by Cruise

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Part VI

Lark's heart skipped a beat as Rayne led her towards the villa. 'Oh, this is definitely going to be the person I spend the rest of my life with, I know it.' Lark confidently thought and smiled as she passed Rayne who held the door open for her.

Rayne smiled and felt the butterflies in her stomach flutter when the sultry looking woman smiled her way. She shut the door and stepped past Lark who stood waiting for her. "I'm going to grab my jacket. I'll be right back." Rayne informed her and headed down the hallway.

Lark swung her arms back and forth as she looked around the living room. A picture caught her eye and she walked closer to it. The picture elicited the same reaction out of her as the night before, jealousy and a twinge of anger. She stared at the beautiful Asian woman in the picture who was engulfed in Rayne's hug. 'What's your deal? Hmmm?' She inwardly asked, hoping the woman would answer her question. 'Did Rayne love you at one time?' She queried jealously and glared at the picture. She wanted to be the one that Rayne loved. 'I intend to find out your story.' Lark promised and turned when she heard the bedroom door close. She moved away and smiled when she caught a glimpse of Rayne approaching.

"I grabbed one of my older leather jackets for you. I think it might be small enough." Rayne offered and held the jacket out to Lark.

"Do I need one?" Lark asked curious and accepted the jacket.

"It might get a little chilly and it will protect you if anything happens." Rayne smirked and zipped up her jacket.

"Wait! You aren't going to drive like a mad woman with me on that thing are you?" Lark anxiously asked as she put on the jacket.

"Don't worry, you are safe with me." Rayne sardonically grinned as she moved closer and lifted Lark's long blonde hair out of the jacket.

Lark stared into the alluring blues before her and smiled, "thanks," she murmured, her heart racing in anticipation of Rayne kissing her.

"Let's head out." Rayne smiled and turned, walking away.

'Jeez! She's such a freaking tease!' Lark thought frustrated by the raven-haired beauty. She sighed disappointed and followed Rayne into the garage.

Rayne flipped the switch to open the garage door and grabbed a helmet handing it to Lark. "This should fit you." She offered and smiled. Lark placed the helmet on as Rayne pushed the motorcycle out into the driveway. Lark followed her, tightening the chinstrap and stopped when she reached the motorcycle. "I'll be right back." Rayne winked and jogged into the garage. She grabbed a small blanket off the dryer and hit the switch for the garage door. She bolted out of the garage before the door closed on her.

"Wow, you're talented." Lark teasingly complimented and laughed as she watched Rayne roll the blanket.

"You haven't seen nothing yet little lady." Rayne slyly grinned and gave Lark a sideways glance as she tied the blanket to the seat of the motorcycle.

Lark swallowed the lump in her throat that formed from the sexy look Rayne flashed and flirtatiously replied, "Well, I look forward to seeing all of your talents," with a bashful grin.

Rayne slowly moved close to Lark and stared deeply into her wanton greens. "I guarantee you won't be disappointed." Rayne hinted provocatively and moved the visor on Lark's helmet down with a mischievous smile as she walked past her. She grinned and placed her helmet on knowing she was teasing the poor woman. 'I just can't help myself.' She inwardly chuckled.

'She is torturing me!' Lark quivered with lusty anticipation as Rayne teased and tempted her.

Rayne steadied the motorcycle and held her hand out for Lark. "Your chariot awaits my lady." She slyly grinned as Lark accepted her hand and placed her foot on the pedal.

"Well thank you." Lark smiled.

"Be careful not to put your leg against the muffler or you will get burned." Rayne warned and held the handlebars with one hand as Lark mounted the motorcycle. She looked over the edge of the motorcycle once Lark was seated to check her foot position.

"Are you sure I'll be safe?" Lark nervously asked looking from her leg up to Rayne.

"I promise that nothing will happen to you. Besides, weren't you the one that wanted to go for a ride on my motorcycle?" Rayne asked grinning.

"Well, yeah but I'm just a little nervous." Lark sheepishly admitted.

"Don't be nervous Lark just hold onto me tight and nothing will happen to you." Rayne reassuringly promised and sat on the motorcycle in front of Lark. She turned the motorcycle on and slowly drove off.

'Oh, you can count on me holding you tight.' Lark thought and smiled, clutching the woman before her.

Rayne chuckled when she felt the contact and navigated the motorcycle down the road. 'I love the feeling of having Lark wrapped around me. Maybe not so tightly though as I can't breathe, but I love having her close to me.' Rayne thought with a laugh, happy to have the woman with her. She was pleasantly surprised by the feelings Lark was able to elicit in her.

Rayne parked the motorcycle in an available spot and turned the engine off. She removed her helmet and put the kickstand down. She got off and held her hand out for Lark to do the same. Lark removed her helmet and tussled her blonde locks smiling exuberantly. "That was incredible! I had so much fun and I wasn't nervous at all." She enthusiastically informed Rayne who stood stunned by Lark tussling her hair.

