No Ocean Deep

Disclaimer: These characters - Jo and Cadie (and their mates) - are all mine.

This story is the sequel to my first novel, Heart's Passage. It would probably be a handy thing to read it first, though I'm confident No Ocean Deep will stand alone just fine.

This is a love story, featuring two consenting adult females. There will be love and love-making between them. If that's not to your liking, what on earth are you doing here? Begone!!

Oh, by the way, this story is powered by TimTams. I'm just doing my bit to find alternatives to fossil fuels.



Heart's Passage is now available from your local independent gay and lesbian bookstore, or from The Open Book in Sacramento, who ship all over the world, and also from

Its ISBN number is 1-932300-09-0.

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Chapter 13 (Conclusion)

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