The story was completely my original idea, the characters and events are also mine (though they may seem quiet familiar, but their not who you think they are  ... maybe?)  Anyways, anything at all that resembles anything from Xena: Warrior Princess belongs to Renaissance Pictures, and everybody else who contributed to the show.  No copyright infringement is needed (if there even is any copyright …)


It contains some violence (mostly expressed towards our two leading ladies), I mean come on, and the story is taken place in the middle of a war (for the most part).  Sex, hmm, of course there is, not overly used, but there are some pretty graphic and steamy scenes, so let’s just say you were warned.  If you’re under 18 or the idea of two women showing each others love towards each other bothers you, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT continue reading

this story.

Thank You’s:

I would just like to thank Hannah (my beta reader) for everything!  For encouraging me to finish the story, and fixing up any and all of my mistakes.


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Important Notes:

This is mostly done in Isabelle’s perspective, as you all know, but there are a few moments within the story where I couldn’t find a presentable way to address Isabelle, so I am using a third person perspective for a few quick scenes, here are some things you should know:

_*_*_*_   Means change of perspective

______   And this means back to Isabelle’s perspective.  Hopefully all of you that have read the summary and            

                 the first part will take your time to read this.

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Forbidden Love

Written by cxw

Part Two:

Warm, yellow sunlight pressed on my eyes, willing them to open.  Giving into the horrid torture I opened my eyes, squinting with the bright light filling my view.  Yawning, I tried to sit up, but for some unknown reason the left side of my body was completely numb.  Slowly I turned my head, my eyes quickly registering the sleeping body.  Ebony hair sprawled over the pillow, blanketing her face.  The thick nightgown was ruffled and sticking to the heated parts of her body.

Smiling to myself, I resettled in the bed, marveling in the feel of her bare legs against mine, her arm firmly wrapped around my waist, and her sleeping breath caressing my neck, though uncomfortable as it was, it was the most marvelous feeling in the world.  The image beside me reassured my mind that what happened last night was not a dream, it was reality.  Another smile broke across my lips as I remembered how the evening transgressed.

Previous Night:

The kiss ended, but my eyes remained closed.  Ever so slowly I began to open them, looking up I saw the same flushed expression on Adairia’s face, and I was relieved.  Catching my breath, and stabling myself, I walked closer to her, desire taking over my body, but since I wasn’t sure what desire felt like, I was oblivious.  

She stepped back with each step I took; eventually she stood pressed up against the door and myself.  I could tell she was having reservations, but I didn’t care, I knew exactly how she felt, and it was love.


“What?” she breathed, nervous from the close proximity of our bodies.

“I love you” I whispered, softly laying kisses down her jaw line, and continuing down her neck.

“..Oh God!” she moaned as my tongue flickered over her pulse point.

“Shh.  We have to be quiet…” I giggled.  Quickly I grabbed for her arm and began pulling her towards the bed, thinking of only one thing, and one thing only.  The things she did to me were so foreign, yet they felt so familiar, as if I had done, and felt like this millions of times, which I hadn’t.

“Isabelle…we—we really shouldn’t be doing this…”


Taking her hand from mine she turned around, but without looking I knew the tears were coming.  Her head cocked towards the ceiling, and she spun back around.

“It goes against everything!  Our parents, our partners, our God...!”

“Adairia, you’re driving me insane.  You say you love me, and then you describe the sins we commit.  I am not stupid, I am fully aware with what is at stake, and I would gladly put you before everything else.  But what would you choose, the easy way…or love?”

“I—I, um, I…”

“Tell me!” I screamed, frustrated tears sliding down my face.

Her thick voice blossomed in the room, and all was settled.

“My mother and father, and my God were all I knew for the longest of my years.  It would be a great sin to go against everything I was raised towards…” pausing, she walked closer to me, snaking her strong arms around my waist, and pulling me close to her.

“But I can’t deny that you illicit a response from me like no other being.  You make me happy, you make me sad, you make me hurt, and you make we want things I have never dreamed of wanting.”

“What do you want…?” I asked quietly, searching her eyes for an answer.