'Damn, she's beautiful and she has such a crazy affect on me!' She thought amazed by her reaction to Lark. "Great, I'm glad you enjoyed the ride and that I didn't scare you too much." Rayne smiled and inhaled deeply to calm her racing heart. 'The sight of her excites me!' Rayne thought, smitten with the young blonde.

"Oh, it was so exhilarating! Can we go faster on the way home?" She excitedly asked with a giggle.

"Sure, if you want too!" Rayne readily agreed and laughed at her exuberance.

"Wow, the beach looks so beautiful at sunset." Lark's demeanor turned to awe when she noticed the beach behind Rayne.

"I know it's gorgeous down here." Rayne smiled and looked out over the ocean. She took their helmets and locked them to the motorcycle. She stuffed the keys in her pocket and took Lark's hand in her own. "Come on, let's go for a walk." She smiled and led Lark onto the beach. "So, what would you like for dinner?" Rayne asked, looking at Lark.

'You would be very nice.' Lark fondly thought. "Oh, it doesn't matter to me. I pretty much eat any and everything." Lark chuckled and shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, that narrows it done then. Okay, how about some squid and seaweed then? I hear the seaweed is very good for your diet." Rayne teasingly laughed.

"Eeewwww! No thanks!" Lark answered and scrunched up her face at the thought of eating seaweed.

"Are you sure? I can rustle some up for you right now." Rayne laughed and grabbed a piece off the ground, holding it up to Lark.

"No! Rayne stop!" Lark giggled and moved away from her.

Rayne laughed harder and held it out to Lark. "I'm sure a little garlic would help enhance the flavor of it. Are you sure?"

"I think I'll pass, but thanks for the offer." Lark laughed, as Rayne joined her in laughter and tossed the seaweed in the sea.

"Yeah, it's probably not too good for the digestion either." Rayne added with a chuckle and moved closer to Lark. "I have a better suggestion for dinner, speaking of digestion problems. How about some burritos?" Rayne asked with a grin.

Lark laughed at the funny statement and slipped her hand in Rayne's. "Burritos would be fine with me."

"Great, there's a place right over there that has some pretty good ones." Rayne informed her and pointed out the restaurant.

They headed over to the restaurant and looked at the menu. "I think I'll have the all beef burrito, no beans please." Lark told Rayne with a giggle.

"Yeah, good idea." Rayne added with a laugh. "How about if we order them and eat on the beach?" Rayne suggested, looking at Lark.

"Oh, that would be great!" Lark excitedly smiled and stood next to Rayne who had moved to the take-out window.

"What would you like to drink Lark?"

"I'll have water please." Lark answered and looked out over the ocean happy to be there with Rayne. She lost herself in her thoughts of how wonderful she felt being with Rayne and how she wanted her to be a major aspect of her life. She wondered if Rayne felt the same way about her.

"Lark?" Rayne touched Lark who looked at her puzzled. "Are you okay?" Rayne worriedly asked.

"Huh? Oh, I'm sorry. Did you ask me something?" She questioned and shook her head coming back to reality.

"I was just telling you that the food was ready. Are you okay?"

"Oh, sorry. I was just looking out over the beautiful ocean and was lost in my thoughts." Lark nervously stammered.

"I hope they were good thoughts?" Rayne asked with a smile and handed Lark a bottle of water.

"Oh, they were wonderful." Lark grinned adoringly. "Wow, that was quick with the burritos." Lark commented and smiled.

"Yeah, they are pretty fast." Rayne added and walked towards the motorcycle. "Can you hold this for me?" She asked and held out her drink to Lark.

"Certainly." Lark grinned and watched as Rayne removed the blanket from the motorcycle.

She followed Rayne to the beach next to a palm tree and watched as she laid the blanket on the ground. "Can I offer you a waterfront table ma'am?" Rayne offered with a grin, holding her hand out towards the blanket.

"Wow, I thought I would have to call ahead for such a wonderful table. I'm very lucky that you had one available at such short notice." Lark teasingly giggled and sat down. She took the bag from Rayne and watched as she sat before her.

"Well, how can we resist catering to the whims of such a beautiful lady?" Rayne admiringly grinned and looked from Lark to the bag. She held out a burrito to her. "Here is a no-flatulence, beef burrito for you and one for me." Rayne chuckled and un-wrapped hers once Lark had taken her burrito.

Lark laughed and shook her head in amazement. "Rayne you are so incredibly charming!"

"Well, what can I say Lark? It just comes naturally." Rayne coyly answered, then burst into laughter and blushed from the arrogant comment.

"Cocky too." Lark added with a giggle.

"Sorry, I can't help it. That trait runs in the family." Rayne apologized, hoping she wasn't offending Lark.

"Don't apologize, I happen to like that about you." Lark bashfully smiled.

"Really? That's cool because that turns off some people. I happen to like that part of you too." Rayne gently accused and took a bite of her burrito.

"Do you think I'm cocky?" Lark asked surprised.

