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The summer of autumn

Written By CXW

Part One

“This is the class of 2009! Congratulations!”

Dozens of black graduation caps flew into the sticky air, idly floating in the thick heat, and falling back to the ground. Cheers ruptured the spans of the filled front lawn of U.N. High, proud parents, and happy graduates marveling over the esteemed pleasure of the end of one point in life, and the beginning to another.

The sounds continued as the former students made their way to their friends and parents, holding their diplomas high with pride and pure bliss. Affectionate hugs and high fives made their way through the crowd, eliciting more cheering and a deafening roar of noise.

A small blonde ran through the many groups of people, idly accepting the kind gestures of her fellow peers, and parent’s of old and new friends. Out of breath, and slightly flushed, she made her way through the throng of people, finding the large circle of people she was looking for. Quickly she continued her pace, racing towards the familiar, smiling faces of her family.

“Mom…Dad! I did it! I really did it!” she breathed, bending at the knees, facing the lush grass, trying to catch her breath.

Seconds later, she looked up into the many eyes watching her, she looked on, just happy to be with the most important people in her life. But her calm glances faded as she was pulled into a strong hug. Many warm arms wrapped around her, the love radiating off them, this was ‘the’ Kodak moment everyone talks about.

“You really did, Squirt” whispered a man in her ear, “and I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” She replied, releasing herself from the death grip of the many family members.

“Oh, Honey, you’re so grown up. You graduated high school! My babies growing up, Jack…” cried a golden haired woman. Soft crinkles defined her green eyes, reflected by her daughter, her very grown up daughter.

“Oh, Mom, don’t worry, I’ll always be your baby girl.”

The conversation continued in the same manner over a small period of time, when all was interrupted by a large group of girls running over, and each taking turns at hugging the small blonde.

“Autumn! We did it, man, we totally did it!” jeered a tall girl, hair faded almost white with the light blonde dye and the ever present sunlight. Her brown eyes sparkling with excitement.

“I know, Mel!” replied Autumn, turning towards her large group of friends. “We all did it!”

“Yea!” replied the ten girls in unison

A thin, fiery red head made her way over to Autumn’s parents, looking over the tall golden haired man. His silky blonde mane marred grey at the temples with age, but made him all the more handsome and distinguished.

“Mr. Gage…may the girl’s and I steal your daughter for the night. We’ll be sure to keep her out of trouble”

“Of course, Courtney. But staying out of trouble, you know I did graduate high school once upon a time, I know what ‘grad’ night is all about.”

“Alright, Mr. Gage. We’ll have her home by tomorrow afternoon.” Giggled Courtney, turning back towards her friends, and mouthing a ‘mission accomplished’

Autumn turned towards her parents, gave them all a hug, and all the remaining relatives. Then spun around, and caught up to the slowly walking group ahead of her. The group continued on, all dressed in black gowns as they made their way to a green mini van, jumped in, and drove off. Leaving the school in its dust, memories and good times brushing through the van of girls as it raced down the road and into the golden horizon of the summer day.

* * * * *

Autumn Gage pulled her tired body from the cushioned seat of the van, reaching for the door handle. The car was parked outside a large white Victorian with blue shutters that matched the blue door. Flower beds lay on either side of the main stairs, filled with colorful tulips and other assorted flowers. A wrap around deck completed the look; bleached wooden chairs were sat against the walls, the finish shinning in the early afternoon sun.

“God! My head is pounding!” stammered Autumn, finally clutching the lever to open the door.

“It’s called a hangover, I figured you’d know what that was by now” kidded the remaining person, and driver of the large automobile.

“Shut up, Mel—and pass me my sunglasses, I think I’m gonna need them…”

“Grouchy, grouchy” Mel replied, tossing the large black sunglasses at her grumpy best friend.

“Yea. And it’s your entire fault!”

“Pssh, whatever you say, drunky.”

“Bye” giggled Autumn, finally gaining enough courage to face the blazing sun

“See yah, Chicka”

The van door closed, and no sooner, vanished down the road. The blonde turned towards her house, pleased to be able to sleep in her bed for the day, getting zero sleep at the grad ‘party’. She started walking along the stone path leading to the front steps, when out the corner of her eye she spotted something red. Instead of the usual FOR SALE sign, a large U-Haul was parked at the curb, workers carrying furniture back and forth from the truck, and into the house.

“How did I miss that?” she mumbled, slipping the protective glasses off and unconsciously walking closer to the fence separating the two houses.

“Hey, Neighbor!”

Autumn spun around, her green eyes falling over a very cute boy, a little older than herself. Brown hair hung around his face and in his blue eyes in a stylish shag. His arms were well toned and tanned, matching nicely with the crisp white cut off shirt and faded denims he sported. Slowly he made his way over to the lost girl, her attention wavering until he stood in front of her.

“Oh, sorry. Hello…”

“It’s alright” he smiled, giving view to straight, white teeth, “I’m, Joey, Joey Forward…and you are?”

“Autumn…Gage” she replied, smiling at the handsome young man. “So, you just move in?”

His eyes glanced over to the identical house beside Autumn’s, “nope…” his gaze fell back to the beautiful girl in front of him, confusion creasing her light brows, “my sis and her hubbie just moved in. The parent’s shipped me over to help her settle in, and stay for the next four years of my life.”

“So…you’ll be here for the whole summer…?”

“Yea, and while I’m in University. I thought I was rid of her, but nope, I’m stuck with her again” he chuckled, brushing the uncooperative strands of hair from his eyes.

“Her?” questioned a confused and pleased Autumn

“My sister…the one I just said lived there” he laughed, pointing towards the house.

“Right. Right, sorry, I’m not usually like this. I think I had a little too much fun last night.”

“Oh, I know the feeling too well.” Joey paused, and swallowed deeply, his eyes opening wider in thought.

“Hey, how about you come over for dinner tonight. This is sudden and all, but I would love to get to know you better, and by the looks of things, you’re the only person my age around here. My sister is an ass of a chef, but we’re getting Chinese so—“he rambled, suddenly getting nervous at the feeling of the green eyes burning into him.

“I’d love to” giggled Autumn, finally letting Joey calm from his nervousness at her saying no.

“Great—I’ll come and get you, say about five-ish? I just need to let my sister know, but I know she’ll say yes.”

“Sounds great!”

“Great! Well, I should be going. See you later, Autumn.”

“See yah, Joey”

Joey coolly jumped the small fence, turned around and smiled at Autumn, then ran up the stairs, and into the open door of his new residence. Taking a deep breath Autumn began walking back towards her house. Thoughts of a summer romance gliding through her mind. ‘He is really hot isn’t he? And nice, and so god damned cute when he’s nervous’ she smiled, climbing the steps of her deck, her headache and fatigue behind her now.

“Who knew a cute guy was all the remedy you’d need for a hangover?” she asked her self out loud, bending down, lifting the mat, retrieving the spare key, and jerking the door open.

Once the door was open, a heavenly aroma swept over the blonde, pulling her towards the kitchen. Her mother was leaning on the counter, sipping at a cup of lemonade, her long blonde hair pulled back in a messy ponytail. Her firm body was evident in the tight black tank top and plaid shorts, her normal sleep wear.

“Morning, Mom” said Autumn in a sing-song voice.

“Hey, Honey. How was your night?”

“Great…except the puking and sleeping arrangements”

“I hope you guys were safe” stiffened Lily Gage, turning on protective mother mode.

“Yes, we were. No one drove anywhere’s, everyone just crashed at, Mel’s. And let’s just say there wasn’t enough room for a sardine to live in”

“That bad, huh?”

“Definitely…so, whatcha making?”

“Pa-cacks” giggled Lily, using the term her youngest child used for pancakes, since she was too little to pronounce with accuracy.

“Speaking of, Belle…where is she?”

“Coloring in—“ her answer was interrupted by heavy footsteps racing down the hall, “speak of the devil” giggled the older blonde, seeing the small toddler bound through the kitchen, and jump into her older sister’s arms.

“Tum-tum! Pa-cacks, yummy!”

“Yes, Belle, pancakes” replied Autumn, annunciating the last word

“Pa-cacks!” answered the young girl, light blonde curls spilling over her bright green eyes in frustration.

“Okay…okay, pa-cacks!” laughed Autumn, setting Belle on the floor.

