By Cruise


Blaise stood behind Ephiny once they arrived back home and paused wondering what she should say to her distraught wife. She thought this would be a wonderful evening for everyone and it couldn’t have turned out worse. She saw the hurt, confusion and devastation within Ephiny’s hazel eyes and felt an ache in her heart. She inhaled deeply and approached her lover who stood with her back to her. She comfortingly placed her hands on Ephiny’s shoulders and moved closer to her. "I’m sorry baby. I thought you would be happy to find out that Aphrodite and Hades are your parents and that Gabrielle is your sister." Blaise softly apologized and felt the tension within her wife’s shoulders.

"I know you thought it would make me happy Blaise, but it doesn’t." Ephiny tearfully answered, glancing over her shoulder at her tall partner. "Look, uh I need some time to absorb all of this alone." Ephiny turned to face Blaise and placed her hands on Blaise’s hips, looking up at her lover. "Would you mind going back for the kids alone and allow me some time to myself?" She asked with a slight smile.

The lost look in Ephiny’s eyes pained Blaise, but she understood that her wife needed some time to absorb the enormity of everything. She knew what she was going through as she had gone through it on a different level with her father when he lied to her about her family. "Sure, babe." Blaise warmly smiled and pushed the errant curly lock off Ephiny’s face. "Are you sure you’ll be alright?" Blaise worriedly asked.

Ephiny smiled appreciatively of the concern. "I’m sure. Thanks." She leaned up and kissed Blaise to reassure her.

"Okay, we’ll be back later then. If you need me, just shout out and I’ll be there in a flash!" Blaise chuckled.

"I will." Ephiny smiled and kissed Blaise again who winked before she disappeared. Ephiny inhaled deeply and blew out the breath she subconsciously held, trying to absorb the magnitude of what had happened earlier. She was deeply bothered by the fact that Aphrodite and Hades were her parents. She was ecstatic that Gabrielle was her sister, but she felt so betrayed and conflicted with her emotions for the parents she grew up with. She felt as though she would be dishonoring her mortal parents in some strange way if she accepted Aphrodite and Hades as her parents. ‘Why didn’t my parents tell me that I was given to them?’ She wondered questioningly and sat in the rocking chair next to the window, trying to make sense of the strange twist that her life had taken. It took her a long time to get over the death of her beloved parents and now some of those same emotions were bubbling to the surface. She leaned back in the chair and stared out the window towards the lake that was illuminated by the full moon high above, confused by all the feelings she was having.


"How’s Ephiny?" Aphrodite worriedly asked when Blaise appeared before the group.

"Well, she’s taking this harder than I expected." Blaise answered sadly.

"It doesn’t surprise me! I can see why she would be so upset about finding out her mother is a tramp!" Discord commented and laughed. She never missed an opportunity to slander Aphrodite.

The comment infuriated Blaise and she angrily moved towards the chair that Discord sat in. "Like you have any room to talk you wench! Watch your tongue with matters concerning my family or I’ll throw your skanky ass down the abyss of Tartarus!" Blaise angrily and threateningly warned as she leaned down eye to eye with the woman, pointing at her to emphasize her displeasure.

"Give me a break!" Discord tried to brush off the comment and felt Blaise’s hands around her neck. "Hey!"

"I’m warning you, Discord." Blaise maliciously stared at her and tightened her grip, growing angrier by the minute.


"Blaise, come on." Xena coaxed and placed her hand on her sister’s hand that gripped Discord’s throat. "She’s not worth it." She commented and patted Blaise on the back who reluctantly relinquished the hold on the offensive woman’s neck.

"You’re right." Blaise relented and smiled, agreeing with her sister. She looked at Xena and watched Discord rub her neck where she had grasped it. "Not another word from you." She glaringly warned and walked back to the group. "Let’s take this somewhere else." Blaise suggested and headed over to Cupid who held her twins. She took the kids from him and exited into the hallway followed by Aphrodite, Hades, Xena, Gabrielle and Cupid.