"Oh, yeah." Rayne added and chewed the rest of her food.

"No way, really?" Lark was stunned to hear that from Rayne.

"Well, not as bad as me, but if you hadn't of been so sure of your abilities to persuade me to go out with you, we wouldn't be sitting here right now." Rayne explained between bites of her burrito.

"That doesn't necessarily mean that I'm cocky. It just means that I'm confident." Lark defensively tried to explain. She didn't want to be perceived as being a cocky, arrogant jerk.

"Well, I'd say it's a little cocky and that's why I waited to agree to a date. Well, that and…" Rayne's voice trailed off when it dawned on her what she was about to say and didn't want to go into that subject.

"Oh, really? You made me suffer by waiting huh?" Lark asked with a sardonic grin.

"I suppose so, but I'm not used to being pursued like that. I normally do the pursuing. I couldn't go against all that I believe in and just throw myself at your mercy. What would that do for my reputation?" Rayne asked with a laugh.

"Who would have known?" Lark asked with a hardy laugh.

Rayne blushed and grinned, "no one but my silly ass self," she sheepishly admitted and laughed.

"You are bad Rayne Donovan, making me wait like that. Shame on you." Lark teasingly admonished with a smirk.

"I know Lark. I can't help it. I'm rotten to the core. Are you sure you still want to be involved with me?" Rayne laughingly asked and leaned back on her elbow, stretching out her long legs. She was surprised by how relaxed and comfortable Lark made her feel.

"I wouldn't want it any other way. The cocky, mysterious and mischievous traits of yours are incredibly sexy. I find them very appealing." Lark flirtatiously admitted.

"Appealing huh? I like that." Rayne grinned approvingly.

"So, what was the other reason you waited so long to accept my offer?" Lark inquired.

Rayne looked down and inhaled deeply then looked up. "Uhmmm, just some things that I needed to work out first." She reluctantly answered.

"Is it something you would like to tell me about?" Lark asked and got the feeling it had something to do with the woman in the picture.

"Lark, look. I've had two great days being with you and I don't want to ruin that by bringing up things from my past. I would rather not deal with them right now if you don't mind." Rayne gently said, hoping Lark wouldn't push the issue any more.

"Okay, I can understand that, but don't you think we should deal with your past that seems to have an affect on you being with me?" Lark asked, seeing the sadness in her eyes.

"Yes and we will, some other time. I promise. I don't want to ruin the wonderful time I'm having with you Lark." Rayne answered staring deeply into concerned green.

Lark returned the stare into sincere blue. "Whenever you're ready Rayne," she added with a warm smile.

"Thanks." Rayne answered gratefully and smiled. They stared at one another before Rayne added in a whisper, "You are so incredibly beautiful Lark. I'm so happy being here with you," as she leaned in to kiss her.

Rayne's words were a verbal aphrodisiac and Lark intently watched as Rayne closed her eyes and moved towards her. She had waited so long for Rayne to kiss her and now it was time. She didn't want to miss one thing about that moment. She thought her heart stopped until it raced in fear when she heard loud footsteps heading towards them. "Stop!" She heard someone shout and jumped back as a man was running towards them with a police officer in hot pursuit.

"What the hell?" Rayne wondered and her demeanor changed instantaneously the moment she sensed danger. She turned to see the man jump over them and quickly sprang to her feet, running after the man who dared to disturb her special moment with Lark. Rayne dove at the man and tackled him. "Settle down!" She shouted and put her knee against the back of his neck, driving his face into the ground as she pulled his arm behind his back.

"Step away from him ma'am." The police officer ordered as he approached and grabbed his other arm.

"Just give me your damn handcuffs." Rayne barked and looked at him. "I'm a Secret Service Agent. I'd show you my badge, but I'm a little busy." Rayne sarcastically added and smirked. He chuckled and offered her his handcuffs as he holstered his weapon. She quickly cuffed the man and stood up allowing the officer to stand him up. She held her badge out and faintly smiled as the officer looked at it.

"Thanks for the help! I've been chasing this bastard for what seemed like an eternity." He replied, out of breath.

Rayne closed her wallet and stuck it back in her pocket. "Any time." She looked away when she heard the sirens and car tires screeching as the other officers arrived. "Looks like your ride is here. Enjoy the pen." Rayne sarcastically quipped looking at the criminal and walking away.

"Fuck you!" He shouted angrily.

"You wish." Rayne threw back with a grin and headed over to Lark.

"Are you okay?" Lark worriedly asked and brushed the sand off of Rayne's clothing.

"I'm fine. How about you?" Rayne asked concerned and comfortingly stroked her arm.

"Well, he scared the hell out of me, but that's about it." Lark admitted and inhaled deeply trying to calm her racing heart. "Oh, Rayne your nose is bleeding." Lark observed seeing the trickle of blood.

"Oh, yeah?" Rayne asked surprised and wiped her nose with her finger seeing the blood there.