Belle took off back to her room, leaving mother and daughter in a light companionable silence. Lily crossed the room, idly flipping the near golden pancakes, and cocking her head towards her daughter, interrupting the soothing silence.

“So…who was that boy you were talking to?”

“Joey Forward. Our new neighbor. He’s really nice! He’s staying with his sister and her husband for the summer, and while he goes to University—“ breathed Autumn, excited by being able to talk about her new ‘crush’.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, repeat that again in English.”

“I said…” started Autumn, tossing her long hair behind her shoulders, “His name is Joey Forward. He is staying with his sister and her husband, who just bought the house next door. He’s going to be staying with them while he’s in University. Oh, and he asked me to join them for dinner tonight, is that alright?”

“He seems nice, by the sounds of you!” giggled her mother, patronizingly, “um…sure you can go over for dinner. What did you say his sister’s name was?”

“I’m not sure, he only called her Sis. I haven’t even met her yet, but if she’s anything like her brother, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine!”

“You do seem overly fond of this boy you just met. I’m sure his sister and her husband will be wonderful as well. And I am sure they won’t mind your attention towards their brother if you are polite and presentable.”

Autumn smiled at her mother’s frankness. She had always given her daughter the ut most honesty, and this instance was unchanging. Walking over to her mother, she kissed her lightly on the cheek, and ran up the stairs to have a shower, and pick out what she was going to wear tonight for dinner. Her mother was right, if Joey were to be her future boyfriend, she not only had to impress him, but his sister as well.

* * * * *

Hours flew by, and at ten to five, Autumn looked radiant. Her blonde hair was silky from the new wash, brushed out perfectly straight, the thick fringe pulled back into a slight bump. Green eyes were lightly lined with black charcoal eyeliner and a few strokes of mascara, making them pop with an earthy glow. Full lips were perfectly glossed, with a tint of light pink, matching the color of the thin bobbie-pin holding back her hair. She was dressed in a yellow flowing tank top, layers at different lengths piled together, and swung when she walked. The outfit was topped off with a tight black pencil skirt that fell to just above her knees, and her feet snuggled into comfortable yellow flip flops. Grace and comfort, her favorite combination for clothing.

Looking in the mirror at her reflection, smiling, glad with the out come of her make up and outfit choice. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, alerting her of the arrival of her new neighbor, picking her up for their first, unofficial date. Racing to the bathroom door, she stopped mid stride, ran back to the mirror, gave her self a toothy smile and thumbs up, and continued on to the front door.

Thankfully her mother hadn’t gotten the door, glad she hadn’t been able to embarrass her in front of the gorgeous guy on the other side. Straightening out the wrinkles in her skirt, she reached for the doorknob, and slowly opened the door. Joey stood on the other side, wearing a blue button up shirt and black jeans. Blue eyes widened in surprise, than awe when he noticed how absolutely beautiful Autumn looked. Of course he thought she was gorgeous ever since he first laid eyes on her, but now, the attraction he felt for her heightened to a whole new level.

“Wow…” he breathed, looking the goddess before him up and down once more. “You look—you look stunning!”

“Thank you, Joey. You look very handsome yourself” she smiled, eliciting a soft rose color blush to the tanned cheeks of her ‘date’.

“So…um, are you ready?” shaking off the nerves, bringing back his cool exterior.

“Yup. Let’s go!”

The sky was bright as ever, the sun high in the sky, seducing the clouds from the perfect blue space. The two teens walked through the short path and on to the side walk. Companionable silence developed between them as they walked the ten foot spans of sidewalk before reaching the stone path leading to his house.

“Well that was a long walk!” he kidding, turning towards Autumn.

“Sure was!” she replied, playing along, “I’m plum tuckered, and hankering for some grub.” The two laughed together, reaching the front door. Autumn stood slightly behind as Joey opened the door.

“Welcome to my humble abode, milady. Ladies first…”

“Don’t mind if I do” giggled the blonde, stepping hesitantly into the strange house. Joey quickly followed her, shutting the door soundlessly behind him.

“Would you like the grand tour?”

“Alright…” she whispered, peering around corners, looking for other sources of life.

“No one else is home. They went to pick up dinner. Tee is really excited to meet you!”

“Tee?” Autumn questioned as Joey led her into the closest room, which was the living room

“My sister. Her name’s Charity, but I’ve always just called her Tee”

“Charity? That’s a really beautiful name…”

“For a very ugly chick!” giggled Joey at the humor in making fun of his sister.

“I am sure she’s not ugly…”

“No. But she’s not near as beautiful you are…”

Autumn smiled, slightly blushing at the comment. Thinking if anyone were to be less attractive then herself that god was not good to them…but she figured his comment was due to their being related. Pulling her eyes away from the gorgeous creature in front of her, she began eyeing the room.

The walls were painted a rich chocolate color, matching the few articles of white leather furniture placed strategically around the room and contrasting against the dull brown of the stacked boxes lining the far wall. There wasn’t much to look at, but Autumn guessed that once they were fully unpacked it would have a very stylish and modern appeal. The tour continued, idle conversation passed between the two as they walked through the house, the rest of the rooms in different stages of UN packed.

When they made their way back to the living room, plopping down on the soft leathery couch, they heard a car pull into the yard. Doors slammed shut, and rustling was heard. The front door banged open, and a dark head poked into the living room.

“Hey, Joey. Mind helping your sister, she’s struggling with some of the stuff”

“Am not!” yelled a faded voice from the distance, but the smoky thickness of the tone was still evident.

Shivers ran up and down Autumn’s back at the sound of the voice. Her back straightened, and a flood of different sensations rushed through her body. Confusion claimed her, nothing had ever made her react with such…intensity, and not even the most intimate touches she could remember receiving had made her feel this way. Shaking off the thoughts, she reclaimed normalcy and listened to the slightly cut out sentences being passed between the two men.

“—always needs MY help, god! I’ll be right their, cry baby!” groaned Joey in mock annoyance. “I’ll be right back, alright, Autumn?”

“Yea…okay. You go help your sister.”

Joey fled the living room, his footfalls fading as he made his way to the driveway. Noises arose from the kitchen, curiosity claimed her, and she made her way in the direction.

A man stood at the island, opening paper bags full of food, and setting the cardboard boxes on the surface, sorting them according to size. His dark head popped up when he felt eyes on his back. Turning around he gave a slight smile, and walked towards his guest. Wiping his hands on his jeans he thrust his hand out to her.

“Hello, Autumn. Charity and I have heard so much about you in the few hours you and Joey have met. The names Max, Max Carlisle.”

“Hi, Max! How’s the move going so far?” accepting the offered hand

“Pretty good…” he said, dropping their grasp, and running his hand through the short styled dark brown hair, “we’ve got a load of unpacking before us yet. But it’s a hell of a lot better than that apartment we had in Manhattan.”

“I’m sure you’ll get settled in, in no ti—“

She was interrupted mid sentence when Joey ran into the kitchen, carrying a paper bag, and a fashionable red leather purse.

“I swear! That twit’s going to kill me one of these days! How do you live with her?” asked Joey incredulously

“I guess I just can’t help myself” chuckled Max, taking the paper bag from Joey’s outstretched arms.

The small blonde watched as the two men disintegrated into giggles, chuckling lightly like a bunch of girls. Green eyes sparkled with excitement; this was going to be one hell of a night.

“What am I suppose to do with this?” asked Joey, holding out the purse at arms length by the tips of his fingers as if it were deadly.

“Keep it!” joked the same sensual voice recalled earlier. “It becomes you!” finished Charity as she walked into the room.

Autumn’s jaw dropped when she finally caught sight of Joey’s ‘ugly’ sister. Ugly he said, far from it, she was gorgeous, more than gorgeous; she was the most beautiful thing Autumn had ever laid eyes on in her entire life.

Long black hair cascaded down her back, soft layers and thick bangs framed her perfect face. Dark eye brows were gracefully shaped; cheekbones lay high and chiseled encompassing full lips and a defined chin. Bright blue eyes peered through slightly hooded lids. Ripping her eyes from her face, Autumn worshipped the rest of the woman’s body. A tight white tank top pressed against her skin, showing of shapely breasts, and revealing a few inches of a tanned well muscled stomach. Running further, her eyes captured a short black skirt, showing off most of the well tanned and firm legs that went on forever.

Licking lips that were suddenly dry, Autumn averted her eyes, pleading that no one in the room noticed the desire evident in her face, pouring from her eyes, which now resembled green fire.

