Disclaimers: It's a pwp. So it's sex. It's light BDSM. It's between two women. So if you don't like - don't read, if you know you shouldn't - don't - go play in someone else's garden.

Dedicated to Jean. Who said "you should.....you can"...so I did.

Thanks also to Jean for the beta.

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What She Needs


Daemon Rider.

The phone rings. It's a familiar voice. "I'm in town. Come to me and bring your toybag".

I dress with care. It's important. I know what she likes; what she needs. Black silk boxers, black silk shirt, no bra, black leather trousers and heavy black boots. I take my toybag as requested. I have some new toys; I think she'll like them.

This is not a 'date'; there will be no pre-dinner drinks, no meal. I arrive at the hotel and give her name to the front desk. I'm told to go right up, room 220. She opens the door; she's dressed in a crimson silk robe. It must be hers; this hotel is far too miserly to give its guests robes of any sort, let alone silk. It clings in all the right places. My mouth waters as she walks away from me; towards a small table. The sheer fabric slides across her skin, outlining her breasts and buttocks, I can tell she is naked beneath it.

There are two bottles of beer in a bucket on the table, an ice bucket. I think, 'clever girl'. She hands me one of the bottles. No words are spoken, none are required. We sit and drink the beer. When we've finished them she stands and slides the robe off. It slips slowly from her shoulders and onto the floor. She kneels beside the head of her bed and I know it has begun. She has given me total control.

I open my toybag and spread its contents over the room's other bed - I haven't brought everything - just the things I know she likes - plus my two recent acquisitions. A new flogger. Not leather like my other ones, this one is latex, the braids are thinner, its sting is sharper, lighter and very erotic. I know - I've felt its blows caress my shoulders and back. That's where I love to feel it when I switch and play the sub. There won't be any switching tonight, she needs a complete domme. Beside the whip I place a glass dildo, as yet untried but tonight we will christen it. I take three candles - special ones, not the sort your local corner store sells - they burn too hot. I light two and place them either side of her bed, turning all the lights off as I do so.

I am undecided. Should I order her to strip me, or should I restrain her and give her a slow striptease? I pick up my leather restraints with fur lined wrist-cuffs and look at her. I can read it in her eyes what she wants but I haven't given her permission to speak so she's biting her lip. I hesitate and consider giving her permission, maybe asking her what she wants - but I don't. She really is the total sub - if I ask her anything it will spoil all of this for her. I don't want that. I want this to be good for her. So instead I fasten the cuffs around her wrists and point to the bed. She gets onto it and looks at me to see whether I want her on her back or face down. I press her shoulders backwards slightly so that she knows to lie down staring at the ceiling. Then I tie the restraints to the headboard and turn her head to the side where she has a clear view of me.

I stand back and start to strip for her, very slowly. First my boots, then my silk shirt. She bites her lip again as the soft candlelight glints off my nipple piercings. If she's good I may allow her to play with the rings later. I can see she wants the trousers to stay for a while so I leave them, just opening the zip a short way - enough to show black silk beneath.

I get a blindfold out - she whimpers. Ah-ah naughty girl - she knows better than to make a sound without permission. I knew she wouldn't want to be blindfolded while I still had my trousers on. She'll have to be reprimanded for that. I blindfold her and fix restraints on her ankles, spread eagling her completely. I can tell she's into the scene. The evidence is plain; she's glistening with her arousal. I am as wet as she is.

Now I can start in earnest.

I lean over her and blow gently across her chest. Her nipples, already firm, become harder, more erect. She loves this - knowing something will happen - but not what or when or where. I let her feel my leather trousers as I draw my right leg lightly up over her thigh and pull myself around so that I can drag it over her abdomen. She can feel the leather but not the pressure. Then I lean away. Oh, she's very good - she doesn't make a sound.