“You…” she whispered placing her lips against mine

At first the kiss began slowly, as if we were both surprised and terrified at the contact.  Quickly the kiss transcended into a heated and urgent connection.  I whimpered when I felt her tongue brush against my bottom lip, I had never done anything like this before; I had never even kissed another person on the lips before I met her.

As if on their own accord, my lips slipped apart, and let her progress in my mouth, soothingly massaging my tongue with hers.  I didn’t know what was happening, I was doing everything without thinking and by the soft sounds that she made in my mouth, I could tell I was doing it right…but how?

The kiss was broken for a well needed breath.  A yawn ripped through my mouth, alerting me at the lack of sleep.  She giggled, and made her way over to me, she took my hand and led me to the bed.

“You need your rest, oh fair Princess”

“What are you talking about…” yawn, “I am not even tired.”

“Keep repeating that, and maybe your body will believe you”

She sat me down on the bed, pulled my legs up, and covered my body with the thick blanket.  Brushing my cheek with her soft fingers, she leaned down and placed a feather-light kiss on my forehead, and began to walk towards the door.


“For what?”

“Can you, I mean, could you stay with me…just for a little while.  Just until I fall asleep?”


“Isabelle…I can’t, it’s not a good…” her words halted when I protruded my bottom lip out in a pout.

“Alright…but just until you fall asleep”

Adairia walked back towards the bed, reaching the opposite side, she slid onto the bed and beneath the covers.  I inched over, and pulled her head down onto my chest.  After a few minutes she wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me in closer.  My eyes began to fall, I was extremely tired, and I soon started to drift off, but not before I heard the three words I had awaited to hear since the night on the balcony.

“I love you, Isabelle”

And with that, I fell deep into sleep, the happiness inside my body seeping out to form a smile across my lips.

* * * * *

Bleary blue eyes looked up at me, blinking a few times, Adairia sat up.  Brushing away the traces of sleep, she leaned back against the bed frame.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, I did.  The best I’ve slept in awhile.”

Her eyes shone with panic as she noticed the sun’s position high in the sky.  My hand caressed her cheek, trying to calm her, but as soon as my hand brushed her skin she jumped out of the bed.  I began to get angry, thinking this was another one of her “we can’t do this” routines, but I was quickly relieved.

“Oh no, oh god no.  My father is going to be livid!  I was supposed to meet with him and Joseph before they left this morning.”

“Why are they leaving?”

“They decided to go back a day earlier than my mother and I, to make sure the trails are safe.”

“Oh, well I am sure…”

“Isabelle.  I am truly sorry, but I have to go and see if they have left yet.”

“I understand.  Can I see you again, before your departure tomorrow?”

Her lips curved into a smile, and she walked back over to the bed.  Setting her knees on the floor so we were at eye level, she then cupped my cheek.

“Of course you will.  There are many things Mother and I must attend to before our journey back home…but I will do everything in my power to stow away a few moments to have with you.”

We shared a brief kiss, taking the others taste to savor for the time that we would be apart.  Breaking the kiss, she leaned closer to me, her breaths coming in halted spurts on my ear.

“I love you” she whispered

“…and I you” I replied, “now go, you mustn’t get into trouble” playfully pushing her away.

She then walked over to the door, and before exiting, she turned to me, and smiled, then completely left my sight.  My heart sank with her leave, as though a small part of me chipped away, but my sadness was replaced with happiness when I thought about having time together sometime this day.

* * * * *

The sky was a light grey; the sun was hidden behind a thick layer of fog.  A storm was coming, and by the looks of it, it could be a threat, but my thoughts weren’t what the storm could do, but what you could do in the storm.  I silently scolded myself, but gave up as the thoughts lingered.

Turning and walking through a small wooden gate, I emerged into my favorite part of my castle, the garden.  The flowers were brightly colored, and shone through the darkness of the ominous mood the sky was in.  Looking around I found a few things that could be tended to, deciding that I would begin after Adairia left.  Continuing down the rows of vivid green shrubs I heard a low rustle further down the walk.