Charity plopped the bags down on the counter, running both hands roughly through her disheveled midnight hair. Her eyes widened when she caught sight of the timid blonde across the room. Green eyes were cast down towards the floor, fingers wrapped tightly around each other due to nerves. Recognition flickered through the brilliant blue eyes as the tall, dark woman made her way over to the trembling girl.

“You must be, Autumn.” Charity roused, ducking her head to bring the startled eyes to meet hers, “it’s so nice to meet you!”

Autumn looked up at the face before her, when she realized she was staring at the woman’s neck she pasted on a slight grin, and tilted her head to make eye contact with the older woman. Blue and green mixed with an array of emotions between recognition and wanton desire. Both participants shook off the distracting thoughts, and smiled at each other.

“It’s great to meet you too, Charity.”

“Well, I’m heading upstairs to change. You guys get everything ready, I won’t be a minute”

With that, the beautiful woman dashed out of the kitchen, her footfalls fading as she made her way up the stairs. Once Charity was out of sight, Autumn released the breath she’d been holding since her reply. No matter how cute a boy was, she never got stuck on words, and downcast by emotions, this was a first, and much different because this was another girl, no, that was a woman.

* * * * *

Charity quickly ran up the remaining stairs, and walked towards the master bedroom. When she was safely inside, she leaned against the door, covering her eyes with shaking hands.

“What was that all about?” she whispered to herself, bracing herself against the wall tighter. “I felt…” struggling to understand exactly what she felt, she left the whisper unfinished, fluttering into the air unknown.

Finally finding enough strength, she pulled away from the door, and walked across the room towards a few large boxes, rummaging through to find some decent dinning clothing. As she continued her hunt, she was struck by images of the young blonde that had captured her brother’s interest. The intensity of their locked eyes when they stared at each other and the deep effect that shy smile had over her.

“God, what is happening to me?” she questioned herself, knowing that she had yet to find the answer, “she’s child! I have a husband, and my brother’s infatuated with her!”

Finding a suitable outfit, she aggressively pulled off her tank top and skirt, throwing them to the floor in a jumbled heap. Grabbing the casual black dress, she threw is over her head, and stormed her way into the bathroom, angry at herself for the unknown truth hidden within her.

Touching up her make up, and brushing through the tired tangles of her hair, she plastered a fake smile across her face. The intense light sparkling over her insanely white teeth made the smile all the more genuine. Almost believing her smile her self, she spun around, and headed back downstairs, where everyone was settled in the dinning room, plates loaded with food that wasn’t touched.

“Told ya I wouldn’t be a minute”

The blank faces looked to her, when the tall brunette finally came into focus her eyes were lit from the light of the welcoming smiles, everyone seemed happy to see her, except the small blonde.

Autumn was slumped in her chair, trying desperately not to look up at the beautiful woman standing in the doorway. It felt as if she never wanted anything more than to just give into to the feelings that coursed through her, but she knew that if she did, nothing but bad things would befall. So she continued staring at her full plate of food, picking at it thoughtfully, not noticing that blue eyes were boring into her hidden face.

“Well everyone…lets eat” Charity replied, slipping the rest of the way through the entryway and making her way to the table, hiding the despair in her voice. That one involuntary moment of coldness by Autumn killed her, brushing it away, she slid into the seat across from her.

Everyone began munching on their food, crunching noises from the extra baked egg roles, slurping of noodles. The awkward silence was broken by Joey. He knew that if he kept his new friend quiet the whole evening she would go home regretting taking him up on his offer.

“So, Autumn…you never told me how old you were.”

Looking up, slightly stunned from the sound of a voice, she turned towards Joey, giving him a warm smile, thanking him for something he knew nothing of.

“I’m seventeen, just graduated yesterday actually!”

“That’s excellent! Good for you, Autumn!” the blonde turned towards the thick voice, finally making eye contact with the one person she hadn’t wanted to, but desperately needed to.

“Thank you. My parent’s see it as a mighty accomplishment as well”

“That it is!” exclaimed Charity, putting more enthusiasm into her words, excited just by being able to exchange words with this marvelous young woman. “I remember when I graduated…my parent’s were so proud. Then I went off to University, got my teaching degree, it was the best thing I have ever done. Are you planning on going to University, Autumn?”

“Yes. I am planning on taking psychology. I have always been fascinated by the human mind.”

‘How can just having a normal conversation with this woman drive me crazy? I feel so…alive, so, aroused. Just being around her, talking with her makes my body temperature soar. I wonder what would happen if…God! Autumn, get a grip, she’s a married woman. And you’re a straight teenager…aren’t you?…’ The thoughts continued to roll through her mind as the evening went on. Could one moment, one night of attraction and fantasies lead to a whole different life style? Autumn wasn’t sure; all she knew was that at that moment in time, she wanted nothing to change. So she would have to make sure that the fantasy stayed just that, a figment of her imagination. Because if it didn’t…what would happen?

* * * * *

“You and my sister seemed to get along great…” Joey started, hiding the jealousy hidden in his voice. Though he wanted to hide it, he was angry by the thought of Charity and Autumn laughing together for a good portion of the night, if he knew any better, he would have thought they were flirting with each other.

“Yea” smiled Autumn, unable to smother the dorky grin that spread across her face at the mention of the tall, dark beauty. “We really did. I hope she liked me…”

“Of course she liked you” smiled Joey, the previous jealousy subsiding with that last sentence. “You seem to get along great, as I said before.”

“Good! I’m so glad.”

Joey stopped and grabbed Autumn by the arm, turning her towards him. Once they were facing each other he looked down into her eyes, a smile formed on his lips. This girl was amazing, she was beautiful, yet oblivious, she was forward, yet shy. He loved that in her, and he couldn’t wait to be able to spend more time with her.

“Would you like to hangout sometime soon?”

“I would love too—“

“Damn it…”

“What—what’s wrong?” asked the blonde, stunned from the sudden outburst from Joey. His face fell, and his left hand roughly rubbed the bad feelings away, making up and down motions over his face, and then quickly running the same hand through his hair.

“Nothing…nothings wrong. I just forgot that I promised Max and Tee that I would help them finish unpacking. We should be done by next week, but then I promised Max that I would go with him to bring the rest of the stuff to the house. He left a few things at his Mother’s house that couldn’t fit in the U-Haul…”

Green eyes softened at the realization that Joey was angry that he couldn’t see her again this week, taking his hand in hers; she gently stroked it, trying to calm him down. It worked, his body began to lose tension, and his eyes fell back on to hers.

“It’s alright…I’m sure we can hangout sometime over the summer.”

Joey smiled at the young girl, his heart filled when he noticed that she was smiling back at him. He felt at that very moment, that he had fallen in love with Autumn, taking a deep breath, he shifted his eyes to Autumn’s front door, which they stood in front of, making sure no one was close by. Finding nothing, especially an angry father, he slowly leaned down, intending to plant a soft kiss on full lips. Instead, Autumn turned when she noticed Joey’s lips aimed towards hers, and offered him her cheek.

‘What am I doing!?’ she yelled at herself, ‘this is a very cute guy. A very sweet guy and you won’t even let him kiss you! Why the fuck not?’ As if on queue, a picture flashed in her minds eye. Dark hair floated over broad shoulders. A bright smile lit up the beautiful woman’s face, and luminous blue eyes stared at her, into her. ‘Her…’ the voice continued, ‘I can’t kiss him because…because I think I’m in love with his sister…’ Reminding herself that it is impossible to fall in love with someone you just met, she still continued questioning her notions.

Joey opened his eyes at the warm skin under his lips, realizing that the lips he thought he was kissing were nothing but a smooth cheek. ‘Maybe she doesn’t like me? Or maybe she’s just not ready.’ Going with the latter, he pulled away, and a nervous smile brushed his lips, as he started shuffling his feet.

“I’m sorry…”

“No. It’s okay. Honestly, it was a sweet gesture, I just don’t think I’m…ready” she lied, at this point she would say anything to this poor young man that was so flustered he looked like a child.

“But still…I’m sorry.” Giving the small blonde an apologetic smile, he started down the stairs, turning at the soft voice behind him.



Autumn skipped over to the top step, making her the same height as him, who was on the last step. Bending over slightly, she planted a soft kiss on his cheek, and stood back up straight, almost losing her balance.

“You are a very sweet guy, Joey. I would love to hangout with you whenever you are free.”

