket deciding that Bly had some serious explaining to do. Jordan was angry,, devastated by what she had found. Her emotions ran the gambit ranging from total denial that Bly would cheat on her to complete anger that she would do that to her. 'How could she?' Jordan angrily questioned as she violently stuffed the clothes into the machine. Trying to release her frustration and hurt she finally slammed the lid down in a huff.

Jordan leaned back against the machine breathing heavily and swiped the tears away trying to calm herself. 'Give her the benefit of the doubt Jordan. It's only a note, let her explain.' She told herself heading back to the room. She entered the spacious suite breathing heavily. Her heart was racing as she saw the picture Bly had on the nightstand. She walked over and sat on the bed next to the nightstand and picked up the picture. It was of Jordan mugging for the camera when they were in Key West. One of the many snapshots Julie had taken that day. She smiled finally calming and remembered how wonderful that trip was for the both of them. She then remembered the terrible misunderstanding they had over the situation with Cindy and decided that she had jumped to the wrong conclusion about the note. She didn't want to repeat what happened in Key West here. Jordan smiled and felt a tickle in her belly over the fact that Bly had her picture on the nightstand. 'That is so sweet.' She gushed and returned the picture to its place. Jordan decided a nice hot shower was in order. Figuring it would settle her down she headed towards the bathroom. She finished showering and dressed before putting Bly's clothes into the dryer. She unpacked her clothes and toiletries while she waited for the clothes to finish drying. She felt much better about the note she had found. Bly startled her when she rushed into the room and quickly kissed her on the cheek. "Hey, babe...give me 5 minutes to shower and I'll be ready in a flash!" Bly exclaimed hurriedly and rushed into the shower.

"Bly...I...wanted..." Jordan's voice trailed off disappointed, as she wanted to clear up the confusion regarding the note. She sighed sadly and heard the shower turn on as Bly began to sing when she stepped in the shower. 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot? This early?' She chuckled at Bly's choice of a tune and left the suite to retrieve the laundry. She busied herself folding the garments as Bly finished showering and exited the bathroom.

"Oh, are such a doll!" Bly gratefully chimed noting the clean, fresh smelling, folded laundry on the bed. She kissed Jordan on the cheek as she wrapped her arms around the shorter woman.

"Uhmmm...I need to talk to you." Jordan replied in a serious tone and pulled out the note handing it to Bly as she relinquished her hold on Jordan.

"What's this? Some chick hitting on my woman?" Bly teased reading the note and looked up at Jordan with a smile.

"I think it's the other way around. Care to explain why that note was in your jeans?" Jordan asked disappointed. The blonde's attitude effectively wiped the smile off Bly's face.

"What are you insinuating Jordan?" Bly asked accusatorily as she approached Jordan.

"You tell me Bly. Why was it there?" Jordan asked as her heart pounded with fear at Bly's evasiveness.

"I don't know Jordan. I wore those jeans to an autograph session at a cocktail party the other night and maybe someone slipped that note into my pocket without me knowing about it." Bly answered matter-of-factly and crumbled the note quickly depositing it into the trashcan. She stared at Jordan who still didn't look reassured. Shaking her head, Bly walked into the bathroom in disbelief.

Jordan hung her head embarrassed by her actions. She knew she had hurt Bly with her snap accusations...she could see it in her eyes. 'Shit! What have I done?' She wondered sadly and slowly approached the bathroom.

'How could she make such rash accusations?' Bly questioned feeling a variety of emotions concerning the subject. She looked up and saw Jordan's reflection in the mirror. The sight of her lover took her breath away and it saddened her to think that Jordan would doubt her love for her. She looked back down and fiddled with her belt to avoid looking at Jordan.

"Bly, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have accused you that way." Jordan pleaded sorrowful.

Bly turned and approached Jordan staring her straight in the eye. "It's okay. Let's get going. We have a lot of places to see in a short period of time." Bly replied softly and lightly kissed Jordan on the top of her head before exiting the bathroom. Jordan knew everything wasn't 'okay' from the kiss Bly gave her. There had been absolutely no meaning to it. Bly put her leather jacket on and thought it was best to avoid the conversation. She was too angry and hurt to discuss it now. She would wait until she calmed down so she wouldn't say something she would later regret. Bly looked up at Jordan as she entered the room. Sadness consumed her face and she felt a pang in her heart from the despair she saw there. "You should wear your jacket. It will probably be pretty cold where we are going." She watched Jordan slowly approach the closet and pull out her jacket before heading to the door that Bly held open for her.

Jordan tucked her head down shameful of the way she acted. But she couldn't get over the feeling that Bly was being way too evasive regarding the matter. 'Why didn't she just emphatically deny it and tell me she would never do that to me ever?!' She questioned, growing angry by Bly's casual demeanor.

The elevator ride and half of the limo ride were spent with an awkward silence between the two conflicted lovers. Bly sat quietly and solemnly looking out the window of the limo reflecting on the emotions that filled her heart. She was hurt, disappointed, and angry by Jordan's accusation. It made it worse knowing how much she loved Jordan. She didn't want anyone else in the world but her. 'Maybe she just doesn't know or understand how much she means to me.' Bly thought sadly and told herself, 'I'm going to make sure that she does...that's a promise."

Jordan's stomach was tied in knots from her nervousness and worry over whether Bly was having an affair. Not to mention the fact that she was upset about the hurt she saw in Bly's blue eyes. She wished she had never said anything about it. 'But, then I wouldn't have been able to completely trust her.' Jordan thought sadly, glancing over at the brooding raven-haired woman. Bly had a familiar forlorn look on her face as she stared out of the window lost in her thoughts. Jordan couldn't stand the silence anymore and decided to try to break Bly out of it. "Uhmmm...where are we going Bly?" She asked turning to look at Bly. She handed her a brochure without even looking at Jordan. 'I guess I deserved that, but damn it! I have a right to know what's going on with that note.' Jordan thought angrily and opened the brochure, which detailed the 17-mile drive scenic tour they would be taking along Pebble Beach located in Monterey Bay. She looked up when she felt the limo come to a stop and watched as the driver paid the toll to access the beginning portion of the tour. Jordan saw that there were 21 stops along the tour with notes explaining the significance of each stop. She looked up and noted the very expensive beautiful homes that sat along the peaceful and quiet roadway. "Bly...look a deer!" Jordan exclaimed excitedly looking out the window seeing a deer in a resident's yard.

Bly looked across to Jordan's window and saw the deer grazing in the grass oblivious to their presence. "It's very cute." Bly observed dryly and sat back in her seat still contemplating what she should say to Jordan. The driver stopped at the first stop and the two women exited the limo with the camera in hand for a photo opportunity at 'Shepherd's Knoll'. It gave a breathtaking view of the historic Monterey Bay and the San Gabilan Mountains. Jordan's breath escaped her momentarily when the cold pacific breeze hit her face and she felt Bly rub both of her arms when she shivered. She smiled grateful for the warmth and for Bly's closeness. It made her feel much better and she felt less awkward next to her lover. She snapped a few pictures before climbing back into the limo for the rest of the scenic tour. They stopped at the 'Cypress Point Lookout' for a spectacular view of the Pacific coastline. They both looked out over the Pacific Ocean and Bly pointed towards the Point Sur lighthouse. "We're very lucky it's a clear day and we can see the lighthouse. This place has the best view of the Pacific coastline on the 17-mile drive." She observed with a smile and stood closer to Jordan. She was feeling less upset by Jordan's actions and wanted to be close to her.

Jordan gave a sideways glance to Bly and smiled before looking back over the breathtaking view glad that Bly wanted to be close to her. "Its absolutely amazing Bly." Jordan observed in awe of the beauty that the Pacific coastline had to offer. The crisp green water rippled from the rough current and the cool breeze ruffled her hair sending a chill through her. She wanted Bly to wrap her arms around her and take that chill away, but it didn't happen...yet.

"It's gorgeous to say the least." Bly agreed smiling and looked out over the turbulent ocean once more inhaling the cold ocean air. Bly exhaled and turned grabbing Jordan's hand to lead her back to the limo. Jordan's stomach flip-flopped when Bly grasped her hand. She smiled as she felt Bly's warmth. A warmth that soothed her aching heart.

Bly held the door and Jordan stopped looking up to her as if she wanted to say something. She did, but chickened out...she didn't want to say the wrong thing and ruin the fact that Bly was no longer avoiding her. Bly looked down at Jordan wanting to explain herself, but Jordan hopped in the limo before she could say anything. Getting in behind Jordan, she settled herself against the leather seat and looked out the window at the beautiful Spyglass Hill Golf Course before her. The golf course is one of the top 40 golf courses in the United States and legend says that Robert Louis Stevenson was inspired by the view from his favorite hill there while writing 'Treasure Island.' Bly was snapped out of her revelry when she felt the limo stop at her favorite spot along the scenic tour. 'The Lone Cypress' one of the most familiar landmarks in California. The 'Lone Cypress' tree has been known to inspire countless artists, photographers, bards, and sightseers. It had long ago inspired Bly, making this one of her favorite places in the world.

"Wow...this is fabulous! That tree is so incredibly beautiful Bly." Jordan exclaimed amazed by the fact that there was a lone cypress tree clinging seemingly to bare rock far out of reach of anyone. It was located at the end of a large boulder with the beautiful Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.

"It's one of my most favorite places in the world Jordan." Bly admitted with a smile and looked at Jordan before looking back admiringly at the tree. She took Jordan's hand and led her down the wooden steps stopping at the railing. It was as close as you could get to the solitary tree. Jordan clicked off a number of pictures and watched as the waves crashed against the base of the boulder the tree stood upon.

"Aah...Jordan. I wanted to tell you that I..." Bly attempted to explain, but was stopped by Jordan. Jordan hesitantly placed her hand on Bly's arm to halt her from saying anything more.

"No, please let me explain. I'm sorry for the way I acted before. I was being silly. It was stupid. I should have...I mean I..." She attempted to explain frustrated by the fact that her brain was working faster than her mouth. Finally she felt Bly's finger against her lips to still her words.

"Please let me say this Jordan...okay?" She asked with a smile. Jordan nodded that she would allow her continue to without interruption.

Jordan was nervous about what Bly was going to tell her. Was she about to break up with her? Was she going to tell her that she was having an affair? The questions ran rampant through her mind as she waited for Bly to continue.

"Jordan, this is one of my most favorite places in the world because I can relate to that lonely cypress tree out there." Bly leaned against the railing glancing over at the tree and then back to Jordan. "I wandered through life with a bunch of people surrounding me, but still extremely lonely. Just like that tree. All I ever wanted was to find that certain someone to fill the loneliness that had consumed my heart. And once I did I swore I would never let her go. Then, I found that vivacious, wonderful and incredibly loving young women in Key" Bly sincerely professed; her blue eyes watering looking into the green eyes she loved more than life itself.

Jordan's heart pounded in her chest at the loving comments Bly was saying to her. Tears streaked her face as she saw everything that she meant to Bly reflected in her lovely blue eyes. She realized she had been such a damn fool for doubting Bly's love for her. "I would never do anything to ever hurt you. There's only one person in this world for me...that is you. Please get rid of your doubts about my love for you. I would never do anything to jeopardize what we share my love." Bly tearfully replied and softly tucked an errant blonde hair behind Jordan's ear.

"I love you with all of my heart and my soul. More than you will ever know or realize. I want you to know that I don't want to be like that lonely cypress tree anymore. My heart is full of so much love. I want to give you that and my soul, forever if you'll have them?" Bly tearfully asked as she lowered herself to one knee before Jordan. The small woman cried harder and looked down at Bly. "Jordan, I want to know if you'll be the keeper of my heart and allow me to love you for the rest of our lives?" Bly asked pulling out a small box and opening it to reveal an engagement ring. She held it up to Jordan. The woman's tears flowed down her cheeks and she tried to reach for the box but couldn't. Her hands shook uncontrollably.

Bly lightly grasped her trembling hands and softly kissed Jordan's knuckles to sooth her nerves replying, "Well?" Bly looked up through hopeful blue eyes and prayed that Jordan would accept the offer of her heart forever. She could hear the thundering ocean waves break loudly against the rocks below them. It's rumbling matched the turmoil of her own senses as she waited for Jordan's answer.

"I...I can't marry you B-Bly." The tears were streaking down Jordan's face as her dry throat choked on her words.

Bly looked up incredulously into emerald green eyes; she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her thoughts were a jumble of turmoil and pain and she wanted to scream...'why?' but the words would not come.

Jordan saw the pain instantly cloud the dancing blue eyes beneath her and she quickly moved to explain. Dropping down onto her knee to at least be a little more level with Bly, she pulled the stiffening body closer.

"Unless, you agree to be the keeper of my heart in return, let me love you, and be all that you need me to be and more. I love you Bly, maybe more than I have a right to...but I do, I swear I do. I knew I loved you from that moment I saw you on the beach and saw the sadness you carried. I didn't ever want to be the one to bring you that kind of pain, but I did with Cindy and, if you will let me, I'll spend the rest of my life removing every memory of sadness and bring you only joy." Jordan buried her head into Bly's shoulder as the strong woman's arms wrapped around her and inhaled a great breath of relief holding her tightly to her body. What Bly had for a moment thought she lost, had just been returned to her ten-fold. She clung to Jordan in her need and her happiness, and the feelings were mutually returned.

"I take it that was a yes?" Bly whispered softly as she pulled back to look deeply into Jordan's face. They were both still kneeling as Bly slowly stood pulling Jordan to her feet never taking her eyes off the blonde and kept her within the circle of her arms. She knew she never wanted to lose this connection to her soul.

"YES! YES! YES!" Jordan shouted and spun them around in delight. Dizzy and happy, Bly leaned down and captured Jordan's lips permanently sealing their pact with a kiss. "Bly, you've made me the happiest woman in the world." Jordan glowed happily as she pulled back staring into Bly's blue eyes.

"I'm going to have to disagree with you sweets. You've made ME the happiest woman in the world, ever since you flashed those sexy green eyes my way. I'll never forget that day for as long as I live." Bly smiled lovingly and tenderly kissed Jordan who wrapped her arms tightly around her tall lover, sinking deeply into the searing kiss. "Are you ready to leave?" Bly asked after a few moments, smiling and looking at Jordan for her answer.