"Sit down so we can get the bleeding to stop." Lark suggested as Rayne sat on the blanket. Lark sat down and grabbed a napkin. "Here, lay your head in my lap so the bleeding will stop." Lark told her and sat with her legs crossed. Rayne lay back and looked up at Lark who placed a napkin over her nose.

"I'm a fun date huh?" Rayne asked with a chuckle.

"Well, we are both going to make for fun dates huh? With you being a natural born hero and I with all the paparazzi. We should have one hell of a good time when ever we go out." Lark added with a laugh shared by Rayne.

"What matters is that we will be together." Rayne said with a warm smile.

Lark blushed and her heart fluttered from Rayne's admission. She lightly stroked Rayne's hair off her forehead as she stared at her. "This is very true," she softly answered and smiled.

Rayne closed her eyes and enjoyed Lark playing with her hair. She loved the woman's touch, her scent and everything about her. "Lark, I'm sorry that happened. I shouldn't have gone after him like that." Rayne regretfully apologized, looking up at Lark. 'Asshole stepped on the rest of my burrito and ruined my moment with Lark. He's lucky I didn't shoot his ass!' She cursed silently, still perturbed by the intrusion.

"It's okay Rayne. Don't worry about it. I'm glad you helped to get him, but it made me very nervous to think that you might get hurt." Lark faintly smiled. She leaned down and kissed Rayne's forehead.

"Me get hurt? Nah, it's what I'm trained for." Rayne jokingly answered and grinned.

"Yes Miss cockiness." Lark teasingly smirked with a scrunched face. "How is your nose?" Lark asked and pulled the napkin away.

"It still hurts, but I'm sure if you keep playing with my hair like that it will feel so much better!" Rayne answered with a mischievous grin.

Lark chuckled. "Oh, really. Well, let me make you feel better then!" She smiled and continued to run her fingers through Rayne's dark hair.

"Yeah that feels so much better." Rayne laughed as did Lark.

"Oh, Rayne I lied to you last night when I said my father attended West Point." Lark regretfully confessed.

"Shame on you Lark Morgan. What am I going to do with you?" Rayne jokingly asked and glanced up at her with a devilish grin.

"Well, I was so darn nervous that I mixed up West Point with the Naval Academy. I know it's a huge mix up, but I was not thinking clearly. I was very preoccupied with a gorgeous blue-eyed beauty in my presence. I'm sorry." Lark sheepishly grinned.

"No problem. I knew which academy you meant to say Lark." Rayne reassuringly chuckled.

"Oh, that's right you were in the Navy. I feel so stupid." Lark blushed embarrassed and pushed the errant strand of hair out of her face.

"Hey, if anyone should feel stupid it should be me. Look at me. I'm laying here with a bloody nose." Rayne replied with a laugh to alleviate Lark's stress.

She looked down at Rayne and laughed. "Well, I really don't mind where you are. It would be nice if the situation where different, but hey I'm enjoying myself. How about you?" Lark giggled and smiled.

"I would love it a lot more if you would continue to play with my hair. I love it, but you keep stopping." Rayne jokingly laughed.

"Consider it done and excuse me for stopping!" Lark chuckled and lightly ran her fingers through Rayne's hair.

"So, Lark why is it that you live in Florida? I thought all celebrities lived in California?" Rayne curiously asked with a charming smile.

"I like it here because of the peace and quiet, plus I don't have to put up with all of the Hollywood bullshit." Lark explained with a chuckle.

"Do you get many roles that are filmed down here?" Rayne inquired, looking up at the petite blonde.

"No, it would be great if more of my movies were filmed down here. So, I keep a townhouse in Beverly Hills and I stay there when I'm filming, then I return as quickly as I can."

"Hmmm, must be tiring going to all of those glamorous parties huh?"

"Yeah, it can be because a lot of people are so fake and I can't stand how they are such kiss asses." Lark explained and chuckled at her last comment.

"How do you deal with the fans and 'kiss asses' fawning all over you?" Rayne asked grinning.

"I realized when I first got into this business that my private life was not going to be solely my own. I knew I would have to make some sacrifices for the profession that I love. So, I always try to be gracious to the media, the 'kiss asses' and of course, the fans are the one's who will make and break me. I have this belief that if I'm as nice and considerate as possible, that they will give me the same consideration. I've been very lucky so far, but then again I'm not a big name like Julia Roberts." Lark added with a laugh.

"You will be and you're much prettier." Rayne commented with a flirtatious smile.

"Well I hope so and thank you very much for the comment." Lark grinned and felt a tickle in her belly.

"Do you get treated differently in the media or with your work offers because you're gay?" Rayne asked inquisitively.

"Not really. It's become very chic to be a lesbian in Hollywood lately so I haven't had any problems getting job offers. In fact, I have so many now that I'm having to turn down a lot of them because I just don't have the time."

"That's great. I figured they would have plastered you all over the rag magazines because of your sexual preference."