Touching his cheek at the very spot that was brushed by those lips, Autumn’s lips. He then made a note to never wash that spot again. A stupid grin spread across his face as he stumbled down the last step. Giving her an even dorkier wave, he began walking down the stone pathway.

“How about next Sunday? I’ll come and get you. Goodnight, Autumn!”

“Sounds great to me. Sweet dreams.”

Autumn watched as Joey’s long strides carried him to his house, and inside the door. Once he was out of vision, she plopped into one of the wooden chairs, and looked up at the moon, content with the outcome of the evening.

The full white orb lit up the whole street, bathing it in a cool, white glow. Millions of stars were scattered throughout the sky, complementing the black sky, and lamenting the moon.

* * * * *

Autumn had been sitting outside for sometime, just watching the twinkle of the stars, and the listening to the ever present cricket’s that chose to reside underneath her deck. Though to anyone, it would look at though she was perfectly content, drinking in the beautiful evening, but inside was a different story. A storm of different emotions breathed through her, thoughts falling between the kiss that she had shrugged off, and the deep feelings she felt for someone she hadn’t known for more than five hours.

“Hey stranger!”

Shaking out of her reverie, Autumn cocked her head to the side noticing a tall dark figure make its way along the sidewalk, and begin walking towards her. Even without seeing the advancer’s face, she new who it was from the rich voice that always seemed to capture her full attention.

Quickly the form walked into the soft light lamenting from Autumn’s surveillance light, revealing swept up dark hair, and a shining smile.

“Oh, hey! What’re you doing out here?”

“Ahh…just thought I’d go for a jog. Join me?”

“Um…I don’t see why not, I’ll just let my dad know, and change into something more” looking down at her outfit she had worn to dinner, “appropriate. Be right back!”

Running into the house, she sprinted into a side room, also known as her Father’s office. Pushing the already jarred door open, Autumn stepped into the dimly lit room. Jack Gage was perched at his desk, re-reading the briefing of his previous case once more, making sure there were no errors, and everything was in chronological order.


“Mmm, yes, Autumn?”

“Can I go for a jog…?”

Spinning around in his leather swivel chair, he pulled off his glasses, setting them lightly on the oak desk. Peering over a small stack of papers, his tired eyes traced the red numbers labeled on the clock.

“Honey…it’s almost 10 o’clock. I don’t want you running around alone this time at—“

His sentence was cut off by his daughter. “I’m not going alone. I’m going with Charity, our new neighbor!”

“Well then…” standing up, he brushed past his daughter on the way out to the kitchen. Placing a firm hand on her shoulder, and giving his daughter a reassuring smile he vanished out the door. His thick voice heard faintly down the hall, “I don’t see why not. But no later than midnight.”

Grinning at her Father’s worry, she exited the office, headed upstairs to change her clothing. She hated jogging, and any form of exercise with a passion, but any reason to spend time with the intriguing brunette would make slow paced running seem endurable, maybe even fun!

* * * * *

Charity slumped down onto the front steps of the Gage house, lost in her thoughts. The night air was mild, with chilly winds that wrapped around you, filling your body with cold; feeling more like fall then early summer. Planting her feet firmly onto the stone walkway, the brunette rubbed her bare legs in an up and down motion, trying to warm them from the edgy temperature. Hoping that her body heat would hike up during her exertion. Charity now knew she was rather freezing in her short jogging shorts and thin tank top.

The front door slid open, and Autumn came bounding out, jumping down the stairs. Charity jerked in the shock of her unexpected friend, flying into view. Standing up to her full height, she smiled down at the small blonde, noticing the mischievous smirk spread across her countenance.

“Scared the shit out of you, didn’t I?”

Laughing at her antics, Charity stretched her arms above her head, loosening the tensing muscles. “Yea! You did, and I am totally going to get you back for that!”

“Ooh, I’m so scared of the big, tall, and beautiful monster!”

‘Beautiful?’ Charity thought, marveling over the word that had gratefully disdained itself from the rest. A large smile crossed her features as she thought of inducing the girl to ask her of her choice of previous words.


‘SHIT! How could I have let that slip out, now she’s going to think I’m a total creep! Jesus…’

“Uh…well, yea. No one could honestly tell you otherwise—I mean you are—well I think you are…Oh who am I kidding, in all honesty, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life! Now can we go jogging?”

“Sure we can” joked the older woman, already making her way up the dimly lit road.

“Hey! Wait up!”

Fifteen minutes later, the two women stopped their running. One in perfect condition, the other bent at the knees gulping for air to enter their deprived lungs.

“How…can you…run like that…for…this long?” breathed the tired blonde, realizing just how out of shape she was, compared to the smiling brunette.

“Practice—Hey, what’s that over there?” pointing to a clearing between houses with a few odd light fixtures centered on what seemed to be play equipment.

“Oh…” Autumn nodded, looking over the park, “that’s the CNP, wanna go over for a bit, sit down. Even though YOU don’t need the rest.”


“Children’s Neighborhood Park. The parents of our neighbor hood all put money together to make a park for their kids to play, people we’re getting nervous at the amount of children playing in the streets.”

“Ah…that’s a good idea!”

The two walked in companionable silence the rest of the way to the CNP, trudging through the cool grass. On entering the park, Autumn ran straight for the swings, jumping onto the first one she came to. Pumping her legs vigorously, in moments she was soaring back and forth through the night air.

Charity looked over the small swing set, noticing the multicolored bars in the soft light of the security lamps. Smiling at her seemingly enthralled companion, she grabbed the swing beside the blonde, and began swinging at the same height in impeccable speed.

“Are you challenging me, Mrs. Carlisle?”

“Maybe” winked the older woman

“You’re on!” at that the smaller of the two began pumping her legs harder, trying to get her swing into the air further than her competitor.

In no time, the brunette was swinging inches higher than her friend. Laughing at the difference, her giggles making her motions falter.

“Hey! No far, you’re legs are way longer!”

“It’s not my fault you’re vertically challenged.”

“Cut that out!” hollered Autumn in mock rage, “since you beat me at the swinging part…wanna have a jumping contest?”

Looking down at the gravel filled surroundings, her eyes filled with anxiousness. “I donno…it looks kinda like a rough landing…”

“Oh come on, you can’t have a swinging contest without following up with a jumping contest. Trust me, you’ll do fine!”

“Alright!” huffed Charity, slowing her pace slightly, “let’s do it!”

“Okay, on the count of three. One…two…THREE!”

On the sound of three, both women leapt from their swings, flailing through the air without reservation. The gravel crunched between the two sets of feet with the impact. As the two friends tried to keep their balance, they each fell onto the ground on top of each other, laughing erratically from their failed landing.

Noticing the gorgeous creature beneath her, Autumn frantically slipped off the slightly winded older woman. Tumbling beside her, both lay on their backs staring into the stars. Without thinking, Charity grabbed her companion’s hand, holding it with no other reason then to touch the small blonde. When Autumn made no attempt at pulling away, she kept the connection that for some odd reason made her feel…complete.

“I had a lot of fun with you, Autumn!”

“Me too, Charity!” looking over at her friend, and giving her a large smile to go with her last statement.

“We should do this again sometime…sometime soon.”

“Yea. How about tomorrow? We don’t have to come back here or anything, maybe just go somewhere and talk…”

“That sounds nice. Spending the night with you is the perfect way to end the day”

Sitting up, she pulled the younger woman closer to her, letting her head fall on her shoulder and her arm wrap around her back. Her mind was yelling at her to stop, but she couldn’t, the feeling that coursed through her body when she was close to the teen made her feel things that she had never felt before, and she wasn’t ready to let them slip away.

“I like being held by you…” whispered Autumn, cuddling closer to the warm body pressed against her.

“Well…I like holding you…” replied Charity, setting her head on the halo of golden hair.

The two sat their for a long time, the world stopping, making it feel like they were the only two beings on earth. Time was nothing but away of keeping each other apart, and they hadn’t noticed the seemingly quickly passing time. Shaking out of their own little world, Autumn jumped to her feet, pulling at Charity’s arm to bring her to her feet as well.

“What—what’s wrong?”

“Nothing…I just have to be home. We should be heading back anyways.” A tinge of regret tainted her words, as the brunette complied and let the small blonde lift her to her feet.

As they walked back to their respectful houses, neither wanted to let the other go…just yet, so their hands stayed intertwined on the short walk home, the feeling of the other making the impending separating soften.

