"Enslaved" is an ambiguous short story about a young woman who willingly lets herself be controlled by another woman; their interactions with one another highly intimate, yet completely controlled.  And, although her inner turmoil is one of lust and passion, she cannot seem to stay away from the only person who makes her feel this way.  Throughout the story you slowly learn that there is a rather extended history between the two, enlightening the reader to what true love and passion can mean when you are enslaved by emotions.


All of the characters in this story are strictly of my own creation. Although, they do share physical characteristics of two famous women it is simply physicality, what my cover art creator envisioned after she read through the story. But no, these characters are NOT based off of the real people they resemble, not at all!!!


No violence whatsoever and that's the way I like it. Although, there are a few curse words here and there, but nothing that would make a sailor blush.

Sexual Adventures:

Now that's an intriguing way of putting it! But yes, there is, and it can get quite intense between some of the characters. So, if you don't enjoy reading stories where two, consenting, adult women fool around in an intimate manner, then veer away from here as quickly as humanly possible, or, as fast as your computer can take you.


- If any of you cannot LEGALLY drink then sorry, go away.

- If you aren't interested in reading a PWP story, you should leave as well.

- If any of the above is not permitted where you live then, sorry but you can't read either (I suggest you move!)

- Or if this just downright makes you uncomfortable then leave, but if it does, why are you on this site anyway?

Cover Art:

The beautiful cover art for this short story was provided by a good friend of mine. They create all of my artwork for stories (and for the most part “cast” the parts of the main characters: in this case the leading actresses from Mulholland Drive, which was a great choice!) and I can never seem to thank her enough. If any of you are interested in having pictures/covers created for your stories feel free to contact me and I will give you the proper information in getting a hold of her.


If any of you have comments or suggestions (perhaps requests?) feel free to email me all of that good stuff here:   cxwinters@yahoo.com . A little note…if it's hate mail, you will be continuously bothered by an irritated little blonde bard, aka: ME . And trust this; I can get ANNOYING


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Written by CXW


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  Her eyes are like dark hooks into my soul, and I can feel her presence throughout my body; lingering in my veins and echoing throughout my mind. Constantly present in the depths of my brain. And, no matter how thoroughly I try to fend her off, she always ends up victorious; taking complete control over the entirety of my being. But why do I seem so surprised? Shouldn't I have realized, long ago, that this is her effect on me; this feverish derangement she can so easily stir within me? Perhaps I'm being far too poetic about this, but the truth is that from the first moment she caressed my body with her eyes, I was hers. She had never uttered a single word, or lifted a finger, but from one gaze I willingly placed my heart and soul into her unseeking hands. And, for that, my life was eternally changed.

I watch her closely as she floats around the room, her body moving with the grace and agility of a dancer and I cannot keep my eyes off of her. Taking a sip from the thickened wine in my cup, I let the crimson liquid roll across my tongue as my eyes roll over the spans of her sensual form, encased in a tight dress of black silk; she shimmers under the moonlight. Although I want her attention terribly, I press my back into the wall defeated; she hasn't noticed me from the moment I walked into the room. Gloomily, I take another sip from my glass as her rich voice reverberates over the din, and I let my eyes flutter shut as a soft moan escapes my parted lips. I cannot control myself when she is close by.

Reopening my eyes, and shaking away the sensations, I tighten my hold on the stem of my glass, and I bite my lip in frustration: “look at me!” I yell at her inside my brain, “look at me.” And as if she can hear my thoughts, her laughter subsides and her black eyes focus completely on me. I can feel my knees buckle, and I hold onto the wall for much needed support. The rest of the people attending the party look me over strangely, but I don't seem to care; I can't seem to care. Her effect is much too great, and I ignore their gazes as my breath comes out in hot, ragged spurts while I gaze at the dark beauty under heavy lidded eyes. Lust easily flows between us, and I can feel myself blush and divert my eyes.

