Provenance X

By Cruise


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Sex: Yes, lesbian and erotic!


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Rayne lay on her side, propped up by her elbow, watching Lark as she peacefully slept and was enamored with the slumbering beauty before her. She lightly stroked Lark’s blonde hair and lovingly smiled, wondering what she was dreaming about. She hoped Lark’s dreams were about her. ‘Please don’t break my heart Lark.’ She thought, wishfully as if Lark would hear her plea knowing that she had fallen quickly and hard for the young woman before her. Lark had stolen her heart and there was nothing Rayne could do but allow Lark to have it and hope for the best. She leaned down and lightly kissed Lark who moved and slowly opened her eyes, grinning.


“Hi.” She sleepily said, still groggy from her dreams.


“Hey beautiful.” Rayne complimented with a warm smile and a twinkle in her blue eyes from Lark’s infectious smile.


Lark looked around trying to gather her bearings and looked back at Rayne. “Is it late?” She asked, slightly embarrassed and leaned up on her elbows.


“No you’ve been asleep for about two hours.” Rayne informed her and lightly stroked Lark’s stomach with her fingers.


“I’m sorry I fell asleep!” Lark replied and lay back, frustrated and embarrassed that she had.


“Don’t be. I enjoyed watching you sleep.” Rayne grinned.


“How long have you been watching me? Did I drool?” Lark asked, hoping she didn’t do anything that would embarrass her.


“I’ve been watching you for quite awhile I guess and no you didn’t drool, but you did snore.” Rayne slyly smiled and leaned down, kissing her forehead.


“Oh, I’m so embarrassed!” Lark answered, upset with herself and pulled the pillow over her face. ‘I can’t believe I was snoring. How embarrassing!’ She inwardly thought, mortified that she did so.


Rayne chuckled and pulled the pillow off her face. “Come on Lark. There is no reason for you to be embarrassed around me. I thought your snoring was adorable.” Rayne reassuringly told her with an engaging smile.


“You’re so sweet, thanks.” Lark smiled and captured Rayne’s lips for a kiss, feeling less embarrassed.


“I’ve made dinner for us. Are you ready to eat?” Rayne asked, breaking the kiss and chuckled when Lark’s eyes widened with interest.


“Oh, yeah. You made me work up an appetite.” Lark grinned bashfully and gave Rayne a quick kiss.


“You did the same to me.” Rayne smiled and winked as she climbed out of the bed. She handed Lark a long box with a ribbon on it and smiled, hoping Lark would like the gift.


“What is this? You didn’t need to get me anything Rayne.” Lark shyly smiled, surprised that Rayne was giving her a present and began to open it.


“I thought you might need it while you’re here.” Rayne smiled and watched as she opened it. She held the box for Lark as she pulled out the bathrobe and looked at it. “I hope you like the robe. I figured you could keep it on the boat.” Rayne offered, shyly smiling hoping that Lark would like the present she chose for her. She took the robe from Lark and held it out for her, intently watching as Lark climbed out of the bed and into the robe.


“Thank you, I love it! It’s just like the one you have on. Do I have to keep it here on the boat or can I take it with me?” Lark asked, hopeful. She wanted to keep Rayne’s present with her.


“You can keep it wherever you like or I could buy you another one?” Rayne informed her and suggested.


“You are so good to me.” Lark smiled excitedly and wrapped her arms around Rayne, kissing her on the cheek to let her know how much she liked the present.


Rayne engulfed Lark in a hug and reveled in her closeness. “I don’t want to let you out of my sight or my arms.” Rayne softly admitted, kissing Lark on the cheek.


“Well, you don’t have to. I’m all yours!” Lark smiled looking up at Rayne and felt a tickle in her stomach from the admission. She thought she was the only one who felt that way. All she wanted was to have Rayne holding and kissing her, being a part of her life. She was madly in love with the woman and hoped that she felt the same way about her. ‘You need to tell her how you feel about her dummy! You said you would do it when you both were in a more intimate situation. I’ll wait until later!’ She inwardly coaxed and bit her lip, nervously chickening out and deciding to wait.


“Hmmm, I’m glad. Let’s watch the sunset and then have dinner.” Rayne smiled blithely and kissed Lark before leading her out of the cabin.


The pair stepped on deck and Lark looked around, with a renewed feeling. She was now Rayne’s heart, body and soul and Rayne was the same to her sealing it when they made love. She glanced out over the ocean to the sun, which was beginning its descent and smiled at the significance of the sun setting in the distance. ‘My old life is ending with the descent of the sun and my new life as Rayne’s is starting.’ She wistfully thought and looked at Rayne who shook her hand that she held to stir Lark out of her thoughts.


“Are you okay?” She asked worried from the look on Lark’s face.


“I’m absolutely perfect. I was just admiring the sun setting and the new opportunities it brings for the two of us.” Lark explained and smiled dreamily.


“That is very true Lark. I’ve never seen such a beautiful sun set before.” Rayne thought, as the significance hit her and she turned Lark towards the sun, wrapping her arms around the smaller woman before her. She leaned her cheek against Lark’s head and held her tight, reveling in the feeling she elicited within her. “It’s absolutely beautiful, just like you Lark.” Rayne softly complimented and lightly kissed Lark’s head.


Lark smiled and felt a catch in her heart, feeling a tear slip down her cheek as Rayne held her close. They stood silently watching as the bright red-orange sun dipped into the sea, signifying the end of their old lives and the beginning of their new one as lovers, soul mates. ‘It’s amazing that we’ve been dating and I’ve felt so strongly about her, but now that we have made love it’s completely clear. I see everything so differently, so happily and as if the possibilities are endless.’ Lark dreamily thought as the sun disappeared into the ocean and darkness fell upon them.


“That was gorgeous.” Rayne softly said and looked down when Lark turned within her arms. They smiled and Rayne leaned in, passionately kissing her young lover.