Reaching Autumn’s front deck, the two turned towards each other. They both knew that they would see the other in the morning, but parting seemed sad as if hours apart made each endure pain and anguish.

“Well…here’s our stop.”

“Yea, I should be going in, I don’t want my dad too worry.”

“Tomorrow then?” asked the brunette, nervous that their plans had been forgotten by the smaller girl.

“Of course.” Leaning up, she place a small kiss on the older woman’s cheek, delighted in the feel of soft skin, and the tremors she felt make their way through Charity’s body at the contact. “I can’t wait!”

“Me either. Good night, Autumn, sweet dreams” with that, the brunette turned and made her way over to her own house, where she disappeared through the front door, feeling the lingering green eyes on her the whole way.

When Charity was completely gone from Autumn’s sight, she walked over to the stairs and plopped down, placing two small fingers over her lips that were still tingling from the contact with the beautiful brunette. She had never known such a feeling from even a kiss on the lips. Looking up she noted the stars, the same stars her and Charity had looked at together not too much earlier.

An angered sigh escaped her lips as she pulled her eyes from the sky, and laid her face her hands. Long blonde hair curtained her emotions, as her body filled with an array of emotions starting with confusion and ending with what she thought could be love.

“What am I going to do?” asked the almost crying girl, the question poised at no one but herself.

At that same moment, a tall, dark woman walked out on to her bedroom balcony, over looking the stars. An angered sigh escaped her lips as she fell into a small chair, her face dropping into her hands. Long black hair curtained her troubled emotions. Mulling over the exact same question.


Part Two

The week had gone by quickly, unpacking and cutting up boxes was taking up most of the Forward/Carlisle residence. Throughout the week, Joey got to share a few glances and hellos with his next door dream girl. But what Joey didn’t know, was that every night Charity and ‘his’ Autumn would have long conversations, for they both loved sitting on their front decks and balcony’s, just gazing at the stars. And over the course of the week, they had become close friends, making the attraction and feelings for one another, heighten each day.

* * * * *

“We’re leaving now, alright?”

Charity sat at the island, a metal stool pushed up to the side so she could eat her breakfast comfortably. Taking a small sip of orange juice, she nodded to Max and her brother, both leaned against the counter.

“Okay…when are you two gonna be back?”

“Oh, I’d say no later than tomorrow night.”

“Drive safe, see you guys tomorrow” replied the brunette, struggling to keep her words accurate with her mouth full of pre chewed egg.

Max and Joey headed out the back door facing the driveway. Each clamored into their rightful seats, and roared down the road.

Finishing up her breakfast, and cleaning the dishes used, Charity looked out into the early morning view. It was going to be a beautiful day. The sky was already a vibrant blue, no clouds visible, and by the looks of the trees, there was only a slight wind, that would most likely heat up by noon. Pulling herself away from the window, and then suddenly stopped when her eyes fell over the blue tarp that protected the pool in her new backyard. With all the hassle of the last few days, she had completely forgotten about the underground pool that was put in by the ex-owners. A huge grin spread across her face, her days plans suddenly vanished, and a long swim in the pool taking their place.

Running up the stairs, she searched through boxes upon boxes of clothes, leaving each box empty handed. Finally she came to a box half full, reaching in; she pulled out a pair of navy blue and lime green trunks. If Max’s swimwear was in there, so should hers. Moments later, after doing everything except ripping the box to shreds she came across exactly what she was looking for. A light blue bikini, the spaghetti like strings all knotted together.

“Fuck!” she cursed under her breath, knowing full well that the mess of strings would take a long time to untangle. “Oh…well what else do I have planned…absolutely nothing”

Taking the bathing suit into her bedroom, she plopped onto her bed, and began the tedious work of pulling the knots from the ties of her bikini, hoping it wouldn’t take up all her day, making her miss out on some great swimming time.

About a half an hour later, Charity burst out of her room, clad in the untangled, blue bikini. She looked back into her bedroom, forgetting to check the time. The little alarm clock read 10:45. Deciding to hold off her swim until it got a little warmer, she grabbed a book, and headed downstairs into the living room, wasting time until the temperature rose a few degrees.

* * * * *

Green eyes popped open, momentarily blinded by the bright slits of light. Maneuvering her body out of the tangled sheets, Autumn gracefully fell out of the bed, and clamored over to the window. Her wrist flicked, opening the blinds, letting the remaining sunlight spill into the room. Looking around, she noticed just how nice it was, a smile brushed across her features, lighting up her face. Running back over to her bed, she straightened out the sheets, and re-fluffed her pillows.

A little later, her bed was made, and she was dressed and ready for the glorious summer day. Donning a bikini top and a pair of jean short shorts, she made her way through the house, and excited the back door.

Shading her eyes with her hand, she padded across the back deck, and plopped into a reclining lawn chair, absorbing the sun. The warm rays heated her body, her mind full of hope that sometime this summer her pasty white skin would bronze, though it usually didn’t…a girl could dream.

A loud splash, followed by a few errant drops of water echoed over the fence. Sitting up straight, she dropped her hand, light brows creased in confusion. Standing up on her toes, she tried to see over the wooden barrier between her back yard, and that or her neighbors. With no avail, she jogged across the cool grass until the fence was before her.

Threading her small fingers through the smooth wood, she set her foot on a small ledge, bent down for leverage, and pushed her self up. Her feet strategically placed on the thin lip barely held her up. Knowing she hadn’t much time before she went tumbling to the ground, she searched the yard.

Clear water rippled in small circles in the pool, proving that the once still water had indeed been broken. Green eyes darted through the length and width of the pool, until they fell over a lithe body, fully emerged under the water, swimming at record speed through the deep end. An audible gasp passed Autumn’s lips unconsciously as she realized who the person was…the only woman who lived next door.

No matter how much her mind screamed at her to get down, and continue minding her own business, Autumn could not leave the vision. She was absolutely fascinated by the way strong muscles tensed and eased with each stroke, the way the long, ebony hair would fan out, each strand having a mind of its own. Imagining what the brunette would look like out of the pool, nestled in a lawn chair, she hadn’t noticed the dark head emerge from the water, hadn’t noticed the sound of wet legs hitting dry surface. And especially didn’t notice the beautiful woman standing directly on the other side of the fence, looking up at her with a mischievous grin.

“Like what you see?”

“Ye—WH—what?” Autumn sputtered, finally acknowledging the brunette beauty standing before her. Shaking her head, she started to climb back down to the ground, planning on running to her room and remaining there for the rest of the summer.

Her feet had barely touched the grass when she heard that voice. The same seductive tone that her ears got to reveal in during their light night chats on one or the others deck. Filling the evening with laughter, and playful banter. Knowing from experience, she could never deny Charity of anything, no matter how much she wanted to.


Slipping back up the fence, Autumn was faced once again with her the beautiful woman, her new friend. Her black hair was slicked back away from her face. Small droplets of water slid down off her hair and fell all over her body, making her glow in the sun.

“What?” asked the blonde exasperated, feeling bad enough that she had been caught gawking at her next door neighbor, what else could this woman want?

“Um…” shuffling her feet nervously, Charity mulled the words around in her head, trying to find the best sentence to let the poor girl know that she wasn’t angry in the least, she was actually, intrigued by her. During the nights before, she was afraid that the young woman had found her boring and unworthy of her time. Sure she laughed at her jokes, and talked with her, but that could have just been out of being polite, and pure boredom. But when she looked into her eyes just moments earlier, she could see the fire in them, the pure desire and passion just waiting to be released. And Charity could not deny that for some odd reason, this small blonde aroused her, making her want to be the person who put that fire to life. “Would you like to come over?” Choosing the first question that popped into her head, deciding that spending a day with Autumn would be wonderful.

“Look…I’m really sor—What? Um…sure, sure. I—I’ll be right over!”

“Great!” surprised that her offer was taken up, “just give me a minute to change into something less…wet”


* * * * *

Moments later, Autumn stood in front of Charity’s front door. Her palms were sweaty, and her knees felt weak. Trying to lighten the mood, her thoughts drifted to the quick conversation that she and her mother had when she raced through the kitchen on her way to Charity’s.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” giggled Lily Gage, pulling her long hair into a ponytail.

“Next door…see you later!”

“Whoa, Missy! You’re not planning on going over there to see Joey are you? I saw the car leave…I am expecting that his sister and brother-in-law are not home.”