"Oh, well I've been on there before, but the thing is if you hide something like that from them then they will make it their life mission to reveal that to the public. So, I figured that if I just accepted it and allowed them to know, I wouldn't be very big news and they'd leave me alone. Look at a lot of the celebrities who try to hide certain details of their life from the media and they are combative with the paparazzi. They hound them like there is no tomorrow and then the celebrity looks like an idiot for hiding it. I knew they would always find out one-way or another and so far my theory has worked out. It also helps to live far away from all the limelight too. That said it's been more difficult for my father than me really." Lark explained and shrugged her shoulders, sad that her father had to endure such negative press.

"That's a great theory Lark and I'm glad it has worked out. How does your father deal with it though? The public will forgive a celebrity, but when it comes to a politician it's more difficult. I know, trust me from experience." Rayne answered with a low tone, knowing all to well the grief her father had to take because of her sexual preference.

"My father always taught me to stand up for what you believe in and that's what I did. I had his complete support and he basically has the attitude 'take it or leave it'. He felt that there were far pressing issues in this country to worry more about than his daughter being gay and used that in his campaign when he was questioned about me. His support like that meant so much to me and I was so proud of him." Lark smiled adoringly and wiped the tear that filled the corner of her eye, as she thought back to that occasion.

"That's great Lark. My dad was basically the same and my family has been very supportive of my lifestyle. Which is so awesome." Rayne explained and smiled in awe of her family's acceptance and support.

"So, when did you know you were gay?" Lark asked as a small smile etched here features.

"When I was in the womb!" Rayne answered with a hearty laugh shared by Lark.

"Well, you got an early start huh?" Lark asked, laughing harder at the comment.

"I have just always known that I was gay. I have always loved and been attracted to women too much to be interested in men. I was a huge tomboy when I was younger. Actually, I think I still am." Rayne explained and chuckled at the last comment. "The only interest I had in boys or men was being like them. They always had the coolest toys and clothes." Rayne laughed and looked at Lark.

"I take it you don't like dolls and dresses?" Lark asked with a giggle.

"Oh, no way! I hate dresses and the only doll I played with was Ken or G.I. Joe when I was with my girly friends. I was more fonder of G.I. Joe though." Rayne laughed.

"Girly friends?" Lark asked with a laugh.

"Yeah, you know the Barbie girls? The one's who wore all the dresses and loved to play with Barbie." Rayne sarcastically asked.

"Ah-ha, well hello G.I. Rayne I'm Barbie Lark. Nice to meet you." Lark teasingly grinned.

"You were a Barbie kind of girl?" Rayne asked with a snicker.

"I loved Barbie!" Lark defensively admitted.

"Well, I'll tell you a secret. I have always been attracted to the Barbie girls." Rayne softly admitted with a wry grin and looked around as if someone other than Lark would hear the secret.

"Oh, really? How about girls who like to wear dresses and make-up?" Lark asked with a smile.

"I find them very attractive especially the way you look in a dress and make-up." Rayne flirtatiously added, grinned and looked up at Lark.

"Well, let me confess then. I've always had an affection for G.I. Joe kind of gals." Lark teasingly smiled.

"Well, it's a good thing we met then." Rayne laughed. "How long have you known you've been gay?"

"Since I was a kid and had a crush on the neighborhood tomboy." Lark admitted and both women laughed.

"Too funny. Did you ever go out with any guys?" Rayne answered and inquired cautiously, feeling a wave of jealousy consume her. She knew she had no reason to feel that way, but still did.

"Nope, I just had no desire to date them. So, I'm still a virgin in the sense of a man and woman having sex. I've been saving myself for the right person." Lark revealed with a giggle and wondered why she just told her that, feeling embarrassed.

'Oh, I love virgins. You are such a pig Rayne Donovan!' She happily thought and admonished with her last comment. The fact that Lark had never been with a man aroused and intrigued her. "Same here Lark." Rayne sheepishly admitted.

"I kind of figured that when you said you had no interest in men, but thanks for sharing." Lark warmly smiled.

"Hey, aah some of my co-workers are having a Halloween party on Tuesday would you like to go as Barbie and I could go as G.I. Joe?" Rayne excitedly asked with a chuckle.

"Well, what about Ken? Won't he be jealous?" Lark asked with a grin.

"No, Ken is gay didn't you know that? He only hung out with Barbie for all of her cool clothes. Besides, Barbie has always had a thing for G. I. Joe. He's more fun." Rayne explained and laughed as did Lark.

"I would love to go with you, but I can't. I'm leaving in the morning for San Francisco." Lark told Rayne, disappointed that she had to leave.

"San Francisco?" Rayne queried, dismayed that Lark was going to be out of town. Rayne removed the napkin from her nose and checked it, noting the bleeding had stopped. She sat up and stared at Lark waiting for her answer.

"Yes, I have to go there for a press junket for one of my movies. Actually, I'll be gone for the next week doing the circuit of talk shows and press junkets to promote my latest movie. I'll be back in time for the elections and then I have to fly to London for the movie premiere." Lark informed her, feeling disheartened that she had to leave.