"I hope Ephiny is alright." Aphrodite fretted anxiously and crossed her arms over her stomach. She was overwhelmed by everything that happened and had a feeling of how Ephiny felt right about now.

"She’ll be fine." Gabrielle smiled and comfortingly rubbed her mother’s arm. "She’s a strong willed woman and I’m sure she’ll come around. She just found out that she has different parents from the one’s she once knew. I know she loved her parents deeply and although, I loved my parents I never truly felt as though I belonged to them. Now, I know why I felt that way." Gabrielle explained, smiling. She was certainly more receptive to the fact that Aphrodite and Hades were her parents than Ephiny.

"Should I try to speak with her?" Hades suggested and looked to Blaise for an answer.

"No, uhmmm give her some time. She asked to be alone for right now. I’ll speak with her regarding this matter later and get a feel for how she wants to handle everything." Blaise answered and smiled.

"Oh, I hope she comes around." Aphrodite whined, concerned.

"She will, Mom." Gabrielle smiled and leaned her head against Aphrodite’s shoulder, comfortingly rubbing her arm.

Aphrodite chuckled and smiled, turning to Gabrielle. "I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and wonderful woman to have as my daughter than you Gabrielle. I know I’ve given you a lot of grief over the time that we’ve known each other, but I’ve always liked you a great deal. Now I know why I had such an affection for you!" Aphrodite admitted, sheepishly smiling and moved the errant blonde hair off of Gabrielle’s face.

"The feeling’s mutual." Gabrielle warmly smiled and hugged her mother.


"Now, all I need to do is find a way to make Ephiny feel as welcomed." Aphrodite smiled, hopeful.

"She’ll be fine, don’t worry so much, Mom." Gabrielle reassured her.

Hades passively stood by watching the interaction between his newly discovered daughter and former lover. He wanted to have a relationship with both of his daughter’s as well, but wasn’t sure if they would accept him so easily. He felt like an outsider and hoped that he could get to know them better.

Xena caught Blaise’s confused look and returned her skeptical gaze back upon her blonde lover. "Gabrielle, could I speak with you for a moment?" She asked in a low tone and moved away from the group, waiting for her bard.

"Sure. I’ll be right back." Gabrielle enthusiastically smiled and joined her tall warrior. "What’s up?" She asked, stopping before Xena.

"Are you sure you’re alright with all of this?" Xena asked, suspiciously questioning her demeanor towards Aphrodite.


"Yeah, I’m perfectly happy with everything. Well, it’s weird that my father is the God of the Underworld, but yeah, I’m fine with everything." Gabrielle excitedly smiled and glanced at her parents, who looked bewildered by everything, before looking back at Xena. "Why are you looking at me that way?" Gabrielle asked, noting the questioning look Xena was sending off.

"Gabrielle, it just seems strange that you would so easily discard your parents."

"I wouldn’t put it that way, Xena." Gabrielle answered, staring up at her tall partner.

"That’s the way it seems to me standing on the outside and looking in Gabrielle. What’s going on?" Xena questioned and crossed her arms, waiting for her answer.

Gabrielle sighed as she looked down and back up again. "Maybe you’re right. Maybe I am discarding my other parents too quickly and I know I shouldn’t, but it’s just that I never felt like I belonged there, Xena." Gabrielle answered and nibbled on her lip, fighting back the emotions she felt. "On one level I have feelings for them as they were the people who raised me and I really appreciate that." Gabrielle explained and looked at Xena who arched a skeptical brow. "Really, I do Xena. I just always felt like an outcast when I was there, like something in my life was missing and now I know what that missing link happens to be. I guess I’m a little upset with them for not telling me the truth and I don’t intend to never see them again or care for them any less than I do, but I want to know my birth parents too." Gabrielle animatedly explained and glanced at Aphrodite and Hades as they cooed over their granddaughter, Jade, who was held by Cupid.