Spinning around to face her Mother, a wide smile fell over her face. “Actually I’m not going to see, Joey…” pausing for a slight effect, Autumn continued when she got the response she wanted in a pair of light eyebrows perking up. “I’m going to see Charity!”

“Joey’s sister I presume…”

“Yup. But I gotta run, catch yah later!” With that, Autumn disappeared out the front door.

Poising her clasped hand in front of the door, the nerves slowly subsiding, she quietly rapped at the door. Without a seconds notice, the door burst open, putting a smiling brunette into view.

Charity stood holding the door open, her hair slightly dry, and dressed in an over sized button up shirt, giving show of long tanned legs.

“Come on in…”

Stepping just inside the door, the brunette reached behind her, shutting the door softly. The contact of skin against skin made Autumn shiver, and a wave of arousal flood her body. Edging it away, she smiled at her hostess, taking a well needed step from the body that she craved to touch.


“You don’t have to be nervous…” whispered Charity, leaning closer into Autumn, “I won’t bite…unless you ask me too”

With that last sentence, the small blonde felt as if she lost complete control of her body. Slowly she crept closer to the brunette, finally noticing the proximity between them; she pulled herself back aggressively, making herself slump against the wall.

“Look…Charity. I—I’m really sorry about the whole watching you thing…it’s just that…” leaving her sentence unfinished, she hoped that Charity would leave it that way.

“It’s just, what?”

“It’s nothing…”

“You can tell me…”

“No, I can’t. You wouldn’t understand” muttered the teen, angry at herself for her prior actions.

“Please…tell me how you feel. I want to know, we’re friends…right?”

Looking up into blue eyes, Autumn found nothing but compassion. Turning away for a moment, she gathered her courage and her words then began to speak.

“Of course we are” taking a deep breath, she continued. “It’s just…ever since I’ve met you, I just…You make me feel these…things! I can’t explain them, hell; I don’t even know what the fuck they are. All I know is that, I shouldn’t be feeling these things, they’re wrong…and I’m sorry.” Finished Autumn, lying about the way she actually felt, she didn’t want to risk losing Charity’s friendship because she had fallen in love with her. No! She would keep that to herself.

The entryway filled with silence, both women in their own minds, sorting through their thoughts, and figuring out their feelings. Unable to deal with the silence, Autumn grabbed the doorknob, and turned it, opening the door a crack.

“This was a bad idea…I should never have come here. Like I said before, I am so sorry. But I really think I should be going now.”

She barely managed to finish opening the door before she was jerked around, and a pair of lips fell on top of hers in a bruising kiss. The impact of the kiss pushed the two into the door, slamming it shut. Neither woman acknowledged the loud noise, for they were both too consumed in the moment, in the kiss.

Lips clung to lips.

Tongue glided over tongue.

Arms roamed, ending on the others neck, pulling each deeper into the kiss.

At a loss of air, the two pulled apart. Charity rested her forehead on Autumn’s, her eyes still closed, her breath coming out in quick spurts. Opening her eyes, she was captured by two orbs of green fire, filled with wanton desire, and passion that had already began to be released. Finally realizing what she had done, Charity tried to slip away, but the small arms wrapped around her held her close. Her previous seductions washing away, how could one young woman turn her into a babbling teenager again?

“Autumn—I am…”

“Shh, don’t talk. There is no need for words.” Brushing her fingertip over the burning lips of her companion, she pulled the woman closer, until her ear was close by. “What do you want?” she whispered, taking the lobe between her teeth, licking at the tender skin.

“Please…don’t do that” whispered the older woman, trying to pull away, yet another useless attempt.

“I am not letting you go. I know you want me; you sure as hell know I want you. I was staring at you while you were swimming, how much more obvious could I have been?” giggled Autumn at her own expense. “The question now is… are you going to act on your feelings?”

“I—I…we can’t…I’m married. Your—you’re a minor!”

“That didn’t stop you from kissing me!”

“Please…Autumn, we can’t do this!” Whispered the brunette, gaining more of her normal backbone, she raised her voice. “We can’t do this!”

Dumbfounded, Autumn pushed the woman away from her, stunned at the turn of events. Tears started pounding on the brink of falling, her eyes swirling with a combination of feelings, hurt and anger at the top of her list. Brushing away the tears that still had not fallen, she chose anger.

“Is this some kind of game to you? Making young girls fall in love with you, then—then just rejecting them!”

“Autumn, it’s not like that—“

“Save it!” the blonde retorted, her voice loud, silencing the brunette mid sentence. “I don’t want to hear anymore of you’re shit! Don’t you think you’ve done enough?”

Reaching for the door, she pulled it open, the sunny day making her even angrier. Spinning around quickly, she walked towards the cowering woman. With each step Autumn took, Charity took one back until she was pinned up against a corner.

“I hope to God that no one ever treats you like this. No one deserves this!” yelled Autumn, her voice suddenly cracking, and her tears freely falling down her face, burning invisible pathways down her cheeks. “Especially someone who loves you as much as I do...” she finished, her voice less than a whisper at the unveiling of her secret.

With that, she ran out the door. Tears continued to fall as she made her way into her house. Closing the door as quietly as she could, to minimize anyone coming to inspect the person who just entered the house, she started up the stairs. Half way up, she heard her Mother from the bottom steps.

“Autumn…what are you doing home? I thought you had plans with—“

“Please…” sobbed the quivering blonde, “don’t even say her name”

“Honey! What’s wrong? What did that woman do to you?” asked Lily, getting angry at some of the things that popped into her head at her daughter’s words.

“Nothing…except broke my heart…” hushed the small blonde, collapsing on the stairs from the pain that had built up inside her.

Her Mother ran up the stairs, scooping her crying daughter into her arms. The two sat on the steps for a long time, just holding onto one another. Interrupted momentarily by Belle, and Jack, who were immediately shooed away at Lily’s hand gesture.

Slowly, Autumn fell asleep in the warm cocoon or love and comfort her Mother’s arms gave. To the small blonde’s luck, her mind stayed blank, keeping away all thoughts of the dark haired woman with the sparkling blue eyes that she had quickly fallen in love with, and the same woman who just as quickly, ripped her heart to shreds.

* * * * *

Once Autumn ran out the door, Charity slid down the wall, falling in a heap on the floor, letting herself release the bitter tears that had welled up in her eyes during the fight. She never wanted to hurt Autumn…she loved her, she didn’t know why, but she did. “like almost everything else in my life, I fucked this up too. But what was I suppose to do? I couldn’t let anything happen between us. Max would leave me…I could lose my teaching license. Or worse…I could get convicted for statutory rape and go to jail.” No matter how many bad things she reminded her self that could follow with an intimate relationship between her and Autumn, it never made her feel any better.

“She loved me…she really loved me” she whispered into the empty hallway, “how could I throw that all away?”

Pulling herself up, she walked over to the door, closed it, and made her way into the living room. Throwing her tired body onto the comforting leather couch, she laid there, not falling asleep, just laying there, and staring into space. She didn’t know how long she had lain there for, but it was long enough for the early afternoon day to fade away, and darken to early evening. The time she had given herself hadn’t helped at all, if it were possible, the pain was even more unbearable.

“There’s nothing I can do now…”

* * * * *



The wooden door slipped open, revealing a very pale, and tired version of Autumn. Ungluing his eyes from her face, he shook his head, and smiled at her, making the tiniest smile spread across her lips.

“Hey there!”

“Hey, Joey.”

“How’re you? You look a little…down.”

Blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes, she looked up into the friendly blue eyes of her friend. The smile on her face grew, knowing at least there were a few people who cared about her. Stepping out of the house, and into the sun tainted outdoors, she walked over to the steps, and sat down, Joey following closely behind.

“Yea…I’ve been a little. Upset…”

“Weird!” he remarked

“Why is that weird” she laughed, finding his retort truly entertaining, “everyone gets down in the dumps sometimes.”

“No, that’s not it. Of course I know everyone gets upset…I guess I was just weirded out because my sister has been acting the exact same way ever since me and Max took that trip last week, then today I come to see you…and you’re acting just like her.”

Green eyes widened, “Charity is as upset as I am?” she thought, feeling suddenly sick, “why would she be upset unless she…” Her thoughts were interrupted by a slight nudge from her companion.

“Hey!” she yelped, “what was that for?”