"No, not just yet. I want to enjoy this moment for a little while longer." Jordan smiled back and turned to look out over the 'Lone Cypress Tree'. Bly's arms securely slipped around Jordan's waist and she leaned back against Bly, lovingly placing her hands on Bly's arms as they held her tightly. Taking a deep breath, Jordan sighed happily as they both stood silently, reflecting on the magnitude of the moment. Overhead, the squawk of the seagull's sounded and the thundering surf crashing against the rocks below mingled with the beating of the two hearts together.

They both resembled the 'Lone Cypress Tree' at one time, hoping someone would finally come along to claim their hearts. That day happened in Key West and both women were happy they would no longer live in such loneliness again. Bly's cheek rested against Jordan's head absorbing the sweet smell of her hair and gently kissed her head. She secretly wiped the tear that trickled from her eye as she thought about what Jordan meant to her and kissed her again. Settling her cheek against Jordan's head once again, she couldn't imagine another place that she would ever want to be than right there, with Jordan.

Jordan turned within Bly's arms and lovingly smiled at her. Their gazes met as Jordan lightly stroked Bly's cheek with her palm. She wanted to etch Bly's look in her memory for all of time and never forget it. "I love you so much." Jordan softly professed before kissing Bly passionately.

"I love you too, Jordan." Bly smiled breaking off the kiss and stared deeply into her lover's warm green eyes. She leaned in for a brief, but effective kiss, and slipped her hand into Jordan's leading her back towards the limo. Bly's emotions were becoming increasingly hard for her to contain and she looked away from Jordan to sniff back the tears. She discretely wiped them from her blue eyes and opened the door to the limo for Jordan.

Jordan climbed in followed by Bly, who closed the door behind her signaling the driver to leave. Bly instructed the driver to head back to San Francisco as both women looked out the window taking in the magnificent view one last time. The surrounding community was very exclusive with large expensive homes that looked as if they were built out of the sides of the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. "Oh, Bly look at that beautiful home!" Jordan excitedly alerted her lover and pointed out the house. "Yes, it's gorgeous." Bly agreed looking at the home built with large windows throughout, to accentuate the magnificent ocean view.

"I would love to own a home like that, one day." Jordan sighed disappointed knowing that a home of that type was in the millions and way out of her league. "We can if you'd like it Jordan." Bly simply answered and looked at her disappointed lover who turned to her. "That is way out of my league and way too expensive for my income Bly."

"That's not true Jordan. Nothing is way out of your league my love, everything I own is yours as well." Bly explained and raised Jordan's hand to her lips and kissed it. "Bly, I didn't fall in love with your money." Jordan answered defensively.

"I know that honey." Bly answered shifting in the seat to face Jordan and explain. "I asked you to be with me forever and that means everything I own." Bly replied honestly and tucked the errant blonde hair behind Jordan's ear.

"Bly...I don't want you to think that I'm with you for your money." Jordan stammered and dropped her head, subconsciously stroking her thumb across Bly's hand.

"I know that Jordan." Bly answered and lifted Jordan's head up to look at her. "I guess I should explain some things to you. I have already made you the beneficiary in my will and I see you as my partner in everything, including my wealth. So, what I own you own. Does that scare you?" Bly softly asked and hoped it wouldn't offend Jordan.

"Well, aah...yeah!" Jordan stammered trying to gather herself and take in everything Bly just told her.

"How so?" Bly queried.

"I just don't want you to ever think that I was ever after your money, not from the very beginning...not ever. I...aah...know how your other girlfriends..." Jordan's attempt to explain was immediately interrupted by Bly, "Jordan, you have already told me and showed me, that you're with me because you love me...Bly...the person, not Bly, the bank account. And, that means everything to me, more than you will ever know. So, don't be afraid...I will never think that way of you...ever. Now, just accept it! We're good looking, in love and filthy rich!" Bly cockily laughed eliciting a reluctant chuckle out of Jordan. She pulled Jordan into her arms and hugged her. "So, would you like me to have the driver stop so we can see the house?" Bly smiled mischievously and leaned back in the seat to look at Jordan.

Jordan laughed in response. "Maybe another time. Everything has been so overwhelming that I need time to absorb it all." Jordan smiled and kissed Bly before snuggling into the warm confines of her lover's embrace. "Anything you want baby." Bly chuckled and lightly kissed Jordan's head.

"By the way, I put you as my beneficiary too." Jordan snickered and looked up at Bly with a grin. "You'll just inherit my debt though." She added with a laugh.

"Honey, that's so sweet." Bly chuckled and kissed her blonde lover. "We'll have to see what we can do to get rid of that debt." Bly smiled and kissed Jordan.

Bly leaned back against the seat reveling in the feeling of having such a wonderful lady tucked safely away in her she would spend the rest of her life with...the only one. Jordan laced her fingers through Bly's and closed her eyes loving every minute of being in her lover's arms. It has been a hectic time for both women and it wasn't long before Morpheus spun them into their dream sleep and they continued to sleep contently for the hour plus ride back to San Francisco.

Bly was shaken out of her dreams when she felt the limo come to a stop. She quickly looked out the window trying to collect her bearings and realized they were fast approaching their hotel. She gently rocked Jordan to wake her. "Honey, we're almost to our hotel."

"Already?" Jordan sleepily asked and looked out the window squinting at the bright sunshine until her eyes squinted to adjust to its harsh glare.

"Yep, can you believe it? We slept all the way back and you didn't even get a chance to show yourself to the West Coast like you did in Boston." Bly teasingly replied and received a slap from Jordan.

"Ooh, you!" Jordan grimaced and pointed at Bly.

"We could have him drive around San Fran and I could still show you off to everyone." Bly chuckled and grinned.

"Very funny wise ass! My show days are over and there will be no return engagements!" Jordan answered in a shared laugh with Bly.

"Well, I hope that doesn't include shows for me." Bly teased and hugged Jordan.

"Oh, no! You are the only one that will enjoy me baby." Jordan sassily replied with a wink.

"Sounds good to me! Hey, want to walk around the wharf and check everything out?" Bly inquired watching the limo come to a stop in front of their hotel.

"As long as we can get crab for dinner." Jordan smiled and followed Bly out of the limo.

"They've got the best crab here too." Bly answered with a smile and held Jordan's hand to help her out of the car. "Let's head on over." Bly excitedly replied leading Jordan away from the car for some sightseeing.

The pair reached the busy and famed 'Pier 39' quite quickly, especially with Bly leading the way. Jordan had to practically run to keep up with the long strides of her over eager lover. Bly was keyed up, from the excitement of the day intermixed with her desire to share it all at once with Jordan. She led Jordan through the crowded wharf area and stopped next to 'Neptune's Palace', where all the sea lions congregate in the marina.

Jordan was definitely in her element with all the shops they passed and was amazed by the number of the sea lions that were sunbathing on the floating docks in the marina. They stayed and watched the intriguing animals, taking a few pictures. Bly pointed out 'Alcatraz prison' to Jordan. "It's about a mile out into the bay, would you like to go see it?" Jordan nodded her head enthusiastically and they headed over to purchase tickets to the prison. Unfortunately, Bly found that the tours were all booked for the day. So, they agreed to purchase tickets for the next day and figured it was an even better idea and purchased two more tickets so that Julie and Linda could join them.

"Bly, I've got to check out Ghirardelli Square!" Jordan enthusiastically replied as she poured over the site on the map, making a mental note to return to the shops with Linda after their 'Alcatraz' tour. Jordan knew Bly wasn't too inclined to go shopping with her, so maybe Julie could entertain her while they shopped tomorrow.

"Ooh, check out the street entertainers Bly!" Jordan exclaimed amazed by the performers.

"Oh, yeah. I've got to warn you about the 'tree man' down here."

"The 'tree man'?" Jordan asked confused looking up at her lover, who guided her down the sidewalk never relinquishing her hold on the younger woman.

"Yeah, he holds this tall 'Fichus tree' branch and hides behind it. So, when tourists walk by he shakes the tree and scares the shit out of people. It's too funny!" Bly explained and laughed.

"I'm glad you told me or I would look very foolish if he did that to me!" Jordan laughed and looked down the crowded sidewalk, excitedly catching sight of the said 'tree man' hiding behind his branch.

They watched and laughed hysterically when the 'tree man' scared a male tourist causing him to yell and throw his soda...nearly on top of the two women, when the tree man shook the branch as they all passed by. "That was classic!" Bly laughed and fished out twenty dollars from her pocket and deposited the money in the 'tree man's' till. The two women stopped to watch and laugh as he scared more and more tourists. They finally had to leave when their sides hurt from so much laughing. They passed by the sidewalk market place, which sold fresh seafood and headed on towards 'Ghiradelli Square' to the famed chocolate factory. Jordan knew there was a new 'Ghiradelli's' chocolate factory in the 'Sawgrass Mills' mall back home, but she wanted some chocolate from San Francisco.

After severely denting the store's chocolate supply, the pair headed back toward their hotel and stopped along the way to check out the famed Lombard Street, 'home of the crookedest street'. The girls walked the stairway from top to bottom and watched as the cars slowly looped their way down the street like a snake. They posed for pictures at the top and were amazed at the amount of tourists who just had to drive their cars down the crooked street.

Jordan insisted they stop and have their crab dinner before returning to the hotel. Bly was more than happy to do that, the bags of chocolate she was carrying for Jordan were getting very heavy. She just couldn't figure out who in the hell Jordan was buying so much chocolate for considering just about everyone she would buy anything for is already in California! Bly treated Jordan to dinner at 'Dante's Seafood Grill and California Wine Bar' with a breathtaking view of the bay from the wharf.

Bly was amazed by how much food Jordan was able to pack into that compact body of hers, shaking her head in disbelief as they exited the restaurant. She chuckled and watched as Jordan stopped by a vender's cart that sold hot mini donuts. "You can't still be hungry Jordan?" Bly asked in disbelief.

Jordan grinned sheepishly as she paid for a package of donuts and sidled up next to her tall lover. "Actually, I'm so full I may need you to carry me Bly." Jordan laughed and leaned against her lover puffing her cheeks out and rubbing her expanded abdomen mocking the 'fullness' she felt.

"No way woman! I've got enough to carry. It's a good thing we have a fairly decent walk to reach the hotel so you can work it all off. I still don't know how in the hell you ate that huge crab!" Bly was still amazed by how much Jordan had eaten.

"Well, I didn't know the crab was going to be that big! I thought it was going to be like the tiny one's in Florida. How was I to know they grow them big enough to carry me away?" Jordan laughed and tucked the donuts into one of the bags for later.

"Honey, I warned you they were huge. Why do you think I only got the legs?" Bly laughed and looped her fingers into Jordan's.

"Believe me...I'll be hungry by the time we get back to the hotel room. So, my little donuts will come in handy." Jordan laughed and kissed Bly's hand.

"You never cease to amaze me really don't." Bly laughed in a hardy tone leading Jordan across the busy street towards their hotel.

The pair reached the hotel and both collapsed exhausted from the day's events, and from carrying all that darn chocolate! They undressed and climbed into bed to snuggle the night away. Bly had an early morning wake up call and wanted to get as much sleep as possible for the next day's events as it would be a very long day of games. Both were asleep in no time and in Bly's opinion, the wake up call came all too quickly.

Bly quietly dressed and adjusted the covers on her peacefully sleeping lover. She smiled lovingly as she brushed the wisp of blonde hair off Jordan's face and lightly kissed her lover's cheek. "I love you." She whispered and turned to move, but was stopped by a suddenly awakened blonde.

"Do you have to leave so soon?" Jordan sleepily asked grasping Bly's hand and pulled her down on the bed.

"Unfortunately I do babe." Bly leaned down and softly kissed Jordan's forehead. "Go back to sleep. I'll see you mid-morning for the games." Bly replied and leaned up gazing into Jordan's sleepy green eyes.

"Whaaahh..." Jordan teasingly whined and pulled Bly down for a kiss. "Good luck in the games baby." She whispered and deepened her kiss much to Bly's delight.

"Wow...thanks!" Bly grinned and lightly kissed Jordan again before standing up. "I'll be looking for you in the stands my love." Bly sexily smiled kissing Jordan's hand, and with a wink she turned toward the door.

"You know I'll be there honey." Jordan smiled and rolled to her side to watch Bly leave. She cuddled comfortably under the covers and waved to Bly who smiled before disappearing behind the closed door. Jordan sighed and hugged Bly's pillow closer to her taking in the scent of her lover that lingered there. She picked up the picture of the two of them Bly had on the nightstand and smiled as she gazed upon her sexy lover. She was so incredibly happy and couldn't believe that Bly was going to be hers for always. The beautiful ring on her finger that Bly gave her was the proof of that.

She held up her hand and stared admiringly at the exquisite ring and remembered how Bly asked her to be her partner. "How romantic." Jordan gushed and kissed the ring with a huge smile. She wondered when they would make a definite date for their commitment ceremony and thought it would be nice to have it during the cooler weather. There weren't too many months of cool weather in Florida, but any time the humidity was at a minimum was a good time for a ceremony on the beach. Jordan closed her eyes and pictured her sexy lover's face remembering everything about it as she popped the question to her. It wasn't long before she fell back to sleep, quickly lost in her dreams of Bly.

Jordan was in the light state just before awakening. She tried to hang onto her dream of Bly, but a constant buzzing was making the vision go fuzzy. Sadly, she awoke to her surroundings and realized that the annoying buzz was coming from the telephone as it continued to ring. Rolling over she quickly picked up the receiver and sleepily answered, "Hello?"

"Jordan, did I wake you?" The voice on the other end was a deeper version of the one she had heard in her dreams, but she knew the blue eyes were roughly the same and smiled. "Dawson? What time is it?"

"Almost 8:30 a.m. I'm sorry to wake you, but I didn't want to wait any longer to tell you the good news!" Fully awake now, Jordan sat up in bed and leaned back against the headboard and excitedly asked, "What news?"

"I found your brother and he is really looking forward to meeting both you and Linda!" The excitement in Dawson's voice was contagious and soon Jordan was jumping out of bed and pacing the bedroom as they talked. "So, where did you find him?....what's he like?......when do we get to meet him? he here in California?"

Dawson laughed lightly at Jordan's rush of words. "Easy, take a breath before you pass out! He lives on the island of Maui, a place called Laihana. He's really a nice guy and I've arranged for you to meet him after you arrive. I thought maybe over lunch would be nice." Jordan thought for a moment before responding and asked, "so what does he look like?"