"Wow, when will I get to see you again? I'm going to miss being with you." Rayne asked with a disenchanted look on her face. She was floored that she wouldn't be seeing Lark for a week.

"Any chance you could join me in San Francisco?" Lark asked with a hopeful smile.

"I wish I could, but it's going to be crazy for the next week and a half with the elections coming up. Your father is going to have us traveling all over, I'm sure." Rayne explained with a sly grin.

"Damn, it looks like the only time I'll see you is the day of the election then." Lark whined, disappointed that she wouldn't be seeing Rayne sooner.

"Bummer, we'll have to chat on the phone I suppose. Can you give me your hotel information and how to reach you?"

"Sure, when we get home I'll give you my itinerary and how to contact me. Oh, I normally don't use my real name in the hotels so I won't be bothered. I'll use Julia…let's see, hmmm…" Lark paused thinking of a name to use and then smiled looking at Rayne, "I'll use Julia Donovan. That will be easy for you to remember."

"Great, but who's Julia?" Rayne asked with a smile.

"That's my mom's name." Lark answered with a laugh.

"It's a very nice name." Rayne complimented with a charming smile. "So, what's a press junket?"

"The actors in the movie have to go and sit in interviews all freaking day! They have reporters from all over asking us questions. Usually, they are five-minute interviews, but the daunting thing is that we have to answer the same questions over and over again! Then we do a screening of the movie for them." Lark explained and laughed.

"Why not just put all of them in one room and have them ask questions. Then you all won't have to ask the same stupid questions multiple times." Rayne suggested.

"Well, that would make too much sense Rayne. But, they do it because it's better public relations and more personable for us to sit with each individual reporter. The studios want favorable press for their movie and they feel this is the best way to achieve it." She explained simply and shrugged her shoulders.

"You poor thing and here I thought it was boring listening to all the politicians blow out hot air!" Rayne commented with a snicker.

"Well, it's the lesser of two evils. I think I'll stick with the press junkets, rather than listening to the politicians blow out hot air." Lark admitted and laughed, as did Rayne.

"What time do you leave tomorrow?" Rayne asked and checked her watch, noting it was getting late.

"At 5:00 am. I could just strangle Elaine for scheduling such an early flight." Lark informed her, not pleased with the early morning flight. "I'm not a morning person, but I think Elaine is trying to make me one. Hence, the early flight." Lark chuckled and rolled her eyes at the thought of crawling out of bed at that time.

"Don't you have to be on the set early every day?"

"Yeah, but I normally sleep until the last second. Thankfully, I can have the limo driver dump me off at the set still in my pajamas and then get ready there! I just really hate getting up so early." Lark explained and laughed.

"I'm usually up and out of bed right after the alarm goes off." Rayne replied with a chuckle, noting the difference between them with their sleeping habits.

"Alarm, what's that?" Lark jokingly laughed.

"We should be going, it's getting late and if you need to be up at 5:00 you'll need to get your rest." Rayne said and stood up, holding her hand out for Lark.

"Oh, I don't want to go." Lark whined and stood up.

"I know, but you need to get your rest." Rayne grinned and winked. She leaned over to pick up the blanket and the trash. She handed the blanket to Lark who began to roll it up as Rayne walked over to the trashcan and discarded the garbage. 'Damn, I'm going to miss her.' Rayne thought disappointed and tossed the bag in the can. She grasped Lark's hand and led her to the motorcycle. They donned their helmets and mounted the motorcycle.

Lark wrapped her arms around Rayne's midsection as tight as possible. She snuggled her face against her and reveled in the feeling of being so close to her. 'I hope my absence makes the heart grow fonder rather than making her forget me. I want so much more with this woman and I hope that she feels the same about me.' Lark sniffled the tears that threatened to fall and kissed Rayne's back, tightening her grip around the woman.

'She makes me feel so happy and alive. I don't want to be away from her and I'm not looking forward to her being gone. She's captured my heart, that much is true.' Rayne thought, enjoying the feeling of having Lark so close.

Rayne navigated the motorcycle through the posh neighborhood and parked in the driveway at Lark's place and sighed, reluctant to let the night end. She didn't want to be away from Lark. She helped Lark off the motorcycle and removed her helmet as did Lark. She placed them on the motorcycle and followed Lark. Her heart raced at the thought of not seeing Lark for a week and wished the night didn't have to end.

"I had a great time this evening Rayne." Lark smiled, looking at Rayne. She grasped her hand and led her into the condo.

"Me too Lark. Oh, don't forget to give me your itinerary." Rayne reminded her.

"Yes, let me get it right now or else I will forget to give it to you." Lark added and sheepishly grinned. She walked over to the table and opened a folder. She grabbed the itinerary and walked back to Rayne. "Here you go. You shouldn't have any problems finding me and don't hesitate to call me. I'll miss you and be looking forward to hearing from you." Lark shyly smiled and looked down, saddened that the evening might be coming to an end. 'Ask her to stay, don't let her leave.' She told herself.