Closing my eyes and perking up my ears, I strained to hear the noise again, but silence only came.  Deciding that all was safe I began walking again.  When I got to the spot where the noise arose, a strong hand pulled me into the thick foliage lined up against the castle wall.  Darkness took over my sight, any sunlight that had shown its presence was of no help.  I began pushing, and kicking the person, who held me captive in hopes of getting away, but the firm hands held still, then it hit me, I knew those hands.  The fear drained from my body, and I enclosed the captor in my arms.

“I was waiting to see you”

“I felt the same” then I stepped back, and slapped the offender on the arm, “Adairia, you’re terrible!  I was terrified.” I exclaimed with mock anger, but she new it was a façade, and pulled me back into a tight embrace.

“I only have a few moments” she whispered in my ear, trailing her hands from my cheeks, and landing on the round of my hips, slightly pushing me against the wall.

“That is more than I could ask for…” I replied, ascending on my toes to reach her lips with mine.

Our mouths met in an explosion of bliss and wonder, each times making our love for one another stronger.  I don’t know how nor do I want to know why I loved her, but I did. 

It all happened so fast, the first time my eyes met hers I knew I loved her, and still I knew she were a stranger, but there was something oddly familiar about her eyes that drew me in further and further with each glance.

The union was quickly broken by a strong voice, saying my name.

“Who was that?” she gasped

“I am not sure…I’ll go check” I withdrew from her arms, and climbed out from the bushes, glancing frantically around for the voice.

“There you are my Princess”

Turning around towards the voice, my eyes fell over a tall, handsome man, making his way to me quickly.

“Why Gavin, what brings you here?” I asked, nervous, and desperately wanting to go back to the beautiful brunette waiting in the bushes for me.

“I came to see you of course.  Walk with me?” he then extended his arm out towards me.

“Gavin…I don’t know.  I have prior arrangements and—“

“It will only take moments of your time.  Since we are betrothed, we should get to know each other a little better”

Mulling over the idea of spending time with Gavin while leaving Adairia made me physically sick, but I could not deny him, what would I say to my father…everything was far too complex for my young mind.

“Alright.  But only for a few moments.”

“Great.  Follow me milady.”

Taking his arm we strolled down the path, I turned around while he was acknowledging something in the distance.  Adairia maneuvered her body out of the shrubs, brushing frantically at the twigs and dirt that hung from her exquisite gown.  Feeling my eyes on her, she looked up, gave me a half smile, and started to walk away; she stopped when I waved a hand at her.  As if she could read my mind, she quickly walked behind us.

“—and then I told him—“

“Princess!  There you are, I have been looking around the castle for you since the morning.”

I lowered my head to hide the bemused look on my face that Adairia caused with her excuse.

“You are absolutely right, Princess.  Gavin, this is Princess Adairia of Ireland.  Adairia, this is Gavin, my betrothed…”

Sadness suddenly clouded her vision, pulling the edges of her lips into a frown, but she brushed it away and supplied us both with a radiant smile.

“The pleasure is mine, Sir Gavin”

I hadn’t noticed before, being transfixed by the beauty of my love, that Gavin was staring at her as if she were a piece of succulent meat, and he was but a starving man.  The way his eyes fell over her body, and how they landed just below her collar bone, made me rage with anger and jealousy.  Ripping his eyes from her breasts, he voiced his reply, and grabbed her hand, planting a slight kiss, lingering for quiet sometime.  Adairia and I both were getting very anxious to leave the company of Gavin, without thought I pulled him away from her, and stood in front of her protectively. 

“Gavin, we must be going now.” With that I turned, placing my hand on Adairia’s arm I pulled her along behind me.

Not once looking back at the despicable man behind us, I knew very well that he was still standing there dumbfounded.  A smirk pressed against my lips, pushing it aside I looked over at Adairia.

“I am sorry.  I just couldn’t take that.  It made me so—so—“



She smiled at that, wrapping her arm around my shoulder, tight enough to comfort me, but loose enough to look friendlier and less intimate.  Slowly she pulled me in front of her, and clasped her hands over mine.

“Isabelle…I am so sorry, but I have to leave.  My Mother needs my assistance.  I will try my hardest to see you soon” she wrapped her arms around me, then turned, and walked back into the castle.