"You have to see him to believe it, but to me, he looks like a cross between you and Linda. He has her darker blonde hair and your green eyes, but there is no mistaking that he is your kin." Dawson replied jokingly, "He even has your stubborn streak!"

"I am not stubborn!" Jordan replied in self-defense and then laughed when she caught the tone of her own voice. "You? No! Trust me, he is just like you! He wanted to get on the plane and come to California when I told him where you girls were. But, I convinced him that you would be here shortly and he is waiting impatiently for your arrival." "This is fantastic! Have you told Linda yet?" "No, you were the first that I called." Dawson replied knowing what Jordan was going to say.

"Good, then let me tell her okay?" Jordan asked quickly. She wanted to be the one to break the good news to her sister. 'They had a brother, for real!' "Sure, I figured you might. So, how is my sister doing in her matches?" Dawson had called Jordan first because he felt that she should be the first to know and he knew that she would also want to be the one to tell Linda. "She is doing fantastic, actually I should be getting ready so that I can meet Linda. We have to be at Bly's match by 11 a.m." Jordan looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand and calculated how much time they would have and decided that there was plenty of time to meet for breakfast.

"We'll I'll be in touch when you get here. Give my love to that sister of mine!" Dawson rang off with a renewed promise to contact them as soon as they arrived. Pushing the receiver down, Jordan quickly dialed Linda's room extension. After an excited chattering of the two women, Jordan ran for a quick shower and dressed. She was down in the hotel restaurant by 10 a.m. to find that Linda and Julie had already arrived. Joining the women at their table, Linda and Jordan hugged tightly and almost danced in a circle in their excitement. "Will you guys sit down before they throw us out of here!" Julie replied sarcastically laughing at their obviously ecstatic antics. The women sat down and the trio quickly ordered as Jordan began filling them in on Dawson's phone call.

"Well, I guess you will just have to go to Hawaii too!" Julie replied as they sipped their coffee and waited for their breakfast. "But, I didn't bring enough clothes!" Linda replied in excitement and frustration. "Oh right! Little Miss, 'packs everything she owns to go somewhere overnight!' I think you have plenty to choose from!" Julie laughed and ducked as Linda swatted at her arm in play. "I do not!"

"So then we all go to Hawaii!! This is going to be so much fun!" Jordan exuberantly replied as the waitress brought their meals to the table. She didn't see the look that passed between Julie and Linda as both women smiled and just nodded their head in agreement. Julie's hand crept under the table to squeeze Linda's in warning as both women focused on their food to keep from giggling.

Everyone headed to the arena and arrived in their seats just in time for the match to begin. Jordan greeted Bly's family with plenty of hugs and kisses before sitting down. Jordan and Linda were tripping over each other's words in a rush to explain to Alexandra about the fantastic news Dawson delivered earlier that morning. Alexandra hugged both women tightly and told them how happy she was for them. She wiped a few tears from her eyes and smiled happily for the two girls knowing how hard it had first been for them to find out they had a brother they knew nothing about. She knew they were both very nervous about meeting him and now, they seemed extremely happy about the prospect. Jordan smiled excitedly and cheered loudly when the announcer called out Bly's name during the player introductions. She wasn't the only one and wondered if Bly could hear her over the raucous crowd gathered, who cheered equally as loud for Bly. The raven-haired beauty had a cheering section of her own it seemed...the whole damn arena! But, Jordan wasn't jealous and smiled exuberantly when Bly's blue eyes caught her greens and winked followed by the flash of a sexy smile directed her way. Jordan casually and discretely blew Bly a kiss and mouthed 'good luck' to her before Bly was swarmed by her teammates for their pre-game chat.

The first two games in the best of three for the match went nip and tuck with the U.S. winning one and losing one. The third game would be the decider for the match and then the U.S. team would advance to the finals against Australia who had won all their matches earlier that day. Jordan was amazed at just how good of a volleyball player Bly actually was. She could see how much her teammates rallied around her and fed off of her energy. She loved seeing the fire that burned in Bly's blue eyes and how she got so charged up after a nice shot during the game. It was so surreal to her when she looked around the jam-packed arena and saw all the people that were there decked out in the good ol' red, white and blue to support their U.S. volleyball team. What amazed her more than that and the many television cameras present was how rialed up Bly's grandmother would get when she cheered. The usually staid grey-haired matriarch was louder than anyone else and, if you weren't careful, you'd get knocked in the head from her foam finger she enthusiastically waved! Grandma Bernie had shirts made up for the family with Bly's number on the back and each individual family member's name's above the number across the top of the back of the shirt. On the front she had printed, 'The U.S. Rules' in support of her granddaughter and her team. Anyone could tell instantly that Bly's family was a very supportive one. The group of rabid fans who sat behind the U.S. team's bench just blew Jordan's mind. They were dressed as Ghost's and went wild any time Bly made a good play. "Is that Bly's personal fan club?" Jordan teasingly asked Julie as she leaned closer to her and sipped her soda.

"Oh, yeah. Big time! They followed our college team around all the time and gave the visiting team so much shit half of them would walk off the court in tears!" Julie laughed at the fond memory of college as she explained to Jordan. "They call themselves the 'bone collectors' and their section 'the graveyard'. Julie laughed at the look on Jordan's face.

"Really?" Jordan asked surprised.

"Oh, yeah. Bly was quite the big woman on campus. I just tagged along for the chicks. She was the babe magnet." Julie laughed and hugged Linda who was giving her a dirty look.

"I wish I could have seen her in college." Jordan replied disappointed, wishing she had experienced so much more of Bly's life with her. Well, she would just have to spend every moment with Bly from now on that was for certain.

The U.S. quickly put the game out of reach and finished the match in a flash, eager to get on to the finals. Jordan hoped she would be able to see Bly in between games, but didn't have the opportunity to as an unforeseen accident had Bly taken into the locker room to have her ankle examined. She had somehow come down wrong on it on the final play and limped off the court. Bly's father tried to sooth and convince Jordan that Bly would be fine and that she probably only a strained the ankle. It didn't ease Jordan's angst until she saw Bly exit the locker room shortly afterwards with her ankle wrapped with athletic tape for support. Jordan noticed that Bly was walking gingerly on the injured foot and wondered out loud if Bly should sit the game out. She was stunned by the looks Bly's family gave her by the last comment. "What?" She asked confused.

"Nothing will drag Bly out of that game, even if she had broken the ankle." Julie grinned explaining Bly's thoughts on injuries. 'It's only a flesh wound!' Bly knew it wasn't smart to play injured, but hey, all good athlete's work through the pain and play. It's a dirty thought to want to sit out of a game, especially a game of that magnitude.

"What if she hurts herself more?" Jordan asked concerned.

"Trust me, she'll be fine." Alexandra comfortingly replied patting Jordan's leg for reassurance.

"Yeah, that's what you said the last time she stayed in a game injured and look what happened then." Jordan retorted unhappily reminding them of the time Cindy beaned Bly in the head with the baseball.

"It's tapped and she has support. I'm sure they x-rayed it and it's fine." Chance, Bly's father, advised her with a soothing pat on the leg to calm her fears.

"Okay, Dad I'll trust you, though I don't like it and I can't stop worrying about her." Jordan adamantly replied and grinned when she saw the smile on Chance's face.

The two teams squared off and both ended up splitting the games with a win apiece going into the final game. The final game was a hard fought out game with each team going back and forth numerous times without a point being scored, only 'side outs'. The U.S. tied up the score on the final point of the match sending the game into a tiebreaker situation. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife and Linda slapped Jordan's hand away from her mouth as she began to nervously bite her fingernails to the nub. She could see Bly's ankle was bothering her more as her limp became more pronounced. Bly tried to steady herself on her bad foot to serve the ball and fell off balance. She stopped and readied herself again before serving an 'ace' to put her team up by one point. The crowd erupted in loud cheers as Bly accepted the congratulations from her teammates and set to serve again. If she could get another 'ace' here they would win the match. The team has to win by two points in a tiebreaker game to win the match. Bly breathed deeply and settled herself before running, jumping and thrusting her arm into the ball that screeched across the net between two defenders like a comet and hit the ground for another 'ace' securing her team the championship. She landed hard on her ankle, which buckled when she did and she hit the ground quickly. She didn't see the serve, but lay back on the floor as the loud roar of the crowd heralded the outcome. She grimaced as she got to her feet, helped up off the court by her exuberant teammates, who lead her towards the net to shake hands with their opponents. Bly gritted her teeth to shake off the pain and showed her sportsmanship with cordial handshakes before limping back to the bench were she flopped in the chair. The trainer quickly attended to her ankle and applied a bag of ice to decrease the pain and swelling. Bly put her warm up jacket on and was bombarded by a ton of reporters and cameras. She struggled to a standing position with one thing on her mind...Jordan. She wanted to see her lovely face. She scanned the crowd looking over the many reporters' heads as they shouted loudly at her for a sound bite. Bly caught site of the lovely blonde who was making her determined way toward the court, but was having a hard time getting through the crowd of reporters between them. "Jordan." Bly shouted and moved towards her pushing many of the people out of the way. Bly was stopped in her efforts by the event coordinators, who began to present her with the MVP award. "Oh, well...aah...thanks, but this award should go to the whole team not just me!" Bly responded still looking for Jordan.

"Bly, you single handedly won the game for the team can you give us some insight on that?" A reporter asked as Bly continued to make her way through the crowd in her quest to reach Jordan.

Jordan struggled against the milling crowd until she felt someone grasp her hand. "Follow me." Julie responded gruffly, and moved around to lead. She was a woman on a mission. She pulled Jordan through the sea of people, parting the crowd as if she were a human bulldozer in her goal to reunite the two lovers.

"This is a team sport and the last I checked there was no 'I' in team. I didn't single handedly win this game...if it wasn't for my teammates we wouldn't be where we are now! If you want to know more, go talk to the real teammates!" Bly angrily replied at the one sided accolades and pushed her way past the reporters and stopping in front of the loveliest sight she had seen all day...Jordan. "Hi, beautiful...going my way?" Bly sexily asked with a mischievous smile and wrapped her arm around Jordan's shoulder for support.

"I'm going whatever way you want me to baby." Jordan smiled and put her hand around Bly's waist to help support her. "Are you okay?" She asked concerned and looked down at Bly's ankle that was wrapped with an ace bandage and ice.

"Oh, sure...once I get off of it and give it a break." Bly chuckled and limped towards the locker room with Jordan helping her.

"Are you sure?" Jordan asked worriedly.

"Positive." Bly smiled and limped through the door the guard held open for them to pass through.

"Great game!" He enthusiastically replied.

"Thanks." Bly answered and both women disappeared behind the door away from the pandemonium of the arena.

Jordan helped Bly gather her belongings after she had showered and they both headed off to the post-game celebration party. The entire family waited at the entrance of the arena for the two women as autograph seekers instantly mobbed Bly. She spent about an hour patiently signing autographs for the fans before they were all able to head to the party. Bly and her family sat at a corner table chatting merrily and listening to both Jordan and Linda fighting over whom their brother would be more like, laughing so hard at their animated bickering that their sides hurt. They spent the majority of the night chatting with everyone that stopped at the table to see Bly, who rested her ankle elevated on a chair. Finally, they decided to call it a night as the four women had planned to start out on their sightseeing tour early the next morning. By morning, Bly's ankle was still swollen, but not as much as the night before. It hurt like hell, but she could walk, even if it was gingerly, on it. Jordan had been insistent that they stay at the hotel and allow her to rest the foot, but eventually, Bly won out and they headed off to meet Julie and Linda.

The group drove to Saulsulito to check out the town and then up to 'Muir Woods' to see the huge Redwood trees. Bly was a tall woman and when she stood next to one of the huge trees for one of many photo opportunities Julie didn't want to miss, she looked like a midget. The group headed back to San Fran to catch the boat over to 'Alcatraz', to see the famed prison. Bly had been able to rest her ankle on the other part of the trip, but wasn't looking forward to all the walking she would be doing at 'Alcatraz'. She knew Jordan and Linda were excited to see the prison and gutted it out for the trip.

Bly was tempted to lock Julie in one of the isolation cells as she had finally had enough of her camera. Every time they turned around another picture was being taken. Bly thought that Julie was an addict and needed to be stopped and she had the perfect one-step program, lock her in and leave her there. Jordan and Linda effectively stopped Julie's incarceration by separating the two laughing women who wrestled with one another as Bly tried to close the door on the cell. "If you two are going to keep this up, we aren't going to take you in the stores when we get back on shore." Linda warned and was instantly backed up by her sister as they both walked ahead of the bickering pair. "You two can just wait for us somewhere!"

"You were right, it worked." Julie whispered mischievously to Bly as they slowly walked to catch up to the other women.

"I told you it would, now, pay up the twenty bucks you owe me." Bly chuckled and held her hand out for Julie to pay her.

"Can I catch you later, I'm a little short at the moment seeing as how they don't have any ATM's on this island." Julie shared a laugh with Bly.

"Hell no, you won't pay me back!" Bly laughed and wrapped her arm around Julie's neck playfully and hugged her.

"Well, you should feel confident in the knowledge that you'll never be broke because I'll always owe you twenty dollars." Julie teased as the pair finally hurried to catch up to their partners who impatiently waited for the stragglers by the boat back to the mainland. "Don't forget to play it up a little more once we get back to shore."

"I hear ya!" Bly chuckled and snuggled up to Jordan once she stood next to her.

"Are you okay Bly? I'm really worried about you, let's get you to a seat." Jordan worriedly replied and helped Bly towards a seat on the boat as she noticed her limping more than before. "Thanks honey." Bly replied and winked at Julie as they all sat down for the short boat ride back.

Once back ashore the group headed towards 'Pier 39' so Linda and Jordan could spend some money shopping. Jordan insisted that Bly rest her ankle and suggested that Julie stay with her to keep her company. "Are you sure you don't want me to come with you babe?" Bly asked settling in her chair at the restaurant that overlooked the bay.

"No, you rest or we will have to carry you through the airport later today!" Jordan kissed her cheek and said goodbye before her and Linda turned on their heels for one of their favorite

"Don't spend too much money honey." Julie teased and received a kiss from Linda who had rushed back to plant one on her sexy Italian lover. "I will and you'll enjoy it." Linda teasingly answered over her shoulder.