Smiling at her, making him all the more charming, Joey pushed his arm across her shoulders, pulling her against him. “You weren’t listening to me…were you?”

“Nope” she replied honestly

“I said it’s as if you guys both got dumped or something…”

“Ha…yea.” The thought of Joey ever knowing about her and Charity made her nervous, and quickly she changed the subject, speaking the first thing that popped into her head. “So…how’s, Charity doing? Is she okay?”

“I’d say so…Though, she’s been weird lately…”

“What do you mean?” perking up at the thought of any loose information on the brunette coming her way.

“Well…her and Max use to always be all lovey-dovey. Now, she doesn’t even want him near her…and when he tries to kiss her, she backs off. It’s strange, like, there’s someone else or something. Y’know what I mean?”

“I think so…”

Autumn snuggled closer into Joey, marveling over what exactly she should do now. Obviously, Charity was as miserable as she was. But she didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of saying she was sorry, because she hadn’t been the one who did anything. Finally she decided that if Charity really wanted to be with her, she could tell her, herself, because Autumn was done pulling everything together!

“There’s not much time left…” whispered the tormented blonde, unknowing her words were verbally spoken.


“Oh, just saying there isn’t much time left…of summer. In a couple weeks I am leaving, staying with my aunt in Boston till school starts. Then I am living in the dorms…”

“Really? I’m staying here for University…When did you say you were leaving?”

“In a couple weeks…I hope I get to see her once more before I leave” thinking the last part in her mind, Autumn wrapped her arm around Joey’s waist, just wanting someone to hold her, though it wasn’t the person she wanted to be holding her, he was the next best thing.

“Joey…we need to talk.”

“About what?”

“Me…and your sister.”

* * * * *

Joey smashed open the master bedroom door. Charity sat up bolt right, her messy hair falling over her face in the quick movements. Her blue eyes were wide when she noticed the ugly scowl placed across her brother’s normally calm countenance.

“What’s wrong, Joe—“

“How could you do that? How could you do that to HER!?”

“Joey, calm down, calm down.” She pleaded with him, hoping to god her words would soothe him, and make him a little less irritable. Slowly his face turned from red hot anger to grave disappointment.

“I don’t understand how you could do that to, Autumn out of all people.”

“Joey she—“

“Don’t, Charity…she told me everything.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt her Joey!” she screamed, getting more and more emotional with each word that left her mouth. Until her body was so emotionally drained she fell to her knees, tears searing down her face, dripping down her cheeks and falling onto the floor. “I love her, Joey. I ruined it! God! I ruined it…she hates me…”

Not being able to stay angry or disappointed at his sister while she lay in a pathetic heap on the floor. Her knelt down, and pulled her near limp body into his arms, whispering reassuring words into her ear, and rubbing her back, and hair. Slowly the sobs quieted down, and the trembling ceased. But Joey’s arms never left the downtrodden woman; they stayed clasped around her waist, giving her strength.

Hours later, they sat camped out in her bedroom, each sipping on coffee, and watching the rain and lightening that had progressed, along with the dark. Staring into her mug, watching the swirls of milk blend in with the coffee, Charity changed her direction of sight, and looked to her brother.

“You had feelings for her…didn’t you?”

“Yea” he whispered, taking a long drink of his coffee, “But I want her to be happy, and if she wants me as a friend that’s great.”

“You’re a great guy, Joey.” She replied, smiling at the sweet young man her bratty younger brother turned into. A true transformation.

“I know…” unable to hide the dorky smile that surfaced.

Quickly her face turned serious; setting her mug aside she stood up, and searched through the remaining boxes for a heavy jacket.

“What are you doing?”

“Looking for my jacket…have you seen it?” muffled by hair that fell into her mouth at the strange angle her body was placed in.

“Why do you need your jacket…if you’re cold I’ll just—“

“I’m not cold. I’m going out.”

“Charity, your nuts! Have you seen how bad it’s storming outside?”

Finding the jacket, and pulling herself from the box, she turned towards her worried brother. Throwing the jacket on over the thin shirt she was wearing. Walking over to him, Charity pulled Joey in for a tight hug. After a few moments she gently pulled away, and smiled down at him.

“Joey…I have to do this. I have to see her. I need to talk to her—because I love her, and she needs to know that.”

Nodding his head in defeat and agreement, he gave his sister another hug, and watched as she left the room, and heard her footsteps as they ran down the stairs. The loud bang of the door let him know that Charity was outside, and it took him all his strength to not look out the window. He was shook from his reverie by heavy footfalls walking across the hallway.

“Where did Charity go?”

“Um…out. Not sure where.”

* * * * *

Charity stepped out into the rain, her body quickly getting soaked from the never ending heavy sheet of rain that fell from the bruised sky. Wrapping her coat more securely around her freezing body, she ran around the side of her house, jumping the raising fence. Once on the other side, she reached into the back of her mind, trying to remember anything about the placement of Autumn’s bedroom.

A memory abruptly surfaced of the first night they met. Charity was sitting on her balcony, fighting the myriad of emotions that flooded her mind, when right across from her, she noticed a light flicker on. Peering into the window she noticed the small, lithe body of the blonde that had been plaguing her thoughts since they had parted ways earlier that night.

Shaking out of her reverie, she peered up, looking at the large balcony that led to French doors, which of course led to the most important person in Charity’s life. Taking no time at all, the brunette brushed the soaked bangs from her eyes, and ran towards a tall lattice that just about reached to the blonde’s room.

Lifting her self off the ground, Charity began her climb up the wall. Her hands continually slipped from the slickness of the thin wood, and the sopping vine that grew around it. Ignoring her small failures, she managed to climb to the top, slower than she had hoped, but made it to the top no doubt. Grabbing a hold of the balcony railing, she jumped onto it, letting herself dangle from the side of the balcony. Slowly she began supporting her weight, and lifted her self up, swinging her tired body over the side, finally letting her body collapse onto the floor, weak and freezing.

The light inside flickered on, revealing that someone was in the room. ‘Great, I—being a giant oaf probably made a huge noise, and now she’s coming to see what it was that decided to land on her balcony’ Proving her thoughts right, when a small blonde head peeked out the curtained French doors. When her green eyes landed on the shivering half conscious woman, she swung open the door, and ran out to her lover, wrapping her arms around the freezing body.

“What do you think you’re doing out here!”

“I—I n—n—needed to t—t—talk to y—you” stammered Charity, looking up into the intense eyes running the length of her body.

“Why couldn’t you have come to the door? Oh come on, I’m taking you inside to warm up, and maybe I’ll let you tell me what’s troubling you!”

The anger she had felt towards this woman slowly washed away at the notion of her possibly risking her life just so she could tell her something. Of course she still loved this woman with all her heart, but she didn’t know if she was just ready to let her back into her life after she had hurt her so terribly.

Lifting the sopping wet brunette to her feet, she dragged her into the open doors, and sat her down on her bed, the sheets quickly getting wet with the dripping clothing.

“Stand up.” The blonde ordered, surprised at the quickness her demand was complied.

Walking over to the still trembling woman, she grabbed the jacket, and un-zippered it, throwing it to the ground. Next, she reached down, and began pulling the soaked tee-shirt off when cold hands stopped her motions. Looking up into fiery blue eyes, she patted the hands away, and continued with her ministrations.

“I assure you, Mrs. Carlisle, this is not for pleasure.”

Nodding, she let the small blonde remove the remainder of clothing, leaving only her bra and panties. Autumn looked over the half nude woman before her, muscles tensed and relaxed underneath the skin of her firm stomach. Strong thighs where pushed against each other for any extra warmth. Bringing her gaze back up, her eyes were captured by full breasts, nipples were erect from the cold…or that’s what her assumption was. Licking her lips, she turned, heading towards her closet.

Charity’s body began to roar to life when she noticed the green eyes darken as she hungrily gazed at the brunette’s body. Her body temperature began to soar, but she couldn’t deny the fact that she felt like complete shit, and all she wanted to do for a little while was to lay down, and warm up completely, not just her southern regions.

The blonde plucked out an oversized shirt, and walked back over towards her impromptu guest.

“Here” she said, throwing the shirt at the brunette, “it’s all I have that will fit you, sorry.”

“No…no, it’s fine.” Slipping the small shirt on, she noticed it descended only a few inches from her hips, but she wasn’t going to complain.