“Oh God!  What am I to do when she’s gone…possibly forever?”

* * * * *

The sun had set long ago, and the entire castle was asleep, except me.  I had waited all day in my room for Adairia to come, and she hadn’t.  The thought of her leaving without saying goodbye broke my heart, but I willed myself not to cry, and I hadn’t.  All that consumed me was anger; she had broken her promise, now I was stuck between being in love with her, and hating her for the pain she caused me.

Dejectedly I looked out the window, staring up at the stars and the moon supplying a white glow among the plains of Scotland.  The night sky, as like everything else, reminded me of Adairia, the stars looked just like this the night I met her.  A tear slid down my cheek before I could process it, followed by free flowing tears that I could not stop from coming.

Being too engrossed in my memories and the starry night sky, I missed the soft squeak the door supplied as someone entered my quarters.  Never acknowledging the awaiting stranger, I crumpled to the floor in a blubbering heap.  I looked up at the sky once more, but my gaze shifted to the floor when I noticed my passages in a pile, I picked them up and threw them into the night air, cursing them in the process.

 “…Why must fate punish me, why am I condemned to loneliness?” I screamed, uncaring of anyone hearing me, because it was the truth.  Adairia was gone, I had to marry Gavin, and love was slowly and painfully ripped from me. 

My mouth opened to yell more of my flooding emotions when I heard familiar footfalls, the person behind me stopped, and sat, hidden.  Snaking there arms around my waist they pulled me into their lap, rocking me into a calm state.  Soft hands drifted over my face, removing the tears that were now forgotten.  Feeling much better than I had only moment before, I shifted in the persons arms, and looked into their eyes.  Blue eyes held mine, and fingers caressed my cheeks.

“You’re not alone…you will never be alone”

“I didn’t think you were coming…”

“I wouldn’t miss seeing you for the world…I love you too much.”

I pulled her into a tight embrace, pulling away, I wrapped my fingers in her hair, and lowered her head towards mine.  Our foreheads pressed together, and our eyes burrowed deep within one another.

“I cannot let you leave me, I would die!”

“I cannot stay…”

“I know…” I whispered, “Adairia your heart moves the blood through my veins, your lungs bring air to my lips.  Your soul emanates inside of me.  I am a part of you, we belong together!”

“I feel the same—Isabelle you are my source.  You make me feel things I never could imagine feeling before I met you.  But—but there is just no way…”

“We could write letters…”

“How could we get them past the guards, they usually inspect letters.”

Standing up frustrated I walked over to the door and began to pace.  Adairia walked over, and stood, leaning against the wall, waiting for me to say something.

An idea finally formed in my mind, and a smile tainted my lips, turning towards her, I walked over and intertwined our fingers.

“I’ve got it!  The young courier!  He is quite fond of me; surely he would deliver our letters back and forth”

“Do you think he would?” she asked excitement obvious in her stoic words.

“No” her lips started to quiver, and a slight frown was formed across her lips, “I know he would!”

The frown disappeared and she threw her arms around me, spinning me around in the air.

“Thank god!” she cried, “there is still a chance!”

Letting me go, she bent down so she could look into my eyes; she began rubbing my shoulders in a comforting manner, loosening the tension of her words to come.

“You do know that this is going to be very hard?  We may lose contact, we may be killed for our actions, are you sure that you are ready for all that could arise of this?”

I let her words sink into my mind, and before I could contemplate anything, I already knew the answer.  Everything I own, including my very life I would give up just to be with her, just to love her.

“I understand everything that could possibly happen, and I do not care.  The only thing I care about is you…”

She pressed our bodies together in a strong embrace, placing my head on her chest, and sliding her arms around my waist.  This was the best feeling in the world, having her body pressed up against mine, and out of everything, knowing that we were together until the end.

Loosening my hold, I looked up at her; I could see even in the darkness the persistent desire glowing in her eyes, and I knew, hers were a mirror image of mine own.  Stepping on my toes, I pushed back her hair, coming closer to her ear I whispered.

“This may be our last night together…”

“I know…”

Pausing to try and understand exactly what I wanted to transpire between us, when coming to the conclusion, I began again.