Xena stood silently, staring at Gabrielle and she wasn’t sure she truly believed what Gabrielle was saying to her. She had doubts that the enormity of everything hadn’t hit Gabrielle and she feared that once it did, she would regret the way she was reacting. "Gabrielle, I know you haven’t always had a close relationship with your parents and I understand what you are saying. I just don’t want you to completely push them out of your life and regret that decision later on down the road." Xena thoughtfully answered and lovingly rubbed Gabrielle’s arm.

Gabrielle sighed and looked up at Xena smiling. She knew she was right and that she in some sense was discarding her parents. "You’re right." She reluctantly admitted. "I can’t be so quick to write them out of my life. I guess I just got caught up in the excitement of having two gods for parents and for finally finding out the reason why I felt the way I did growing up. It’s liberating, yet frightening all at the same time." Gabrielle explained, gesturing with her hands to get her point across. "I’ll need to speak with my parents as to why they kept this from me all this time. Wow! I just thought of something. I’m extremely lucky to have two sets of parents." Gabrielle excitedly grinned.


"Yes you are and just think how much luckier you are for having me as your wife." Xena arrogantly grinned and wiggled her eyebrows as she leaned down.

"Luckier huh? You think so?" Gabrielle playfully asked with a sly grin and wrapped her arm around her lover’s waist.

"Oh, I know so." Xena cockily replied in a deep tone and tenderly kissed her bard’s lips.

"Yes, I must agree. I’m very lucky." Gabrielle blushed and kissed her lover again.

"Me too." Xena whispered through her kiss. She broke the kiss and stared deeply into Gabrielle’s loving greens. "I’m here for you no matter what and I’ll be with you when you speak with your parents, even though they hate me." Xena lovingly replied and chuckled with her last statement.

Gabrielle adoringly smiled and pulled Xena closer. "Thanks, that means a lot to me." She kissed her to emphasize her appreciation. "Just think, you don’t have to be on guard with my new parents and feel so uncomfortable being around them." Gabrielle grinned and patted Xena on the back.


"Well, it will make the family dinners that much easier to deal with." Xena sarcastically answered and laughed as Gabrielle shared the laugh with her. "Oh, wow! I just thought of something really weird. Talk about keeping it in the family!" Xena chuckled.

"What do you mean?" Gabrielle asked confused.

"Okay, let’s see if I get this all figured out right. Blaise and I are Aphrodite’s nieces and the same goes for Hades being our uncle. Now, they are your parents. So, Blaise and I have married our cousins and our children are our cousins too. Oh, that is too freakish!" Xena explained, pointing to all the parties involved and shaking her head in disbelief.

"Well, I’ve got one that’s even more freaky." Gabrielle smiled proudly and looked at Xena who met her gaze.

"I don’t think it could get any freakier than that, Babe." Xena chuckled.

"Oh, yes it can. I’m more god than you sexy!" Gabrielle arrogantly teased and tweaked Xena’s backside that flinched with a chuckle.


"You’re right, it did get freakier!" Xena agreed with a laugh and put her arm around Gabrielle as they walked back towards the group adding, "I’ll tell you this. We have one seriously scary family tree, which I’m sure could get even more terrifying if we sat down and figured out everyone’s lineage with each other."

"This is true. Are you nervous I’ll be able to kick your butt now that I’m a god?" Gabrielle teasingly gloated, looking up at Xena.

"Nah, I’ve been known to defeat gods pretty handedly." Xena jokingly answered and felt a pinch in her side causing her to laugh harder.

"I won’t be quite the pushover your daddy is." Gabrielle informed her confidently.

"Oh, no. That you won’t be." Xena chuckled with a grin.

"This gives a new twist to our slave and owner game now." Gabrielle suggestively smiled.

"How so? You’re still the slave and I’m the owner." Xena teasingly laughed.