Lark broke the kiss breathless and leaned her head against Rayne’s chest, hugging her tall lover tightly. She smiled hearing the steady beat of Rayne’s heart and lightly kissed her chest. They stood silently holding one another and enjoying what each meant to the other. Lark heard Rayne’s heart quicken and wondered what she was thinking to cause a reaction like that. ‘Don’t be afraid, just tell her what’s deep in your heart. Do it, now!’ She inwardly coaxed. Lark felt Rayne move and looked up at her. “Lark, I love you.” Rayne softly and wholeheartedly professed staring deep within Lark’s sparkling green eyes, taking a deep breathe to calm her racing heart.


Lark smiled and gasped for her breath that momentarily escaped her. She tried mightily to control her emotions, but couldn’t and allowed her tears to fall unchecked. She desperately wanted to hear those three words from Rayne for so long. “Rayne, I love you too. I’ve loved you from the moment I first saw you and I’ve waited for so long to hear you tell me that. Oh, baby. You’ve made me the happiest person in the entire world.” She tearfully told her, smiling happily and pulled Rayne in for a soul-searing kiss.


Rayne’s heart beat faster and she deepened the passionate kiss, holding her blonde lover tighter. ‘This is so right. I love her so much. No one will ever take her place, ever.’ She thought, breaking the kiss and holding Lark closer. “I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you sexily sashay across the room to introduce your father at the convention.” Rayne admitted with a chuckle and a smile, fondly remembering the moment she saw Lark for the first time.


Lark pulled back and looked at her. “You did? Really?” She excitedly asked with a giggle.


“Yes, how could I not fall in love with you so quickly?” Rayne asked, blushing as she looked down at Lark.


“You sure did fool me Rayne Donovan. You made me work very hard for a date!” Lark replied and squinted her eyes at Rayne, mockingly acting as if she were mad at her.


“The chase was worth it right?” Rayne cockily grinned, lightly circling her fingers on Lark’s back.


“Absolutely.” Lark seductively answered with a grin and deeply kissed Rayne.


They broke the kiss breathless and held one another tightly, reveling in the declaration of their hearts. Rayne kissed Lark on the top of the head. ‘She meant what she said when we were making love then about loving me.’ Rayne thought smiling and felt a catch in her heart. ‘I never would have imagined that I would fall so completely and hopelessly in love with someone ever again and so quickly after meeting her.’ Rayne inwardly mused, holding Lark. “How about some dinner?” She asked and smiled when Lark looked up to her agreeing with an enthusiastic smile. “Come on my love.” Rayne chuckled and lead Lark to the front of the boat.


“Wow! You have everything set up out here! It looks wonderful and very romantic!” Lark exuberantly smiled looking at the plates and food Rayne had set up on the deck.


“I hope you like lobster.” Rayne asked with a smile and gestured for Lark to sit on the padded seat before her, holding her hand to steady her as she sat down. She smiled watching Lark settle into her seat and sat next to her.


“I love it.” Lark answered with a smile staring at Rayne who poured a glass of wine for her, then handed it to her. “Thank you.” Lark softly said, lost in Rayne’s deep blues. “When did you do all of this?” Lark asked, surprised that Rayne made dinner for them.


“I snuck out of the room periodically to check the food while it was cooking and to prepare the setting while you were sleeping.” Rayne explained pouring a glass of wine for herself and held the glass up as she leaned closer to Lark. “To us and our new relationship. May we be very happy?” Rayne suggested as a toast.


“Oh, I know we will Rayne. I intend to make you the happiest woman in the world. I love you so much.” Lark professed with a broad smile as both sipped their wine, then looked at each other and sealed the proclamation with a heart stopping searing kiss.


The women enjoyed their candlelight dinner and then layback on the padded portion of the deck, looking up at the stars in the clear, darkened sky. Lark snuggled closer to Rayne who instinctively pulled her closer. “Are you cold?” Rayne asked, feeling a chill in the ocean breeze.


“No, I’m fine. I just love it when you hold me tight.” Lark answered with a smile and kissed Rayne’s neck, snuggling closer.


Rayne lovingly rubbed Lark’s shoulder and smiled as she looked down at Lark allowing her eyes to scan the length of Lark’s body. Lark’s exposed breast through the opening in her robe caught Rayne’s eye and sent a tingling sensation straight to her core. ‘Hmmm, I want that.’ She mischievously thought and moved her hand inside the robe, gently caressing the small breast. She smiled when Lark looked up at her and pressed her lips against Lark’s seeking entrance with her tongue. Lark’s heart raced and her sex moistened in response to Rayne’s touch and kiss. Rayne gently kneaded Lark’s breast more passionately as the kiss deepened. “I want you again Lark.” Rayne huskily requested through her kiss and rolled on top of Lark never breaking the kiss and began to slowly circle her fingertips around the base of Lark’s breast.


“Take me over and over again baby.” Lark seductively told her breaking the kiss as she looked up at Rayne wantonly.


“Oh, I intend to do just that for the rest of the evening baby and into the morning.” Rayne flirtatiously guaranteed, slipping her tongue past Lark’s lips and her hands moved Lark’s robe open, revealing Lark’s naked body. She deepened the sensuous kiss and lightly rubbed her hand over Lark’s body, then moved it down stopping, between Lark’s legs. Rayne slowly traced the outer portion of Lark’s sex before parting her lips and lightly rubbing her finger against Lark’s clit.


Lark gasped when she felt Rayne touch her, sending waves of pleasure throughout her. “Rayne, I love it when you touch me.” Lark breathily told her through the searing kiss. Rayne broke the kiss and moved her lips down Lark’s neck softly kissing her warm skin along the way. She stopped and nibbled on Lark’s breast, capturing the hardened nipple as she dipped her finger between Lark’s folds. “Yes!” Lark gasped in response to where Rayne was touching and kissing her.


“Hmmm, you feel so good Lark. I love the way you feel inside and wrap around my finger.” Rayne huskily whispered in Lark’s ear, sending a searing sensation straight to her core. Rayne’s tongue traced the contours of Lark’s ear and dipped inside, then moved to her mouth seeking entrance. Lark’s heart quickened from the erotic pleasure she felt as Rayne passionately kissed and touched her.