Running my fingers through short blonde hair, I can feel my fair skin flush and become warm; there is nothing I can do but shiver under her gaze. Although I know I shouldn't, I allow my blue eyes to stare at her languidly, and seeing the sparkle within her eye I know that my performance excites her. Letting my mouth fall open, I become aware that she can feel my desire for her emanating from my body, and as the thoughts run through my head her full, crimson lips spread into a mischievous grin. My back arches from the cool paneling of the wall as she begins to approach me. My body starts humming uncontrollably and I am aware that at any moment I could explode.

The moments crawl by excruciatingly slow as she crosses the threshold and stops directly in front of me. My mouth forms the shape of an ‘O' and I let my eyes fall to the floor quickly, submitting to her instantaneously. But, not accepting my submissiveness, the brunette places her hand on my chin, and lifts my face towards her. I let my eyes slowly caress her chest and neck before they inevitably linger on her black, cold eyes and I shudder against the wall. No one else can do this to me; no one else can make me feel as erotic and sensual as the woman standing before me, the woman who owns me. And as our eyes bore into each other's I know that, underneath her hard, beautiful surface, I can make her body and mind feel the same sensations that she creates in me.

Shaking away my useless thoughts, she smiles at me knowingly, and removes her hand from my face and lets her fingers slide down the valley between my breasts, over my stomach and onto the exposed flesh of my thigh. Moaning silently, I arch my back into her and listen to the rustling sound her hand makes against the material of my dress. Long nails drag across the sensitive skin on my leg and the pain that radiates creates a tender warmth that spreads in my nether regions. I can hear myself panting as her fingers slowly rise, disappearing beneath my red dress, and my eyes become unfocused as our bodies press together tighter. As her hand grazes across my moist center, I let my head loll back against the paneling, exposing my neck to my lover. Her mouth quickly attaches itself to the tender flesh of my throat and licks and bites across my pulse point, eliciting louder, and agonizing noises to bubble up from my diaphragm. I need her, desperately.

As our intimate moment becomes far more heated, my wine glass dropping, and shattering against the marble flooring, the people in the room place all of their attention on us. Without lifting her head, her mouth still against my skin, the brunette utters an almost inaudible “leave” to our audience. With one soft word, the large room quickly empties, leaving the two of us alone in the dimly lit dining hall. Raising her lips from my neck, I whine impatiently as I lift my head, staring at her pleadingly. She presses a finger to her lips, silencing me, and quickly places her lips upon mine in a bruising kiss. Her tongue pushes past my swollen lips and makes its way into my wanton mouth, caressing the moist area. I moan into the kiss hungrily as I let my mouth be conquerored entirely by her.

After several moments pass, she releases herself from me, and takes several steps away, and I can feel myself ache to be touched by her once more. Offering me the hand that was, seconds ago, pressed against my sex, I intertwine my fingers with her's and she leads me across the room to an empty, cloth covered table. Once there, she disengages her fingers from mine and pushes me onto the table roughly and stands between my parted thighs. All I can do is look her over, and wait for her to take me; my emotions tingling through my lusting frame. “Touch me…” I breathe, wrapping my legs around her, pulling her against me. Her dark eyes gaze down at me hungrily, and I know how terribly she wants me, and it will only be a matter of time before she consumes me fully. “Hush…” she whispers in her rich, delicious voice, “…soon enough, my darling, soon enough…” Letting her words run through my mind, I realize that “soon enough” is not soon enough, and I begin to take matters into my own hands.

Running my hands up her bare arms, up to her face, I let my fingers caress the soft spans of her cheeks before I run my hands through her hair, pulling it back roughly, exposing her neck. Leaning forward, I run the flat of my tongue up the length of her throat, and feel her shiver beneath my mouth as she moans loudly. Biting down on her pulse point, I pull harder on her dark, brown hair eliciting another satisfied groan. Smiling against her flesh, I make my way up her gullet until my mouth is even with her's, and lick her lips affectionately which makes my lover smile sensually. Before I can do anything more, she pounces on top of me, slamming my body against the wooden table and the pain that flows through me makes me shudder.