“I want to be yours…all yours”

“I don’t understand…”

“I want to give myself to you…I want us to unite; heart, mind, soul, and body…”

Adairia gasped slightly, realizing now what it was I wanted.  She stepped away from me and hung her head.

“I—I can’t…that is your gift to your husband” her voice was full of regret; I knew she wanted this just as much as I, but she could never go against something standing in the way of my future.

“No, Adairia.  This is the union of love, and I am not in love with Gavin, I am in love with you…”


“Shh” I silenced her, placing two fingers over her lips, “please, Adairia…please, I need you”

Tangling my fingers in her hair, I pulled her closer to me, until we were forced into a heated, passionate kiss.

Our lips played over the others, warming each other inside and out.  My tongue danced over her bottom lip, awaiting entrance.  Seconds later, her lips parted and welcomed me inside.  The kiss lingered on, and our hands started roaming on their own accord.

Breaking apart to catch our breaths, we looked into one another’s eyes and both decided this is what we wanted.  I inched closer to her, and let my hands fall onto the laces of her nightgown.  With deft fingers I leisurely pulled at the strings, making the dress slowly split apart.  The room was silent save for our ragged breaths, and the soft moans coming from my brunette companion.

After all the laces were undone, I shuffled my hands under the material on her shoulders.  Patiently I began lowering the material down her arms, viewing slightly tanned skin, and muscles that rippled from long years of daily training.  I took a deep breath when I noticed how close I was to exposing her breasts, taking a big gulp, I continued my motions.  White mounds of flesh slipped from under the gown, I heard her gasp, and looked up at her, unsure if I should continue.  Her hands captured mine, and squeezed them reassuringly.

“Please…” she breathed, “don’t stop…”

I continued on my way of disposing the dress, coming down now to her lower abdomen.  Finishing up the last few traces of skin left unrevealed, I dropped the material, letting it pool over her feet.  Taking a step back, my eyes marveled over Adairia’s beautiful body.  Strong, long legs, that lead up to a small thatch of dark curls.  A chiseled stomach, rising up over full breasts, over an elegantly long neck, and around the exquisite face I knew so well.

“You are absolutely breath taking…” I husked, shocked at the deepness of my voice.

“Thank you…”

She walked over to me, lightly planting a soft kiss on my lips, looking up and down my body heating it with blue fire.

“Your turn…” she smirked, bending down, and wrapping her long finger around the hem of my nightgown.

Her hands rubbed my legs, and then moved as she started lifting the gown off my body.  My body shook with pure bliss and pleasure as her hands caressed the skin of my sides, revealing more and more of my body.  Disposing of material, she stood her full height, cupping my cheeks, she looked down at me.

“I love you”

“I love you too”

Taking me into her arms, a surge of desire and heat exploded between as at the first feel of her bare skin against mine.  Slowly she walked us farther into my room until the back of my knees pressed against the bed.  Ever so gently she lowered me onto the bed, never taking her eyes off of me.

I lifted myself with my elbows so I could look at her.  She looked over at me and smiled that brilliant smile, slowly she climbed onto the bed, crawling up my body.  Each piece of skin she touched burned, making it harder for me to breath.  Finally her face was just above mine, her dark hair brushing against my cheeks and neck.  Running my fingers through her hair, I pulled her closer to me.

“…make love to me, Adairia…” barely whispering the words into her ear.

Suddenly she captured my lips with her own, devouring my very soul with each passing movement.  Her hands laid trails of fire all over my body.  The kiss broke and she began a pathway down my jaw, over my neck, and slowly moving past my throat.  Hovering over my chest, she bent down for more contact, I whimpered when I felt her hot breath on my breast, changing to a moan when her mouth captured me, rolling her tongue over the puckered flesh.  Bright flashes of light blinded my sight, as the feelings of ecstasy coursed through my veins.

“Oh God!” I panted


Her tongue lifted from nipple, I groaned in remorse at the loss, but was consumed with pleasure all over again as she began the ministrations on my other breast.  The sensation of her mouth on my breasts, her hands on my body, and the love emanating from every movement warmed my heart…and other places.  Moments later her mouth moved again, lifting her head up she looked into my eyes, pushed my sweat slicked bangs from my face and pressed her lips against mine.