Lark gladly accepted Rayne within and arched her back, moving her hips up and down to Rayne’s slow thrusts in and out. Lark’s heart pounded in her chest and her breathing labored as Rayne picked up her pace. Sliding faster and deep within her. “Oh, baby that feels so good.” Lark drawled in a loud tone breaking the kiss, delighted by what Rayne was doing to her. She gasped when Rayne captured the nipple of her opposite breast just as she thrust a second finger deep within her. “Yes, harder Rayne, harder.” She breathlessly coaxed, moving her hips faster with Rayne’s movements.


“I love feeling how you move and watching you Lark. You’re so sexy.” Rayne softly told her in a desire-thickened voice as she looked up, then glanced downward, watching as Lark’s hips bucked wildly. Her heart quickened with excitement as she watched her fingers disappear within her young lover and reappear. “Come for me sweets.” Rayne tenderly requested, moving her kiss south. She parted Lark’s folds and delicately licked her clit as her fingers slowly moved in and out.


“Aah, Rayne! That feels incredible!” Lark shouted and grasped Rayne’s shoulder, releasing her powerful orgasm for her lover to enjoy.


“Oh, yeah. That’s it baby, don’t stop.” Rayne softly encouraged, sucking and licking Lark to her hearts content. She didn’t want to leave anything behind; she wanted all of Lark and devoured everything the woman offered. She savored Lark over and over again as one orgasm rolled into the next until Lark collapsed spent. Rayne tenderly kissed the engorged nub, trying to calm it’s pulsating and slowly moved up on Lark. She wiped her mouth and buried her face in Lark’s neck, delicately kissing the warm, sweaty skin.


Lark lay panting uncontrollably in a pleasure coma and as she wrapped her arms around Rayne said, “Baby, that was…” she managed to speak then inhaled deeply and continued, “so beautiful. You are such an incredible lover Rayne. I’ve never had anyone make me feel as special, wanted, sexually satisfied or loved as you,” Lark admitted, breathing heavily and kissing Rayne’s head.


Rayne looked up at Lark and smiled, “It’s so incredible because you do the same to me Lark. You make me feel certain things and you touch me in a way that no one has ever been able to. I love you so much Lark.” Rayne wholeheartedly professed as Lark stared deep within her blues for the truth and found that along with true love.


Lark smiled ecstatically and pressed her lips against Rayne’s kissing her. “I love you with all of my heart and soul Rayne,” she sincerely whispered through the kiss, deepening it.


Rayne’s tongue fought for dominance with Lark’s and she rolled onto her back, bringing Lark on top of her. She tightened the hold on her young lover, breaking the kiss and continuing the kiss more passionately each time. Lark broke the kiss and moved it to Rayne’s chest, lightly nibbling around the dark nipple before her. Rayne watched everything Lark did, which heightened her arousal. She lovingly smiled and tenderly moved the blonde hair off of Lark’s face as she suckled Rayne’s nipple, then moved to the other one. Rayne inhaled deeply and gasped when she felt Lark move her wet sex up and down her leg. “Oh, yes babe. That feels incredible.” Rayne breathlessly confessed. She watched as Lark moved her robe open and lightly kissed her stomach, downward. “You’re incredible Lark. I can’t wait to feel you between my legs.” Rayne told her, breathing deeply as she intently watched her lover.


Lark slowly slid between Rayne’s legs and gently urged them apart. She looked up at Rayne and smiled provocatively, teasingly as the tip of her tongue lightly moved upwards on Rayne’s clit, sending a rush of warmth throughout her. “Yes, take me baby, take me.” Rayne pleaded as she watched Lark, dip deeper with each erotic stroke of her tongue. Rayne’s back arched in response and she gasped, clutching Lark’s hands that held hers when Lark’s tongue thrust deep within her. “AAAHHH!” She elatedly shouted.  Her heart pounded uncontrollably and she gasped for air, feeling her release drawing near. Lark’s strokes with her tongue matched the movements of Rayne’s hips that bucked wildly and knew her lover would soon give her what she wanted. “Lark! Yes, Lark baby oh, yes!” Rayne shouted loudly, thrusting her hips up and down releasing her sweet nectar for Lark. Lark eagerly lapped Rayne’s juices; burying her tongue deep within her and sucking everything she would give her. Lark tenderly kissed Rayne’s throbbing clit before moving up to Rayne’s bikini line then placed soft kisses along the sensitive skin. She moved her tongue up to Rayne’s navel and circled around, the taut muscles there, then kissed her looking up. “Rayne, you have the sexiest navel I’ve ever seen. I think you should put a navel ring in here. That would look so hot!” Lark suggested with a smile and kissed the mentioned area.


“Oh, I don’t know about body piercing Lark.” Rayne chuckled through her gasps, unenthusiastic about having her body pierced.


“I’m telling you, it would look so good because you’re stomach is so thin and tight, that, wow! You would look too hot.” Lark exuberantly told her as she climbed on top of her.


“Really? Well, I’ll think about it, but I can’t guarantee anything.” Rayne noncommittally told her with a smile, enjoying the feeling of having Lark’s warm, naked body against hers as she stared into the gorgeous green eyes before as her breathing finally leveled off. “You have the most beautiful green eyes Lark. They mesmerize me every time I look into them.” Rayne sincerely told her, smiling warmly.


“Thank you. I love it when you look into my eyes Rayne.” Lark bashfully smiled and admitted, lightly tracing a circle on Rayne’s chest with her finger.


“I am so lucky to have you in my life. This is the best birthday I’ve ever had Lark. Thank you.” Rayne lovingly smiled and leaned up, kissing the inviting lips before her.


“Oh, I almost forgot your present!” Lark excitedly giggled and moved to get up.


“Wait, where are you going?” Rayne protested and held her down.


“I’m going to get your present. I’ll be back in a flash.” Lark grinned and kissed Rayne, before standing up.