“You're mine…” she whispers as she leans her face down, flicking her tongue across my parted lips, “…you'll always be mine.” Her words of ownership shake me to the core, and I can't seem to say anything in response, so I shake my head lightly, agreeing with her completely. Happy with my reply, the brunette climbs off of me, and lifts me into a sitting position, following blindly; I raise my hands as she removes the satin dress from my skin. My newly exposed flesh glows in the moonlight and I watch as her eyes become an even darker shade of black; she can't hide her lust, not from me. Opening myself to her, I see the cold adoration she has for me twinkle within the dark depths of her irises; no one could possibly understand the unusual attraction we share with one another.

“Have I conquerored you?” she asks stoically, running her hands against my breasts, and I breathe deeply before I reply. “Long ago…” I assure her, pressing myself into her hands more firmly. Long fingers pinch my nipples in unison, and I cry out as I feel her hot tongue caress the skin between the two mounds in her palms. With my blue eyes firmly shut, I let my body feel her completely, each lick, and bite permanently emblazoned into my memory – no one can make me feel ecstasy like she can. And as I let her have free rain over the terrain of my flesh I feel one of her hands slip between my thighs, brushing against the moist entrance of my center. My mouth waters in anticipation as she slightly probes my most sacred area; the sacred area that she owns. “Take me…” I whisper, bucking my hips against her hand, “…conquer me, once more.”

Dark eyes widen as the word “conquer” falls from my lips, and with one forceful thrust, she slips inside of me, filling me instantly. I nearly disintegrate once she becomes a part of me, and I dig my nails into her back roughly, holding onto her as tightly as I can. Our lips meet in a heated kiss, and she bites at my lips gently as I fill her mouth with moans and deep sighs which seem to awaken her more powerfully. She thrusts herself inside me in a demanding manner, and I open myself to her as I spread my legs further apart. Her mouth falls to my thighs, licking and sucking along the pale flesh as she continues driving her fingers into my center at a quickening pace. I'm rendered motionless, my body humming and shivering with each move my dark lover makes and I can feel myself about to tumble over the edge of pleasure.

As her mouth nears my sex, her eyes bore into mine, and I beg her to touch me, to place her lips on my body, and after a few moments of pleading she complies. She sucks my clit between her lips and bites down softly, making me scream into the dark dining hall. My enthusiasm makes her smile and she continues rolling her tongue across my nether region as she impales me on her fingers. After several moments of intense pleasure, my brunette lover quickly detaches from me completely and I almost cry from the loss. But, before I can object, she places her finger to my lips and I can taste myself on her skin. Slowly, I close my mouth and watch in awe as she quickly slips the black dress from her form and I gaze over her naked body adoringly.

“Come!” She commands, and I quickly leap from the table and kneel in front of her. As she gives me a small smile for my obedience, I look up at her expectantly, awaiting my permission to touch. Pleading with my eyes, I follow the path of her hand as her slender fingers comb through my short, golden hair smoothly. Reaching the base of my skull, my lover presses me closer to her, spreading her legs as my face nears her center. I let my eyes fall shut as the wondrous smell of her desire fills my nostrils. Suddenly, my mouth is hovering below her sex, and I hesitantly flick my tongue against the moist folds of flesh between her legs. Hearing a loud groan, I place my mouth more firmly on her body, and begin feasting heartily on her sweet juices.

The large room becomes engulfed in the scent of sex and the sound of utter pleasure, and I can't seem to control myself. As I pleasure the beautiful brunette with my mouth, I allow my hand to flutter down to my own needs, sating the persistent ache between my thighs, if only subtly. Nipping and licking at her center more roughly, I hear deep cries of passion fall from the full, crimson lips of my lover, and continue my ministrations with much more fervor. Several minutes pass by and I feel her begin to pull me away, compliantly, I obey and nestle myself on the floor before her.