"Oh, no. I’ve got the upper hand and the credentials to prove it, as I’m more god than you. You get to be the slave and I’m going to be the goddess whose needs you thoroughly service." Gabrielle explained with a grin and poked Xena on the chest.

"What ever you want my goddess." Xena whispered seductively, mockingly bowing and kissed Gabrielle.

"Now, that’s more like it." Gabrielle added with a chuckle as they approached the group. "Oh, what’s wrong with my little darling?" Gabrielle sweetly asked, taking her crying daughter from Cupid and cradling her within her arms. "Are you hungry? Is that what the problem is or did your uncle pinch you?" She teasingly asked and flicked her eyes up at Cupid with a sly grin.

"Nope, not me. I was just chilling out and holding her, but she just started crying. Maybe Blaise did something to her." He accused and winked at his sister.

"Oh, no. Not me. It’s probably the way you hold her." Blaise defended herself and pointed at her brother, accusatorily.


"Well, I believe it’s that she’s hungry and probably very tired. Maybe we should head back home." Gabrielle suggested, looking up at her tall partner who shook her head in agreement.

"That sounds like a good idea and I’m sure you need to get some rest too." Xena smiled and protectively put her arm around Gabrielle.

"Oh, I wish you didn’t have to leave so soon." Aphrodite whined and stroked Jade’s hair.

"Me either, but we should get her home. We can visit tomorrow though." Gabrielle suggested hopeful and smiled at her mother.

"Sounds fab to me and maybe by then Ephiny will be more receptive to us." Aphrodite suggested and glanced at Blaise hopeful.

"We’ll see Aphie." Blaise smiled tentatively as she wasn’t sure what Ephiny’s intentions were. She approached Xena and Gabrielle and hoped Ephiny wouldn’t be too pissed off with her for the surprise announcement.


"Okay, then we’ll see you tomorrow." Xena smiled and looked at Aphrodite.

"Would you mind if I came as well?" Hades asked hesitantly, stepping towards the group. He looked down at Jade and smiled proudly, then looked back up at his newfound daughter with a hopeful look that he would like to get to know his new family better.

"Not at all, we would expect for you to be there." Gabrielle graciously offered, smiling and lightly grasped his arm reassuringly.

"Excellent, then I’ll be there." He smiled happily and stepped back towards Aphrodite.

"It seems we need to have a discussion with father and Hera regarding the latest news." Aphrodite commented, looking at Hades who agreed with a nod of his head.

"Ready ladies and Xena?" Blaise sarcastically chuckled.


"You think you’re funny, but you’re not. You may be a god, but I’m sure I could whip your ass!" Xena confidently guaranteed and groaned from the elbow she received in the side from Gabrielle.

"Hey, watch your mouth around the kids!" She warned her lover.

"Yes, dear. Sorry." Xena dryly commented and glared warningly at Blaise who snickered, making faces at her sister behind Gabrielle’s back.

"Later!" Blaise commented before the group disappeared.

"I like that mode of transportation." Gabrielle chuckled once the reappeared.

"Oops! Sorry!" Blaise apologized as they were standing in Gabrielle’s office rather than their hut.

"You still haven’t gotten the hang of that yet huh?" Xena tauntingly chuckled.

"Well, at least I can do it!" Blaise sarcastically retorted.

"Why I oughta." Xena teasingly snarled and moved towards Blaise.

"Now, now children. We all need to get some rest." Gabrielle jokingly replied, stepping between the two sisters.

"Oh, got the little lady fighting your battles for you now huh?" Blaise tauntingly laughed and disappeared just as Xena was heading for her.

"Oh, that sneaky little…"

"Xena…" Gabrielle’s tone was low and assertive as she warningly thwarted her warrior’s last comment. "Walk your wife and child home." Gabrielle sweetly smiled. "You can kick your sister’s butt tomorrow if you’d like." Gabrielle chuckled as Xena put her arm around Gabrielle and coaxed her out the door.

"Oh, you’re too kind to me, my love." Xena snickered and escorted her ladies home.