Rayne smiled adoringly and watched as Lark draped the robe over her naked body and headed to the back of the boat. She rolled onto her side and watched as Lark climbed down onto the bridge then disappeared into the cabin. She smiled and felt her heart flutter from the wonderful feelings and sensations Lark was able to bring out in her. ‘I’m hopelessly in love with her. It feels as though we’ve been together forever.’ She thought happily and contentedly. She grinned wider when Lark reappeared and rushed over to her, quickly laying on her.


“I hope you like it.” Lark offered with a warm smile.


“If it’s from you I’ll love it.” Rayne sexily told her with a smile and kissed Lark. “Thanks.” Rayne grinned and opened the present, revealing a small box. She looked at Lark, wondering what it was and began to remove the tape on the box.


“Don’t worry, it’s not the keys to the u-haul.” Lark teasingly laughed, as did Rayne.


“I love it Lark!” Rayne enthusiastically commented and leaned up as Lark moved to the side of Rayne. She looked the silver, thick chain-looped bracelet over and handed it to Lark. “Will you put it on for me?” She asked with a smile.


“I sure will. I take it you like it?” Lark asked, giving Rayne a sideways glance as she placed it on Rayne’s wrist.


“I have wanted one of these for so long. It’s beautiful and I love it, sweets. Thank you so much!” Rayne excitedly told her and lovingly smiled as Lark kissed her wrist. “Damn, you are beautiful Lark. You just have no idea what you do to me.” Rayne softly replied in awe of the blonde beauty as she leaned in, delicately kissing her.


“Happy Birthday, honey.” Lark whispered through her kiss and deepened it. She broke the kiss breathing deeply and laid her head on Rayne’s chest, lightly stroking Rayne’s arm. “I’ve never been happier Rayne. Being here with you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, well other than meeting you.” Lark sincerely explained and looked up with a grin.


“I’m glad to hear that, babe. I feel the same way and it’s only going to get better, I’m sure of it.” Rayne confidently smiled and kissed Lark on the forehead.


Lark grinned and lay her head back down, listening to the steady beat of Rayne’s heart. She lightly kissed Rayne’s chest and smiled ecstatically from the wonderful sensations she felt being with Rayne. “Oh, I wanted to get you a birthday cake Rayne! I wasn’t sure what was going on because you were being so sneaky with our travel plans.” Lark laughed as she looked up at Rayne. “So, I’m going to do something special for you tomorrow night.” She informed her kissing her cheek.


“That’s sweet, but you don’t have to. This whole day has been the best birthday I’ve ever had Lark and it’s all because of you.” Rayne sincerely said smiling and kissing Lark.


Lark broke the kiss and smiled, staring at Rayne. “It’s been that way for me too, but I would still like to do something extra special for you tomorrow and I’m not going to take ‘you don’t have to do anything for me’ for an answer.” Lark explained mockingly imitating Rayne’s comment.


“Okay, my dear I’ll let you do something special for me then!” Rayne bashfully smiled and chuckled at Lark’s insistence.


“Hey! Look!” Lark excitedly shouted and sat up pointing at the sky.


“It’s a shooting star, quick make a wish.” Rayne observed and hurriedly told Lark as she made her own wish, while watching the shooting star disappear.


“That was awesome and I’m sure my wish is going to come true!” Lark exuberantly smiled and kissed Rayne.


Rayne broke the kiss and stared deep within Lark’s eyes, getting a sense that they made the same wish. “Oh, just don’t tell me or it won’t come true,” she advised and chuckled.


“I’ve never noticed how beautiful the stars are and they are so bright this evening. Maybe it’s because I’ve never taken the time to look at them or maybe it’s being here on the boat away from the city lights.” Lark wondered out loud, staring into the sky in awe.


“I’ve noticed that everything from the beauty of the sunset, to the stars in the sky shining so brightly and the way I feel so alive has all happened because of you Lark. It’s like if you’ve ever heard of someone who has died and come back to life, they explain what has changed and how they see things differently. That’s the way I’ve been feeling since we’ve been together. It’s as if you have brought me back to life and it feels incredible.” Rayne wholeheartedly admitted and lovingly smiled, then kissed Lark.


Breaking off the kiss Lark smiled adoringly at Rayne, “I feel the same way. I see things so clearly now that’s it’s unbelievable. Do you think if we tell anyone else they will think we are crazy?” Lark asked with a chuckle, overwhelmed by how she felt being with Rayne.


“I don’t care what the hell they think! All I know is that I feel alive again because of you and I couldn’t be happier!” Rayne laughed and pulled Lark on top of her as she layback staring deep within Lark’s twinkling green eyes.


“I’m so happy and completely in love with you Rayne. I hope you can stand it.” Lark asked with a giggle and warmly smiled, lightly stroking Rayne’s dark hair.


“I relish it, baby, and know that I feel the same for you.” Rayne happily smiled and captured the inviting lips above her for a soul-searing kiss. They broke the kiss to catch their breath. Lark smiled and laid her head on Rayne’s chest, listening to the slow beat, which quickly put her to sleep. Rayne smiled happily as she heard Lark’s light snore and stared up at the stars thinking that there was nowhere else in this world she could ever possibly want to be than right there with Lark. She lightly stroked Lark’s hair as she thought of how lucky she was to be apart of this vibrant woman’s life. She was extremely happy and finally found the peace that had escaped her months ago with the tragic turn of events in her life. She jerked, startled out of her revere when she felt a drop of rain hit her face. ‘What the hell?’ She thought agitated by the intrusion and looked around. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice the rain had begun. ‘We better get down below or we are going to be soaked.’ She thought and hated to wake Lark, but knew she wouldn’t be pleased if she allowed her to be rained on. “Babe, hey wake up.” She coaxed in a low soothing tone and rubbed Lark’s shoulder.


“Huh, what’s wrong?” Lark asked, unsure of what was happening when she looked up.