“I never thought anything like this could feel so right…I love you so much, Isabelle, I feel as if my heart will burst.”

A single tear lazily made its way down my cheek, quickly Adairia brushed it away.

“And I love you…”

With that I lifted myself, and placed my lips over hers, pulling her down onto me.  Her body writhed on top off mine, and my passion presented itself by a warm liquid flowing through my core.  I gasped as I felt the wetness gather between my thighs, I was embarrassed to say the least, I knew she would feel the unknown secretion on her thigh that was pressed against my center.

“…I am so sorry…”

“There is nothing to apologize” she smiled, “it is normal.  It’s the way of the body telling you, you are ready to consummate”

“Oh?” I questioned, confused at the thought.

“Yes” she giggled, twirling my hair around her finger.

Reveling in the feel of her fingers in my hair, and her thigh pressed against me, my hips involuntarily lifted off the bed, and ground into her.

“…oh, god”

Slowly her fingers left my hair, and drifted down my body, pausing at the triangle of soft curls.  Again my hips pushed up into her, coating her leg with my desire.

“…please?” I asked, unsure of exactly what I needed, but knowing only Adairia could sate it.

Her fingers moved lower, pressing her hand against the mound of flesh, she deftly moved about the slick folds, eliciting soft moans and whimpers from my throat, and reverberating throughout the room.

Frantically my body writhed, and pressed against her hand.  Her thumb continuously brushed over a bundle of nerves, slowly driving me insane with pleasure.  My legs spread wider apart on their own accord, letting her body fall between.  Her fingers suddenly fell lower, promptly hovering above my opening.  She made her way back up my body.

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course” I breathed

“Are you ready…?”

“Yes!  Please…” I begged

No sooner her finger began entering me, but her movements halted for a moment.  Capturing my lips she slowly pressed harder, the barrier broken.  A slight burn of pain rushed through me, but was forgotten at the feeling of her being inside me.

“Mmmm…oh, more”

Adding another finger, she continued, moving in and out gently.

My hips pumped up and down, meeting her with each thrust, causing more wetness, and tons more pleasure.  I could feel myself tightening around her fingers, and my body began to get heated.  A strange feeling began in my core, and extending.  With one last movement, my hips stayed, suspended in the air, as my body began to shake.  Adairia’s free arm wrapped around me, pulling me closer to her, as she continued thrusting her fingers deep within me.

“Oh my…oh Adairia, Adairia!” I screamed.

Her fingers left my depths, and rolled off me, lying sprawled out beside me.  Her hand roamed over my slick stomach, and up to my reddened face.  My heart was pounding uncontrollably, and I couldn’t catch my breath.  Our union was the most beautiful, most wonderful experience I had ever had in my entire existence.

Strong arms pulled me into a tight embrace, my legs intertwined with hers and my arms tightened around her waist.  Full lips kissed the damp golden hair on the top of my head.

“I love you…”

“I love you too, Isabelle.”

Snuggling closer to her, my eyes fluttered shut.  The soft beating of her heart beneath my ear, and her warm breath caressing my hair lulled me to sleep.

* * * * *

Soft lips on mine arose me from my slumber.  I blinked open my eyes to ebony hair, and blue eyes that were hidden behind tanned lids.  The lips were removed, and the sapphire eyes were revealed to me.

“Good morning to you too” I yawned, pushing myself up against the bed frame.

I looked out the window to see the moon still in the sky, slight traces of reds sprawled across the sky, the sun hadn’t risen yet, and it must have been early.

“The sun isn’t up yet…” I groaned

“I know…” Adairia whispered laying her dark head on my shoulder.

“Then why did you wake me?” I giggled

“I needed to see you before I had to get ready…to leave” she said, her voice cracking with emotion

“Oh…I forgot you were leaving today…”

She nodded, snuggling deeper into me.  I tightened my hold on her, running my fingers through her silky hair.  Her body began to rack with sobs, I pulled her closer to me, setting her head underneath my chin, and pulled her legs onto my lap.  Rocking her back and forth and trying to soothe her with calm, positive words of love and our future together.