"Would you mind if we went to see my parents within the next couple of days? I’d like to speak with them regarding Aphrodite and Hades being my parents. I would like to resolve everything so I can move on with the next chapter in my life." Gabrielle asked, as she stopped and waited for Xena to open the door to their hut.

"Sure, but do you think you and Jade are up to traveling so far?" Xena inquired and waited for her two favorite gals to enter the hut.

"Well, I thought maybe we could ask Blaise if she wouldn’t mind helping us get there quicker." She suggested and looked up, sheepishly grinning as her dark warrior closed the door.

"Oh, WE ask Blaise huh? Or do you mean, I should ask Blaise?" Xena teasingly asked.

"Well, yeah you. Would you mind?" Gabrielle flirtatiously asked, cozying up closer to her lover.

Xena stared at her partner with an arched brow and wondered just how Gabrielle managed to con her into doing things like that. ‘Must be those beautiful green eyes.’ Xena lovingly thought.

"For us?" Gabrielle grinned and held Jade up to her cheek as they looked at Xena hoping she would ask Blaise.

"You are so sneaky Gabrielle." Xena chuckled, knowing how hard it was to say no to Gabrielle. "Of course, I’ll ask Blaise if she would escort us to see your parents." Xena slyly grinned and lightly kissed the end of Gabrielle’s nose.

"Aah, you’re so sweet to me. Thanks honey." Gabrielle snickered and cuddled close to her warrior for a hug.

Xena placed her arm around Gabrielle and chuckled as she kissed the top of her head. "I’ll talk to her tomorrow." Xena added and guided them towards the bed.

Blaise lovingly placed her twins in their cribs as they had fallen sound asleep in her arms on the way home. She adoringly smiled and kissed each child’s cheek before covering them with their blankets. ‘Now, where’s Ephiny and will she want to see me?’ She wondered and blew out the breath she held. She hated it when Ephiny was upset with her and hoped she wouldn’t be as distant as she was before. She exited the children’s room and heard a splashing noise. Turning to where she heard the noise, she smiled knowingly and headed in that direction. She opened the door to find her beautiful wife in the hot tub bathing. "Hello." Blaise smiled and headed towards the tub as Ephiny lathered her arm with the soap, seemingly unfazed by the presence of her partner. ‘Great! She’s pissed at me. I had a feeling she was just patronizing me earlier.’ Blaise moved in behind her Amazon lover and began to knead her tension filled shoulders.


"Oh, that feels wonderful." Ephiny replied, thoroughly enjoying the massage. She leaned her head back against the tub and closed her eyes as Blaise continued the relaxing massage.

"How are you doing?" Blaise softly asked and kissed Ephiny’s forehead.

"Much better, now that you’re home." Ephiny admitted and smiled without opening her eyes.

"I see. You only enjoy me being home when I give you massages huh?" Blaise teasingly asked and chuckled as her hands moved down Ephiny’s neck to her arms. ‘Well, at least she isn’t pushing me away.’ Blaise thought happily, enjoying the feeling of her lover’s soft skin under her hands.

Blaise moved her hands away as Ephiny rose from the water and faced her. "No, I enjoy everything about you Blaise." She seductively replied and stared into Blaise’s blue eyes that stared her up and down appreciatively.

"Oh, baby do you look hot!" Blaise smiled and moved closer to Ephiny, forgetting everything that happened earlier.

"I am, for you." Ephiny provocatively answered and sensually kissed Blaise.

"Oh, Eph." Blaise moaned through the kiss and deepened it as her hands explored her lover’s taut body.

Ephiny broke the kiss and stared at Blaise who was breathless. "I’m sorry for the way I acted earlier Blaise. I was upset and I shouldn’t have pushed you away like I did, but I just needed to be alone to think through what had happened."

Blaise panted and inhaled deeply. "I understand and thanks for the apology, but you didn’t need to give me one." Blaise smiled and pulled Ephiny closer.