I reach over and grab a mitten - this one is soft, lush velvet. I prefer the velvet over fur; finding it more sensual on heated skin. I run my velvet clad hand over her body, brushing thighs, hips, breasts. Stroking across her engorged nipples - very slowly, very softly. She's twitching already - she'll break soon. She must really need this.

Stepping back I light the third candle and take some ice from the bucket which held the beer. I am careful to make no noise - giving her no warning of what is to come. Starting at her shoulder I allow the candle to drip onto her - as each drop of hot wax lands I follow up with ice. Hot then cold working my way down her torso. No wax on her breasts though, just ice. With no warning by hot wax the first bite of cold on her nipple catches her by surprise and she gasps. More chastisement will be required. When I reach her clit I rub what's left of the ice-cube across it. Her body jerks - I speak for the first time. "Did you come?" She shakes her head, no. "You had better not do that without my permission." My voice a low growl. She shakes her head again and shivers.

I remove the blindfold and she watches as I finish my strip. Pulling the zipper down with agonising slowness, its sound loud in a room where both of us are holding our breaths. My body sings with tension. If I'm already this aroused she must be desperate to come. I will let her - but not yet. First she has some punishment due.

I release the restraints and make her roll over. Fastening the cuffs again when she is face down. I get my new flogger. She likes it over buttocks and hips. I trail its braids across her and then begin. Softly and gently at first I allow it to caress her - she moves into its kiss. It's a good flogger, it has a beautiful sound, I can tell from the way she twitches that it feels good for her too. As my blows grow faster and harder I tell her, "you have my permission to make a noise." She gasps. In relief? I don't know. And she starts to moan. The sounds she produces make me even wetter.

When her arse is nice and hot I slow down again. Ending as I started with just a soft caress of the whip. I turn her face up again. I decide to tease her really, really well before I let her come. It's what she likes best.

"Watch" I say. And I lean back against the other bed and spread my legs. With one hand I open myself for her, giving her a clear view. She can see how wet she makes me. With the other I gently stroke myself, along my slit. One finger dips just inside to gather up moisture before returning the way it came, back up to my clit. I don't make a sound, I don't want to break her concentration - I just want to break her. My breathing hitches though, I can't help it. I slowly circle my clit with that one finger, putting just the lightest of pressure on it. I'm not sure if she's still breathing, she's so still, but then she moans again. I desperately want to come. But I consider, what would tease her more? Stopping short. So I stop. Christ does that take all my willpower! But this isn't about me. It's about what she needs. All the same, it's a moment or two before I can stand and move to her again.

I brought a linked pair of nipple clamps with me. The sort with teeth. I clip them to her nipples. Swollen as they are, it must hurt but her groan is of pleasure not pain. Or perhaps it's the pure pleasure that sometimes springs from pain. The chain between the clamps is long enough to put between her teeth. So I do, and tell her, "Don't move your head". I take the restraints from her ankles; I can control her without them she's so into what we're doing now. "Keep them spread." I tell her tapping her legs to emphasise my meaning. And then I touch her. I run my fingers across her clit in exactly the same way I did my own. She moves ever so slightly but she keeps her legs where I put them. I stop just before she can orgasm and she whimpers again. I'll allow the sound - I did give her permission to moan.

I get the new dildo and show it to her - I can tell she's interested. It has to be hand-held. It's long and fairly thin and oh so smooth and cool. Just right against overheated flesh. I run the tip down - across her clit and as far as her opening. God she's good. She's resisting pushing in to it. I can see by the way her thigh muscles clench how much of an effort it is. But that isn't the game we're playing. She wants to break, she needs to break, to be unable to resist. And it's my job to take her there, to make her beg, to break her down until all she is need and heat and want.