Rayne folded the itinerary and placed it in her pocket. She placed her hand under Lark's chin and lifted it, staring deep into the green that captivated her blue. "I'm going to miss you so much Lark." Rayne softly admitted and leaned in towards Lark.

"I don't want to be away from you Rayne." Lark revealed, her voice cracked with emotion and her heartbeat quickened. The slumbering passion in Rayne's eyes and voice was an irresistible force to her.

"Me either." Rayne whispered and pressed her lips against Larks. She lightly kissed her, feeling Lark's lips quiver nervously. Lark breathed in Rayne's scent as lips touched and the kiss deepened. The desire she felt for Lark was undeniable and she knew with that one kiss, that Lark meant everything to her. Her heart pounded in her chest as she drew Lark into her arms, passionately kissing her. She was incredibly nervous and wondered if her thundering heart would jump out of her chest. She had never been so affected by another woman.

Rayne's breathy voice in her ear made Lark's head spin and her knees weak. She knew exactly how Rayne felt about her and melted into the passionate kiss. 'I think I'm going to faint. My knees are so weak and it's so hard to breath. I love this woman.' Lark thought as her pulse raced and she grew weaker in the knees. She wrapped her arms around Rayne's neck and broke the kiss briefly, "stay with me tonight Rayne. Make love to me all night," Lark breathlessly pleaded and continued the kiss.

"I thought you would never ask Lark." Rayne whispered through her kiss and deepened it; her senses peaked from the contact. She moved her hands from Lark's back around to the front and gently caressed her breast.

Lark gasped from the contact and felt a deep desire consume her, replacing practical thoughts with pure sensation when Rayne whispered, "I want you so much Rayne." Lark professed and thought, 'I want to scream for her to need me the way that I need her.'

Rayne's tongue explored everything about Lark. She broke the kiss breathless and leaned her head against Lark's forehead, both panting for their breath. "I want you Lark. I don't want to be away from you." Rayne sincerely admitted and lightly kissed her lips. "NO!" She sighed disappointedly and pulled away when she heard her beeper go off.

"Don't answer it Rayne, please." Lark pleaded, desperate for Rayne's kiss again.

She looked up and frowned. "I'm sorry I have to, it's work." Rayne grudgingly answered and pulled the beeper off her belt. She looked at the number and looked up at Lark. "I'm so sorry Lark." She apologetically replied and lightly kissed the younger woman on the cheek. She moved past Lark and pulled her cell phone out. She turned the power on, then punched in the numbers and waited for a voice on the other line.

'Damn it! This can't be happening!' Lark thought frustrated and leaned her head against Rayne's arm, tightly grasping it.

Rayne turned to Lark and wrapped her in a comforting embrace. "What's up?" Rayne asked, perturbed by the intrusion.

"Hey! I've been trying to call you on your cell phone." Forrest greeted, slightly agitated.

"I know. I turned it off. I happen to be very busy. What's going on?" Rayne asked, annoyed by his intrusive call.

"Congressman Smith's plane went down over the Everglades and the Director wants every available agent out there." He hurriedly informed her.

"Why does he want all of us at the crash site?" Rayne questioned confused and glanced at Lark who raised her head up with interest in what Rayne was talking about.

"They think there is foul play and our agency has been sent there to help with the investigation because we lost two agents." He sadly added.

"Damn, which ones?" She remorsefully asked as Lark stared worriedly, noting Rayne's change in demeanor.

"Johnson and Thomas." He informed her.

"Shit, they were great agents and men. That's too bad." She commented sadly. "What about Senator Morgan?" She wondered and rubbed her brow, trying to grasp the enormity of the situation.

Lark grasped Rayne's arm when she heard her father's name mentioned and moved in front of her. "What's wrong with daddy? Is he okay?" She frantically asked, hoping nothing happened to her father.

Rayne covered the phone and comfortingly rubbed her arm with her other hand. "He's fine. I'm just trying to find out who will stay with him while Forrest and I go out on our new assignment." She reassuringly told her.

"Okay, whew. I was worried." She softly answered and inhaled deeply trying to calm her frantically racing heart from the scare.

"Smith and Roberts will stay with him until we are finished at the crash scene. Listen, I'll explain all of this when I see you. We need to hurry up. I'll meet you rooftop where the helicopter will be waiting for us." He informed her.

"Alright, I'm on my way." Rayne grudgingly informed him and clicked off the phone. "I'm sorry Lark, I have to go." She reluctantly told her and hugged the petite blonde.

"What's going on Rayne?" Lark worriedly asked and walked with Rayne towards the door.

"There was a plane crash that our director has assigned us to. I'm sorry, I can't give you anymore information than that Lark." Rayne solemnly answered and stepped outside.