Ephiny placed her hands on Blaise’s muscular forearms to stop her. "Honey, I want you to understand that I meant no disrespect towards you when I said that about Aphrodite. I was hurt, upset and mad. I should have never said that and I’m sorry." Ephiny apologetically replied.

"Okay, no problem. I forgive you." Blaise smiled and tried to kiss Ephiny who put her finger to her mouth. ‘Damn, she’s driving me crazy!’ She thought and attempted to calm her racing heart. She wanted to take Ephiny right then and there.

"Give me just a minute, honey." Ephiny smiled and saw Blaise back off a little to allow her to speak. "I do want to get to know Aphrodite and Hades, as my parents, but I’d like to see my other one’s first to resolve some issues I have with everything. I felt as though I would be betraying my other parents if I accepted Aphrodite and Hades as my parents. It’s just that I loved them so much and when I heard the latest news I couldn’t deal with accepting Aphrodite and Hades as my parents. Then I was mad at my mortal parents, as they never told me about this, but then I realized I’m a very lucky woman and that I was being stupid with the way I was thinking. I have two sets of parents and another chance to feel the love that only parents can offer. I can’t throw that opportunity away. If my mortal parents loved me, they will understand my need to know my blood parents. Could you arrange a meeting for all of us so I can resolve all of this with them?"

Blaise smiled. "Absolutely, when would you like me to set it up?"

"How about tomorrow?" Ephiny asked, smiling.

"What ever you want, my love." Blaise smiled and pulled Ephiny closer to her.


"There’s just one more thing that I’d like." Ephiny flirtatiously smiled. She didn’t want to think of what transpired previously and only wanted to feel her partner make love to her.

"What’s that, darling?" Blaise asked, grinning.

"You, in here with me!" Ephiny snickered and kissed Blaise deeply. She wrapped her arms around her lover’s neck and leaned back, pulling Blaise in the tub with her. They laughed when they surfaced from the water and Blaise removed her vest.

"Wet leather is not comfortable, my dear!" Blaise retorted with a laugh and pushed her wet, dark hair back off her face.

"Oh, you’re a god. Wave your hand and dry it." Ephiny giggled and helped her lover undress. "Now, that’s how I like to see you, naked!" Ephiny approvingly grinned and gazed upon her alluring lover who stood before her naked. Ephiny moved closer to her lover and delicately kissed her bare, toned chest as her hands slid to Blaise’s firm backside. She gently grasped her and moved her kiss up Blaise’s neck to her mouth. She lightly kissed her lips and dipped her tongue inside as Blaise wrapped her wife up in the strong arms.

"Hmmm…you feel so good." Blaise moaned, delighted by Ephiny being within her arms.


"Then feel more of me." Ephiny seductively suggested, deepening the kiss as Blaise’s hands slowly moved down her lover’s chest, stopping to cup her perky breast.

"Oh, baby you excite me to no end." Blaise admitted, breathing heavily as she sank her teeth into Ephiny’s neck.

"Xena, what are you doing?" Gabrielle asked, looking up at her warrior who sat next to the bed staring at her.

"Huh, oh aah. I’m just watching you breastfeed Jade." She stammered out of her thoughts, flustered.

"You like that huh?" Gabrielle asked, thinking about how sweet it was of her.

"It’s absolutely beautiful." Xena smiled adoringly and lightly stroked Jade’s hair. The look on her face showed all the love she felt for Gabrielle and their child. What they meant to her and how much she adored them.


"Come join us." Gabrielle softly requested and took her hand, pulling her closer to the bed. Xena smiled and sat down on the bed. She quickly removed her boots and leathers, never losing eyesight of Gabrielle and Jade. She slowly climbed in bed and cuddled up next to Gabrielle. Gabrielle smiled and put her free arm around Xena’s shoulder, who laid her head against Gabrielle’s chest. Xena lovingly stroked Jade’s arm as she nursed from her mother’s breast.