“It’s starting to rain, we need to boogie on down to the cabin or we are going to get soaked.” Rayne told her with a chuckle and moved to sit up.


“Oh, okay.” Lark answered still trying to wake up and sat up, grabbing the dishes to help Rayne who had begun to clean up the mess.


They hurriedly grabbed everything and headed into the cabin. “We made it just in time!” Rayne chuckled, hearing the rain pound the deck above her.


“Thankfully. I don’t think I would have been very happy to have gotten rained on.” Lark giggled and wrapped her arm around Rayne’s waist.


“I should have let you stay out there considering what you did to my fishing pole.” Rayne teasingly smirked and lead Lark towards the bedroom.


“Rayne, come on I apologized for that. What can I say, I’m not a very good fisher aah, fisherwoman.” Lark whined in protest.


“Well, my lady we’ll have to work around your fishing inabilities somehow and make you a fisherwoman because my entire family loves to go fishing.”


“Okay, here are my demands for fishing then. I don’t put the slimy fishies on the hook and I don’t take them off. I just throw my line, not the pole,” Lark corrected with a sly grin and a wink before continuing, “out, then I look pretty, adore spending time with you and your family, then you take the fish off my hook. How does that sound?” Lark asked with a smile looking up at her tall lover who stopped before the bed.


Rayne chuckled and lifted Lark up on the bed. “It sounds like the best day I would ever have fishing.” Rayne sexily drawled and leaned in, kissing Lark.


Lark giggled and wrapped her arms around Rayne’s neck, deepening the kiss. “Come to bed and make love to me the rest of the night.” Lark erotically requested through her kiss.


“With pleasure my love.” Rayne softly answered and climbed up onto Lark who had lain back on the bed. She looked down at Lark and smiled, then slowly leaned down passionately kissing her.


Rayne woke before Lark and watched her lover sleep, deeply admiring the beautiful blonde who had touched every place of her heart and soul. She leaned down and lightly kissed Lark’s forehead before sliding off the bed. She wrapped the robe around her slender body and headed into the galley to make coffee. She waited for the coffee to finish brewing and pulled out bagels, cream cheese and some fruit for breakfast, placing them on a plate for when Lark woke up. She poured a cup of coffee and slipped her shoes on before going topside. She walked the entire boat checking everything out and moved to the front, stopping to watch the seagulls pass by. She smiled and inhaled deeply, thoroughly enjoying the simple pleasures that she had once taken for granted like the fresh ocean air. She scanned the horizon, noting the cloudy weather and choppy seas.


Lark stared at Rayne’s profile and was lost in her beauty. She watched as Rayne looked out of the water and wondered if she was the sole reason for the smile on Rayne’s face. ‘I hope so.’ She thought. “Hey.” Lark softly said as she approached, not wanting to startle Rayne who looked lost in her thoughts.


“Good morning.” Rayne answered with a smile, turning to Lark who had snuggled up against her. “How long have you been up?” Rayne asked with a grin and sipped her coffee.


“Since you came up on deck. I’ve been secretly watching you.” Lark admitted with a sheepish grin.


“Oh, really? You’re not a stalker are you?” Rayne jokingly asked.


“Yes and I’m not letting you out of my sight.” Lark giggled and pulled Rayne tighter.


“Cool, sounds good to me!” Rayne answered with a laugh and kissed the top of Lark’s head. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” She offered with a smile.


“No, I just want some of yours because I don’t want you to leave and get some for me.” Lark answered with a grin and reached for Rayne’s coffee mug.


“Who said I was going to get it? I was just asking if you wanted one, not offering to go and get it.” Rayne answered and pulled her cup away.


“Really?” Lark asked with a sad look on her face.


“Of course not, I was only kidding!” Rayne retorted with a laugh and handed her coffee mug to Lark.


“I didn’t know you were such a wiseass Rayne!” Lark playfully scrunched her nose up at Rayne and took a sip of the coffee as Rayne circled in behind her.


“You haven’t seen anything yet Lark.” Rayne teasingly promised and wrapped her arms around Lark who stood before her. She kissed the top of Lark’s head and leaned her chin against her, looking out over the ocean. “It looks like a good day for shopping seeing as how the weather is looking pretty ominous along with the slightly rough seas, effectively squashing the snorkeling plans I had for us today.” Rayne observed and stood upright when Lark quickly turned around, staring at her. “What?” Rayne asked, perplexed by the look on Lark’s face.


“Any day is a good day to shop Rayne. You will soon learn that fact my dear. Now, I heard you say shopping so let’s get moving baby!” She excitedly coaxed, grabbing Rayne’s hand and quickly leading her towards the cabin.


Rayne chuckled and wondered if she should be nervous that Lark loves to shop so much. “Lark how can you walk around on this deck barefoot?” Rayne asked, observing her choice of shoes, none.


“Why? It doesn’t really bother me.” Lark casually answered never really thinking too deeply about the subject and looked back at Rayne.


“I can’t stand walking barefoot on any surface except carpet or the beach.” Rayne answered and followed her into the bedroom.


‘Hmmm, I’ll have to remember that. That information may come in handy one day.’ Lark mischievously thought and grinned. “Maybe we should get some help for your phobia my dear.” Lark chuckled and turned the shower on.


“Nah, my therapy is called wearing shoes!” Rayne laughed along with Lark who disrobed before stepping into the shower.


The pair showered, dressed and docked the boat in the marina for their day of shopping. “Come on honey. Let’s start at the shops here in the marina.” Lark enthusiastically urged and pulled Rayne towards them.


“Lark can you do me a favor?” Rayne asked and stopped Lark who looked back at her.


“What’s that my love?” Lark asked with a smile.


“Be gentle with me during this shopping spree.” Rayne shyly asked, worried by the glaze in Lark’s eye. The one she knew all too well from her mother and Holly when they go shopping.


“Of course, darling!” Lark giggled and kissed Rayne to reassure her before leading her into the first shop.


‘What in the hell did I agree to?’ Rayne worried following Lark inside the first shop.