"Yes, dear." Julie retorted dryly.

Bly and Julie sat laughing once the girls were out of sight at the ruse they pulled over the two. Neither wanted to be dragged all over the wharf area for shopping. "Oh, they bought it that's for sure." Julie snickered and took a sip of her frosty beer and sighed happily.

"They actually were too good about it. It was kind of weird." Bly thought skeptically.

"That's because you played up that injured ankle very well my friend." Julie sarcastically replied and pinched Bly's cheek with a laugh. "Well, it does hurt, but not as bad as I put on. If they find out we are in big trouble." Bly laughed with Julie.

"I know!"

"Now, that we have the liabilities out of the way, we can do some serious shopping." Linda laughed rubbing her hands together mischievously and looked at Jordan as they both descended the stairs. "They were so proud of themselves that they put one over on us. Do they think we are dumb blondes, or what?" Jordan laughed and suddenly stopped at the top of the stairs.

"What?" Linda asked confused as to why she stopped.

"Smell that?" Jordan asked sniffing the air and looking around.

"Aah...the smell of fish from the wharf?"

"Linda? Please, sometimes I tell ya!" Jordan answered exasperated by her sister's naivete. "Bargains! Shopping! Hurry, let's go!" Jordan excitedly replied and they both rushed towards the shops, unfettered in their quest.

Bly and Julie enjoyed sitting in the restaurant spending a leisurely day together without having to go from shop to shop in search of the perfect bargain, not to mention, they were happy they didn't have to lug the girls' packages all day either. Linda and Jordan met the tipsy pair later and they all headed back to the hotel. They had to pick up their luggage and take the limo to the airport for their evening flight to Hawaii.

Jordan was so excited and happy should could hardly contain herself. Bly just laughed and loved seeing her so happy, it made her feel so good that she was apart of such excitement in this woman's life. They both waited in the lobby of the hotel for Julie and Linda who finally dragged their sorry, late behinds out of the elevator to meet the pair. Bly and Jordan laughed when they saw Julie struggling to push the cart containing their entire luggage collection, change that mistake, all of Linda's luggage. She packed as if she would never be going home. Her thoughts were, you had to be prepared for any kind of weather or occasion which meant plenty of clothes had to be on hand, just in case.

"Let's hope there's enough room in the damn limo for all this stuff!" Julie sarcastically replied out of breath from pushing the heavy cart when they approached.

"Maybe I should have ordered the stretch limo." Bly laughed and helped Julie wheel it towards the door as their limo pulled up out front. "Make sure you tip the driver better than your normally cheap offer especially with all this luggage." Bly quipped with a chuckle looking at her best friend.

"Very funny bud!" Julie responded and began to load the luggage along with the driver as Linda and Jordan casually strolled up.

Everyone climbed into the limo for the ride to the airport. Bly and Julie sat amazed at how Jordan and Linda sat chatting incessantly and non-stop for the entire fifteen-minute ride to the airport. "How can two people have so much to talk about?" Julie leaned up and quietly asked Bly, amazed by the whole thing.

"You've got me. I couldn't imagine talking to you that much." Bly laughed and saw the not so pleasant look on Julie's face from the comment.

"You're a laugh a minute Miss. Thing!" Julie sarcastically laughed.

"The thing is, they can sit there and carry on this huge conversation about something like...aah..." Bly tried to think of an example of what she was talking about and thought of a subject. "Shoes! Yeah, they can sit there and chat about shoes and get so excited about it. It just amazes me that they can have so much joy from talking about something like that...listen." Bly explained and lovingly looked at the two girls who were chatting up a storm, along with Julie, as the oblivious gabbing women kept on talking.

"You know my philosophy Linda...if the shoe fits buy it!" Jordan excitedly explained and the both women laughed hysterically.

"I rest my case." Bly laughed, as did Julie, at the simplistic conversation the pair spoke with so much joy about.

"I guess it's probably the same for them when they listen to us talk about sports." Julie laughed with Bly and both prepared to exit the limo as it pulled up to the curb.

Everyone grabbed their carry on baggage before heading to the curbside stand to check in the rest of their luggage. After checking in, they all headed towards their gate to meet their plane only to find the plane was delayed by an hour. Julie harassed Bly about having to wait in the airport for two and one half-hours before they would leave, because Bly was a stickler for being punctual for a flight. She liked to be an hour and a half early for all her flights just in case something happened. 'It was good to be prepared.' Bly thought seriously.

Bly shook off Julie's teasing and asked if anyone would like a beverage as she headed off in search of a much-needed Dr. Pepper. Julie asked for one and Jordan offered to accompany Bly, but Linda insisted she stay. She told Jordan she was nervous about meeting their brother and wanted to go over some questions with her that they should ask him once they saw him. Bly smiled and headed off towards the main lobby of the airport, slightly limping now from her injured ankle.

Jordan faintly heard what Linda was saying to her as she lovingly watched Bly walk away from her. She thought about how much she loved Bly and how everything seemed like such a dream to her. Everything she had ever wanted in her life, that she thought would never come true, was doing just was real and it was all because of the woman that was walking down the corridor. She thought about how her life was coming full circle and how everything had changed for the better. She felt like Cinderella and had a nervous angst that it could all end just as quickly as it all had come about. Her thoughts were disturbed when Linda touched her arm to get her attention. She apologized and listened to her sister give her opinions and added suggestions of her own.

Bly finally returned with the drinks and had a package tucked under her arm. "This is for you honey." Bly offered the package to Jordan who smiled eagerly.

"Thanks...what is it?" She asked excitedly like a kid at Christmas.

"Open it and find out babe." Bly teased and sat next to the excited woman who tore open the box. "I saw it in the window of a store in the lobby and thought you would love it." Bly explained watching Jordan pull out her present.

"Oh, Bly it's absolutely gorgeous!" Jordan gushed as she stood up and held the white sundress against her and noted that Bly had gotten exactly her size.

"Is it the right size?" Bly asked worried that she might have purchased the wrong one.

"No, it will fit perfectly! Thank you so much, I absolutely love it honey!" Jordan enthusiastically and appreciatively answered hugging Bly for her wonderful gesture.

"I'm glad you like it babe. You'll look incredible in it!" Bly smiled and kissed Jordan's cheek.

"I love it's so pretty." Linda added with a smile looking at Jordan modeling the dress for everyone.

"Thanks." Bly answered with a smile and everyone gathered their belongings when they heard the announcement that their flight would be boarding very soon.

After a couple of hours of the flight, Bly scanned the first class cabin to check out the scene and noted the passengers were fast asleep, including Julie and Linda who were comfortably snuggled against one another. She checked the flight attendants, who sat in their jump seats reading books, as the cabin was quiet and uneventful. The entire first-class passenger's were asleep and the cabin was dark for the late night flight. A mischievous smile crossed Bly's face and she leaned close to Jordan. She pulled the blanket up on the sleepy blonde and herself as she cuddled closely to her. Jordan opened her eyes when she felt Bly's warmth against her.

"Hey, what's up? You okay?" Jordan asked worriedly and snuggled closer to Bly.

"Oh, I'm perfect." Bly sexily responded and kissed Jordan.

"Bly, what are you doing?" Jordan asked surprised and in a whisper checking the cabin out to see if anyone was watching them.

"I'm hitting on you pretty lady." Bly seductively answered capturing Jordan's sensuous lips with her own and slipped her hand between Jordan's legs.

"Oh, Bly." Jordan whispered in a high pitch tone from the contact Bly made. "Oh, yes...Bly." Jordan replied in a much lower, sultry, inviting tone when she felt Bly's fingers find their way inside her shorts and panties to dip deep inside her. Jordan spread her legs for Bly and nibbled softly on Bly's lips before her. "Take me baby." Jordan whispered pleadingly and deepened the sensuous kiss.

"Bly, you little devil." Jordan sexily purred deepening her kiss and thoroughly enjoying every minute of what Bly was doing to her. Jordan was certainly not hiding her pleasure as she seductively moved her hips in unison to Bly's fingers stroking her sex in every enjoyable way. Jordan's heart raced and her arousal mounted as Bly picked up her pace. Her lips against Jordan's neck, nibbling ever so softly, were sending her passion soaring. She desperately tried to contain her delight, and buried her face in Bly's neck to softly moan, without the other passengers knowing just how much she was enjoying what her sexy beast of a girlfriend...rephrase that, fiancée was doing to her.

She was startled back into reality from her brief romp through ecstasy, when she felt Linda's seat moving against her legs, and grabbed Bly's hand to stop her. "Bly." Jordan whispered to get her attention.

"What?" Bly asked breathless, looking up from Jordan's neck.

"Linda's is getting up." Jordan alerted her, desperately panting to regain her composure.

Bly stopped and looked up just in time to see Linda stand up and hear a dull thud. "Ow! Shit!" Linda replied, in response to her forgetfulness that there isn't much room in an airplane. Rubbing her head, she looked up at the offensive overhead compartment. 'Damn!' She thought inwardly, and considered hitting it with her hand to take out her frustrations, but then she'd have another problem. Deciding it wasn't a good idea; she rubbed the pain away from the bump on her head to calm her frustration.

Bly and Jordan snickered and were glad to see she had not turned around yet or they would have been busted. They both sat staring at Linda, who still had her back to them, with grins resembling Cheshire cats. They tried to maintain their cool façade as Linda turned around with a look of disgust on her face from hitting her head. She looked at the sneaky pair with the devilish grins on their faces. "What are you two up too?" She questioned skeptically.

"Oh, aah...nothing, just wondering what you were doing." Jordan stammered, trying to conceal the fact that Bly was still stroking her wet mound underneath the blanket. It was payback time for Bly. Jordan casually squeezed her legs together, which did nothing to thwart Bly's assault, as the woman continued to stroke Jordan's sex with complete disregard for Linda.

"Julie's hogging both of our seats and snoring in my ear, plus my back and neck are killing me." Linda complained, and stepped in the aisle near Jordan's seat.

Jordan faintly heard what Linda was saying as she was trying to keep from shouting when she released her orgasm. She turned to Bly with widened green eyes and cocked one eyebrow when Bly felt Jordan's orgasm. Bly's expression was one of complete surprise and astonishment for what Jordan had just done. "I couldn't help it. It's your fault." Jordan mouthed, looking at Bly who began to laugh from the look on Jordan's face.

"What's so funny?" Linda queried, totally oblivious to what was happening with the pair.

"Oh, I was just laughing about Julie and how she just loves to sprawl out when she sleeps." Bly replied, attempting to play it off. She hoped Linda would buy it.

"Tell me about it. We have a king sized bed at home and I'm lucky if I get a corner of it." She bought it...hook, line and sinker. "Do you have anything to eat Jordan? I'm starving." Linda asked, rubbing her belly.

"Oh, yeah...uhmmm." Jordan stammered nervously, and lifted the blanket, blocking Linda's view as Bly quickly removed her hand. Jordan removed the blanket from them and Bly shifted back into her seat and watched as Jordan stood up to retrieve her bag out of the compartment. "Here, these donuts are great." Jordan exclaimed, and handed her sister the bag of mini donuts she had purchased in San Francisco.

Linda dove in and devoured a couple of them in no time and offered one to Bly, who graciously accepted. Bly popped the donut in her mouth as she stared at Jordan with a mischievous grin on her face. She slowly licked and sucked her fingers, tasting her lover mixed in with the cinnamon-sugar donut. "Hmmm, very tasty and so delicious" Bly seductively replied with a wide grin. She winked at Jordan who stood staring with her mouth agape. Jordan's mouth watered in anticipation before finally coming to her senses. She swallowed hard as she watched Bly tease her.

"Oh, aah...yes, they are. Uhmmm...I'll be back." Jordan stammered, and headed towards the bathroom.

Bly chuckled and watched Jordan rush off as Linda sat in Jordan's chair, oblivious to what was taking place between the girls. She was too enamored with the donuts.

Jordan finished her call of nature and stood before the mirror still flustered from Bly's antics. She turned on the faucet and dipped her hands in before splashing the cold, refreshing water on her face. The water felt invigorating and her senses tingled as her overheated body temperature quickly dropped. Checking herself in the mirror, she noticed her disheveled appearance. 'I look like shit.' she thought, embarrassed, and ran her fingers through her messy blonde hair in an attempt to regain a semblance of order. 'That Bly...I'm going to pay her back for getting me all aroused like that.' Jordan mischievously thought. She put her hair back in place and patted her wet face with a towel completely refreshed. "Much better!" Jordan replied satisfied with her new look and headed back to her seat. "Did you eat all my donuts?" Jordan asked disappointed, as she approached her seat and saw the crumpled bag in Linda's lap.

"Oh, aah...yeah, I guess so." Linda stammered and chuckled. "Sorry." Linda grinned sheepishly, and stood up so Jordan could sit down.

"Oh, man. I love those things." Jordan whined sadly, and plopped in her seat disappointed. "It's okay baby, we'll get you all the mini donuts you want on the way back." Bly replied in an attempt to reassure her disappointed lover.

"Oh, yes. You will definitely get me as many donuts as I want. Isn't that right Bly?" Jordan mischievously asked, no, demanded, and in such a nice way too.

"Oh, aah...yeah, anything you want honey." Bly agreed, when she saw Jordan's look of determination. Bly looked out the window and thought, 'Oh, I'm in deep shit.'

Linda chuckled and sat back in her chair when she heard the announcement that they would be landing soon.

"You do know that I will get you back, right?" Jordan guaranteed sarcastically.

"Oh, yeah. I uhmmm...I'm sure of it." Bly stammered nervously. "Please be gentle." Bly teasingly smiled.

"Oh, I'll do whatever I want to and you'll like it." Jordan mockingly replied, acting as if she was mad. "But, of course." Bly smiled and looked down to check her seat belt. 'Oh, shit.' She thought flustered, fumbling to secure her safety belt, knowing she was in big trouble. Bly looked out the window at the darkness before adjusting her eyesight towards the island below her. She noted the island was very dark and scarcely lit. The only bright lights seemed to come from the landing strip and what she assumed was the terminal. Bly knew just how beautiful the island actually was but they would have to wait until daybreak to catch a glimpse of paradise. Kauai, lush and green, was one of Bly's favorite islands in the Hawaiian chain. She loved the many waterfalls and ruggedness of the Napali Coast. Bly turned to alert Jordan that they were very close to touchdown when she noted the faraway look Jordan possessed. She became worried and rested her hand on Jordan's, who absently looked up at her. "Are you okay?" Bly asked softly, and squeezed her hand for comfort.