"I love you Gabrielle." Xena softly admitted and tenderly kissed the bottom of Jade’s foot. "Our child is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for giving her to us." Xena wholeheartedly responded and kissed Jade’s foot again. She couldn’t take her eyes of the child she was so enamored with her. She was bound and determined to be apart of this child’s life and not make the same mistakes she made with Solan.

Gabrielle smiled and felt a catch in her heart from Xena’s profession. She kissed the top of her head and held her closer to her. "You were a huge part of our daughter being born and I love you very much." Gabrielle answered and felt the butterflies in her stomach flutter when Xena rested her hand on her midsection. Xena’s hand slowly traveled down her stomach to her curls and stopped, sending a rush of warmth straight to Gabrielle’s loins. She gasped when Xena’s hand spread her legs apart and moved up her inner thigh. "Oh, honey. That feels wonderful." Gabrielle moaned breathless. Her heart raced faster when Xena’s finger parted her folds. "Aah…Xena. You have to wait until I finish with Jade. She’s ready to be burped." Gabrielle answered and stood up flustered. She put Jade close to her chest and lightly patted her back to burp her as she paced next to the bed trying to calm the fire that burned within.

Xena rolled onto her side and lovingly watched as Gabrielle coddled their child. "You two are absolutely beautiful." Xena adoringly smiled and moved closer to the edge of the bed, towards Gabrielle.

"Aah…that’s so sweet. Thank you." Gabrielle smiled and lovingly brushed her palm against Xena’s face, returning it to finish burping Jade. Xena smiled and placed her hand on Gabrielle’s bare backside. She kissed her muscular leg and chuckled when she heard Jade’s loud burp.

"That’s my girl!" Xena proudly retorted and looked up smiling.

"Yes, it is. Let’s hope she doesn’t inherit your legendary flatulence." Gabrielle teasingly chuckled.

"Oh, you know you love it! Besides, I’ve got to pass some of my skills on to our princess." Xena jokingly laughed as Gabrielle sat next to her on the bed.


"You have many more suitable skills to pass along than that one my love." Gabrielle reminded her with a chuckle.

"Yeah, but they aren’t as much fun." Xena quipped and gently rubbed Gabrielle’s back.

"Kiss your daughter good night." Gabrielle suggested smiling and moved Jade closer to Xena.

"Good night my sweet. I love you." Xena softly professed and kissed her daughter’s cheek, then her hand. Xena moved up to Gabrielle and kissed her neck, sexily suggesting, "Hurry back my darling." Her wanton stare told Gabrielle what her intentions were and they flustered her momentarily.

"I will, but you do remember that I will be the one making love to you right?" Gabrielle reminded her attractive lover.

"Oh, that’s right! I so wanted to have my way with you." Xena answered, disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to do anything sexual to Gabrielle until she was completely healed from having the baby.


"Soon enough my dear. You’ll just have to enjoy what I do to you." Gabrielle saucily grinned and stood up, carrying the baby towards her crib.

"Oh, I always do, Baby. You never disappoint me." Xena appreciatively smiled and watch Gabrielle place Jade in her crib.

"The same goes for you too warrior princess!" Gabrielle giggled and climbed in bed with her dark, sexually alluring lover. Xena wrapped her young bard up in her arms and passionately kissed her.

"Ooh, Gabrielle." Xena gasped approvingly when she felt Gabrielle’s hand touch her mound.

"That’s only the beginning." Gabrielle added, her voice thick with desire.

"Oh, Blaise! That feels incredible." Ephiny moaned as Blaise’s finger dipped between her folds. Blaise’s other hand moved onto her breast and gently kneaded it as she pulled Ephiny down on her lap. She leaned back against the tub and moved her finger up and down Ephiny’s slick clit. Ephiny eagerly spread her legs for Blaise and moved her head back as her lover softly nibbled on her neck. "You are such an incredible lover Blaise." Ephiny professed, breathless. "Wha…what are you doing? Why are you stopping?" She questioned in a panic and turned towards Blaise.