“Don’t cry, honey.  I am still here, you still have me, and you will always have me.  Adairia, please don’t cry.  I love you so much, I am going to write to you everyday” I promised

“You will?” she choked out between sobs

“Of course I will”

“Good” she said, regaining her composure.

Silently I wiped away the tears from her face, and cupped her cheek.  I leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on her lips.  Quickly it became more passionate, taking us both by surprise.  I gently pushed her onto her back, and straddled her hips, never breaking our kiss.

Letting go of her lips I reached down to undo the laces to her nightgown, when I realized she was still naked from our escapades the night before.  Smiling I lowered myself down on top of her.

“Please, Isabelle…I need you…” she moaned into my ear

Remembering everything from the night before, I picked up her legs, sitting them up, and spreading them further.  Tucking between her strong thighs, I continued ravishing my beautiful lover.  I traced her lips with my tongue, slowly; I began a pathway from her lush lips, down her neck, and continued past her breasts to her abdomen.  Rolling my tongue over the firm muscles, I began to smell a slight musky scent.  I finally realized that it was her desire, her readiness.  For some odd reason I wanted to taste her, I wanted to drink her passion, the passion I started.

Slowly I scaled down her body, my feet hanging off the edge of the bed; I held the back of her thighs, rubbing the smooth skin.  My tongue flickered over her knees and down her legs until I was languidly licking her thighs, tasting a slight hint of her sweetness.

“WH-what are you doing…oh, Isabelle…” she moaned

“Tasting you…” I whispered into her leg, “and you taste marvelous…would you like me to stop?”  I asked

“NO!  Please, please don’t stop…don’t stop”

I smiled, and began tasting her firm thighs.  Slowly I made my way to her center; I took a deep breath, smelling all that was Adairia.  Parting her folds, I began lapping at the honey-like liquid that flowed from her.

“ISABELLE!” she gasped, pushing my face further into her center with the buck of her hips. 

Her fingers were buried deep within my hair, and I continued, pressing the flat of my tongue up and down.  Her body continuous flew off the bed, and loud moans escaped her lips.  Just the sounds that she made was making my desire raise, and the wetness gather between my legs.

Suddenly, the spell was broken when a knock came at my door.

“Oh God!” I whispered, jumping off the bed, and grabbing for both of our nightgowns.

“What are we to do?” she whispered, pulling on her gown

“I—I don’t know…”

Looking frantically around the room for a place for Adairia to hide, there was none.  My eyes fell over some loose papers and a few quills.

“Here” I hushed, “lay on the floor as if you are asleep, I will do the same…” throwing the quills at her and grabbing the paper.

“Is this such a good idea?”

“No…but just do it”

Quickly we both sprawled out on the floor after making quick marks on the papers.  The knock persisted, as we lay on the floor, trying to calm our breathing.  The door suddenly flew open, and my mother barged in.

“Isabelle…have you seen Adairia, no one can seem to—“

Her questions stopped when she noticed the both of us “asleep” on the floor.  I opened my eye a crack to see her reaction.  Slowly her mouth contorted into a small smile, then it faded, and her nose perked up.  Brushing off the odd smell, she turned towards the door.

“They must have visiting with each other last night, and fell asleep” she whispered to a woman with graying hair.

“I hate to have to wake them…but we have to leave…you understand don’t you?”

“Of course I do Queen Catherine…but I do feel that both of them will be most upset…I hear they have become great friends”

“And as I have, but there is nothing we can do…” she said snottily

Queen Catherine made her way over to Adairia, placing a hand on her shoulder, she slowly tried to rouse the girl of her sleep.  Adairia blinked opened her eyes, and I did the same.

“Mother?” she asked, trying her hardest to act as if she had just been awoken.

“What is all the noise?” I asked, rubbing the fake sleep from my eyes.

“Adairia, we must be heading out soon, say goodbye to your little friend, and then we will be leaving.”

“Yes, Mother” she nodded

My Mother left the room, but Queen Catherine did not.  She was looking at me as if I were a mere peasant.

“Could you give us some privacy” I questioned, “your highness” I added

“Humph” she huffed, leaving the room.