"Hmmm...?" Jordan asked confused, snapping out of her thoughts when Bly's voice resonated through her ears.

"Are you alright? Are you scared?" Bly asked, her voice thick with concern from the look on Jordan's face.

"Oh,, oh sorry." Jordan stammered and chuckled once her thoughts were collected. "No, I was just thinking about my brother. I'm getting more nervous now that we are so close." Jordan answered, and patted Bly's hand to assure her she was fine.

"There's nothing to be nervous about baby. He's going to absolutely love you! How could he not?" Bly smiled confidently, and kissed Jordan's cheek.

Jordan chuckled and blushed She was amazed how Bly knew just the right things to say to make her feel so much better. "Yeah, I'm being silly, but I can't help being just a tiny bit nervous. Thanks."

"You're not being silly. You're just excited. Remember, he has two of you to meet and I bet he's just as nervous to meet you."

"Yeah, you're right. I never thought of it that way before. I'll be fine once I'm on the ground." Jordan reassured Bly with a smile and a kiss. "Thanks." Jordan whispered through the kiss. "No, thank you." Bly chuckled and seductively wiggled her eyebrows; referring to the treat Jordan gave her earlier. "I guess that makes us members of the mile high club huh?" They chuckled and felt the plane bump when it touched down on the airstrip. Bly saw Jordan's sigh of relief that they were safely on the ground and smiling, she kissed the back of Jordan's hand that lay still clutched to her own. The group quickly gathered their belongings and headed off the crowded plane to collect the rest of their luggage. Bly rented a luggage cart and parked it next to the carousel to wait for their luggage to come out. Linda, Jordan and Julie stood laughing and chatting animatedly as Bly approached for help with the luggage. "Need some help there studly?" Julie teasingly asked her tall friend.

"Well, I'll be damned! You're actually going to help?" Bly laughed and hugged her best friend playfully as they approached the carousel just as the buzzer sounded, indicating the luggage was on its way. "Cool, we won't have to wait too long." Bly answered relieved.

"I'll try to help but you know that I have a bad back." Julie grinned and mockingly held her lower back as if it hurt.

"Yeah, a conveniently injured back when something needs to be done! It doesn't seem to stop you from your wild sex though!" Bly sarcastically teased.

"You know that's how I hurt it in the first place." Julie laughed as did Bly, noticing the bags heading their way. "Excellent, there's Linda's bags. Are you sure you're ready for these?" Julie teasingly laughed, and pointed to the numerous bags Linda brought with her.

"Yeah, let's get this over with. I'll probably have a back injury after loading these!" Bly chuckled, and began to grab the luggage along with Julie as it came to them. Julie and Bly loaded everyone's luggage except Jordan's, which had not passed by yet. "Honey, your suitcases are forest green right?" Bly asked, looking over her shoulder refreshing her memory.

Jordan approached to check the carousel and scanned the rack that circled around with only a few bags remaining. "Damn...where's my luggage?" Jordan worriedly asked, and watched the bags pass by again. "Well, let's see if they come out when it circles back around." Bly replied, as everyone watched the remaining bags leave with their owners with only an empty carousel passing by.

"Shit! I can't believe this! How in the hell can all of your bags come out and not mine? We were all on the same damn plane!" Jordan angrily replied, raising her voice a few octaves. "Okay...settle down honey. We'll find out what's up with them. Maybe they were placed on another carousel. Let's go check at the information booth." Bly suggested, attempting to calm her distraught lover, and nudged her along.

"We'll hang here and wait for you." Julie offered, and leaned against the heavily loaded cart with Linda laying her head on her shoulder. "I'm sleepy." Linda yawned, and closed her eyes for the wait, as Julie wrapped her arm securely around her lover.

Jordan's anger was evident, as she spoke, no, yelled, at the agent in her attempt to find her luggage. "I can't believe you lost my luggage!" She shouted passionately, as Bly stood by stunned. She didn't know what to say, as she had never seen Jordan this mad before.

"I'm sorry ma'am. We are trying to locate your luggage right now." The agent attempted to explain, feverishly pounding the keyboard on her computer for information. "You're not trying hard enough!" Jordan spat angrily. "Okay...Jordan. Calm down honey." Bly replied, stepping next to her lover and placing a comforting hand on her back. Jordan looked angrily at her lover. "Ma' you have any idea what might have happened to her luggage?" Bly calmly asked the frayed agent, as Jordan ran a frustrated hand through her disheveled blonde hair.

"I'm not sure at the moment. My guess would be it was mislabeled and made it onto another plane. We will track the luggage, find it, and have it brought to your hotel immediately." The agent cordially offered.

"Okay...we are staying at The Sheraton on Poipu Beach, and would appreciate your help." Bly calmly answered and smiled. She turned to Jordan whose frustration was quite evident as she walked beside Bly.

"I can't believe you were so calm Bly." Jordan exclaimed in frustrated disbelief.

"Jordan, honey. It's late, we're all tired, and it's not the agent's fault that the luggage is lost." Bly explained, and held Jordan's hand. "Bly, is that really you? If it would have been your luggage, you would have jumped across the counter and strangled the woman!" Jordan replied, confused by Bly's evasiveness. "Oh, come on, I'm not that bad am I?" Bly asked with a sexy smile, and looked down at her shorter lover trying to lighten the mood.

"Yes!" Jordan answered, and shared a laugh with Bly.

"Come on. Let's get to the hotel. You won't be so mad once you get your sleep. Tomorrow, when you wake up, your luggage will have magically appeared." Bly confidently replied.

"I know, it's just that I'm nervous as it is, and this doesn't help with any of it. What am I going to do without any clothes?"

"Well, you normally don't wear any to bed, much to my delight." Bly grinned wickedly, and saw Jordan's small smile grow into a full blush. "Your luggage will be here before you know it. So, stop worrying!" Bly laughed, and kissed her reassuringly.

Bly and Jordan joined the girls and they headed, with their luggage, towards the limo to head off to the hotel. The ride was a long one as the airport was halfway around the island from their resort. All four women dozed off and on during the hour ride. Arriving at the hotel, they all had one thought in mind, and that was the feel of a comfortable bed under their bodies. Check-in went smoothly as the luggage was taken up to their respective rooms. There was a message from Bly's brother at the desk informing them that their long lost brother would be meeting them for dinner tonight instead of brunch, as an emergency had come up. The women bid each other goodnight, agreeing to meet in the hotel restaurant at 10:00 a.m. to go sightseeing instead of their original plan to have brunch with Kevin.

A unison groan was emitted from the two women as the alarm announced that it was 9:00 a.m. cracking a sleepy eye open, Bly reached out slowly and slammed her hand down on the snooze bar, instantly silencing the incessant buzzing. Jordan murmured and snuggled appreciatively into Bly's shoulder. Bly's arms snaked around to hold Jordan for a moment before whispering in her ear. "Come on honey, we have to get up. Don't you want to see the island?"

"Not at this hour!" Came the muffled reply from just below her chin. Bly smiled and jiggled Jordan to get a rise out of her. "Stop it!" Succeeding in her endeavor had only fueled Bly's resolve to get Jordan up and out of bed. Bly began to run her hand lightly down the blonde's ribcage, and felt her squirm in response. "Stop it!" The voice came a little stronger, as the body against her side tried to shift away from her. Pulling the squirming woman back toward her, Bly continued her reign of terror on the smaller woman's body. Jordan reached out and stopped Bly's hand from further movement saying, "I said stop it!" In a very adamant tone.

Bly instantly rolled over on top of Jordan, effectively pinning her to the mattress, and began taunting her. "Or what?" She gripped Jordan's hands tightly and held them above the woman's head, leaving her helpless as Bly's body effectively lay on top of Jordan, halting any further movement. Green eyes flashed open with a look of amusement and forced anger.

"Just because you are bigger and stronger than me doesn't mean that you can always get away with everything. One of these days I'm going to surprise you good!" Bly reached down and kissed Jordan tenderly on the lips and when the woman under her began to respond, she pulled back with a devilish grin. Jordan groaned from the loss of contact and then squinted her eyes in mock fierceness when Bly gently, and quickly, ran her tongue along the edge of her lips. "Do you mean get away with this? Or like this?" Bly dipped down and ran her tongue along Jordan's jaw line ending at her ear lobe, which she nibbled on lightly. Jordan's goosebumps rose in full force when she felt Bly's warm breath against her ear.

"This is only the beginning my dear...wait until we have more time!" Bly whispered warmly, before jumping off the bed and out of Jordan's reach. "Right now you'd better get up and get ready or we will be leaving without you." Bly chuckled, and walked into the bathroom as a pillow thudded against the doorframe just to the right of her head. "Missed!" She tauntingly laughed.

The running water muffled Jordan's reply as Bly turned the shower on full force. She chuckled as she had a good idea of what Jordan had said. Rinsing her hair, Bly was still smiling as she thought about waking Jordan up. She was the hardest person to get up and out of bed, but Bly loved finding creative ways to accomplish that nearly impossible task. Bly tilted her head back and let the water run down her hair and her face, unaware of a presence entering the shower with her. A sudden tweak of her nipple sent Bly upright, spitting the water out of her mouth in surprise. Her eyes flew open to find Jordan blinking her eyes and wiping water off her face. "Hey thanks, first you torment me awake and now you spit in my face!"

"I'm sorry honey, you startled me. I didn't know you were in here too." Bly wrapped her arms around her lover's body and kissed her lightly on the tip of her nose. Jordan tried ineffectively to stay sheltered behind Bly's body, but the water from the showerhead continued to bounce off Bly's shoulders and straight into Jordan's face.

Grimacing, Jordan kept blinking her eyes and kept her mouth shut to avoid drowning. Bly chuckled at the scene before her and knew what was happening. She pushed Jordan back a step so they were both out of the shower's spray. Kissing her deeply, her throaty voice asked, "Am I forgiven?"

"Hmmmm, maybe." Jordan replied before her mouth was assaulted by Bly's kisses again. "Now?" Jordan took a deep breath to steady her racing heart and she huskily replied, "No, but you are on the right track. Now, if you are finished, let me take my shower or we'll never get down to meet Linda and Julie!" Bly leaned in for a quick, deep kiss and stepped out of the stall as Jordan swatted at her behind. "Behave!" "Never!" Bly called after her, as she wrapped a towel around herself and stepped out into the bedroom. Bly sat out on the lanai soaking up some sun as she waited for Jordan to finish showering. Jordan stuck her head out onto the lanai and the look on her face wasn't a good one. "What? What's the matter?"

"My suitcases still haven't arrived from the airport. I just called down to the desk and they haven't received them yet. They are going to call the airlines to check on them again, but so far no one seems to know just where my clothes are!" Jordan's voice was bordering on panic, and Bly knew she had to diffuse the situation. "I think you look kind of cute in that little towel."

"Cute! So you think I should just waltz into the restaurant like this?" Jordan asked, trying to keep her righteous anger, but losing the battle to Bly's lecherous looks. "Well, we won't have any problem getting service!" Bly replied saucily. "It's the type of service that I'm afraid of!" Jordan retorted, picking up her clothing from yesterday with disgust. She really didn't want to wear the outfit again, she felt like she had already lived in it for a week! Bly rifled through her suitcase with no success and had an idea. "My clothes definitely won't fit you. Why don't you call Linda and see if you can borrow an outfit. If your suitcases aren't here by the time we come back this afternoon, we can go to the stores downstairs and get you a few things. I'm sure this will all be straightened out by tomorrow morning. Your suitcases couldn't have gone that far." Jordan nodded at the suggestion, and picked up the phone to dial Linda and Julie's room.

Quickly solving the problem, they waited for the two women to bring the borrowed clothing over, and then the four of them proceeded down to the restaurant. "Thanks for the loan." Jordan offered, as they sat down at their table. "What are sisters for?" Linda replied smiling, "just be thankful I'm not an amazon like Bly." She teasingly whispered over to her sister. Jordan swatted her lightly on the arm and answered, "Hey! Watch it! That happens to be my amazon you are talking about, and I like her just the way she is!" Both women turned to smile over at Bly who was oblivious to their conversation. Bly looked at the two women and frowned before turning to Julie for an explanation. Julie just shrugged her shoulders with the same confused look, which caused both Jordan and Linda to erupt into laugher.

"Hey you get the feeling sometimes that we are like a day late and dollar short when it comes to these two?" Julie asked, frowning at the women's obvious delight at their expense. "All the time Julie, all the time!" Bly replied shaking her head at the two.

After breakfast they headed down to the lobby to pour over the pamphlets to decide what to do on the island that day. It was already 11:30 by the time their car was brought around, so they opted to drive around the island visiting the sights closest to their location. Their first stop was Waimea Canyon. Pulling into the parking lot, the women walked out onto the observation platform and were astounded at the sight. "It almost looks like a miniature Grand Canyon." Jordan observed. They wanted to see the entire canyon and couldn't unless they took a helicopter ride over it, and after a few pictures, the women headed toward the flight area. The four decided on the 3-hour flight over the interior of the island to a secluded waterfall, where a picnic lunch would be served to them, and they could relax by the base of the waterfall. The scenery was spectacular as the pilot took them along the Napali Coast region and the aircraft was buffeted by the winds as he tried to maneuver the helicopter into the crevices along the cliffs. Jordan gripped Bly's hand tightly in fear, as the helicopter seemed to barely fit between the walls. The pilot kept fighting his way in until they were past the cliffs and flying over the interior of lush, green vegetation and various waterfalls that were below them. Releasing Bly's hand, Jordan eagerly began taking pictures.