I dip the tip of the dildo into her, just the tip, and I move it around in a circle. She moans. I pull it out and she moans again. She twitches, almost giving in, almost - but not quite. I lay the dildo along her length and just leave it there, letting go. The tip is resting against the edge of her hole, the dildo itself stretched along her slit and resting on her clit. Holding myself up by spread arms and toes I suspend myself over her as much as is humanly possible without actually touching her. And I nip, lick and bite my way up her abs until I reach the beginning of the chain which links her nipples. I tug it gently with my mouth and she gasps. I rest on leg very slightly on her - and on the dildo. Her hips move a little more.

It is enough.

"Please." She says.

"Please, what?" I lean and take my weight off her.

"Please, master, fuck me, please let me come, please I need to come, please master." She breaks.

That's what I've been waiting for. That's what she needs to make this really good. I grab the dildo and slide it into her. It slides in smoothly, that's the beauty of glass. I fuck her with it, slow and smooth and deep. She's begging me the whole time. "Please fuck me, please make me come." I do, she does. Shuddering and crying out. When she slumps down, spent, I slide the dildo out slowly and hold her.

She'll need more. She always does. And I need to come - I really, really need to come.

I take the restraints off. Neither of us need then now. I can control her with my words alone. And she needs to let me. She needs to obey because she must not because she has no choice. With the illusion of compulsion gone she faces her own desires, acknowledging that this happens because she wants it. She is a bitch in heat because she needs it, not because I force her.

When she's ready I tell her to kneel on the bed with her head down on the pillow and her arse in the air. I tell her to spread her legs and display herself to me, shameless and vulnerable. Because she needs that too. She does as she is told. I fetch the harness, the heavy duty studded leather one and my nexus double dildo. Sliding the smaller end into my self takes great control. I am so close, so ready. God. But I do it, for her. I look at her as she displays herself to me. She knows I do and she feels the shame at the wanton display. It excites her and her arousal glistens in the candles' flickering light as it seeps onto her thighs. "Touch yourself." I command, my voice thick with my own need. I watch her stroke herself. She won't make herself come - she knows better than that. But before it gets too difficult for her I make her stop. I fuck her from behind, hard and fast and deep. Holding off my own orgasm is torture by now, especially since I will not let her come until she begs again. She does. I let her come. She explodes, groaning, the shaking seems to go on for ever. As her orgasm claims her I finally let mine overtake me. If there's an earthquake report on the news tonight it will be our fault.

We rest for a while before I withdraw from her and remove the toy. She's ready to be eaten now. Before I start, I drip a little diluted peppermint oil onto my tongue. I press the flat of my tongue against her cunt and the heat of the oil takes her by surprise. She catches her breath and arches her back, almost coming. I'm impressed by her willpower as she fights to hold it back.

Then I lick her. I let my tongue slip along her folds, tasting her, I love the way she tastes. I push the tip of my tongue inside her, just the tip, mindful of the peppermint oil and the fact that she must be sensitive from the fucking. I sweep my tongue over her, the flat dragging along her lips, then the tip, flicking swiftly from side to side, circling her clit, teasing it, tasting it. I let my teeth graze it, not biting; she's too sensitive for that, but enough so that she can feel them. I hear her gasp. I could do this for hours, but I feel her building towards release again. I keep flicking her clit with the edge of my tongue. She's ready - and I suck her clit, drawing it between my lips. Her body rises from the bed, balanced on her heels and the crown of her head as massive shudders ripple through her and a single word is forced through clenched teeth. "Christ".

I let her rest. I clean the toys and clear up. When she's back in her body, and into this world where walking and talking are possible again, we shower. I wash her and pat her dry with the hotel's fluffy towels. I gently massage body lotion into her skin. Noticing again how soft she is.

We curl up together on the bed as the first signs of the approaching dawn begin to lighten the room. In just over two hours we will both leave for work. I will kiss her goodbye and she will blush shyly, as if we are strangers to raw sexuality and have never spent time wrapped together in this sensual haze. And she will smile and say, "See you in 6 months or so?"

I will grin and reply, "Sure."

But for now I will cradle her in my arms and let her sleep. Because that's what she needs.


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