The women spent the majority of the morning shopping and sightseeing. Rayne was finally able to convince Lark that they were in dire need of a cocktail break, much to the delight of her tired, aching feet. Rayne clutched Lark’s hand and glanced at her smiling as the pair climbed the stairs to the outdoor poolside Tiki bar with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop. “It’s so beautiful here Rayne and I’m having a wonderful time.” Lark gleamed with excitement scanning the pool deck, and then looked at Rayne.


“It sure is and so am I babe.” Rayne grinned happily and lead Lark towards the bar. She held out a stool for Lark who climbed up on the tall bar stool and smiled at Rayne who sat next to her. “What would you like to drink my lady?” Rayne asked, looking at Lark and moved her hand onto Lark’s leg resting it there.


“I think I’ll have a Pina Colada, thanks.” Lark answered with a smile happy with the contact from Rayne, which sent a rush of warmth through her.


“Two Pina Coladas with Malibu rum please.” Rayne ordered, turning to the bartender then returned her gaze to Lark.


“I’ll be right back. I need to use the little girl’s room.” Lark informed her with a playful grin and leaned over kissing Rayne on the cheek.


Rayne bashfully smiled and lightly rubbed Lark’s back. “Hurry back,” she huskily requested with a sly grin.


“Oh, trust me. I will.” Lark added with a giggle and stepped down from the chair.


Rayne moved her sunglasses to the top of her head and turned to watch Lark. She smiled and intently stared at Lark, whose long blonde hair glistened in the sun, thoroughly enjoying Lark’s sensuous body through her clingy, light colored sundress. The knowledge that Lark wore no lingerie underneath sent her passions soaring and she blushed when she fondly remembered watching Lark put on that dress earlier in the morning.  She felt warm from her thoughts and sighed disappointed when Lark disappeared behind the door. She faintly heard a voice say, “You’re beautiful,” as she was lost in her thoughts of Lark. She was slightly confused by what she thought she heard and angered by the intrusion of breaking her revere of Lark.


“Excuse me?” She asked perturbed, turning to the woman who spoke to her who was standing by the bar near her.


“Oh, sorry. I asked, isn’t it beautiful?” The woman blushed when Rayne looked at her.


“Aah, yeah.” Rayne stammered wondering what the woman was up too as she didn’t get a good feeling from her and was pretty sure she heard her say something different.


The tall, brown haired woman looked to the bartender and pointed to her drink, then looked at Rayne. “Can I buy you one?” She flirtatiously offered.


“No thanks, I’ve got one coming.” Rayne flatly answered and glanced over her shoulder towards the bathroom, looking for Lark whom she didn’t see.


“I love this town. I can’t get over how beautiful it is here.” The woman excitedly smiled, staring deep into Rayne’s eyes.


“Yeah, it’s great.” Rayne unenthusiastically agreed as she had an idea of what the woman was doing and was offended that she was hitting on her.


“Has anyone ever told you that you have the most beautiful blue eyes?” The woman seductively asked, dreamily staring into them.


“Yeah, my girlfriend.” Rayne commented, with a sarcastic grin and turned when she felt Lark’s touch on her hand.


“Hi.” Lark tentatively replied and smiled, glancing between the stranger and Rayne, unsure of what was transpiring between the two women, but felt a rush of jealousy consume her.


“Hey, babe. I missed you.” Rayne smiled and moved her hand on Lark’s back, pulling her closer oblivious to the woman sitting next to her as her attention was focused on Lark.


“Hmmm, me too.” Lark seductively purred, moving closer to Rayne who captured her lips for a lustful, passionate kiss.


The woman arched a brow and sighed disappointed as she watched the display before her. ‘Lucky woman.’ She thought, grabbing her drink from the bar and walking away dejected.


Lark gasped and felt a searing sensation between her legs when Rayne’s hand moved to her backside. Rayne gently grasped the taut flesh, deepening the sensuous kiss. “I love that greeting Rayne.” Lark declared with a smile, sighing satisfied with the passionate kiss.


“Me too.” Rayne grinned happily and held the chair steady as Lark sat in it. “Do you have any idea as to how turned on am I by you? I was watching you walk to the bathroom and wow, did you knock me out. The thought of you wearing nothing on underneath that dress sends a tingling sensation straight to my core babe. I was tempted to come in there and make love to you.” Rayne passionately told her as she leaned closer to Lark, flashing a sexy smile.


“Really, well why don’t you act upon your impulse my love?” Lark flirtatiously asked, wiggling her eyebrows seductively before pressing her lips against Rayne’s for a deep, moist kiss.


Rayne broke the kiss with a laugh and inhaled deeply. “You are killing me Lark. With all of this teasing you are going to have to make up for it later.” Rayne suggested with a mischievous grin.


“I’d be glad to make it up to you, sexy.” Lark smiled happily and gave Rayne a quick kiss, then leaned back in her chair. Rayne handed her the Pina Colada and winked as she held the glass up as a toast, then sipped her cold, tropical beverage.


“Who was that woman?” Lark asked, glaring over her shoulder to where the woman was sitting, then looked back at Rayne.


“I have no idea, but I think she was hitting on me.” Rayne chuckled amazed by the woman’s audacity.


“Oh, really?” Lark asked with a twinge of jealousy. “Maybe I should go and have a conversation with her.” Lark grinned treacherously.


“No need sweets, I think I scared her off when I told her I have a girlfriend.” Rayne smiled, reassuringly rubbing Lark’s arm.


“Aah, girlfriend huh?” Lark bashfully asked and blushed, kissing Rayne. She enjoyed Rayne referring to her as her girlfriend.


“Well, of course you are. Where are my manners? Shame on me!” Rayne commented and rolled her eyes back at her forgetfulness.


“What? Huh?” Lark asked confused by what Rayne was talking about.


“Lark Morgan, will you be my girlfriend?” Rayne asked with a twinge of seriousness in her voice and sat up in the chair.