Julie had already gone through one roll of film and was quickly trying to load her camera so that she didn't miss a thing. The four of them wore headsets so that they could hear the pilot narrate what they were seeing, but it was difficult to communicate amongst themselves within the aircraft due to the loud noise from the blades. When they landed in a glen that had already been prepared for them, they ventured under the canopy and were handed Mai Tai's as they waited for lunch to be prepared. After lunch, the woman walked down to stream that flowed over the rocks into a pool and sat on the edge and put their feet into the ice-cold water. "Wow! That's cold!" Julie shrieked, and quickly pulled her feet out of the water. "It's got to be eighty degrees and the water feels like its forty degrees!" Bly chuckled and replied, "No more like fifty degrees, but cold nonetheless. It's wild isn't it." They could hear the muffled thunder of the water in the distance as it fell from the top of cliffs down to the stream that ran toward them. A beautiful rainbow was present among the mist of the freshly fallen water. The stream was clear and you could see that the bottom was made up of rocks that ran to the shore where the grass grew. A dock, of sorts, had been built along the edge of the stream to allow guests to climb down into the pool. The women decided to just lie on the dock and soak up the afternoon rays, lazy from the big lunch they had just eaten. Jordan sat wondering if her and Linda would ever get to see their brother. She wondered if maybe he changed his mind and didn't want to meet them at all. She hadn't slept well from her nervous energy about meeting him, and her lost luggage didn't help either. She finally got to sleep two hours before the alarm clock went off, which made her very tired along with the jet lag that was beginning to kick in. The only thing that was keeping her awake was the huge glass of iced 'Tazo Chai' tea she had at breakfast, and the nervous energy that flowed through her quite freely. She couldn't help but wonder what her brother was like, and as much as this place was incredibly beautiful, she wanted to go back to see him. She was glad to see the helicopter returning for them and that it was time to head back. The ride back was equally as enjoyable, as they went back a different route and saw even more waterfalls and hidden glens. They arrived back at the landing pad and didn't return to the hotel until 5 p.m. They decided to go their rooms to relax, the arrangements had been made to meet down at the beach for the luau at 7:00 p.m. Arriving back to their room, Jordan panicked when she realized her luggage had still not arrived. She was about to lose it. 'I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.' Jordan thought, her mind in a jumble with everything that was happening. She couldn't believe that she would be meeting her brother in a few hours and she had no clothes. She couldn't imagine anything worse happening right now.

The phone rang and she picked it up perturbed. "Hello." She gruffly replied. "What?!" She asked surprised and in a raised tone. "Okay...I'll meet you in thirty minutes." Jordan hurriedly replied and hung up the phone. She looked at Bly in a panic. "That was Linda. She said Dawson called her when he couldn't reach us. He probably called as we were delayed at the soda machine for that Dr. Pepper you had to have!" Jordan teasingly replied with an arched eyebrow at her lover, who grinned sheepishly. "Well, he said our brother Kevin wants to meet us in forty-five minutes for cocktails before the luau."

"That's great honey!" Bly excitedly replied, and moved closer to the flustered blonde.

"No, it's terrible! I have no clothes! What in the hell am I going to do?" She asked tearfully, and leaned against Bly's chest for comfort.

Bly wrapped her arms around Jordan and kissed the top of her head reassuringly. "Okay...let's do this. I'll go down to the lobby and purchase some undergarments, and you can wear the sundress I got you in San Francisco. How does that sound?" Bly offered, and headed towards the closet to pull out the dress. She laid the dress across the bed as Jordan wiped the tears from her eyes, and pushed her errant blonde hair off her face.

"Yes! This will be perfect." Jordan answered, finally feeling some hope that things might turn around for her in a positive way. "I'll jump in the shower and hurry. Thank you for going down to the lobby for me."

Bly saw the frazzled and nervous look in Jordan's eyes and drew her close for a hug. "It's going to be alright baby. Take a deep breath and just relax. Everything will work out beautifully, I promise." Bly softly replied, and kissed Jordan's cheek, feeling the tension release from her rigid body.

"Promise?" Jordan asked with a hopeful smile, looking up at Bly.

"I promise." Bly grinned and kissed Jordan. "Get in the shower and relax a bit. I'll be back before you know it." With a quick kiss, Bly was out the door and headed toward the elevators.

Jordan jumped in the shower and allowed the hot water to beat down on her stiff body, instantly feeling the release of her tension. She quickly showered, after allowing herself a few brief moments to unwind ,and hopped out of the shower. Arriving back to the room, Bly walked in and found a very sexy blonde standing naked looking at herself in the mirror. "Well, hello mamasita!" Bly drawled sexily, fully appreciating the lovely sight before her, as she approached the object of her affection.

Jordan turned around from the mirror blushing and accepted Bly into her arms. "Hello sexy." She chuckled, and kissed her tall lover soundly. She felt much better and more relaxed now that she had her shower and some clothes to wear. "Thanks honey, for being so supportive of me. I know that I've been a complete bitch lately and..." Jordan attempted to explain, but was interrupted by Bly.

"Honey, you have not been a bitch. You have been very nervous and stressed out. I understand that completely and I'm glad I could be here with you." Bly reassuringly kissed her and engulfed her in a much-needed hug. "Now, get dressed." She softly coaxed, and patted Jordan's bare bottom, eliciting a giggle as she headed in to dress.

Bly stripped down to her birthday suit and turned on the shower. She climbed into the shower and began to wash her sleek, tall body. Jordan poked her head around the shower curtain. "Ooh, baby do I love to see you naked." She teasingly laughed with a big grin, watching her lover bathe her sexy body.

"You keep that up and I'll pull you in here with me!" Bly laughed, and ran the shampoo through her dark locks.

"No, I've got to go. Will you be long?"

"I shouldn't be, but why don't you and Linda go down to the bar, and Jules and I will meet you down there later. Unless, you need me to go with you for support?" Bly offered, and stood with her hands on her hips waiting for Jordan's answer, as the water trickled down her tan, muscular body.

"I would like you there, but it might be more comfortable for Kevin if it was just the two of us. He may feel really intimidated if all of us meet him at once."

"Sounds good to me babe. I'll get dressed, grab Jules and we'll meet you down there later. Okay?" She asked with a smile and kissed Jordan.

"Excellent. I'm so excited!" She gushed and smiled widely.

"I see that!" Bly chuckled, and leaned out of the shower to kiss her cute blonde again. She just couldn't get enough of Jordan's kisses.

"I've got to finish dressing!" She announced, and disappeared behind the curtain. Bly chuckled and rinsed the shampoo out of her hair. She was very excited and happy all at the same time. She felt the butterflies swarming around in her stomach, and was happy that Jordan would soon meet her long lost brother and have some closure with her life. She finished her shower and stepped out to towel off. She dried herself off and looked up, stunned by the vision of loveliness before her.

"Does it look awful on me?" Jordan worriedly asked from the look on Bly's face.

"Oh,, look so incredibly beautiful Jordan. I aah...I'm just stunned by your beauty." Bly professed, and inhaled deeply to settle the nervousness in her stomach. She felt nervous and excited, just like the first time they made love. She was speechless and didn't know what to do. She was enamored by Jordan's presence and didn't want the vision or the moment to end.

"Really? Are you sure?" Jordan asked excitedly and looked down at the dress she wore.

"Oh, yes...absolutely. You look, wow...fabulous." Bly replied as words failed her miserably in her effort to describe Jordan. She gave up trying and moved closer to her.

"Aah...thanks!" Jordan replied blushing and hugged Bly. "You are so sweet." Jordan whispered, and kissed Bly passionately to let her know just how much she meant to her. "It's true. You are beautiful." Bly smiled, and pulled back to look at Jordan.

"This is such a fabulous dress. I just love it honey. Thanks!" Jordan appreciatively replied smiling. "I'm going to head down. Try to come down fairly soon okay?"

"I'll be down before you know it honey." Bly smiled, and kissed Jordan again before she headed towards the door.

Bly stepped out of the bathroom to watch Jordan leave, and smiled when she turned back before exiting the door. "I love you." Jordan smiled, and winked at her naked lover.

"Same here babe." Bly blushed and smiled, watching Jordan leave the room. She looked down at her towel chuckling and thinking about how incredibly happy she is at that moment. It was all because of Jordan and she never wanted it to end. She wanted to feel that way for the rest of her life and she knew that would happen as she had finally found her soul mate...Jordan. Bly tossed the towel into the bathroom and headed into the bedroom to dress.

Jordan and Linda headed down to the hotel bar to meet their brother. They stopped at the door and inhaled deeply and then exhaled to calm their nervousness. They looked at each other and smiled, knowing what the other was thinking. They laughed and squeezed each other's hands for support as they entered the bar. Looking around the hotel bar, they didn't see Dawson, who was suppose to accompany their brother there. "Maybe they're to the back part of the bar." Linda offered, and both walked around to see if they could get a better look.

"There's Dawson!" Jordan excitedly pointed out when she caught sight of him. "They're out by the pool bar." Jordan motioned, so Linda could see them.

They headed towards the door and exited toward the pool. "Linda! Jordan!" Dawson called out cheerily, and waved to the women as he approached.

"Hi, Dawson!" Jordan greeted him with a hug as did Linda.

"I have someone who's been dying to meet you." Dawson smiled, and led the girls towards his table. "Linda, Jordan, this is your brother Kevin." He introduced them proudly as Kevin stood up to meet his sisters.

There was awkwardness to the introductions, as no one was sure of how to greet each other. Finally, Kevin reached out to shake Jordan's hand with a happy grin on his face, and Jordan broke the ice when she engulfed him in a tight, warm hug. She began to cry, no longer able contain her emotions when her brother held her tightly in his arms. "Let me guess, you're Jordan...right?" He chuckled through his own tears, and leaned back to look at his sister.

"Yes, I'm Jordan." She chuckled, crying harder.

"Hey, don't hog my big brother!" Linda teased, and pulled Jordan back.

"And you're my baby sister Linda." He laughed, and hugged her tightly.

Jordan hugged the both of them, overwhelmed as everyone laughed through their tears. Kevin laughed harder and wrapped his arm around both of his sisters. "I have some very important people for you two to meet." He announced, and turned the two women around.

Jordan glanced over at Dawson, who was not as stoic as his sister and wore his emotions on his sleeve. He was trying to inconspicuously wipe his tears away, but he wasn't fooling Jordan and she grinned when she saw him crying. Catching his attention, she winked at him as he returned an embarrassed smile for being so sappy.

"This is my wife Kelli." Kevin conducted the introductions as Jordan and Linda shook the attractive brunette's hand to cordially greeting her. "This little princess is our daughter Kylie." He proudly replied, picking his daughter up into his arms and presenting her to his sisters. "This is your Aunt Jordan and this is your Aunt Linda." He replied, pointing to the two women.

"Hello Kylie." Jordan and Linda replied in unison, smiling at the bashful little girl. They chuckled when she shyly hid her head in her father's neck, who laughed along with his wife. "She's not usually this shy, just wait until she gets used to you and then you won't be able to shut her up." He chuckled with his wife. "Yeah, and that will take all of about five minutes." Kelli piped in as everyone laughed again.

"She's absolutely beautiful." Jordan smiled proudly and looked at her niece. She had always wanted to be an aunt and to have a loving family. It seemed like she was getting everything she ever wished for in her life. She hoped Bly would hurry and join them, as she wanted her to share in this moment.

"How old are you?" Linda asked and lightly rubbed her niece's small arm smiling.

She hid her face with a laugh and her father answered for her, "She's four going on sixteen," with a shared laugh from the group. "Let's sit down and have a drink." Kevin offered, and moved so Linda and Jordan could pass by him to the table.

"I'll get the drinks, you all get acquainted." Dawson offered, much to everyone's delight. "Kelli and Kevin...I'm sure you're having the same right?" He inquired and looked at them. They nodded yes and Dawson looked to Jordan and Linda. "What would you two like?"

"I'll have a frozen Pina Colada." Jordan answered smiling. "I'll have the same." Linda replied with an appreciative smile. "Great...I'll be right back." Dawson excitedly replied, and headed towards the bar with his wallet open and ready.

The group sat and stared at one another not sure of what to say. They were all basically checking each other out and wondering if what they pictured each to be was an actuality. Jordan was surprised that her impression of her brother was so different. He was even better looking than she imagined and seemed to be a very nice man. She hoped he would be very understanding with what her and Linda were about to tell him regarding their lifestyles.

"Uhmmm...Kevin. I don't know what Dawson has told you about us, but...aah." Jordan stammered nervously and looked at Linda for support. She hoped he wouldn't shun them for their sexual preferences. "Dawson didn't fill me in on too much." Kevin chuckled, and let his squirming daughter down. "I think he wanted us to have the chance to get to know one another instead."

"Well, aah...we're both...aah..." Jordan attempted to explain.

"Gay...we're both gay Kevin." Linda chimed in and informed him quite abruptly. "There, that awkward moment is out of the way." Linda chuckled with a sigh of relief, and looked at her stunned sister whose eyebrow was arched skeptically at her sister. She was astonished Linda could be so forward with their brother that they had just met.

Kevin looked at his wife then back to his sister's. "Well, we hope you are both happy and have wonderful partners." He replied with a warm, loving smile.

"Wow...that was easy." Jordan replied with a chuckle, astonished by their casual demeanor.

"Kelli's sister is gay and we are quite gay friendly. Besides, you're both my sister's and even though I don't know you very well yet, I love you just the same." He smiled and watched as Kylie walked over to Jordan for her to pick her up.

"Hello there cutiepie!" Jordan greeted and picked her up as the little girl positioned herself comfortably in Jordan's lap. Kylie smiled and played with Jordan's long blonde hair. "Yes, to answer your question. We are both in love with two wonderful women whom you'll meet very soon. In fact, my partner is Bly, Dawson's older sister and she's a fabulous woman."

"She's biased!" Linda teased as everyone laughed. "My girlfriend Julie is Bly's best friend and we all met in Key West. I guess you could say we are all blissfully happy together." Linda's quick laughter easily invited everyone else to join in.

"Wow...Kevin. Kylie looks a lot like Jordan." Kelli observed, and looked at her husband then back to her sister-in-law who held their daughter.

"Yeah, the long blonde hair and the green eyes match perfectly. She could be your daughter Jordan." He observed and chuckled. "You both look a lot like our mother." Kevin mentioned, and saw the stunned immediate looks of Jordan and Linda.

"You remember our mother?" Jordan asked urgently, and slightly jealous, for she had no memory of their mother.

"Well, I was pretty young, but from what I remember she had beautiful, long blonde hair, much like your own and very pretty green eyes. You obviously take after her. It seems Linda and I look more like our father." He answered with a smile and looked at Linda then back to Jordan. An awkward silence fell upon the group until Dawson delivered the drinks to the table and distributed them to everyone.