Pushing the brunette onto her bed, she pulled the covers over the still cold woman, tucking her in thoroughly. Making sure that she was comfortable, she brushed the wet bangs from her face as the woman’s eyes fell and she quickly was overcome with sleep. Smiling at how adorable and peaceful Charity looked while sleeping, Autumn, kneeled down and placed a soft kiss on s damp forehead.

“I still love you…you know. And trust me…I don’t think I’ll ever stop!”

* * * * *

A few hours later, bleary blue eyes opened to a dim room. Cocking her head to the right, she noticed a few candles of different use were lit. Shrugging out of the confines of the blanket’s, she momentarily forgot where she was until the memories of prior events made themselves present. A squeak sounded through the room, and Charity’s head turned towards the noise. Autumn stepped into the room holding to bottles of water.

“Sorry if it’s not that cold…” she whispered, walking over to the bed, and sitting beside her companion. “The power went out a few minutes after you fell asleep, so my fridge wasn’t on…” Looking at her companion’s peculiar gaze at the candles, “…Hence the candles.”

“How long was I asleep?”

“A couple hours…give or take a few minutes” smiled the blonde, the candle light making her look even more beautiful. “So…Care to tell me why you decided to climb my trellis, almost break your neck, and collapse on my balcony?”

“Yea…about that” chided the fully awoken brunette. “I really need to talk to you—about…us”

“What is there to talk about…you made it quite clear that you didn’t want their to be an us!”

“I know what I said…” mumbled the Charity regretfully, “and I was because I was scared—“

“Scared! Scared of what?” the blonde asked incredulously, beginning to pace the floor.

“I thought I was in love with Max. My whole life I had been waiting for that special someone, and in University, I thought I had found that person in Max. But I was wrong. You! You’re that person! You made me feel things that I had never felt in my entire life…and—and it scared the fuck out of me!”

Green eyes softened as she gazed over the very distraught woman, it seemed to have taken a lot for her to release all her emotions and fears.

“What are you trying to say, Charity! You hurt me beyond belief, I loved you and you pushed me away! How can I trust you won’t do that again? What do you want from me?”

Standing up, she walked from the bed and stood before the now crying blonde. Brushing away the tears, she cupped the small cheek, shocked when Autumn leaned into the offered comfort. Mulling over the right thing to say, she let everything fall from her mind, deciding to speak from her heart.

“I know I hurt you, and I am ashamed and angered that I could do such a thing to you! I never meant to hurt you, I was just too scared to confront my feelings, and I pushed you away.” Pulling the girl into a strong embrace, she set her chin on the soft hair. “I swear that I will never do anything to hurt you ever, ever again! All I want is to be with you, Autumn, to love you. I’ll give up everything to be with you…”

“Promise?” the blonde asked, wrapping her arms around the strong neck and pulling back so she could look into the eyes of her love.

“Promise!” Autumn looked into the cerulean orbs, noting all the emotions churning within them, and finding nothing to disbelieve the woman who she wanted to give her heart to.

Charity bent her head down, and brushed her lips against Autumn’s, ecstatic that all her reservations were put behind her, and the truth had finally come out. Quickly the kiss became more passionate, as Autumn’s tongue brushed against Charity’s bottom lip, seeking entrance. Without a pause, the brunette’s mouth opened, letting the sleek tongue glide into her mouth. Tongue’s dueled for power, softly massaging against one another.

Muffled moans filled the room as the two broke the kiss, needing a breather.

Dark green eyes shone in the flickering candlelight as she looked hungrily over the spans of her soon to be lover’s face. Brushing an errant strand of black hair out of equally dark sapphire eyes, she leaned closer, a hair’s breath away from bruised lips.

“I want you…I’ve always wanted you…”

“I want you too, I want you so bad.” Moaned the brunette, brushing her tongue over the slightly parted lips of her companion. Lifting the blonde up, Autumn complied by wrapping her legs firmly around her waist, pushing her lips onto the pleading lips of the dark woman. Without breaking contact, Charity carried her precious bundle to the bed, slowly lowering the both of them down, until she felt her knees touch the soft mattress.

“Is this what you want? I mean—are you sure—“

Quieting the stumbling brunette, Autumn laid two warm fingers over her lips. “I want you to make love to me, Charity. I want you to be my first…and my last.”

Thinking no more, she began drawing an invisible line of kisses down the delicate jaw line, continuing down a small neck. Reaching the pulse point, she began sucking and nipping, excitement filled her as she felt the beat of her lover’s heart escalate.

Slipping her hands beneath the thin tee-shirt, she nudged at it until Charity sat up, and let the small hands run up her body, throwing the shirt to the floor forgotten. Running her hands up the warm, firm skin, and reached around, finding the clasp to the bra that just had to go. Unclasping the unneeded article of clothing, she peeled the straps down, exposing pert breasts. Making Charity straddle further down her body, she sat up, cupping the firm mounds in her hands. Hesitantly she began nibbling around the sides, ellicting a soft moan from her partner, figuring she was on the right track she continued, slowly getting closer and closer to the pleading nipple.

Circling around the now erect nub, she sucked into her mouth, marveling at the wonderful taste of Charity’s flesh. A sharp intake of breath was heard, and she smiled around the flesh in her mouth, happy that she was doing a good job…for a newbie. After a moment, she continued the same ministrations on its twin, swirling her hot tongue around the puckered flesh.

Pushing the distracting mouth away, she yanked at Autumn’s tank top, pulling offending material away, exposing two white mounds. Charity smiled when she noticed her lover was not wearing a bra beneath the tank top that was moments ago, covering the beautiful skin. Taking one in each hand, teasing her thumb over each nipple, she ducked her head, pulling one between her teeth, and gently nipping at the sensitive bud.

“Oh, God!” breathed the completely aroused teen, pulling her, and her lover down onto the bed.

Later, all clothes were shed, and Charity sat, straddled on Autumn’s hips, looking deeply into her lovers eyes.

“I love you” she husked, need and arousal deepening her voice

“I love you, too, Charity.”

Ever so gently she slipped off the small blonde, motioning for her to push higher up on the bed. Pulling the legs up, she sat them on either side of her, Autumn’s most sacred area completely exposed to the brunette. Rubbing each hand down either thigh, she brushed a hand across the exposed sex, quickly, she was retorted with a low moan, and sharp intake of breath.

“Are you ready…?”

“Yes, God, Yes…”

Slowly she ran a finger through the wet folds, prompting it against the entrance.

“This may hurt for a minute…”

Grabbing the wrist, she assured the nervous brunette that she would indeed be fine, and this is what she wanted…to give herself to someone she loved, and loved her in return.

Gently she slid her finger inside, stopping at the thin membrane of skin that preserved the small blonde’s innocence. Laying her body over top of the trembling teen’s, she attached her lips to those of Autumn’s and pushed her finger the rest of the way through, starting with a slow rhythm. She could feel the body beneath her quiver in slight pain that quickly subsided and turned into great pleasure.

The two met thrust for thrust, as Charity added another finger to the already one in motion. Autumn spread her legs farther apart, setting one between the brunette two thighs. The older of the two moaned at the contact, bucking against the strong thigh that was presented to her.

A climax was building inside both of them, burning it’s way through their diaphragms, warming each body to a degree that would take a while to cool down from. The thrusts slowly began to get jerky, and finally each slumped into the other, spent from their exploding orgasms.

Breathing heavily, Charity rolled over beside, Autumn, pulling her to her. The blonde’s head setting softly on the heaving chest, and she wrapped her arms around her lover’s waist pulling her even closer still. Both breaths were ragged, their bodies slick with sweat, and smiles permanently etched on their faces.

Snuggling into the darker woman’s neck, Autumn breathed in the sent of Charity mixed with the fresh smell of their lovemaking.

“I love you so much” she whispered, kissing the smooth skin softly

“I love you in fearful proportions” laughed the older woman, stroking the soft golden hair of her life long companion.

“What are we going to do now?”

“I don’t know.” Answered Charity honestly, “what I do know is that I want you in my life until the day I die!”

“Until the day we die…” mumbled the half asleep teen

“What?” prompted the brunette, in the same state as the girl lying beside her.

“I said until the day we die, Charity. If you die, then I would follow along just as quickly, because I could never live a moment without you…”

Each woman slowly fell asleep in each other’s embrace. Never knowing what tomorrow or the next day or the next day would bring. But each were content knowing that the one thing they could both guarantee was that they would endure it together…through this life and the next.

The End

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