Lifting me from my spot on the ground, she devours my mouth hungrily as she tastes herself on my lips and tongue. Moaning into my mouth, she pushes me back onto the table and, without warning, thrusts herself into me once more. I squeal with delight at the wonderful feeling of her fingers buried within me; her need for my body is evident in her feverish actions. Running my right hand down her breasts, over her stomach, I stop when my fingers meet the moist heat of her sex. Kissing me in response, I place two fingers against her entrance and she impales herself on my hand. Our bodies buck against each other passionately as our voices echo throughout the room. “Fuck me…” she breathes into my ear, “…hard.” My mouth drops open as her words create a great tension between my legs; I can feel my imminent orgasm tremble through my body.

The brunette's mouth and hand caress every inch of my frame as we make love to each other fervently on the dining hall table. Her body shakes against mine as the explosion of ecstasy begins to conquer her. With each thrust I come closer and closer but never reaching my climax, not until she licks up the column of my throat and whispers “I'm in love with you” passionately into my ear. As her words caress my brain I feel my body begin to tremble and then shake violently, as my orgasm takes hold of every nerve ending throughout my body. While my body wracks with shivers and shudders my lover quickly follows and we both fall into the abyss of pleasure intertwined.

Slowly, my body begins to recover from the intense ecstasy, and I let my eyes blink open. My lover rests above me, her black eyes looking me over tenderly, a soft smile poised across her swollen lips. Lifting my head, I give her a chaste kiss and she smiles widely against my lips. After we rest for several moments, our fingers still buried within one another, my brunette goddess pulls herself away from me and slides onto the floor, reaching her hand out to me. “Come to bed?” she asks softly as I intertwine my fingers with her larger ones; our love making evident from the moist texture of her hand. “Yes…” I breathe, exhausted, “…bed sounds wonderful.”

Leaving the dining hall, we walk through the house naked, hand in hand as we climb the large staircase. Reaching the top floor, we walk together toward an intricately decorated white door, and press it open. Inside rests a brocade, king-sized bed and lavish furnishings. Gazing over the room in familiar affection, I lean into my lover's arm as we walk into the richly decorated bedroom. Releasing each other's hand we circle the bed, falling into the soft mattress and cushioned blankets silently. Without thought our bodies come together underneath the sheets, my head falling onto her bare chest. “We should never have parties…” she laughs, running her fingers through my pale, dampened hair, “…they never last very long.” I look up at her and smile softly, “no, they don't…I'm sure our guests get quite frustrated.”

Lying in bed with the brunette's arms wrapped around me possessively, I smile and let myself snuggle deeper into her soft skin; feeling completely safe. Although our party was another failure it isn't our fault that we can never seem to keep our hands off of each other for an entire night. And I laugh to myself thinking about all of the parties we've soiled because of our unbridled lust for one another. We are most definitely different from most of our friends, but even from the beginning our relationship has been…different. Our relationship has always been strange, unusual, and yet I could not imagine living life without being caged by her. She is my sole reason for breathing, for living, and she – above all – knows that without question. Perhaps our lives together aren't the normal dynamic of most, but she is the domineering goddess of my dreams. And as I gaze over at her luminous face, the brilliant smile poised across her lips, I can't think of any other arms I would rather be imprisoned in. “I'm madly in love with you…” she whispers before kissing my moist forehead gently, “…I'm so in love with you…” I smile at her happily, “and I am utterly in love with you.”

Slowly, I sink deeper into her and relish at the sensations of our bodies pressed together. And, as I close my eyes I can't help but to think, once again, before I fall asleep, of how our lives together are anything but ordinary. But, she is my wife, my lover, my home, and I just wouldn't be me if I weren't enslaved by her.


The End?


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