" you remember how our parents were with us?" Jordan hesitantly asked. From the way her adoptive parents were with her, she was almost afraid to ask that question. She hoped they weren't like them, but she wanted to know, as it was very important to her.

"They were very loving and proud parents from what I remember. They were constantly hugging and kissing on all of us." Kevin answered with a slight smile and sadly looked down at his hands, remembering the pain of losing his parents. He smiled and looked up at his wife gratefully when she squeezed his hand for comfort, and then over to Jordan and Linda, who had tears streaking their cheeks.

"I don't have any memories of them." Jordan disappointedly and sadly replied. Linda saw the sadness in Jordan's eyes and felt the same way. She felt an old emptiness in her heart for her dead parents and for the years she was away from her sister and brother. But, she could never feel the pain that Jordan felt from having to live with the adoptive parents that she had growing up. Linda knew she was very lucky growing up with loving adoptive parents, and from what Kevin said, they were much like their own biological parents. Still, she felt bad that Jordan had only known monsters for parents. She squeezed Jordan's hand for comfort and wiped the tears that trickled down her cheeks.

"Why are you crying Auntie Jordan?" Kylie asked with childlike wonderment.

"Oh, I'm just happy to see your daddy." Jordan smiled and wiped her tears away.

"Don't be sad." She replied and hugged Jordan who chuckled and felt what she had always wanted to feel...the unconditional love of a family. A loving one, not like the one she had left behind. "That's so sweet. Thank you." Jordan replied and looked up noticing Bly and Julie heading their way. "Oh, there's Bly and Julie." She excitedly announced and stood up. She was happy for the interruption, as the discussion was becoming quite painful for her.

"Hello." Bly and Julie greeted in unison with a cordial smile as they stopped next to Jordan. "This is our niece Kylie. This is Bly." Jordan introduced Bly to her niece.

"Hello's a pleasure to meet you." Bly smiled and looked at Jordan. "You okay?" She asked concerned and rubbed Jordan's back for comfort, noticing that she had been crying.

"Oh, yeah. I'm much better now, thanks." Jordan answered with a smile. Jordan and Linda introduced Bly and Julie to Kevin and Kelli before sitting back down. "Do you want a drink?" Jordan asked Bly who stood close by.

"Oh, no thanks. We can't stay too long."

"Why?" Jordan asked confused and disappointed. She didn't want to be away from Bly any longer. She wanted to feel connected to her, and the best way for that to happen was for Bly to be by her side.

"We have a lead on your mysterious luggage and we're heading off to retrieve it." Bly laughed, and looked at Julie then back to Jordan. "You're kidding! Where did they find it?" Jordan asked with a laugh and helped Kylie get down from her lap.

"It was still in California!" Bly chuckled with a surprised look. "We'll be back in plenty of time for the luau." Bly replied, and winked at Jordan who was obviously much happier with the latest news. "I'll join you two." Dawson offered and stood up.

"Bye and thanks." Jordan smiled and watched as Bly, Julie and Dawson headed out of site. She wanted to kiss Bly and feel her connection, but she didn't want to make Kevin and his wife feel uncomfortable. All she wanted was for Bly to hold her in her arms tightly and make everything feel good again. Listening to Kevin speak of their parents was hard on her, but she needed to hear it and she knew she would have to wait until later to have Bly's strong arms wrapped around her.

"Kevin, let me have the keys to the car so, I can get our luggage and check us into the hotel." Kelli asked holding out her hand as Kevin fished the keys out of his pocket and handed them to his wife. "I'll go out with you and help." Linda offered and stood up. "Ok, great. Thanks. We'll meet you over at the luau." Kelli informed her husband and smiled before her, Linda and Kylie left.

Kevin and Jordan sat chatting about their jobs, where they lived, where they had gone to school and Jordan began to explain her miserable life with her adoptive parents, which devastated Kevin. He began to cry as he heard Jordan describe her life with those people. "I'm so sorry Jordan." He sadly replied crying harder. Jordan began to cry too and held his hands as she leaned forward in her chair. "It's not your fault Kevin."

"I feel like it's my fault. I'm your older brother. I should have been there to take care of you and Linda." He guiltily answered.

" were only seven years old. You couldn't have done anything more." Jordan answered, trying to console him.

"Jordan, there was never a day that passed that I didn't think of you and Linda. I dreamed of the day we would finally be back together again. I begged my adoptive parents to find you two and they tried, unsuccessfully. When I got older I did my own search and couldn't find either of you. The records were sealed and I got a dead end, adamant, no from everyone I contacted to try and find you both. How did you and Linda find me?"

Jordan wiped her tears that had fallen harder as she listened to how her brother desperately searched for them, and collected her emotions explaining, "Linda and I have been friends for many years and I was in a car accident not too long ago and I nearly died." Jordan felt Kevin's hands clutch hers tighter in fear, and saw his face blanch from the news.

"Oh, my god! Are you okay? Are there any long term problems?" He worriedly asked with genuine concern for her. Jordan smiled and rubbed his hands gently to calm him. "I'm fine. I have a scar that bothers me occasionally, but other than that I'm perfectly healthy. When I was in the hospital I needed blood and Linda donated hers and they found out she was a perfect match. So perfect that the doctors said we had to be related and it was then the people I thought were my parents admitted that I was adopted when they were contacted by the hospital. Dawson, along with Bly's mother's connections, were able to get our files opened, and we found out the truth about the three of us being adopted. When Linda and I found out that we had a brother, Dawson got to working on finding you." She explained with a smile, and noticed Kevin was just staring at her hands on his. " something wrong?" She asked worriedly.

"Oh, aah..." He stammered with a smile. "No, aah our mother used to do exactly what you are doing right now. She would gently rub our hands like that to calm us." He explained and looked deeply into Jordan's stunned green eyes. "You are so much like her that it's almost as if she was somehow reincarnated into you Jordan." He softly answered, and smiled adoringly as he spoke of their mother.

"Really?" Jordan asked surprised swallowing the lump that formed in her throat.

"Yes, oh, here!" He excitedly replied and reached for his wallet. "I have had this since the day we were taken from our home along with other things I took." He chuckled and pulled out an old tattered picture and handed it to Jordan, who held it in her hand that shook. She cried harder as she looked at the picture, a family photo of her mother holding her in her arms. Her father held Linda and Kevin stood between their parents. She lightly rubbed the photo and noted that everyone looked extremely happy, full of life and completely unaware of what the fates had planned for their future.

"You look so cute Kevin," she chuckled, and wiped the tears away that fell freely. "Dad is so very handsome too." She replied smiling, and realized that it was true what they say about how daughters usually find a mate that is like their father. He was tall, very good looking and had dark hair. She couldn't make out the color of his eyes, but she guessed they were blue just as Linda and Kevin's are. "Wow! I can see the family resemblance in all of us."

"It's incredible huh?" He asked with a laugh looking at the picture along with Jordan. "It seems Linda and I are a cross between mom and dad, but you're all mom!" He grinned proudly. It was very evident that he was enamored by his mother and now by Jordan.

"Yes, we look exactly's amazing." Jordan replied her voice trailing off, surprised by how closely she resembled her mother. She smiled proudly and hugged her brother tightly. "Thank you." She whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek.

"I can't believe I have my two little sister's back. We can be the family that we weren't allowed to be." He grinned hopeful, and hugged Jordan again excitedly before breaking the hug.

"Kevin...why didn't other family members take us in?" Jordan asked curious as to why no one would accept them into their home.

"Well, mom's best friend Sheryl tried to adopt us all, but the state wouldn't allow that because she was a single woman. We stayed with her for a few weeks until the children's services took us away from her. She tried to contact mom's parents, but they refused to have anything to do with us. It seems that they were very wealthy people and didn't approve of mother marrying dad, as he was not from their level of society. So, they told her she was banished from their family and they wanted nothing to do with her or her children. That is so sick. It's just so hard to believe that people could be like that." He answered in angered disbelief and looked at Jordan whose head was down.

"I can believe it, I lived with people like that." Jordan answered her tone of voice was very resentful. "What about dad's side of the family?"

"Sheryl mentioned that he was an only child as was both of his parents. She said his parents died when he was eighteen and there were no family members they could find for us to live with on his side. Thankfully, Sheryl still lives in the same town as we did or I never would have found any of this out. I contacted her not too long ago and she filled me in on what she could remember. Maybe we can go visit her sometime." He smiled and offered.

"Yes, that would be nice. I'd like that very much." Jordan smiled gratefully, trying to absorb everything that Kevin told her. It was all so unbelievable and it seemed as if they were all living out similar fates that their parents had. Kevin suggested they head over towards the luau so they wouldn't be late and held Jordan's chair for her. "May I escort you little sister?" He teasingly asked, trying to lighten the mood and held out an arm for her.

"Well, thank you big brother." Jordan chuckled, and put her hand on his arm as they made their way across the pool deck. "Oh, here's the picture back Kevin." Jordan offered and held it out to him.

"I want you to have it Jordan. I've made copies that I have framed at home and I will give one to Linda as well."

She smiled appreciatively and kissed his cheek, "thank you!" She gently placed the picture in her small purse that dangled from her shoulder.

Kevin led her towards a path of over grown vegetation and stopped at a wooden walkway. "I almost forgot to give you this." He replied, and handed Jordan a note.

"What's this?" She asked confused and held up the note as she looked at him skeptically. "I'm not really sure. I was just told to give it to you by the waiter who delivered it to the table." He answered, and watched her open the note.

She began to read the note and was even more confused when she read: 'I'm waiting for you and I want you to know that if you don't want to do this now I will understand completely. There is no pressure for you to do this and if you're not ready, just tell me I will love you just the same. Love, Bly.' Jordan was even more confused by what Bly was getting at. 'Why wouldn't I want to attend the luau now?' She wondered inwardly.

"Well?" Kevin asked, looking down at his very confused sister.

"Oh, aah...let's go. I'm not sure what that strange girlfriend of mine is up to, but we will soon find out." Jordan answered with a chuckle, and allowed her brother to lead the way. They followed the wooden path through the maze of orchids and other flowers that Jordan couldn't identify. The scent was heady and she was feeling blissfully happy at the moment. The path passed over a small rippling stream and finally gave way to a wide expanse of sand and sea. Stopping to remove their shoes, the couple stepped out onto the sand and Kevin turned them towards a group of people off toward the left with a backdrop of the quickly descending sun, signaling sunset was upon them.

As they neared the group, Jordan stopped, pulling Kevin back toward her. "What is this?" Kevin shrugged his shoulders and smiled, "What do you think?" Jordan looked back at the crowd and saw Bly step forward splendidly dressed in a black tuxedo. The sight took Jordan's breath for a moment as the tears once again coursed down her cheeks. The site of Bly in the black tuxedo that buttoned only between her breasts revealing her muscular, taut abdomen was breathtaking. Jordan looked her lover up and down noticing she was standing barefoot. She smiled and allowed her eyes to travel upward again focusing on Bly's bare mid-driff, realizing that Bly had nothing else on under the coat. She hoped she at least had a bra on.

The bright red orchid lei accentuated her dark features and brought out the crystal blue allure of her eyes. She stood solitary for a moment surprised to see Bly's parents, grandparents and brother standing next to a man dressed in a traditional Hawaiian robe. Linda smiled brightly through her tears as Julie struggled to wipe her cheek with the back of her hand. Jordan laughed at the scene and smiled at Kylie when she waved to her from Kelli's arms. She wasn't sure what to do as everyone stared at her and she felt like a person who's been stunned by a surprise birthday party.

A gentle tug on her arm brought her attention back to her brother and she turned to look into his glistening eyes. "Would you do me the honor of allowing me to give the bride away?" He asked, smiling proudly.

It finally dawned on Jordan as to what was taking place when she looked at the beautiful bright, reddish orange sun dipping towards the ocean and when she glanced down at her sundress. Her dream wedding was becoming a reality. She smiled happily and looked at her brother who chuckled at the bewildered and flustered look his sister possessed. It was evident that she was completely blown away by everything, and her look was one of a woman whose dreams was finally becoming reality.

"Did you know about all this?" Jordan asked, taking a ragged breath through her tears. "Yes, Dawson explained it to me when we first met. So, what do you say little sister, do you want to tie the knot?" Kevin asked tenderly, and Jordan's tears flowed stronger as she enthusiastically nodded yes and cried, "More than anything in the world!"

"I'm glad to hear that as I'm sure Bly is too!" He grinned, and reached into his pocket. "I want you to have this as it would be perfect for you to give to Bly." He explained and opened the box, which contained a beautiful wedding band with diamonds in a line accentuating its beauty.

"Oh, Kevin. It's exquisite, but I can't accept this gift. I'll have to get one for Bly later." She exclaimed, admiring the beauty of the ring.

"You must accept this ring. It was our mother's wedding ring Jordan. It would be very fitting for you to give it to Bly." He explained, and moved it closer to her. "But..." Jordan attempted to ask confused.

"Remember I told you I took a few things? Well, this one, and her engagement ring, along with dad's wedding band, which I wear, is what I took to remember our parents. I saved them in hopes that this day would come and that I could give them to my sisters. I will give Linda mother's engagement ring and I want you to take her wedding ring."

Jordan's tears streaked her face and she lightly rubbed her finger over the band. She could feel her mother's presence and knew that the ring represented everything that her father felt for her mother and the sacrifice her mother had made to be with the one she loved. It was the same with her and Bly. She would sacrifice everything in a heartbeat to be with Bly, differently than her mother had done with her father, but with the same intensity, would be Jordan's commitment to Bly.

"This means so much to me and I would love to give this ring to Bly. I love her so much Kevin, and I truly want her to know just how much. This ring will show her just what she means to me." Jordan smiled adoringly and wiped the tears that streaked her face as her brother engulfed her in a hug.

"I thought you would feel that way so, I asked Dawson to find out her ring size and I had it resized to fit her." He smiled warmly breaking the hug and looking into his sister's tear streaked face.

Bly was worried that Jordan didn't want to go through with the wedding and she couldn't see what Kevin was saying to her. She could see Jordan crying and took a step towards her, but was stopped by Linda. "Wait...don't go to her just yet Bly."

"I have to Linda. She must not want to do this now. I've put too much pressure on her." Bly replied worried, and attempted to walk away, but Linda effectively kept her there.

"Bly, I know in the deepest part of my heart that Jordan loves you with everything that she is and wants this more than you will ever know. Please, just stay here." Linda sincerely replied, looking deeply into Bly's blue eyes.