Lark smiled elatedly and giggled, “Yes! I thought you would never ask!” She chuckled and threw her arms around Rayne’s neck hugging her and kissing her cheek.


“I’m very proud to be your girlfriend, Lark.” Rayne smiled and kissed Lark’s cheek. “You’ve made me so happy, Lark. Thanks for not giving up on me when I was being so stubbornly stupid.” Rayne whispered reflectively and gratefully as she thought of how persistent Lark was with her.


“Yes, you were being stubborn but I understand why considering what you have been through. I knew that we are meant to be together and I wasn’t going to take no for an answer even if it took you quite awhile to see it my way.” Lark explained with a giggle and wrapped her arms around Rayne’s neck, hugging her.


Rayne laughed and kissed Lark on the neck, holding her tighter. ‘She feels so good in my arms. I love how soft and delicate she feels, how her hair feels against my skin and her scent, it drives me crazy.’ Rayne adoringly thought, and then kissed Lark’s shoulder.


“I’m hot!” Lark commented and moved back fanning herself, then picked up her drink sipping it.


“You can say that again!” Rayne smirked with a mischievous grin appreciating everything about Lark as she scanned her body up and down.


Lark blushed and smiled, “You’re as bad as a man Rayne the way you are blatantly ogling me!” She commented and laughed.


“Sorry, what can I say other than yes, I think I am, but you aren’t helping any by how stunning you look?” Rayne agreed with a hearty laugh shared by Lark.  “Why don’t you go for a dip in the pool if you’re hot?” Rayne suggested and glanced to the pool, then back to Lark.


“I don’t have my bathing suit on silly.” Lark laughed and wiped the sweat off her brow with the napkin.


“You don’t need one my love. Clothing is optional dear. You’re already wearing your suit, birthday suit that is.” Rayne mischievously grinned and saw Lark’s eyes widen from her last comment.


“No, really?” Lark asked and looked around noting some of the people walking around were naked. “Wow, I was so lost in you that I didn’t even notice.” Lark replied and laughed, as did Rayne.


“Well, slip that dress off and jump in honey!” Rayne suggested with a chuckle.


“Are you crazy? No way I’m going in there naked.”


“Why? I’m sure no one would mind.” Rayne teasingly told her with a sly grin and sipped her tropical drink.


“I’m sure they wouldn’t, but I would prefer not to see my bare ass plastered on the cover of the National Enquirer!” Lark answered with a laugh.


“No pictures are allowed here darling.” Rayne told her with a laugh at Lark’s comment about her behind.


“Well, just the same. I only want you seeing my naked body, no one else. That is for your eyes only.” Lark seductively told her and kissed Rayne. She broke the kiss and looked at Rayne. “Did you really want me to get naked here and go swimming?”


“Hell, no. I was just being flirtatious and joking. I don’t want anyone seeing you naked, but me!” Rayne laughed and pulled her closer, deeply kissing her. “You’re mine and mine only.” Rayne whispered through her kiss, then deepened it.


“Hmmm, you got that right.” Lark agreed and wrapped her arms around Rayne’s neck melting into the sensuous kiss.


They broke the kiss and turned when a clap of thunder in the distance sounded. “Well, it looks like we should haul ass babe before we get stuck in the rain. It’s not going to be much fun on the boat when it rains so how about if we check into the hotel?” Rayne suggested, looking at Lark for her answer.


“Sounds good to me honey. Lead the way.” Lark agreed smiling and clasped Rayne’s hand as she stood up.  She watched as Rayne tossed some bills on the bar for a tip and looked around, noting the woman who approached Rayne was glaring at her. ‘She’s mine bitch, back off.’ She thought, angry that the woman would dare come near Rayne, much less hit on her. She felt Rayne place her arm around her waist and looked at Rayne as she lead her away from the bar, then turned back to the woman, giving her a wink and a sly grin, then turned away heading off with her tall lover. ‘Ha ha.’ She thought mischievously and satisfied as Rayne lead her down the stairs to their cart. ‘I am so bad. I shouldn’t have done that, but I was jealous.’ She guiltily thought and climbed into the seat of the cart, as did Rayne. ‘She deserved it. She had to of seen the both of us walk up to the bar hand in hand!’ She reasoned and felt better with her actions.


The pair made the trip to the hotel and entered their room just as the storm began. “Whew! We just made it.” Rayne chuckled as she closed the door behind Lark.


“I hope it doesn’t rain the rest of our trip.” Lark commented and looked around the spacious suite. “This place is magnificent Rayne. The view of the ocean and the island is spectacular!” Lark admired as she walked around the suite in awe and disappeared into the bedroom. “Oh, yes! A nice huge bed for me to crawl around in with you!” She shouted out and heard Rayne laugh.


“Oh, I can’t wait for that!” Rayne added and threw the keys on the table, then headed towards the bedroom.


“Rayne, we have our own private pool!” Lark observed looking out the window from the bedroom.


“Nothing is too good for my princess.” Rayne jokingly replied as she entered the room and walked towards Lark who stood looking out the window.


“Let’s hope it doesn’t continue to storm so we can enjoy using the pool.” Lark answered watching as the raindrops hit the water in the pool.


“Well, I can think of something better to do when it’s storming outside.” Rayne seductively whispered in Lark’s ear as she moved in behind her and wrapped her arms around her smaller lover.


“Oh, yeah. What could that be?” Lark enticingly and teasingly asked, leaning her head to the side and glancing up at Rayne.


“Hmmm, crawling around in that big bed with you for starters.” Rayne provocatively told her and sank her teeth into Lark’s neck.


“Oh, baby. You sure know how to show a girl a good time.” Lark approvingly answered, thoroughly enjoying what Rayne was doing to her. She giggled when Rayne lifted her up into her arms and carried her to the bed, gently laying her down.


“You haven’t seen anything yet my love.” Rayne seductively promised as she lowered her body onto Lark’s, then passionately kissed her, kicking her shoes off before climbing farther up on the bed with Lark.