"Something’s wrong with Jordyn." Blaise answered concerned and stood up, with Ephiny in her arms. Ephiny stood up, breaking Blaise’s hold and looked towards the door.

"Are you sure? I don’t hear her?" She questioned worriedly and strained to hear her daughter.

"Honey? Am I sure?" Blaise asked sarcastically and looked at Ephiny surprised by her questions as Jordyn began to cry.

Ephiny put her hand on her forehead embarrassed and chuckled. "I’m sorry. I’m still trying to get used to you being a God and knowing these things." She apologized sheepishly, watching Blaise climb out of the tub.

"You’ll be able to sense those things before they happen too once you become a full God." Blaise smiled and quickly toweled off. She wrapped the towel around her waist and put on her undershirt. "I’ll go check on her." Blaise offered and headed out the door just as Chayce began to cry.


"Well, it looks like our romantic rendezvous is put on hold for a little while. Hopefully it won’t be all night!" Ephiny chuckled and climbed out of the tub to towel off and join her wife with the children.

Blaise and Ephiny’s romantic rendezvous was for naught as the children kept them up for the majority of the night crying of which they surmised was being caused by the twins’ teething. Ephiny hustled around the house trying to get them ready to meet her parents as Blaise was arranging the meeting. She was exhausted and fought the urge to lie down on their large comfortable bed for a nap. "Okay, you two little cutiepies. You look incredibly adorable!" She gushed with a proud smile and straightened out their clothing. "Now, don’t get dirty!" She teasingly admonished as Blaise appeared behind her and wrapped her arms around Ephiny who jumped. "Blaise!" She shouted as her heart raced from the fright.

"Sorry." She sheepishly chuckled and held her wife close, until the tension in her compact body released. "Everything is set up baby. Are you ready to see your parents?" She softly asked and kissed Ephiny’s neck.

Ephiny blew out the breath she held trying to calm her nervousness and turned within Blaise’s embrace. "I’m nervous, but as ready as I’m ever going to be." She admitted with a anxious smile.


Blaise smiled and pushed Ephiny’s long hair off her face. "There’s no reason to be nervous honey. They are your parents and love you. Besides, we will all be with you for support." Blaise lovingly smiled and flicked her eyes towards the children, then returned her gaze to Ephiny.

"You’re right. Thank you, it means a lot to me for all of you to come with me baby." Ephiny smiled gratefully and hugged Blaise, who kissed the top of her head.

"I wouldn’t want to be any other place my love." Blaise softly replied, breaking the hug. "Eph, aah. I’ve arranged for you to meet with your parents at Olympus."

"Why there?" Ephiny asked confused.

"They wouldn’t recognize you if we went to the Elysian Fields as those that are there don’t know that they are dead. So, the day repeats itself for them and they just wait thinking that their loved one’s will come home." Blaise attempted to delicately explain.

"So, my parents would only know me as the age I was when they died?" She questioned, surprised by what Blaise told her.


"Yes, we’ve arranged for them to be at Olympus as they can view your life since the day they died. Once you meet with them today and they return to the Elysian Fields, everything goes back to the way it was before for them from the day they died. Are you okay?" She asked worriedly, seeing the sadness in her eyes.

"Yeah, I guess. I’m aah…just sad, I suppose that they can’t see everything that I’ve become, my family and how happy I am being with you." She smiled and felt her eyes water.

"I know baby, but they can always hear your thoughts and know how happy you are by those. We should get going okay?" She reassuringly smiled and hugged Ephiny. Blaise broke the hug and picked up the children. Blaise settled them within her arms as Ephiny moved closer to her and wrapped her arm around her waist. She looked up and smiled comfortingly, kissing the top of her head.

"I can’t do this Blaise." Ephiny nervously admitted, stopping Blaise who looked at her surprised as her heart raced uncontrollably.

 To Be Continued…

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