"Please be careful." Lark leaned up and tearfully whispered in her ear. She was so disappointed and fearful that something might happen to Rayne, that she couldn't hold back the tears.

"I promise." Rayne reassured and broke the hug. She smiled when her blues met Lark's greens and wiped the tears that trickled down her cheek. "I'm going to miss you so much. Have a safe trip and I'll call you." Rayne smiled and pressed her lips against Lark's for one last kiss.

She broke the kiss and chuckled when Lark threw her arms around her neck and kissed her passionately. "I miss you already and I'll be waiting for your call." Lark informed her, breaking the soul-searing kiss.

Rayne stared into her saddened green eyes. She smiled and lightly stroked Lark's cheek with her thumb. "You're so beautiful. I'm sorry we can share tonight together." She sincerely and regretfully told her.

Lark smiled at the compliment and replied, "Me too. Goodbye," and grew sadder as Rayne stepped out of the door.

"It's never goodbye Lark. It's always 'I'll see you soon' okay?" Rayne gently corrected with a smile.

"You got it. I'll see you soon." Lark smiled and reluctantly released her grasp of Rayne's hand.

Rayne smiled and winked before kissing Lark once more, and quickly headed to her motorcycle. Lark intently watched as Rayne hurriedly drove off and felt a pang of regret that she wouldn't spend a glorious night of making love to Rayne. She didn't want to have to wait, but knew there was nothing else she could do about it. 'I hope she's going to be okay. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to her. I've only known her for a brief time, but it's as if I've known her for all of my life and through other lifetimes. I love her so much. I've never fallen so hard and so quickly for anyone ever.' She thought and closed the door, brokenhearted that Rayne had to leave. She padded down the hall to her bedroom with a deep sadness and threw herself into packing, in hopes that it would take her mind off of Rayne.

Lark finished packing and realized that didn't do anything to help her forget Rayne. She laid on the bed staring at the ceiling, lost in her thoughts of Rayne. 'That kiss was like nothing I've ever experienced by anyone before. I could feel how much she cares for me or was I looking into the kiss too much? AAAhhh' She thought frustrated and stood up, walking towards the kitchen. She was too disappointed and anxious to sleep. She poured a glass of milk and stood, staring out the sliding glass doors at the twinkling lights on the boats pulling into the Marina before her. 'I'm just being stupid. You don't kiss someone like that unless they mean something to you.' She thought and sipped her milk. She lowered the glass and turned away, walking towards the couch. She flopped down and looked into her glass, watching the milk swirl in her glass. 'I'm nervous about leaving her. I feel like if I go I'll lose her. You're just being silly.' Lark discarded her thoughts and headed into the kitchen, placing her glass in the sink. She padded down the hall to her bedroom and undressed for bed. She fell back on the bed and stretched out, wishing she had that attractive Secret Service agent with her. She settled in and closed her eyes thinking back on their date earlier in the evening, which quickly relaxed her.

Lark heard the offensive noise, but had a hard time deciphering where it was coming from. It dawned on her when she opened her eyes and lifted the phone. Her heart raced when she thought it might be Rayne calling her. "Rayne?" She enthusiastically greeted into the phone.

"No, the weatherman says there will be sunny weather today." The voice informed her.

"Oh, it's you Elaine." Lark flatly said and lay back on the bed disappointed it wasn't Rayne.

"Well, good morning to you too Lark!" Elaine sarcastically and defensively replied.

"I'm sorry Elaine. I didn't mean it to come out that way. I was just disappointed that you weren't Rayne." Lark told her and wiped the sleep from her eyes. She was surprised she had fallen asleep.

"Why didn't she stay with you?"

"She got called away for work." She sadly informed her.

"Oh, I'm sorry honey." She apologized, knowing how Lark felt about Rayne.

"Thanks, I'll tell you about it when you get here. Are you on your way?"

"I'll be there in a half hour."

"Okay, I'll jump in the shower. Bye." Lark answered and clicked off the phone before Elaine could say good-bye.

"She's got it bad for this one. I just hope she's not dinking around with Lark's heart." Elaine protectively thought and headed out the door to meet the limo that had arrived.

Lark quickly showered, thinking of Rayne the entire time and somehow needing to feel connected to her. 'I need to talk to her again and feel reassured.' She worried and headed towards the phone. She lifted it to her ear and punched in Rayne's phone number that she had put into memory. She anxiously waited and hoped she would answer the phone. Her heart quickened when she heard the ringing stop and a voice at the other end of the line. "Rayne?" She asked confused, not recognizing the voice as Rayne's.

"No. She's not here." The person answered.

"Who is this?" Lark asked, as a wave of jealous consumed her. She wondered why Rayne would have another woman at her house this early in the morning. 'Did she go from me to another woman that quickly? I feel like such an idiot!' She angrily thought and couldn't believe that she had been made to feel like such a fool. She felt disappointment sadness and betrayal consume her. 'How could she do this to me?" She tearfully wondered.

Continued in Part VII.

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