Lark woke and smiled, completely satisfied from their lovemaking. She listened as the rain trickled off the roof to the ground and enjoyed the sound, which was so calming and pleasant. She inhaled deeply and turned to Rayne who was sound asleep. She smiled watching her lover sleep and enjoyed having Rayne’s hand and leg draped over her. She leaned over and tenderly kissed Rayne’s forehead, then leaned back watching her sleep. ‘She is so incredibly beautiful and such a wonderful lover. I am so lucky to have her in my life. I am so in love with this woman that it isn’t even funny!’ Lark inwardly thought and kissed Rayne again. ‘Oh, I don’t want to get up, but I need to go potty.’ She thought disappointed and sleekly moved out from underneath Rayne’s hold not wanting to wake her. She slipped off the bed and watched Rayne, surprised that she was still sleeping. ‘I must have worn her out making love to her.’ Lark gloatingly thought with a chuckle and headed towards the bathroom.


Lark finished her business and walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom. She heard her stomach growl and rubbed it to quell the feeling. She slipped her dress on and decided to check out the kitchen to see if there was anything to nibble on there. She turned and Rayne’s shoes caught her eye. She devilishly smiled and picked the shoes up. She looked at Rayne who was still sleeping. ‘I wonder if she’s really sleeping or if she’s going to grab me as a joke?’ Lark wondered and slowly stepped away from the bed, watching Rayne who continued to sleep. She giggled once she was in the kitchen, knowing Rayne was going to have to walk on the tile floor once she got out of bed. ‘You’re bad Lark.’ She mischievously thought and saw a complimentary fruit basket on the kitchen table. ‘Oh, yes food!’ She thought with a glimmer in her eye and tore open the plastic, grabbing some grapes. She popped them in her mouth and heard Rayne yawn loudly.


“Lark, where are you?” She called out, laying on her back and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.


“I’m in the kitchen, come join me!” Lark answered and snickered knowing Rayne was going to be upset about her shoes.


“I’ll be right there!” She shouted and sat up in the bed, sliding to the end. ‘Where are my shoes?’ She wondered looking over the edge of the bed and not seeing them. She moved around the bed and didn’t see them, then scanned the room not finding them anywhere. “Lark! Where are my shoes?” She yelled out and waited for her answer.


She didn’t hear Lark respond and looked up as Lark appeared in the doorway of the bedroom. “You mean these shoes?” She asked with a mischievous grin holding them up in front of her, leaning against the door jam and tossed a grape in her mouth.


“Yes, those would be the one’s I’m referring to. Could you please bring them over here?” Rayne smirked and asked, hoping Lark would comply with her request.


“If you want them, come and get them.” Lark suggestively answered with a sly grin.


“Please don’t make me walk on this tile Lark. You will end up regretting it if I do.” Rayne guaranteed with an arched brow.


“Promises, promises.” Lark tauntingly answered, smiling.


“Okay, you will pay!” Rayne answered and jumped off the bed.


“Aah!” Lark shrieked and took off running with Rayne in hot pursuit. She giggled and ran behind the table with the shoes and grapes still in her hands looking at Rayne across the table.


“Unhand my shoes woman or face the consequences!” Rayne threatened and moved to her left with Lark countering to the right.


“No way, you need to get over that barefoot on the tile floor phobia woman. It’s not healthy for you!” Lark teasingly told her and took off running, towards the chair and hid behind it.


“I like my phobia okay? It suits me just fine! Now, this is your last chance, Lark, to give me my shoes in a civilized manner.” Rayne threatened her and jumped from one throw rug to the other, avoiding the tile floor.


“Ooh, what’s wrong the big bad and tough Secret Service agent can’t catch the little actress?” Lark whiningly taunted and laughed, then screamed giggling when Rayne lunged and grabbed her.


“I think you have something that belongs to me and it isn’t the grapes!” Rayne laughed and held the squirming woman in her arms tighter. “Drop the shoes woman!” She teasingly demanded as Lark laughed hysterically and dropped the shoes. “Aaah, finally!” Rayne replied satisfied when she slipped her feet into the shoes. “Now, it’s time for your punishment.” Rayne told her and swept Lark up in her arms.


“Rayne! What are you going to do to me?” Lark asked, slightly afraid and moved around in Rayne’s arms.


“Oh, you’re going to enjoy your punishment Lark, NOT!” She added and opened the door to the pool.


“No, not the pool Rayne!” Lark shouted in protest to what Rayne threatened.


“Oh, yes my dear.” Rayne added and tossed Lark into the pool, surprising her as she thought Rayne was only kidding. Rayne stood next to the pool laughing as Lark came up for air.


“That was low Rayne, really low!” Lark commented and narrowed her eyes, letting Rayne know she wasn’t happy.


“Now you know how I feel about my shoes!” Rayne answered with a laugh and stopped when Lark splashed the cold water on her, soaking her. “Thanks!” She chuckled after catching her breath. “Come here woman!” She called out looking at Lark.


“No, not unless we are even.” Lark answered, unsure of whether she should trust Rayne or not.


Rayne disappeared into the room then exited with towels. “Come on, we’re even now.” Rayne coaxed with a smile and walked towards the stairs to the pool.


“Promise?” Lark confirmed and moved closer to the stairs.


“I promise.” Rayne smiled warmly and held the towel for her as she exited the pool. “You’re not mad are you?” Rayne shyly asked as she helped dry Lark off.


“No, I’ll forgive you.” Lark answered with a chuckle.


“I’m incredibly aroused by the way that dress is clinging to you and from chasing you around the room. Care to join me in bed to satisfy that desire?” Rayne seductively asked and watched as Lark turned to face her.


Lark stared into Rayne’s deep blues and removed her dress dropping it to the ground, much to Rayne’s delight. Lark put her arms around Rayne’s neck and passionately kissed her. “Take me.” She whispered through her kiss and deepened it as Rayne lifted her up, carrying her to the bed for another round of lovemaking, both women not getting enough of each other.


Continued in Part XI.


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