Bly stood at a loss for words and searched Linda's eyes finding honesty and sincerity there. "Okay...I'll wait." Bly smiled hesitantly and stood anxiously waiting for Jordan, hoping Linda was right about her sister.

Kevin hugged his sister tightly and then proceeded to walk her to her rightful place next to Bly. Bly sighed relieved and smiled when she saw Jordan and Kevin walking towards them. She looked at Linda who smiled and winked. "Thanks." Bly smiled warmly, and stood to the right of the Hawaiian priest with Julie and Dawson standing to her right. Bly's parents stood a few steps away from Dawson and her grandparents stood next to Kelli and Linda, who stood to the priests left. Kelli put Kylie down, who enthusiastically moved towards her father and aunt who had stopped. "Mama says, you need something blue so, I want you to have my blue butterfly pendant." She offered and removed it before handing it to Jordan.

"Oh, thank you that's so sweet!" Jordan gushed, and kissed her niece who helped her put it on her dress.

Jordan stood up smiling and looked down the aisle as Kylie reached into her basket and dropped dark, bluish-purple wide petal orchids creating a trail in the sand for Jordan to follow to her destiny...Bly. A hotel staff member placed a fresh light lavender colored orchid Lei with a dark red lip around Jordan's neck, followed by a yellow Lei for Kevin. They smiled at one another and began their journey towards Bly.

Bly's grin beamed brightly and she chuckled as she watched Kylie drop the beautiful flowers for Jordan to follow. She looked up and saw Jordan approaching. Her blue eye's watered and she caught her breath that she held when Julie poked her in the ribs. She was captivated by Jordan's beauty and to her there was no one else present in the world except Jordan. Her attention was focused on her blonde beauty and her alone.

Jordan couldn't believe everything that she had ever hoped for, wanted or dreamed about was coming true. It was all because of the gorgeous raven-haired beauty that stood waiting for her. Jordan stopped next to Linda who had tears running down her cheeks unchecked. "Here's something borrowed sis." Linda smiled, and offered a handkerchief to Jordan, who chuckled and held it in her hand.

Bly's grandmother stepped towards Jordan and smiled. "I wore this on my wedding day and it's something old for you to wear. I didn't think Bly would be interested in wearing it, but I'm sure you will." She smiled, and gave a quick mischievous glance to her granddaughter, who sheepishly grinned before turning back to Jordan. She placed the small, white, silk flowered crown on Jordan's head, and kissed her on the check.

"Thanks gram. It's beautiful and I'm very happy to wear it." Jordan gratefully smiled and turned back to her brother, who led her next to Bly. He offered Jordan's hand to Bly who gladly accepted it with a proud and happy smile. She stared deeply into Jordan's sparkling emerald greens and lightly kissed her hand, which sent the butterflies in her stomach soaring. The sun had dipped further in the sky, outlining the couple in its red glow.

They smiled ecstatically at each other and turned to the Hawaiian priest to begin the ceremony. "Aloha!" He greeted merrily and smiled as everyone replied Aloha. "We have been given the wonderful opportunity to be in the presence of two lover's who's paths have crossed in different lifetimes and again, in this one. They are allowing us to share in their blessed moment of joining their souls for the rest of their lives. Bly turned to Jordan who looked up at her lover and they both smiled happily as yes, their souls had finally found what it was searching so long for...its mate.

Jordan's heart raced at the thought of spending the rest of her life with Bly. Her green eyes welled with tears at the thought of the happiness, love and dreams they would soon share together as a married couple. She was captivated by the moment and with Bly's breathtakingly beautiful features. She faintly heard the strong lapping of the waves on shore and the island breeze that lightly ruffled the palm trees. The scent from the sea and the flowers that surrounded them made Jordan heady with fulfillment. She was lost in the moment and didn't realize the voice that sounded so far off in the distance was speaking to her, until Bly squeezed her hand breaking through her revelry.

"Oh, aah. I'm sorry. What did you ask?" Jordan queried embarrassed, as everyone quietly chuckled.

"I asked do you take this beautiful woman to be your soul mate for all of time through health, wealth, happiness and love?" The Hawaiian priest cordially reiterated with a smile, looking at Jordan.

" Oh, Yes!" Jordan shouted exuberantly and laughed as did everyone else.

"Well, we're happy to hear that young lady." The priest teasingly replied.

"Especially me!" Bly chuckled and smiled happily at Jordan as everyone continued laughing.

"I believe you have something to say to Bly." The priest asked Jordan with a smile.

"Yes, many things actually, but we would be here all night if I listed them all. The most important thing I want to say to you Bly is that you have given me such a happy wonderful life since I met you and I want to do the same for you for the rest of our lives." Jordan replied sincerely, and held Bly's hand tighter as her tears fell unchecked. "You have made all of my dreams come true and I love you with all of my heart and soul. I have something very near and dear to my heart to give you Bly." Jordan explained and took the ring off her finger as she held Bly's hand up. "This was my mother's wedding ring that represented her love for my father. She sacrificed so much to be with the man she loved and I would gladly do the same for you. You mean everything in the world to me as does this ring and I want you to have this as a symbol of the love I feel for you." Jordan tenderly professed and slowly slipped the ring on Bly's finger.

"It's absolutely beautiful Jordan." Bly softly replied, her heart aflutter from Jordan's precious offer. She lovingly watched Jordan place the ring on her finger and didn't think it was possible, but she suddenly was falling more and more in love with Jordan.

Jordan placed a kiss on the ring that adorned Bly's finger and smiled happily at her lover, whose tears could no longer be contained. Jordan gently wiped the tears from Bly's cheek as Bly turned and kissed her palm before they turned back to the priest.

"Bly, do you take this equally beautiful woman to be your soul mate for all of time through health, wealth, happiness and love?" He asked smiling with tears of his own showing.

Bly smiled and turned to Jordan locking loving blues with warm greens. "I absolutely do." She confidently replied, and raised Jordan's hand as she pulled the fourteen carat gold band out of her pocket that contained eight heart shaped diamonds to place on Jordan's finger. "Jordan, you captured my heart from the moment I first met you. You gave me a reason to open my soul and love unconditionally. I can't imagine my life without you and I never want to. I love you with every ounce of my being. I offer you my dreams, my heart, my soul, but most of all, I offer you all of my love." Bly replied smiling and swallowing the lump that formed in her throat as her emotions lingered there. She began to slip the ring on Jordan's finger as the blonde gasped from the elegance and beauty of the ring.

Bly slowly moved Jordan's hand to her lips as her blue eyes looked up and stared deeply into Jordan's twinkling green eyes, and gently kissed her hand. Bly slowly lowered Jordan's hand with a loving smile and they looked at the priest who smiled in reply. Everyone laughed when Linda could now longer contain her emotions and blurted out her cries. "I'm so sorry, but it's so romantic!" She cried as Jordan and Bly looked around at the rest of the wedding party who fought to contain their emotions. There wasn't a dry eye on that beach at that moment. "Ladies." The priest began and looked to each one continuing, "I pronounce your hearts and souls joined as soul mates for eternity. Seal your joining with a kiss." He smiled happily.

Those were the best words for Jordan to hear. She wanted to feel Bly's lips and body against her own. Blues locked with greens and Bly's lips lightly brushed against Jordan's as she pulled her bride closer to her and deepened the kiss. "Baby...I love you so much." Bly whispered through her kiss, and heard Jordan cry harder before deepening her kiss and tightly wrapping her arms around Bly's neck.

Jordan broke the kiss and snuggled her face into Bly's neck crying. "I love you so much Bly. You've made me the happiest woman in the world. What you have done with this wedding is so incredibly special and it means so much to me that you'll never know honey...thank you." Jordan tearfully professed and kissed Bly passionately.

"You've done the same for me my love. Thank you for making my dreams come true." Bly smiled and whispered through her kiss hugging Jordan tightly.

"Okay you two, break it up and let us congratulate you!" Julie teasingly replied, sniffing back her own tears stepping to the side of Bly and Jordan.

"You can be such a pest some times ya know?" Bly snickered with a laugh and accepted the hug from Julie.

"Congratulations bud. I'm so incredibly happy for you both." She replied, breaking the hug and kissed Jordan's cheek before Linda engulfed her sister in a tight hug.

Bly tried to keep her hold on Jordan's hand, which was becoming increasingly difficult as happy family members bombarded them, but she managed to do it, as she wasn't ever going to let go of her bride again. Kevin approached Bly and Jordan smiling. "Now, little sis. You didn't tell me you were marrying Bly VanDewark!" He enthusiastically remarked with a grin.

"He's a huge fan of yours Bly." Kelli laughed and slipped her arm around her husband's waist who was embarrassed. "I'm not the only one!" He chuckled sheepishly, and looked at his wife.

"You two like volleyball?" Jordan asked laughing and amazed that they were fans of Bly's.

"Oh, we love it, and Bly is our favorite player." Kevin professed as Bly blushed and shifted nervously. She felt weird that Jordan's family would feel that way with her.

"Thanks." Bly blushed and smiled. "Have you two ever been to Sydney, Australia?" She asked with a chuckle and looked down at Jordan with a mischievous grin.

"No, why?" They asked confused, looking at each other and wondering what Bly was getting at.

"I need a cheering section for the Olympics and I'm sure Jordan would love for you all to be there. What do you say?" Bly asked grinning as Jordan looked up at her amazed that she would give such an offer.

"I say, we'll be there!" Kevin answered excitedly and shook Bly's hand.

"Oh, Jordan. You look so radiantly beautiful." Alexandra gushed and hugged her daughter.

"Hi mom. I want you to meet my brother Kevin, his wife Kelli and my niece Kylie." Jordan replied smiling and picked Kylie up placing a kiss on her cheek.

Alexandra introduced her husband and in-laws to Jordan's family as everyone headed towards the hotel. Bly and Jordan walked hand in hand staring and smiling at each other. "So, is there really no Luau?" Jordan queried with a chuckle looking up at her tall spouse.

"The Luau is our wedding reception my love." Bly grinned mischievously and proud that she pulled off a surprise wedding.

"You are so sneaky Bly VanDewark!" Jordan laughed and wrapped her arm around Bly's waist, pulling her closer to her before stopping. "I need to check something out." Jordan replied with a mischievous smile and opened Bly's tuxedo jacket. "Bly!" Jordan exclaimed astonished when she found out what the million-dollar question was.

"That was another surprise for you Jordan." Bly chuckled, looking down at her stunned lover.

"Oh, I'm surprised alright and quite aroused to find out that you have nothing on underneath that jacket. Do you know how difficult it was to stand next to you with you exuding all that sexiness and not be able to ravage you right then and there?" Jordan chuckled and buttoned Bly's jacket as they both headed towards the Luau to join their family.

"Yes, I felt the same way when I stood looking at you my love." Bly laughed and kissed Jordan, who chuckled, before whispering in her ear. "That dress is pretty revealing in the sunset too." Jordan looked up aghast, as a rosy tint heightened her cheekbone. "Hey, don't worry about it. I don't think anyone was looking but me." Bly chuckled and hugged her tighter. "Yeah, I'll bet!" Jordan replied.

Everyone sat enjoying the Luau wedding reception and Jordan just had to know how Bly pulled it off without her knowing it. "Oh, did you get my lost luggage?" Jordan asked remembering that Bly was supposedly off looking for it. Bly grinned sheepishly and explained, "Well, it wasn't really lost. My mom had it with her the whole time."

Jordan was shocked and turned to Alexandra who smiled widely, proud of the ruse she helped pull off. "You were involved in this scam?" Jordan asked surprised.

"Oh, yeah. I'm a major player in this ruse. By the way Jordan, you won't have any work to do here in Hawaii as that was all a set up too." She grinned mischievously and sipped her Mai Tai.

Jordan's facial expression was one of complete shock. "Who else was involved?" She asked looking around at the guests.

"I suppose all of us were." Bly laughed and began to explain. "Mom took your luggage so, you wouldn't have anything to wear and you would have to put on your white sundress I got you. Oh, and aah...Linda helped me pick it out for you while we were still in Florida." She explained with a chuckle from the perplexed look on Jordan's face. "My mom and dad were in the airport in San Francisco when we were flying out and she had the dress so, it looked like I just happened to purchase it there."

"Oh, you are all so sneaky!" Jordan laughed and realized something horrible. "Oh, my god! I yelled at that poor woman in the airport because I thought my luggage was lost!" Jordan exclaimed feeling guilty about her actions.

"Don't worry. I paid her well for the abuse she took." Bly's father chuckled, as did everyone else.

"You were involved too?" Jordan asked surprised.

"You didn't think I would miss out on all the fun did you?" Chance laughed along with everyone else.

"Everyone was involved in one way or another Jordan, but everything was set up by Bly. She wanted to make it a very special surprise for you." Julie replied smiling and looking at the pair.

Jordan turned to Bly smiling gratefully. "You are so incredibly wonderful and thoughtful...thank you so much!" Jordan replied kissing Bly.

"You're welcome baby. You deserve it." Bly lovingly answered and deepened the kiss.

"I want to be alone with you Bly to show you just how much I love you." Jordan whispered through her kiss as she held Bly's face in her hands.

"Anything you want, you know you will get baby." Bly sexily replied, and deepened her kiss. She smiled breaking off the kiss and stood up. She took Jordan's hand and guided her out of the chair. "We'll see you all in a few days." She teasingly replied, as Jordan blushed embarrassed by Bly's comment.

"Have fun!" Julie laughed as everyone waved goodbye to the happy couple.

Bly and Jordan laughed all the way into the elevator and became serious when blues met greens. "I'm so happy Jordan." Bly replied softly, and passionately kissed Jordan. They broke the kiss when the elevator stopped and Jordan noted the floor number.

"We're on the wrong floor Bly." She replied as the doors opened into a spacious suite filled with beautiful flowers and champagne.

"Nope, this is the honeymoon suite." Bly chuckled and lifted Jordan up into her arms.

"What are you doing?" Jordan laughed, and wrapped her arms tightly around Bly's neck.

"Carrying my bride to our new life as a married couple." Bly sexily grinned and carried Jordan towards the large bed and gently laid her down.

"I love you." Jordan smiled and pulled Bly onto her, pressing her lips against Bly's for a soul-searing kiss as both of their dreams were finally fulfilled.

The End.

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