As soon as the door was closed Adairia ran over to me, and fell into my arms, tears streaking down her face.

“I can’t do this, Isabelle.  I thought I could be strong, I never thought it could be this hard, I can’t leave you!” she cried, burying her face deep into my neck.

“I know…I know.  I won’t be able to go on without you either.  But we have to be strong; we have to remember that one day we will be together.  And always remember that I love you…”

“I will” she whispered.

“I love you so much, Adairia”

“And I love you”

Our lips crashed together in a strong, passionate union.  Tongues dueled for space, lips brushed, pressing against one another.  We were both so absorbed in the kiss that we were oblivious to the sound of feet walking towards the door, the quiet squeak of the door as it opened, we both unacknowledged everything until a shrill yell ripped our mouths apart.

“What in Gods name are you doing to my daughter?” screamed Queen Catherine.

Adairia and I both looked up at her Mother, our bodies shaking in fear, our arms still tightly wrapped around one another.  Dropping my eye contact, I looked down at Adairia, the tears were gone, but fear was now present in her watery blue eyes.  I gripped her hand tighter, and she pulled her gaze away from her mother to look up at me.

Be known to us, Adairia’s father had come back, later during the day, deciding it would be safer if he rode with the women, and let Joseph continue on his way.  Now, Adairia’s Mother and Father were standing at the opening of the door.  Queen Catherine quickly told him flatly that she had seen me taking advantage of their daughter…and everything became a nightmare from there.

I knew he was there without looking away from my love; I could here him yelling in the background, unknown to what his words were.  Suddenly Adairia was ripped out of my arms, and slowly dragged across the floor by her arm, tears fell down her face, and she kicked at her father, trying to release his hold on her.

Stop—stop it!  She didn’t do anything wrong!  I love her!” she screamed

My arms and legs began to move, quickly I crawled after my love, reaching towards her free hand, her arm extended, trying to reach mine as well.

“I love you, Adairia!” I cried, feeling the pads of her fingers brush against mine, and then the door was suddenly shut, and blocked by her father.  As he made his way down the stairs with her I could hear her pleas and cries of love to me. 

Remember!”  I screamed, “Whatever you do, remember our promise!”

“I will always remember” I heard her faintly yell.

Running against the door to try and get out, I started sobbing uncontrollably.  Hoping beyond hope that my Mother was close by.

As if by wish the door flew open, and my Mother stood on the other side.

“Isabelle—what is going—“she started, but was interrupted as I ran past her.

“Isabelle!” she yelled, running down the stairs behind me, “Isabelle”

I ignored her completely as I opened the huge door leading outside.  Rain was pouring down in sheets; as soon as I stepped outside I was soaked.  Blinded momentarily by the rain, my eyes adjusted, and I saw Adairia being pushed into a carriage.  Running over I grabbed the door and opened it, my eyes flickered over Adairia.  Eyes bright blue from the tears, her entire body was soaked, and her hair hung in messy clumps around her sad face.  When she saw me her eyes lit up, frantically she reached for me, making contact, I grasped her hand and began to pull her towards me, but no sooner the carriage started its journey.  Our hands ripped apart from the force.  Once our contact was lost she pressed her face against the window at the back of the carriage.

My body was screaming in pain, but I needed Adairia, I loved her too much, I couldn’t let her go.  Abruptly I began to run after the carriage, breathing hard, and yelling towards the vastly moving horses.  Adairia was pulled from the window by her Mother, who stared out at me, pure hate glowing from her eyes.  The rain, and strain on my lungs and muscles tolled on me, and I collapsed into a puddle, making dirty water wash over my face, and my white nightgown.  I looked up into the heavens, and began yelling.

“Are you happy now?  You got your way, it is over, and our love is lost!” I screamed at God

Looking back towards the carriage, I grabbed handfuls of sopping wet, golden hair, and pulled, bringing my head down towards the puddle.  A scream broke through my lips as I raised my head back up towards the sky, and out into the rain, I was angry, I was mad, I was confused, and above all…I was heartbroken.

She was gone…she was gone…FOREVER!

Continued in Part 3

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